The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1931
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Served by United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKABT ARKANSAS AND 8ODTHRAST MISSOURI HOME; EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 292 Courier, UlythevUle Dally News, Hlythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTHKVn,, ARKANSAS, '1 U10SDAY, KKlMUAllY U, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Three Little Girls From Mississippi Stop Broadway Hit With Barber Shop Melodies Rifle In Hands of Cooler Child Wounds 6-Year Old ' I.fVflli' Cupp. six year old son blood he has never become uncon- rl Mr, and Mrs. J. A, Cupp of scions mil) drank wiiter this inor C^olt'i, Mo., it; In a serious condl-| lung, tlcn at lli.» Ulylhcvlllt! hospital; Delegnlion An'angcs 'to i Call al While- Mouse in i Behalf of McDsure. I WASHINGTON. Feb. '24. (UP) — The Muscle Shoius bill, product of ia year's wrangling In congress, was 'received at tiie White House this ] afternoon, ('resident Hoover MTU expected lo tend it to the war department later In Ihe day. The president generally was expected to vclo H. i Will l'i?e Signature A delegation cf senators and representatives will call al the \Vhito House Thursday lo urge President Hoover to sign ihe Muscle Shoals bill. An engagement for a large group wns made at the White Hcuse by Representative Almond. Democrat, Alabama. Almand said tlic con! gressmen hoped to persuade Mr. frc.iu n sun .shot wound throuxu his iiM'k. He wns accidentally shot, by Ills plnymaie, James llcwaid Mulliiis. MX year old son ol Mr. . anil Mrs Hufovil Mulliiis. late yes- I tciduy while pbylng al the Mul| lln, heir*. I 'liie bullet from the 22. rifle en- tcu-d the child's neck directly in lio:it mid tiur.c ™t al lh'.i side ol Hi 1 ? b:ic!;. Whether or not he will L-e nunily/fil is problematical, lie was able to move his arms lull cimld tiol mov,? his legs or head Inn nlghl Despite tlic los:; of much Hoover not to pocket the measure Hilda, Louise and Maxine Forman, three Htlle girls from down In M Isslsslppl who and '"st opped the sho\v" on their very llrst appearance. jp. HII, They Stepped to Stardom 1 From ..Country Choir Via Memphis Road .Show, BY GESE COHN NBA Service Writer NEW .YORK, Feb. 24.---Whether it's population be 200 or 500 at ihe present moment, the town of Meadville, Miss., has been placed on the rather elastic map of Broadway. For It has provided the main stem with its latest "show stoppers." Now it so happens that this has been a slow season for "showstoppers," for some reason or another. To be sure, there have been j the usual number of newcomers I who arrived in sackcloth .and walk-1 ed away with laurels. nut it remained for the Forman sisters—Hilda. Louise and Maxine —to "stop cold" so Important a musical production as "America's Sweetheart." And In all New York you'll find no performers who seemed to make less effort. The production, whicl- '•: ~ registered hit. it another dig in the hardened ribs of Hollywood. To- %vard the mid-rift of the shoiv, HID curtain rises on a mountain scene and three "hill-billy" gals ar; shown enjoying movie fan maja- jines. Then, 'when on the opening night, they burst into low-brov.- harmony, it was all over. And S3 it has been ever since. For the > Forman's arc Just barber shop liar- night. ' monizers. who bring out such classics as "Tennessee Dan" and "Sweet Geraldine." There are a number of Important people in this show, by the way—stars in the bright lights. And tiie Forman gals appear but three times—yet, in those few minutes, they all but "steal the show." And since all romances of Broadway have, to starO'somewhere, their story goes something like this: as youngsters—and they're not so old now—they sang tn the choir of a "primitive Baptist" congregation. They happened to have an aunt In Memphis, Tenn., and while visiting her, they were aksed to appear at a charity affair. It so happened that a southern road show. "The Dixie Follies," was being organized and they "Joined up." Their parents thought, for a time, that they were still with their aunt but there came a showdown and letters from their mother and father met them at every town, begginj them to come home. It was too 1 —the stage virus had given them London Artist Picks Six Beauties of Films HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 24 (UP) —The six most beautiful women in motion pictures in the opinion of Cecil Beaton, London artist, are Marion Davies, Norma Shearer: Greta Qerbo, Marlene Dietrich, Uiliun Tastiman- and ina-.CIalre. Beaton who is noted for his modernistic paintings and camera studies said today he Intended to feature the sextette in a book.• Mr. and Mrs. Louis White of Armorel Injured in Accident Yesterday. I • Officers held little hope today for the apprehension of a "hit and run" motorist who crowded n car visions was discussed tcday with j o rr Highway IB east of town, early . i President Hoover by Senator Cap- | last night and put the occupants to Broadway i per and Representative Hoch, Re-j in Ihe Biythevilte hospital. I publicans. Kairas. | Mr. and Mrs. Louis White of near I Capper said he would press for | Armorel, occupants of an old model action in the senate on the pcnfi- jFortl which was struck by the mo- i or veto it. I t Failure of the house ways and i means committee lo net favorably on oil embargoes and tnrllT pro- Witli There ware no eye witnesses lo the trniii-dy. The injured lad, who was more able to tell of the accident llmu wns his grief stricken playmate, said (hat the child picked up the gun while were playing In a garage alone and snapped Ihe trigger while examining l>.. The child was Immediately rushed to this city by Mr. Mulliiis. The Cupp family, who formcrlj lived at Ihookland. Ark., moved to the Mnlllns farm two mil of Cco!?r In November. Culinary Skill Wins • Him Riches in Jail M, AK CUP) — Cleorgc Esneiy, negro. Is getting rich In jail. George, who bakes biscuit. 1 ; for the prisoners, the sheriff and visitors, has begun his seventh tomato can saving bank.' each of which Is filled with coins contributed hy those who have enjoyed hl:| .culinary art. The lutjio has paid his lawyers who failed to win. his ac- quItiU, bought a derby hat nnO gray span and saved $200 In six months. All Offerings'Quickly. Absorbed as Orders Flood New.York Exchange. NEW YORK. Feb. 24. (UP)—The slock market today made from one I seven paints pr higher In the:most uctlve. trailing since May-5, < 1030, i wisen the turnover was 8.270,260 shares and paper values of various i quoted Issues were increased by a ! billion dollars. ... .. • . j. Tlie new lilsh speed..tickers Ini auifurated af^er the tremendous v ! bull markets of )92D nnd early 1930 This Is Federal Judge William ! w.iie bwjn'iinedi by orders i which Clark, whose relational decision j came into' the'inarket- At-' one tinio in n New Jersey case holding tlw they were running ten minutes ue- •ohlblllon amendment to the hind actual floor trading" a, group ••• Hi constitution Invalid was i att.T group of stocks-shot forward, rverscd In a umiulmous decision I There was .of course profit- tak- the Unlied States supreme court j (,, B but this served only to bring rfliy. ' j new buyers Into the market. All • * * ' i s,tcc:c cffcicd -was abslrted easily. ! Around nqon the tickers .were crowded uncl prices were at Ihe highest, of the day. The only group which, failed to participate largely were oils and ralb. but these, were not under ths previous close. . . Old Missouri i ing bill proposing ' an embargo j against imp art at ions cf more than i 10,000.000 barrels of oil a year? despite ihe decision of house leaders against, the measure. Asks Lobby I'robe Senator Davis, Republican, Penult !vani:i, 53ld today he had requested the senate lobby committee to make a thorough invest i?a- 5ix Year School Boy in Critical !i °» ° r Barges that a member"'oi J t\~o coTi-nlrv linj-l . or*r*aT\+n-1 n lar-nii torist, will probably be carried to! their home this afternoon. They julfered bruises and cuts with Mrs. White the most seriously injured of the pair. The victims of the hit and run motorist were unable to give officers even a meager description of the car which struck their machine. According to White, the car, equipped with powerful lights, approach- Ihe senate had --pccsptnl. a large ,ed them from behind at a rapid Condition'. "-Negro Held, -fum-of money from the head of. a | speed and side-swiped their nio. "' . domestic sugar concern during the [ chine as It passed, hurling them Paul D. Miller. six-ycar-oM son' consideration of the Ilawlcy-Smoot -luto _a _ditch. The big car never of W. H. he was struck by a car on Highway 61 near Concord, Mo., yesterday afternoon. Joe Anderson, negro, cf Gram) Rapids. Mich., driver of the car. is being held in Jail at Hayti pending outcome of the boy's injuries. The child, brought here suffering from concussion of the brain and n broken leg, had no't regained consciousness late this • tariff. son Miller, farmer of near conril-i "^ J 115 *- cfl Hed on Senator Caraway . n , , u f.' o? ihe .lobby commttiee," Davhj According [slackened Its speed, White told of- } Tnc Wal{ |,. 0 p fleers. Block Immediate Aclion on Bridge Bill; Liquor La\ 'Change Voted Down. I LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 24 (UP) — bm wh ] ch we , ; not call the committee together and lie said he would call it. at ten ' o'clock tomorrow." 1 "1 told him I'd furnish witnesses i ii he wanted them," he added. but had a lantern hung on the machine. A Cobb ambulance rushed the accident victims to the Blythfcvilk hospital. They will likely be discharged this afternoon. LEHDER KILLED to Death in Collision. Police Seeking Male Companion of Young Birmingham Woman. BIRMINGHAM, Feb. 24. (UP) — The mystery ot why Miss Helen Ne- smilh was left lying nude and unconscious near a burning automobile on a main thoroughfare early today sent police on a hunt for the man with whom she was believed driving. The girl, clad only In a string of beads, was found hi the street by ^^ _ _ _ pnssorsby who were attracted by I'Tccordtng to reports from Havtl [automobile driven 'by "her" daughter!. the flames. She was unabls to ell (h ; • '; Dorothy, 17. Memphis debutante.! detectives any of the events of the ; f l{ *, i 0 ,no row The ex- ' hind the negro's car, and witnessed j Ihe accident, stated this afternoon • — that it was entirely unavoidable. I jU V c Bradford I RWI Hnv According to the witness, the boyj DiaCHOrCl Laws nill darted oul Into the path of tre machine and the negro in attempting to miss the boy ditched his car. j Tlic boy. in company with his bro- Supreme Court Unanimous Reversing Jersey Justice's Decision. .ipheld the validity of the prohibition amendment todav. The court In a decision on a governmental appeal from the fa Police Guard Docks : as Longshoremen Strike NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 24. (UP) — The New Orleans waterfront was : under heavy police guard today to!-, lowing Injury late yesterday to' four persons in a series of. disturbances marking the first day's slrlke of V 000 union longshoremen. A negro and • a negro woman ,..,„. decision of Federal Judge were shot,, a white. man beaten and .... William Clavk of New Jersey, up- a negro • attacked as the striking . held in all aspects the ratification ! longshoremen picketed; the water- r.: ot the clnhloenth . amendment by front. . . • :'•'. '. .-.'-. ;•;': legislature!!. of the states,.,. - '. |...Only..wvfV;-.*.lryi-!Sf>^i'.<Mrgn«.V.'3 Justice Owen J. Roberts an- 'yesterday with two of 'them having " nounrcd the reversal of Clark's all men they needed. Longshore- .'. decision by n. united bench of eight men were being . • transferred -to ' members cf .the highest court In ' Elilps In the harbor today 'under the land. Chief Justice Huglies ; police guard. did not sit In this case. j — — Congress, the court ruled, has j n; the sole discretion as to whcthor a I U 'B constitutional amendment Is , to be ' rntllled by state" convention _or..t,he legislature. Ihe point at Issue was the contention that ratification' ot amendment by ' jaws milieu i n • n r 1 , ) A - L-i j Pneumonia Proves ratal Automobile „. . ,. . w ... , This Morning to Wife ot through the 'house unopposed, mi with a setback In the senate to day when tho slnte highway fore aligned thci.yelves Against '.i measure. ' Almost half of the morning se: slon was taken up with Ihe b which provides for refunding tolls of the Red River bridge- 1m- Ihe eighteenth ...-..-. .- provement district lo taxpayers state legislatures Inst:ad • of by Little River and Miller counties, I const IMlorml conventions was 1m-1 ™™ Debate on the measure will be j proper. '• continued In the aflernoon session. The bill providing for retirement of state bonds Issued by ceitaln street Improvement districts passed in the senale by a vote of 26 to 0. An emergency Pit Tower at Arkadelphia Crashes Local Merchant. ther. was walking home school. from ' MEMPHTS, Feb. 24. (UP)—Mrs.! : Bradford Laws, 50, prominent Mem- i Mrs. Merym Saliba. 45, wife of S. The child was given first nidi P-* social ma'™' and until a short ,GT'sa]lbaYd'i'ed~at "the family" home treatment by a physician and rush- : time B S° a r "ident of Cincinnati, | nt 9:15 ed to here. this morning. Death Hayti, later being brought | Onlp ' wtls 'n^lantly killed hers to-' resu i' ted (rcm pneumonia following . day when she was hurled from an She was taken to Hillman hos-1 ^ n , ccr ( a! , led pital suffering from alcoholic poi- • soning, the hospital reported to Coroner J. D. Ryssum. There was evidence of a struggle about the car, according to Delectivcs E. B. Lewis and- Abe Goldstein, but no trace was found of Miss Nesmlth's clothing; Detectives were unable to determine wheiher she had been thrown from (he car or hart fallen oul. The car bore a license issued to a Mo- oile woman. Miss Nesmith is the daughter of the late Walker Hesmtth, prominent in Birmingham years ago, according to relatives. act nature of the charge co',:!d not j a week's illness of Influenza. Mrs. Saliba had been a resident of this city for more lhan twenty years during which time she was I auto" w^lch-moe-d* w^hVLaws « abated with her hus into a storm sewer. H. I,. Estes, 30, driver of the Three Boys Promoted band in thj merchandising business here. The latest business ven- lure of Mr. and Mrs. Ealiba was a wholesale candy Jobbing house. The Salibas came to this country] e(1 to tnc uprool by calling Cannot: In 1808 from Syria, where Mrs. Sa liba was born. A short time after arriving in this country Ihey made their residence here. Three stepsons, Jim. Fred and Charlie Saliba, President of 'Virginia Cotton Mills Is Dead DANVILLE, Va., Feb. 24. (UP)— Harry R. Fitzgerald, 58, president of the Riverside and Dan River Cotton mills, whose 4,000 employes were on a strike- from Sep'.embor [ machine, was arrested and cr.arg- | ed with manslaughter. He was later rclcaf.od under $2,000 bond. | Police Commissioner Cliff Davis at Scout Honor Court i s""' lne dea& woman's daughter -; would be arresled after the fu- Trobp 31 of the Boy Sc-ut he!d' nercl of hcr IROther - N ° nc SM ' '•"a court ct honor last night j nltlcddent except II. H. Willis, a pas- whieh three scouts were promoted } ~ n s cr wit » Estes, but marks on and ten mr.'it badges awarded Ivyl (ne rain-coated pavement showed Crawford. Fl^yrt A. White E J ' both machines were traveling at a; thc ' attcr oi las Angeles, i>nd Hcaton and Sam Branch conduct-1 high rate of speed. 'daughter, Selma. survive. Funeral arrangements are incomplete, according to the Blytheville promoted to first class scout and Oodc-n Ramey received' promotion to the rank of second class- These received merit bridges: Jack Wilson, art: Hal Meow, bird > XD i O5 t on ear i v todsv ,-r C el;e.-l on! « H't P If d Auto clause was adopted. Much of yesterday afternoon was enlivened by clashes in thc house during the rdebate over the bill by Danley of Pope to make It a misdemeanor Instead of a felony to manufacture and sale ot Intoxicating liquor. The "booze bill," as It. was dub bed. was voted down 74 to 4. most of Its supporters switching to lhc ; ncgalivc side ol the ledger after the debate. Dunn? Ihe dobale on Ihe liquor measure Gannon, ot Hempstcad waived legislative Immunity in charging W. ;S. Alkins, chairman of the state Parole Board, with "selling paroles" from liquor convictions. Clayton of Franklin adU- Plenly of Voting But Little Violence in Municipal Contest Today. ARKADELPHIA,' Ark, > Feb. :24 (DP)—A CO-foot tower, of the Oua- chlia river plant of the Arfcadelphta and Gravel company was here late'- yesterday when a box car loaded with .tim- i ber broke loose from a switch engine and crashed Into the tpv;er. Loss wns estimated at f20,000. The box car was crushed when i 15 carloads of sand and .gravel hurtled to the ground with the tower. Clarence Hawkins, manager of the concern, left by airplane to complete arrangements for reconstruction of the tower. He satd the work would take about 30 days. Lynch Attending : Bankers Meetings B. A. Lynch, active vice president' of the Arkansas Bankers Associa- is attending three group ed the court. • I Hal Moore and Ralph Harp were! St. is Family Found _ , Un(Jertaking compnnv . Safe Alter Explosion ST. LOUIS, Ftb. 24. until last month, died at his horns here early today after a sudden heart attack. the fever. It wasn't long before they had secured a vaudeville engagement Which was but two years ago.j ~ „, .About a year ago. their stage] Woman Beats 1WO Men meandering! brought them to New' York. And last winter, patrons of a certain night club that happened So be getting ths swank trade found that small town Mlssslslppl gals could give the Broadway performers r. run for their . money. Whereupon Laurence Schwab, ot the firm Schwab and Mandel. happened to drop In on the club and signed the sisters up for "America's Sweetheart." for Little Rock Office LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 24, (UP)— Mrs. c. C. Connor defeated two ojijicnents In the eighth ward Democratic primary election held yesterday and will become the firs', woman alderman ever elected in Little Rock. She won over two men opponents. Ray S. Gibson and Ar thur G. Frankel. sludy; N. B. Menard jr.. and Bill McKen?.ie, civic: Hal Moore and x pi os ton early today oTechcd on! lm ^ c UP , ed 0 J. s , or y residence here' on[] a {aln( , f „ b ]iev£d buried _An •• Women Hurt When Luxora Cross Nsaring End of Work at Cooter COOTER, Mo.—The local chap-! ttr of Ihe Red Cross stales that; i Arrest Jobless Man LUXORA, Ark.—Sunday night a occurred en High- one mile south of Ford sedan driven and occupied by Will Victory. Florence Meaders and Mrs. Hardln, all of Luxora, •struck a parked car. The Hardln ,cnr was completely demolished and Mrs. Hardln's arms and shoulders it will no more applies-; Two hundred andi • TJ> 11 } n 1 Mrs. narain s arms ana snoumers in ninaenburg S ralaCC WC re crushed. She also surTered severe cuts and body bruises and her Alexander of Mississippi, speak- ig for the bill, took thc floor with the statement "I've never sailed under false colors" "I wish there never was nnolhcr drop manufaclurtd. bill we have Ihe law and the Volstead act. and the curse of th? country today is the prohibition amendment and the Volstead act. It has done more to undermine the country than any olher single piece of Icglsla- CHICAGO. Feb. 24. CUP) —A maximum of voting nnd a minimum of violence marked Ihe first half of Ihe municipal primary today as Chlcajoans cast their bal- ] lets under the watchful eyes of 70.- • 000 guards and the muzzles of police department riot guns. By noon the election board estimated almost 500.000 of the L™--j t i" n t "p'art of the state and is Irt 000 registered citl7cns had voted for T exarkana today. Tcmorrow he or against Mayor William Hale I wU , ^ at plne B ],.ff. In all meet- time in a mayoralty eting ,arn the sprn He was at Fort Smith Monday, j for the meeting of members in. blll. Under the a felony to even Thompson, who today threw hh po-. | llgs ne ls cne 0 ; i},.; principal lilical fortunes in the balance for E pj a j; er s as head of the association- Other meetings are to convene In thc state in March. the fourth race. Several Instances of irregularities In polling places were reported to the election board and all were investigated by flying squadrons touring the 2.087 precincts. Mother of Harry and ' Mai Daugherty Dies n drink away, but this new Despite live cases ( •nforces the law bet :r. Under Blrdsong. in the lions for fcod. fcrty-two fainilles are now recelv- employed man v:ho had been seek- tlon. I'm for this present law it is give bill enforces the law the bill you go to Jrvil for a year— In the penitenllary you are in usually for four months after becoming subject lo parole. i "My wife Is the bitterest enemy | of the liquor traffic there Is and) It's In her name that I'm voting for this measure." Evans of Pope, closing the argument for the proponents, brought laughter with Ihs remark he won-i Nine Smallpox Cases WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, Ohio, Feb. 24. <UP)—Mrs. Jane • f ^i T! • V ' Daughsrty, mother of Harry M. in LOUnty lillS Tear; D . W gh er t y . united States attorney. •' ! general in the cabinet of ".Van-art Despite five cases of small pox at] o. Hirdlng-. and Mai S. Dau?her!y. southwestern i died here "today. She was in her part of the county, recently, there' 95th year. have been only nine cases through- j cut Mississippi county since • health unit. SS Mai Daugherly Is on trial here defunct Ohio State bar.k of which he was president, All persons not having had the I disease nor having been vaccinated I are urged to bo vaccinated Imme dlately. BERLIN, Feb. 24, (UP)—An un- condition Is serious. Miss Meadcrs! dered "If the liquor law was en-;, i i u was cut and severely bruised, but I forced, how many men here now! LOS AngCICS Honors WEATHER ing Red Cross food Wanks weekly. Ing financial aid tn the palace cf her condition is no', serious. Neith- would not be In'the penitentiary| but there is a strong probability President Paul Von of the men was s-verely Injured, tomorrow. that the local chapter will ccaso was arrested lociay when h; point- The Hardln car was said to havol irsulng the blanks, March 1. This, eel a Ica-JcJ revolver at a detective been traveling at a high rate of j William Rittlnghuysen, a native ARKANSAS.—Partly cloudy and. coMer tonisht. Wednesday i ally fair. I would" nlaco scores of persons In in the receiving room. -f fWpmnnvl According to the official "t V ' erem0 "" observer. Chirles Phillips, thc mln- ~ : imum temperature here yesterday LOS AKOEliES. Feb. 24. (UP)— ; was « degrees and. the maximum .. ... . . . . „ .speed when the accident occurred.!of Holland, together with t h e Official trlbule was pjli by Los An- j 73 degre:":. cioudy \cith .03 Inch of this section on starvation, for there j Th? president's staff members d--; The impact was so great that Mrs. I printer, Willlr-.m Bradford, open?.11 geles. late yesterday to. Dr. Albert j ra in. On Ihe same day s> ysar ago n is practically no work for them tolclared thc Incident could not be re-'Hardln svas thrown about twenty- the first paper mill in America on: Einstein, noted German scientist.; the minimum temperature was 62 -I do before cotton chopping season,: gardcd as an attempt to asslssl- j five feet from where thc car stop-. Paper Mill River, near Philadel-jin a public which brglns about June 1. Inate the president. jpcd. 1 phla, In 1600. ceremony on the-steps';degrees and the maximum 73.'rts- of the city hall ' firccs; cloudy,

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