The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1934
Page 4
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BLYRIVILLI, (ARK.) COURIER NEW* FRIDAY, MAY 25, 193J Ifcierai « u». pott Srioe .it . iin. By ia to* cay' , II*) for * n»u in p«u SO per yet*. la Tyir, ptTttto to tc President Roosevelt yesterday ai«n- ed the nmmciptf bankruptcy biH under, which the consent 'of 66 2-8 per cent of the bondVwMm ; is "II that is required ,to mike effective a refinancing program such • as has been. proposed for"Dralnif* District '; 17 of this county.: '."- " . . ' v DIE trict 1 *T of'. Poinsttt county,' has .already obtainetj 1 , the', approval /of.; holders bT?Mo6,<)00 ; of its ''' debt' -will lie^iica dovm Jtd^npflrcxL- Ujy- 1 '.?ii5W'WW- .Th V like : 25;.,cerits ; wi ' . cash; jfUrnisiKcii-.'by .th ; t Recdn^ructrioii' - Finince-'Ccinwra-tion,. 'ami. fjife'^ttitHct •. jv'ijr Jrnye' a io'rig time : to^re^ : ;';thc U.;FV<I '•;•'•.' V ;•' ' • ,^•'•7'-' •• •'•-the 'R. F'.';C.';.,K»s .«ppro j ved-;.;«r i .a|ni- iW - : loan .16 Oi.stfict 17, .sufficient-, to ' payHhe'.bondhokicrs slightly' hWe'^Bn : 30 cents on-; the dollar. ' 'So <ftr;:'t*?e bondholders protective •committed; ,cph- sistm^.chie.hy ofi'representaiiyea'of :the investment banking houses 'which ^distributed the bonds,,. has '' cepf such terms. • The .attitude of ,'tfe actual holders of 'the ' bonds; ; - which have been in default for some ; 'ti'mb, is iTOt;kn6wn. ,. . . ' ./' '• . ; : .:'-;,. '.. ^he investment bankera • on • the -. pro: tosctive : comirtittee naturally do ;^not like, to ' admit" to their'. custommV'that they sold tK^'secarit«M; worth Vginly '.'-the 1 ' apprai?ar ; ori. ,whfch'-;the -^.y.F,- C. based/ iti; Wan/'i grant '"• to •'. ih*;- district '. says.'theX'are worth. .-. It' is 'all .•thcV-R. P.- 'C/ : i>eiie.v,e8 ,'-th'e .'dj?iri<$\ reasonably '.ixtMn-'-'oft. b^ing' able to:. piy;';'-e'ven' .. . '.under' the '.favdta'bte < terms'.^f^.'ttie' \R. • ; •'- the ' it- is- nb'liVuri)jkely0^r»^hie''»otu|l>bqndi- .„;(>*» .'ih«. cjrfliir -in: c»ah . rrfobey;' ra.tJier • ti)an'- risk '.the; (!el»y ahd' .ypcertainty : which SiwiW- be.,involved • ii>' -aiiy • at- temjit to Gecdrefa'-niore- fayor«j> ,.• . .• . tVof-. the nyjtt^r. is.itHat n't pay- \vhat. ; it .-.owes. ment'. 'The plain fact the -district-; can't A ' ^ax rate/, trieofetically sufficient, to retire the, present-debt would!.. reduce, ratHer tha^n .increase, the .' district's revenue. A settlement must bi re«ch- ed'-in the'iqtereiit; of the bondholders no less than, of the . property owners of the district.- ' Dom&tk Dbarmamenl If itb* purpOBe of the lirearnu control WH pepeHng in congress is to place a furt.fl* what iriay be termed "small time". <H^ie as-well as up&n th« activities of bu^Uws.of the Dillingcr ntripe it wou]d seem thut the protests of women's 'pffwizationii at climinntwn from 'iU re»lr|ctiojw of the traffic i" pistpis : a«J.'-revolvers have good reason. ; Of COUTHC the xule of nwchine should be strictly controlled. crimes jn which «ueh weapons used, while spectacular and highly publicized, are comparatively rare. The ordinary' pocket fun; is what in in daily UM in the holdups and murdei-s that give this country a crime record that is a national disgrace. There are laws in every state for- Wddlng, the carrying of concealed weapons, but because of careless enforcement or for other reasons they count for little in curbing crime. They «ive the, authorities an occasional excuse for jailing suspected person* against whom .they-can establish no other si>e- cific.charg'e, and that is about all. ' •Whether tha'proposed federal legis- latjoin,'',is yo.fdra'.wii that, were it ap- , plied .t6:'reybiver.4 it would make it dif- ,'ttcuii;-for;cHminaisto obta'in such weap- .' ^ns, f we;db'noi-:know; To merely make .'•'it riecca^ry'lorviaw'breakers to violate ''pne'nwre'la^tp'^tain «iins would not h'erpTrniKli'.;•'•6ut ; .'.thls 1 country's record .of'.c'rirnc^ of l.yiioleiic'e. is such that leKis- . J |at(6n-; Chichi Would so control the manufacture,' importation anil sale- of pis- t'ola,' ; aii'i't6^ :permit such weapons to reach';.the ;hanijs only of military or law^.ehtorcemeht agencies merits consideration. Domestic disarmament of that ''kind Would certainly bring a lot of iprptesta (from, folks wlio think their safety derninds a.gun under the pillow ofin' th« autompbile, but it would also prevent .a lot of senseless shootings, like' that ! .\vhich occurred near Osceola tjic'.-.otVer day, and with really effect- ive.enfor«rneritmight also help in com- batting, gangstera and holdup men. . A1 Touy$ Almanac: Einersou, Arrusri- can-pcet and • pher, born at Boston. last appropriation far the UuTfteda Read. comes a university as Han/am- students sneer. CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. BuiUUi 7W/S SHELLS OF THE CANNON, AT THE Pt'AK OF THEIR FLfG+IT, REACHED A HEIGHT Or TWl-NTy-FCXJK. ABOUT TWICE THAT Of /WAN'S ' ALTITUDE RECORDS. SIX MILLION SQUARE MILES OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE ARE COVERED WITH ICE THE YEAR ROUND. 1 told the members of our Sat •irday Nij;hl Club that as soon a ijsler and Junior readied tile age • hat would ]»rmll them to start to school. I would frel safe in '.ending them to Sunday School Church. I have what you may ?«y, combed the neighborhood trying to find n suitable woman to ;end them with but there is no ise in even thinking of this for the kind or type of woman I con- hut that business isn't what it used to he." •,.....,. . ,. j j . j. i. llie Kliiti yi tyiw ui i ^uii- "I would like to divorce Albm and start an antique shop, 5i(lcr , )rolx , r (l(xs ,, ot ]i VC | ier e. i [Ind plenty thnt seem willing to 'nkc them but just ns ijoon as I ocp,iii to tell them my reqmrc- ncnls and ask tiicm something of Yeast Long Recognized as in Diet and Growth 1 who gained an uvcrnyc of one- week over the nv UK. MOKKIS HSHHKIN Edltcr, Jcurnal of the clchth iioiuiil Medical AvvocUllon. and of Hy- i-aiiic eeia, UK Health Magazine ^^obt of llimo who had been You do more limn hake bread llvonblos with luck of appetite- with ycust. nowadays. In fact. I Ininid their digestion iniprovcii yciist has been touted as such a-when they took small amounts of panacea for human illness Unit yeast daily. Apparently no one was you might want to know ncttially Ihanncd in nny way by addition of what this subslance rc-nlly lias In | lo the diet. their knowledRC of social affairs, when they struck in Paris. 1 discos er their nnfitncss. Its un- bclicvnblc liow little the average j church woman knows of the latest new stops and song hits to say nothing of Ihcir lack of knowledge as to the kind of refreshments re- Vte HOUR., IN BIBLICAL TIA^ES / /•AEANT A SPECIFIC HOUR. ... BEGINNING AT THREE O'CLOCK. IN THE AVORNING. Big Bertha's shells left tho gun nl a speed of 5.500 feel |>:r -icconl they clhnbed Lhraugh the heavy almosphcrl of it back [is they entered the thin air ol tl| On the descent, they once more were slowed by surface air, and were traveling only 2.450 feet j>cr .secoij I NUXT: What changed the sea o'.ttr fruni a Inrtd animal lo a Sister and Junior are not just two; they would take WMUC niiircd by a social gathering such more children they would make'just think what il would mean II as our club puts on every Saturday an c!fo:l to have them in church | Hie church for the aimcuncemeil night. If I could get my church or if I could make, them sec that i to be made that my children well or tlie Pastor to understand that T lov? my church and my children-present. il and what, it accomplishes. As kmg ago as 1500 B. C., yca>t Investigations of this tyi>e help lo establish the values of ycasi WHS recommended by .the Egyp-jlhal have long been recognized in linns for constipation. It nlso was medicine. Do not take this, liow- r.ientloncd in the «Tlllngs of mast lever, us prouns; Hint ycasl is in ancient physicians. However, tlic|uny sense of the word a panncoa real qualities ot yeast are still IK-I for all lypo.-. of illnesses. ing stitdted in the light of our new The i;veat difficulty with the knowledge of chemistry and nutri- American alliludc toward any sub- lion. ' stance of this kind is the all 01 .Kor InstHiicc. whtit we know ,»»t'»"« policy. We fail to rcco;- titxiut vitamins is only a matter.of iu> You Hl- r»«ciy •'>!««/ bee n!r>6rt.- enough -to the .food 'utitbem'od'. .— Nightly prayer of U. S. Nightly prayer Henry Ashurst of Arizona. If y«i hop* for freedom you must- defend the deiridcralic vision ol this country against Hie neHroS^ In Germany. —Prof. Horace Kollen of Ne» : 'York. ' ,'-'.'.-. • ';'"-'• .• . .* * • • 'A banker should h»vc the courage and tlie vision^ to sec that this country- is' surely advancing. .J.-F. T. O'Connor, controller oi the cur- rency. 1 ' ' ' ' -. • '.'"'••-. . ' • • -. • • •• Reji^ctlnj and blocking desirable reforms will resiilt, either. In national suicide or in complete KK I 1 " 1 '«"" some 15 or '20 years. Today, .we know that ye«it Is tnnrtc up of several vitamins whteli me of par- ticiilnr value in preventing pclU- gra and Ijcriberi. a disnasc associated with inflammation of tlio nerves. It IULS always secmcri foublful, j however, thai most Amri leans needed extra yenst, in tliuir diets, «CRUSC HID average American diet contains enough frcsli vegetable: rcsh fruits, and meats lo provide un adcqutite umotint of vitamin B. Unfortunately, such studies have I not been made of the diet of people living In industrial and mining communities lo make certain that they actually do receive all Ihc foods they ntcd. Some physiciEins hi u large ciiy in Michigan found lhat the diets of workers were mostly beans, cof- •f, of a certain I substance, hut endeavor instead to I tstuhlish the Iwhel that if it is j Bcod for one thing, it is good lor I everything. •mr Tor^At IMI\.\A 4:AlllllKi.. wfrrm* .MAI1KI.IMJ SIU1IAI,. UuBnn KOtm In JTdilrUne'* huMV (n rrcuprratc. (.rctrnillHi: »• fc« t*»e otfcer lilrl. Shr 1« •»hamrd ol 1hU drcepllun Ijur krrti^ II ur. rvtn \vhrn III LI. SHUIAI.. Mnilrlinr-, c<>n»ln. nik> hrr n, «.orrT kilo. AMO« »![>- ,,,v,,- ihr t»rra. l> tillnd. Illl- l•l.\^•| I case, 1113 tiilu. coiori-.-si [iicc turceu i you 0 |j ii Q ,i Ke r! Toh'rt joMnus n": : toward tilt window. 1 cause yo-i tliiiik inayhe ilicrn Donna liplucU uciubS llm ruoia. bent over Hie old TIUIII uiiti sciuly touched bis forehead, k was moist and n'liriu. Slio diu-*' a deep brcalb of rclicl. His withcr-od eycllils lifted, ilia blue lips yancd. there >VEIS an elTnrt and a croaking -whis llonnn. mil liill Hn'rlh l» her are m , ul»- j per l;sticu truni his llirnal, 'Mad— 1 did you!" "Aduiilted. I've wanted tn a? yon but never had tho uurve." "I've never asked you alKint ar women." she said. "You didn't need lo. I tti: - ] every girl 1 ever Client lialf an ii- nalninl lr:il and nkc» pnrl In thr with has lieen snick on a pill ami She ilmii|vTl nn her kncns beside put under a mlsnroscnr.e fur )-nu| him and rnrsted li'jr lilis lo his :ihil [iir. iinarlefl han-l. The Editor'. Letter Box it li'jr IHIS lo "Vrm S]iokc!" "Oh. Oatitlianir-r. Vnu are ^oitic In £cl miaulo Ins|iccliun. llul The Uycss Colouy Ifo the editor: 1 fjonsiderable intciesl is boitu; manifested in the proposed sub- sLsk'iict 1 houii's or colonies in this county. This rc-hnbililaiton program wcms lo IK the lirsl plnn of a permanent nature to have umi sol up here by the N'c\v Deal. It uay .save many worthy families "rotn destitution. Added lo the great work being reV»jiHion. —Henry -I. JJarrlman. president of fee, bread. Irish potatoes. ]»rk. the U. S. Chamber. of Commerce. .'..-'• ' ' •' • • There's no excuse for any man who 1ms two artriB .for going to' a manicure parlor. He can clean his own nails, with his Jack knife. —Tom Mix, famous cowboy. Bv Williams OUT OUR WAY I'LL NEVER MMlUE IT— LOOK -\WUT vou GOT T&.-60 THRU,\1 -rt> .att .MUSCLES THAT TAKES'. HAlK.ON VOUP. CHEST,U»<.B ; HIM, AN 1 re AfJUE TO STAND --THAT: OPJA-CHEW grocery slorc cakes, and enough canned milk and sugar lo flavor the coffee. That kinri of diet obviously is deficient In the vitamins to be found in yeast. The investigators decided In test the effects of feeding^ yeast on the children of these workers, and also to feed c.xtra yeosl- to some wiio had complained of loss of appetite or difficulties in dlgcstior * • *• - H was found that 84 children between tlic ages of 2 months and i period, ns contrasted with 18 children who did, not take yes-st, mn» JtldKnl lin. n .ir^kf. , sgi.l.e,!. i >cw Orlrnn» Slndcllnp cor» . III.- r.ncr. nlnnr "III, Ilio Urn- | SpOKC. ri^rr. 'I'hc liK" kprliiK* iinil I. klllr*. tv <;(> f>\ \vrrii Tin: STOUT CIIAl'TliH XXVI k ON'NA slnrtcil up in the dark ness. Her heart was bcalius i Curiously and Ihcrc was a 'inter, siumhc-ii!!!; iCllsalion in her llirral | fl .^j , llmR _' that made llie wisiulit of the Iwd j wllcn ,[,„,. ; C .|, nlc ,i tn Hie hcd i-l.itlics unbcariihlc. Carclul not lo I rQoro _. lnn . S j ( j,i ;1 i- s C v c . dlBliiru her InisLaiid. she pushed i c | n ,, el i ami |1C W n s Eicepius peace- she jyou'vp (old mo so tniu'li ahoul lh: you circus and your travels lull ynn'i ill!" i neve.r mdiLionri! a Rinplo man Ahnosl al tlie fcemiug i'*--:>• lr n 'i rnigiit h=rc been irilerl D° miracle, she ran f nto llie sluing, I room anil -a--miEcd Miss Perkins. !"lle called my nnme: He spoke to me!" slii- rricd. 'J'hc nli::-t- via= rn-:tiei of fact. "Why not? We've bocu bl.inkcis from her aud slid her "KecauRC there wasn't any." "Madeline!" "It's true. Men never mr?tr ai'y| thin; in my life. 0! i-unr.ic. never !;uow ninny oKlsi'fn ot i circus. The worth-while une.- -•'. . I married. The very fc* whu mic ere I have cored for me—well. 1 cnuM: 1 sec them. Then you c-ar.<o P.!L' I iimi set wh;r. yon dij to a~.o!" feel lo the Ilotir. There she- sloed. j listening t" the pallcr of rain 0:1 | ^.'jj tll '^ rt " tnut ., |, cav y volm che caves and slili-erinc. as the wet. 1 '^ ' ^^ ^ ^^ up - on O|C air from the open window > icy wrapped around her lightly clad i done by TVA. by CCC the |]c until there when Bill found came down to ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne»s has been »u- thorizcd lo announce tlie following a.' c»udidatrs for pi.bile office. sub- Is ct to the Democratic prlmarj ntxt August: Kor RcprtscntaCivc IVY W. CRAWFORD For C»unly Ja4gc ZAL B. ' HARRISON GEORGE W. BARHAM For Mfm»er tt Conprrss CLINTON L. CALDWELL For Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for accond Term for Coaty Tracrarcr JOE 3. DILLAHTJNTY ROLAND GREEN Hir Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIO ADDI90N SMITH R. B. (SKEBD STOUT For Cnuly Court Clerk FRED FLEEUAN for R«-B«et)oo for 2nd Ten* For Auimtr R. L. (BHI.T> OAINE3 TS. C. (IKD HUDSON For OomtAbte of Chlckuanba Township JACK ROBERTSON PWA. il looks like .some mil relief was a l last in si'ilit. These tiovcrninenta] agencies, in co-operation with the people, are making plans for raisins the standard ol living of tile workers. We must try to keep the local administration of ihcte projects in the most efficient hands, not for profit, bid for service to ine people.. The AAA is proposing to help the fnrmcrs of this county to diversify their crO|>s. by paying them rent on part of their acreage, to keep ii on! of cotton. The CCC is doing n useful work fire trans amor.e jjowina timber, in order lo conceive our fulurc litnbcr supply. I wonder if Ihc nvn responsible r llie colony setup, have cor.sid- led (he possibility o[ the use of he already cleaved land. now eiHcd by (lie Rovcrnmcnl, as a ilacc for a family now on relief, o .start in. willi Eo\'ernment aid. o make I heir nwn living: i-athcr lan going i.uo a jounc virgin now from 15 to 30 years lo clear new land [or more acreage to lent lo llie yovcrn:nciiL atcr. Zeph O'Hrion. I hrcnkfasl iit the first dawn of day. Hearing his steps, she closed her eyes and pretended 1 sleep but he was not fooled. Ivvcn her news tlmt UraniHallicr had i;K>kcn in the Life Dangcrnns in 1830 ..BOSTON". lUPl-l.ife was almost as dangerous in Itoslrn in nuln- inobilc-iess 1830 BS in 1930. statistics show. Tr.c death rale 1830 was 71.1 per 100.000 and 100 years later it was 71.4. Drownlmjs took Hie heaviest toll in 1830. body. V.'hat had wakened her? 01 cource shn had hccs dreaming when she had thought she heard her uamo railed anil tell us llioush anmetlilnr had home down upon r.rr. crushins the life from her iKM-iy. What n horrible drcirnl So vivid she W.-IP slill In ils gri|i. Shr found her llnnncl robe, slipped into ?.. and nouch'j^ly crept Hcrnau llie finnr. She reached the Onor. uncertain why slie w.-iruei 1 In leave the ron:il. Her band was on llie door kaoh 7.licn Filll nirrcil and nunnliled tlccpily. "That you, sweclhearl?" "Yes." "What you iloins up?" "1 — 1 thmiclil 1 heard Grandfather call." Tioima answered thickly.' grasping ar the first excuse that blame, you if you did feet ranic to mind for what now seemed |(. s s." • laollsli Impnlsc. ' "Hut 1 don't." she iuterruplcd. BUI switched on the night hmp "And even II 1 *?n restless I'm r,csii!c tlic bed and sat up. "Surely Miss I'crklns would hear If he wanlcd anything. Come on hack li ted and I'll run down anil see if he's all right." "No. I'll go. You're tired and I'm fully awake." Bill dropped back onto the pillow and. almost before she had Icfl the roorn. was asleep again. There was a dim light In the ballrcay. Hy its gleam Donna descended the ifi affairs." ha said. no', satisfied. "Fur yuitr s-.ikc. darlian. ! 1 rould di£ up hut I couldifl do II am) liu fi.l." lie rubbed his nose .-raiii:'! \:~r?\ with B playful gesture of ntTcrtir.a ,1 was nol ot as much imp'o'r" j "Not for my sake. dear. I'm da.r-.i : lance as the fact that Donna had |i#>'i = »'" the hrst m;in in y.v;i I licen unable to sleep. | "What is the. mailer. Honey?" he ashed, sitlins douri beside hrr and taking her lumds in his. "Have you been working too hard or are you sick? Or iusl lured;" "Ilnreii! With you ticrc'.'" "Winlcr is coming on." Hill said.; glancing Huong" the windows at j K , ]C „.,„ ]lim n I HI I C E ) ir) v c the tray, nurky sky and the trees: Ec ,. inm ],] c ,i to her feel. In spV dri|i[>i:i£ raindrops. "Vou renicrn- | icr C iy or t 5 to hide Ihc niter fa her wliat wiuler Is on a farm — ! life. I've H bunch I'd lit • as sin if I ever thc'iKln vnnf 11:.--:| I guy had kissed llial linlc , inoulli of your? or Inn^lnl y j curls like ibis." lie Biiiini action tn the phrase. "l->rl n- lo petting your uld man si breakfast, or must 1 fend fnr ulghlE and sliort days. Ami with Grandfather ill —I wouldn't she tell, she swayed a Ui"c. under corruratcd hrnw? llie who adored her walrlie.l her :ind wondered. There was nn cnr^n i nily for further qiicsliomnt;. for ai llial moment Mi.-s I'crftln?. ".'l;.had teen In Cirainlfalher s happier here linn I've ever been', cll |rrcd and atnnunreil thai icforc in my "Happier lhan wl,e;i ycm ret the crowds on their tncs with thrill?, and all the applause and—" old m.-in was awake anil asked to] see Bill. "Asked? Yuii UI-.IH he — he spoke?" Slie uoddcil. "lie sairl. 'Tell il"l nrkOX'T!" bhe pullcii lier bauilo [ [ want him!'" j ^ from his, pui her arms] Bill went lo llie sic!; man'? hnH around bis ueck and pulled hislsiilc. "I'm licrc. Crandiiop." U" dark head dowti uuiil lier check rested agai his. "I've worried aboi.t CSrandfatbcr. of course, anti stairs. The nurse, who had a col | sometimes I'tn lircd. l'ia so iucf- i next thins we kno-.v you'll he d;:':c said. "Say, this is great: soon be Jumping arouutl like 51. hoppers al your command, and In the liviug room adjoining the old man's bedroom, was sleeping Indians Sang Cantata GALLUP. N. M. iui'1 — Tnirty- two iN'avajo Indians sang the cantata. "Daniel." at the Methodist Church here recently. Later the novel presentation was given at other '•hutchc jlicrc r.nd at Port In a scries of tests, to d?t,-rmi:ic which Isnciiagc is most easily understood over a leleplioi'.e. llaiian i stood first. rnundly as Donna passed lhrou«b Bill. Huacsily there !he room. | "You arca't Barry you I me? ficienl 1 do a lot ot unnecessary i (us a hornpipe." work, but there isn't anything else, I Tbo old lips parted in a sinliv 1 but there was a fllghi niarrlcd j movement ot llie while lie:nl "N" 1 i Hill." Amos Shhlal said CUDDENI.Y , Don na wondered ^ with a spasm of fear, it U ftflrt been Grandfather Siddal's voice that bad awakened her. He bad nol ;pol-':n for weeks, but suppose in lb« night— Sb« Hood, htsltantly, on the threshold of hlj room, courage to fan what death. Tuen cbe entered. be Amo: Siui.lJ lay Just a; be had Cor fo loas—motionless, bis auowy head •Wliat a question! Of course Trolly. "No. ' reckon. My lime- not sorry." Stio looked at Lira : U close at !:.ind-. >iaylji> I n-jcl • earnestly. He flushed. jto put my hotu>e <a o-der — l>e "Well, once ID a when— C.e l.ciii sinds for me." while when t eee you sitting su quiet as though your thoughts wcie a thousand miles A way l'v« w.«u- "That be a loos Umc. I hope," Bill said cheerily. "Wlien you so to town. Rill--1 dered If the pull ol tlie circus | ask—Den liosklns lo come—<jni. wasn'l lugging at you. I'm Jealous i ought to make a will. ISr.en ot your old life, sweetheart. Misbt]ll«s It off and—you'll tend well confess IL" "Bill!" she ininkled <<l hltu- , lew flhlts than the flliow isii'l tbe circus you're Jealous ot, J : Hosklus out?" "Sure, if you «aot 0:9 (To H? CuHtliKicd)

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