The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 5
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;fj?AGE EIGHT Gilmer Is Rated '-^y • 11 < As Best Passer ;:'18-Y«r-dld Boma Ace ; ;l» Given-High Praise By Grantland Rice ,%/SCALOOSA,' Aid, Jan 18 (OP),»— The nationally recognized spgrls authprlty/ Grantland Rice, sajs that Harry Ollme'r of Alabama is the best college, pigskin passer that he has eier watched In action. And Rice Jias satehed all tile good, ones, Including such fellows as Davey 0 Brien and Sammy Baugh ol-TCUvan<j;Sid mdcrrian 1 of Columbia, -f > i ;Rice'sa}S that the Crimson Tider i^ (he tops of all passing artists. Barely 18 years of a$e and weighing from 158 to 160 nounds, Gilmer is narrow r-shouldered-aha-thin-chest- e^lrr/act/he's" just about the opposite of everything that a husky football player Is supposed to be, But Hsriy Is theie v.lth the goods, ever}' time, v,hen it comes to tossing the old'egg. s Gllmcr," sajs Rice, "Is not or)ly a brilliant long and short passer, but he is the onlj passer I e\er saw who can keep nailing his target 50 jards a«ny e\en while completely off-balance and possibly In at least the partial grasp of a »ould-b« tackier." Rice says that he snw Gilmer throw a 50-yard and-a 33-yard pass In the recent Sugar Bowl game_ even after lie had been half-tripped arid"vath life lacklers still holding on And this is a test, says Rico, that he has seen no other topflight passer meet • , And the coach of the Crimson Tide, nanlc Thomas, has an almost unbelievable story to tell about Gilmer's eagle eye' Coach Thomas sajs that he has watched his crack rifleman jump up in the air to shoot the ball to a receiver on the right side 'of the field, and In a split second see that'the man was rovercd/arTd shoot the bull over to the'left side of the'gridiron, where one of his Tide teammates was running in the clear in the coach's own words—"this may seem Incredible, but it's true. And whether the target Is 15 yards away-^r'more than 50 jardsaway —that ball travels exactly where it ought to go " < Thomas also credits Gilmer with throwing the lightest'pass thai the coach has ever seen, which gives the receiver, a much better chance *o hang on to it Yet he can throw a bullet pass up to the Baugh standard Gilmer, says the coach, Is Jeally^ great artist, an artist at passing <a football such as Bobby Jones was an artist at golf And the Alabama coach says that Harry is one ot those born geniuses that never required teaching^ "I knew about what-he had," says Thomas, "the first' lime I evei saw him throw a ball" Leo Durocher Returns From War Zone Tour , i 3 NE\V_ YORK, Jan. IB (UP) Uppy -l-eo 'Durocher, manager of the'Brooklyn^Dodger baseball club, is back in New York after a seven weeks USO tour In the Mediterranean and Italy theaters ol war Others who cornprised the USO unit are! Joe Medwlck, New York, Giants' ^outfielder, Nick Etton, first; baseman of. the-Nerf York Yankees r'^'and Torn Meariy, New Cochrane Discharged' ; hjLLSIDE, N j Jrm 18 (TJ p) _ Freddie 'Red" Cochrane, welterweight boxing champ, has received an 'honorable discharge from tho Navy ~ , ' v CoJhr'arTe, a ch'efspeciallst, Joined the Navy in J94J following his light with Frltzie Zlvlo In whlcn he won the title. \ Cocnrane says he is ready to defend his title against anyone •NEURALGIA- Cipudlne rtllem Neunlet* »nd HeadschelisLbtrauwlt'sJIquld Also 1 mays the ruul'.lng nene tension Use T.asairectMJ. lOc, 30o and 60c sizes. Liquid CAPUD1NE BLYTHEVILLEj COURIER NEWS DOPE BUCKET » i. r. LETTERS STIMUMTIN'G So often some of the boys overseas mention the fact that letters are so stimulating . . . They rale them No. 1 as morale guilders, and can easily imderstnmi. But the servicemen perhaps do not realize what a tremendous effect each one from them means to us back home, who N n re trying to carry on and keep things going until they can get back to resume their places In civilian life . . . And what a grand and glorious time that will be. Letters do something to me. . . Every one I get is a cherished gift, a priceless Jewel . . . Naturally, some contain more Information than others and they especially are the oest suitable for publication'. . . With but • few exceptions nil (he letters I have received have been packed and jammed with enthusiasm, radiating with confidence that Ihe job is well on the rond to complete and flnnl victory, mid hope- [ul that the time will be short when :hey can return. Such arc those from Jess Davis (he's a sergeant now, having received that added stripe since his last letter was written) . . . You can .tell without half trying that Jess is pretty homesick for Blytheville and his attractive young wife, Virginia (Durham) . . . And what boy overseas Isn't for that matter, and what's more, who can blnmc em . .'It's complimentary, I think. WAS IN FRANCE Jess';; who used to read my meter —and yours—for the Ark-Mo Power Company- after Carl Ganskc looked up with the Seabces, has )ccn overseas . . . And from what 10 has written In his several letters, ic lias been in the thick of the flght- ng on the Vycstern Front . . . His last letter was written in Franco . ' .•.-'.Quite likely, ills outfit, the !50th Field 'Artillery Bn. (APO 403) las moved on into other countries jloser to the major objective, Berin . . . His interesting letter follows: ' France Dear j; P.: Not much news from your "scout" over here this time. But just a few lne-5 to:iet you know, I still think of joii and am still looking forward :o your letter,'for I did enjoy the asl one so much. It contained so :nuch news and did give me an inking of What was going on back .here. It has been a year-now since I have seen dear ol' Blytheville and, believe me, it will certainly look good to sec it once more. I'm counting on doing it too If my luck holds out dodging those German 88's which tlicy throw nt us. As I sateVi can't tell you much this time tof the situation is somewhat changed. Before, I vised to write you about our sweep through France, but you know that is over now and most of France Is liberated. The going is. slower now and With Winter on us It's going to be much rougher. It's awfully cold here now nt night time nml I hate to think of what it shall be when old Winter really sels in. It hns been raining niost every ilny and jou baiiyiniaginc how it is to live In all the imid; It's a shame we couldn't lihd ntj least', two Wore months of summer weather to )invc got ten. this thing ended so as to be able to find some good place to spend the Winter. TOWNS, TAKE BKATING J. P., we have been through n ,| few more towns since my last letter and It's the same ol' story. All have taken a terrific beating and nothing at all left of them. I've told you this before, but still I never would be able to make you realize what I mean, nor could I form such n picture In your mind, when we boys return and tell you of what we've seen It will be hard for you to believe- some of H. All of us were glad to hear of the Invasion in the Pacific, Looks as if the war will be over sooner than expected and that Is what we want. We sure would like to come back home when Germany quits, rather than take that long trip to Japan. But still, If that Is what it takes to end all this we're ready to do our part. . . : . Well, J. P., Christinas soon will be here. Guess it will 1 be a dull one for many folks back home ns well as for us as there have loved ones In the service. But think of what it will be for us In the field. Just another day, I guess. No Xinas trees, no lights, no fruit cakes, no children with new toys and nil the things that make for Christinas. But we can take -it, with a prayer that the Christmas'of 1045 will find us safely home where we belong. Then we can make up for all the lost time In rejoicing. - : •' • Sorry I haven't', more news for you but niaybc by the next time I write I'll have a few more things at least of'interest to-tell you.' " Am enclosing an article which T thought'would be of, interest to you. It Is nn editorial entitled "Muddy, Bloody Men of-the Line," It : deals with the infantryman and his muddy, tough job.'; .''••".- '' May Gael bless, you and yours. As ever,' . ' ' ', • ' - ':';•• Jess. Fliers To Pltiy Naval Air Base A variety of eritertainhient will be offerer! BAAP. men. and wojnen at the post recreation hall tonight At 7 p. m., the OAAP.Filers, officers basketball team,-.will meet the strong Naval Air/Base 'quintet of Memphis in a game Which local sports, fans forecast, will be one of the best contests scheduled for the Fliers this senson. •,-' ''-. .' . At 8:15 o'clock, spectators will witness "Hello Joe,': a USO Camp Show production which- features veteran entertainers of-stage and radio. .. '- . -..,.. ; .. Admission will be free fo : . military personnel arid tliefr guests! - ' Salary Plus Cigarettes SOUTH BEND/Ind. (UP).-—T)ie desperate manpower shortage. was stressed herb when Embrai M. Cal- laiidcr, n restaurant operator, hung out the sign, "Salary—meals—and a daily package of cigarettes." ' - - AT FIRJf - dirtcltd PROFITS BEGIN HERE Start RIGHT with INTERNATIONAL CHICK STARKR Start your chick, on Ihe road to profit by feeding IrvteniahoMl Crud SfaHer. During tha crifieal firjt two weeh your chicks need vitamins and min«r«l« m abundance. And international Chid Staler, for, Mied.vnth "Woof." the scientific mineral and viU- mm combination, is just the feed to q\ va your ch.ckt a good start. Join the thousands of successful pou try raisers who use Internationa!, Go to your dealer today and ask f or International Chick Starter, Community Starter and Grower, International Broiler Mash for your chicks and broilen. lt'» Jh» easy way to profits. BUY INTERNATIONAL CHICK. STARm At Your Dealer's Weather Delays Lockbourne Tilt BAAF Bombers Unable To' Keep Basketball Dare With Rivals The game between the BAAF Bombers, post enlisted men's team and the Lockbourne, Ohio AAP scheduled to be 'played there last night. Jan. 17, was postponed because Inclement weather pre^eiu- cd the locnl quintet from flyliig to Ohio for the contest. The game will be- rescheduled as soon as the weather clears up enough for fly- Thelr next meeting will be Ihe second for these two teams this season and will be one of the qunr- ter.s final games of "the Eastern Flying Training Command Basketball Tournament. In their first gnme, BAAF easily defeated the Lockbourne aggregation. If the Bombers attain ouother victory la :hc second game, they will have cinched mi opportunity to go to Maxwell Field, Aln., for a trv at the championship. Shaw nee To Face Dyess . JOINER, Ark., Jan. 18. -- The Shawnee High School basketball ;eams will meet the Dyess High School basketball teams Friday light on Dyess court. Dyess, has -wo good tennis, among the best 1 n this section. 'On to Bastogne!' THURSDAY,'JANUARY is, Over field microphone, Lt.-Col. Creighton (Aue) Abrams, of Jacksonville, Fla., gives the order that started the Third Army drive that relieved the heroic 101st Airborne Division garrison In Baslogne. Col; Abrnms commands the 4th Armored Division's rescue spearhead. In Kenya, Efist Africa, mosquito netting has to be put in front of car radiators to keep gi-nss seeds from stopping up the holes, AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. -Phone 2811 E. H. FORD, Representative 20G Lynch Bliljf. take the iwiiles with you! Balanced Tailoring* makes Timely Clothes losk better.,,longer Every time you squeeze behind the. wheel of j-our car or "double-quick" up a flight of steps, you're putting your coat through the paces. But no damage done — if it's a Timely with Balanced Tailoring*. This combination of flexible hand tailoring with sturdy machine stitching lets a coat absorb pressure, snap back into shape, without forfeiting its trim, fluid lines. Thai's Balanced Tailoring* — and it means better looking, longer life. TIMELY OVERCOATS Other All Wool Topcoats 29.75 up R. D. Hughes & (o. Former Residents Here Miss Wreck NearOgden, Utah Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Parker, formerly of here and now of Reno Nov., were believed In the recent train wreck near Ogden, Utah, but a message from them said they were on the next train. Now owner of the Waldorf barber shop in Reno, the former Blytlie- vllle barber, and his wife left Reno the night of the wreck for Richmond, calif. They visited Mr. Parkers brothers, Prank and Eugene Parker, there. Edwin Bargor, also believed on the rain but who missed si connection in St. lauls, also Is a former local barber. He was employed by Mr Parker at the Blytheville Army Air Field barbei- shop before he entered the Navy and Mr. Parker went to Jieno. Dixie Walker To Get Award As Top Player NEW YORK, Jan. 18 CUP) - «R«ATIC PAIN i • Kiililm it,> .in fmt ,,„„ GET AFTER win - •-<-« <••• Mm riait iiiffii It you suffer from rheumatic pain or muscular aches, buy C-2223 lodav for real WMn-reUoWhclp 60c. $* hSJi on: Us ^ onl y as dieted. First bottle purchase price is refunded it. you are not satisfied. Get C-2223 Dixie Walker, who patrolcd an outfield berth with the Brooklyn Dodgers last summer, was baseball number one player in 1341. So say the New York Baseball writer's Association, who plim to give Dixie a plaque at their annual dinner Feb. 4. Dixie won the National League batting crowll ln , B44 wjth a 351 mark. old Vera KhokholoyS^Vionms .fci' I turned to Minsk to 'tca'clV class 0-B In the public school. 'Granddad'' Koolcd Nails NEW YOliK (UP) - While the Germans were ravaging Russia, they were particularly harassed by Granddad," an effective guerrilla chief whose specialty was night raiding: and train wrecking. The Nazis put a price on "his" head and Instituted many fruitless searches for "him." Granddad, the Moscow representative of Russian War Relief now reveals, was pretty 23-year- FALSE TEETH Loosen Need Nof Embarass 'Many wearers of false teeth have suffered real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slipped or wabbled at just the wrong time. Do not Ive In fear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH, ti le airline (nonacid) powder, on your plates. Holds false teeth more firmly so they /eel more comfortable., Doc s not jour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). a e t FASTEETH at any drug store. Recapping ond Vulcanizing Done By The Hawkinson Method "It's MORE Than A Re-cap.'" MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Highway 61 North Plioiie 22C1 If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It.lf It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" EMERGENCY] The American public paid uncle Sam $4.212,000,000 In sales tax last year. DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday NifhU' 9:30 to 1 (TClofk In the Beautiful Blue Room of the \ HOTEL NOBLE Admission 60c Incl. Tax. Visit Us In Our . NEW BUILDING located B^ .: 121 E. Main St. T. L SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts * Senrloe 121 E. Slain Phone Z122 New Theater Manila's Finest • r. ' What have you done today that some mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Last Time Today "MARRIAGE IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR'? with Lana Turner Fox- Neirs A- Short Friday 'YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS" ivitli Key Kojers Serial & Short •. y 3? a ' C - ae " P0n Arka "'*, People to construct the most important United States ,. , . NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and very essential weapon of World War 2 ... "ROCKET TO SAVE OUR (BOYS' LIVES! LABORERS Enroll NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodg- injr available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build thii plant so vitally needed by our "ghting forces. Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS If 7»s «r» DOW •i«U»l ««v$ty Kt •km, to not ipp[ T . (n »n Men under 21 must have minor'! release form signed by parent* which can be obtained at Employ' mcnt Office. ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. ' Sat. starts 12:45; San. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO" with Franchol Tone & Anne Bixtcr and •> "HI YA, SAlLdR" v Donald Woods & Ray Eberle ami His Orchestra. ; 1:1 Friday and Saturday, -HI Double Feature || "RIDERS OF SAN JOAQUIN" ; with ... j Johnny Miick Brown & Tex Hitter and : "PARACHUTE NURSE" with ' Margaret Chapman Serial: "Tlic Batman" Comedy RITZ THEATREs Manila, Ark: WEEK-DAY 'NIGHTS „ ; Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUr* at 7:30. SATURDAYS A SUNDAYS Box Office Qneiu 1 Show 8Urti'l:15 Thursday and Friday "ALASKA" wtth Kcrxt Taylor, Margaret Lindsay, John Carridine and l)ea;i Jagger Paramount News Comedy

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