The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1930 New Harold Lloyd Talkie Full of Laughs and Thrills question about this chemical which chemists of the United States l!u- reau of Standards at Washington arc trying to solve, 'nils is whether he fumes from melhanol are too dangerous to make It, safe for use is an anil-freeze. The contention U liuil service slatlon attendants, handling this liquid constantly, would gradually inhale enough of its fumes into their lungs to suller a writhing illness, or even death, from its poisoning. Tills the U. S. chemists are trying to determine definitely. Until positive Information Is obtained as lo Ihe absolute safely of "melhanol," therefore, It would b. best to avoid using this as an antifreeze. nost needed nt any lime, Unit fov the coldest lempcmlui This can tem at the very beginning of the season, no mailer how much er It. is. and Hie solution forgotten for the resl of the winter, c-x- cepl for adding waler as usual. Tile only precaution necessary in this case Is to nil tlu? radiator lo within two or the top. Glycerine p.inds under does no harm ,to Hie cooling tern, urn! so would run ever If the radiator were filled to Hie lop. Uicre would be a lois of anil- tieeze and (tangt'r or freezing In the coldest weather. The choice, therefore, lies between alcohol and given inc. or glycol. In the case of the lalta two. the water pump nut must, be tight- , In some parts of thc"coiintrv"uils ened, the hose connections must be | has to be regulated for only a week leak-proof, the cylinder head bolts I or two. i lightened and the bolls on llic i>lale I I covering the water jacket, if there | LONGMONT, Colo., .(UP) | is one, also turned tight. If glycerine or glycol is used, the proper proportion of this chemical and waler for the-entire cold sea- 1 son can be decided upon al ihe be, Binning of winter. The amount to • be applied to system would IK i!ie Harold Lloyd In a thrill sc tne from "Ftel First' BY DAN' THOMAS NEA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD.-Ever since players broke their silence COMMISSIONER'S SA1.K Notice is hereby given that, the undersigned comissioncr, in compli- ! mice wiln the terms o( a decree j rendered by the Chancery Court ; for the Chickasawba District of j Mississippi County, Arkansas, on > the 22 day of September, 1930, I changed somewhat, it has lost none j wherein East, Arkansas Lumber I of Its mystery element, film i Helen Twelvelrees, who has bcci: Company was Plaintiff, No. 4042 and James T. Hall, et, al, were de- EtarlHl to do their own talking instead of having title writers do the and | giving a very good account of her- fendants, w!lV soil at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three months, kids arc screaming at the comedian's anlics, adulls will hold their sides to keep from laughing too much and may occasionally close their eyes against the thrills that really arc a strain on one's nervous system. No foolin!, folks. If laughs, tin-ills and romance combined in the proper proportions make a picture, then Lloyd has a film that's worth saving your nickels for a week to ;:ec. '• Naturally the film is mostly Lloyd. But the charming little Barbara Kent gives a good account of hcrrolf in supplying the romance. She is the one who is largely responsible lor Harold doing the things he does. And she makes you feel that you would do twice as much for her. Much of the story is laid on beard ship and was filmed between San Francisco and Honolulu. But the ihrilling climax finds Lloyd on the side of' a tall building midway b&wcen-th,? -ground and roof. Another Thriller Another film which has thrills —but the kind that make cold shivers run up and down your spinal column—is "The Cat Creeps." This picture, directed by Rupert Julian, is taken from the sta; play, "The Cat and the Canary And while the story has been er hidden until the very end. Neither music nor songs are included in this one, but for those who like mystery stories it offers a good evening's entertainment. • It's not hard to guess from the title, '.The Widow From Chicago." that this latest Alice White picture deals with gangsters. And such a gitess is right. Whit's more, it is fast moving and in some spots humorous gangster film that is bound to please any audience. Girl Traps Gang A girl posing as the widow of a Chicago gangster goes to another ing real estate, to- Lot Thirteen (13) Block Eight (8) Chickasawba Addition to Blylhcville, Arkansas, Subject to prior leln of Equitable Building & Loan Association. Said sale will be. had to satisfy said decree in the sum ot S433.38, with 6 p?r cent interest from September 22, 1930, and costs. The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to s?c.ure Ihe payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as aditional security for the payment of such purchase town and gets a job as hostess in ! mone y a dance. hall owned by a gang lead- > wiuiess my hand and the seal of er there, knowing that he or one ; of his men killed her brother. Of . course her purpose is to fivenge her broiler's death, which she finally does by tipping off the police on a big robbery so thai they arc able to catch the gang redhanded. Alice While is just lierself as th? girl. She doesn't do anything any Court, on this, the 24th day of > October, 1930. ! W. W. HOLLIPETKR, | Commissioner in Chancery. Frank C. Douglas Atty for Plaintiff. 24-31-11, 7 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby, given that th? differently than she has done: be- L Ildersignc[1 commissioner, in com- rorc-which means that a lot of liance ttim the , cms of a (!ecr , c Jans will like her. But the real rcturned by ^ e chancery Court for acting honors go to Edward Robinson, who plays the role of the gang chief. He easily proves in this picture, as he has-in others before, that he is ore of the best bets who ever came out here from the legitimate stage. news SI-IE IIIIIV by Ihe Chiekasawba icery District of -Mis- By ISRAEL KLEIX Science Editor, XE.A Service In most of Ihe United Stales, wheu winter weather varies quite often from warm to cold, the choice cf a nil-freeze rests with the disposition of Ihe molorisl. If Ihe driver is inclined loward laziness, what would be more ide-'I lhan to have the cooling system tightened, put in new hose couplings, and fill the system with the proper solution of water and pure radiator glycerine? He would have no other worry al! winter- no trouble with a boiling radiator in a sudden warm spell, nor fear of freezing- when a cold blast sud- ' denly comes along. The initial cost is higher with the use of glycerine, but that would be all. while alcohol requires an outlay often during the winter, depending on (he number what is chemically no\vn as "ethylene glycol." This is a petroleum product, costs slightly more than glycerine, but may be used in smaller proportions. Besides it is said to be even more ellective than glycerine in maintaining a more liquid state through the coldest spells. Tills chemical, too, when once put into the cooling system, stays there intact through any kind of changing weather. • * * \ Ot late there have been efforts sissippi County, Arkansas, on Ihe 22nd day of September, 1930. wherein East Arkansas Lumber Company was Plainliff, No. 4810 and Enoch Chapel A. M. E. Church, et al., were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest, and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three months, at, the south door o! the Court House, between Ihe hours prescribed by law, in Ihe City of j Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 15th iday of November, 1930, the follow- ling real estate, lo-wit: Lot, Five (5) in Block Seven (7) of the Chicago Mill and Lumber company Third Addition to the Cily of Blylhcville, carved out of SW'i NW/i Sec. 16, T. 15 N., R. 11 K. Said sale will be hud to satisfy said decree in the sum of $6,305.00, willi 10 per cent interest from August 29, 1930 and costs. The purchaser al saiil sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a Men will be retained upon said lo dclcrmine llic availability ,1 \ properly as addilional security for wood alcohol, or "methanol," as' the payment of such purchase the chemists call it. There is one I money. I Witness my hand and the seal WARNING OKDEK | of said Court, on this, the 2ith To Cievc and Fannie Carter: day of October, 1930. Take notice that on the 15th day ol October 1930, a petition was filed by Ethel M. Wilson, probation W. W. HOLUPETER Coininisaioner in Chancery. Frank C. Douglas, of sudden changes in Ihe temper- officer in ihe Juvenile Court of alloniey for plaintiff. 10,24-31-11,7 alure. Besides U:cre is pure radiator a commercial glycerine, lorm of Mississippi County, to have certain ———7 ri.ildren named Elsla Louise, Claude ' WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Cliickasawba Di.nrict, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Uona Caughran, Plaintiff, vs. No. 4843 M;.rk Caughran. Defendant. Tiie defendant, Mark Caughran, lo warned to appear within thirty c "'V.s in the court, named in the f=|ii;oii hereof and answer tho rom;>inlnt of the plaintiff. Dona <-^u n -hron. W. W. IIOLLIPETER, Clerk, »y Harvey Morris, D. C. ""ted Oct. 1G, 1930. w U. Gravctle, A l'y. ad lilem. 17-24-31-7. WARNING ORDER Chancery C0 urt, Chickasawba "sinct, Mississippi County, Ar- Clyde Cunningham, plaintiff, vs. No. 4844 Sadie Cunningham, -defendant. defendant, Sadie Cunnlng- lo appear within ham, is warned shirty days h, ((lc collrt nami!(1 in the capdon hereof and answer t complaint of t llo piaiiuiIT Clyde Cunningham. W. W. HOLLIPETEH, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C Dntcd Ocl. 16, 1930 W. D. Gravette, ' Atty. ad Litem. 17-24-31-7. jr., and Alton, declared dependent I OK KXECUTION SAI.F. Notice is hereby given that Ihe Jl., tlllll Y11LV1I, vn-l-LrtltU UUULUUl'lU I . CH.n.-ifT «r -\Ticcic children, and to take from ?ou the | >«±»; *** ?'»,,? h^ I custody and guardianship of said , .- - . children, and to appoint for them ' llorlt >' °' some suitable person as their guar- ' ^,,";.^ dlan, with power (o consent to the adoption of said children, or to place same in some suitable institution in this state for the care and guardianship of dependent children. Now unless you appear within 20 days after Ihe dale of this notice and show cause against such application the petition shall be taken GEO. W. BARHAM. 1930, on a juc',3- mc'nt rendered February 11, 1930, in tho Common Pleas Court for Ihe Chlckasawba. District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, wherein Blytlyvillc Store Company was plainllff and C. B. Bunch, et al., were defendants, which judgment has been properly assigned lo Ihe Lalayeltc-Soulh Side Dank & Trust Company of 51. Louis, will. , - - i on the 20th day of November. 1930. as confessed, and a decree granted. dul . mg lhe holirs provided by law. at lhe Court House door in Bly- thcville. ortcr for sale, lo the highest binder, upon a credit of three months, the following lands located in said Districl, County and State, to-wil: The West Half (\VM of the Northeast Quarter iNEM and the Southeast Quarter iSE'l) of the, Northwest Quarter IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT (ClliCKA- SAWBA DISTRICT). American Building and Loan Asso- cialion, and W. b. Delony, as Trns- lee, Plainlills, vs. C. H. Garner, ct al, Defendants. WARNING. ORDER The defendant B. L. Gerome, (is Trustee, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint of (he plaintiffs, American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony, as Trustee. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal o( the above court this Oth day of October. (SEAL). W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk of the Above Court. By Harvey Morris ,D. C. <N\V'.-i). Section Thirty-three (33), ' Township Fifteen (15), North, Ten (101 East. The purchaser will bo required I to give bond with approved sccur-11 ity lor Ihe purchase price and a lien will be retained on ihe land •lo secure the same, WITNESS my hand this 3Ist day of October, 1030. W. W. SHAVER. Sheriff. By A. Lindsey. 10-31-11-7 j I'arks, 1'lalntitf, No. 4845 1'urks, Defendant ''•'•>• defendant, Tom Paiks. '•^'nic-il to appear within thirty <i -a> 1 ' :n Hie court named in (he '"ii hereof and answer the com•' ot the plcilntln" liessle \V. W. HOLUPETEII, Clerk, Hy Hurvpy Morris, 1). C. Octobsr n, 1030. MI Minuitl, i\d lltem. 17-24-31-7. "// You Buy of Mr, Bowers" Free Olivery iwry Day in I he Week APPLES '"'"S.u"'"' Standard No. 2 can OJTC 03 Cocoanuts In the case of alcohol, the amount must be regulated in accordance wllh the expected lowest temperii- turc not more than a month ahead. Ayres 8lri«l!-;y celebrated his ntne- i tieth bhihday recently. s lie still Is active in practicing medicine. Ho entered the profession G9 yours ago. BEL GROCERY and MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 W. Main BANANAS Kancv Yillovv Fruil I'oinul 4c CELERY Jumbu, Kadi 8c APPLES Old Fashion Winesap 20c CABBAGE Fine 1'or S;tiicr Kranl or I'itkle. Pound 2c LETTUCE Each 8c Libb vs. No. 2'/z Can Kadi 25 c GREEN BEANS Cut Strin^less No. 2'/ 2 Can NOOBLES Spaghetti nr Macaroni. Hrnnd. 2 for 15c Extra Choice. New sfiii-k. 25 U). box $2.75 Red or white I'ound 3c Building Paper 55c Blue roil Red Roll ea. 5c .^ff y FRUIT 3 FLOUR 1>)m " (;o( " L Wood Uarrel $5.50 PORK & BEANS C'a M ph ells 3 Cans for 23c BEEF ROAST i'onnd 15c PORK CHOPS Nice anil Lean I'ouiul 25 c VEAL CHOPS I'otlMll 15c OLEO I'omul I7ic OYSTERS Kxtra .Sok-cl i'inl SOc FULL DEESSED FRYERS Bananas lb. $±f^lS 33' J FLOUR S . 10 C Oranges New Florida. Sweet :i n (I juicy. Nice size doz. 19c SYRUP Urer Rabbit No. 1 Can 1AC I Dlfp Fancy full head, Blue lw I UlLL Rose. Pound 4.85 OLIVES Q " 1 SS MIT U 1>cl or Carnation, 6 OrC IfllLIV 's 'small or Slull Cabbage New Northern lb. lie JVBT 1 ' 5 C ! KRAUT "'• 2l/ < c " n 2 for Prunes Nice size, new crop 4 Ibs. APPLES li £5X5- T \\ OLEOMRGARINE^JS 1 SOAP ''• 33 C |JE 0 23 Sugar lOlbs.lin t49c Potatoes Clean Western Stock. No. I Red Triumphs 2c CHUM SALMON N "-'Sly '« LIVER Pound 10° Lardcompc L idlb,10c CAITMPAT slrc!lMM ' CiIn 17 C OALlME/AllcslGriidc.I,h.ll & 101/C Ears. Lb.J Grapes Fancy Tokays. 3-Lb. Uasket 23c SALT WC5 . I BEEF Cheese Wisconsin full cream, lb, 20c Appl es Delicious, liox Fruil, liig Value lb ^ 7c Fresh Brains lb. 15c Steaks Fancy club or rib lb. 20c

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