The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1966 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1966
Page 12
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f»l* Tirrivt *- Blythevfllt (Ark.) Courltr Sen -.Friday, Jun* M, IMI GJ. Guide.- Part Two Make the Most Of Volunteering By ELTON FAY There is an alternative to being drafted — you can volunteer. Unless you have volunteered, your draft board can put the finger on you at any time from age 18'/2 through 25. As a volunteer, you will have the same six-year total military obligation as a draftee, but your active duty may range from a few months to six years. Ant], unlike a draftee, you will be able to. choose your service. You should shop around to see what each of the armed services offers in the way of regular or reserve enlistment. The pay will all be the same, but you may find that one ser• vice seems better than another as to how and where you would like to work off your six-year military obligation. Where do you go if you want to do some comparison shopping? Well, you can start off with the recruiting office or officer located in most cities, at the post office or in their own of, flees. The recruiting officer (often a noncommissioned oficer ; with service stripes up to his elbow) has been around a long time. In the larger recruiting office there will be a representative of each service, but in many one man talks for all the services. He has pamphlets full of information too. ... . Once he has received his o der to report, the draft regi trant no longer may voluntee for National Guard or reserv units. But the door to enlis jnent in the regular Army, Nav members probably will be among the first affected by an call into federal service. Very soon, Army Nationa Guardsmen will be manning al most half tiie Hercules antiair craft missle units defending im portant cities, and military am industrial areas in this country Air National Guardsmen are flj'ing an increasing number o missions to supply the regula forces. Air National Guards men are devoting more an< more time to operations, as much as two months a year One out of every five Air Guardsmen and one in 18 Army Guardsmen are full time technicians. If you think the Guard anc reserves still drill just a few hours once a week, you are wrong. In the high priority forces, its six drills a month of four hours each, plus field exercises, plus the possibility of weeks or even months on full time duty or, in some instances, full-tune assignment. Next we'll tell you what induction is like. (This article was condensed from Elton Fay's "G. I. Guide" booklet. To obtain the complete booklet send $1 with the completed coupon below.) Copyright, 1966 Press — Associated trucked from Kent, Ohio, for an early start on preparation for the Ford Motor Co.'sannualChristmas Jts Dearborn. Mich., headquarters. Driver of the truck? Stanley Santa of Rootstown, Ohio. Cfinstmas Astrological * Forecast * By CARROLL Marine Corps or Air Force Is still open until he actually be gins the process of mvoluntar induction. To help you choose, here Dow the programs stack up: Regular Army: age limits 1 to 34; enlistments for three four, five or six years. If yo want to try for the gradua specialists program which prc vides upwards to 100 classroom courses to help you along in ef ucation while in service yo Biust be » high school gradu ate. If you qualify through apt rude and physical examination you also have a fair choice i vocational training in such field as electronics, radar, missiles automotive repair and other su jects. In combat arms, the Arm; gives a choice of service in the infantry (which includes air borne troops), armor (tanks) o artillery. You can request over seas assignment (in many case, they don't wait for you to request it.) Army Reserve Forces: age limit 17 to 26. If you have not been ordered to report for induction you may join the Army Enlisted Reserve for six years (the term of your military obligation), with the requirement that early in enlistment you do two years of active duty. Army National Guard: The 17 to 26 year age men may enlist for six years, take not less than four months active duty and serve file remainder in training in ready reserve status. Students are permitted to delay the start of their activt duty for training up to one year in order to complete high school. Regular Navy: age 17 through 20: enlistments for three, four or six years, except that if enlistee is 17, first enlistment ends on !lst birthday. If a graduate of high schoo a four-year vocational school or junior college, an enlistee Is eligible for training in one 01 approximately 60 specialties. Al enlistees are provided some form of training opportunities, as determined by aptitude and performance. Naval Reserve: 17 through 26. Six - year enlistment, two of which is active duty and four in Inactive reserve but usually In an organised reserve unit. The Naval Air ReMrve hu a limited proffrcni ra|Uiriiiff six months ef aettM doty nil Are and • half Jtm fawottv*. Activt *rty In the naval reserve in arranged to avoid interference with school taf; <W«nMflU an possible for continuation in school or college. Regular Marine enlistment: 17 to 28 years, inclusive; enlistments three, four or six years. The corps says: "Enlistments are for general duty and a small highly qualified percentage for aviation duty only. On completion of recruit training, assignments are in accordance with the needs of the Marine Corps, based on education, skills, prior training, physical capabilities and personal preferences." Reserves: 17 to 26 years; enlistment for six years, with six months active duty and the remainder in the ready reserve, during which time attendance at drills of reserve units is compulsory. Organized Marine Corps Reserve units are established in 46 of the states. Both ground and aviation reserve units are organized to match units in the regular establishment. Regular Air Force: 17 to 28 years; four year enlistment. An applicant must attain an apfr ,ude score qualifying him f raining in one of four gener "ields — electronics, general, a ministrative and mechanical, signment depends on educatio al background, aptitude scor and the retirements of the a orce. Reserves: 17 to 26; six year mlistment; you serve a min mum of four months and sue dditional active duty for train ng as may be required. Tli i ualifies you for the specialit ou requested al Hie lime yo igned up. When active dut •aining is completed, assign ment is to participation in eady reserve unit. Air National Guard: age 17 tc «; six - year enlistment. Ac ve duty is a minimum of foui onths, plus additional activ< uty for training in the special which was requested by you en assignment to a ready re rve unit. Regular Coast Guard: 17 to 26 years; four year enlistment After completion of basic training, the Coast Guard says, "consideration will be given" to assigning you to a station near your home town whenever possible. (However, it should be remembered that if assigned to a ship, the Coast Guard patrols ocean waters ranging from Kie Arctic to the Antarctic. Reserves: age 17 to 26; enlistment for eight years;' six months active duty training, with remainder of enlistment in the ready reserve. Parental consent it required far 17-ytar olds volunteering for regular or, reserve service or early draft induction. You usually take your basic training at a crater nearest your home, although this can be hundreds of miles away, or at the place where you enlisted. to determine yolil toiecai. note paragraph opposite dates, which 'nducle your birth date SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Saturday when you need to as wise as Kie serpent, an< harmless as the Dove if you re to avoid many pitfalls that uld engulf you in arguments th those about. The evening nds you with an inflated sense : your own importance, but a eady application to the con- rvative brings fine results. A ow of devotion to both friends d relations will smooth the ay to better understanding. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) I Avoid some of those persons RESERVES? Service in the National Guard or other reserve units is by no means a guaranty against finding yourself on active federal duty. Until now, tiie government hasn't called on reserve units for service in Asia. Secretary of Defense McNamara says that among other things he wants to keep them "available to meet new emergencies." Within the reserves are ten high priority divisions. Their ** ******* ******** TO "G. I. GUIDE" Blytheyille, Ark., Courier News BOX 401, TEANECK, N. J. 07666 (Each Booklet $1) Enclosed is ? Send me "G.I. Guides" NAME ADDRESS CITY & STATE (15-pe or print plainly. Make checks payable to The Associated Press) McXaught Syndicate. Inc. not in your own circle who could easily lead you into (ruble, be they i nhigher or lower brackets. Remain with those who are tired and true. Don't start to argue at abode, either. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Amiable altitude at home and adding to comforts, beauty there can make your life there far more delightful. A more up-to- date look is necessary. This need not cost too much, either — stay within means. GEMIN (May 21 to June 21) Concentrate on how you can do charming things for those you love without making them feel under obligation. You can en- much fact. Be certain. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Edeavor to reach that happy medium instead of either spending too much or not enough. Friends and experts may not agree with you at all today. Take time to think things over quietly. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Although you may feel that your goals are very far from you in A.M. by evening the picture changes and you take further right steps in ideal direction. Don't appear selfish to others. Show altruism. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Concentrating upon what experts can do for you in your special field will cause you ,to go directly to the meat of things Be sure to go over books of record yourself. Allow the other person to make overtures in love life. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY -. he ,or she, will be one of those delightful persons who wants adulation from others, but is quite likely to Waver From the very anxious to the lukewarm and others are puzzled, if you do not early teach to be more consistent. The horoscope indicates that any profes- «w»*» +\j \v/ti. in) i\i IKUV. ill) m-ujjvi iijun,tnto mat any (Jiuica- You have to be very diplomatic,sion dealing with beauty, cloth;„ „„«;„„ «.- :_i 1;._ : - ,jing, designing, pioneering in in getting the information you require so badly or others will resent your intrusions. Don't gel impatient. Be sure that your figures and facts are correct, SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Although good pals may critize you where mone- :ary matters are concerned, it s better to keep mum and you Tare much better. Get out socially in P.M. Find relief for present tensions. ioy recreation but this must be | CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. done tactfully. Avoid those who 20 > Anv civic wol "k you have in are too high - strung. mind had best be studied well MOON CHILDREN (June 221 ^.^^^L^ 1 ™ o July 21) More consideration s necessary al home or those iving with you can feel frus- rated and belligerent. Be care- ul not to take time for risky ventures of any sort. Don't jeop- ardise present security. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) There are some problems where regular work is concerned that lest be taken care of right now. ?hen greater efficiency results. have nothing to criticize about. Matters of credit need attention so that they are improved to best possible point. EXPAND. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You are merely skimming over the fine opportunities around you instead of seizing them and making the most of them. Put aside frivolity. Some outside correspondence can be such lines are just fine for this sensitive nature. Have cheerful surroundings. STRONGEST pain relief you can get without a prescription! ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN Don't listen to gossip from oth-jjust what will wake you up. ers that are delivered as so 1 PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) SEAT COVERS 500 SETS $10 to $30 INSTALLED CLEAR PLASTIC 70 SETS $20 INSTALLED GILBERTS BOO E. Main — PO 3-6742 R.D. HUGHES COMPANY DUPONTf> — . CORJAlVr MAW-M*«J KxtoMttjc umt ... and GOLF 'Now you can have Golf Shoes that laugh at rain and wet turf! The new Do Pont wonder material resists moisture... yet it "breathes" to keep your feet healthy and eager for another nine holes! Of . course Nunn-Bush Ankle-Fashions them for superior fit and enduring good looks. Style 290 — Him and Blade Grain Cmta.rn. Removable Calks. Oiled Sols Kilties fS.00 Extra 150 tteftOar Stylus Inn Ili.X Also Available in Black & White Open Thursday Nights Til 8 P.M. For Your Shopping Convenience Flflt Im Qmalltgt \i\\\VBrsn ANKLI-fASMIONCO »HOI» m Golf Shirts By Munsingwear, Izod and Arrow, Priced From $4 •••••*•••••••••••••••«••••••.*,.,,,,•,, ompamt i 0 Fine Apparel for Men and Soyi MASON DAT The "FAIRWAY" GOLF SLACKS By K/NGSR/DGF Cool, docron blend slacks neatly tailored with self belt, pleated or plain front models. Non-roll, snug- tex waistband. Assorted colors for summer.

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