The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.V COURIER NEWS -LULL TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2j 1031 f BRIDGE ~~w< Society Calendar j Mrs. WV,H. Minyard Is hostess to 4 the Wedtestty Bridge club. \ The Matinee Bridge club Is mcet- > ing with Mrs. Francis : Carpenter. < Mrs. George R. CrockeU is hav- >.Irig the P. E. O. meeting at 2:30 i o'clock. < Thursday '• Mrs. C. W. A« lick is cntciUUi- • ». ing the Thursday, Luncheon club. * The Young Matrons Bridge club • is meeting with Mis. Max B. Reid. > Mrs. W. K Homer' is hostess to < the Mid-Week club. . . "' '' one visitor. present Mrs. Theodore Logan read aiid roinincnled upu" Ihe first chapter of Corinthians and Mrs. If. 1 -^. Chambers'.'4nld* n I prayer. - '••- ''•' •-' 'I Mrs. Raymond Schtmick read the! 103 Psalm in ..Circle 5 which met {L with Mrs. Malt MohnEh'nn, Jr., with Bits of News Mostly Personal 11 members' present. Verses ot | ctriplurc's-^vere repealed. ,..., ,,. .T,he.Wprn'jinVcliib ^ .piqcllnu at the club rioiisc! .••in, -i, Saturday ,,, .. The'sc' is a story hour at the 11- brary of. 'Announiemenls have been re- cslved 1'i'er.c of .(lie marrlijsti; L.! Mi.'i. Eugenh r5oriiui,'--of'Abcfdpen. MIK.! to Mr. John Lockwoi'd'''Dc'.ggeu. ol' Lutheran Pastor Will Hold Lonten Service IIV V!M. K. Mi-KLNNKl' i Sccrclary AinerU-an lirldge l.i.ituc The ambition of every bridge player Is to recognize and then successfully make the play known as the grand coup. The following hand Is 1111 especially Interesting one due lo the fnct that a iriple The Rev. II. J. Klelntctisl, i>,islor Brand coup must be employed in Miss C'oia Lee Coleman. county '-lu.iiie dunoiistiatluii agent, is In . lMr;u;ouKl luchy for the meeting «:' ti.e Ik'tl-.-r Homes conference of GITCJU' ujunty, Mr. find Mrs. P. C. llollirock, nf sicel* 1 , arc moving l:ark in this cily wliuc Mr. Rotbrock will again' Marianim. The weMliij was r/v! . [tc'employed al Ihe Kirby Druj cinnlzcd Saluiciay iit,-the St. An- coiniisuy. draws Episcopal church of Mad- ! ° llv «- CoppMco und George M. auna wtlh.llie Rev. C. C. li'.ni-.j ,'•« ai '<-' m Mcmpnls .icilay tor a saying .the ceremony. . convcm.on ol the -Cuklaml Motor The bride, who Is tlie daughter company dealers ,In Mils dlsinct. of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. noriiin of!' 1 ' 1 "- 1 !' "'"' rcnmin Ior lllc of' he"iMterin Litterinr-c S. \**« <° «" the maximum out of 1 cr.nducr special services al ir,;!" 10 ha » d ' a " (l , 11 * Ls °» e ot lhe CaliH Stephen Episcopal church I r!ircit ' )la >' s '" blide ° Wednesday evening. 7:80 o'riuck, 1 one ol n series of Lenten servicv:.. His subject will be "Jesus Manifests His Redeeming Love To Ills; North can count his partner for four hearts I'.nd five spades. Tills, of course, can only be dene whan I he bidding of ihe four-card suit firU and 'flic five-card suit second is employed, but as he docs not have normal support for cither ol his partner's declarations, ho bids four clubs. South bids four diamonds. Thl: Ihrce of spades and declarer must' the eight of clubs,. llte'i'nlly tl: \rump with the d^uce of clubs. "oriUi!;; a trump. Declarer then The ace of clubs is !cd, dummy • ssvir^s his kins of dintm discarding a spade, and when the. follows with the deuce, queen falls fiom the East hand., ihc second diamond in dumniy Ihe declarer now expects to iind.v.ith the ace. Ihe ten, seven snd five left In the i The jack of diamonds Is re- Wcsl haid. I turned frcr.i dummy, Wesl Is A5 a spndc Tas .discarded by' f°-« (1 '- a trmnp willi th= seven West on the third hand, declarer. of chibs und dcclara^OKrtrmnps musl endcai'or lo prevent from gelling rid of any spades before leading his nexi trump, a!Kl ihe Jack, picking up the last cluo ! ui liie West hand. WEST S-Q-B-3 I EAST irary.Jor c^ldren between Ihe ages Aberdeen ,allend«l Ihe Mississippi I '""'*'"• >f'4ic v iin4'ten years.V." " V : -'/[state-College for Women. Mr. uas-! srr - "" ;i Mrs ' °- G - IlllW):1 ™ - ' •.'.^_ ' Igftt. who is a member of n promi-1 an<l r '' 1!il| L'n spent the week-end in /•wk-Snwd. nciil Arkansas iamlly, Is the son of jMcmuliis.. The public- Is cordially InviU-d. | 0. C. Barnes Speaker at Lake Street Church' I C-4 C-10-76-3 S-X-? H—1-2 fl-K-2 <- | G A C-A-J-9-8-H-2 jp*,* 5.4.3 • ; '-"•-'•'••- D-9-8-3 SOUTH—DEAUH S-A-IO-D-S.J therelorc he leads the' ''You can sec thai 11 was nsces- king of spades and a small spade, i ">'> '"' lh - to ucuuhy winning the second bpadc in llic'S^l rid of three trump in order 10 i^r^rrerv 1 , w^-^ <£ ^r-sr^rr-SS-TS ^t^T\r a /'cir^t t t; = ,/- s r4 li ^- *»™ — * *** *** i trump, and the declare wilh the four of clubs. Declarer then leads club, which East wins The Men's seivlee ul the- Lake) Stieet Methodist church Sunday! nlghl was attended by an overflow-Ing crowd. O. C. liarncs was At IVic principal fijic-nker and an nd-jthr following liiddinq: dies:; wns also given by P. B. Jar- Su:ilh cue In-art, ihe rclt 1 on "Qcorge Wnshlnglon." Hen I of his two foi:r-curd lulls. D-A-i-10-? C—Hone 'llu- Itiddiii;; coiitratt, the writer prefer* Korll of el, mst told tort K'-. k'hlg oftea^. 1 he „'« o? te and the ace of diamonds In. order to employ any kind of a forcing bid. North, hoping to lose only '" one club trick, might be justilied ki "8' thiminy > H V> OR TABLETS VJfl Jrtuuuiu • 'Miss" to'rie "Sliced, daughter of Mr. and'Mrs. C. E,' Dagyelt, of! MIT,. C. D. Wills, of Pariiyould. .Mr. •• and Mrs. -James "Sliced ;of Mnrlniina where he has lived foi-jis vlMiiug in lliLs uily on business. •Sparks Hill, III.."and Mr. Herman ' a number of years. He is city at-1 Father J. J. Thompson Is now Peck of this city were married Sun- | torney. was In charge of the service. : day at Elizabethlown, III. The bridcgi-oom visited in this n]ij : able to be up after having umlcr- tv.o clubs. South, knowing ihal lls partner lias al ICP.SI une and ' one-halt nicks, realizes' that Ihcre a smali with the, u dia-'j In going 10 six clubs eltliou-'hi lllolld - ^^ relul "s a heart., Cure Colds, IIcadaclu'S, five clubs would be the sounder I dummy playing the queen. West, etc fcAj y|; bid I a^aip. refuse.-:, to trump, discarding uuu ui^u i u Th" Play '• ' a 'I ialnol ' rt - Declarer Humps with, Cures Uilby's C'olU East would open Ihe four ofijja BflJ tSSS S3» BiS, ag-& gi« tBM~igro~tre<~sigl hearts. North, the declarer, would' nol allow I', lo ride 10 Ills jack, but should \viii in tlie dummy wilh his ace. l!c must provide lor a bad break in c'.ubs and musl iccojjnizc the uici thai if the coup play becomes necessary, he must iiave four end-its in dummy. "-1 Miss Mabel Holbroo!;, of Eliza-; city frequently a number of years • bethtown, was. the bride's maid of i ago. ihonor and ifie bridegroom had for * •,lits best man-Mr.. HaymonclJPau- .To Present .celt, of here. K The Wonder Sunday school gone a major operation a month ago at the St. Bernard hospital, Joncsboro. Cecil 13ce:i. who underwent an opcisitlon for appendicitis laU night p resi<)ing Elder Holds Conference at Luxoraibidoi at the- niythevllle hospital, is rest- .ilTB. E. A. Dcactte, attended school nt Ellzabetlilowji, i!l. Mr. Peck, who Is Hie son of Mr. '.and Mrs. W. M. Hartley, hns rc- .tided in Ihe cily for a number of •years. He is connected wilh the 'Courier News. be used for Ihe class room fund. Eleven characters makD up Ihe show which promises to be unusually interesting. Junior Music Club Keurgunrml. The 12 junior music pupils o! ! Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe reorganized into : Mcrrisrlf Curtis " '" J " nlor Music club in n incellng . Announcemeni has been made of'•S !Sl ^! 1 l.?L" lc "° mc ° f Mrs ' J ' .the marriage of Miss Pearl Tnchna •Curlis, of San Jusn, 'lexes, to Mr. }L. D. Mornsetti-formerly of : here. 'The wedding was solemnized nl 'San Bernito, Texas,^ November 0. The bride, who Is (lie daughter .of Mr. and Mrs. W .D. Curtis', of ^San Juan, and - Mr,- Morriselt, "a^c- .now- at home in Donna, Texas. ^H'here he is.connected with the J. "C. Englemen Land Developmenl company, Inc. . Mr. Moriselt lived with his parents at Armorcl while employed here and later worked at Wilson bc- •Jore going to.Texas., .Have .Mission Study. The 18 members nnd foil F. Livingston. These officers were selected: Earine Damon, president; Jessie Irons Livingston, vice president; K Winl- 'rcd v Crawford, secretary. The rhythm orchestra was practiced 1 -and this program, rendjicd: piano, duct, | noys ot ihe Nation," E.-irlliic' Damoii and Sue" Ramcy; plniio,selcctlon, 'a'hc. Pirate Chief," Ellzlbeth "Baxter; solo, "The Rustic Dance," Winifred Crawford. This group will meet each Saturday in the future. Conducts Mli-Kioii' Lesson. Mrs. 'W. J. LeRoy. was in churise of the mission lesson iu the mecl- ing. of thd Woman's- Missionary Sour visi-] ciety of Ihe Lake Slrcel Methodist suburban piacc on Highway south, arc moving (here tlil.s week. Mrs. J. F. Livingston, who hns been quite ill. Is better today. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Slickmon rue moving Saliirclay to li;e Gciod- wln apaitmcnl on West Ash street Their motber, Mr.s. W. A. Klickmon wlio 1ms inrulc her home \viih them for several years, is moving lo the J. Browne apartment on Wesl Ash street. Mrs. J. V. Rogers, who has bcei ill two weeks, Is now able to bi out. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech hnvi as Ihelr guests for n week .Mrs. W R. Norman- and Mrs. Grace Cov ington, of Mayliclti, Ky. u..^. t| The king of hearts is returned] is gume some place in ihe hand! fvoin dummy by declarer, and'. and forces with his five-card suit.] then the six of hearts. Wesl re-j " J -" •• J -- (fuses lo trump, discarding Ihc; llitce spades. OWN YOUR HOME If you arc paying S20.00 ptr month rent for Ihc hamc you live in, nt Hie cud uf (en years, you will li.ivc paid out SMOO.OO, anil will have liotlilnsr but a large bali-h of rent receipts lo show for your inuncy, but if you ilral wilh me, at tlie cml uf thai lime, you n-ll !«.• (he owner uf the home in which yuu live.'s tbu diilcri'iicc. 1 have more than 1 Iwenty-Iive houses in niythevllle from whiil: f yoii ran make u "selcctioiu H interested, sec me. C. J. Evravd r^?^~l P-im »r-^^ Eg ESiS tf£3 523Q fe££ E2S3 gyq J^JQ ^ LOXORA, Ark.—Sunday morniiu ! he .Rev. J. A. Anderson, presiding Irier of the Joncsboro district M. •!. Church Sau'h, preached at Lux- irn, and tit 2 p. in. conducted ([imr- erly conference. Rodgers Not Msn V/ho Wedded School Teacher The Courier News has been :^kcd ] to stale thai J;ime.s Rortgers, ersi- whlle short change artist, win is [ ECrving a sentcnCL' on tlie cily cnaln j gang, is not Ihe James V. Rciors,! scnlu Kalesmiin. who recently ::iai - i rial Miss Mildred Anderson, fe school teacher. Hospital Notes Patit'nis admitted to the Blyiiic- j vllle hospital yesterday were; Cecil i Dcen. cily; Mr. and Jfrs. Louis White. AnnoieU Paul D. Miller. Hayti, Mo.; LeVcllc Cnpp, Cos'.or. • Mo.; Donald -Stewart, Manila. LUCKSIS are always kind to your f hrocit •;. ; :•.•:. Everyone knov/s that sunshine mellows™ that's why ihe "TOASTING" process includes the use of fhs Utf ra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE- made of the finest tobaccos -=t5ie Cream of the Crop- THEN- "ITS TOASTED'™ an extro,' secret heating process, Karsh ini fonts present in ail raw tobaccos ar :tors ol-tne bccond Baptisl church I chinch nt "her home ytsterdny at- •vnn nrTfmfiAH t>ir. \UAm.T«'p mir_ • .. . ^^. ... . attended, Ihe sionary union' ycsterdny afternoon' by Mrs. Clyde were entertained Ellis. Mrs. Cecil Parks read from the 23rd Psalm for (he devotional and "after a prayer by Mrs. W. M. Dlay- lock, Mrs. Leslie Moore conducted the mission sludy. The meeting was closed wilh prayer by lllc pastor, the Rev. E. Z. Ncwsom. Study .Emblem. A program Ixmoiiug the emblem .of the Business and Professional Women's club was given in. connection with the public spekkiri*' .class hi a meeting lost evening at the Gorf Hotel. Miss Minnie Matthews was leader of the program and the class was conducted by iliss Luna B. WillMlm. Miss Marie Hnrnkh gave the his- .-tory of the emblem, Mrs. Clarence Holder to'd of the' five symbols of .the emblem and liow the emblem had become endeared to her was related by Miss Clara Ruble. Mrs Sadie Crews talked on "Public Rc- Jalions." Mrs. G. D. Wills, a member of the Paragould club, and Mrs. Tom , P- Jones, who recently returned here, made shorl talks. Have Bible Study. Members ot Ihe Woman's Auxiliary of Ihc First Presbyterian church had the monllily Bibl the enipcn. There were IB members present. .In. the business session plans i : crc discussed for the annual local, conference : to; be. held at Ihe church next week which is lo be thf feature nUrn'ctlon of this congregation In .spring activities. An unusually jnleresling program being arranged. Council. I.'as An All Day Meeting. The 15 members of the Woman's Council of-'the First Christian church who nttendcd (h« meeting yesierday spent the day wilh Mrs. J. D. Smilh. The women sewed tnosl of HID day and at noon licious lunch was served. In a brief business session it was voted In sell the "Household Magazine"; To illtrml Meeting Several leaders In the children's department ot Ihe l-'irst Mcthcciist church Sunday w"io-l planning to go to Joncstoro Vv\aiios(lav icr a meeting in which M:a> Mary Pklnt::r, director o[ the children's division of ihe Cier.ern! Sunday schcol buml in the Southern MclhodiEt chinch, will L\> ilu- pvtn- cipal fpciiker. Mcbdan-os M. G. Goodwin, ii. H. Bennett, W. 1 .Denton. J. G. Sudbury. E 11. Ferguson. A. C. Haley. P. E. Cooley and Misses Fisher and Kuth Roiie nro lo (jo. \Vnmrn Sludv by "TOASTiNG. / Thesrritants are sold, to others/They are no? [jresenr in your LUCKY STRiKE. Wo wonder LUCKIES are always kiiad to your throat sludy Moixtay afternoon at home of Mrs. D. R. Allen The 28th chapter of Romans was „ ,, „ ,, used by Mrs. Alien who taught the j ",°' ll \ lloblrms study class' . ». V"- |. In the program of the woman "s Circles Have Social Meetings, t Circles of 11: I missionary MKiety of tlie Firsvl ' Methodist chinch Monthly alter-] j neon the 23 proscnl heard Mrs ra Gray lead nn imereslms pro- cerved. : Circlc 1 was entertained by Mrs J. T. Hall and Mri C. G; Hires at Ihc Hall home wllh 11 members! M-present. M re .. j. .w. Bishop used | Mrd'-rn v,i the 15th chapter •« Acts for the M r= 'o C devotional wilh Mrs. E E A!ex-j "' ' ' "^"i 1 ™!! 18 !" I1 " i ' Cr ' Mi£3 Cor - Kc«d C°M" N™S uelia Wilhllc led the study taker Gco;v.. v M. Lcf-; ""Hco'-cl's Exij'.ina T- T TI n y ,;•"."'— "* J "••••'•; lien of the Si'.uaticn." Mr?. Charle:ii J. T. Hall a, ld x frs . c . G; Hircs | F Woof .. ..^ ^^ r , K .. tifb: arlc-.i'Alfovd; "11])-n \V ClVji.v.ailon Is Ui'pciuh! Her Piles A.I'.U.-r 20 Years Jrom the book cf Acts. Mrs. Tom Howard and "Mrs."-Arch -Lindsay entertained Circle 2 at', the Lindsay home. T»;o new members, Mrs. Raymond Smith ami Mrs. J. s. Dillahunty, were In- Mrs. U. E. Mar,, 817 t;ouih 7th eluded in ihe nine rrssent. The; St.. Goshcn. Ind.. who WBS cntirr- c.chth chapter of Komar^; was| ly healed of Piles and othc-r Krrlal read by Mre, I\-y Crawford who, Trn-iblc allcr .siiilcrin-.; ao years. also gave a paper cnlltlcd "Six | urm-s all iiiflcrcvs' lo wrile The I Reasons For Belng-a BapiUt". Mr.;.I Ihornlnn ,t Minor Clinic, Suilc! Alvin Huflman led iniprayer. 1710. 026 McGco St., Kansas City. Circle 3 .met, Kith Mrs. John I Me., for a new free copi lighted [ Buchanan with'seven menibcrri and iKok whlrh tells all about hcmorr- two visitors in.atlendance. Mrs. R.| hoids <pilcs>. fisluln and other A. Mahan conducted the Bible] toinw cf diseases and which lesson, and gave the devotional fully fxplnlns a saio. sure, mill! *".^i-';S?P- Buchanan • pllcring trr.jtmcnt that Iws rrsiorrd moifi P«S'". llian :«i.«CO aiUK-ti-d'pcuph• ib"fc-1 Tn Circle 4 Mrs. L. N. Mathis was ncicd i-,?alth. Thcro is no coi'j hostess to the eight members and or obligalicn. --Adv. 1 Mrs. W. B. Tanner Is In Me pills today where she Is incclin LONDON Eiig.. (UP) — It'U Ids' Mr. Tanner who is cnroute home from 11 business trip lo Pine Bluff. of a strain on the arms Lo \yl(i":l 70 j ' Mesdames Charles Martin. C. W. bricks in a barrow than (JO, 'D: O. Allllck, ,1. A .Leech ami her house- P. Crowden. lecturer, said in an address al the National Inslftute of Mrs. Grace Covlngtoii. ot Mayfleltl. Industrial Psychology here. Ky., were Memphis visitors ycster- warned his listeners that Ihfr n art and ft science iri walking, -xplhinlna' that 0-1 per- ccVi, 'oi C. W. Aftlick Is attetidiris to bus- npw in Memphis todav. muscular elTort could be saved by proceeding at 'n brisk nac'e raih:r Mrs. Ethel Wilson, wlio has bee (liiitc 111, is belter today. to hurry an 1111- ! Joe Isaacs went, lo St. Louis this morning lo buy slock for the Isaacs Wynne and other town part of Ihc slate tomorrow. Mrs. B. A. Lynch nnri son, Louis. spcnl Sunday in. Memphis \\lier: they accompanied Mr. Lynch who was enmitc 'to Karl Smith for 8™'1> of the Ar- Mr. and Mrs. N. Konry, of Snole livcil liere, wci-c in tlu- city yesl ;rd:iy willi Mrs. M. S:i- The ndl-icc of jour {.Hjjician is: Keep nut of deOTj, in th; r.,Vn air, hcalk AvfJ j; ir.le f-lcr.;? o/ cictdsc in the iiifllim- sunil.m.-, ciiij kcM a [KricdlC cfi;ttll|) on the /i^fth of jour Ixxiv. All Wrought Up Over Nothing Didn't sleep last nipht; too much work; the cliil- drcn are frclful; tho l!oss is cranky; Mrs. UcVcro didn't invite you to her party. Ordinarily you don't mind any of these things, but today they arc simply unbearable. You arc nervous, that's why. Did you nvor try Dr. Miles' Nervine? JilRt t\vo leuspoonfiils in n half Rlass of water will quiet your over-taxed nerves and bring yon a feeling of calm and peace. Dr. Miles' Nervine i.-, now maclo in two forms—I.icniiil ami Effervescent Tablet. Bolli aro the same thera- liautically. Al all Drug Stores, Price $1.00 TUNE IN— TTicLwcfi.YSiriic Dance Orchestra, cirry Tiir.-- , Thursdc.> and Saturday ciicmnit oi-cr N. B. C. !'.:!. Yowr Throat pjrotect8i © 1931, Ttt Anciitsn Tot itco Co.. Mfn. 'i' '< '""""I'llimiiui linn

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