The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1949
Page 2
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f A01 TWO BLTTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 1«, 1»« Labor Seen as Victor in Election as Great Britain Battles To Ayoid Bankruptcy; Evidence of Dissatisfaction is Strong B.r Leon l)*nn*n NEA Special Corrrfpondenl LONDON— INEA)— With the »p- proach of what Is described here as the most vital general election which has ever taken place In Britain, the fortunes of the I,abor Government continue to decline. Faced with rapidly dwindling gold and dollar reserves, ft sharp cut in exports, new strikes—stimulated in part by the Communist-led World Federation of Trade Unions —and the Conservative party's bold bid lor support, British socialism Is belt* Another notch. A return of the Tories lo power would not likely alleviate Britain's plight. The program of the Conservative Parly, » ronulnrd in a recently-published 68-page, pamphlet called "The Right Road for Britain" is, in its o*n way, as narrow and dogmatic as the "Marx- Patry. to Ignore the U.S. Ambassador Meets with Stalin Kirk Pays Initial 'Courtesy Call;' Says Talk Was 'General' MOSCOW, Aug. 16. CAP)—U.S Ambassador Alan G. Kirk said today his meeting with Prime Minister Stalin In the Kremlin last night wa.< a "courteous pleasant visit." The conversation lasted about 4S minutes. It was the first time any high Ameilcan official had seen Stalin in nearly a year. rt was. reported that Stalin and Kirk sat at a long table In the prime minister's office Mid talked In an informal and relaxed manner. Kn-k Mid the conversation dealt |jke thf economlc anri with "general subjects, ! trnh of the SM ] a |j s t s , j money and who is going to find Kirk said he had requested the | But. for the first lime since the j the money." interview with Stalin and described ' present government rfirne tn pnwer| At every stage possible. Attleee his visit as a "courtesy call" accord-: four years ago, labor and the lower | added, they seek to bring back • middle-class—hitherlo '*s main p!l-1 "the 1 lar?—show signs of deep salisfflc- lord." lion. ism" nf the Labor The Tories seem fact that capitalism, f H Is understood and practiced in the United States, exists In war-dci-asted Europe in name only, not in fact. waging a fierce battle for survival. At tne moment, the view here is that labor will win in the next elections, although with a much- rediiced majority. Laborites assert that the common people fear Tory promises much more than they dls-jbody" but Rive no Indication i d social con-, how they are "going to find Terming the Conservative program "one of the most dishonest documents that I have ever read," Prime. Minister element Attlee recently said that the Tories seem to "ask for increases for every- to the ing to protocol. It was the first time the fil-year-old American envoy had met the F^pviet leader. Kirlt. a retired admiral who succeeded U. Gen, Walter Bedell •Smith as ambassador to Moscow, arilved In the Soviet capital June. All Moscow morning newspapers carried front page stories on the meting. Soviet-American relations always are a subject oT interest here. Capital Gets Details A complete version of the meeting Is beine sent to Washington today. After the visit to the Kremlin was concluded. Kirk. Minister Counsellor Walworth _Barbour and First Secretary George Morgan went directly to the American embassy where thev sent off a first account of the talk. Barbour and Morgan accompanied Kirk to the Kremlin. On ~the Soviet side at the meeting, besides Stalin, were Foreign Minister An- , profit-maker and the land- Wlnslon Churchill retorted that In an effort to "build socialism ( Irom "her high and proud position :n our time." the Labor Government i at Ihe end of Ihe war." the Labor in I proceeded to nationalize the basic ! Government 'broupht Great Bri' industries at a fast pace, causinn | tain low alike in prosperity and underproduction, inefficiency and the rise of a top-heavy bureaucracy. The government ignored the basic needs of the people. Thus, four years after liberation fraternal Leaden Return From State Meet Blytheville 1 * delegates to the 17th annum! meetings of the Negro Masonic Grand Lodge mid the Eastern Star, which was held this year In ine Bluff, h»ve returned lo their ome* here. They are: Rev. B. B Vilson and George and Olevla Reese. More tan 800 members it- ended. Annual reports presented by the odje's iranrt officers showed that more thin $80.000 had been handed during the year by the various departments and that no past due claims are pending. A balance of more than »50.000 Is in the treasury The delegates were welcomed by Dr. L. A. Davis, president of the Arkansas Mechanical and Normal : ollege for Negroes it] Pine Bluff. 2. U. Reed, grand master of the odge. reported a healthy growth for the organization during the past year. and a decade since the beginning of the war which first ushered in the era of economic austerity, the victorious and long-suffering Englishmen are asked to tighten their rrr PRICES — Little change In price* occurred in July, after alight d»clinei in June. Ba«tc commoditie* rose. ont per cent, and at the end of July u w*r« !• par cent lower than In Anuarr }Vht>i«ale commodiliei 'declined one per «nt lo i point/five per cent below the January level, ' Average consumer** 'prices ahowed tiiebt State's Violent Death Toll tor Week Reaches 6 By The As.toclated Preiw Arkansas' violent death toll for the week lias reac? i six. Four of the victims lost their lives In the Arkadelphta area yesterday. reputation, both at home and ; abroad." j Every one of Hie countries of , Europe outside the Iron Curtain, j said Churchtll, enjoys a err-ater abundance of consumer goods than England. Many impartial observers believe that Brilaln's present plight can- j ent hi Europe, restrictions not be blamed entirely on what i ternational trade and E LABOR'S Attire: The Conservative CONSERVATIVES' Churchill: L*- jii-nsram Is a "dishonest Hocumoul." *"> r h « "brought Great Britain low." tension, But having onre embarked 0] the road of super-nationalisation the government is now faced will two -alternatives- either socialls expenditure on the present fantastic scale or deflation and unemployment. Churchill called the "biased atid sterile measures of restriction and nationalisation of tire Labor Government." Much of It is nndouuU'd- ly due to the unstable economic and political conditions existing a 1 , pre.s- in- Non-Crippling Virus Believed Cause of Illness Akin to Polio ' Most of Nation Has ! Pleasant Weather Today r«preccntatlon to more eltla In the are* which Iht bridle will serve. The kingfisher c«n nut backward than forward* fader Members of Bridge Commission to Meet HELENA. Ark.. Aug. 16. (AP) — Memberr of the new Arkansas-Mix- sts&ippt Biidse Commission will "old an organizational meeting here Thursday. j The commission, which formerly ' consisted of six members, recently ! was enlarged to IB members to give JUST RECEIVED A CARLOAD OF ATLACIDE • Order* Filled Promptly • E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 551 By the Associated Press Most ol the nation had fair!) NEW HAVBN. Conn.. Aug. 16. Wi Yale, It is believed a sizeable per- nieasant temnenturcs aaain tortnv -Yale Scientists expressed belief ccmage of these cases may Have; mupej.uuics again toda> today that a large number of cases: been falsely diagnc.stl as poliom>e-! he mi? 'cury was expected tc The suicide of Physical Educa- diagnosed as poliomyelitis may ac-i litis and were actually attributable i clil ' lb into li >e SO's over the Plains lion Director Bob Cowan of Qua- j tually be attributable to a new and|to this new virus. states and the South from Texas to chita College and three deaths re-i apparently non-crippling virus. I "We have reason to think this may j Georgia, but elsewhere nothing -suiting from a head-on automobile; Existence of the virus, first re- be a fairly common disease, and with | warmer than the middle or upper collision six mtles ^oulh of Arka- ! ported by Ihe New York State De- this new information physicians, j B0> was In prospect, delnhia were the Mondav fatalities.! partment of Health, was confirmed j working in conjunction with viro- | widely scattered showers were re The three persons killed in the i by the Yale researchers after a; legists in poliomyelitis areas, may! 11O ited last ni«hl in Ihp »rr-ai nlalns collision were: Mildred Gladys year's study. i have available a valuable new t<M V ! ° " l pla " 5 ' Perrv, 27, Little Rock; F. E, Bullitl I Isolated during last summer's po-i for specific diagnosis." 75. Houston. Tex., and Lee sturdy-]Ho outbreak In Southern New Eng- j Two New York scientists published vant, Little Rock railroad employee. I land, North Carolina and Texas, the i the first description of the virus. The other two victims this week I origin of the virus still Is unknown I They were Gilbert Dalldorf and were a Jonesboro housewife who!"'" 1 its "leans of transmission are• Grace Sickles of the State Health died late Sunday of burns received j obscure. But the Yale scientist* re-j Department at Albany, n-hen her clothing was ignited by i Ported that all infected persons who j Subsequent investigations showed burning grease from a cook stove ! n »ve come to their attention have i patients with the viru.i had some of and a Baton Rouge, La., man who "covered with no harmful after- the symptoms usually associated -HOT HASHES? 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A report of the Yale research was drel Y. iVshinsky and Foreign Of- Published today In the proceedings fice Translfttor Jan Trovanovsky, ! ° r tne Society for Experimental . . . son of the Soviet Union's "first am- : Biology and Medicme. Commenting permanent Injury. 'on the report. Joseph U Melmck, — i associate professor of microbiology. ba-ssador to the United States. It could not be learned whether economic questions were brought «P.j ""^tYs"believed this new vims «a< However following a^imilar "court- the " c .™ rt^Sp.JSTnta™ 7." e-sy visit' between'Stalin and the | yenr durl (ne poUomveinj, season new British ambassador. Sir David : Las t year there were about 28000 Kelley, last June, Russian recep- j cases in Ihe United States which tiveness to proposals for increased i », cre reported as poliomyelitis the. trade with the West was noticeably j largest number since 191«. "On the basis of this research at A plinus fur beetle is said to the symptoms usually associated | " ave "penetrated directly through with polio. The average length of j 27 lar ee book volumes In so straight illness runs about 10 days, and the a " ne that a string could be disease ua passed through the opening and the Lemons Summer Event .Get Your COLEMAN Oil HVjat«r From U» - And Lei Us Giv» You Thi» Genuine $15.95 North Star Blanket! Wfiy Buy A Blanket When You Can G«t This Fin* NORTH STAR Ai A Gift! It'j a Beauty—just th, kind of rich, dtep-piled blanket you •nant! All »-ool, full size, choice of tight ittnctive color.. Knrfu bound with acetat« rayon ribbon. Arui it's yours ai a gift • imply for buying your new Coleman Oil Heater from ua mmrly. tiert't doublt warmth for you!—Your guaranteed* Colt- nun hitter gives y ou c l e ,n r automatic heat by dav. Then turn your Col«m»n heater down at nisrht to save futl. This lovely •ll-wool Xorth Stir blanket keepi j-ou w»rni! 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