The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 2
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BLYTHBVILLB COURIER NEWS i\y i, Coming Evepts^, } t ,.-,„. .», ' j FRIDAY? • i • . - t Mrs Chester Caldwell enftrtaln- Jlng Chapter "N" of P. E O, 2 ' Initial Club meeting with Mrs . Herm'an M*y. i 5 Mrs Robert Weedman entertaining G. N B Club ". Mrs. Ross Moore entertaining G ,N B Club .Mississippi County Council of f Parents and Teachere Tflll mett at ( Yarbro SchooK with reglstratUn at ^ 9-30 a m , progtam at 10 a in, j Hevbert-Senatbre' Rites ' Scheduled For Saturday ; The marriage of WAO Corp Laura Herbert, daughter of Mr and • Mrs William Heibert at Atchln^n, Kans, to Staff scrgt Eugene Scn- A galore, will be, solemnized Saturday j , i(ioin!ng-, 11,.0'cJpcK, at Blythcviile <i *-AimyMir iField chapel. '• •j rv Chaplain; George fMarrs »ill of- j "Jiclnte at'the xrvlre,'and tsn , , m,,.,jj PoffleJ-'wlH serve as or- Weds Navy Man The Lady Dunks , . , I?--The b,ride,-elect, to be.ghen In < '•marriage ^ by Lieut Dorothy \l Foworth, commanding officer of 1 the ,WAC detachment at BAAP, 5 will be^attended by WAG Pfe Jojcn , Bell as bridcsma'd 1 _ Staff Sergf. Jack Goldberg will , ^ervp^a? „••.„ j , Corporal Herbert enlisted In j'tMsrch 1943, and report 'n (Ills }j* field In July"from Wai ' ^Army Air Piejd In'clvJli&n , jj'iwas an employee, of Soutn\«n j S Bell Telephone Company In NISW 5 f Orleans « \t,\— •. \ 3 - Sergt Sena tore, son of Mr. and 'aMrs Joseph A „ Seriafore, 2000 Or- "t-sthcdox sl t Philadelphia, Pa, en} -^listed In August! 1942, and was or- ¥dered to BAAF'iihon completion nf j gbasicjrainlng. at Atlantic Glty <<& >,,'•' i £ Daughter Bom 'Monday i <? I >} Mr and Mrs L T. Ellis of Clear "Lake are the parenta of A daugli- „*« born Monday at Blytl^illo j; Hospital Therbaby has been named * Linda Kay . y. The Ellis's" have a son, Haimon, 1 WWllO IS 24 { *> * • » f>Biidge Luncheon Is Given , ^ £ Mrs W J Pollard entertained ™ >vith a. Valentine luncheon yester- ?«uay afternoon at her home on {* West Main Street, when she was ,', hosted to members of the Wednes•; day Bridge Club, of which she is ™ft former member, and to a fes> I ™ otlier gu,ests ^. The holldsj motif was cmpha- } —sized \\1th.tho use of tiny hand- I £made Valentine place cards which ( were used on the three small I -. tables arranged in tho living room I fj Fnllowlng the tno course lunch- j «t eonj-bridge Wplaied, \vith prizes I gof defense stamps awarded Mis I i, R Harry Kirby, and Mrs.. W H rtMinsard for high and second liigh *.. nmong club members, and to Mrs & Samuel P. Norris for high guest g Guests In addition to club mciu- ||bers included Mrs NOITLS, Mrs B ,;vA LTOch ( Mrs A. G Little, Mrs y Marvin Robinson and Mrs. noy C Harper % * * */ ' !f Ciub, Guests" Entertained ^. Mrs loj Welch and Mrs G E. ^ Keck played bridge, with members jSr of the Town and Country club scs- &ter<Iay when they were entertained Thy Mrs O W McCutchen at her J< home. 716 West Main, |» light refreshments ?,ere served t* during the gatrtes, and prizes neie E awarded Mrs McCutchen and Mrs B Welch for ulg« and second high C scores. ' r? ~ * * • j | Daughter Born Today Capt and-Mrs T M Loughery ar e the parents pf a daughter born Mrs. James David- Wldncr Is the former Miss Roste" Enochs, whose inarrlage was solemnized Tuesday night, Jan 9. Mr. Widner, pharmacists mate 1-c In tile Navy, recently returned to the United States nfter two years overseas- service. tills.morning•• nt Dlythevllle Army Air Field Hospital. The baby, their first child, has not yet been named '.',.• . •' Captali 1 Louglicry hns been Hta- Moned at thk local field for the past two ami ti.half years..He nnd Mrs, Loughery make their home .u 4 North 11 tlv St. _ 'Cream ^ Deodorant Stop Perspiration 1. Docs not irrinre skm. Doo not lot dtMKi ot men's shiiti. 2, Prcrcntj undtf r >rm oJof. Helps stop pctspirjtion wfclr. ; 3-. A'pnie.Wnlu.tnii^pti^ittiEty''' {- kssvjnilhins ctart. ":'.4; No 'Wiiitng to; dry. Cin be • •^v^-^uied'fifi^l *^^ ; shaving. ' '.• ». AwirdcJ Apfioyil 5til : of. ',- i -T Articritinltistitiitebftiun^cr." — hirmlcsi «n f*nc. Hit ' W. B. Nlchoisori, Philip J. beer, W. Nichols of >nnorel^ andi ix A'utiy of Burdctte,.ntt'eriti«l' the elliig of county superintendents ud principals held last night at Imwneo School, near Joiner; Mr and Mro. Rnlph Bcirymari nd children, Mary Siie and Billy alii, Have moved from tlie holisc 'ley ha\e teen occupying on East [nin Street to the home nt 1300 rest Henrii Street, which tliey re- njlly pilrchnsprt from Mr. mid J-S. U S. Jtaritah'. '.. ' II E Tliompson of Joncsboro; resident of Avfcnnsns State Col- ge, spent a ; brief time here yes- rdny as thfe pipst of Mr. nnd> n Samuel P. Norris: He wns eri nite to,Joiner where he wns.guest icaker. lost nlfiht, at tho 'meeting I Misslsslpol Cmmly Kiipcrliitcntl- nts and principals at • Shawnee chool. : Mrs. Alviri W. Moore Ims-rclurn- d to .WnMilii^tbn; D. C. where lie Is employed, after .wending a lonlh hire with hiir mother, Mrs. D. G. Monro nnd family. ^•^rs. Belle Wtipd Is convnlfsclng t her I IIDC nl 120 DmmnH, fbllow- ic a week's illness from a severe old. Bits of News Mostly Personal The Lady from Connecticut, Hop. Glare BbotliirLiice, dunks a doughmif at an Informal port? given by ,6th Army G. I/s for Congressional delegation visiting • ..Italian front. Fire libss Here Totals $31,054 .During Past Year BlytKevilley fire' loss, during 1944 was vcry^ low, according to' Fire Chief HOyVHead' who eBtimated losij of' $3I,954;lO'-in'the' 178 rtihs Wade' Here. Despite' inoreawd. flro hazarts, dhe to Sorivcrsion of gnragcH, nU 116. and : servant, qviartcfs into torri- rofiiry fiohflM foV the Increased popuiatlort,', loas from fires'- uiidcr these- causee wns riot great; he Ikilrtted o\lt. There were no fires wttlv loss estimated 1 nl more Uiiin $6000. Largest loss was"- the residence of Mr. and' Mrs. Daihori' Mcteoci whe« : the- si)i-room framo house nnd most o[ Its contents were de- strby«l ! recently. Largest fire In the business BCC- tlbh was tlie 8. Joseph Tin Shop with- ttic building and equipment damaged, several thousand dollars worth, it was ,said. ' • There wns nn. increase in runs over 1843 but losses were less wllli 1B7 runs in t.t'm rtrevious year for losses of-$47,415.20r Lawest record In recent years Kidneys Bring 'At TTiP Hncnif^lc Rlyllicvillc llospllal .dmitled: Jolin Hcovcr, city. Mrs. Robert Monjnn, Mnnlln, Wnlli Hospilal Dismissed: Mrs. Mclvln Cinrk, Cooler, Mo. Mrs. C. O. SilDVcr, clly. L:-R, Mtitlhews, Ynrliro. Mrs. ^ft!dec Long nnc! baby, city. Lucilo Rickclts, city. Tired Ki Often Sleepless Nights Doctora B^y your kidneys contain IS r»H« of f i ny lubes or fiHcis w] ilcli help to pui ify Ihe falcxkl nnd JtMp you healthy. Whco (hey get tired nnd don't work ri«ht In the daytimo, nmny people ]ifive to tctup ]\if*Ula. I'rdiuent or scanty pnRsnyea MitUstLiarUngrindburnlDE Boniclitites BlmMs liiero U eoineihinB wrotiR w»tli your kidneys or bhiMer. Con't neglect lliia condition nnil I«o valuable; restful sleep. when tiliortler ol kidney function permits Iioi30nDU3 mn«€r to remain in your blood, it may rvlso cause naEKiiic baclincitc, rlicum-itiii pnins, KK pains, la® cf per> ntul cnt-rrj-, BVTcLlinjt, putKnwa under tha cyca. headaches nnil <hzimr53. ^ Don't waltl Ast vour dni^RUt for T>u*n'4 nll3,ufiCd&ucco«ifully bymilliona [or over -10 y«irs..T(icy C ivo hxppy relief-niul will help tho In miles of kidney tubes flush outpoison> AIM waste from your lilotxi. (Jet Down's 1'illd; NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LIFE STRIDE SHOES I'M WATCHMG STEPS Your pcrsonaliry mcrgej triumphan, from a blending with the practical'*, tiff. Stride lakes this dressy, bjlloor, phtforn, SM dal and thoughtfully tempers the heel height to give you efficiency plus femininity. A go-auywhc:e, step lively shoe. la r Fashion Fresh The Family Shoe Store 312 \V. Main Boyhood Friends Meet As Sailors:" . At Pearl Harbor Blythevillo sailors; pals ince early childhood, recently met t Pearl Hnrbor, according to a nessngc received by their families 'ore. Cecil W. Hansard and Max Webb joth seamen l-o In tlie Nuvy, Havi, •cen pals since early childhood,' (tended school together and took/ heir first- Jobs at the same plae«, Cecil beoohle a sailor two' rthd hnlf yrar* ngo, while Max' re-- ently completed his 20th: month' f service, nnd^ during this tinte hey 1'iave ilever been- fortunate' nougli lo meet until they riiri nto one anothei- ftt Pearl, Harbor, iotii boys- hiive spent prtictlbally heir entire- ,tl:nc- oyetseiui- since ntering the Navy. .'•'.- . .* The boys' parents, Mr. and: Mrs. larence ^Vcbb and, 'Mrs: Willie' Vnrrcri, llyo'.ne'xt dc»r;'.to o'nc- ari-- thci-, on South 17tH Street.' • ". Vlusie Lovers ;-.;• D lanTd:Hear ' leonardr Warren •':' A number of; Blytheviiic lovers t.i lie presented by Leonard Warren, baritone ol (he Metropolitan Opera Company. _ : Having become nationally known jti music -circles during the past year, his programs arc receiving- highest praise by the press and other critics. ' One of the numerous Metropolitan stars .who sang In Chicago just Summer, during the special program*' sponsored by that company, he ' was acclaimed by the large audiences. ; Among the better, known operas in which'he' has sung, are "Uiclfl 'do Larhrriermoor, 1 ' "The Masked Ball," "Tiavlata" and. "Falstaff." TJic program is to be presented at Arkansas State College under sponsorship of the Music Department there. Included In- those going from- Blythevllle arc Mr. an'd Mrs. Partner England^ Mr.- and Mrs. C. W. Affllck, 'Maji and Mrs; E.. D. H. Maddox, Lieut, Earl Knuffman, Mr, and' Mrs. Noble Gill, and 1 Mr. and Mrs. J: Wilton Henry. f. E, Hawkins Dies In Chicago yesterday i E; E.- Hawklns ( farmer living- east 'of Higluvay^Ol In Missouri.near. Ihe Aikansas'linp, died yesterday in Chicago; He-was 50. ' . Long-Ill,' the World- War I vet- erftn-was'-rcmbved'tb nines Veterans .Hospitali ai diagnostic center, where i .'flic bddy : will arrive hero tomorrow morning with Cobb-Funeral Home in> charge of arrangements. PTA Group Will Delay Meeting Set For Friday' The meeting', of Mississippi Coiin- ty council of Parents and Teachers, scheduled to be held tomorrow at Yarbro School tins beeii cancelled at (lia request of (he County Board or Health, It was announced today by Mrs. Jesse M. While, council jresidcnt. Duo to the presence or a num- _r of cases of spinal meningitis In He vicinity of Luxora and Victoria, ir. E. C. 3udd, county lienHK of- Icer, Telt It advisable to avoid any ongregating of a large group of ersons. Mrs. White today stated that the nnuarj' meeting arid (ho next -etting, scheduled, for April, will e combined, with a definite date o be announced later. ! Film library, Biuy, : : BOSTON (ilPl—Boston University's films llbrnry served npproxi- jf- rnuslc' plan., to. go-, to' Jonesfiow-J™>%- 1-600,000= children, .with vls- bmon-ow niht- for >^ r — '• -T- ' -'—-' iin! library consists' of- about 2,000 was In 1941, when losses totaled: films, and-, also- Includes radio- pro- only $21,436. '>' gram recordings; for-classroom use: Phone 2342 (ir MAN* CRITICAL ITEMS that Will Go Into Stock SATURDAY . . . Watch For Complete Listings In Tomor- row's Courier News. ~? . . Get the HabitrMIome.tb Fritzius First! FR if ZIPS DRY GOODS, NOTIONS and GIFT GOODS 2020 W. Main • ' Phone 949 KEEP YOUR Fo/tew Health's Golden Rules! • Have your ( docior check you oven avery six months. •. Study home first-aid; Be ready for emergencies. v i • Prevent accidents. Work and play: carefully.. •, Keep warm, RuWiHe up when it's cold'indoors or out. • Donlt be: a germ, spreader. Stay homo when y'ou'r« sick, • Relax in. off hours; Budget a . part of every day f6r play. ' Grave's DEFENDER MULTIPLE VITAMINS . . . The--identical-Multiple.Vitamin that is issued to American Soldiers,' 1,25 GLASS BOTTLE OF 48 CAPSULES 221 W, Main Phone 507 CARD OF THANKS • We wish to express our apprecla- !un to nil our friends who showed nnch kindness during Ihe illness nd dealli of our Jnisbnnd nnd u-otlicr, N. M. Moore. Mrs. N. M..Moore . -D. M. Moore . ; Mrs. C. S. Corey. Read . Courier, News Wont. 'Ads. FIGHT MISERY where you feel it-rub throat, chest arid lack with time-tested Choose Your VALENTINES While stocks arc new and complete! Priced' JOc to ?1 The Gift Shop Modern A AnUqn* Gift* MOSS BRYAN . ' ' ^^^^^^^^^•••••••••PMM Clfl Continuous Shows Every Day Box- Office Opens 1:4!i Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN :00 a.m. 12:15 p.m. 4;JO p Thursday and Friday #• * -K flatting ^GEORGE RAFT - VERA7.0RINA - ^^,, ^ JEANETTE MacDOhVU) \ ra ., /f . + ORSON WELLES M llffV, . MARLENE DIETRICH' •Jt DINAH SHORE DONALD O'CONNOR *• PEGGY RYAN W. C. FIELDS * The ANDREWS SISTERS <> ARTUR.RUBINSTEIN -K CARMEN AMAYA A ° S. FREDDIE SLACK, ^ CHARLIE SPIVAK, LOUIS JORDAN ond Iheir O/chcifros -H Sophi* Tutfeer. Delta Rhylhn Boys Gaufin'i BtUUaym Groce McDonald -)( Ooiley GiopeWIn ElizoCelh raltmon ( OloV!« Bu»*rwor(h Merttia O'Dimoll ^ Mnye Koienbloom »e B l«Toomi r VflJ Directed by EDDIE SUTHERLAND Prod«Kj by CHAJtES K. FEID^N Ai:oo'o:o PrcoVct AlBEtr L KOCKEIT A UNIVERSAL PJC7USE 1C Panvmouiit News and Selected Short Subject ROXY ' Matinee* Sat & Sun Only ' Opens each night 6:45; starts 7 Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:15 Continuous Shows Sat. and Snn. Bargain Night Every Night Except Saturday. No passes honored on Sunday at the Rosy. Thursday and Friday TilUHSUAY, JANUARY 18, 1915 FEINBERG'S Storewide Continues Through Jan. 27th Our policy is nph to carry over any merchandise from one season to the next. Therefore every Win- ter garment will be sacrificed to make room for our new, nationally advertised spring lines; FAI-,1',. AND WINTER COAtS- Pittcd- and, Loose styles, odds and: ends,, broken: sizes. Values from 10.95 to 19.95 WINTER GOATS All 1 , newest materials, styles and colors. Fitted'and' 1 loose styles. Fur Trlmme'cfanpy untrimmed; Group also includes ' Wool' Plaid'and Corduroy reversibles. ' • Values, from 24'.95 ib 29.95 Natioririlry Advertised Coats InLtrils groupiyou'll nrid some of our, finest: Nationally Advertised lilies -^ Kenmore, Colby Classics; 'Mary ; Lane, Doririybrook' and: Abbmoor.. . Values from 3J.50 (o 30:95 WINTER SUITS A nice selection of Tweeds, Glen Plaids, Checlp and: Stripes: Many are 100%-jall .1 wool::Sizes 10 to 18. Values 19.95 to 22.50 ADVANCE SPRING StFITS In this group you'll' nnd advanced styles in pastel shades, also navy, black, brown and red: Sizes :10 to 20. ' '. ' ' Values 24.50 to 27.50 $ 16 ' Selected Short Subjects ion f ;» ALL WOOL SUITS : An astonishing selection: in- green, lilac, powder bhie,- gold, red, grey, brown, black and navy; , . ' . : , r VaJiies 2D.50 (o -frl-M -•. $ 20 DRESSES OUTSTANDING DRESSES A wide range of newest materials, colors and styles, in all sizes. Values to 9.99 AMAZING DRESS VALUES An outstanding group of Dresses that you will be amnzert to see ai (his price. Tlie intest styles, materials and colors. Values (o M.05 Nationally Adverlrscd Dresses Our entire winter stock of some of our finest nationally advertised Dresses such as Evelyn Alden, Dandy, Darlene, Laura Lee and Louray. Values (o 18.95 $ , NO EXCHANGES—NO REFUNDS NO LAY AW AYS—ALL SALES ARE FINAL All Other Winter Merchandise Reduced FEINBE Fashion Shop 315 W, M» In Phono '2221

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