The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1938
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 27, BLYTHEVILU! (AUK.)' COUIUKU NEWS PAGID CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION \ Daily rale per line tor consecutive Insertions: One time per lino lOc Two times per line per clny ...08c Three times per line per clny ..(We Bix times per line per clay ODc Montli rate per line GOe Cards of Thanks Me & I'M Minimum clinrgc CBc Acis ordered for three or sis (lines and slopped before expiration will Ue charged for the number ot times the add appeared nnci ndjuslmciit of bill made. All Classified Advertkitii; copy vibiiilllcd by persons residing mil•tie of Hi ccily must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be liislly computed from iibovc tal)le. Advertising ordered for irrcyuliir Insertion* takes (Do one lltne rate. No responsibility will be tnkcn for more lhan one Incorrect insertion of. any elrtssllicd acl. For Sale Cafe in Ccnnly 'onus if Business Directory Harry Hailcy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good Prices FKKSH UIVKK Cat Fish KXI'KRT AUTO KI Oarage operated by Floyd llarget Cigarcllcs 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. 1'honcs 5-K-4 & 878 NOTICE FOR rUBUOATIOX United Slalos noparlmnil o! tlic r __ ' jnterlor, (imcrnl Land Ollice at town «/ 2500 population. \Viishiriyton, I). C., April 28, 1338. seal. No comiH-'lillon. Notice is hereby i;iven that de-sired. Abbott's lint Aaron Montgomery, of Blytlicvllle, :hoppp, Ncv: Madrid, Missouri. i Arkansas, wlio. on December :iO, 26-pk-30 ]£,•)•; made homestead pnlry (J, L. !o., No. 06634, for Eli SW'.'i, Sec- lion 31, Township 1C N.. Hancc 10 lli., flth P. Meridian, Ark., has lilc'd Kxlra Good (junliTy-Keclcantd i»ol!cc of inlcnlion lo make lluee 1 Hushel or a O.'Ioart !>'«> r I'" 101 . to eslublisli claim to (he hind above clrourlbcd, before Carrie Woodbiirn. Cocinly Clerk, at lilytheville. Arkansas, on the illi clay of June, 1938, Clninuuit iKunc's as wltne^es: Jesse Pranks, of niyihevllle. Ar- Laredo Soybeans W. A. GEMEINHARDT I'liunc 2250, Matthews, Mo, HEAL BARGAIN — new national '2 lolal cash rccister. Cash $150. erms $175. Hustle Inn. a-ck-C-9 PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, fittlti(!.s, all batli- rcioni ncee.ssorlcs, valves, electric waler systems for farmers, water softeners, or any oilier Item connected with plumbing or licating. "Pete" The Plumber For Rent FOIt HKN'I'-Hinilslircl upartiilcnl Call 27-l-VV, Mrs. Ecluin Robin- ion, 27-ck-l kansas; lid Crawford. of Hlythe- ville. Arkansas; Charlie Collier, ol Blyllic'ville, Arkansas; Ilex linker. of Blytlievllle, Arkansas. ANTOINETTE FKANK, Asslstiint Commissioner. 20-2V-3-10-JV curcor. M«iL old proiile who me lt:i|)j>y liiive plenty tu do every day." 'Jlie exeuse Unit "liusy |ii>U|)li< • Imve no liin^ lo :uio]'t hobblc.s lor their old a;;e" is iim'slicjicil by Mis. Morion. She h;'liovi"i tlwl one hour each cveiiiiu; slvcn to ;i liobb. 1 ,' will nld in making old ii'^e more vital. Visitor Lost in Big City 01 Klamath Falls, Ore. KLAMATH t'ALUS. Ore. till') Odd tilings h;i|i[icii wlitii 11 irorson \isius (he "bi-^ cltv." t\ man ;'iunt^ uj) t:i Kianiatli l'',tllN !i-fiin Krni> to spend (lie 1 nv^lit. Tin 1 urxl day he appealed lo (be p;ihir iu line! me hotel when- he liiul stiipiiwl. a:. Ixitli his Lilse tceLlt and SH \vere int:i:>- luwhii; iiuiniiiiB, Hie visitor in- fonneil !l>c |Kilii;i' he Initl lound ;i;.;nln. with hl.i $11 still tncki'd inul/r the pillow and the lube liTlh in i jjlas'., by the bed. The li i;:irui;cs AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NKUIT CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home 1'nlK'e wcnv unable lo lltul liok'l. bill in tlir .small lioinv; ul 2 apartments. Cle-se 5th. Call 84G-W. 207 North 27-ck-li-l Cool, modern bedroom. Reasonable.: Mrs. S.millions. 818 \V, Walnut. 27-ck-G-i Cool bedroom adjoining bath. Private entrance. Gentleman only 713 W. Main St., phone 80G-W. 25-ck-lf Happiness In Olrf Age Traced to Preparation 1TH1CA, N. Y. (UP) C1<1 a^e ean be an xsset if pv^jn-rly planned fcr, afjculinil lo Mrs. Chrislnu! Merlon ef the New York Stale College cl Home Economies. Mrs' Morton hslleves that "being byppy at 70" is largely a mailer of acqiiirini! interests and liobbk'B Hist will fill Hie leisure of lalcr life. "Old age i.s a definite period of life." explains Airs. Morton, "and It needs as much preparation us a Used Furniture Nice room and board for two young men. G1D Walniit, 292-W. 24-ck-tt WE T5UY ci SELL USED FIJIiNlTUKU BUY NOW - - PAY NKXT FALL HUBBARD i-'nd Ifanii Furniture Next tu Gofl Hold Piano Tuning l-lanor> tuned and repaired. Call George I^ord at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware IDEAL WEDDING GIFT! See Ihe 25-picce Mirro Almninnn Ware Set an artvciiiscd in Gooc Ilonsekecpnif;. . Only $M.»5 at • SHOJUSE-HENRY. ' HARDWARE CO. Coal & Ice iMy Coal Is Black But I Treat You While. ICE T.OCAI. HAULING John Buchanan Blyilicville, Ark. I'lionc Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sharpened Factory Way Bly. Machine Shop So. 2nd. Phono 00 Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLE SHOES Everything For Your Shoes ['hone 120 Free Deliver Auto Parts SI.T: rs roit Used A!Ho Paris For FOIW-niKVKOI.KT-l'I.VMOlVI Cily Aulo Parts Co. Next lo !ins Station riiuncgll SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries numicsr QDAI.ITV GAINES MKT. IIS W. Main irnUilied house for Mrs. Oeoree Cross, Ihc summer. 300 Lake St. 23-ck-lt ne 2 or 'J room furnished apartment, reasonable, 9M Hcnrn. ,21-pfc-S-Zl omfortable bedroom. 625 W. Main. Phone 217-J. 17-ck-6-17 omfortable n\il, Call bed ram, 102. 1017 Wal- 2-ck-U Personal The Home of (iood l<'o()d IKVl 1 I'lT HAHUl'lCUl'! KLKCTIMC COOKI'U) STKAKS I'Ullvl) CIIK'KKN Music' l!v (U'ot'fjf li'ord'K "All-l!r<im-sl" li.iml Crivi'r <'h:ir|;o 2!il' pc'r pprMill For RcservaJions Call Holland 17 l!.\\'.i;| llolhinil.Mu Is llu> sprcadln KUHiTXIO * ACKTVJ.KNfc WELDING AT JIEST miC'KS PROMIT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, SCREEN WORK A'l 1 A HAVING l!rp;ihliiK A- Nnv Kvrn-jis MAIIM l-'OIS Al.l, :lusl on (lie Jluor U> idjsorb ihip-plnB oil nntl greatc • from llio car. Greek God Barksdale Mlg. Co. EIJEci'RlCAL rivlures ."i- Applhlllri'S ICM'KitT WK1N<; Walpole's , 'llu- c'tfiuplclf I'lU'c'dlcal Stove 1 llu :Su. ::iul rhuiu' III I IIOR5ZONTAI- 1 Creek snylh hero. C wrote of him as n dlvinlly. 11 To slop. IT.Annr.rtiUo. 13 Uiu-rallys poem. I'l To press. 15 Ages. 17 Social Insects, 18 To cxlsl. lOIilfihl. 20 Tone 11, 21 Noun suffix. 23 Vmnph'e. 25 Hint-It tea. 2G Dwells. 30 To cysise n sore. 32 To soak Hax. 35 llrooch. 3CTo dine. 37 Kll. I) KxlRcncy. I To accomplish Answer lo Previous Puzzle Now i.oc'ilcil ul 101 North (Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU !>ON EJMVAHHH, Projirlctw All nmUcs ul Uclwlll Tyncwrllrr», Adding Mncihliiri «nl CnlCDliiturs - ItciralrliiK—1'arts—Hlliboni Active Liver Pill? Arouse Sluggish Liver* elletpn bflinuMne'*, connMp&f'on -kdachce. Aetire UT«r Pilla get »t A! cmisft of 7»ur a!ng?l«bneiB ake yon ,'ocl like n new person. our syFt*m of •ar-ptua poiioni elite Liver Mils. H&tlaleei, B 'old, ntj'tll KJrbj t>rnjf Blorei. REDUCE.SENSIBLY! Churl suit i nf ormni Ion Free. Write (Vendt, ^CanLon, S. Dak. 21-yk-28 Found Order book and other material lie- nglns In i-undy Kalcsinan. Owner may hnvc same by i»iying cost of (his ad. Courier News. HEMORRHOIDS ClIUK!) WITHOUT SURGERY & GUAUANTKKI) Safe and williout lios|iilal care. All oilier rccliil dlsrascs trcaled, Hssure, lislnln, clc. We idso treat fallen urclies; treat & cure skin cancer by special treatment. DRS. NIES & NIES Oslcoiiathic rlioue 98 .\Nr-iHTY UABLE T'(ilTCH£fi BLASTED HEAD , OFF.' fr. AWRI&HT, OOP- F H'S TROUBLE VOLJ IT'5 TROUBLE you'll GITJ U55EM, WUR -THERE'S WO REA5OK) FDR. US HAV1W "TROUBLE, BUT ' IF YOU KEEP OM- Z'l.MW Hulls nf W;ill|i;i|iiM' mm LOTS $1J9 up Mu'.l roii<|ih'lc< llni! of I'ldncs and Wall])ai>cr In N. M. Ark. Ill.vtlK'ville 1'iiiul & Wnltpniier (.'«. (Illyllievllli' Owncil & OiH-ialcdl CiU'iH'iic llldi;. riiniin SSI) coins. 4-1 To immerse. 15 Impcluous.. 47-Silk worm. •16 Itib. 50 Mnle. 51 Niglil before. 52C:ivily for a lenon. fi'I X. 56 lie supported llio on. hi:; Iieiici. 2 French riolcl 57 At-lecl riddle. VERTICAL 1 Wi\r llyer. li Wiuwani. 3 Home of a bciist. •1 Roundworm. !i it lMi\K\\(er :o\llul. 'I lieliei. I! Murkcl. !) Noldu-il. 10 Hastened. IGUIvers. IVSideSvay?. 18 He isi to now as 11ie ola great burden. 22 Orator. 23 To lurch, 21 Domestic slave, 2(1 Ireland, 2V To piece out. 2'J To hold as Irue. 31 nurdencU. 31 Fervors. 38 Biblical 3D I'ilh of llle mallei'. •10 Sweet iiolEt: 40 Shark, 41 'IV peruse. 40 Tougli tree 51 Sound oE inquiry. 52 Myself. _ clelly, 55 Conijiass.iw'i.ntVi. i •si- Lost m V. T. HAMLIN' WEU;TH«T'LL / BE TH' END OP OUR i MICE,QUIET UL PAUAD15E' /, • \-\- _CO.Pt!. 19313 RY NE* St Wanted To Rent parly desires to rent a modern home for the summer. Write Box "A", Courier. 23-pk-30 Wallpaper BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Nulling i« Worry Alxml 15DGAU MARTIN TOOKV, ftMO HORACE PlOi VA ROOM I/)TS WAI-1-l'AI'EK $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. Wanted To Buy S25CO 'VVcirlli (it IJSKI) FURNITUUB All Slakes ISadios Repaired WAHK I-'URNITURK CO. 112 \\. Main r&one 155 bewing All kinds or sewing. 101 Street. E. Cherry 21-pk-28 Kcal Eslatc WASH TUBBS BY UOY CRANK .", IJCENSK1) JUvAT, KSTATR KUOKIOKS We list fiirin :nul city Properly. If you u-oulcl l;c a buyer or a seller, see us. This \Vrrk\ oncriii;s: 'ID A. t iillir.'ilrrl lancJ. i:f?od biiild- ll ^s. 1 mi. licilhmd. Mn.. 'j inilr snivel roat'. Price, S'lo.Ot) per acre. Terms. :!'tti rt.. 2O ncrr,-: ciiltivnlrd. X mi. Yiirhro. vrry fertile, on Rrad'-il flirt ro.iri. {fiO.Ofl |)cr aero. Term.'!. E-rnnin bnuse. fil f r ct front on Walnnl,. Illythrvilln; 3 hrdvooiiis. 2 balhs. Gore! for apartments. Trier & (rrmn inao'c known on n];plic.iticn. One brick bind: on Main St., . Blyt.lirvillr. 5 slim- rooms. No «lrccl improvcmonl tax. Will net 13 to 15 r ; on investment. T K K U Y 'ABSTRACT & RKAJ.TY CO 213 W. Widnnt I'lionc G17 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICK AS A W !i A DIS- •micrr. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Hossic Ucll. Plaintm, vs. Clarence Hell. [Trfendaiit. WARNING OUttBK The defendant. Clarence Hell, i.s warned lo appear in the Chancery court for the Cliickasawba District. Mississippi County. Arkansas. \vithm ihuty days and ati.swcr Uie co'ii'.)!;!!]): of Ihc plaintiff. Flossie Be!! Witness my hand, as clerk of i-aid court, and Iho seal Ihercof, on this the 20th day of May. 1938. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. 20-27-3-10 fiV) THE SECOND PLACE, I DON'T LIKE if VflU SQUEALlki' TO THE COPS. AND H1RW SOWF. WUSCLE GUVS T FIGHT M WOO VJHW'S (AORE, YOU STUPID, BUG-FACED, M0U-ESSEUTIA.L SLAB OF CBOW-BAIT, iM TIRED OF A6K1VJG YOU TO GWE OP YOUR LEAAE A>MO J , CLEAR OUT OF TOWN.' ^ Poiillry Nice Fryers lor pale, lllfihway Cl. Mrs. "Vicla Oglcsby Matthews. Phone 19-F-2. 13-ck-C-13 recall IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP CIUC'KASAWHA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Marry Gcrkin, Plaintiff, vs. No. 0678 • Cora Gcrkin. Defendant. The defendant, Cora Gcrkin. is warned lo apircar \vllhin thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and ansivcr (he ronipblnl or (he plaintiff Harry Ualcd this 20 clay of May. HARVEY MORRIS.' Clerk By Eli?al)cth lilythe. D. C. Neill Reed. Ally, ad litcm. Ed B. Cook AUy. PHf. (Seal) 20-27-3-10 F\PST OF ALL, I CONSIDER VT AM WSULT FOE A D1WKEV, HOPPER HKE YOU TO THIW HE FRNWK.IE I LOVE ) MOT WE . THEM ! / I LIKE THE - TMEY" { QUIET KIND TELL ME 1 OF DANCES -WE'RE / LIKE WALTZES ALL AND STUFF GOING TO DO iTLL PROBABLY BE A DULL AFFAIR DOMT LIKE DAMCES MUCH AMV WAV I IT WAS AWFULLY MICE OF YOU TO ASK ME To TME PROM, DUDLEY / TME BIG APPLE IS TOO STRENUOUS— ALL KINDS OF KICKING AND JUMPING AROUMD/ BESIDES; I'M SCKTA BLiCK AMD BLUE FROM PLAYING-- -ER.-TEMMI5 ' ;, CERTAINLY, DUDLEY KNOW YOU'RE SLIGHTLY CRIPPLED! WHY .EVEN YOUR EXCUSES LAME' UNE MFARO THAT FRECKLES DUDLEY QUITE A GVER WITH JUJITSU-

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