The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 13
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TUESDAY, MAT 0, lu-iY . CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mrt'lon"'* "** "" Mlmiuvutn Ohftrn __ •*. 1 liini uer Ua« _______ --- T — .- DOI ^ times jier line ,„ i» 7 ----"I JJc 3 tiiuoi tor Hue u«r dtj _ "~ >l IMS tor 1>» p lc day .. 'o '-! llwei |j»r Hue i»r dij ____ " 6 C lloutli ucr lino ...... __, L ___ OOC Uoum five sverafia words to tilo liac n , 'J 1 '!" 1 " 1 for '-!" e<> ° r "I* MmM «">! inned before oxptr.tloo will be charg- d tor Ibc uuruler of times t!ie ad »u- '"JBjtJiJ adjustment of fell! made. „ ^i*^W' SSIr ' ca AdrMtlslnu cony lat- oiIttcclT? uersoin railing outside of tlie cuy must ba accompanied by casb Rates "i-iy bo easily cowuuted from tbc above Advertising order for lir«ruUr Inser- 110:13 tikes tbe oue lime rile. 1*0 resjjotihlbllity will lie Uk«a for noro tluu one Incorrect lnaertla& of any clsssI/leU ad, For Sale HAHY CHICKS Uiisilniijlo A fl3.75 tier kondroit. Jim 'town Klnro. SI5-ck-tl FRY ER^t71iaiscThrb~rood. or. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. 61 3-2S-ck-tf HAIiY CHICKS i.-.l (locks. K«st urovrinit ftnil rs. L'liMutn iNilcliitiK. Order ulurk ll»l,-hiTj-. .Vorlli Cl I'hunii 3172. Jillckll 30, .10 & 52 gallon Nnrge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. I-Mements am available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf e |,ljw,i I'l.'MU! ,,.l l,,«,t. M !ir |i,, Motor 7.2 2(1311. 120S Il.illv Trni-k nml TrniK-r lu-ils ina.l,. In nnlcr. VJL>'" SI,,,,, 22.H x. Fir«Wt., iihniic •'5^1- l-'.iv!in-rly Dan NtoiH 1 * filini,. vnrnul r. r f ,nin Innisr- 2 lirilroonis, |n>r.-ln-s. Wi-H roiislr.i.'li-.l l.,l r,l( x r. j.-inno or. ,,:i f-'raul, -jisi j,m "•< fr Mrs. M. >•'« (!roc«ry Pri-.l Srnilli or .-ill :ul.|.|. .,' iv],.11 cnm.'s i.nrurnlly. Finn Finiiii If-nt.s riii;^ :|IL .I inihi.lsl.-rv li'-rfet-lly. .nU I'ninl im.l WulliHiiwr Klori' -llll)-ct-5l 15 Rilvertone radio, ta!>le wodel. In fair condition. S15. 310 West Walnut. 4 2S <lh tf iL'lilly ,i = i.,l riiai-HT dak vi.oil sli>vc. rs. C. K.'HI. 5-rootn house and hath, \vi(h two lots on Vine SI. One year old, priced §.1750.00. '1-roorti house. on North 10tl\ St. Terms. ?:i,2f>0. 5-rooixihniisc with city water in ijfchcn. S2750.00. :">-room house and liaih on Holly SI. Cornc-r lot SG300. G-room house with hath on West Ash. Possession with deed. 5-1500.00. Nice grocery store in Steele. Aln. Inventory stock, rent building. A K 0( '<1 opportunity. Nice business located on Main Street in Ulytheville. Conic (n office for information. David Real Estate & Inv. Co. "\i*M phones 2-1 Si» & .'J205 F. 1!. Joyner. Salesman 3 pk 7 niA'THEVILLE (AKK.) COUHIKJl NEWS For Salt 9 x 12 Ohnii rUK, Call :j;)9s nlifr ; -no _ "•'"•___ W-\* '-> I'.i MKIU'IIAN'I'S Can gl^'e >'OU liiiinrilUle di'lln-rr on il.nibk- .lilt)- mcnt ruses in any |,.nx'1lis. Al*i> LaYO lietvrHK.' cooli'rs vvuh.-iii n-Mg.TAlurs. ami ,Jft-[i fr.-'ezu r,l,i- lids. lltilrlipr 6H].]>li,'-. Al«i Mills Omi|.n>ssi>rs. I'l <• I),.II Srull aafui. POWER LAWN MOWKRS. See (he last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one (hat cuts: to any height and under any conditions. Blylheville Machine Shop. .1-1'>.ck-lt' . ,., i.f slu.k- trors. lluim- Is ci.-il.-J,. iin.l .0,11 will. lui,il,,. r . ].,,,,i L , shi'ill/ •JIO .Snulli Lilly SI. .'.II |,ks Feed your chirks Pnii-;i-iuin regularly in liieic nutsli to help correct that LA'/Yl 1NS1DK condition. A Dr. 1 Hess product, Jong a f:iv-! orite with successful chick ' raisers. Try it and be a' satisfied user. too. Wood's Drug Store, 221 West Main, Phone 507. | -5 3 ck 7 I ... PLUMBING-HEATING ...i 11A Til l-'IX'n.'HfciS. Kt TCI IKS SINKS WATtCH IIKA'I'KUS SKl'TIO TANKS Kvwer Tilu. C':i«t In-n j.ii>.< niul fill- uiK", iculvauizoil, blnol: atul .•HI'I-T ].i,,|i :unL fillings. ATTK! & VIN1XUV FANS ORSBURN'S PLUMBING & HEATING I01S «'. Jin in riniiii. JiTf. 1 now 1! I' hlln-^t' tr:ul,-r ill sa.-tifio*- . |>ri*v. rili.'s W t -rviri> Sta1i*Jii Hwy. _<• ' K. f.-i.k-n .l.-rs.-y row nn.l rnlr. Willie I'nri-i-ll. Vntljtn. r,:'. ,.kl^ Complete sloek of Softball equipment, ini-hidinR flashy colored uniforms. Price Price $>, Sii.»5, SS.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tt ^ Service ir I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Rlytheville, Ark.—Tel. 4!>;j—3715 Serv/ces For Sale: Second rear seed D I' I, M, soybeans (Ral- soys and Oldens. Dell Gin Company. Phole <i21 or 02:1. r> 5 ck r> s For Rent Ni.v l. Allir (nil. M.-n n.ilv 111: Wnlnnl. I'lu 2l< J(i f.;,ij.k-i: ^ 7 icc IjL'.Jroo/n. 4117-iik-Sll? I urrnslir.l li|.stnirs a[..iThii.'nl. I'rivul. I'.HI.. Ulilili,... fiiniirlu-il. Ctiupl,- Onlv li.-iiM.i);,llk-. 1011 1 \V,-s[ AK!I I'll.,,,, •JIM 3. __ 'nl:i,,k7 Coinforjnl.le room, C.-ill 2C75 town, I'fione 2(1S I:,.:IL!I liniilu-r. All kin.k ,.f iliju.- «' ""• i'fl.-r il."l). s.' H.'lli. \V. CLini]. .Mi.ullri.-. rinnii- :u:i| FARJI LAND We hayog^everai Ciish buyers who IWled to jrct located last fall. Will Imy now, sulijecl to possession Jan. 1s(, 1H-I8. Tf you want (o sell or trade your farm, see, write, or rail: Kiales Land Company Phone a:522 Office across from City Hall in Hale Bldg. lilylheville, Ark. —liroker— Russell K. Uiales —Salesmen— lien 1). Hamncr & I{. M. Ifcck 29 ;>k 15 •10 Arn-s <if lnt.,1 in fronl fif l»v.-.. C.-i«l or rr.»]>. .1. (\ Knis. I|,,n[i; 1 n,) V SO llljllu-vill,-. I'hnno RM ' Help Wanted Girl (o do (ypinjr. Some sales work. Start immediately. Phone M1G. 5 ck S Position for male !>oo!vkeep- cr. Experience, recommendation required. Permanent position with well established local firm. Writ/' Hox XX, % Courier News. •1 30 ck 5 7 Commercial refricrcrat ion- salesman. Excellent opportunity for you if yon can sell refrigeration equipment. Immediate delivery. Pooic Molor Co., Sfeele Mo- r, .-) ck 12 Two cane noreli rockers. In •food condition. Call 27S(>. | 3-G dli If, Robber Suspect Caught; Chief Reports Confession CLARKSVILLE. Ark.. May B.IUPI —William Lawrence Pilger, 21. today races charges of assault and robbery, following Iu 5 capture In Ru.ssellville Sunday. Pilgcr. according f o Claiksville Police Chief Edward Blackard. lias admitted that he was the masked man who assaulted and robbed 7G- ear-oirt J. w. Spence at his cabin arijorniiin the American Lcaion hut hefc- Epence has lieea caretaker Wanted to Rent t or S room unfurnished house. I'hone ,'if>0<). '1-23-flh-tl of the hill lor the past three years- Spence told officers that" the masked nmn struck him over Hie head several limes with an iron poker, (hen bound and an^cil him and tied him in a quilt. Chief Blacknrd said piliier was captured in Rnssellvillo Sunday as he emerged from u theater. Jle'liad purchased a bus ticket lo Sikes- lon. Mo. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoe Hotel Blclg. 124 W. Ash St. CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is your urcatcst asset. Chiroprncltc is Ihn .surest roail to IIo:illh. An iiivi-slmL'iit in ;i Cliiro|)r:ictic llralth Service will nclcl to your wealth o[ health." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalomctcr Service Ouard Dr. Torsfen Lindquist Itlythcville, Arts. . _______ A1ONKY TO LOAN l>o .vou ncod a lonn (o repair or remodel? No down psy- mt'nt, no mort^aR*. no red I*!" 1 . !•' HA approved raU 6"". Ask fo.' detullst. Mm .I."K*n, Kfaltor, phone 2034. Lynch ltld K ., Illy th«t 111*. 9-M-ck-U oe us for an estimutc before yon have your tractor i" sleiuu cleaniii}; and l>:imtiiiB. lOlectric and uret- yli'in 1 weliliiii'. Kd.ssclt ni -,- •,. . rliillips* Tractor Co. Hiwiiy «1 South. I'hone 217!. _. ..... Let us sliarpen and repair .voiir l;i\vn mower, reft'ard- li'ss of kin,] <„- S i /0 . (;,,( yours rwuly now, and iivoid (he rush. We pick up iuxt deliver. lilylheviilu iMiU'liine Slio|i, 211 S. Xnd St., pJxdif 2.S28. -1.,'t-ck-tr House moving," foundalidn re- psiir.s. ICxiK'iieju'ed. Have nil tfi|iiipmen(. Call 4!ia or see FianU (;riicl(et(, :f()() S House Moving. 1'! years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foUndatinn repairing- Virgil Koley, phone ;(2!)uT 5 -2 pit U 2 Mole Help Wanted SAl.KKMAV . MAN WITH A my. C.iv.-r I.L-iil l.iilin Ink- nrr.nnil, t:..,..! f,,! ini'CK. WiK.. |irr\d.ii< «7ii'. ' n'''n (•iiin'i'I'V'x'i'.wi.' y. /> Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; SIM T. L. MABRY 423 MISSOUUI BT. I'll. SO'7 Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 20I. 1 ! 101-1 Chfcknsawlm Wanted to Buy Ciish for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiwiiy (it. I'lione :)7Sr>. I! 21 pli 5 27 Personal \Valch for lii^ Iiinit Wednesday, ,Hay 7. S|)DH- sored liv ladies Alfar Si>- cicly of (lie Iinniaciilatc ('onceplinn Cluircli. -I :i() ch r> 7 n<'.iil Cuiirlci- Ncivs Want A<ts. • Plaster • Stucco • Concrete Phone 3998 If you llvc'd on tl»' ninon, ymi'd see the onrlli 40 times InlBhU'r m you now sec tlie moon. !'' Slock Guaranteed liest Prices Kivby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS % "Tilt Typewriter Mnn- KOYAI,, SMITH, COHONA and KI-AIINC;TO,V IIP N. SECOND ST. p,,^ ,,.,„. (Every Trnnsactlon MUST DE EATIEFAOTOHY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tjpcs Kic^iil C'ancer) DRS. NIES & N!ES _Cllnlc 8H Main, lllyir.evllle, Ark., w»n. 2921 "y^'''-'^^^ '^'''V'w. r'siur,,!' 1 ;.;!,', 1[ ,,- \t ^(^ Tyl.T. >l t .nv tlfl^V" I*h5np fiO. PrAl.l-n TV. n.-rnie .\!o. 3-tik-IO • We Guarantee i RECAPPING • I I Hawkinson Treads \ \ Let Your Next Tires Be S j GENERALS i [Cost More — Worth More; MODINGER TIRE CO. | H« E. Main Phone Z2(|l • The Tire You've Missed the Most IS HERE ONCE MORE! Fine tiro materials arc hack and so is the New U. S. Royal Air Ride, the lire that inves saWy and service. This ijrcal new lire j^ivcs you oiilKlamlitig features: •k C real or Air Capacity •k N T f> l.axy Knl>l)er •A" 1'rnko Action 'I'reail if \Vc.-irs I.oujjer Cct U. S. Uoyal'x Air Ride Tire and K cl the host, . You'll find tliein in IJIythoville at: LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 u. S. ROYAL Flowers - - For Every Occasion r FLOWER SHOP BARM 0rrci-f ES S.dCCOHEN Contractor ^NCHBLDG. BlYTHEVlLLtARKvo PAGE THIRTEEN Here's Where You Get Today's Best Values A Big Group of Shiny Used Cars Are Yours to Choose. Our Prices Are Lowest. IIHI Chevrolet Special l)e.- Sedan luxe Town Hi KIM nu , ,. , n , ' HIM IK-Sola Cuslom Keilnn Sedan Hill DodR'u <.|>,,or Redan I !>:i!) Ford Tudor Sedan lillVr";- 1 ^';',"'^ 11 ^'' 1 ; 1 " 1!l:!K l'«"l "t'liixe Tudor l'.\\i lord Doluxo 'J'udor Sedan Trucks, we now have a few real good used trucks, 1 1-2 ton, 1-2 ton and 1-2 ton panels. ^ We Never Close— Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 'i Wrvrli^rs Tc.\»i'o I'rmlucls Phono 21 ]|r. Service 3/ O Scllicrllnj; Tires SERVICE '' T. I. SEAY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Butteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 AHENTION FARMERS 11 We have received our shipment of Hoojler-Croif and Super-Crosf Hybrids for immediate delivery.' Arrange now to call for the corn you ordered. W« luggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as the supply is limited. • " ' SEE US AT ONCE. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 I'lllCII.LA'S POP nhat did / tell you dbout hollering?Mow you can just sit down for 15 minutes and cool off I Why Didn'l You Snv So' Now, then! Let's hear you /ike a tittle gentlema

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