The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1949
Page 6
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PACE SIX BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.} COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1949 Senator Opposes Spending by SPA Oklahoma** Fears Results of Project Planned in Southwest By Gordon Brou'n AP Special Washington Service WASHINGTON. Aug. 16 (AP) — Senator Thomas (D-Oklal said yesterday (hat If (lie "grandiose elec- trite empire" contemplated by the Soutliwe.'tem Power Administration is constructed, then the hope of cheap povrei rales in the Southwest will be ?one forever. Thomas spoke in the Semite in fat-or of cutting from an appropri alien bill funds to financeSPA construction of power distribution lines In the Southwest. The House voted the agency $9,000,000. in funds and contract authority lo build distribution lines to rural cooperatives. The Senate committee, of which Thomas Is a member, trimmed this to $3,874,000 Thomas argued that power rales lor the agency would have to be based on costs of installing Hydroelectric equipment at government dams cr»st of steam plants, costs of building the i»wer lines and i»>- Hc estimated the cost of the SPA cor.strurtimi program at $35MXK>,- 000 plus $10,100.000 annually for operation, mcintenancc and depreciation. "Elecivic rates based upon so costly a system must of necessity be hieh," he said n hs prepared artdrev: The board issue before the Senate Thomas said. Is "the development and distribution of public power " Doesn't Want Power Nationalized His position, he said, is this: to Accept for Duty •OK, Aug. 16--W.I— yesterday announced for active duty phys- ave not liact previous e as -AH office] 1 . Lucas Sox* Congress Can't Quit by Sept. 5 WASHINGTON. Aug. 10. </7>) — Senate Democratic Leader Lucas said yesterday it will be impossible for Congress to acijyurn by Labor Day. stay In session. Lucas talked to reporters after a White House confercnceabetween Prcsidc-iH Trumiu and Democratic Congressional leaders. "Unless there Is a complete change iti :<i9 attitude of senators on debate, there is no chance of Falsely Accused Tile goldenrocj has been accused falsely as a hay fever source. A person could get hay fever from it only by burying Ills nose 1" th« blossoms, since the pollen is "oi carried about by wind. Its pol- lenation Is carried on by insects. WASHINGTON, i medical service as Tins is because of continued uoitagc of medical officers. Maj. Gen. Malcolm Grow, Ail- Force surgeon general, said the Physicians would be commissioned at least In the temporary grade of captain. HEAVENLY PEACHES. ALL—"Miss Heavenly Peatli" is the title given aclress M'liss McCluvc by 4000 cannery workers at Kullerlon, Calif. That's M'liss lounging comfortably in a iiKzy bed (it heavenly peaches. Would someone please pass Ihe cream? ion of Crusader Severely Beaten 3y Trio in Texas •I have been .and am now. In favor of a program (or the increased development of hydro electric power -t have consistently favored the building of all transmission lines and related lacHiUes which may b« necessary to make such poive available foi the REA cooperatives and federal and.state public bodies.' But he said, "I am unnUBMibl opposed to the nationalization p electricity or any other industry u the United Stales." Thomas said the question mtah be raised as to how farmers in th Southwest may get the cheap pow er from hydro-elertrid dams units- the government builds steam plant, and transmission lines. "The answer Is: the cmbodlmen of the principles of the Texas Pow er and tirtit contract into contracts to be made between the government and the several local electric distributing companies." Thomas •aid. . V: ••In Hie state of Texas, under .provisions of this contract, not a single 'team plant and not even 'One mile of extra transmission line has Been constructed save a short connection between the power P lant at . Eenlson Dam and the nearest transmission line of the said Texas company." ' This contract, he said, was developed by ihe Southwest, Power Administrator. Texas Co^trmct Stres«d The Senate committee, In cut- tin? Ihe SPA appropriation, recommended that the agnecy endeavor Community Bargain Day In Memphis Tomorrow MEMPHIS, Aug. 16-'>1V-Dowll- town merclmnis are hoping tomorrow will b c tlie biggest shopping HOUSTON. Tex., AUS 16 (AP) — da y '" Memphis history. Hurt \fi-son. son of radioman Bill Most of them arc joining in a Iiisor. who was killed July 19 In i Plan never tiled here before—Com- Uice. ws.s in a Hospital loclny with ! immlty Bnruiilii Day. He would not vcntuie to predict finishing up by Labor Day." Lucas I however, how tony Congress will'said. I Read Courier News Want Ads. TVo Killed, One Injured In Highway Accident ARKADELPHIA, Ark,. Aug. 16— M>i—Two men were killed instantly and a woman was injured critically i" a ricad-on crash of an automobile and a pickup truck six miles south of here yesterdar The dead were identified by Arkansas State Troopers as F. E. Bullitt, about 15. Houston, Texas, and Lee Studyvant, Little Rock. Critically Injured was Mildred tts he said he received cverc- beating at the luinds of three 22. was in a traffic acci- leiit and an altercation that lol- ov;ed Miss Ploy Kennedy of Alice. •eported to be his fiancee, brought Masoi 1 to Melhodisl Hosjrtal Sim- flay. Attendants said Mason Is In 'severe pain," KLs [eft '.eg was frac- -ilred and his face and body were bruised Bill Mason was shot to dc;'th as lie sat in hi? automobile on the industrial outskirts of Alice. Sam Smithw'ck. Jim Wells County Dep- .ity sheriff, is charged ith nuu-der- 'Individualistic' Merchant Beaten,' g^ys pcn-y.Vf. aiso of uu.e noc*. Robbed at Store ' pital some is ini!es froni hls coni ~ 1 binatiou store and home. Thf WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Aug. l(i 'amount, of money involved was noi Wi—A rugged Individualist known ! estimated. as the most unusual merc'-nt m I Phillebaum, a stock whlte-halml him In lit* final broadcast at A'.ice. Mason had strongly criticize") the sheriff's department and Smithwick. Hurt Mason has continued father's program, broadcasting from Alice over latlon. a Corpus Christ! radio (o enter into a "Texas contract' wllh private utilities in the area Thomas summed up the committee recommends, which he said he Is supporting, this way: "First, that funds be appropriated to construct main trammUsioi lines connecting all power dams in any one region or area, and "Second, that the secretary of tin Interior be directed to make con tracts -mbracing the principles o the Texas Power ant) Light contrnc with the several local dLstributin companEc.-;. whereby hydro powc may b« firmed up by existing plants and. transmitted over exist Ing lines at rates to be fixed by Lh Federal Power Commission." The ful lire of the Southwest Power Administration Is at slake in this threshing out of the old pubHc power-private power Issue. The Southwestern Power Administration is the Interior Department agency set up lo sett power prod we- 1 cd at lederally-biiilt hydroelectric dams in the Southwest. It operates in all or parts of Sponsors announced these plans yesterday: Merchants will have a mass sMc ot summer cUwe-oiUs lUid tiew full lul witiler sloek-s. Nine retail rrtcr- liEints* yroups--[>lus retail grocers n d stationers' organization—will akc part, Fares on busts headed owned town will be from 9 lo 9:30 .in. The plan has been iriert in other iUes lor several years. FPC Opens Hearings On New Gas Facilities WASHINGTON. Aug. 16. UP) — The Federal Power Commission opened a hearing yesterday on an application of the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co. (o construct additional facilities in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana, The company jocks permission to build two gas lines. One would carry 200.0QQ.r - cubic feet of gas rtully from Harrison County, Texas. 72 miles to Columbia County. Arkansas. The other, with a capacity of HO.000,000 cubic feet daily, would carry gas 90.8 miles between Columbia County and Perl a, Ark. The lines would make natural Has available to additional consumers In Central Arkansas and permit an Increase in supplies to present- gas users. Ihe.^e parts - A 1 •'•• Phfllebaum - i bachelor In his sixties, lias been was beaien and robbed yesterday ] ™nn:ng ins little SIOK jvsl of! in tils strange country store near ' HlRliwny ?0 for 25 years. He has no signs noi display discs. The goods are kepi in tlic :icre. ' Shortly thereafter, a 30-m- n and seven officers captured ; two Negroes in nearby woods. Slntc' Patioman F. M. Thomas said. Aunt her was arrested here and a fourth was soutjbt. Phillebaum was reported Iti serious condition in a Memphis hos- cases they come in. ami he's pretty reluctant sometimes to wait on a customer. He got in the business when a hungry hunter noticed his well-stocked cabin ami bought a can of beans. F»rctty soot; trading with Phillebaum got lo be a habit with folks. fame in! fa ike thrilling new Churchill Made Honorary Citizen of Strasbourg STRASBOURG, France, Aug. IB —(/T'j—Winston Churchill was made an honorary citizen ol this city | on the Rhine yesterday in rccog- tiitton of his part in keeping it from being retaken by the Germans in the BnUle of the Bulge in 1014. In a speech of thnn^s after the ceremony in the 15th Century City Hall, Churchill said it is necessary for the nations of Europe lo "stand togellscr, work together and think together.*' "In the future, as In the past," Churchill added, "a greab prospect Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mis- is open not alone to France and scniri, Texas :md Louisiana, to Britain, but to al) of Europe." LOVELY HOME FOR SALE A lovely home. .. . well-built, nearly new 5-r(Mim home. Consider all llii'sc desirable factors: The location on a paveclstrcet is excellent, has U. S. Glay- tex asbestos siding, a front porch running Ih* full width of the house, a nice rc;ir service pori'h. a garage. The inside is completely new. You'll find a full electric kitchen entirely built-in, plenty of closets, the best of oak floors, centra) heating, nice bedroom suites with innerspring mattresses, blond* oak dining room furniture, overstuffed living room furnishings, beautiful curtains, draperies and rugs. U is ready for you lo move in. CALL 2465 FOR APPOINTMENT BEST WISHES to ZELLNER'S SHOE STORE Osceola, Ark. On its official opening today COY ELECTRIC COMPANY A TYPE AND SIZE TOft EVERY FAMILY { Frlgidolre makes Ihree different types of refrigerators. Nine model* n all, So come In and learn about your Frlglclalre Refrigerator. Powered by Ihe Frlgldaile Meier-Miser, more food storage space than ever, famous Frlgidaire Qukkube Trays... all Ihe special features described be- ow! Remember, genuln* Frlgldair« Refrlgeralors are macft only by Frlg- Idalre, a division of General Molorsl MORE FWGIPAlRE -REFRIGERATORS IN MORE AMERICAN HOMES THAN A.NY OTViER >AAKE t (A) Frlgldalre "Master" Refrigerator! merf- mum stoioge room, generous freeitr spa«, urmoit volui. tig, glass-topped Bydtolor lor (raits, vegetables, Hondj' new flnl top. Sizes: 6, 7, 1, 11 cu. If. From $189.75 rVigidalre "De luxe" Refrigerator: ofl advantages of "Mc-sler" model, pin big Suptr-Frxzir Chist for frozen food stoiage. Aluminum shelves. Baskel-Drawe; far eggs, smoll ortUlts. Sites-. 7, 9, II <u. ft. from $289.75 (C) Frlgldaire "Cold-Wall Imperial." frnwt money (on buy: combination refrigerator nnd horm freezer. lo;kcr-Top holds 70 Ibi. of Irozsn (oods. Cold-Wall compartment keeps umovered food for days. 10 tu. ft §4<i4./3 Liberal Terms - - - Trad«-lirs Adams Appliance Co., Inc. 3- W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 2071 206-208 W. Main Loaded for bear or ducks or deer. . Jiere's the world's most useful car! KS. Kaiser Travele 2-cars-in-one. .. only //cr«?'.t a sporting proposition i get"l\vo cars' 1 for the pike of one... 3tu! get scl for a uorulcrjnl time! f irsf, open 1/ir fioM .. .10 steel-shix! frcl of ?.pacc lo l\ol<! <ill your £ear, yniir stip|i|ici, yes even you 3 boal. You're loaded for jun . ,.sa get going Gel fiehiinl tfutt pturerhotifc Thuntlrrhciifi CHcY/ir, v>il1i its gas-saving, liill-tuking 7.3-to-l compression ratio. Surl out, flit. 1 count on the Traveler's cMra limp l^i'-i" whct'lbate lo citimt otT ttic miles without "sliocL car (atiguc'. AW for a tjuick change- Down guvs the hatch, up comes llic tail-gate, back goes the scat. In 10 seconds...willioui u?ing l<ml? or've po! your scctnul car.. .second tn nont 1 for luxury. Its 10* seats are six-people wide. It's K>aHr<l for pleasur f->r V''if n iiiumi:c. for power, lor protipv, So why don't ymi !-(ioi I a Kaucr T Ask your neighborly Kaiscr-Fritzcr ilcaler for a demonstration 61 MOTOR COMPANY North Highway Gl Hlylheville

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