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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota • Page 19

Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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MOR.VING EDITION PAGE NINETEEN PROSH USING BADGER PLAYS RUN WILDCATS RAGGED THE MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 13 1930 ST. THIS ZHYSZKO. LiHN GREATLY Gophers, Badgers Have Trophy: a Slab of Bacon 'Not Through Yet' Veteran Quinn Avers South and Central Have Dominated 12 Seasons of City Prep Basketball i oispi with BOUT TONIGHT UIUI LLnULU III I II ''n the universities Football game? have been going on bet' of Minnesota and Wisconsin ever since 1800 FOR REOIfJ TILT Superior St. Mary's Line Leads Boiand to Develop Air Attack. at'o reaching si SHOWING that exclusiveness known as "traditional," but wit a never a trophy I urn immjmr' 1 Young Polish Heavyweight Meets Swedish Rival in Finish Contest.

Tigert Hold Five Floor Titles and Red and Blue Four. Here's How Old Rivals Stack Up that his crippled Tom-j mies had seen too much football, i Coach Joe Boiand gave the Purple! and Gray eleven a well-earned rest: Wednesday, but will get the men Edison Has Two, North One as Teams Prepare for 13th Year. back to work today In preparation i ior me winner with which he might proclaim his conquest. So Wednesday the Gophers selected a trophy and promptly challenged Wisconsin to take it out of their possession in the coming engagement November 22. The emblem, for which Gopher and Badger are expected to fight viciously as they have over the last four decades, is a slab of bacon.

The bacon, however, for the sake of permanence and for convenience, is not true bacon, but was made from black walnut wood with suitable designs and inscriptions for the football occasion. The General Alumni association decided to use it as a trophy and hopes for concurrence from Wisconsin. The slab of bacon was carved from black walnut by Dr. R. B.

Fouch, a Minneapolis dentist and Minnesota alumnus of the class of 1914. It ia two feet long and one foot wide, has a raised football in the center, the word "Bacon" at each end, and the initial reversible to a when the slab is turned the other way, placed on the football. When Wisconsin beats Minnesota in football, the bacon will hang in the Badger trophy case with the right side up. A Minnesota victory will keep the trophy inthe Gophers' possession, but turned the pther way to make it read New York, Nov. 12.

(jP Football rivalries going back as far as 67 years will be renewed this Saturday. Among them are the following, the figures indicating when the teams first met, how they stand at present In games won, lost and tied, and how they came out last year: 1873 Yale. 28; Princeton, nine tin, Vi winner Yale. 1884 WilJitms. 25; Amhent, 17; four tin: for the homecoming battle with St.

Mary's Saturday. The holiday Wednesday was expected not only to rest up the team in general, but to give the Injured Karl Zbyszko of Poland will meet George Lundcen, a young Swedish heavyweight of Chicago, in the weekly wrestling match at the Gayety theater tonight. The contest will to a finish, best two in three falls. Zbyszko, a brother of Stanislaus Zbyszko, former world's heavyweight champion wrestler, made his first appearance in Minneapolis last week when he defeated John Shue of Milwaukee, the young Polish grappler making a decided hit with local wrestling enthusiasts because of his skill. The younger Zbyszko is a powerful, ly built fellow and is fast and clever, i Lundeen, Zbyszko's opponent, waa I players a chance to recuperate.

Wllliamft By Bill Smollett. When Minneapolis prep school cage teams swing Into action December 19 to begin the 1931 basketball schedule, competition among high schools of the city In the game as a major sport will move Into its thir 1891 Wisconsin, 12; Northwestern. 13; 1629 Seven hard games have left the 10; tour tie, Tommies in a somewhat battered 1929 winner Colnaw. condition to face the strong Red- rjk- ,1 7 I A' id Jfi iijijbuvb. una tie, teenth consecutive year.

1929 winner, Michigan. 1892 15; Missouri, two ties; 192a tie. From the start, changes in the game since the schools of Minne apolis first went Into competition in IS92 Chicago, 17; Illinois. 1929 winner, Illinois. 1809 Dartmouth, Cornell, 1929 winner.

Dartmouth. 1904 -Harvard. 12; Holr Cross, 1 tie; 1929 winner. Harvard. 1919, are very evident.

Progress In the sport as an Inter- recommended to Harry Hirsch, man ing a new backfield combination to use against Oklahoma November 22. The varsity will play the freshmen In a regular contest Friday ager of the Gayety, by Joe Coffey of school contest has gained by leaps and bounds. The present-day com Chicago, veteran promoter and man ager of wrestlers and boxers. Coffey petition Is speedier, the outcome FakeFordham Tickets Circulated in East New York, Nov. 12.

P) Authorities at Fordham university Issued a warning to the football public today to be i the lookout for counterfeit tickets for the game with St. Mary's at the Polo grounds Saturday. With more uncertain until the final gun. HORTON SMITH HOME, RESTS FROM OPERATION As a spectator-drawing sport bas informed Hirsch that Lundeen Is unusually strong and is well versed in the catch-as-catch-can game. Tonight's bout will follow the regular performance of the burlesqu show and will start at ketball has gained remarkable headway since Its tenderfoot days.

men. Light workouts today and tomorrow will Include offensive and defensive dummy scrimmage to brush up on old plays and perfect the new ones which have been prepared for the r.edmen. The lighter Tommy line is not believed the equal of the strong forward wall of the Winonans, and it is expected that Boiand will present a new aerial attack to gain ground and open up the Redmen secondary defense. The game Saturday will be the last for six Purple and Ciray players. Heading the list are Captain Antil and Bill llogan, ends, and Ed Rice, fullback.

These three men have been mainstays of St. Thomas all season. Antll is completing his third year of football at StThomas. while Hogan and Rice are serving out their second and first terms. Cl 1 -1 T-l histlethwaite Rushed Wis-I consin Gridders Through Fundamental Drill.

ij linols Scrimmages Maroons i Lose Wallace, Speedy Back, for lllini Tilt. ivanoton. Nov. II. (P) Coarh JIanley of Northwestern al-f ost lost his temper today an the feshmen, armed with Wisconsin jys, marie the Wildcat varsity look just another football team in-, of one on the threshhold of Bift Ten championship.

Taking offense In a long scrimmage, the arilng paused and ran the varalty tuail ragged and Hanley invectives, his team about with numerous "institutions and saiif he wan very ii uoh dissatisfied. BADf.KR DRILL R( SUKD. Nov. 12. (JP) ach Glenn Thlstlethwaite aent his t'laoonsin twain back to the game' jndamentals today a he ruahed I 111 for the important Northwestern After lie had shown the en-(ie squad the all-conquering North- (stern offense, Coach put his first eleven on the immjf line, an Improvised replica the enemy forward wall, and aent regular back through a fast of- nxive scrimmage.

i. ILLIM S( RIMMAGK. hampaian. Nov, 12. (JP) The inmmage famine, which has ex-j nried for two weeks at the Illinois jtothal! camp, was broken today i hrn Coach Kub Zuppke drove his unity through an hour of stiff urmteliing with the strong fresh-j en The yearlings employed ihlcago's famed flanker pa play telling effect and converted two ''f-cexshe toss Into touchdowns.

I HICAOO LOSKS BAfK. i Chicago, Nov. OPt Chicago's "oi of beating Illinois Saturday jumped today when it became prob-ie that Rob Wallace, one of the backs on the tm ith a punch 'i id speed, would be out of the game, has been atlfferlnsr from Hurler Released by Mack to Seek Another Big League Berth. Back In 1919 only five high schools were present to send quints Into the season's race. South, Central, North, East and West were all rep AUGGIES IE! OLES IN mm TILT Minneapolis Eleven Stands as Last Barrier to St.

Olaf Squad. Augsburg meets St. Olaf Saturday the intcrsectlonal match apparently certain to draw a capacity crowd, it Springflelu, Xov. 12. VP) Horton Smith came home today to spend a week forgetting golf and resting at his home here.

He is recuperating from an operation for removal of his tonsils. Smith said he was "not sure" if he would join the winter golf caravan in the far west before the national match play championship at San Francisco early in December. resented on the schedule as the opening games began. The first season was said that counterfeits were in the hands of speculators. A number showed a definite trend toward popu I.OtGHR.X, LEVINSKlf SIGN.

Chicago, Nov. 12. () Tommy Loughran of Philadelphia was matched today to meet King Le-vinsky, Chicago's new heavyweight sensation. In a 10-round battle at the Chicago stadium November 21. larity for the sport.

The Orange of spurious pasteboards were taken and Black of South led the way, up at the gates at the Army-Illinois with Central's five coming close be game here last Saturday. hind. The Tigers took the first championship. Ronfh McW flM In anu South, Central Show Way, -i Don Pates are the other three grad- game of the season and as the last uating players. To the Tigers and the Red and Blue, all honors found their way In barrier to the Ole title hopes.

Last year St. Olaf ran away with the Auggies and with practically the same team together this year are I NOTRE DAME PLAYS 1 FRESH picked as almost certain winners' but Augsburg Is out to make a real fight of the game. baturaays game will mark the I Des Moines. Nov. 12.

(Pv Notre Roaring Creek, Nov. W) Jack Quinn, veteran pitcher, unconditionally released by Connie Mack, Is going to keep right on pitching in the major leagues if he can find a berth. He la not through pitching, ha said, "Not by a long shot." Jack, one of the few epltball artists still left, was found In a cabin In the river hills, where he followed his favorite sport of gunning for small game. "I still think I am good for another year," said Jack, as he poked the embers of a log fire. "I believe I can win the quota of games allotted every good major league pitcher, which Is about 15.

I'm going to look around in the majors and get another year, which will give me a record of real service that any player can be proud of. "I've been kicking around the country since I was 12 years old. when I started out with a battered suit and two hands and a stout heart," said the veteran twirler, "and I guess I can keep going. I've been In baseball so long I hate to Klve up the game; I don't know what I will do If 1 don't answer the spring training close of play for four Augsburg gridders, Captain Madsen, Jens Mid- Dame a assorted list of football plays as demonstrated by the Drake freah- the first six years of the sport. The achievements of the two schools made basketball history in Minneapolis.

Back and forth, first one on top and then the other, the battle waged brisk and strong. The two schools kept the championships entirely to their own jealous embrace. The championship list for the first six years is remarkable In bearing vivid proof of the superiority of the two schools in the floor sport. Beginning with the championship won by South in 1919, the season win-nets went, 1520, Central; 1921, Central; 1922, South; 1923, Central; 1924, South. Those first years, when prep laune, Harry tsacKus ana liarl uahl-men was extremely troublesome to-ager.

Ernie Madsen has been oneway as the Drake varsity attempted of the main stays In the Augsburg it0 acquaint itself with the Rambler LIVELY! SMARTS New Mid-Season Arrivals DacKneia ior tne past tour years, attack preparatory to playing the while Midtaune has been a regular Rockne men at South Bend Satur. day. Although in less capable hands, 1 rt i end for the pat two years. Both of these men have been playing great ball this year both on the offense and the defense. Captain Madsen has been making a great linn iwimie system caused tne Bull school cage games were just begin limelight or an "-tate berth this year.

ning to awake Into a on hi leg and today infection popularity, brought out stars whose in, onstnirtion or a scoring dogs no little embarrassment as the freshmen tossed passes with frequent success and scampered through the varsity line for good gains. The Drake squad will leave tomorrow night for Chicago, leaving Friday for South Bend. Already suffering from lack of ins sensauonai pass graooing ano open field running have stamped him as a threat in every game. Harry Backus was slated for the (inch continued to worry Coach Bgg- fullback post, but Injuries kept him names still bring fond memories to the hearts of high school enthusiasts. Heroes Still Remembered.

Such names as Norton of Central, Cleve of South, Gross of North, Guzy of Kast and Merll of West, found their first fame in the early compe 1MHWA DRILLS LONG. Eloomlngton, Nov. 12. on the bench most of the season, while Karl Dahlager has been a reserve lineman for the past two years. material, the Creighton squad was I Cubs Likely to Ask idiana held, a long scrimmage In ie mud today as Coach Pat Page Waivers on Vaughn tition.

But In 1925 a Blue and White "gan preparations for the stand against Purdue's November 25. The first THURNBLAD TAKES LEAD wave swerved Into attention for IN WESTERN CUE MEET championship honors. North went organization for the day came to- fay when Coach Page promoted! through the schedule with little dlffi Des Moines. Nov. 12.

(JP) Arthur culty and annexed Its first title. In Thurnblad of Chicago took the 192S, Edison, a newcomer to the ren, sophomore fullback, to the rt team. "I IOWA SCRIMMAGES II RD. field, jumped into the lead in the Chicago, Nov. 12.

() Jim (Hippo) Vaughn, one-time Cub southpaw, has regained his standing In organised baseball, apparently to become a member of the army of unemployed. Vaughn, who deserted organized baseball In ii'Jt because of salary still Is the property of the Cubs, but President William L. Veeck yesterday said it was likely that waivers would be asked on the 43-year-old hurler. Vaughn came to the Cubs in 1913 further depleted today when Coach Art Stark suspended Scott, sub fullback, and Herrig, guard, for an Infraction of the training rules. The Bluejays clash with Washington at St.

Louis Saturday night. Stark ordered another long scrimmage today, with the offense showing considerable improvement. Washington is in fine shape for the Creighton homecoming contest and Is confident of winning. Coach Al Sharpe discovered a capable center today In the person of Bob Hig-gins, erstwhile guard. Butz, regular center, who returned to practice this week, has been crippled for several weeks, and stiU is not in the beRt of shape.

With no game scheduled for this week Coach Lynn Waldorf is devoting most of his time In develop- competition and kept it. Then the Tigers drew blood again, and South took the 1927 championship. Edison came back with a strong team to capture Its second title 1928. And to climax the list the same old schools, South and Central, battled lead in the'nestern divisional three-cushion billiard tournament tonight as the result of a triumph over Jack Henley of Des Moines. In the second round of the round robin play Henley defeated Earl Lookabaugh of Chicago, and won a .500 average.

Lookabaugh'a rank was also .500, for he had outstroked Len Kenney of Chicago, 50 to 39. I Iowa City. Nov. 12. Ihe.

ihlrd s'iff scrimmage of the week, jeeupied University of Iowa giid-j jers today In preparation for the; lomecomlng battle against Penni i tate Saturday. Leo and Uoydj lensvold. hackfleld stars, remained hi. Neither of th twins may be! ihl te start against Penn. Ten as executed by a freshman the front, the Red and Blue selz- and remained for 10 years.

In 191Sj At a a r. rr.t was one of the most effective southpaws In the National league. omsniarung wie oineri iu win in 1330. The more modern period of the race brought eiiht fighting teams Billy Nelson of Mt. Kisco, N.

claims to have, been driving trotters for more than 75 years. HOLD OI RKGl LARS. by the eam. were held In check 'arslty. The first meeting of Virginia and into the schedule, started a wide-Kentucky was severely criticized as -spread fever of excitement among high school followers of the city.

I I-LNN STATU READY. I RtaU College, Nov. 12. W)- long drill and a 10-mlnute scrim (D)MI(fI(fT) both teams held out tbeir best men. Virginia preferring to Walt for the Maryland game, and Kentucky holding gack Its strength for Alabama.

today completed Penn 8'ate'i' Thos. Craddock UDTS and Jor real enjoyment Perfect Interference Makes Pass Good OVERCOAT and ended in leaving the cage sport jut where it is now, a spectacle of rivalry that brings better games, better-crowds and Improved playing to the front. Players Became Famous. Since the old days, fame has come to many of the former high school stars who learned their first basketball prowess In high school competition. With the advent of Wash-burn to the ranks, and the changing of East to Marshall, competition finds eight teams eager followers.

Such players as Williams, Colllton and Martin of Central: Gordon and Miletl of North; Pelak, Keene, Pe-troske and Wick of Edison; Hagen, Nydahl, Ware and Tveraa of South, bring joy to the hearts of all who ever witnessed their play. This year West, Marshall. Roosevelt and Washburn will be In there with a savage desire to clneh a first championship. With the other rivals just as eager, prospects are that Take tfiev time to enjoy Smoking Featuring woolens wHich heretofore have been confined to $40 and $45 price groups Light on El Produeto mild, yer distinctive in character beautifully made pleasant In oroma the finest quality tobaccos blended for real enjoyment. It is the one way to get the keenest pleasure from smoking.

You can carry a full supply of El Produeto now every size Is transparently wrapped to protect against dryness and pocket breakage. MANY SIZES 10c to 25c i i.Tvvr jiome practice for the Iowa game. 'The varsity scrimmaged for five nlnutea against a team using Iowa filays, and then the aecond were put through the same practice to wind up the day. Tost was iised at fullback for the varsity 'nstead of Lalsrh. Edwards and Injured regulars, atill were in the sidelines.

1 I riTT DMLL8 DEFENSE, Pittsburgh. Nov. 12. JP) Pi tts-iurgh devoted lta attention to defense against Ohio Stato football ilaya, and against Wesley Fessler tn particular today. The ecrub earn used Ohio plays with a man ilaylng the part of Fesler dropping ack from the line to do the punt-: ng, passing and signal calling.

HARVARD GETS PIAYS. Cambridge, Nov. 12. (IP) The Harvard varsity football team had It first taste of Holy Cross' new Warner attack today when It went through a dummy scrimmage with the seconds. Fordyce Blake, former Harvard lineman, who has been scouting the Purple all seaaon, guided the acruba In the demonstration of the plays that the Crimson will face on Saturday, i BOSTON TEAM LEAVES.

Boston, Nov, 12. (IP) Coach Joe McKenny and a squad of 28 Boston college football players departed for a feverish race for the 1931 championship will be the result. BASS MUSJ DEFEND TITLE BEFORE JAN. 1 Philadelphia, Nov. 12.

(JP) The Pennsylvania state athletic commis sion announced today that Benny Bass must defend his title as junior lightweight champion before Jan 4 These new mid-season arrivals are splendid examples of what your dollar will buy today. New colors new weaves new models and new values. Bought under the new market conditions they set the highest value mark we have seen in years. Thos. Craddock clothes have always been famous for their quality These new mid-season selections represent a new standard of value Styles for young men, university menbusiness and professional men.

Sizes 34 to 46. uary 1 or the title-will be declared vacant. Bass won the title In New York on January 20, last year, when he defeated Tod Morgan of Califor Chicago today for the Eagles' second Intersectional game of the sea-'son with Iyola Friday night under nia. Since then the New Tork boxing commission has abolished the junior lightweight class In that state, but It Is recognized In certain other states. By Sol Melzger.

Here la the way Penn's other wing back formation lines up. 'Uhe flood lights. A balanced line and two backs some yards back, Georgia Tech likely HALL ELIMINATED. Buenos Aires, Nov. 12.

(JP) knowi this forward pass. But It's as likely as not to work anyhow be Gilbert Hall of South Orange, N. sole representative of the United BUGS RELEASE BOOL OUTRIGHT TO BRAVES Pittsburgh, Nov. 12. (JP) Al Flool, catcher, obtained by the Pittsburgh Pirates from Baltimore of jhe International league in 1S29 for the ,1930 season, today waa released outright to the Boston Braves.

The cause the play starts like a Red and Blue run. States In the Argentine tennis championships, was eliminated from The anap Is to No. 2, who breaks the men's singles competition today by Eric Peters, English player. to the left rear. Note how splendid ly the passer Is protected.

3 Remember: Every Thos. Craddock Suit Has Two-Trousers NOW For the first time in 16 years rm FAMOUS JUSTER SUITS 5s3 Styled and Tailored in the Characteristic Juster Manner takes the defensive right end, No. 7 I price Involved was not divulged. Bool, who batted during his last the opposing right tackle. No, 1 fol lows the passer to protect him from BLUE MGGERIIEAD the left tackle and end as season in the International and accounted for 31 home runs, hlta .260 In 7T games for the Pirates last season whllo serving as second string catcher.

Bool lives on a farm near O'COATSi SUITS $19.85 Clothiers Tailo rs mishers they charge In from the rear. In! addition, the No. guard swings back to make sure no linemen seep through to rush him. Three men go down. No.

4 back! swings wide to the left and the twoj ends work diagonally In the same general direction. The pass Is us u-1 l. Lincoln, Neb. CARROLL, rH PITCHER, lefiiiPeW oWcoltetAvt I Weeks te Pr I I 111 I I I SUFFERS APPENDICITIS Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 11.

Sidney Well, president of the Cincinnati Reds, today said he received Information that Owen Carroll, for TEXACO GOLDEN MOTOR OIL Twin Titles Brrni ally to the right end. No. 6, a good end by the name of Rlblett. At Lafayette, 1 on Saturday there will be a grand battle. Purdue vs.

Indiana. Let's see In tomorrow's article if Indiana has much of a 37-43 SOUTH SIXTH STREET FASHION -PARK CLOTHES mer American league pitcher who O. M. P. Clcsr Ins, ISfIA linlTerslty Af'sii Fhons Mestor MHO MILD SIX flftADKS WHII.R IT LASTS 20c waa purchased by the Reds last sea aon, had been operated on for Hppen chance against the former confer C.

H. CIGAR fa. KOLLINS 8 STATIONS dlcltls st Newark, N. J. Carroll's ence champs.

Corrlikt. iwe. rablliktri Srndkat. condition was reported favorable..

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