The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1931 RLYTHEVIM.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , PACK THREV. Understanding o Needed for Appreciation of Present. EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is the tucncl in a strict of 11 articles by the I'r.iled Prc'-s tom-spvmd- three years; coi tinuuus rr s In Iht Soviet t- limn. 1 YONS Staff CcrWip'on-Jenl MOSCOW Feb. 24. (UP)— Enough ' Inxtiry and the misery 1 below were more startling llitm anything liHhc world. One sllll hears tnlcs or orgies in Moscow and St. PctmVmrg which sound like inventions of Edgar Allen Poe. i Such Is (lie primordial state from which Russia seeks lo lift Itself. Such Is the human material upon which advanced economic and social Ideas are being tested. This I? the background ol the five-year plan, which, contrary lo 'popular Past I supposition, is not merely an ceo- j noinlc project. 11 envisions changes in people's ways ol life, in literacy, housing, education, us far- reaching as in industry. The past is still to he met with everywhere. Bui lliere is a tremen- j lious ainoiiiil that is usw. Village I libraries, hospitals, schools, clubs, j radios, workers rccrealion ccnlers | and niglu schools, are not calcu- | lated lo impress an American, On\ ly when considered against the i background of Russia's past do they [ seem like miracles. To construct a vast industry In Held I Caiier. He 1ms served sentences under each of Iliese aliases. Additional linger prints ot the man have been .sent tu other polnls lu ascertain if he is wnnk'd lov any other crimes. If It Is found that lie is not. he will be tried | on charges ot possession of ex| plosives, a crime lor which he has Prints Show Maillahcady served a srnlcncc muter I/ ,. ii Mils Frank Greer alias. al Kennelt ii Has College Prexy Urges Athletics After Diplomas SANTA FK. N. M. tUP)—Alls- 1U1 L1SU « C~IWi « mi" i L iiuc i iv ivix" *"•••••• ing Ills wny inlo Ihe MHls-Napper Holies for nil students, even ufler Long Criminal Record. KENNETT, Mo., Feb. 24—After'; being held In the county jail here for two weeks, a t fore Wholesale house at ot'Hie nre-i evolutionary Russia S:J a background feudal land, and to still Ivlne around inlncl here :. <l° *> with little or no foreign cap- give on" a workable idea of wh-,1 ^^ w°''M seem in itself a task give it was like. You alight at a provincial railroad station and .slep Into a vail- ing ri»:n close-picked with iir\s- put fmnilies nn the filthy flo>v like a heap of evil-smelling raja. immchlngs black bread from \m^ loaves, hunllng far vermin, 111113- \|IIB dirt-Ingrained infants. This t- '. che old Russia intact. to frighten any government-. The Soviets in addition must teach millions tj rend and write ar.d live in approximately civilized fashion. They mmt modernize and socialize ii gigantic agriculture. In brief they must crowd into a few dcc- . changes which In ot'ser coir.i- Maiden ye 1 they leave school, was advocated maintains silence and' refuses to: by l)r II. L. Kent, president of the divulge lili name or ullier infonim- , New Mexico A. and M. College, lion concerning liiir.s«ll. Tlie maniv.hen he appeared before the scn- was car.ijIiL with several fused dy--nte finance committee. n:\mlU' caps In his possession to- 1 "College athletics (lo more- tc geilu-r with a botiic- of mlro-gly- j create loyalty to the institution: ccrlne. ! than any other factor," Or. Ken 1 After holding On- man In Jail': tolil the senators. "If any collegi u-ithmii im-ik- '<x* the Initiative In abolishing wlthoiil b.eak i ,,.,i here sevoal efe lhc} . won!d lose nbo . lt 4 his silence, SlierMf Thomas J-'. 1 1H , r cclll 0[ ,| lc i r mcll and 35 Donaldson made inquiries of the. cem of Department of Justice coiicerntn?! .,,,,, the prisoner, sending his finder • prints and general description. Donaldson w* Informed Ilial tlio womcn studenls." Ulc hnpol . tance of college atlilellcs lo th school. Dr. Kent pointed out ilia Donaldson was iniurm™ '»'"•"'» collcgc n i hlct |cs were carried t man bears a long police iccon)l ^ c jss in (oolhall ami probabl and several aliases, having served j bastclbri|1 several terms In various penitentiaries throughout, the middle west. I information from | -------According lo tries were spread over centuries. | (!l( . capital, tnc man served one 1'casants Submissive | urm of three years In lue Wis-1 To measure Russia Kiln wesl CPn? j n C [ n le prison for burglary i Despite his idealization by well- European or American yardsticks and ' nno tiipr five year term in | .,_._ .... ,. ..... tll(!I . cfol . c [ U( |i e .. without an ap- y.|, m e;oln for a similar crime. He was sentenced to Federal Prls- N(jws lunremc Court Rcvevsos Verdict (or.C. C. Evmen! fen: n\ Osccola Action. ccr<l«l In 11': county clerk's office here The jury In Ihe caro returned an Instructed verdict aud judgment for Mu? defendant. *Tlic Supreme Ccurt. holillng tlio EincX had only been assigned, reversed dselslun of Ihe lower court and remanded the case for new trial. Hrucc Ivy uf Osccoln repvo Milts Ihj plaintiff bank commis I J. T. ise counsel In tho case the holes acorns. The woodpeckers don't eat the acorns, but they appear later and eat thn Unit develop In the acorns. OGCKOl.A, Ark-, Fob. 24. - The iupmiic Ccurt yesterday rcvcrr;cl he drcislon of the Osceola Circuit Couit in fs>vor ol the (Weiidnnl in lie ciue <if Walter E. Taylor. Ktale Bank Commissioner, vs. C. C. Er- ncn. and remnnded the case [or lew trial, which will iu all probability come up «t the May lei in ol court. The Milt, which WHS lor collec- llon D| si«;k assessment amount- j Ing to $1500 Mowed failure of the , i?.<m Hank of Osceola here oiii Woodpeckers Plant Acorns to Grow Worms SEQUOIA NATIONAL I'.AHK. Cal. mi')—Park nuthotltlfti hero have been wondering how to dis- couraee Ihe red-headed woodiKck- ers' forehamlcdiu'ss. without, at the same lline, causlOB the birds to leave. 'I'm pmk men say Ihe wixxlpec);- ers establish "worm ranches" t:i the park road guide |>osls, with the result that the posts arc weakened, defunct Instiiutlon. and who was n member of its directorate and hail asilsh'd lu organisation of tit? haul; 25 years prior to its failure, claimed that a sale of his stock to D. H. Moore had been effected prior to Ih? Institution's closing. No record of the transfer, however, according to the plaintiff, appeared on the bank's books or was re- INFLUEN/A SPREADING Check Colils nt once with G6C Ttilu! it as it preventive. Use (ilili S;ilvi' for Huliits. ISCO REDUCES COACH FARES — hetnrrn All I'ulnls u 11 the Vrlsco Lines erately W. K. Merchant I'.iMii-iiKCT TrnlYlr Manager SI. l.nnk. Mu. Almost Travel in roomy, steam- licnted conelius 'or chair . Enjoy the mod- priced coach Ipn- cliuons right in your seat, or, if you prefer, you may have your meals in the dining car. Tickets on sale dally. Good on all I rains. Dsunl free baggage allowance. Hull fare fcr children. per mile instead of meaning novelists, Ihe Afujik, th; basic ,'ingredicnl ot the Raw'.an I prcciation of its lieritage from _ population, was still a half-serf, 11- c ?ardom any judgment on what, h 0 ",j aTLtnvfiiworlli for 10 years in literate, ignorant, grasping, sr.nk in transpiring here becomes mere gib- ' )Q'>I f m - robbery of a post office, diit and superstition. A dark fel-! tcrism. | The records show lhat In all. th<j From the standpoint of the con:- : ma n hos bsen sentenced a total low, living In tfc same vermin-infested hul with l)is C3v:s and swine, prostrating himself before !m priest and his barin or overlord— this was the Russian when the cataclysmic revolution cnme upon him. Populace Submerged In the cities things were little better. Russia was only just emerging from the shadow of feudal'sm. Industrial production wns something new and exploitation of half- scrfs brought from the villages proceeded without any official curb. For tens of thousands of familie; home meant only those barn-liko "night lodgings," indescribably horrible "flop-houses," a few of which were still extant when I arrived. The rest crowded Into horrlbl? I hoJes \vinch nre now, gradually because ol lack of means, bcin^ replaced by modern living quartets. They worked inhuman hours, underpaid, teaten onrl deliberately kept In Ignorance. The outside \vcrld was aware o* HuESla. only through its small highly developed class of cultured writers, musicians, artists. It could liavc no real conception of how ^. urimitlve were Russia's 5;emi,ng of people. In areas as large muiiisls the backwardness of the population is not entirely a neya- ive factor. It has provided Ou-m viih human material that is cheap. of seven times for various terms and all for burglary and tiirccny. He is Known to the Justice De, portmenl as frank Grcer, Frank plentiful, meek, "childishly credu-', v/ard, George Hill. James Hender- ous, with n profound fear of the I son. George Chester and as A. V. class which holds the whip. But in the practical jobs of tulld- inj- induslry, of regimenting labor forces and organizing new social instilutions. Ihe new regime slrua- gles against inertia and ignorance I ? carried over from the past. To any- ^ cue \vho knows the typical Russian [ of the pre-revolutionary epoch, ox- Uke bin slow and dandling in his i labor, with a tendency to postpone i Here's Quick Way to END and shrug Ills shcutdcrs, It is a i; lived as ui the middle aees, scrntch- ' Jng the' Bi'o 5 1and Painsfrptn Colds Those miserable achypains all Ihrough T/-»-.»:,,,. n* l»»^,.>.,»!_ . your body and stuffy headaches that SOr.'ISt L>09f InteiTJlptS . come wi th a cold disappi-ar in just a Paris Suhwav TraHir fewminutcsaftcrtakingCapudinc.For raris oneway irainc |thi3 11CW liqui() prt , c ri pt ioii relieves i pains, and hcadaclits of all kinds with PARIS. (UP)—The subway serv- p certainly and safety. Keep Capudinc ice of Paris was interrupted for handy to relieve in case of sudden pain, half an hour in order lo permit | Being liquid, Capudine acts immc- of the reseu? of a terrier dog. hid-' diately, often in one-third the tiinc re- j den 15 days in a tunnel near Odeon ' quired by pills, powders and tablcls. | 1 Free from harmtul dru(;s it has no bad after-effects. Approved by druggists everywhere. In loc, 3oc and 6oc l>ot- ' tics or by the doiC at drug store soda j fountains. Tryitl Kcmcmberlhcnamc. i station. Train drivers reported the doj had been straying about the llnei, France or Germany, millions! and they Jiad had lo stop .several svlth sticks, dimly if at aH aware of such things as newspapers, locomotives, iron plows. millions who did not dare aspire to a pair of real boots. As late as 1317 peasants were won and lost by their landlords in card anniss. Whip Symbol of Tower And above this ma;s was a ruling class .whose chief concern was to prevent it from stirring into revolt,. The nagaika, a whip the strands of which are weighted with j lead, was (lie symbol of government. ' The contrasts between sjwndthrift times to avoid killing him. The dog had beconne so frightened that police anti firemen had to lasso it before it could be brought out. rteart Courier News TTanC 'Ads. I f% HICKS 1 • Capudine f FC* HfADACHfS Sale of Patent and Satin PUMPS Low Fares Save dollars ANYWHERE— ANYTIME YOU TRAVEL E VERY Greyhound bus is jwckad with summer wtathcr, whatever ihe ternrf raiurc outs-de. Ride in won- delfully comfoitable individual chiiis, while veteran drivers pilot you to any pntl ct the United States—near or faf. Sec whatyo-,; save — St. Lcuis S4.15 Cape Gfrardeau S1.8S Chicago S8.15 Eirminjham S5.35J Tupelo 53.10; C'.irksvHIc S3.6CM Jickscn S7.23] New Orleans SHW5 Detroit SH.15; Cleveland Slfi.15: New York 527.00. las Angela SSS.lOi Memphis Sl - 25 j Hundreds of clher low fares, j UNION BUS DEPOT j Phone 279 I C t N T R A L Just 55 pair of these Satin and Patent Pumps with Spike and Box H=eis, shoes tliat formerly sold as high as 58.50, to close out at $2.90 Ladies' HOSE Gordon. Nminelte and Cinderella Hose in Chiffon or semi- service weight. Newest Spring Shades. $ 1 Sale of I.adics and Misses Arch Shoes These arc broken sizcs of fjadies and Misses Enna-Jslticfc Oxfords In Patent, Satin and Black and Brown Kid. SB values to doss out at Roland & White's CENTRAL SHOE STORE 0. C. Ganske Manager Gernldine Richardson Hosiery Department Insured and Assured Metropolitan policyholders —including about one-^/tfi of the total populations of United States and Canada— have built up their reserves from millions into billions. T HE financial story below is a record of achievement by men and women who are planning to avert want or to build estates. You may admire their steadfastness of purpose last year under handicaps which tested courage. • These people—policyholders of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company—are building for their future. They would like to know what the future holds in store for them and for the country as a whole. Let them, and other citizens, examine any chart of our country's unparalleled prosperity over the past hundred years. It appears, not merely as a jagged line, but as a series of towering steps which rise steadily onward and upward. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Financial Report to Policyholders for Year Ending December 31, 1930 Assets $3,310,021,818.17 (Larfrr llati^ati} Utir fita*dtl inailnln* inlttwtrU) Liabilities Statutory Reserve $2,870,453,034.00 Reserve _for Dividends payable in 1931 upon Industrial Policies . . . 44,568,156.00 Ordinary Policies . . . 48,028,166.72 Accident an J Health Policies 2.029,150.00 Tola! Dividends All Other Liabilities . . Unassigned Funds , . . $K,625,472.72 142,783,551.75 202.159,759.70 $3,310,021,818.17 Income in 1930 ....... 863,230,995.31 Increase in Assets during 1930 . 299,461,766.79 Paid-for Life Insurance Issued, Revivedand Increased in 1930 . 3,305,037,927.00 (Excltutittg Intrtatf on Gnup f dirtti) Total Bonuses and Dividends to Policyholders from 1897 lo and including 1931 ....... 622,966.910.29 Life Insurance Outstanding Ordinary Insurance .....$ 9,286,568,051.00 Industrial Insurance {pren.iums payable weekly or monthly) . 6,821,768,687.00 Group Insurance ...... 2,702,629,646.00 Total Insurance Outstanding . . 18,810,966,384.00 (Lar(tr llatmj Hlitr lift humranci ccrttfa*} in tkt werM) Policies in Force (i*tlmJi, f . . . 44,826,363 052 Gn*ti CerHftaln) (More ttan a*j otirr lift iniarance Accident and Health Insurance Outstanding Principal Sum Benefit ...... $1,402,110,601.00 Weekly Indemnity ...... 15,172,026.00 "ft? Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Some Noteworthy Daily Averages of the Company's Business During 1930 2,144 per day in Number of Claims Paid. 19,639 per day in Number of Life Insurance Policies Issued and Revived. $10,907,716 per day in Amount of Life Insurance Issued, Revived and Increased. $2,093,529 per day in Payments to Policyholders and Addition to Reserve. 5988,323 per day in Increase in Assets. Growth in Ten-Year Periods Number of Life Insurance Policies in Force at End of Year Outstanding Assets Life Insurance at End at End of Year of Year 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 . .9,331 . . 117,088 . 2,099,882 . 5,494,057 . 11,288,054 . . 513,335,108 . . 19,167,349 . . 235,037,926 , . 923,877,917 , 2,215,851,388 . $833,914.19 . 1,947,821.79 . 10,781,173.01 . 62,158,034.33 313,915,172.39 1920 . 24,176,752 . v 1930 . 44,826,363 . 6,380,012,514 . 980,913,087.17 18,810,966,384 . 3,310,021,818.17 It is heartening now to recall that, after each depression, our country has always gone forward to greater heights of prosperity and better, sounder standards of living. Today this country has more riches and better facilities than ever befqre with which to commence her next great period of development. A review of the financial history of the United States since it was founded in 1783 should turn any pessimist into an optimist. The Metropolitan will gladly mail, free, a bootf-' let,"The Development of Prosperity in America", telling of past ups and downs— and ups again — and how soon the "ups" followed. This Company is a mutual organization. It has no stock and no stockholders. All of its assets are held forits Policyholders. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY • NEW YORK FREDERICK H. ECKER, President LEROY A. LINCOLN, Vice-President and General Counsel

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