The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1930
Page 7
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uY,_ocTomou 31, 1030 KunuY, m.YTIIEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'i'wo cenu a word ror first m- •tttion urni one «ut » WJfC lor eica lulsequtnt insertion. No iuJvsrttieiiJeiil Uieu lor less trail Me. Count the words »nd tend tbe t»"b_ Phone 306 LAURA LOU BRDOKMAN i'HJK BOARDING HOUSE ; tm PAGE SEVEN By Alien*'' FOR SALIC Eat FISHER'S FROSTY NUT3—Fresh Dally. DO- If. APl'LKS—Just arrived. Good graue orchard run, For sa!e cheap. Fisher'!), across from city hall. lGck31. FOR SALE—Sacks for cottcn seed, Junk Dealers, opposite Fi-L r ,co Station. 29P-K3 FALL CHICKS—Rocks. 58.CO; Leg. lioins. S7.00; Assorted, our choice, SC.CO. Other breeds. Catalojue ¥:a. PiDmpt and smranlecd delivery. Send Ic per chick, balance C. O. D. Missouri Poultry farms, Columbia, Mo. 31P-K1 .FOR RENT J'OK RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and 571. 15tl. FOR RENT --- Light hoiisekccpin rooms, furnished. 700 West Walnut, Phone G78. 13C-TF FOR RENT: Four room apartment completely furnished. Call C50 or DM. L. L. Ward. 21ctf FOR RENT—Light housekcepin: rooms. 1020 Hearn St. Phone 648. 28P-K1 FOR RENT—Pretty little furnished cotta°e. Rent $25 month Inertias Land Co. 2DC-K3 FOR RENT—Two modern stucco buildings, corner Franklin and Missouri, and 512 N. First. Dr J. A. Saliba. Phone 410. 20P-K5 m-:cii\ 111:111: TODAY ci:r.iA MITCJII:LI,, IT, imv» Jlnllluuire \ylu-re the ban lived 11 III] In r ^r:iiiivlri-k% molbcr, M.' I;;H;I;IIS, m jnln li,-r ui.iiidv fjitinT,JIIIIN .MiTriii-:!.)., In .\t-iv Vnrk. 'I lie li:Ln-nu »ri> illvotcrd and Jlri. il.. k -rr» I. n \rlijmv fnllimlni; :i »rcuui] mnr- IIAUM'V SIIIKI.DS, jmiiic nriti- ,u,n-r lilml<),;r:i,ilK.r, \\ in line Mllh llu- alrl. Mirrhfll a,I,, BVK- I.V.V I'UISO.VS. I;,-MU|I(||] nlilim, (11 fncruilui-L' h[« UnuKlilvr to KUIIN agrvrK. riiiifitdi-rtnK Celfn a IIIIMIK In uln MllchrllV :i<Ti>rllO!K. Shr hocin lifetime* iPnlmix of tliv- srlrt niul Mlii'Liir* in t;rt riil nf lur HUTU I.YlIn mill TOD jcyun.i.v fnki'lrinllni; liul of diiljluus cljnr- ar[iT. Allluiit^li .ttltrlirll fnrlilila CHIn In xei- Jiirrtnii »hi- ^rnr^ /ilioui ultti Hit- ynunjc 111:111 fi<-.;llr,i1l,. IIS! IH'.\<-AX, ;i Iflrl .if Ci-liiiS tipi., ln-i-.i,!!!-. I,or l,i>:il fi-lcnd. SI,!,-(,!> rninvs lo ,NV*Y Yurk In mirk fnr :i <.'cll:i. Mie Iclla lilni she IIELI loit hrr lu-:.r. in 4nrd«n. r'clln, [.!*,! null Mrs. I'ILTAUIU nre lOKPtliiT unp cvrnliiK ivhrii thr) lic-nr 11 lailln rr[in-l c>f n d^nis- IrnilK lire In n liulldln^ ulu're MilcUlA f* wiirUELi?. rcU:t lux!*)* Ull Brtlll« In Iho 1.1'Clii- and Ilift mlicr* fntjuxr. L.ilrr Ct-lln nnil l.lsi (.-it (u Shlfldi.' nlllcr, "here Jio nnnlljr nrrlvrn, llnliiirt t-vrrrit fnr n IjrukiMi nnil. A'exl ninrnini: ShtcM* tL'lr|ilionrM nnil |irnnijir« X(HV GU (l.N WITH Till: STOI1V CHAPTER XLIII H*. an hour before iJarnoy came Celia waited Impatiently. Siic bad spent a reslless nlylit and 5!i-|)l iiitlp, hut slic was not aware that slip was tired. Reaction from tile excitement of tlie past 24 Lours a,!d not yet set in. Celia had made ly manage to say 'iiow do you do' | suspense lasted. Then Cclln forced at least." MM. Parsons turned t!io conversation into other chan:;.;la, lint she to wj'.tcb Cclia and take stock of her observations. For uiie thing, tiio jjiri wan not catlns;. Twice Bhe started when slie was spoken to, and tlien linslied and stumblP'l in !n-r uro Thero r^ was :i I'ar-av.ay iook !n Colla's dark cycn. Oh, yes, the signs wore all there! T 151 hi! dc-rartiJ immediately *' alter brcai:f;.s:. It was Mrs. Par Ed ns' ciiBtoni to spend tiie hours afttr huiclicon clllier sbopplns or at uridee. Cclla had set three o'clock as tlie time for Uaniey's call, conlldctit they would not be interrupted. "Arc you solns out?" slie asked as stie and Evelyn left (ho lunch eon table. "A iitlje later. There aru =01110 jletlors I rcr.iiy n:i;st attend ifir;t." ia :r.auii-i!r& und slipped a-.vay to her ] betlrooiu. S::c watitcd to be aionc. Insicatl of Belting out buffer ajid lile she curled up In tbo one large chair the room loasted and tried to plan exactly what her first words to ttarcey would he. Slic would welcome him at the door licrsclf. It would help (o overcome JJorney'a Impression that she lived surrounded by elegance and luxury far Lcyuuil him. Guilt- Cella rcmemocred the after- little laui;h and sprang up from lie clialr. There was no reason vliy slic slionld douljl Bainey. A sudden loiiKli'B that was both ecstasy and pain swept uvcr her. She wanted to (oel his arms nhout lier, lo lell Harnoy lhat ho was learcr to licr tban life, to iicar over and over nualn thai lie would never go away. Cclla liegan to dress.. As she busied herself before tho mirror her lliouKhts leaped forward. She planned Hie meeting at which siie would Intnxlncc llainey lo her father. John Mitchell would ;ID- prove ot (ho young man, .slio felt fill) V. .1 Elnck • ninoiiri- swlfily "I'll ttrrii] •' peareO rin: | |, :l ve lo go lliruuiili (lie |,[j|, „„,) luijuluio ihe she gtanccd at her ivaicli L'er[.r.|:s If she wurheil -:- a .,,|,| rinisi, | n t |i,,c. ;: iMjisMe sn as not lo In- ixi-iyii suiil, and illsnu- sure, because Barney liad n pro- ferHlon of which ho was proitil, anil In which he ivaa succeeding. dtscovury, and ily everything else in tlie world paled j noon before when 1 He had made It Into unimportance. She knew die | plain he thought she did not ivant ioved Barney Shields. ; to Introduce Mm to ber new friends. Of course nhe hna tried to avoid meeting Tod Jordan. At thought FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment, garage if- desired. 606 Ncrlh Fifth St. 27C-K32 LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fir.c for Sandwiches. tf. WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES PIES—Fresh Daily. AND tf. WANTED — Family Washings. '.Yashed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 7M S- Lake St. lfck-tf "Times arc rot hard if you want to vc:k. Big commissions for ycurrelf, church or Ecliool, selling Christmas cards, and novelties. Write for my rihn.V --Floyd i yran;. P. O. Box No. -2-140, Mem- ! phis, Term. ' • 31P-K3 Her heart had sung tils name all morning. Barney Shields! Bar- aey with tho gray eyes that laughed it pain and hardship! Barney, so sirong and self-reliant! Barney, who never failed! Her Daruej! Hearing his voice over the telephone that morning had been like tearinR it for the first time. Celia had laughed and promised sagerly that she would be waiting for him, hut all that she wanted to tell him remained unsaid. Had he guessed? Was it possible that of Jordan realized she faced another probleLn. Ted would havo to be tnhl sho had been mistaken in saying she cared for him. It amazed Celia to discover how detached and impersonal her feeling toward Jordan had become. A whole train of frightening reflections followed. What was this bc-wildc-ring thing called love? 'She had believed herself "in love" with T"iHE girl glanced up arid caught -*• her rellectlon. The face In the Bias.) smiled liack iit lier. There .wr:s no n«'d to apply ruuge today, to]Her checks were pink, and surely c,' eyes had never boon so bright. Kiie got out her newest frock, llnrcd I', over her shoulders and Liu n liii.-fily put !t aside for another. T3io second dres^ was rose- colored, "julto as expensive as the olhcr, [jut simpler. Celia rcincin tered iliat narney Shields -had praised lit-r In the little home-tnado drcKE of rose that her mother had f.ishlbnoil. As rlio stood taking a final survey ol herself and patting Intci place a cnrl equally decoralive in Us unruly siatc, she heard a lop on tho door. "Who is it?" Celia called. Rose, Kvclyn's maid, answered. "Mrs. Parsons asked if you could step into her room. Miss Celia." "Tell her I'll he right In." Celia looked at her watcli. Barney did not know how every- Barney before sho came to New- Increases For Light Airplanes LONDON, (UP) — Use of lijlit airplanes for hard military and commercial f^rvice appears to be constantly growing. Eighty-three Moth light planes nre now being constructed. When they are completed and tested tlv; P.oyal Air Force will use them for training and general sr-rvicc duties. Tr? New Zealand Military of Defense has also ordered eight light planes, and ten are being can- thing In tiic world had changed when he himself W£s the center of that transformation? At lunei'.con Evelyn Parsons noted the girl's heightened color, her preoccupied manner. Shrewdly ehe made deductions. "Have yon had any news from the yonriy man whi> was in Ihe fire?" she as!:cd cnsually. "Harne-y? Oh, yes, he telephoned. The doctor set his arm and put it in a sling, but he says it isn't a bad breiik. He's coming this afternoon. I mean Uarney, not the doctor." "How nice! I'm anxious to ] complains! that her aflecli. meet him. i not EO dee^ as his own. Oh, hut "Oil, I want you to! Yor.'li like i that had hcen months before! Was R^.riK-y, too.i Everyone docs. He's | it possible Barney's feelings had going lo be here at three." lallered? "At three? Well. 1 must certain- | For one dreadful moment the York. Then she had met Jordan and told herself she was "In love" with him. Neither of those a I- fcctions was anything like the overwhelming emotion which stirred her. There was no doubt that this was love—real love, based on admiration, loyalty, her deep need ot Barney and a prayer Hint Barney might need her. But it.was alarming to know that one could make mistakes about love, and" !o know that one could aise. Celia re:n«i:iiii;:et! how B.irnnv Twelve minutes of three. Then she hurried to Evelyn. Mrs. r.irsons was ecated at her desk. She looked particularly well in a dark blue satin gown with creamy lace at the throat. Sun- liKht. thhiing through tlio window, had fiiven her a golden halo. As Celia opened Ihe door she looked up, smiling. " child!" she exclaimed, "what would 1 do without you? I've been In perfect agony for half :li<inalliTil problem lie- fc:i- i\'l!;i was complicated. Fiirll.'-r:i-.,!.i V fho was Impatient and i : • 1W ii crr-M at tin) Mart. She • .-;.| id,.,,,, i,.,,.;,,, c.Tit,,:,!. lOlir. ,-.,,,. | n ,, ri ._ mi ,| fi |,||,H,|,ly icanl ;;-.,. iiiii;hig of the dour bell. Ten mhnitea nfler three anil slie mil ii"t :i:ii 5 i,c;|. It was Uarney, of com.' 1 . Coli.: ir.'o. There wns no reasnn ivliy Ki.-lya's bills bl;/u!d iiu lu|. nr.ccil l:i.n:fd|»icly. SMo was dls- :uslfi! will, herself for liavlnu uiiilcit:..'..,.,, ,|, e i a: ,i( llci l:i:-:i | !t .-.i Iniully ami for a minim- s.]i. ; waited lo Ktcaily herself. Thci s-lic wont Into Ihu llv- IllK rconi. liansoy was slltliiK with his tnck toward licr, talking lo Evelyn Mi- : l'..rfons saw (he r;lrl. "Oli. hero you nre. Ci'lln!" she Enid sMwtly. "You have company. This yoiniR man nnd I have Intro- ducci! nmr.i'lvc:', and he's teen string me the mo3i mnaxlnc account of lliiit loirilile lire. You must hear it!" ."Cnoil afleiuoon, Barney!" Cc- lla said, it was not the speech she had planned. Shield, \vas on- his (eel. Ho took Ihe girl's hand and smiled his good -humored finlle. "How do you do?" he greeted her with unusual fnrmallly. The young man's lefl arm hung In n sling. ! "This Is a queer lime for mo to be making a call." Shields ridded, "but I'm soiui; to piny nenlk'innn tor n tun- days. They tell mo 1 laven't «ny Job iiplll this bum arm begins lo behave." "You're not—discharged?" lie laughed at tho alarm in tho girl's voice. "No, no! Nothing like that. Matter of facl. Wagner says I'm going to have n raise. Hid yon sec the pictures in the Telegram? They were mine. Gave tho one ot ib-THIS , ALL ( OF VOL) uiHo ARE 5o QUICK TO PUT' PEOPLE CM TVlE SPIT'TiE AMP MILL.ASE AMvJlL J — \~C\ A U^T-TeR TROM THAY BOARPER WHO WAS HERE , -THAT ALL o~F • \ou THouciri-r WAS A f\ MRS. EXIT" .-TELL THose TriA-f /is THev I WAS MERELV LViMCa LOW "BECAUSE I WAS BROKE, AMP M EX-WIFE HAP THE POLICE AFTER M£ FOR BEIM6 - IM *\\^^--j s~~ \ /.• • \\ -\ \ -**y. JM \i t 1 ! Shields had said he loyed her, and - , complains! that her aftectio:i \\LIS an hour Iryina to mako these figures come out right. Do add them for me, won't you? You're ?n clever and I'm hopeless at such things!" Frequently livelyn had found occasion to profit from Celia's busi- ceEj training. Now she held up a rhijaf of papers and a mem oranduui pad. The papers' were bills.'"" "i Lnow they should come lo the same figure," Mrs. Parsons continued, "hut i simply cannot make them." "I'll try it," Celia agreed. Mrs. Parsons promptly relinquished the desk chair. The (is ures on the memorandum pad were unintelligible. Celia saw at once BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IS THIS A 'HIHE AT? By Martixt the little girl a big play. The boss was rather complimentary." "Oh. Ihiuey, I'm EO ylail!" 'How splendid!" Evelyn I'.irsona Joined In. VBarney looked embarrassed un- ^er'praise. He turned the conversation to the fire again. Celia waited impatiently for Mrs. 1'ar- Ebna^ lo Icavj them. Evidently Evelyn had 'forgotten her "engage- mcuL Shu dhl not der.i:l, ami at four o'clock when Harncy said he must keep an appointment with the doctor, Mrs. rarsona ottered to lake him In I'.cl car. . The afternoon, unsatisfactory as it was to Celiu, had a more unpleasant sequel. (Tf> He Continued) i- i Dec. itructcd for Ihe Chinese Air corps. j an Four of the p!arv?3 built ior China will be equipped with interchangeable float undercarriages. One of the plancb ordered by the New Zealand is also to be fitted for sea work. One British company alone hus new contracts for light aircraft to- talling S340,200. Head Courier Ne;v> Want Ads. Paving and Sower Tuxes District No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUniU,, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Uldg. New York Cotton , FAIT - OF MAX ] BEAUTY SPECIALIST: (UP)— i madam, I remember liftiii] •face. CLIENT: That's right. And now I wish you could lift my husband's. As soon as yon sent your bill, it dropped badly.—Passing Show. NEW YORK. Oct. 31. Cottcn closed sleady. Open High Dsc. o:d 1120 1125 Dec. new 1121 1127 old 1141 1141 Jan. new 1135 1139 Mar 1153 1162 ilay 1177 1185 Julv 1193 1202 LOW 1100 1103 1130 1123 1146 1169 1187 Spots quiet at 1120, off o. Close 1113 1119 1130n 1128 1152 1173 1193 New Orleans Cotton NEW OBLEAXS. Oct. 31. lUP>— Cotton :OCt. ! Dec. Jan. Mar. May July ' NOTICE With our recent partnership willi Mr. Geo. Carney, we now have llic ocst equipped independent shop in toivn. CAKNEY-JENKINS GARAGE 1'ickwick Building "\Vc know we know how" clcseci steady. Open High 1222 K'iS ... 1119 ... 113-1 ... 1155 . .. 1H3 . .. 1197 1125 113D 11GO 1184 1230 Spots steady at 103D, off 11. Accc-rriws to the last, census, there are 1,483,063 Swedes in the United States. Yes, your CROSSED WIRES MISTRESS: This pie is absolutely poisonous! COOK: I made it from a radio recipf>-uui there was a chemistry lecture" coming through from another station at the same time.— The Humorist. Simeon Crocker, 81, has spent 50 I years in missionary work among | the Cherokee Indians of eastern | Oklahoma. He is the oldest Bap- - Opens Campaign Against Poor English i BOSTON. (UP)— A campaign against "nlroc:o:is English" h::s " l bec " la "" rll<: ' d at Bcs1011 Unirer - i-^ity's college of practical arts and SCRAPS MAKE IIUSKF.R j' L ''Lers. i Tlie new system calls for sjwcial NEW LONDON, Wis., (UP)— Hen- j English cianiinalions and also ths ry Van Vorst. farmer, vowed that ipublisliiiig of worthsvliile criginul he would never husk corn by liaml writings. Tlie examinations \viil again. A mechanical htiskcr mad-: ,hc given monthly until (hey have of scrap material from old implc- 'been passed by all students.;- ments on hi.> farm was his answer Ligc of these examinations has been to the problem. niao-. .. rcciuireineiu for graduation. 1'LATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIVK.AXn-TEN CENT STOKE —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? AUTO PARTS JACKSON llaln at 21st Call CS Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing l n Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Fbone 52 Ingroin BIdg, BlyllicvUle. Ark WERT He Makes 'Em Sec V. R. WASIIAM—Transfer Dnlly trips lo ^!cr;!phlo. Will pick up and deliver freight and p.ickaBcs anywhere, Special '"Hies on carload lets. Local f'hone DM Memphis Phone SPECIAL McroJiauls Lundi 35e TOM'S CAFE OV!R I'UEMJUSI is fionds in suit iuur iasie and the lirst workmansliiii. We deliver promplly. Vou pay for what you get and /el wlut you pay for. Illyllicvillc Upholstery & Itcpair Shop J. If. Jenkins. Mjr - 117 S.'Ssl. st FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SET OUT OF KHUtt, RWER ITS sv.'.r-r VIHGW Wi GETS To BLAC14 CA^'£SH ITLl. ALL BE CME2. "-.^ 4M£ ovf"rT~~;%^ ~V *~*\>f -,'4.'iE.-C.:.^r..-.SO \ —

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