The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EJGfef BLITHtVILLE, (ABK) COURIER NEWS ARK-MO UPSEJ IN TRADE TALK Instructors Beat Liberty Speedball Ace; Logan Baffles Saliba's Swatters Commercial l>eagur T*am W..J. Robuuon S 1 I R. D. Hafhrs 4 Pastime 3 teachers 3 3 Ark-Mo 2 3 Uteri? 2 « Terry 2 4 Havnes 1 4 .Pel. .833 .8*4 .60* .SOU .404 ,.333 .333 .200 The transformation of Mnx "Call Me Bnbc" Logan from nil ordinary fly chaser imo a star pitcher was completed last nlglit v.tien Logan turned back the highly touted Pastime Billlnrd 1'artor team with seven hits and hurled his Ark-Mo rower Company team males to victory In a close contest, 3 to 2. In the other half of the Commercial soft ball league double header at Haley Field Hie Teachers nnotr.-er surprise was sprung when the _ Teachers arose and walloped the offerings of "SImrlle" Scruggs, Liberty speed- bailer; .for a -decisive 10 to 4 • triumph. ' ' The Pnstlmers, shooting for a second place tie with R. D. Hughes company al this stage of the first half race, were easy favorites to 'trim the power team but they reckoned not with Logon. The long and lanky one had pitched a few innings last week after- a game had Ijeeii tost in the early Innings by other ArX-Mo pitchers but most or the fans figured Pastime to hit his assortment of slow balls without mercy. Logan not only baffled the billiard shooters but made them look, bad in doing so. "Call Me Babe" got good support however, particularly from Kettlnger third baseman, who played a): over the diamond, turning In e 'sparkling game afield. : Logan had started out as an outer gardener early in the campaign with .visions of performing like the well known "Babe" Rutl pt the plate. His play appeared nearer the standard set by another "Babe" (Herman) in the field however than the Bambino at bat Then Logan 'found himself when shifted to the pitcher's box, where Mr. Ruth himself was once quite gome shakes. Ark-Mo broke the tee (it reall; was a cool evening) by scoring In trie second" inhlrig 'but Postlm made two runs In the same Inn In?. That was all the billiard ag gregatton was to get off Maxl Jix>, relation to Baer) however a he . turned them back with goose ejis the rest of the way. In th meantime Logan's team mate added the tying and winning runs in" the fifth inning off newlywe<f Jimmy Smotherman. who pltchc a good game. Smotherman's tern porary toss of control figured in the-tallies, with Micro's two bas blow sending the runs across. . In the second game It was th best looking Teaclrer .outfit of th season that took to Scruggs' fas ball for 11 blows. Holland, red headed Teacher pitcher, hurle calmly and steadily to annex triumph over his higher-rated op portent. The Teachers scored twlc In the secoi.'j on only two hit. . errors contributing largely .t Scruggs' downfall. Liberty counte one In the third when the Teachei made two more. The Teachei came back with three runs I the fourth by Puckett. Hollan and Friend. Two runs In the flft and one In the sixth. Libert made its second run in the lift and two In the sixth on success! runs by Wilson and McHaffey. flurry of hits made things loc bad for Holland with Ponde doubling, driving In Wilson an McHaffey, but he scttkd do» and pitched himself out of da ger. First G»m« Ark-Mo Ibcrtv Lutes, Ib arbro, bs 'ilson. "ss • "eters, 3b . I-utc.s. •<: rook, 2b aimer, cf unter. If ' cruggs, |i ayne, rf \ Totals enchers lint,;.•is. '.. Cramer,, ss • rfoseley,' cf. tedma'n, Ib allawny, 2b Srooks, 2b Mlbert, If uckett, Ib lollBIKl. ]> on,- 3b Friend, i Totals By Harry Grayson Action of U. S, Lawn Tennis Association officials In selecting ions Nussk'ln, German pro, to nci conch of the U. S. Davis Cup I! H rumored tint Hie Clcve- Inml Jiiillnnx mo tu net Oscar Mollllo, iibovr, HrnwiLs' second krr. afirr all. YA'litm JloriiH- liy iilniifil a lilnh iirlcc tar on llllci iinrly In Hip ypur. Clcvo- liini] ilropiK'il MfKolinllon 1 ?, but II In p\|ir-rtoi| Hint a llireo- imT'il deal, Involving lied Sox. Browns. :nul Indiana, will result In Osnir taking rfsl- denco In tlio Lake feirie city. S«-ond Cianie Ab RUE Blytheville Golf Team to Jonesboro For Meet Sunday amntcur tennis In tills country, leretofore vehement In Its denunciation of tod boys who desert licr ipron strings for gross gilt, would back water to onllst lhe ntd of n ionl Hurler Returns to Form; Pirates Win, Cards Do Likewise The Yankees check their slhto irofcssloiml player to Guide Its lit-1 from the top yesterday beating Ic Boslinijs on the right pnlli to the Chicago White Sox and hold- iclory. I ing on to first place. The Pltls- Tlmc ntul ngnln the U. S. L. T. -burgh Pirates heat the Braves and A. has come out with verbal blasts I " 10 Gl«»ls trounced the qubs In amateurs wlx> turn pro. ! th<! National loop, The organization hns held aloof] T"« Yankees defeated Ihe-'Clil- 'rom a iiatloiinl open tournament,' cn C° White Sox 2 to'l at,Chlcji;n. udvocnlwl by Bill Tllclen and Ills Gomez went the route jfor ..tlic .raveling troupe, to decide Just wlioj Vonkees, holding the While .Sox .-; the grculest tennis player In the tri lhrec "Its. Onslon wfts-the. 1m- In quest of their fourth str»lght triumph the Blytheville country club golf team will move Into Craigliead county Sunday to battle Jonesboro golfers over the Jonesboro country club course. The local golfers have yet to taste defeat and expect lo ado Crntghead county's best to theii list of victims. So far this season the Blytheville club has won ovei Paiagould at Paragould and hen and Cape Olrardeau over the Mis .souii club's home course. Blylnevllle and Jonesboro hav innually tested. Ihclr skill In lour- Kys in the pasl with the local mviiiH an edge In tourneys woi and last. The Blytheville golfer. 1 WVK never been tealen • here. hire I ni; pitcher. The St. Louis Browns Jumpoil Into third plnce by beating' Hie Jnltcd States, And HIM) It 1ms lo go am Nusslcln! . Huns is fully oi.aliflcd to handle Washington Senators 6 to 5. Ray his Job. The exponent, of backhand attack, who wns professionalized In Germnny wlien he wns only 10 lust because he accepted a pnlr of 'cnnts troasers as ,, pri/J. 1ms scored more victories over Bill Til- tlcn than ony other plavcr has. . . Why Not Tilden? But there Is another, n native homer In the seventh with CIIR °" *? se B " ve lhe Browns vlc- l ° ry : Co"™" wns the winning "'£ } Kr «"" , Sl ^'" rl lh , c , loser - A ,T lcrDctrolt ™ sm def?atcd ll;c Al » lpl1 " 8 to 3 al Detroit. Mm\ Ktry . , ln go °? fo , rl " , held *e A'.s lo eight scattered lilts. Tllc oinillE wo " ovcr the Cuta ' lo 1 w " " r ""bbcll returning r, nave . , son, who, In this column's eye, Is ° , form -, " uhbc " , lleld the Bru " ls more fitted ilmn Huns. He is that (° f< T , hlts ginning was same Bill TlWcn, who. although '/* ?™ 1 ™- fancuso hit a home pnst the 40th milestone, still is foi the Giants. jjn-ji. nit 1ULII JllJIC.'UUlId .Mill J,> rni nil (he greatest player of them all. , 7 ! e Pl ™** *<><•* '* c °"«^ of DrnndL for a 1 lo 3 victory at 0 0 ; ;0 1 2 0 0 -2 006 0 0 U the „.., , , •. r 7 iltlcn. however, mis been so un- Boslon. U.vngetto's homer' In fortuna e as to Incur the Ire of ; ti,c .,,venth put lhe Hues ahead fo, tennis body. He always has been the nrst tlme ,„ the game lussetl as a bad boy, and hns been The Brooklyn Dodgers dropped n 11 and ou " •3 -0 2. 3 1 0 3 02 200 Tf-rw If rild u-ln- . 31 4 8 U ' Ab.R ^ E ? 1 .0 0 020 0-2 0 l-'l 6 0 ' 0 0 and out of amateurdom more 7 to 3 gnm( , , 0 tnf , st n any other player. D<xlgers. Carlelon was the 11 Is objecilonaWe to the ,,|,, R ) lllr]eri holding the T. A. Oil nil ethical mm- in IQ Hit"! The Cnrrii; pnt 11 cr the^s vinnlc Hlchards. This l %h°e h pm,tef bYa.^d'The^e,, Joy Is ii pro tind n good one, too. uel.ind the pitching of Curt Dnvis He hns made the rounds of amn- who new thc Red i e gs to 3 hits, rtir circles played-qn Davis Cup Tlll , score was 5 to „ Moo h , ( squads in 1922-24-25-26. hdd the homer for the Phils. U. S. doubles title with Tilden scv-. eral years, and was pro singles :lnir In 1927-28-30-33. Vlnnle Is perfectly qualified to ench others iiow to play tennis. I've seen him in demonstrations while on professional tours ,and i Is explannllon of various serves 000 3 1 0 20 10 11 2 3a I tie to Deadlock .in 13 Innings; Travelers Bow to Crackers The leading Vols of the South- rn Association and the Memphis Chicks battled 13 Innings to a 3-3 deadlock al Nashville yesterday. The Vols scored their runs early nd the Chicks counted one In the seventh and two In the ninth to Ic the score. Speece and Chaplin hurled for Nashville and. Bayne and Kellcy for Memphis. The New Orleans -'Pelicans trounced the Chattanooga .Lookouts 6 to 2 at Chattanooga. Oalc- louse was the winning hurler and Hcnsiek the loser. Mlhiillc hit for two homers. The Birmingham Barons troiino ect the Knoxvllle Smokies 8 lo ^ Knoxvllle. A ninth Inning rally brought two runs for Knoxvllle but ffillcd lo overcome the Bnron lend loser. The Atlanta Crackers defeated lie Litlle Rock Travelers 7 to 3 nl Atlanta. Tnylor, Cracker flrsl- bnseman, hit two doubles and o single. Browne hit a homer In thr fourth for Little Rock. Nelson vras the winning pitcher. Nugent the FRIDAY,' MAY 25, 19341 HOLDUP ttOSEM. H Defeat Otto JehPs Club of Memphis In Contest at Osceola The. Osceola Engineers hit their winning stride, temporarily Interrupted-by a defeat at the hands of the Blytheville Tigers, again yesterday when they trounced' Otto Jelil's semlpro bait club of Memphis at Osceola. The score was G to 5. Davis, Osceola pitcher, knocked a two-bagger in the eighth with two out and the bases loaded followed by two base tills by' Mason und Hcntey. Happy Foreman of the Memphis club hit, a homer in the third inning. The Engineers play the undefeated Jolly Cab team of Memphis Sunday at Osceola. The game will be called at 3:30 o'clock. ind drives was clear and to the point. Perhaps It's a good thing lor :ennls. this selection of Nusslciii. performing here with the posslbl" U may prove to be the wedge that, • exception of rough Roy Welch, will eyers to Take On Tassos Here Monday Night Ray Myers, considered by many lo be the best of the wrestlers Itead Courier News Want Ads , will pry apnrt the amateur gov- erntng body's prejudice against the meet Tommy TBSSOS, the little Greek from Chicago, In the fen- ture match .on Monday night's armory card. In n preliminary match Bill Hunnlcut and Sergeant Burns will o ....mix for t\vo out of three falls 'An of National Leaguers who faced i a " llour rlmc ''nit schedule. Both he hopped-up pill for the nrst' llrc heavies and will be making their first appearance here as Lively Discussion What, influence has the lively had on the batting averages :ime this year? The answer can be seen In the overages of some comparatively weak hitsmlths. Take Ethan Allen, Phillies' outfielder,- for -instance. Ethan hit for 2-11 with the Cards last season, while this year he la In the neighborhood of .355. Then there's the cases of Sam Leslie, Brooklyn first sackcr; Hal Lee. Boston oulflelder; Gus Suhr, PIrale nrst baseman; s. Cubs' Infielder. and Billy . Sam hit for .298 last year, and at present Is up around .400; Lee chalked up .244 with Philadelphia nnd Biiston In 1933, and Is now close to .365; Suhr has bettered his 1633 nvcrage of .267 by nearly 100 percentage points; and Jurgcs has nllmbcd from .269 to .347. That proves one point: that bat- .ling averages hiuc been benefited uy the new ball, and that pitchers , have suffered accordingly. principals although Hunniciit wns here In the role of. referee last week. .;:• , .- -, The Myers-Tassos go will be one of n series of elimination matches lending lip to a shot for the -winner at the crown of the m:(ie.fcwc!irhi dmmp tn n match here, cccordlng [o promoters. Myers has appeared here several times and to advantage In most of his matches. Tassos has performed here only one time, losing . to FreAlie Knichel In .1 fast .natch. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS By Horace WakeHeld Phillips Motor Co. Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25* Nite 7:15. 10-35c sHOLD ITHAT GIRL: Jam* DUNN CUlr* TREVOR Novelty' Ktel Our Cans Comedy Kettinger, 3b Taylor, 2b Thomas, ss Bage. If Marshall. Ib Hires, ss Allen, rf Adams, cf Mtero. c Logan, p Totals Pastime B»rnes, ss Jenkins, 3b Thomason, 2b Olover, Ib Browning, rf Smothernun, p Moon, c Bunch, cj Boyttte, cf Purtte. SE StUweU. ss Warrtmton, If Tools Ab R H E 4021 0 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 000 32 3 10 4 Ab R H E SATURDAY ONLY, MAY 26th MATINEE AND NIGHT On The Stage In Person 0 3 0 0 300 30 0 ol 1 0 3120 3 1 1 ol 0 ol 2 1 0 2 0 1000 2001 2010. 28 2 7 3 NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture HoWersI SEE OUR FITTER NOW Consultation »nd Advice Free. Ne have a special type for youi rupture I Robinson Drnn Co., Inc. Railroad * Main St. Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35c She's BREATHTAKING! Don't Forget tatt's Agency General Insurance WRESTLING RAY MYERS TOMMY TASSOS BILL HUNNICUT SERGEANT'BURNS ARMORY, MONDAY NITE ht NORTHWEST MOUNTED POLICE Company, in Their Interesting Arctic Vaudeville ITS DIFFERENT AND A HAPPY COMBINATION OF MIRTH, MELODY, MUSIC AND INTRICATE HARMONY SINGING On the Screen —"Half a Sinner" with Sally Blane and Joel McCrea ADMISSION—I Or - 25c in a role morr ['.imomu than her "Dancing Lady" Coming—Ritz, Sunday, May 27 Joan Crawford in "Sadie McKee" Wtlll Franchot Tone GENE RAYMOND EDWARD ARNOLD KSTHKR RAI.STON CLARKNCE BnOWN'S producllo A nictro-Ooldwyn-Mnyer Picture Paramount News Technicolor Musical Short AT GAS STATIOI Victims Lured by Bargain Price ION Gravity Gas Robs Von of Ataey Steals Performance from Y«ir Motor This holdup is the unseen drama which may take place every time a motorist buys gas at a cut-price pump. Some day, of course, he will know better! Like millions i.' experienced drivers, he will learn the money-saving benefits of Phillips 66 ... the Imiest high test gasoline which sells at the price of regular. You get more power and more miles. Better miles, too. Smoother, swifter, quieter. And your engine is so responsive and flexible that there is added pleasure in motoring. But five gallons tell more than five thousand words. Hence we make this worth while suggestion: Before you buy your next tankful of gas at just any station which you happen to pass, look for the Orange and Black (,(, shield. That's the place to Ptilll.up with Phillips. GRAVITY 60.5°™ 65.1 :HIGHEST TEST". at the price of ordinaysf gasoline !tr Aladdin Marie THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to sun, but woman's work is never done'.' is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home of late years, and has done much to lighten the burdens of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a sort of "Aladdin magic." Tt. works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It furnishes light and heat. It sweeps the carpets and polishes the floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning,cup of coffee. It beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread; and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. V>1 TO01H You learn of these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised." .

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