The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 10
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CAGE. 13LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 6, 19£/_ Stassen Critical 01 Truman Policy t Stand on Communism Termed 'Negative'; Action Held Needed bv I.YLE C. WILSON (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, May G. (UP)-- Fresirtential Candidate Harold E Stnssen-said today after a trip K) Europe and an interview with Josef Stalin that he was optimistii that '.'we can win peace for a ful generation.', .without appeasement. Stassen also told a news confer encc President Truman's policy la halting the expansion of Commuu Ism is a nesative one. He said l\ recognized the futility of a nega live policy of simply being agains something. "I feel It Imperative that Amei ica should develop a positive, con siruclive approach to standards o living, forms of government an individual liberty all over th world," he said. Tlie. former Minnesota governor | w . u ., . ...._„,, nn .,,1i^n)A »* tl " t Leg/ess Legmen, Blind Writers Operate Chain of Newspapers away from him. We all fell sorry,I ahd'l guess he took plenty of raz- r zing from the boys." The names of the papers arc just as Informal. "Bronx Cheer," is put out in a hospital In New York; "Ward Healer" Is published in a vet hospital in Sunmount, N. Pa.; "Hod Post" in Dearborn. Y.; "Stclho-Scoop" In Aspinwall, Mich.; "Hypo" In Temple. Tex,; Jcars and Gripes" In a vet hoa- pila! in Dallas. Doctors, Chaplains and nurse." also contribute. !•'. R. Kcir, Assistant Administrator for Special Services, believe; each hospital newspaper .should Be its own little "home-town" journal. He says "patients write eagerly for their hospital papers am Ihey read every word with a Ire. meiulous pride of ownership." .In several cities prizes have beei offered by townspeople for be:: stories written by the veterans n their own paper. Local printing of lices print the papers free in som cities. Most of them "re wecklie and bi-monthly papers. Slayer of Four Shin When He Resists Arrest . the announced candidate which, Stassen made public in Df ti-ans:rint over the weekend, is regarded here ns an effective change of uace in his campaign for the GOP nomination. Potsdam Tact Confusing Stassen also told his news conference that: 1. The "i-aKuc. confused and mistaken-terms" of the Potsdam Agree- ment'are the principal cause of the recent failure of the Moscow for- •JiUF. • Foster (center> finds :i VA liospilal bed "I Wood., Wis., makes city Here he confers with Lorraine Clark, u Special Services ill ndlfior, and associate editor Horat:f: I'leraot) tif :i lirlnre. issue "Wood Tattler." lly DOUGLAS LAUSKN i rriivnlaliuns of individual papcrs| NI'A Staff Curri'spomlenl vary I ruin lU.UWI I!) 8'. WASHINGTON, Mav Co iNf'A>.| And, id'lumr.h ilun; aiv no ad- -'i'iie largest cliain of newspapers vcriisfi-s and Ui" papers are an the U. S. is run by the; moil I rue, the pnijli.ihrrs claim a is om; unitiue collection of publishers, cd-! ol the nuisi pn.lltaWo newspaper itors. reporters, copy boys an:l u'liHuos in AI,.C<;K:I. printers devils probably ever as-. The profit is not in dolluis and tembled hi the history of journal-, ci-ms. lu.wever. II i« in mni.s 01 Here's World's Fastest Fighter Plane tl sections aiul other yovjiblo liliic- ills The 40-year-olci Ohio laborer was accused of killing his estranged vlfe, liis son, tjis brother and a siE- er-in-law when he ar'.'ived hi-re yesterday Irum Ohio. World's fuslesl fi[;liter plane is the "Tlumdeqcl," pictured in night over Ik-public Aviation Corporation's Fariningduie, N, V., plant. Oflldrjlly designated the P-84, the jet plane makes over liDO mpli, climbs higher than •10,000 feet anil has more than 1000-mile range. l with his \\ife. s by a member til n posse. . yeslcrclny FORT GAY, W. Vn.. May fi. (UP)i State \tt,\uv reported tint Henley In Wayne Count.-/, when he. rsslste Noe's attempt to anx^t him. Noe v:as one of more than ID state police, deputy sheriffs and vt- l r ORT GAY, W. Va.. May fi. (UP) State police- rcporicd iiuiiey state ponce, iicpni.v saerius sum ^ - James Oliver Hurley, who al!eg- was killed by P. Li. No:;, speci;;! unteers that formed a posse edly killed four persons Sunday night aijent fur the pi-dseciilinij attorney i search abandoned con] ::hafu, w:> More than 63,000,000 games of golf are played every year cm the 52C9 courses In the United Slates. Tlie South American Goeldi fro;; ha., a dish-shaped back on wlncn it carries Us eign ministers conofcrence and of the continued disagreement between the East and West. For this, he said, Mr. Truman, Stalin and British Prime Minister Clement Attlce must "share the blame. 2. He favored the Greek-Turkish aid propram as amended by Sen Arthur y. Vnndciiberpr, R.. Mich. givinsr the United Nations a limited role in the" program. But he warnr'i tha,t .the program must be carefullv supervised for the benefit of thfTGreck' pdople and btlic funds must ^not finance the arming or advising of an all-out military of- Only about one-lcnth of the staff Ahlmmih the papers are sponsor- members ever had previous news- rd i,y V.Ys Special Services Diyi- paper - experience. Sonie of the "loi! sion, Special Servi-jes tru.s Lo KLCP men" don't have legs. Some of the hands oil. Patients themselves do reporters can't see. Some can't !'() PIT cent m work. l, cm . I Tlie editorial objectives lire t'AO- Tlie newspapers are the 125 pub- fold: to keep tin 1 patients infoun- llcations printed in Veterans Ad- <>d <>1 wliufs smni- on in their no.s- mlnistration hospitals lhroni;h<iut pital ,nnd :is a lorm o! oci the country. I n«n»l Iherapy for those who pu, For most of the pupers the city inrm out. desk is a hospital bed and tlie The style is chalty and mtorinal ,., B a ward. Every- HeicY, a smnple from borrowed modern Po." published i to beat up minieoiiraph Phoenix, Ari/.., composing room thing presses froin "The Ihu liospital i which "'IV maehilics and duplicators are used tvrHes; for printing. Wheel chairs carry "Well. I I' Hen-uii; will sU> the papers for many circulation de- in bed now and net jump out HIM pnrtmcnts. Typewriters arc avail- hobble around tne halls to nblc. bn', most of the reporters washroom, lie suiv was r. can't type. i-hi:k when they tor.!: ins crutch'is fer.Fi\~c in Greece. 3. MY. Truman should take the iniuaQve in calling a conference v;th fWpiublican conaressional leaders to specify whfrV. ty]>c of labor: !o:?is]alion he will or will not sign. He E;>;d il Mr. Truman does this. .. ' :—~............-.-.•.. .T.••»-«•••-»•••"•"»"•;« then Lthe Republican leadership ^x>:> i >A>;>>:>:*:o:.^.r^.....r.r.r.>....r..,..............^.«..«..«..'^^.*..'..'. ;?; f'vulrt seek to meet the President's $ views." i Tn connection with his interview with Stt>lin, Stnssen said qnlv time cm answer the real significance of the Soviet prime minister's statement that he desires to co- :J rprrate witli th.e. Unitecl States. ;»; S!a!in told sriisscn that unless there ij! is cocperatron, there would be con- -^ flict and war. Russia, Stalin added, X wants to cooperate. . ' ' ' " Save 50% Chopping Expense nelCourt .Refuses Petition-far Re-hearina WASHINC^rO.Nf, May 6, (UP) — The U. S.-i Supreme Court today >; stood by itsirecent decision uphold- Jjl ing the right'of. the federal gov- ;.; eminent tO'.Jfire, employes who are >1 Commitnist$-parfi' : liners." sj: The tribunal yesterday denied a >' second rcqtrcst to''review the case >:| of Morton , Friedman. War Manpower Commission employe who was discharged by the Civil Serv- >*! ice Ccmmis^Ion. ] >; * On Marclj. n the court first de- >; dined to review the case and thus •»• in effect upheld the government's >: rinht to discharge employes with sj! "disloyal" affiliations. , >•»"•>' Plant Chemicitlly Deliuled, Fu/z-Fi-cc COTTON HEED Suvc Money—fi fo 10 U>s. \WY Acre. Any corn, pen orj ;I; bean plank-r will plant those sinoolli, slk-k roltmi seed. J Ca.U tc plowed r> to li days after planting. S KOWDBN -Ull — STONKVIl.U': 2C — I) 1' & M Koi- Halo By Phones 856-857 CORP.! /Your old are worth than they are j • We have outlets for old tires. That's why yve can pay more for your unused mileage. • Trade in now and let us equip your <ar with new extra quality, extra value THOROBREDSfy NEW TUBES PROTECT NEW TIRES. •Buy the amazing newThorobrcd Butyl tub«i. Hold air many times longer than ordinary rubber tube*. MAKE A DATE WITH DAYTON AT T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2122 nnottncin A ille Retail AFTERNOON During She hes been Adopted for the Purpose of Giving Employees s Half -Holiday Each Week Du ring the Summer Months KEWLY-ADOPIED UNIFORM CLOSING SCHEDULE: Stores Other Than Retail Grocers) Weekdays -------- - £lose 5:30 p.m. Saturdays --------- Close 9:00 p.m. RETAIL GROCER! Weekdays Saturdays Jim Pit-own Stores Inc. Montgomery Ward City Super Market, Southern Aolo Stores O'Steens Studio Klormnn's Hco Hive Quality Slioo Sliop Lansky'a Pat O'Brynnt, Jeweler Fitzpatrick Jewelry Storo. Ratcliff Shoe Shop Gainos Grocery & Market KroRor Food Stores The Gift Shop Arkansas Paint. & Wallpaper Co. J. Mel) Hrooks Jr. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. Charles S. Lemons FurtiiltU'e Happy Hour Grocery & Market ttlyllievillc Radio Stippb' D & P Bargain Store • Swap Shop Fred Callihan Radio" Service Heal Paint Store Startles Furniture Co. Hays Stores Inc. C. H. Grear Grocery I'isliop Grocery & Market Blythevilto Sales Co. The Hat-gain House Sybil Phi'lHps Peyton Grocery Jiminie F.d wards Furniture Co. Western Auto Associate Stores Grabcrs Tl:>> Kdythe Shoppe Applebanm .Ladies Tog-gory Hess Store ' K. 1). Hughes & Co. Floyd White Miss Whitsilt's Shop Family Shoe Storo Dreifits Jewelry Store Mead's Hubbavd Furniture Co. Close 6:00 p.m. Close 9:30 p.m. Hubbnnl & Ilokc Singer Scwiujj Cloddycar Service Store ISIan llcalh Ark-Mo !'o\vev Local Office llubbard Hardware Co. • Jo« _ls;iars Inc. Guard's .lowolry Storo K. 1!. Coo Salos Co. KircsVouc Store Xelliier's Shoe Store Hcmi'k's .lo\vclry Store Adams Appliance Co. New York Store 1. C. Potnioy Co. Jiedol's I. Hosciitliiil Inc. Cecil Lowe Grocery Uecker Grocery and Mavkct. ' (Mckavds Grocevy D. D. Ruffington Grocery C. L. Nabevs Grocery & Mkt. Foods

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