The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 19-10 Pepper Wants Wallace on UN Floridon Suggests Commerce Secretary For Srerrinius Post. WASHINGTON, June 5. (UP) — Sen. Claude Popper. D., pla., today suggested secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace for the "enormously important" post ol u. S. representative on th c United Nations Security Council. Pepper is a member of the Senate Foreign Helallonx Committe.', which eventually will paw on President Truman's choice of a successor 10 Edward R. Stettiniiis, Jr., who resigned. Others mentioned prominently in Senate speculation over Mr. Truman's selection included John Foster Dulles, advisor lo Secretary of State James F. Byrnes at the London Conference; John G. Winaiu, former ambassador lo Great Britain; Simmer Welles, former undersecretary 01 stale; Dean Acheson, the president undersecretary; and Sen. Carl A .Hatch, D.. N. M., a close friend of Mr. Truman's In the President's Senate days. Until a permanent, successor is named, Iferschcl V. Johnson, career diplomat, who has been Stet- t-inius' deputy, will represent the U. S. on the Security Council. Pepper described Wallace in an interview as a "man of stature" who Ls well-equipped lo represent the unjtcd Stales in tli e seeking of world peace. He emphasised his , , Illle5 , , 1U tr,ii belief that Russia regards Wallace , whose editorial policy "is generally as a fnend. _ _ 'pro-labor, published an editorial ____BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Petrillo Takes Up Torch for Negro Artists ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 5. <UPt—Joseph A. Padway, counsel for James Caesar Petiillo's American Federation ot Musicians, to- da| laid before the- APM's annual convention proposals calling for unified labor opposition to Ihe re- ci^Py-cmicted i.ea bill and to pel.ding legislation before Congress which th e organization considers "a^ti-labor." Padway. who also is counsel for tile American Federation of Labor, —.>„,•> L.-UIIUIIJ- otnuui tiuw, the AFM's parent organization, ecli- First Haptlst Church mcetlnt! at ocd I'etrillo's previously-voiced op- the church with Mrs. H. L. Cham- peals for labor to "get together for bers and Mrs. Pearl Hires us hos- r;iir own protection" and "defeat teases. our enemies and support, our Mrs. Rass Moore hostess to CliO friends." Club. Meanwhile, Petrillo himself was Junior Fellowship of First Mcth- preparint! for his second appearance ocllst Church meeting at the before the Musicians and was ex- church, 3:45 o'clock, pcctcd to speak tins afternoon. Ellis Elected Chqirmon of Church Board J. C. Kills was elected chairman of tlie official board of the First Christian Church Monday night at a business meeting of the board. Other officers to serve are James Terry, vice chairman; L. U Ward Jr.. .secretary; 'Heiiuml Clooch. treasurer. Business for the past year was completed at last night's meeting. Coming Events FRIDAY Dorcas Sunday School class He already had .served warning that he would attack some features of southern "Jim Crow" laws, which yesterday had led him to cancel a scheduled all-day sightseeing tour because two St. Petersburg eatini! places scheduled on the tour would not permit Negro delegates to enter. Petrillo said. "There Is no color line in the AFM." and ordered the S3.500 the union had planned t.o .spend for chartered buses and 'food for the outing to be turned over to some local charitable institution. Meanwhile, (he St. Petersburg rimes, liberal morning newspaper i ,, „ , , Should Interest Russia today Inntcnting yesterday's rncittl The common people of Russia discriininatiiin incident and calling would know that wlnm Wallace for lite south to abandon its in' that wlnm spoKe out he was speaking not out of prejudice but out of earnest conviction." Pepper said. For the same reason — "because he knows we can get along with Russia"— Pepper said he also would like to sec Joseplius Daniels, 81- year-old former Secretary of the Navy in the UN job. Pepper was coldly critical of Ihe policies Stettinius was "called on to follow." He suggested that the white-haired diplomat may have "resigned out of disagreement." "I know I would liave." he said. "I don't iielievc thev nre in th interest of world peace." The Florida Democrat "criticized the United States and Great Bri- tolerance and "Jim Crow" prejudice. The editorial was entitled "Pardon Me. But Your Bigotry's Showing." Will Entertain Club At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Prcnlis Holder, city. Mrs. Ed Griffin, Manila" Mllliceiit Anne liradley, city. Margaret Hill. city. Dismissed: Jeanctta Sue Walker. Manila. Mrs. I., x. Buys, Holland, Mo. S. Coil. HI. 2, city. Nicky Wcedman, city. Hlytlicville Hospital Admitted: Hope Whitworth, city. Dismissed: Mrs. R. 1,. Reed, city. Charles Thompson, city. Patricia Ann Davis, city. Memphis Baptist Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Maurice King. Osceola. Mrs. Brownie Storey, city. Memphis Mellioilist Hospital Admitted: ' Born to Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Stiles, Osceola, a son. Child Dii>s of Injuries i HOCK. June fl. (UP) — Tommy mirror. 5-yeur-olil son o« Mr. and Airs. J. L. lluffi'i- of Him 1 ", dird yesterday In a Little Rock hospital 0 { injuries suffered when caught In a rice field pump Sim- day. Tile lad's chest was crushed, Wet Dry Election Called RUSSKI.LVILUC. Ark.. June 5. UP)—l'op e county Judge Wallace liullurk tcdtiy .sinned an order sct- Ung July 2' as the dale for a local option election in Pope county. The bundle of (he "Hlg IDlppor" points toward |li ( , star Arcturus. NO'lICi: <)!• ADMINISTKATIOX On May 21, 1SMG, letters testamentary upon Ihe estate of J. H. Henderson, deceased were emitted lo thc undersigned, Linda Henderson, whose address Is Rl. 1, IJlvtbe- ville, Ark. All persons having claims against, .said estate are required In exhibit the same to the i-xociurLv, properly authenticated, within six months from the iliito of tin 1 first publication of tills notice, or they will be barred forever and precluded from any benefits in such estate. Dated this 21 day of May, 1(MS. Linda Henderson Kxeculrlx. Virgil Greene Attorney for Executrix. 5|22-20-GIB NOTK.'K OK rilODAT): ()V NulU'i; Is hereby jjlvi'ii tlmt. ltu> Liisl will mid Teslamml ul J. 11. Henderson was prohaled In com- PAGE TIIRKR mon form by Ihe Probate Court of Chtckasawba District of Mississippi County on the til day of May, ItllO. An appeal from such probat'e can of ellected only by Illlnu u petition, slating Ihe grounds of such appeal, with this Court within six months li'om the dnli- of Ihls notice. Witness my hand and seal this '-'1 day of May. ISHfi. T. W. POTTER. Clerk of Pi'obulo Court. Hy F.mabcth lilvtlie, U. C i Seal) Virgil Greene, Attorney lor Kxccutrlx.. 5!22-29-0,5 You can't Scratch out Misery of Minor Rash 'r.v Mr-xsimn, Iho mi'dirnlcd powilor Unit iw liivn a fnmilv fnvoiito for -10 yi<nta, tmtfinn li'liuf from ntiiir.iuK. Imrtiini' •>'li of iniiuir *Un irritiiliimti, Uso (01 (iby's ilinpi'i 1 rush, loo, \v|u>n liia fu'lfii! """ ' you mvnku lit. nlKlit. " ' tain for pursuing: what lie .called a policy of "bloc isolationism" detrimental to peaceful relations wil'i Russia. Miss Bendonna Huey will entertain tomorrow afternoon at thc Huey country home for members of Friendly Rook Club. ""Mrs. E. B. chilwood was hostess I to members of the club last Thtir.i- j ; I day at her home on. Highway 18. Mrs. J. C. Drake, a giiest, won hiv,li score prize in rook games, second high went to Mrs. Neville Blnkc- norc and vooko to Mrs. J. T. Miller, Read Courier ilbw;, Want Ads NOTICE OF CLAIM United States Department of the Inlerior, General La nil Olfice, Wash- ington'25, n. (;. Notice Is hereby given, that Drainage P.istrfaiixNo; .i!7,: Q! Blylhevills.- . . . , also a guest. Mrs; Herman May was another guest at the party. Scout Leader to Meet With Cub Age Members A meeting for boys between the ages of B and 11, who are interested in becoming members of a Cub 4 , Arkansas, hns filed application 0791C. G. L. O. scries, under section 4 of the act of February 28, IOL'L) (45 Slat. 1410). to pnrcliase the S'.'. N'.i See. 1. T. 15 N., R. 0 E., 5th P. M., Arkansas. All persons claiming the 7aml adversely will he allowed until .lime 19. ID46, to file in this Office their ' objections to the issuance of a patent under the aforesaid application. THOS. C. HARVELL. Acting Assistant Commissioner. 5]22-29-[>i5-12-19 Scout troop, has .been ...scheduled for 7 tonight in tlie First Methodist church, it was announced by Howard • Moore, cubmaster. Boys who are within thc a'»e group for cubs and interested In affiliating with the Boy Scout organization should bring one or both of their parents to the meeting tonight. . Ie I 213V eSSSS^ The shot-put was first done in ancient Irish games in C32 B. C. Raccoons always wash their food in water before eating it. "UNBLOCK"^ DIGESTIVE TRACT And Stop Dosing Your Stomach With Soda and Alkalizers Don't expect to get real relict from lio.itbcho, sour stomach, E;LS anil b:id breath by taking soda and other alka- Iizers if the true cause of your trouble is constipation. In I his case, your real troll blc is n ot in ttieslomaoli nl. nil. Hut in t lie inteslinal Ir.ictwhere80% ofyourfnoil is cliKcsteil. And when it gets blocked it fails to uiKcsl properly. 1 What you want for renl relief is not BOlla or an alkalb.or—but somelhinc to unblock" your infestinn] tract. Something lo dean it out effectively—help Nature, get back on her feet. 'Gal Carter's Pills right now. Tako t hem as dircctnil. They gently andelfcc- tivr/ly "unblock" your digcsliv-G tract. This permits your food to movo along normally. Nuturo'soivn (li^cylivejuicea can then reach it. You get genuine relief th^t ninkea you feel really good agaiu. Otiel Carter's I'illsnt any drugstore—• 25* 1 . "unblcrk" your intestinal tract for real, relief from indigestion. Apjile Production Down Production of apples in the United States only totaled 04,000,000 bushels in 1945. as compared with 124,000.000 bushels in the preceding year. rary relief for ' SHMA • and HAY FEVER GUIDES MILLIONS Tim 11 rune "St. .Jui^pli" uu iri?s millions (oasiiiim quality, siuH'il, economy. Ili labliHs costsonly 1 On. St.Joseph ASPIRIN FOR BALE CONCRKTE STOKM SEWER AH. B1ZEB Cheaper Than Brldg* l.nmbw OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone C91 OieeoU, Ark. FOR SALE Fresh Uivi-r Catfish. Spf 11 il prii-es lo Cafes and lisli fries. C'afi; am! large orders ilcllveml. MACK'S FISH MARKET Plume C73 Osceoln, Ark. I Abstract & Really Co. »f T'He — Lands — Loans Phone 2381 licok cJutfnnj; cii . Ask fur WALJLPAPER •ISt Wiish it l>lo Now 32c Now 20c E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "aliy Chirks $.|.oo lo 512.00 prr 100. 3 ilu.vs t<> I weeks old—At Slore I'ecilK and Supplies. WANTED Knr am! shvllril Corn— All grades. One bushel up - Dais - Wlirat - liurley - Alfalfa Hay anil 1'inil- try iif all kinds. Pay lup market liriri'S. Elevator Feed Store N. 4lll RriKtllwny nl Kit Crossing .1. J. Field. JI(;r. Phillip CHECK j= And you'll go places with that grand, even-powered Phillips 66!* Phillips rtf> Gasoline ought to he fjooil. 'thousands of man-hours of expert scientific research Iiuvc gone into it. Careful luhoraiory control fn» it to driving comliuons for nil seasons. Tim rcsuli — n liigli-pmvcrcd, wcnclt- cr-i-ontrolled- fuel designed to give peak performance bnili summer and winter! l.ei Phillips f,f, Gasoline/iroiv itself in your car. Gel a tunkfuf and .try ii —ilio next limo yon conic to the l>ig oriinge-utul-lilack sign of "Ci6"! * PHILLIPS SYSTEM OF LABORATORY ^CONTROL HELPS BRI YOU OASOUNE THAT IS RIGHT FOR THE WEATHER PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE The paientcd inner construcuon of «l, B nebulizer, produces micco-fine droplets, making « completely inhalable vapor "l"cb permits the medKauoa ._ «,ri, ilie bronchial area. HERE'S THE DIFFERENCE FURNITURE Of course, we don't get all we could sell, but as we get It our policy will be first come, first served. Alyin Hardy Furniture Go. 301 East Main Phone 2302 Alt our Employees arc War Veterans. Need a 24-hr. Service TAXI!! Call Bonded and Insured Bill Wunderlich "Quality" At Prices That Please SPECIAL THIS WCfK ONLY EGG WHIPPER 12< A new kitchen aid! For mixing batters, whipping cream, ' beating eggs and dozens'of other uses. 8 inch length. o-y* BATHROOM FIXTURES Per set '2 95 BATH SPRAYS 5 piece set of matched design, with a while porcelain acid- resisting finish. Cast iron fixtures. PLASTIC TUMBLER Only 5 ft. hich quality rubber tubing, in assorted color.*:. •V/» inch briRn! all mctnl s|irn>- head. Only Only R 07. capacity, in five assorted colors lo match any kitchen or bathroom color scheme. MIRRORS Here's an attractively designed rubber bath mat, size 11x2.1 inches. ' Only Useful 8x10 inch household mirror, ncally framed wilh bright ;Nilishe«I metal. PUNTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 515 . 126 West Main Come and get it...Have a Coca-Cola ,,1'iaiiL? ... refreshing as all outdoors Pirn's ci-coo/(iti\ fol^s! There's nothing like the friendly clink of frosty bottles of Coke to bring on the picnic spirit. Yes, whether backyard barbecue or banquet, the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola is a sure way to start ;i party perking—and start everybody o(F on the friendly side. BOTTUD UNDER AUTHORITY OF HIE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE >revialioa a"«ro thi rtgitttred tradi- .arks whicli distinguish the proii- ! ubt of. The Coca-Cola C.prupin'y'. _ ___ RY g^RTV;HAg1ff,A.iy VOU'UE SEEN WHftT M.V MCWMS CM TO, HR.WKEE \ HUEOLV EtWOgH TO BUV WITHOUT . _ KNOWING WORE ABOur- OISION . fttEKr TO THE ™*J.'SK»BI«>! Y-HWIOFFERA6USS6«nON'. , VOI6£E,«ORE(la«6Sr \ WH9MOTMAI.eMSW.TKT?) OWE THAT WILL REMOVE THE / 5IU6 R1SHT6 TO IT.:. W-Wt-SKXWi 54lO**FU LET'S TW.IT.' »«AD AMD'CLOSE WITH A'ci/J,

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