The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1931
Page 6
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HLYTHKVIU,!-:. (AUK.) COUKIKK NKWS ME flfi 1ETTER IS GUESS iFJtpBBIE Brooklyn Boss Won't Fall /-[Out With Boys tyKo Say -••His Team Is Good. Dodger Ringmaster -, BY WILBERT ROBINSON' I MlMjfr of (he Brooklyn Kublnsj {Copyright, 1931, NEA Service, Inc.): if I predicted Hint tlie Brool:i;n| . club would not finish l!i the first; dtrlslon in 1931 I would be doable- j •crossing.about 99 per cent cf the! 'sports, writers In in?'country. .•'So .1 am going to siring aloi;» •with them and go;thcm one p:ri ;ceTil better (which is 100 per cent)' .b£ predicting that we will finish 1-2-3. I am,backing up tills assertion with'the fact that we have .a'^strong'er club than in 1930, and : last sprl us ,1. claimed that I had ;thj;b>st. club :i have ever man- 1 aged :sincei my first 'connection Jwllh Brooklyn. ' ."Though we were, In n v.iy. • handicapped, "last season In Idt -field' and M second base, we ^managed to be on top of the .bunch for more than 70 days, We went along 'practically without injuries • mjtil our last trip home. .Then''- we, had the misfortune to have both "Johnny Frederick and Ffube-.Bressler out with bad Injuries and they never got Into the lineup -again. Before he BO' hurt, Rube Dressier lied been go-i ing-like a house afire. You know' the Rube was put out when h: tried to put one of his finger; through the ball—and It was not a.rubber ball. The weakness In left field nnd at; second bas?, however, have been remedied speedily. President York lost no time after the season closed: In obtaining Lefty O'Doul for left field nnd Fresco Thompson for second base, which insures good. protection for my club this year. Our catching department has CAR DWELT* Mo. — On Friday been strengthened materially by j evening the Cnrdwslt high school " ' * boys and girls basketball teams •-vent to Maiden where they ulnvctl that school's teams..The boys store: :.. : -.-^-~rrj--—r'-i ' _-^_ ... JiJ ; iK*£i .,'•-i-jifeffy' • • '\*.' . • Tin: CbanipiunK Slfin Even Inc ioxly Phils have he-J number of holdouts to renor. 1 this spring, such as Chuck Klein Pinky Whitney and the recru:: Tony i'lansky. But every man has ccme to tcrrrs In the camp'cf thej I'hamplon Athletics— except Al Sim-' mom, the IJUEIIUKS man ball play-j or. The willlnsness to agree to salaries and the speed v>llh which con- ! tract negotiations were conducted' by thr< A's bespeaks satisfaction on the part of the players. There !•> something a little odd nbout. it, too, as Tom Ehlbe and Connie Mack never were ones to burden their noble athletes v/lth ponderous pay checks. Would the answer he that you have to pay players 'veil to die for the dear old I'hlls, but there is glory in performing for tv two-thne DID VOU KNOW THAT— Kaicl Koz'jluh eats 10 meals i day...being pro champion of :ufOpe, however, he manages to run :nm>. of It olf...Jack C«r- loy, niomolliij! tlui pro championship matches (on tour) be- lv,C'Cn Tildeu and Koxeluh, liould IK able to keep Knrel licm eating the door knobs, lace curtains, etc.. .because Curley has teen dieting carnivorous v,Hstllng behemoths for years .. .Kotelnh, native Czecho-Slo- vakl:in, Irarned tennis caddylng for a ilch tennis devotee in Prague...Karcl made a wooden paddle fur himself and started baiting the balls back after retrieving then)...he Is a son of a ucil'lni; num who tolled about his benefactor's premises..'.when coaclilnu the American Davh Cup U'aru in Hails a few years iattr, Ku/cluli used to beat Til- Jeii, Hunter nnd the rest of them between meals. BRUSHING.UP SPORTS O ' '"t ' " ' <' oy La liter for a mailbox with his signed con- trncl. "I have been intending to send In my contract nil along." wrote i-hninplon like the A's? If-that, be lhc Uv jic!iy one, "but have simply iK'Mleclcd it." A loi of holdouts are like that. I the answer, Mr. Simmons must remain as or.c not so p.irtlculat 1 nbout (lie glory. Ho will not discuss monies with Mr. Mack until the tain returns to Philadelphia after the training trip.. Cai'dwoll Divides Two WitSi Maiden Baskcteers the' purchryid of Ernest Losn- bardl, from the Coast League. Al IjOpez,- wh'o was sensational In his iu ^ _ handling of • the. pitchers lust! cm'dw"rfT,""57;"MnidViv "2?." Girls: year,' will be on the job regularly again, and I have to look over Paul Richards, • who caught great ball down on the farm at Macon last year. . . The pitching staff will be practically the same as last year, with Vnrice. •'• Phelps, Luqtic, Clark. MOES. Thurston nnd Hcimach. One of the "new men 11 is Jack Quinn, who still has n lot of baseball left in his system. If Qulnn turns out as well as the veteran did for us last year., he will be a valuable addition. The.; recruits include "Pea Ridge" -bay,' who pitched nice ball at Kansas; City last year, nnd they tell me-he is quite a hog-caller, tog.. ' The 1930 infield, .with Blssonette, Moore, -Finn, Flowers, Thompson,. Wright, Slade, Gilbert ar.d Warner will he on the job. In-the outfield, besides the groat Babe Herman, Frederick and - O'Doul, we have Rube Bressler, Tke Boons and Max Roscnfeld, who has been at Toledo on option for two years. Blssonctte is In better' health this year and that will help us a lot. Don't you agree with me, writers and fans, that we have for the season of 1931, a better club than the one I claimed in 1930 was the best one I ever managed? Maiden, 39;* Cnrdwill,' 23. This Is county tournament at Ifolcomb next Friday and Saturday, and Hie prospects for their winning there looks very good. League Leader Wins Over Holland High The Gas Hounds, leading team of tl:c second game that the Card- lhc City Chge League, defeated the wpll girh hnvc lost this season. J Holland, Mo., high school team at The Cardwell boys who : played the Armory Friday- night, IB to 17. were: Wilson. Killlnn, North <cnpU.' Von Alman, Gas Hound forward, Sl:v:an, n. Mize, O. Mlzej-Rlchcy,'snnk u. goal In minute of Ray. Cunningham and Bishop. • play to put the -fats Hounds In , Canhvcll plays in tho Dunklln front. In Ille Other Binnch Kickey has (mid that he will have no trouble in sign- in 11 ' up the members of last ycnr'.s champion Cardinal .machine— except Chick Uafcy. Chick b a business rrmn ball player, too, and he Jonesboro Juniors Win District Meet JONESBOflO. Ark.—The Jonesboro Junior High Whirlwinds emerged vlciorlous in the- annual fourth Arkansas district tournament hekl here Saturday by down- ins; Trumann In the finals, 19 to 13. 'flie Whirlwinds won their way nhvnys waits for the last offer. He , 0 ( ) ]e duals by defeating Moncttc has saved what for him amounts to: an( i rjiythcvillo in fairly ensy style. cmite a little pile of money. He- lives frugally and. could saunter along for the rest 1 of his life on wlml he hns laid If. But when roll cull 15 sounded, the bespectacled Chick will be in there ready, victory, 20 to 4. for another season. He happens lo be a lad who gives the Cardinal front office its money's worth of ball playing. In their first encounter they took the measure of the Monette Quintet by a count of 1U lo 1 and In the afternoon they found lilythc- !lle In marking up their second Jmt Ovvrloohnl II Strange Is tho case of Hlchard Twilley Porter, Ihc fidgety outfielder of the Indians. Early In January he WHS sent a contract- by Frisco Five Plays Holland Independent The Frisco quintet of the Citl Cage league will play the Holland Mo. independent team at the Ar- (iinry here tonight. In a preliminary game ,thj Aws General Manager fiilly Evans. | of lhe clty ]oop wm play tnc H j. Wceks passed with no word from i j:ici!cr3 )„ „„ unofficial game. Porter. He had been olTerccl a sub- ' stantial boost In pay nnd officials of the Indian. 1 ; were pu'<r/.led by his MERIDIAN, Miss. (UP)—Mrs. A. H. George rend where the former " silence. Finally It j,vns announced I cmnwor c( Germany, K*lser Wil' ' " ~~ "'"' D ' ck lhelm, was interested in flowers, so if lie wrote him about her own rose In several newspapers that was among the holdouts. Porter runs a sausage factory Virden. Recently she received a near Baltimore. -When he read In letter nnd sketches written In Gcr- the Baltimore Pest that, he was one i man from the Kaiser at Doom, tell- of the. Indians Holdouts, he rushed' i n g in detail of his flowers. "Hut you wuutcd Speed to holp cor Ginger up." sniil Cntton. "And ove with (linger. I ,wnnt to do n i: RM.A TOIil.lVKH, *luiiirhtc infnMrr nnil ntrpilntiichtf r n vrr.ilthy nnil lndDli;rnt fumr II. VAN nOOHN, or;antird ' f Mil) - • Kt v.T- n • Tonn« tl»r nnc Tl "Jack: and the Beanstaik" Is not only found In Asiatic literature, but a. similar legend Is known amongst the Zulus and the inhabitants of Fiji. Mi flnr . . ."(Torfr-l lir ninccr. he - n kinj- nn:l tinlnl porlrn"* rfirr-tr *lif Htil^'flii^o* If* ''d r*m>l«r- in rhTrnpn fit- r-xr.i.v.VO. «hn rnnlil 1 *lr;r ntitt Kfrrm n rnlfnr. \Frri»o cnnlil nnl vruw*. r n AVfIF.1,0 crtliW 'itn-s-i PlimiO rnuhl cnnki nKMTfi '-•«IT»-\ Hem, ntncrcr (no': 1hrm on. 'UET.L \iric: to rrnllzr >ic wnn In Invr \vllh GTrtr^r. Hard juiccr.^lrd Ic.ivlntr. TT[i( VlilT 71" r-m n i) r rt htpl t» Mny Irnpfr ni ilirir cnfj-t. nnl r:t-r frlfril of ffintcr'i. nuri tn- fd Mm. Shr frlf t<F \TOllTi] U^rcJ jnnip com -r-f- tntt 1M. - PITT*' ti:\PS in tnkr f Sr.--i!. Wh^n Spr^d • C 1 11 tr >il« xl^tfr V.iV.y drrl-1'il ( v U-r-iiln- (Itn^ nfri1. Thin Tie frn hrr nnil Until Ir l:r r-lrck olT i • II harl n Imcrn rrtutnr tcr nil nt-,,1 n iilnn In n.T.-r «>nl Unld 1,,-r lie hltlo;! hi* lime nul nl h. *lle nt the rial], and .ry. not k t*>pJ. Grcrrr t>n-l l-Mfly cnrrriJ. U ct (bnt -.l Cor r \v3rotl In i:n;ir>- arnl n |>nl AVhcti Buzz Arlctt, above, spent 13 yea^ on a. minor'league club so it. was only natural, that he would douU this clouds-wlth-silver-llnlnff ancj everything-comes - to-hltn - who waits stuff Hut Bi^ kept hitting the ball tcr Oakland in the Coast League and his heavy stick wor VOW CO (IX WITH THi: STOin CHAPTER XXXV "nil. Er.ccd!" crlfd Phil. "Mrs. Tolllvcr. let mo te hail promised to do you a good li—lis slurred mo your Icttir. ut It didn't seem to mo.that—that married man—would bo so very ecrtul for a young girl. So wo elded—not to tell." "I am always acting a llo around u folks,".said Sliced regretfully. \nd yet I like, yon and laolt up to u moro than anybody I over met my life. -1 don't know why I'm ways doing such chlldlsli things, ut ovory word of this Is God's nth. , "Cotton used to live In my home iwu—her undo has n factory icre. I've known her for years. <iu see, we didn't mean to do It, re. Tolliver. I started In perfectly ood faith. And then when wo BO! »setlier—wo sot to talking aboul —and I've been tcrrllily in lovo •1th hor for years. Honestly, on't know how it happened. Cot on didn't want lo and 1 made her.' loney to marry her—and scttlo own. My impression wnsT-that he probably woulilu't object too Irenuously." Marker folded up tho telegrams .nd put them lu his nockct. Tlicn squared his shoulders and learcd his throat, "All right." ho said grimly to tlie a little farm In the country wltero ho could.settle down and become a nner nnd bring over Maria and tlio children from tho old country. They were OH their way to tlio train wlien they met Pietro. Plelro Angelo's uncle. They told Pietro that they were traveling on the train to tako char so of a ntslit club for some fanners in tho middle west, and rietro said ha would go to tho railroad with them. lowering Italians. *'Tou'ro next." jOn the way ho explained that na | was in a terrible jam with tha • police— rjENlTO'S firm hand propelled the | weeping Angelo slowly forward i RNIT Q. S and luto tho center of tho circle. JB ',v Ulllln , lv Angelo"froTn tbo smiled faintly, but hei . voico \ras reproachful. "I Cu hint It was rather horrid, Speed.' ho'sald gently. "You know we nri •our friends and you could ha\ icen quito hc-ncst with us. - W ihould lavo loved giving you your honeymoon." "Of course," added Mr. Tolllver mildly, "knowing Speed, and tho sort of scrapes ho Is prons to, I suppose wo should havo suspected hut life must be less simple than appeared." . "Oh, Speed.'' cried Tally warmly, •ifty feelings aren't half as much hurt now that I know sho la your wife and HO*, just your sister." That was the secret wo told Gin- p,er," said Cotton. "It was terrible. I know it was. But at the moment it soctUEKl a tremendous lark—getting married llko that—and dash log off on such n stnngo exotic u a passionato mixture of ardent Italian and labored English, punctuated with Tolublo sniffles and sobs, llttlo Angclo mado It clear that ho wished only to bo rid of this place and away from theso poo- nlo for tho rest of bis llfo. When the fever of his passion had spent itself, he was constrained Eer of the group and Pietro took his place. forced Ingratiating smiles wrinkling his stern face, he explained that ho was not really in n jam with tlio police, that ou the whole it was a mere trifle—a slight mlsnml^rPlnmling of the way the laws operate in this strange country. Pietro luui been about with his to tell n consistent story. He knew friends here nnd there, anil they Ntcolo Calleno, to whom Bard had had always an abumianco of—or— written and sent money tor a ticket j Italian grape juice, and so Pietro from Chicago to Mill Rush. They | decided to make tils own gtapo were eating together—In n place— |l uic ° as Ile li;t1 ' ^mc In his home "In a speakeasy," prompted in ml >'- Bllt nl:lsl Policemen with clubs had broken Into hia you." he h:-s?c-:l contritely. "It was, honeymoon—and none of fault She's not my shier, i lives object Augelo dldu't rcnioniber. They nd l:eon eating together aud XIcolo rather boastfully had shown him tho letter and tho money froui i'.ts rich friend, n famous artist. Nicolo. iiowcver, could not go, ho bad a Job. a very Important job- v ms TEMPER IT iwoSS!8l£ Fbu. DeTfeoiT To UHW LAST ELIGIBLE R cwcttEF. AS4D HE UAD'76 GET HIMSELF ' i COULD ScoReo A. THOOSV.MO RUN? AMD UJOULDHT WW9 -' lASEBALL'S jtGGEST lONERS THE TIGERS once played a gams" against Cleveland that they r could /•' not have won even had they scored a thousand runs. Detroit had' three catchers. Two were used up in the first seven inninps. Larry i _ ti .1. _ • • i _ . . i .;.. .._ . ._--. *-* J . WoodaH, the last catcher, went In. in the eighth, a' pinch-rlinner having been used for Johnny Bassler. 'in the ninth, Wood.all argued-with Umpire Clarence Rowland and was chased. Detroit had no'one left except Coach Fred Carisch (not eligible to go behind the bat. Carisch Imally had to go in and the game went on. Glenn Myatt won it for Cleveland in the twelfth with a homer. Had Detroit won, the game would,have been_awarded to Cleveland, 9 to 0, because Detroit cou-W iwt put on the fieldc. " " New Mammoth On Gotham Skyline Property Ordered Sold to Pay Heart 'Bairn SEATTLE, Wash. . (UP)—Cemetery lots, a slaughter house, and a jhonic were ordered soltd to raise 57,500 -to pay a young woman' in an alienation of affections suit hsre. Mrs. Erma Thompson was awarded judgment of that amount when 1 she sued Her pnrents-in-law, Mr. and- Mrs.,;.Thomas Thompson,- for I alienating the''" affections of her i husband. The Thompsons did nDt !have:-the 'cash' available, 'so' the I sliei'lll ordered Thompson' to sell three - cemetery lets, a slaughter house and a home to ra'ise the amount. ILingchon- for Conference PEIPING. lUP)--As a compro- HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday mlse measure, It now appears likely that the conference of the Institute 'of Pacific Relations will be held al Hangchow this year, instead of at either Nanking or Peip- i ing which have both sought ths honor. Hangcnow is considered one of the beauty spots of Ohirii, but hotel and auditorium accommodations, are entirely lacking there. GARDINER. Me., (UP) -- J. H. Sears rides around town in a home-made sleigh-constructed from a hogshead. Tlie barrel ends arc intact, one serving as a footboard and .the other as a back-rest,.The strange vehicle is equipped with runners and is re-enforced with buggy irons. . -. • *amm RITZTHEATER Sunday and Monday house and carried awpy all his bottles and put Pietro In jail. He was released by a kind nun who pat bim on what lie called • "parole," and Fietro rented liini another house and got hlnuclf somo moro grapes and barrels and "Bootlegging." suggested Marker, thought everything was settled. But [the policemen camo again. Korlu- . ,. rt r,» « .,» . ^ T, .'natcly, Pietro saw them first and YNCEJ.O didn't remember But j h d ^ ];e (0 c , imb , hro „ „ w , n . ^ a sudden wanderlust seized him. dow nm , run aw so ho J|(1 Mt a desire to travel on trams and sec, tack (0 [hc ]al| _ tlio world, and bo offered himself a .. wlllins'substitute to tako Nicolo'st pbre. I'ietro did not understand ihls country. Every place ho wont in Nicolo, for his part, was glad lo | Chicago, he said they had the wine, .ngo exotic got rid ot tho responsibility of wrlt-] nnli sometimes Iho policemen drank f oar reiving a letter and returning ,i, c It with you and alaprod yon on the Sl;o -she Is my wife. NYe were mar- i rkd in N'ew Vork that day when ' "But I am ashamed. Mrs. Tolllver. I money, so ho freely liandclf both; 1 '" 15 on ^ l !! c .^ xt lfmc t! . lc . lx)lic(! : - 1 . 10 forglvo me slopp•^d over. \Vo have befn en- and not hold'it against SpccJ." for a long lime—ami sho knew hov; orn^y I used lo b? ntwut Giugr.r—ahc was afraid I would cet It n^ahi if f came out aud *o we were—married. "Tako the names and check up on tho marriage," Marker Eald to Holt. Ho turned tlien to lianl. "Wo ttlicd to tho rcfcrcuccs you gave Mis. Tolliver and to tho police to over to his friend, and they parted amicably. Little Angclo flew homo with the great news that he was about to bi- come a traveler, and nenlto, t "She—only intended to cooio tol c | 1C (ij llp on the references. men took it all jyou Into JM1. He, Pietro, was a " good man, who kept the. laws and had taken out bis first papers and i hoped to become rich and go Into I politics, but just for putting a few a room In his mother's: house.ig rarc5 "i,, a barrel he was sent to i HI* refill Inimrtrli-^/il>- Ilint hi-* 5 ** -uv»w announced immediately that would go willi HUio Angtlo to the tniildlo west. . . Arlctt shortly will join the £luTlles 'at-their training camp ; In Ui« south,' hanging around a dump like this He said lie bad money, he would thins to do! We—we v.-ouM tuu-p | "I'm rerteclly wllllr.p to tell you wanted her aa much—!ov«~ ~-- as I or anybody," said Dird. but tic ! glanced with some appr?hc!is!vones« pay his own faro. He said that they were slatting a night club, they would require much help, and In the meantime ha would find him Jail. So bo decided to Icavo Chicago, v:hlc!i ECetucil to him so unfairly inconsistent, and had joined litllo Angelo and Benlto In their train travels. Marker consulted hl3 memorandum book and ni.ulo a slight notation er two. Then bo turned to ISonllo. (To Be Conllnned) The screen's greatest start in a dramatic romance more heart tugging than "7lh Heaven," more soul stir ring than "Street Angel." Admission—Matinee & Night; . •.••10 and 25c. \dmission—15 and 40c. Towering sentinel "of'New York's downtown financial' dbtrlct, " the new 54-story City Bank Farmers Trust Building is shown, in this striking picture as it appeared on completion. One of the loftiest of Manhattan's regiment of jky- scrnptrs, the structure Is 745 feet high and will house several bank departments and other offices. A feature of the building will be the iu?e telephone switchboard, capable of handling 39.000 outgoing calls. 59,000 Incoming calls and 51,000 Inter-office calls daily. BOSTON, (UP) — The Boston Braves recently lost their oldest player In point cf service .-Whenl Lefty Johnny Cooney wai released i to the Toledo Club of the American Association. The veteran Tribesman had been with the Boston club since 1920.

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