The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1930
Page 6
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•'PAGE SIX NEWS The Tide Is Up-Arid it's Crimson jlood Relief Is Quesi of Southern Conference Title Seekers This Season. By CLAIItK Bl'KCKY NEA Service Sports Writer If Wallace Wade has incurred an;. : bts to the University of Alabama, '..•: should get a receipt marked •.'aid In Full" when lie leaves there ,;. n. 1 to become director of alii- .-. .ics aV Duke University. For '-.Is ;i ial payment. Wade has o;!;:ui tl -, Mood gates through which the (. hnsoii Tide Is churning ami '= imlng toward a Southern Cun- .i"ence football championship. As I sec it now. only Georgia en 'i.'.anksgivlng Day may stem U:; ' ID, and you'll never hear :f mr '• lllng any money that they ilc. . e sheer power in Wallace Wade's f: .ewel! production at Alabama - iks H well up nmong the coun- !• 's best elevens. In five garni" :. s season, the Tide has roTied up •' ; points, compared with 13 by : _ i opponents. Mabama's forward wall Is con- uctcd around a pair o[ Gali'" is wlw> play the tackle position?. ' -.e Is Captain Charles (Foots! ? :ment ;the other is Fred >n\<; lin) Sinrjton. Each Is C feet 1 • -lies tall and weighs 215 pounds. " Ih are veterans. SluKton being - intoned on certain All-America 1 'tcilons a year a;jo. iust the mere mention of two :• .nies in the Crimson Tide biek- ' 'd strikes terror to Dixie, fcol- '••llers. The names are Monk " mpbell. spinning quarterback - id Flash Suther. halfback.. Wad: • s formed an attack to fit these '-D 175-pounders who have yel to ' slowed up, let alone stopped. ?rom two brothers, each of wlnni - •. yet undefeated In professional '' xing circles, Monk Campbell has ' \rned that one clean punch will •• -eek an opponent. Consequently. '' e Monk wastes little time spar•' ig with his foo. He calls oil e play that carries a knockout \ -.Hop. And that's where Slither cnnies '-. He holds the distinction of be ' -f the official "knockeroul." The "lash has carried the ball approxl- ••• ately 30 times this fall to average ••ore than 12 yards per try. These f>ures do not include his two Inn" •ins from kickoff. onft of 104 yards ir" a touchdown and another of 59 irds. Indeed, this Mr. Suthcr icks a wallop. It has been eight years since Al<v- '•ama took Wade from Vanderbilt. There he was assistant coach under O;m McGugin. *Th3,, move was n •vise one for the Crimson Tide, iven stoical Wallace admits he lias :nioyed success at Tuscalccsa. Tlie former Browii athlele faile.'l l o set the conference afire his firs', •/ear but the conflagration h? touched off in 1924 has scorched th" :ircuit ever since. After a loss to Centre that, fall. Alabama bJwi ". victory series thai, went 24 straight games, without a setback. Geomh Tech snapped the string In . 1M7 His Alabama teams to date hav won 56 games, lost 13 and t>-H f Syracuse in 1923 and Wisconsin in 1928 were the only conquerors of the Tide in intersectional baths Although Alabama has nrofited most through the Wade regime, Ihe entire south, in a certain sens?, owes him a vote of thanks. His Crimson team of 1925 defeated Washington in the first Tournament of Roses contest ever nlivn-f by a Dixie eleven. So well did the coast like his segregation that the- invited Alabama back In 1920 to meet Stanford. They went—n<i:i now the south Is the only section boasting a clean record in the Tournament' of Roses competition. FRIDAY. DfTOBRR .".I, FflCEIfllJGH HIS Dartmouth, Alabama, Georgia, Cleirison Have High Hurdles Saturday. N'HW YORK, Gel. iUP) — Sixteen ui.dileated und untied football Irains ore risking llielr records In t'air.-s rcheduled for the week-end, 'liiere are 18 other teams of or less Importance which have lo-l no games and have no ties. Two of U:es2, Dumvisiie in the east and Oregon on the fa: cons., are to 11::; idle Saturday. ; Many of these unblemished re- c-crd^ are in for som? chipping Saturday. There in the east Dartmouth's Indian eleven is mcelim WDI YOI! KNOW THAT- One of Knute Hockne's choice bits of advice to quarterbacks is: When in doubt, punt" . . . another is, "Know when not to "orwavi! pass" . . . l;eiides -caching f«>lban. Kmile ttacl-.!s ! the players how to take care of i themselves physically . . . his' advice to fullbacks Is. "Relax .vhilc signals are t.;lng called and keep on balls of feet" . . . another hunch to a'.pirini; fullbacks is, "Look for a hole, and need not be large by plung- through with leu drive" . . . Hocki:,; teaches hard football, but believes In saving his men us much as possible . . . he tells halfbacks lu go out of bounds when they arc about to be tackled near the tk',?lines . . . lie iu continually telling his backs to relax, but one of the points he emphasizes In Instructing his men is, "Never rclux mentally" Graded Kitchens Offer with every device a millionaire could buy. Four kitchens and dining Training rooms ' repi-reeming households of naming ^ aeient wca!thi are n part ot tno college equipment. MILWAUKEE, Wis. IUPJ—Yomi? . women students in the Home economics department of Mount Mary College heie work in a klichcn equipped v.lih five and tin ce:i. ttore utensils and in another fine:! The Polynesians, Laplanders, natives of Tahiti and EtkiniM rub th?ir noses together as a sign of greeting and affection Last year's game was. won by Orovc Ullv by a wide margin. i Cornell, undefeated and inu'rj, • and rM'imcd for oct'ou alter a Ion- ; Dartmouth may be hard put night's rest, plays Columbia here. !;j win If Able flciolli, nuall yah ] A Columbia victory would he a real halfback, has one of his gcod dayp. | surprise. Little St. John's of Brook-, In the south Alabama and Ken- '< ly " e "- 5 ovcr to Scranton to play ' St. Thomas. ; Other undefeated lucky/red Int rivals for the Saulh- rrn Conference ch;mii)lonshlp, will meet at Lexington Neither has been beaten nor tied It is expected no game ihi.. tcsson will bo more ii'-cely Jouslit i Detroit has 'breezed Ihrough the lirst half of Its pro,ram with a | jcrfecl rcccrd. but nu?cts Iowa at Detroit Saturday and Iowa is far .run a pushover. j Kansas, another mid-western ! [.•iider, will p'.ay 1'ennsylvania, which has lost but a tingle game, : whil! Ihe unbeaten Northwestern Vaisity plays Minnesota. Ncire , Dame is a third mid-west team and untied tc:uns are Georgia and Clcmson, wll ° n!a y Florida and Tennessee, ll ' s I 11 ' ct "'ely. tah ' nnd Washington State, far '" "?',' ^ rf °" reC ° rdS ' C ° !oral!o A ^es ana llaicbsll Chattels Taking lime out from football. I notlR'd Ihe other day that Judge I.andls went to bat with n posl- sra-.on decision on players and it looked like u home run n me It happened like this: On (he evi? of the world series the Hrooklyn ball club drafted Jimmy Pattison. former Brooklyn lii?li school pitcher, from the Macon, Ga., club. 13rccklyn owns the IvTacon club, and seemed to have a perfect right to draft th.2 young Chickasaws Meet Today lov; NEW YORK, Oct. 31 —ft look- as I thougli there would t.-- one of the greatest, kicking contests of the. fottball season up at New Haven ' Saturday, and that doesn't mean the kind they ham been holding as ! an aftermath to the Yale-Army ' u-ithcti: defeat or tie and should • game, either. : rciiia:n in that class after playing • when Dartmouth and Yale meet i l:!<:i,!!in Saturday. : in tl:a bowl befrre 10,000, memories' Back in Ihe east Fordham is 'of last week's unpleasantness playing We;t Virginia. Fordham. is . should be wiped out by one of the tl • ; oisiy team in the country with- i hardest fought games of the year — defeat, tie or enemy points. ! featured by a punting diwl bo-' ' tween "Wild Bill" Morton and "Dud JUST WET FKET "Honey. I'm knee-deep in with you." "All right. I'll put you on wading list."—Tit-Bits. I . Writ Virginia's sophomore team I has improved vastly in the past \OT AT MR11T 1 eiuple. of weeks, but tln'Rnms will ! CLIENT (Jusl acriuitted on bin 1 - ' t_> wide favorites ;Blary cliarge): Well, good-bye, I'll | Western Maryland's fine young Two of Northeast Arkansas' lend- '• (ir<>1> ln °" yo " somc tlmc - 'squad will risk its record against ing grid aggregations will clash ill • I-AWYEIl: All right, but make i the husky U. S. Marines. Allc- Ha!.:y Field this afternoon. The! 11 m lllc daytime, please.—The', s'r -'ny might get its first beating of i and high winds of a. raw October ' Bulldogs of high, out to | Humorist. . . il:e year in meeting Orovc City. [ day. keep their r.hlc clean for a Parker.. These young men boaled their respective Orf.^n and Blue elevens directly to touchdowns last Saturday, uslnj/ (he punt as an offensive weapon through the chill rains Here's a Wonderful Dairy Feed Bargain Q UAKER 16% Dairy Ration. This remarkable mixture is of high viilue in obtaining maximum milk production at minimum feed costs. We'll be glad to help you make a fair trial. Browne & Billings Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. chiuicc (o np:-et the Jone.'Airro Hurricanes I Thank-"ivim Day are the visitors : The Ulythevil'; Chickasaws, who ! have suffered their only defeat In • IS games at Ihe hands of Jones- j I boro. are playing on their home ' I l:ih{ and are out to avenue (heir ; one loss. ! !J-jlh ;nuac!s have the usual nmn- • her of tnld-season Injuries but bolh j ctuthnaw if It pleased. [Coach Dames of the Bulldogs and ] But here's the point: several ol,h- \ Coach Hudson of the Chickasaws; cr bif! leacue teanu. iimonR lhemi wil1 send their btiouucil teams into ' U-.2 Giants, were after Patllson, |'">'"•'• Tllc fullbacks of Ihc iwo | v,-!io was subject (o draft. The j "'"inf. .Instlcn of i'nrnsonid and I R-blns did not need I'mtlson for I Crai S, nil-slate nee of the Blylhc- ; 1331. but did not want to sec an- | v '" le snuad, have sustained injuries \ ether club urab him. He might u «t both are practically sure ;o b; ' turn out to be -a star, you know, and that woiddii't be so good. Just a desturc Shortly after the draft iiHeting, '.he Rabins r announced that they had withdrawn their claim to I'at- tiscn and returned him to Mncon. With the chance to drnft the young ivan parsed, the oilier hip '?aguc clubs who would have liked to draft Pattison, had to fCQ him gD back to the Brooklyn farm. In the openlnij lineup twlay. Whirlwinds of . Jouesboro Beat Papooses, 20-0 The Whirlwinds of Jcn«st:>ro Junior .high lived up to ihelr re- The judge, however, to bat | tallon by defeating the Ulytheville When Alabama's Crimson Tide Is UD, it's something more than run ning water: it's a tidal wav. tweeoing all before its p-cal •> structivs rwwer. Three persons wh o make the Tide what ii is a<-Wallace Wade. Alabama's head fo otball coacii serving his final year in that position: John Henrv (Flash) Suther, halfback: and Jo 1m (Monk) Campbell, ouarterback. Suther is Wade's bigzcst offensive threat. Cnmobell is the iron man of the backlioid. rMlin" the plays, handling the ball. block- Ing and functionim? to a hlWd» fcree a s a ball-carrier in the Tide's spinner plays. Ironton Tanks To Play Memphis Pro Gridders Sunday * MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Defeating seven opponents and losins one game the Ironton, Ohio, Tanks, vlll invade Hodges Field to clash with the Memphis Tigers Sunday The "Tanks lost their first game with the Portsmouth Spartans by being offside on the placement kick but came back two weeks later and beat the Spartans by a score of • 16 to 15. The Olympics of Washington. Pa.. Jell before the advance of the Tanks Inst week. This is the second time In five years that the Washington team has been defeated. The Tanks have held the professional football championship title of the state of Ohio since 1020. The battle with the Tigerr, Sunday will be their first game in the iust as soon as he l-3ard of Brooklyn's actlrn and ruled that hereafter no major kacue club may draft a player fro:u Its own farm. Where the Kul> Comes Suppose the Giants, or tlu Pirates who also were after Pattison. had drafted him and he turned out to be a sensation in 1931. The young man's fame and fortune would mad.!. As il Is. he has been robbed of a chance to show the bit; leagues what he has, or at least his chance has been deferred au- d'.her y.?nr. Tills has happened to promising players time and n^ain. The judge !s f be congratulated on the position he took. * . •. ' Yankee Properly Detroit dcc:("3d It would no: need Pitcher Sam Gibson of Toronto in 1931. The Yankees steped in and pnrchaied the young, man in September. The boys were pu«!ed f-r e. while that the Yanks should takn on a pitcher that '.he Tiger;, had .turned down. The other day i; cleared up. T1-.3 Yanks sent Sain Gibson and Bill Henderson to Sun Francisco as part payment lor Frank:e Crossetti, who is to Join the Yankees in 1932. Papooses at Haley Field hen terday, 20 to 0. The visitors were leading " to n nt the half way mark aurl scored Lwo more touchdowns In the last half. The .Papooses seldom threatened, their offense never Heltini: under way. Although the PapoDses offered stubborn rcslslunce. |XM\- punting was n- tremendous handicap to the locals. Colder claya will Buon be here. Tlic nil ynn mnl this smnim-r slinulil mil Im cxpcrli-il I" fully protect your engine, nny mure limn lij-ln summer clothing slumld he expcclril to protect yon in ihc fr.uly days to cmno. lliijmles, that *)il itmy hnvc licnt cxpn^ed lo onnsnlcralilo m-ur nnd milrngi! —enough lo render it lisa Uliu completely effective. Fill with ihc correct »iuter grade of Ihe new 'lVxa«> Motor Oil—lonsjer-luiilir^. cruek-jirniif. Every Tc.xnco dealer lin» :m accurate clmrt which shoHa exactly the grade for your rnr. Alrrt, free-lloMing »l zero, this revoliilionary new guldrli mutor oil vill reduce winter en<jiji< wear to a minimum. en.. City Soccer Tourney j to Open. Next Monday A city-wide soccer tournament j will bcjin Monday, Vccording li nn- \ nnmicemeiH made today by Charles A. Stubbr. principal ot the Sudbury school, : The first game will be played on j Ihe Sudbury school campus at 3:45' o'clock with Jaims D^/lcr leadinsj the Lange school team against the; Ceiiiral-Junlor .High team led by, Roil Samuels. Woodrcw Hughes i will referee and Ben K:.> and ' Kddie Salibp. are tt> be umpires. ! In the Sudbury tourn.iaient fin- I ishcd yesterday Robert Seott. liill i Turner, LcRoy Drown ;ir.d Janus I Wilier were captains or Dill Turner's team 21 games played ' Henderson was the player sent to; with Jcrr.jy City by the Yankees last ' ' tprlng. and Ihen brmpht back so nament began a month Lou McKvny c-uld be sont to i • • California in July. About the lime • , ., McEvoy arrived or. the cons:, he | JuOPje T.uleS uOOQ was recalled ami Henderson sen'. | Instead. I Yon may get from chattels minor leanue are. ,And ho-.v tlie:r show their ability ? teams i winner i u' lour- • Squeeze Worth $73 leagues ofto:i nrc cui-t.nlcd take of a trade. 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All-Amev.cii-. i.ii 01 -.lean back with the University cfjlast year with the Uuiverm'v o' Nebraska and Tom Edwards, an-'Alabama. Holm will plr.y h 1 .^ firs' other All-Air.sricin from the Uni- game Sunday. ,\ KEAT-- TAt. I YOUNG HUSBAND: My wife i, 'cooking for tV.e first time t-rfay \Vill yon come to lunch? KillENTJ: Cerlalnly, I havi- always shared your sorrows.-Li^ti';-: I Kclner Zeitung, Cologne. Goodyear Tires and Fifth MAIN SERVICE STATION I'hone 711 Car Washing and Greasing Texaco Products Road Service

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