The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1931 BLYTHEVIU.E, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE •••'' CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion arid one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count Ilia words aud tend the casli. Phone 306 :_. FOK SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching solicit ed Marilyn Hatchery, DiyUicvllh 20-CK-TF WE HAVE discontinued our farm operations and have a number o mules, horses and farm tools w will sell cheap. Call 70, Brown and Billings. 18C-K2 FOR SALE—Reasonable—3 Chin ch'lla rabbits and coop. 535 h Sixth St. 21P-K2 FOR SALE—Lunch room and gro • eery stock and fixtures, cheap fo cash. 424 West Ash St. 21P-K2 OR RENT—Nice front bedrooms, convenient to bath, excellent icak, reasonable rent. Mrs, Laughn, HIS Main, Phone 319. 10P-K2 aparer.l and mean Just so much lo i:urvc iu:d Injure the waste, i Thcs? hnpefoctlons mean Ti 10 size of cabbage heads lias- ami must be consldced in Ihc pur-1 lillle relation to quality, small' clnm prlc.?. . heads oflen being as firm and d«-j HHEAKKAST-Cercal cooked \Ulh- flrable hi every way ns Inriso ones., ohopprd fisss, cream, waffles, sy- 'Si Oldest Philadelphia Resident Is Buried OUR BOARDING HOUSE 'OR RENT—Furnished apartment, I individual needs must determine 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 083. I ihe adlvlsabllity of purchasing 19P-K2G \ 3rm or small heads. It Is usually FOR RENT-CHEAP—Two bungalows, 101-105 West Cherry. Ap- )ly 800 W. Ash. 19P-K2S WANTED WANTED — Family PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — Will ,..„.- •„,„,. >„,,.,. ' Minnie services attended by only a LUNCilFON Drlrd hu'f with ftw ''•'«»*' anil relatives, Isaae rice pnme and ^ ' bullcr "HcXmun. Philadelphia', oldest r«nomy to'itorteBiiSTSS. mndwiVs. oranei Jelly irtth ™*«* recently was burled. tent 7M S. Lake St. that will lo Uavu m net more than two meals. [ New cabbage Is. cared for after, cutting much as head lettuce Is. Wrapped in a damp cloth and Washings placed In an air-tight container,! by conioe-' ll vvl " 5ta y CV ' S P SCV ' :VI< 1 dav6 - ' Irs Brown I II1 chooslnj caulinower, there whipped milk. '. . cream, vanilla - . cookies. He was 120 yeais old acroalhn llls own lillowlei| 6 | - > . lllc Irndl- — Ba>vd ham creamed Uonj of hi slamlly and the rccttcls sr.'.inch slewed potatoes a la ot Hie Uptown Home for the Jew- S-ulhtrn pineapple and cream ish Aged, where he died. He Is chc.'-se salntl, date and lint puff, Mirvlvert by two daughters, five mllic coffee. Igiandchlldren, four great-grand' ' children and two great-great- By Aliern 17CK-TF i arc I wo parts to be conslrtarcil:. die jacket or cuter green leaves; POULTRY WANTED—Market pil-1 and the head itself. If the JncfccSI ccs, any quantity. Marilyn Hal- j Is In g'od condition, an extra mea 1 ' Crime Costs U. S. 16 BiSlion Annually iD ehcry. 210 S. Fourth St. FOR SALE-50 white leghorn lici at Tx each, at ciue. J. M. Harding, Koute 1. 23P-K2S FOR SALE—At sacrifice lo settle cstat?, bcautifuf black, brand new Oakland eight sedan, 6 wire wheels. Purchased by lady who became suddenly ill and never recovered. Con be seen at Dent's Oarage opposite Noble Hotel. R. M. Fa ires. Administrator, Box 551. Steele, Mo. 23C-K2 OC-1'F is furnished, for these outer leave., „,..,,, m p>- Crl".'.- cv.n be carefully trimmed and, KANSAS cm. U p) .„''•; i rrnkrd TlK-v 'hou'd be frc-ll and cts'.i the bn'.led Stats'. Slu.uua.- NOTICE OF COMMISSIONKR'S ™^ da - m ™\-™-* t %^ hc i ur . MO ,000 umm.Uly Dr. nay O. Wy- SALE I caulinower Is a I 3 ry perlMmWo' land. New York, director of the na- vcgctable and a perfect head be- tional Boy Scout educational ae- spsaks the uimcs'- cave in harv.'st- partmcnl. said h"re In an address hn( and shipping. If the flower is bofore 4,000 scout tr=op leadersav.d clean and pearly while', solid, line- assistants. !y and cl'sely grained lr,:c fronn "One criminal takes as much aui"i»»ij «. ..... — 1 discoloration, and the packet Is money from the American publl? on the 23rd day of February, 193l,', grccn nm i fresh, the vegetable is every year ns H would cost to giv, In a causs pending in said courl | O f u-, first quality. ; character ' " "" wherein M. O. Usrey was plaintilf Ricinci-.s, so cften found In head:; boys and and R. E. Jones and others wcre| C f cauliflower. Is said to be a sort D, \v fendanls, will, on the 5th day of | O f second growth. Tills gives the c i, cr arch, 1931, at the court house Inj head a granlar appearance and in- lylhe'ville, offer for sale to the j dlcates over maturliy. ghest bidder, upon a credit of I Lo:scne =5. which Is the result of SALE Notice Is hereby given that the ! undersigned, as Commissioner of the Chancery Court for the Chlcka- sawba District, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under and by authority of the decree rendered ! Non-Tobacco Users; 1 UOVEii. Del. lUP)—All thei . D?ino<vnl members of tlie slnte | legislature, probably for the Ilrst' time In history, arc non-tobacco user.;. There arc live Democratic Senators, llniI, Lalctium, Stci-n, Jacobs and Hopkins and not onu uses tobacco In any form. Of the Hect twelve, rOi{ KENT FOB RENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace heat. NO. 1116 Cr.ickasawba Ave., Phone No. CIS, FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath close In. Phone 785J. Mrs Belie M. Wood. 18C-TF FOR RENT—120 acres 1 mile nortl of I.nxora. Cash or crop rent. A O Little, First National Hank. 21Q-K.2! FAY 0. DAVIS Phone 421 Coals Rclined— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS jt.n i>j .v „*,...*. v— .- o--- tooacco m any lorm. .cter trainina lo 100 normi. ]nMkim mo ,nb e rship and girls for a whole y?ar. mosV M nlc smokcrSi Wylund -said. "It would bo : s.alien iree months, llie following .de- ribcd veal estate located in said is'.ricl and County, to-wit: Fractional Northwest Quarter <NW'/i) north of Bayou in Section Thirty-three (33). Township Sixteen (16) north, Range Eleven <11) east, anu accretions thereto. Such sale will be made subject o a prior deed of trust in favor f the St. Louis Joint Stock Land lank In the original principal sum J Seventy-five Hundred and no- OOlhs Dollars ($7500.00). and wilh he understanding 'that all taxes 4 nd special assessments which be- ome due or have become due on or before the dale of sale will be jaid out of the purchase money. And the purchaser will be required lo execute bond with approved .security (o secure the pay- nent of She purchase price and lien will be retained upon the land as additional security. WITNESS my. hand as such Commissioner and the seal of said court this 23rd day of February. 1931. (Seal) R: L. GAINES, Commissioner. Cecil Shane, Solicitor for Plaintiff. 23-2 •apcr to add to the annual budget for teaching American youths the right habits." . _ The Boy Scout movement hv", IW1 , v * — ~~~, -- , -----separation of the clusters. a!so been commended for its rlfcclivc-, feet above sea level. It is equipped shows over-maturity and is uiKk- ness i:\ training- and building chiu-1 with mi automatic wi-.ilh-: 1 m- sirable. iacter more often than any other:or which can run for Iwo months Dirt and worm stains are hard! social agency, he said. ' without attention. i The loftiest wither 'the United Slates is l"r: •top of Mount Rose, Ifcvada, 10,800 k.VJuW HOW I -Tt-rftaW tfFF- 1 •SriACKi-ES OF WORRV A s^s-reM "tHA-r i UEARMED TF?OM I WAS W.WPIA TOR iMsfAUce -*• I A CHAIR AMD is tsus-r TH T ou 1 SLUMP, A 'MEAL/ MV eves IMTc trie BREATH I Ale DIAPriK'ASM pf~fe.fl AM rlotiR CiF rAUTOCREASING tQWCK SERVICE "Gulf Service Station" Bryant Strwarl, Mgr. Local and long distance Jiauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. R. WASIIiUI TRANSFER 1100 Chickasawta Phone 851 JACK DKLK Radiator Expert, is now with us. New and Used Radiators For All Cars Jiickson Aulo Paris 2020 W. Main—Phone CG HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on. 88c bu Shuck off, 860 per bu., in car lots. Collon St-itcs Sales Co., Inc. niythcville, Avk. Flionc 114 or LD ISOfi. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN BV SISTER. MARY Ai, this season o; uie year new- cabbage and cauliflower greet th-3 market-going • hiusewife. These .'cgetnbles ar^ shipped north fromj the south and California in great quantities and arc so attractively priced that there is no reason to regard them as luxuries or as veg etables in any way inferior to the home-grown products of late summer. These suggestions may help the inexperienced marketer in making her selections. All vegetables have certain "points" lo watch for when purchasing them. New cabbage will not ts as hard and heavy as the old has been, but it should be firm and fairly solid. It should be free from spoiiginess or softness and reasonably heavy- It should be closely trimmeuT' with the outer leaves crisp and green. Wilted or yellowed outer leaves mean age and a general wiHiness throughout the! head. The heart should Be smooth' and well formed without cracks. Look for Injuries Certain defects are easily de-i tected upon examination. Worm- injury 01' d:cay spots arc perfectly i Never has there been a more economical tine to make reeded repairs or to build a new house, store or garage. And It May-Newer Come Again Special discounts and special terms on building materials purchased I before March 1st. Help the Jobless By Building or Making Needy Repairs Now BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiii IT 1'UOHAIHA' WOULD, TOO! II CM, OPA\_- XOO J \^ Q 133 I JT.IE-' SUtVCC.C1CRHi.LlC.PaT. !,ES AND HIS FIUENDS ANXIOUS MOMENTS! Ry Blossjl MOTHEE NATURE'S CURIO SHOP ~; ^\r>; Wjg^jj&wt •••^••it*'•""•••* stj-*.-. •• £^s— Vi t,esmw£O AT A WfftSHroF A MIWOH TONS. ooiL\OEo W/TH THE EA.&TH, SOME TtfOtASWNOS 1 6W?fEC> ITS£lf=--- THE CS?AT£G- MEASURES 5/0 FEET IU DEPTH AND 4, zoo tea f ACROSS .. . OfJS l/KESTOKE 8OULVER 7H/SOWH OUT BV THE. ' ' ? VfPACT, WffGKS /((CWH \~(HAt\ 7,OOO DY hV.AlPVXC.rK. 2 \tiEU-,Tye W:IDS HAMS ) SCEAT.' i MEVEB. -rue SLSO ALL Fweo os TO pur uiwoy OfJ — AMO \i.\ in TO TUS J=X CiTV.', 1 PBsnv sco>i vuE'ce sans 1 i BSTCHA'WU. FT.O DOT lr ">OJ F.SAI.U/ ^\MEBB,~TH' H3HS6 A 9ROW6H LE6...<3e£! J rxicToR. \soUUP TLU JUST DIE IF' HAMS 1 Rts.u.s. p»r.o,-r. ^ A O IMI BY l;c* Slfi>-lC E. I^IX TUB SKCRET IS OUT! HERE IS.THE SECRET 0* FROf. 41LO?PTS HIS BOMBS IN WATER. ! W£C Tv\tN SttPEt) THRU TlVE ^'uOlt^, AM\) CAV\t IM CONTACT WlTrt T>V£ SOOVJM," '^ 6\!SW Btt'.NNECS IN CHW.SfK'f -J K'CS.O, .»M t!(P'J35'.ON VlAI.BOJM&TO OCCUR. ( re KM! vav«. HS. \S BHIMtD TO HW6 BEF.M Wt Pi\RTMER. OF r- CtP-TAiM CilO\i.'^W ULIVJI, W«0 CAME. SO K • PE.WF£a SWINOUt. Ffit «PMT To lHOI^, Mi\> MET WITH IHSTMT SUCCc- UySUT IT LMEP. PROv:60 WS UXOOlNG. TH£ EM HINDOOS WOL6D tllS C-AME iM CHINA, •"" 13 ll'M KELC'JHCi'SLV W'iEREVE"

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