The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1949
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Missco Grows Most Soybeans Production in 1948 Was More Than Third Of Arkansas' Total Mississippi County last year produced 1,166,000 bushels of soybeans, which was more than one-third ot the total Arkansas yield, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau ol Agricultural Economics. With 75,000 acres In beans in this county last year, and an average yield of 23.5 bushels per acre, the Mississippi County production was greater than the combined total ot the five counties with the next highest yields. Mississippi County's per acre yield *'«s tops for the state with Crlttcn- den and Lonoke counties tieing for second place with 20 bushels each. Beans Grown in 53 Counties Soybeans were grown In 53 coun- Crossword Puzzle Fons Please Note .-.^..itfg^i i. - Me«t the yapock, new resident of New York's Bronx Zoo and only the second one ever exhibited in capUvily anywhere. Sometimes called the South American water opossum, U was captured by • banana plantation worker in Costa Rica, Its body ic 10 tactie« kuiff ajul its tail 18 fnrhw* Extra Feeding as Garden Hears Harvest Will Produce Better Crops When garden plants begin lo .each egg plant, with others in pro- flower, set fruit, or reach harvest i portion. l.fss Required for Flowcri III (lie flower garden, from a c»p- will grow larger, and colors more ; be applied lo each plane, depend- brilliant. Fruits will increase in ; ing upon its size. Thii liquid should size, and more will set. Leaf and not be applied to the leaves, only ties and the total yield was 5.148.0001 S | zei „ '- aaK dressing" of plant bushels with the average 19.5 bushels food will usually bring an increased per acre. yield, '1 higher quality. Flowers (ul to a quart of the llciuid may ^The six largest producing comities, JTcording to the report by Statisticians Miles McPeck and William B. Hudson were: Mississippi 1,766,000 bushels Crittenden 370,500 bushels Arkansas 232,000 bushels Cralghead 296,500 bushels St. panels 244,000 bushels Clay 228,000 bushels 4-H Club Girls Show Interest InHomemaking "With more than it million homemaking projects being undertaken, 4-H Bills are putting the HUD thcuu' 'Belter LlvliiR lor « Heller World' Into action, declared Oily L. Noble, director of the National Committee on Boys and Girls C'lulj Work. Ark- ansa.s girls carried 36,184 of th(\se projects, and have tu'ceplod the challenge lo report good records of work well done in 1949, according to Mr. Noble. Clollilns. canning;, home Improve- menl, home grounds ucaullficalion Rnrdcn and poultry are among Ihe activities considered In Ihe National 4-H Girls' Record awards prowrnm. In addition In learning Ihe job of homemaklng. Hie girls come lo 1-iiow Ihe basic principles for happy fnuilly rriatlonshln and coinmunttv rospon- slbllllles. The Ooniwrnllvr Fxli-nsion Service supervises the program. For over a ouartcr of a ccnlury. Montgomery Ward rewarded Kirls arcoinpjlshmont.s In (bis con- ntjo will nuHln be provided tor winners In t'm'li ol ttie 45 states participating, ntul (or county winner* u Bold-Illlol mcdiU uf honor. 4-11 Kills in Alaska, Hnwnli and Puerto Ulco Hlso enroll in the contest, imil receive A 1100 U.S. 8«v- iin:s bond. Kor the W8 retold liesl In Arkansas. Joan Morris of Pollard was awarded 4-1! Club Confirm. There were county tnodiil winners. ' to the 56 Confessed Police Killer Taken to Harrison Jail UT11.K ROCK. May 30. 01')—An- IhorlUes yes Lei day transferred Kenneth n. sixcgta, 2», accused ol two O/.nrk Mountain shiylugs. from Mule hospital here to jail at HIIL- rLson. Siweule Is I'lnxi'ited wllll llrsl degree immlci In the Ititnl sliootlntjs dl 'iue E. Conk, retired rullroml test have ben outstanding. Six national scholarships ol $300—III place —| of the usual $200—will be Riven Ibis vear. An all-exiicnse trip lo root crops will speed up growth, to the soil; It It Is impossible, to national 4-H Club Congress In Cblc- and Improve in tenderness and Ilavor. Plant food should be applied without disturbing tlie roots of the avoid the leaves, dilute the liquid with an equal amount of water to weaken it, and avoid burning. A liquid feeding ten days before your More than 90 per cent of the beans were grown In the area north of the Arkansas River and east of Black, River. Most Plants iect to Attack Sub'n Aphid Experienced gardeners can recognize when a plant Is not growing as It should, and needs an extr* meal. But If the, weakness Is due lo other causes, extra feeding will not help. It will not correct poor drainage, or cure disease, and should not be used when Ihe plants have bloomed and want to rest, as do most of the spring perennials, when summer comes. Most plants are subject to attack by large numbers of small sucking bugs known a aphids or plant lice Outbreaks of these insects occur most often In the spring, although Injury may take place at any season, according to Mrs. Gerlrude ^K Holman, home demonstration ^igent. The injury caused by these Insects Is largely from sucking plant juices, Mrs. Holman explained, and may be severe enough to kill stands. Other injury may 1 be caused by covering the plants with partly digested sap, called honey dew, upon which sooty molds grow. Among the plants, since this might do more flower show will help you cut Inrgcr larm than the feeding would do i and more brllllanlly colored fiow- ;ood. One way is to spread the' ers for exhibition, ilaut food on the surface between I Lhe rows after cultivating, and rake ' it into the soil, then wash It In. Another way. which has shown Impressive results in New Jersey experiments, Is to stir the plant food In waiter, and ponr the water on the ground near the plants. Liquid Food Recommended During hot, dry weather, dry plant food may be inert in the soil, until water Is supplied to dissolve it. By using liquid plant food the need for Irrigation Is lessened, and immediate results are obtained. Dr. V. A. Ttedjens, who is an advocate of liquid plant food, gives the following Instructions for preparing it. Place a complete dry plant food in a cloth bag and hang It in a barrel or bucket of water overnight. The material that remains In the bag may be spread online soil surface, but tiie soluble elements in the mixture will remain In the water. The quantities recommended are for standard dry mixtures, and do not apply to high analysis mixtures, or those especially pre- i«*r wnos *WAT WITH ATLAC1DE CHIO«ATI aphids familiar to Norlh Mississippi County gardeners are the melon aphlri, cabbage aphid, nasturtium aphid and the spinach aphid. The aphids may be controlled in this county by spraying with contact insecticide. Nicotine in the form of nicotine sulfate, containing 4D per cent nicotine, Is the Insecticide usually recommended. The dilution ordlarlly used Is one part Insecticide In 800 parts of water, or one pint in 100 gallons. Two pounds of soap should be added to each 100 gallons of spray mixture to Improve spreading qualities. Small quantities may be made up with one teaspoonful of nicotine aulfate and one tablespoon of soap chips to a gallon of water. Rotenone may be used as a dust, Mrs. Hollman added. An insecticide containing not less than three- fourths of one per cent of rotenone Is recommended. Cattle grub dust is considered an excellent rotenone dust for aphids. The aphids must be hit in order to kill . them. Since aphids are often on the under sides of leaves or on the growing points, special ^.care in spraying or dusting Is ncc- 5*ss»ry If a satisfactory kill is to be obtained. pared for use In solution. For side dressing growing crops, use a cupful of plant food to a quart of xvater. or a pound (pint) to a gallon. For row crops pour a quart of the liquid to each three feet of row. For plants In hills, use Mills Plan is Studied By Treasury'Department WASHINGTON, May 20. IIP) — The proposal of Rep. Mills (D-Ark) to speed up collection of corporation income taxes is being studied by the Treasury Department. But the matter has not been discussed with President Truman. That's about as far as Secretary or the Treasury Snyder would commit himself Wednesday on the Mills Plan. The proposal Is designed to make the budget books show ft balance lor the fiscal year 1960 "painlessly" by advancing by six months the date the taxes would become due. man, and state patrolman A. 8. Pnvutt I tut September. He will be tried In Marlon County Circuit Court at Yellvlllc. Uul wt;elc SiH'cglc, an AWOL sol- tier, was quoted by Slut* Police In- ,'os(lguU>r II R. fetersoii as admll- int! the killings to stale police. Previously lie had AAtd lie didn't rrnienibei 1 anylhliiK ol Hie time The SKCKKT of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. KILLS 10HHSON GRASS, BERMUDA CRASS, and many other grmsei and w«»d«. Dwtroyi weed loot; . . . prevents regrowlh. In convex powder form; «osy lo mix foi ui* a> a spray. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Case Slicer-Baler Every hour that hay U down it riskt damage by rain, loses carotene by bleaching and travel by (battering if it lies too long. With your own Cas« Slictr-Baler you can start baling at just the right hour, have your hay safe sooner. See ui now about a baler or my other hay machinery you may need. HAYS IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blyth«vilU when the (lijrtop State HotpiUl declared 8p««l» Mat. hey hid laid h* WM parently suffering It H« WM held at UM boqptUl nhMrvtllon, . tor' tetd Coun*r Nrat Wut Ate MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH Krwh Chaniul C*IB*h Fried ChkkH Rout r.rk K»tt B«f ChlcktB * "rllllut Bleak * Gr»Tj Thrw mcUMo Special (JP(J Special HOT IMKiS .............. ...Uf IIAMHIIKUKKS ........... !*• cum BT»:AK, r*. PBIU «*• Choice T-BOIH* * "Where Friends Meet and Kit" the NIC5CLE STAND Vickie Saliba, Prop. 103 W. Main GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Refrigerators' Household. — Commercial * • • • Air Conditioning « * • i Had Ins— Record Players * V * • Washers • Gas Engines We I'ick Up & Deliver The 111 Bttlni, toM* «xf*r« don n«t "hn( the inkte- «nui and eom[*rt*Ma htra. j «i work at reiuaiuU* wit, The world's total peanut production in. iw« was nearly 11,000,000 tons. Total window area in housing for livestock should not be more than four per cent of the floor space awl should be distributed evenly on all lour walls. ANNOUNCING TO MY FRIENDS To all my friends and customer*, I wo old like to announce that 1 am now located with Daws OR Garage. RED LEWIS. 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Waiher This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. One Man on a Tractor Chops up to 30 Acres a Day...Replaces 25 to 30 Hoe Hands... the Machine Pays For Itself the First Year. Here's the answer to the first chopping of cotton plant*, iversman CHOPPER works like a hand hoe Revolving cullers mounted ot an angle to the row slice through it and chop clean. Mantsand weed growth chopped are taken out of the rows and jlaced between them where they can be turned unde; by th» next cultivation. No cotton grower can afford to be without fhii chopper It has saved more than its initial cost on as few as 90 acres. Free floating, individually gauged cutting hoes move up and down according to ground level — eliminate possibility of cutting too deep or skipping on uneven ground. The EVERSMAN CHOPPER is driven from the power takeoff..No ground driving wheefsandno slippage No depth (even to adjust. No steering. Down the row chopping—»omt ai cultivating. On* mon and tractor chops up to 30 ocrei a day- Reploe«i 25 to 30 ho« hands. f »—-. Comes in two- and four-row siies. Get the facti today on this new, improved chopper. Priced to fit the average form. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DORTCHSOY NO. 2 SEED SOYBEANS R«denned, Tested and Tagged. PRICE J2.76 P«r liushel. 1919 Soybean Support Price 90% Parily. rrnniice mnre unyheanii per acre by planting UortehMj N«. highest yleldcr In IMS rltlil cunteit. ' Seed For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION SHEET METAL WORK Ihict work, hlnwplpen, (utter . . all types. Pot uptri CA|| Taylor I.ayton, »'.* 112 North Flrrt. Blytheville Tin Shop SERVICE Laundry & Dry Cleaning Cold Storage Fttrs, Woolens, Blankets and Drape* NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone 4174 Phone 91 For Free Demonstration Farmers Tractor & Truck Company Phone 91 Manila, Ark. It s Easier to Pay by Check . . . and safer, foo! Your cancelled checks arc evidence of payments. And you can enjoy the convenience of paying hills by check instead of carrying large smminls of cash. Open n checking account today! FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Rank In Mississippi County Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo SWIFT $ PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space When YOB BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME C«U 0. C. FREQUN 9V ¥«••« EPv^^M^^^Mflft o£ icurp nxyvi]MB^W" • OvPonl P»Me

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