The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
Page 4
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FOUR BLYT1IKVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS TI1UKSDAV, SEPTEMBER 28, 1939 uji Aids lied Crass Work - COURIER NEWS COMPUMENTAKY .TICKET This Ticket Will • Admit A. L'. Talf £• Companion —1» lue— RITZ THEATER ta te^— "I STOLE : A MILLION" Social Calend'ar THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Koland Green entertaining former Wedncsda'y Contract club. Thursday Bridge club meeting With Mrs. Chtules Alford. Mrs. Ted King having Double Four Bridge club. Thursday Dessert club nioelmi; with Mrs. Dec Hammock. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Executive board, Woman's Missionary Union, meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs.'Theodore Lcgan. Benefit Bridge Party To Be Giveii By V. U. C. A benefit bridge party will lie given Friday, Oct. 6, by the Elliolt Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters of tlje Confederacy. It was dcclddd nt a meeting last night lo have Die party at the Country club at two o'clock. Table prizes and an attendance prize will be given. ~ FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Luxor a Has Ijisl in Scries Of Mission 1 Programs Tlie Woman's Missionary Union last state mission program yester- of the First Baptist clnircli had Its day aftcrncon after having met Monday and Tuesday also for similar programs. . , Mrs. W. J. Rodgers was leader ot , llie program on "Love's Three Fold lllsQ Save a repavi which revealed llarman Taylor nre spending loilay --• • • " " 1.^ rt ,, all increased nttr-ndum-/* nf '11 /..,M, ;.* Mo,.,,\Ht t . "1 don't know where it's comin' from, but there's ;\ draft on my neck-" Society — Personal Mclho(li:jl Mlu'loniiry Society logins Nc-.v .Mission .Study ! Mrs. Harry Worst-ley was hostty, 11} lln- nicuilicr.-,- of the Luxoin Metliodlsl Missionary Society In I lirr home at Rosa 'hiesday aftr-i- inoou. Nine mcmhcrs of the mis Eion study class heard Mrs. !3o<jan ; study leader, assisted by" Mrs W E. llcfid nnd Mrs. R. E. L. rjeni- deii, Jr., give- Interesting; discussions on tlic first and second chapters of the new study, "Throu-li Tragedy lo Triumph." Mrs. R. w. Thomas usct) as a devotional theme, "Our . Devcilort lo Iho Work Thai Christ Left in Our Hiimls." as (might tu ihe tenth chapier of Luke's gospel, Prayer wan satri by Mrs. Thouijs us the benediction. «'<\uin- (!lll-;s of Alcllioiliiit C'liiirih lloiioj- lim-iil lirlde Mrs. Lem Stanford and Mis ft. E. L. Beaixten were hoslesse, Thursday' evening at the Bearden home lo tlic members of "Tut Gleaners" cl.-iss of the Liixoni Moth: (list church in honor of Mib harold Smltji, a recent bride, avid tcncer in the. Junior Department of the Sunday School. Mrs, Charlie Thomas, president of the group, conducted a devotional before a business session W ns held din-jug which it. was voted Hint n monthly study meeting and social would he htld by the class. '1 he -'••-'•• "— — Ihitnm's leading lady lends her aid to the wounded of war Queen Elizabeth, right, visits Came Beryl Oliver at Red Cross hcad(|iiancrs in London. of "One Whose Theme of Life Was Love." The devotional on "Love for Our Fellow Man" was given by Mrs. Theodore Logan. Mrs. Hurry FYll- zius sang two soles, "Evening Prayer" and "A Little Bit of Love". Prayers were offered by Mrs. ,1. J. Ewlng, Mrs. John Buchanan, Mrs. T. H. Hayncs and Mrs. Tom W. Jackson. + • » Bits of New* Mostly Personal! Miss Anita Kuye Heck, Connie Mutineer nnd Barnes Cvonk SHEIU iii!j visited the Holland family her;'. Miss Jenny Wren Ulllulmmy and liouscguest, Miss Mnry Edwards, fli Yiizo: City, Miss., are spending to- ilay in Memphis. Miss, Kdwurds plans lo spend the rest ol the week Licrt 1 . Mrs. Frank Simmons and Mrs. D. Simmons spent Sunday In Joncs- boro v\'Hh Mr. nnd Mrs. Bliss Simuuns and family. Mrs, Joliu B. Lipm'tt and sou, tl They were "Uuddy", of Memphis, will rcuirn :.•>»'Slncv who^ Isi llolmi lomunuw - Mrs. Lippitl ami n iiTsnm.-in mere this year En' daughter, Ann, who hud been visll- roiJte home, (hey slapn'cd'in Mem-1'"'<>' Mrs - I - i l'l >lll '- s parents. Mr. mid phis to litnr Buddy Uoysrs' or-! Mrs - A - E - Huntli!)', 'lore lor three ^i.—i... ~i ,-._ —.• _ '. . weeks, rcUirned hriue Sundr.y, but , . . Mis. Unpttl came back yesterday for her son, who remained foii a Hewiie nnrt son. Bcmilc'riessicr '' j dren, Mary Paul and Dick Hollivml, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shane and " rc visiting Mr.-;. Whlll.niton's .1- (j daughter, Miss Pally, wilt go lo fnlll «'> V. O. Holland, nnd family 'Memphis Silnrday for llie°Uni- Mcre (cl ' two weeks. Mr. Whlttin?- icers and versity of Aikamss-Mlbsissippl! l011 hfts been transferred from from the state football name. Jonesboro to Miildcn wnovc they Mr. and Mrs. John and Mitchell Best, will iiUeiul 111? will join him. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lee, of Dycra- when they were entertained at the home of Mrs. G. G. Caudill. I rhl , (0 ,, ( , n .. p.,^.... ,,„„„„ m, were served at Ihe ±,^ at the ^V I ,m^ I ,t ° conclusion oi lac games in which I f.i r . mH | Mrs _ T E •i' nimc |. ,. f aiid Mrs. J. V7, Parker, scccmfhigh. M™ M£ "'"wert's 'visit* nerc: longcr'visiU Dahlias and other fall nowcrs clcco- -with Mr. Tanner's sister Mrs Dillv Mrs. Paul Wlillti rated the Caudill home. ' = - • -- '- J| Workers' Council , Has Uiimcr Mcelhif New teachers and officer, those who are retiring „ faculty of the Sunday school of the First Baptist church were honored at the. monthly dinner .meeting ol the Wcrkeis' Council Tuesday night at Ihe church. Fifty five attended the' dinner which was served by tlic'Beginncrs' department. Placccards were rtcco- rnteci with pictures and tlic word "Beginners" while inside a verse was written. The table was lighted by unusual tapers in the forms of apples, ' oranges, pears and 'other fruits. „ I t.v---. l»ll.-*.-j OUUIL" OLL'Yl'llS Ol W. L. Clark Jr., superintendent iCIarksdale. Mits and a uarlv of of the Sunday school, reviewed the j Irtrnds there paslj-ear's wcrkaiid presented! Mr. nnd Mrs. Bliss Simnrus ami plans for the future. Russell Ball, son. Billy, nnd Mrs lewi- Sim retiring association superintendent, mons. of Jonesboro simil veslcr- took the extension report. He has day here with Mr and Mrs >rmk hPf," siici-eded by Roy Porter. Mrs. Simmons, and family ' ' ' J. W. Shcuse, general secretary, Mrs. W. II. Mlnyurd ind Mr, to Mrs rne carried cut, by gi Smith, a cord ivhid Ihe liowc, liriiiB licr iit the end »l her journey lo :i spot where immy l.vely gifts | lac i tiKcn , J5 . ambled .-,0111 her friends ami co- uith three guests, Sara Langston. Anna Claire Wilkins mid Sara Poscy, enjoyed an outdoor parly Jrom four lo five-thirty o'clock Tuesday afterncon at the home of Games and contests were played after v.liich a nicnic Kiinni-r nf ccl. ¥ * .\ir. nnd Mrs. Will with briuesmalns grouped a v | s | t D f two weeks ' In I uv «™ Jonrsboro-Iiot .Springs football, burg, spent yesterday litre nith game in Jonesboro tonight. j *'rs. G. W. Djllalnuity and him- Mrs. H. A. Lynch is nb!e to (is' ">'• They were accompanied out aflcr having been ill at her by Linda Taylor, daughter of Mr. hcme, 1115 West, Main street. land Mrs. liurmau Taylor, who will Mrs. C. S. Stevens is ill al her home. 9C1 West Ash street. Mr. and Mrs. Charlrs 'Morchc.'td will go to Memphis Saturday for Ihe University of Arfc.insas-MI'-:- sifsippi gtflic fcottall (jamc. They meet Miss Sallie Stevens of . visit them there. 13. V. Jones of New Albany. Miss., attended to business here yesterday. HURRAV FOR YOU, GIVES A MAN A REAL LIFT WHEN HE'S TIRED. AND VOU CANY BEAT THAT Wti«E SO ABOUT UPTON'S_IT'S LUCK/ THAT IT COSTS SO LITTLE! LESS THAN ANVTHIN& ELSE WE DRINK EXCEPT WATER! RICH.SMOOTH FLAVOR! At The Hospitals \Yiills Imsgiital Henry Davis, Essex, Mo., admitted. Louise Hawkins. Manila, nd- miUed. Mrs. James Uarkstlale, city. »d- miltcd. Mrs. A. C. Earls, Lilliouru, ;\!o., admitted. John Marion Bruncr, city, dls- Mrs. C. B. Kcltinser nnd baby, city, dismissed. Mrs. Delia ....Her and baby, city, dismissed. Mrs. S. L. Was-stcr, Cooler, dismissed. Mrs. Elvis Lowcry, I'cacli Orchard, Mo., di:,mi>scd. IJlylliMlllr hnsiiitiil Mis. J. J. Mo; re, Number N'ine admitted. McmuliK ISaiilisI hnspita) ^frs, L J. llrowniug, Anuorel, ndinltlcd. John Shuck. Jr., Luxora, ad- carrird out, In the sandwich cut in heart and diamond shape. Coifec was poured l>y Mrs. Stanford. | fiaiilist MissKinary hincitly Obiervi-s Season ,,f Prayer • !n observance of the annual Ecf.oon of Pniyei- lor Slalc Caiiies an-interesting pioiinim was heard lit the meeting 'luesriay'afternoon of Hie Baptist Woman's Missionary bocici.v on "Love is Tim Tlieme". ihe compelling motive of missions Mrs. Ohnrlic Evans, in pre.reiu- ing the phases of "Love's Tlnco- Kilrt Ministry" Prcneliiue; 'leaclv- iiii;; and Healirig, was nsiislctl by Mrs. n, O. Wilkins, ilemtiomil lender, "Love in Three Phases" John J:)B; First John .|;19 ; ;1nc | Matthew -1:2^. Mrs. c. B. Wood spoke cu "The Preacher Enters Our Stale", and "How the Gospel is Preachfd Today"; Mrs. Charles Corkran discussed "Hcalin» All Manner of Disease"; Mrs. L. P. [-'lemming brought a message on ihc Unpllxl Orphanage at Monticello. Ark.; Mrs. .lotin Tluvcalt, talked on "Teaching The Dible an:l Training lor Clnircli Membeniliii)". Piaycr wns said by Mrs. W. L. Clark Mrs a O. Wilkins, Mrs. J. I. Mifflln, Mrs. Flcmming, witli ihe benediction said with silent prayer while ttin song "My Jesus I Love Thee" was ployed softly. * * C Mrs. I'cscy Knlcrlaiiis Sunday Sclinnl Class The members of ihc Junior Hoys' class of ihB Bupt-isl Sunday School, ° f Wr ' = ' lMo '»- irienus i-ruiiiy. aiic was accompanied Ironic by Mrs. liob Williams for a visit over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. John nines ami daughter. Helen, of Warren. Ark., have moved lo Luxora ami \vill inalie llicir home -with Mrs..,Hliies' .brother, Frank O. rtiiders, nnd family. Mis. Wendell Harris/ol Pigi;:tt, Ark., visited in the home of her father. Frank O. Anders Wednesday while Mr. Harris was attending to business matters at G'arulh- ersvllle. Mo. Mrs. lieury W. Kpunn and Miss Florence Hush left Wednesday night for Amarillo. Tex., whore Ihey have been called on account of Ihc Illness of their brother's wife, Mrs. A very Uuih. Mr. nnd Mrs. Rusii are former residents ol Luxora and their friends will regret lo know that Mrs. Rush's ill- Olivcs ci.kes and biscuits new lightness ners exlends over a pericd of eleven weeks. Mr. nn:l ,Mrs. Buford Thweatl were business visitors in Jonesboro, Ark.. Saturday. William Tluvcatf received word Tuesday of Ihe death of his bro- niebt al his home al ( Mr. and Mis. Lacy and faintly' lived in Luxora several years ago' when Mr. Lacy was engaged in fnc Bi'ccery business, Lacy and Spence. Mrs. II. U. Speiiee of 8icele, M:., is K sister of Mr. Lucy. Mr. ami iMis. Spence were also residents of Luxora at thai time. John Shuck, son of Mr. and Mrs. •John shiBl;. was rushed lo the [Haurist hospital Wcdiu'sciuy inorn- !irij for in emergency operation for I W. II. Dycss and Mrs. Ruth Gil- 'Uow are patients from Luxora at jllic Bnpiist Icspital, Memphis. I Mi. and Mrs. Willie Howard j ban as their yueaUi Sunday, their ! (laughter, Miss Dixie Howard, -ana ] iML-.s Margaret Bishop of Meinpms. Tiiey were nccDinjiained fto Liixora hy Miss Margaret Moflitt, who vis- iu« v.'ith home lolk, Mr. and Mrs. £,:>s Moftiu. ^flml'ocred among Memphis visitors this week are Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom McGarrity mid children, Mary lorn, and W. D.. Mr. imcl Mrs. Buford Thivcatl, Mrs. Henry W. Spanu. Miss Flcreucu Rush, Mrs. Willliim Howard, Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mrs: Maxine Mcllancy, Mrs. Sam Bowen, Mrs, PhHilu George, Mrs Russell Uowcn, Miss Eva George, Miss Mable George, the Rev. L P Fleiwnliig, Mrs. B. O. Wilkins, ap(i ?on, B. o. Mr. und Mrs, AUen Posey moved Wednesday into Hie Carl Usn- phlecfc home on Calhomi street Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith hud as their uuest for lunch Tuesday Melviti Pratt, president of The Continental Gin Company Birmingham, Ala. Burdette School fr7 Open Next Monday 'I lie .schools of the Uurdcttc district will open Monday for an ' ul I months term, it' was nn- nounced tcdsiy by S(ipcrlnlcnt|eni ti. H. Aulry. who also made public the new members of the faculty. All of (he white .schools of tins I'isUict- nre now consolidated at Eurdelte except for the Cote Ridge "tliool. u'liich has 50 pupils. There are approximately 478 who will en- loll at the riurdette school, Mr. Autry, who |5 beginning nls, 12(!i year as suijerintcndail and vhn is also n representative of) N.iyiiwipi Cctinly in the Arkan-, •as legislature, will be assisted by! Fay Eeyiiiotir as principal cf Ih'e iiigh school. I Mr. Sejmr.ur, a graduntc of Henderson Slulc Teachers collage ami ivlio has been leaching at Sandy Land, near El Dirado, Ark,, has' already arrived to take up his work. His home is at Arkaiielplna. Other new teacliers in ihe hlgli sehcoi will he Robert Taylor and Miss Tlorine Jordan. Mr. Taylor, who is a graduate of Harding col- j lege at gtarcy, has been teaching at Poj-on, Ark., and Jordan,, who finished her college work at,' Hene.'erson State cachers cpilcge, is frcm Magnolia, Ark. Other instructors in tlic Burdetl: school are: Mrs. L. H. Autry, Mrs. tern Callis, Miis Lois Fields, Miss! Edna Dccn, Mrs. Thomas Fondren, I Mis; Marj'orie Varner and Mrs.) Walter Hill. | Airs. Murvin Lane leaches all Cole Ridge. I here during iniiiinj operations was turned over by the finder who didn't like bones, to a Chinese miner. The Chinese didn't like human skulls cither, but something glittered through the eyeless s:cxels and lie look It down to the nenrby stream and washed it. The dirt about the skull contained an ounce of gold and inside the skull was a nugget weighing 10 ounces. Head Ccuricr News watil ads H APPY O " FREE DliUVKKY IU3 W. Main St. I'linne 15 APPY OOUR GRG.& Fresh psl SI or I (iii(iran(eocl Rest ['ric«« Kirlw Dm? Stores Nugget in Human Skull | RATTLESNAKE BAR, Gill. (UP) j —A human skull, unearthed near eayai TERMINATES M~ TERMITES : BRUCE-MEMPHIS .', J. L GUARD Optometrist Onty (.iniduate Optome trist in Blytheville. Glasses Fitted SAVE on HOSIERY Just Received 25 Doz. Pairs HOSIERY In the New Fall Shades $1.10 Hose But irregulars ['hone 2711 Aeruss the Street I'rom First National Hank THt OaiNIY COOHINt TA1 'Ol'i lOond^ul'" .Mcmpliix .Mcllioilist lir,s[iil,il Mi.s.s Lilly Cotner, fitcclc, admitted. Floyd Smith, Stccln, ndmutcu. TJERE'S why l.iptun's is A f ica's mosi popular tci: I. World-Fsmou, lull, neb, J. Ijnrf .-?DT , _• cious, flavorful bud?—give fragrance and bouquti. 3. Olitlrvtdvii «l?nd — wiib coce teas fiom Lipion's cmn Lcvlon gardens. 4. l«n«ml«l— you use ooj per cup-it's so cicb in Bavur. Pull the Trigger on Constipation, and Pepsin-izeAcidStomachToa When con .( i-.n l.rin^ on acitl iiuli - Kcslion, bl-Mtim,'. diKviiwIN, IMS coaled luiwic. stwr ln>te. .111,1 Ind!;. yr.:r ••'••"Mrh is prol>aWy liwilcd up ivilli rcr- nrnvc. Sci yoirtiKil'iSltKiSrtVj lirip ' st" 1 '-" 'I '. tril1 ' "'V'i^cd fcocl ii: Iht Irigncr u:i tlio.-c biy boiyi-lj. Sti i:'.-. :'i:<: yijiir bsjitivcatv) contains Ppiv-ir. : l.'r. (.;Md\v;-H'^ Uix;tli\ c, bci-iut;,- i!. Sciiin i»c«c»yc)!iriyr*-c!i.'tl'-i IWVL-I of I'tpJti ludi» : 'j|vii llwe liimri i f !!iiiligc,K<! nrotcn f'xxl vyliicli nay l:i« •- inVJtirs'.Diiiacli. locaii nbckli'iii- ej fr< iirulily niirl nan:*!. This h bow pcijii/i. ym;r ilniiBcli licli>« relieve it ofsucli ......tsi. At tbccaiuc lime Ihijincfiirhir \\;iktr^iipl,i2y ntrvt;iaucliuu:'.'!isin yr.ur bun ck to relieve your conbtip.uii-n. So vcc how tmicli iKilcr you feel by ukin? tii- uxatiM; Ihataho vmlsPcpim (•.-, \\,. r k on tlul fclomacli di-comfoit, l»i, liv k u fm- icfcy children lave lo tasto. lliii (il.M^ant lamilyhsativc. Buv Dr. CaK-<-eU'« Lix- alive—Se;ma witli Syrup Pepsin at your druggiit today! Consult KlUiY WEAVEK the COS SARD stylist . , . about . YOUR figure! Friday, Sepl. 29lh Oi'io Day Only '-ou-^:!] ibunif.utoris i:c J^ii.^t.cJ lo;.; ihc KV«I baJic Sgurc i',|X3. Winthcr you MC Jvciagc, ts!l or sKott, stnigh! cf hip or full hip, hfjvy cr thin AiiSS WHITSn r i'"S SHOP

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