The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 26, (AEK.J poctm mi €UfMfiiDSECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally raie pel one tor consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line 1* Two times per :ine per dny .. 0* Three times per Urn per day .. 09c En Umsa per lice pei diy . k'onth rate per line Minimum cl»rge Ho Ads oruerea to* inre* or si* times and slopped before exptta- t'oa will be clurgec lor the mun- REPAIRING II O L C Kstiitialrs Hoofing. Panning, Rcpnirs THE AliKMO LUMBER CO. lQ-uk-6-10 NOTICK IlOMt: LOAN—l-'ice iKlinwik-s roofs, painting and general, pairs. We cnn uri'imgc TEKM desired. E. C. ROH1NSON LUMBER. CO. PHONE IOC. Antiiiul mei'iliiB of Blofkholdcisi" 0101 of KlytlK-vlllr- Col Ion Oil Mill will I bo Ill-Id at 10:30 A. M., Tuesday,' June 12. 193-1., »l oil Ice of W. A. liiigr & Company Mvnipliis. Ti'im.. Among ol\\cr matters lo be considered will be pro- i r-lhnlnitllni; thi-rcfrom necessity lor KXPEKT Typewriter anil Adding Harhiw, Kepairlnt. U. S. Wank- cnshlp, 116 E. Host. CM 165-J. 22ck6-22 I'urultKie i'.«j»lrliig—Upholstering Also autonioliilc upholstering.-. Wi bcr ol times Utt ad »ppeared too \ B1 u be glad 10 refer you to cus adjustment o! bill made. AH Cl»»iae4 Advertising cop) BUbmitted by person.*- residing outside ol the city trust be accompanied by cash. Rate* may I* c*a)y computed Irom above laWe NO respunui»lUtv wlli He tasex ro^ more than one incorrect ID- Krllon of any clarified ad. AdvertiSiii "utfcU 1 * ta lor irregu- AT insertions talto the one tune rate. tomcrs us to quality manship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS i SUN 5-ck-G-o UNt'UUNISHED 5 rcom apartment, 1013 W. Walnut. Call 30J. SOektl USED Why W.llk Wlicn You Can Buy A Good Used Car On our Easy Payment Plan <i2 V-8 DE I.UXE FOHD TUDOR SEDAN S; U2 CHEVKOLET 'V li l> O R SEDAN S ; •30 PONTIAC COACH. A Kcal Bargain 5 TS BU1CK COUPE ? TRUCK & I'UAII.EK BARGAIN •3Z I'/. TON FORD TRUCK, lin'al Wheels, Lo<*s »««^ Kirns Gocd ^ l •38 DODGE PANEL 1KVCK. Keai uehvery 'or -Bread' 'iruck .'..'..'.. ' S15is NABOKS TitAlLEK, Pole Tyue S lu ; NAbOKS 'iKAiLLU, Pole Ijpu \ wiiu Large toouy S Ol Many Otlu-is 'J'o Choose from HULLIFS MOMt FOR KENT OR 3 ROOM FUKN'.SllliD apartment with bath. Mrs. S:sk, 09 W. Kentucky. Call H6. U-clt-ll : rcorn liouse witli bath. Nicely fur' lushed-. Vacant June slou^fcill 650 or M8. Siccly furnished APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan Chickasawba. COOL BEDROOMS. KBASONABLE. MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. ! 3 Room Furnished Anaruncnl 110 West Ash, Mrs. nosha klJck. I9c | FURNISHED npartmcnl, 'JUS Dim-1, Ban. Phone 870-J. IBc 1:11 i I 2 room FURNISHED and ganigc. Cool, 1601 W. Aslt. FUKNISHEU Walnut, Mi's. Ed Hurdin, after 5 P. M. - . Ic kit Nicely Fuinisiied BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30X; CLEANERS, TAILORS ' ' t-BiiiJ t-AK l.Wt Corner ist 4; H'amuv i-hoiio. oiu - o" iJiKECIOiU COUNTY WORKERS. UNION lor men anu women over IS D;ies, si per year \Vc clean anil sioro »lnlcr clutlicb and ln:d covers, .^olli-iiroul, lifc- pruvf vaulls. i'iiy ILCM lull. Uruiiut; Clc.inmi; Scrvlrc VVAN'l'bD '10 BUY U-2-1 IIOOM & BOAHD Rcady-M«rtr. Sliii Covers Approved by Goon riousrkctpuiB. Choice 01 food materials. Fit Guaranlcci— •','• Usual Prkc \ Kounicrs acd Buarnci Mrs. C. 3L Gray, agent | .-umosphcre. Prices HIGHEST Cash Prices paid lor brats, aluminum, copper, zinc. New I«ui Tcatttn? Mani. 120 W. 'tie k6-iJ Ask us about the Hagcn Honey Centtr Golf ISalls. They're Better. HuUbard Hardware Co. 5cWC-6 WHEN you are iish Inmgry corr.e to Mcfall Fish Market, 415 W. Ash. flesh 1'Lsli At All Times. Ic Mi-1 Again Burke Sets the Price Boiled Unseed Oil S5c B» Turpentine i5c S» Aladdcn Lamp Parts Me each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one pri«; store Mrs. J. J. Davis, Thone 421 Speoccr Corseticre AirroMoiivB Auto Glass All Kinds InsUllefl • The Ark-Mo Lunlrer Co. ' Start Hubbanl Phone A Suvinjs Account With Us On for the Automobile Hdw., Automotive Dtpt- 476 Fhone FOR SALE rs. J. FOH SALE KOU SAI.K LUNOH ROOM —Cinocl localioi Well stocked and well equippi: I'riccd for quick sale. Oilier Inis ness forcing sale. Apply Uourici News lor information. 2-lc fc2f BARGAINS in good, clc-an. used ice boxes. Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 22ck6-22 CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near Blythcville. Everqlt B. Gcc. 22ckG-22 Kcctls, tlaar, Oroctrics & Meats ,it Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone 23), Rite Price fcrocery. Oc kC-D V\)r Sale—1 G 00 '- 1 llst ' cl Dclco liK ' u planl, 1 ballcry radio set. 1 used clcclric rcfrigeralor, new & used Evercll B. Cce Sales 22 ck G-22 SEEDS \Vhl-ipoo™ ill Teas for Sale Drive across the river for the fin csl Wliippoornill Peas In \Vcsl Tennessee. Prices Reasonable. William Tucker K. Co., lACKUVBH esi jirice* f« hrM t frrm. B. T. M'*Hky J1S E. Main. Uckl-lt Priitcr TowB'i M»jr«r CAMBUIDGE, O. (UP)— Prcd F. Huff works In the "ad ntley" of a here by day and as iiinyor, evenliigs. At, council prts- propasea Change. Iit8 President b "itons. No p;uu.s ucccpleil. Th« Co'.iriei- News. | It Alls. Mutt be clean itiul [roc (rain 1* rut* ill TOHONTO, Out. tUI>> 1. II. Mi-inlnij. AssLstuiil ajcrutary, L * -U |\VANTKI> TO HIKK three Just made his (Irsl THE AHKMO I.UMHUU CO. lilenl, lie has boon named acting night Kl M. Ills next flin- WANTKl) lor I wo *u weeks, liorsi- or mule to ;ire hluck,! M'ork i-ultivnlor. A. O. LI1IU-. Call 605. myor during Frank P. Arnold's from u paralytic stroke. 1 billon is to .see n Nalional Iloukcy same whicli, lie wys, l:c 1 has liitherlo b'.-en "loo -busy" to I'OUI/l'KY H K(iGS All RRiido]a.s.ln Venire- poscil cliniiKc o[ By-liiiw providing >«n us yunr poullry. Vic rtcad Courier Ht»s Want Ads. by by an uUlct uf 1662. OUll BOARDING HOUSE AVJR16HT, OOP - VrA ( OVER, NOW WM WE'VE GOT EVCRVBOOV. 5AVELV ftCROSS.' ( VA 3ETTER STEP ) LIVELY/ WOK VJEI.V, POKE MV HWRLt95 CHlNf ITS THAT BRONTV, AGIN.' -DONT TAKE CAUGHT TWtlA OFF "DOCK YOU THINK I'LL "BE ABLE'TO CONVINCE THE SCOFFERS ^A,V VAOLJSETHM I , WHAT'S COME UP • BEHIND YOU I'V U tOOK^A SO YOUR TEETH WILL 'T3E CUCK\N" LIKt CA-ST^MtTS / TH\NK -WELL, I USED TO "RUN AN OWV. WAGON IN T COULD "BROIL BICYCLE SEAT TO TASTE ONT TREM THOSE MUGS HONAE, / HOOTS ANT) HKR RI1I>1>IES GOT WD\NG WVTW AU. \\lt -WWD TO YOR frKOONO Mt ^ iOS e MJOUt-iO VOWVt Gi;TTIN(; SERIOUS! WASH TUBBS vou ste \ TOP SIGM?J e t.iues -i* OCCUP IARO-8OILlrD UTTERS A 5TAKTLED O^<5Pf =^5000 REWARD OFFERED FOR CAPTURE OP IRON- LADROMI. PRiSOW BSEAK AMD HO-O-'JP AROUSK NATIOM. {OMB IWKa.VORLt? TUT. ;«JMT IS OM. DAVS PASS WITHOUT AH 1 / HEWS. THEM, IN MEW M5RK STATE, A POLICEKAN STOPS A CAR FOR ATRAP -SHOTS PIMQ 01T-THE OFFICER PALLS - THP &ANGSTER SPEEDS AV-M. Sxc ENTIRE. K>ATIOM ECHOES we CRV, THEY'RE CLOSE-MOllTiiOf)! SALESMAN SAM UJCU-, TfrEKE'S ONLV ONH -rnwei SOTOTH' JfiiL PIN' TIOWTH 1 so VA'^AMMft TALK TO TH TWO ROBBERS fiBOUT TH' . ROBBERV.HUH? OKA^I C'MON, BUT HOU'LI. ONLV 66 WASTIM 1 MGR T(Me ' IF VOU TMlNt< VER «OMMft GET SLUG ME AQWM, JEST so Mft CAN START ALUOUERO.1 THIS SAFE CPTSE.VER CUCKOOl ^OOMOSTTHIUK THEM'RE « DUMB .1. C. CHAl'IN. Manila, Ark. HOT UNDER THE COLLAR: FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AND SHOULD HEAR HANDS M WEEKLV THS OL HOT-HEAD WILL SQUAWK HIS HEAD Off, IF HE HA5 TA It! A SLWMOM<3 FOR ME? SAV,l DONT SEE V«Y T HAVE To HAVi MONEY WIGGLED OyTTA ME O^ ACCCLJMT OP FREKXLES_.IT ISNT MV FAULT THAT HE WAS WOSklNG FOR ME His uUMBWEss FINALLY f. CAME TO A HEAP.' CMRK PLAMNED TO SUE FOR 425.000, FRECKLES, 8UT CUT IT DOWM TO ilO.OOO. EVEN THAT'S REAL DOUGH. I BET IF 1 V/AS ON THC ClTY TW&Y'D FiNC VEST TO MAMS YOU. 1 ? BADGE O^! YOU THINK YOORE A SHERIFF! HUH'-' ALREADY BEEM IN, MR. MASON H S1G.OO monthly. C .< We buy Chickens ;md ist prices paid. Hitu l'iii-e Ciru- ciry, l-hotc 231. Ill E. Mum. Oc Rooms with or wiluuul board, heat, hot niter, reasonable rales, r-lioce 23J, Hilc Price Gru. Milt fed FRYERS for Kile. ARU'S Store. 1041 chickasuwba. n-cK-ii-1. Home-liki rcasunablt i'. Sanders, 511) W. Main- ARAGE (loins !;o«l Good • loaition. cxcellcnl, ;ent. Will sell cheap avc you? J. C. CHAPINi National Cas], Register. New Dea. raUing Fust, 120 VV. Main. S OiG-i WANTED TO KENT Gentleman wants front hedrosm ir private home do.* In. Call 314. 21 ck-L>l REAL ESTATE See mr Tcr S. S, 10 or 15 arrr Iract: frimlini; on Franklin Sired lie chminc :il AKssnuri Avcinlf, nortll K. SI. TERKV Phone 617 or SIG . For Sale or Trailr. Ill acres ncll improved in mosl beautiful section of OKirhB, l( minutes from liandy tn«n, If minnlcs from hcst lishing in slate. Good pleniy fruit. Will sacrifice for S1SO, ]art casli, balann easy. Will consider trailing for stock of mtrctiandii*. I-'ivo Ro<im CulUtge with ,l«lli. car- nnr lot. gravel fticcl. rrirte Adrtn 1.00. SlOflOO ciitli. $10.00 month. •'our Kcom Coltaee. Iwo cnrnerloU. 'ride Addn. 3-IM.OO. S1W.OO cash, ,-—— S8.50 moiilli. Room Co'.lnpo. Norlh Filth, nodern house, flinrlc. shrubbery nmi oulbiiildiiig!-. Cosl owner S2.800- 00 non-resirtcnt. Tci ins. Prc-lly Six Kooiu icar Kc-nlncky Hi. 51.ROO.dO, 5200.1)0 cash. liiilnitLe interest. Six Room Slucco. tirar Davis, corner lot. S13.00 momhly. G One Acre anrt Collage on load, one hall mils of lown —Terms. THOMAS I.AM) CO. 24c

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