The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on December 22, 1922 · Page 9
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The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1922
Page 9
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.HE EVENING NEWS. WILKES-BARRE, , PA FRIDAY DECEMBER 22. 1922 THEATRES At The Capitol ? .Amusement lovers were greatly . piawa witn tne splendid vaudeville J and picture program presented at .," yesterday's matinee at the Capitol. "The Old Timers," staged by Don Marlon, famous burlesque star and James Madison, headlines the varie-. ty bill. The act lsJ made-up entirely - or oia-time celeDrlUes who are the , very essence of versatility and etlU r: iwsin inose remaraaoie entertain - ing qualities for whin tbey were ';. noted when father was a boy. Dan Barrett, a member of the company ' was and still is one of the best danoers on the variety stage and at (; the are of some se vejpty odd years ... his pedal extremities ar as nimble 4 If not more so, than ever Josephine eaoie, who was at one time an an - nual visitor in this section in tb wennett-Mouiton Comic Opera Com pany, and. later one of the toasts of RAPITOL TODAY.' AND TOMOHROW Vaudeville: 2:45. T, "None Just as Good" "The Old Tuners" Pioneer stars of the variety stave when father was a boy, including Josephine Sabel, Dan Barrett. Andy Gardner, West & Van Slclen, Rube Walman. The Bob Pender Troupe Bring the Kiddle to See . "The Glut Rerae" Three Other Feature Acte Picture: 4, 6:30, 8, 10 Elsie Ferguson rourcAsr The Season's Best Production New Tork at what was In those days , the leading American vaudeville house, Koster and Bials, was a huge suooess with the entire audience. Andy Gardner, for fourteen years ehlef comedian with Miner's Bone mlana, and at one time with Ous Hill, now. one of America's richest managers, plays his original character of Patsy, the office boy. 3. Royer West and Ida Van Slclen. are a well known team who have Ions; been together. Mr. West was with- the fa mous Buffalo Bill snow ana drummer boy In the original Cowboy Band, later touring the eountry with Tony Pastor's road show and other companies. Miss Van Blclen's career has Indeed been remarkable. She has played In "Faust" the role of Pauline Bonaparte with the French society actress Mile. Rhea, with Richard Mansfield In "Richard Jit ', with Nat Goodwin, and finally surprised the vaudeville world in a musical act with J. Royer West. Rube Walman, the "baby" of "The Old Timers." and world famous whistler. Is convincing- as the thea trical booking agent. The remainder of the clever bill includes New or Hippodrome's comedy success, "The Bob Pender Troupe," constating of eleven comedy artists. Princess Nsi Tal Tal Is a delightful royal enter tainer who sings American songs and alves her impressions or me American girl. Lewis and Refers, and Stanley and Alva, round out the bill. Elsie Ferguson is supers in ner greatest picture to date, "Outcast," an adaption of the stare play In which she starred In 1114. David Powell and Mary McLaren, also have Important roles in the cast. Make an effort to see this picture, it is a real holiday treat. At The Grand SAVOY PHONE 622 todAt and TOMORROW The Picture That Every Mother, Father and Child Should See , - ins :'k.'-: M7 BOY iUO OOHKDY KBWS Special children's matinee, 10 a. m to o p. m. Admission, it cents POLL'S Barnum Was Right ANJ .THE LIVING FREAKS INCLUDING THE GREAT ...-: n- FOUR OTHER ACTS PUNCH AND JUDY SHOW SATURDAY MATINEE FOR THE KIDDIES . CONTINUOUS SHOW MONDAY ON ACCOUNT ,. OF v - .-. , CHRISTMAS ... THE NESBITT PRE-HOLIDAY. ATTRACTION " PAUL'S PLAYERS : Present "Greeting Gertie's Garter" V Roaring-Farce of Good Nature SFICY. SMART, SNAPPY . Matinees Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday ' s "Just the Plaes lor .Rest for the : Holiday BhoWers Coming "Shore Acres" Twice TWay TwW Satmreay ' Tt WMeM m' i wH pitaaaaa AtlHM ,aa the wsaSer A La Carle" Nezt Week "Hell Jake, Olrie" A special aldlh skew will fce gtrrm New Y ear's. It will atart mt ISiM a. aa. Jam. 1. Get yew tlek-rts aw.' : v.- All Old Dances , TONIGHT . ; IIAKPTON HALL D?or Prizes Two - Turkeys "Lola In Love" Eddie Garvle, who comes to the Grand on December 28 for an engagement of three days in F. C. Cop-pious' production, "Lola In Love," a comedy with music, has a few secrets for remaining young and keeping; happy. "I think," says Mr. Garvle, "the reason that actors keep thejr youth longer than most people is that theirs is a particularly well-balanced profession. The average actor In the average part is Douna to get just about the riant proportion of physl pal and mental exercise. His many exits and entrances and other "busi ness" contain aulte as much rood ox erclse as golf or tannla. The best physical culture I ever had was in a play some years asjo In whloh I ran a race and did other things that kept my muscles constantly in action. And on the mental aide the player must perforce keep his brain par Ocularly active." At The Poli acting of Jackie, It contain a plausible, coherent story whloh ses full sway to Jackie's talents and furnishes excellent entertainment. It Is a constant delight to watoh this little hlstiionlo genius at work, H registers all the emotions, from grave to gay, with a punch that pulls at the heart-strings of the spec tutor, no matter how young or old, whether naive or blase. At The Nesbitt with all the afenosplro of the side-show or annex the lobby of Poll's theatre yesterday was a reminder of the sTunmer days. The banners and side-walla depict the freaks and ourloelties that are being exhibited the final three days of the week In the vaudeville feature entitled "Bam am Was Rig." This vehicle Is made up entirely of circue freaks and curiosities who during the hot weather months; are carried throughout the country and shown under canvas as part of the circus In the smaller tents and these asms unusual human beings are aai bled for the winter months by a big vaudeville producer and arranged for a regular tour of the Indoor amusement theatres. Thev - at' traoted plenty of surprise and won derment yesterday at the South Main street playhouse and will con tlnue to do so during the remainder of their stay. . Many followers and devotees of the circus or side-show each year undoubtedly were of the opinion that the human what-ts-it, 'Zip, was dead. However this nil. man curiosity is much alive and looks not a day older than he did thirty or more years ago when he is first shown by the late P. T. Barnum' and was labelled every where as the missing link or what Is-lt. The same millet-shaped head with the tuft of hair at the crown and the hawk-like nose continue to be the unsual marks of thto freak and with the squinting eyes none can help but recall his original trip here and wonder at his physical ap pearance as he was looked upon yesterday. The other freaks Include the fat girl weighing: 410 pounds and singing a ' song and doing some dancing; the human sliver, while comedy touches are furnished by the bearded lady and the grown together twin contribute songs, violin playing and dancing. Other enjoyable acts of the same show are given by Bernard and Betta, su preme xylophonlsta; . - Green and Burnett blackfaced comedians; Ml rnonette Kokln and Company In delightful dancing creation; Holland and Oden with songs, chatter and dancing. Harry MacDonald and his Callfornians will be the added fea ture for both shows to-night David Butler Is featured in "According To Hoyle, the added attraction photo play and the Poll News shows the world In motion at each perform ance. . "-i :' Those who fall to attend the performance of "Getting Gertie's, Gar ter.", which I being given by Paul' Players this week, will miss the laughing sensation of the year. , This farce has been the greatest success of recent years on Broadway. There Is no villain, no problem, no triangle, no affinities or anything else to think about, all you do Is to sit back your seat, and no mater how bard you try you are bound to roar at the absurd situations and the queer plac ing of the characters In relation to each other. Paul Donah, Hazle Bur gess and Adrian Morgan all have lm portant roles In the farce and they play with the mock seriousness that emphasises the frivolity of the pro ductlon. Manager Paul Donah an' nounces as his holiday bill next week. beginning with a special .matinee on Monday, the standard rural comedy. "Shore Acres." which James H earns wrote and appeared In for many year. At The Majestic Pretty girls, tuneful muslo and delicious comedy features, "Girls la Carte," the current burlesque at the Majestic theatre. It is an ex ceptionally ' fine production, being mounted on a scale larger than usual It Is offered by a galaxy of principals. Next week's attraction will be "Hello Jake Girls" with Harry Fields and Dlxey Mason. There will be a spe rial midnight show staged New Year's morning- with "The Monte Carlo Girls" as the attraction. The special show will start at It: 01 o'clock on January 1. Tickets may be secured now. HARRY FULLER ATWOOD SPEAKS AT SEMINARY Students of Wyoming Seminary assembled in Nelson Memorial Hall, yesterday afternoon, beard a master ly address on "The Constitution of the tJnited States" by Harry Fuller Atwood, prominent Chicago attorney. The lecture waa given under auspices or the Kirby Foundation and was attended by a large number of outside visitors. The republicanism form of govern ment and tne pure democracy were compared In the lecture and a dear Interpretation of each and what it stands for was given the large audience. Among other things, the speak er said that socialism never touched anytcuur but what it paralyzed. Tne speaker at yesterday's meeting ls the author of several books among; them being "Back to the Republic "Safeguarding the Constitution," and "Keep God In American History." Attorney Atwood cave an InsnMnr talk to the student body In the local high school d urine chanel snrnTnlaa mis morning. At The Savoy If "My Boy." Jackie Coosan's star ring vehicle, which is being shown tp-day ana to-morrow at tne savoy, does not break attendance and box office records at the Savoy, predictions of critics will fall. This As sociated First National attraction la one of the finest picture it ha ever been wuKes-Barre s good fortune to see on the screen. In addition to the Terrence J. v Tracey School of Dancing Over The Orpheaaa Theatre Instructions In the following: Toe. Orisntal, Russian, Classic. Popular, Modern. Polk, Exhibition, Step and Stage ' dancing. "if. Children. Saturday afternoon - and by appointment Adults Thursday and Friday evenings and . Py . appointment. BU Tela M-j Plysseejtb HER RHEUMATIC ACHES ARE NOW THING OF PAST Hasn't Scftered From Rheu matism Since She Took J Tie Plant Juice EVEN DOES HOUSEWORK "I suffered so fcadly from rheumatism that I had to walk with a cane but since I have taken Plant Juice all the rheumatism has left my body o that I can even do my housework and my washing now and I surely feet good about It," said Mrs. it S. W:- i $ !"" X 4i . , . ..... ...... I Stocks That Hi is BENESCH & SONS OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS rre4'-rirv, j w4 r: ,1L Tin . HP! TTI ITk ave Met ine Heaviest raaffiiQ Still leave Splendid Choosing At NEVER BEFORE IN THE LONG BUSINESS HISTORY OF THIS ORGANIZATION has there been suck a tremendous and widespread demand for BENESCH & SONS' Christmas merchandise at during the past weeks Hand 3. MRS. WILLIAM Ew GISE i William E. Olae, of 641 South Twenty-ninth street. Paxtang, Pa, aurina; a recent conversation wtth The Plant JTuloa Man. "Those awful rheumatio Mini came In my back across my kldnevs and In my llmfaa, knees and ankles. got so bad off that I had to be helped In and out of bed and I had to walk with a cane. I also suffered from Indigestion and I had to be very careful what I at or gas would form In my stomaoh and make me bloat terribly. I slept poorly and sometimes during the night I would wake up and feel so short of breath that I thought I would stiff oca'e. I had poor blood circulation and was In such poor condition that It was out of the question for me to do my aouaewora.. "Plant Juice has simply made an entirely different woman out of me. Since I have taken Plant Juice all the rheumatism ha left my body. and I ao not nave an acne or pain. hav a good appetite. eat . lust about anything I want and do not suffer from gas or bloating. My nerves have been quieted so that I sleep soundly at night and. my liver, kidneys and bowel are work ing properly. - I first heard of Plant juice by reading the , testimonial In the papers and so that Is why I am giving this statement for publica tion because I want to help ethers In the same way and I believe Plant Juice will bring others the same results It did me." Plant-Juloe 1 snM 'in Wilkes- Barre at H. C. Kennedy's Cut Ttate Store. 6-68 8. Main street; in Ed. wardsvllle and Kingston . by. T3. C. Masanowaki: In Plymouth oy ft. D. Wlllinr-.- In ptttiton by Dorr & Casey, it S, Main' street. Notwithstanding this unprecedented selling, stocks are still remarkably complete, showing in what imrnmse quantities) this store ?7 procures its goods. Scores of articles to completeyour shopping Est, are still here. AN ArrKUrHlAlc. REMEMBRANCE FOR EVERY- i f BUY NOW AND PAY LA ILK, INEAl TEAK, wntn iuu art, adixi a-j ONE on your list MWMWWWMWWMWWWVM1 SI $1 XMAS CASH COUPON Entitles holder to a full CREDIT of $1 on and purchase of $10 DECEMBER 18th to DECEMBER 23rd INCLUSIVE. ONLY ONE; COUPON ACCEPTED WITH ONE TRANS-; ACTION. ! $2 XMAS CASH COUPON Entitles holder to a full CREDIT OF $2 ON; ANY PURCHASE OF $10 and not exceeding $20 December 18th to December 28rd! inclusive ONE COUPON ACCEPTABLE; WITH A TRANSACTION. B3 XMAS CASH COUPON Entities bolder to a CREDIT OF $8 ON PURCHASE OF $20 and to exceed $80 and ;a pan payment on larger amounts DECEM BER 18th to 28rd INCLUSIVE GOOD! WITH ONE TRANSACTION ONLY. CHRISTMAS MUSIC DELIVERED UP UNTIL CLOSING This Emerson Console Design and Six Double Face Records, $125 Value.,. i 0 RIGHT B TIME! L n $98.50 f Saturday Special $3.25 TEA KETTLE AND BOILER COMBINED l.E FOR .............. M.OD Most remarkable price en the most remarkable PURE ALUMINUM PIECE you ever saw. Just 800 will find happy homes at this figure. Double service in one piece and that of glistening ALUMINUM NONE DELIVERED NO PHONE ORDERS. This Victrola Console Design and'Six . Double Face Records i Exactly as illustrated here graceful, artistic design in MAHOGANY - iJL finely, finished plays all size and make records loud, swnet and dear f"f TERMS $1.60 A WEEK Al C 1 n n $164.50 A popular model for home use highly decorative as - a furnishing SELECTED MAHOGAN YOR ENGLISH BROWN finish large size elaborately finished choose the six double records to suit 7onrown musical taste TERMS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS. 3 VICTROLA STYLE 100 AND SIX DOUBLE FACE RECORDS $154.50 Tall cabinet style at here shown rich Mahogany or English brown nickel plated trimmings large ALBUMS OF EVERY KIND end else make Ideal i Wte eur stoek I oom-4ete. Why net give your musical friend ene fer Christmas? record compartment mag- tone plays all sue records, YOU nificent size reo SELECT rou MAY The twelve DIFFERENT SELEC TIONS (SlX)RlDCORDS YOUR TO SUIT FANCY- OWN OUR TERMS WILL PLEASE hi Design and Six Records $104.50 A new model a very popular one Exquisite Mahogany plays all size records with great' brilliance and Bare sweetness -r- SIX DOUBLE FACE RECORDS GO WITH THIS MACHINE VICTROLA VI DOUBLE FACE RECORDS 7'7 $39.50 ; . . . ' :. i tertainer is ttes VKtroia in OAK case, nickeled parts and size records CHOOSE' SIX . BLE FACE RECORDS , ll-A-WEEKi f Jjfj K f 585 Ariette With Six Double Face Records $79.50 A tall cabinet design of fine finish in RICH MAHOGANY plays all size records here is a splendid outfit at little cost choose your own six records (twelve different selections). $125 WEEKLY ALL XMAS DAY THE VICTROLA WILL PLAY ! SO WHY NOT HAVE NEW RECORDS? Come here, choose any records that please your musical taste best PAY US 25c A WEEK AND YOU MAY TAKE HOME TEN DOLLARS WORTH for Christmas day enjoyment end for long evening pleasure all winter. Latest Records O I HE (E1MTI01USE ;0F RI ! I 32-34 PUBLIC SQUARE WILKES-BARKE, PA. ! MEN ARE JUST AS . VAIN AS WOMEN, SAYS PHOTOGRAPHER London. Dec. 22. No longer need men smile smugly and derisively to themselves, when they catch their womenfolk tldlvatine and "making up", before the mirror, for, in the Opinion of Walter - Stoneham, who has photographed more than 2.900 famous British.- people, from King George downwards, .. and altogether some 25,000 others, '. mostly men they are quite as vain as women. In a lecture to the City of London branch of the T. M. C. A. he gave some Interesting and amusing anecdotes culled from his many years experience as a society photographer. ' , "What would you think," he aski ed his audience, "f you opened a dressing room door one morning to find within the high officer whom you were about to photograph standing in front of the mirror removing the curling pins from his mustache? - - "Men talk about their women folk touching up.' etc., but I can assure you that men are just a bad." Referring to th famous -people that he had photographed, Mr. Stoneham said that best of all sitters waa Mr. Lloyd George. Cffle must admit that his vhk the face of a genius. Althou.thhe has photographed over 26,000 people, he has never come across two faces absolutely alike. PLAN MONUMENT TO PILGRIMS IN BRITAIN ' London, Dec, 22. Americans and Britishers ' are 'cooperating " in a movement to erect an Imposing monument on th south, side of the River Humber, on the East coast of England, to mark the epot from whence the Pilgrim Fathers departed for New England.' Mr. J. Oront, United Bates Consul at Hull, states In connection with the scheme that he has received a large block of granite . from Plymouth. New England, which had been cut from th! original epot on which the Pilgrims landed, and It was hoped to include this Id the monument, which would take the form of an obelisk, and would serve an tnlnfatiir fltfifii nt 1.hrtv tn ships sailing . up the Humber. - . I APPEALS COMPENSATION ; AWARD c ? An appeal was filed tat yaster by the Pennsylvania Coal Co, fr an award by th Workmen's Co pensation Board la th case of Li-oU Boroccl of Pittaon, who waa awara- ed compensation for the death, of . her husband who was fatally injured by being struck by a train In thu yards of the No. It colliery on May-Iff, 1121. The company quest' ti facts on which the award wv t and the liability. - read the eve::;:

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