Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 29, 1875 · Page 2
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 2

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Thursday, July 29, 1875
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J v. r I it Tex IIinnkapolis Tribune. THTBSDAT, JI LT 29. JS75. tebxi F suitacKirao?!. THK DAILT TKlBt'KC. cmpj aaa, yr by Carrier, SIS M 10 00 ea a 6v 1 0 yr, tvaaau, THE VEEKI.T TKIBCNK. On copy OB. JT. In Clsks Tea or more, one year. Oar copy ata Bcatas Oaa copy tan months, I THK SUNDAY TRIBUNE. e go 1 60 , i m m copy, oaa year. - ISM haan Om, naaaapolia, Mlaa. THE REPVZLICAS CQSrESTIOS. "he Republican Contention, by its action yesterday, insured a Republican Tictory in this State this Fall. A more harmonious political gathering We never witnessed. From first to last the greatest unanimity of feel ing prevailed, the universal desire evidently being to do that which was for the best interests of the whole people of the State. Individual preferences trre expressed without acrimony, and cheerfully laid aside at the bidding of the majority. There was not the slightest display of bitter partizan- ahip from the opening to the close of the Convention. As a result of such good feeling, the party has secured a platform and a ticket which are an honor to it, and to which every honest citizen can give his hearty and un qualified support. The platform enunciates what has long been recognized as true Republi can doctrine. Its financial plank calls for the adoption of a financial policy which shall secure to the country a resumption of siecic payments at the earliest possible moment. We have not time this morning to 'common upon it at length, but shall refer to i hereafter. Before proceeding to the nomina tions, a resolution was adopted, d claring that the oil: e of Chief Justice should be above party, declining to make a nomination, but recommend ing to the voters of the State the election of the present incumbent, Judge Gilfillan. This proposition was hailed with enthusiasm, and was a handsome compliment to our present Chief Justice. It was evident from the first that Hon. John S. Pillsbury, of this city, was the choice of a large majority of the Convention. Some of the delegates were instructed to vote for Ex-Gov. Austin, and others for Dr. Stewart, of St. Paul, but it became manifest at an early stage of the proceedings that Mr. Pillsbury was really the first choice. On an informal ballot being taken, he received V6 votes out of 11)5, or within two of enough to nominate him. A formal ballot being taken, he received 107 votes, and was declared nominated, the nomination being subsequently voted as the unanimous sense of the Convention. Mr. Pillsbury, in response to the call of the Convention, appeared upon the platform, and iu a few well chosen remarks, thanked the Convention for the honor conferred upon him? and promised an honest and economical administration of State affairs. Mr. Pillsbury has already established 3 reputation for integrity in the discharge of public duties which is a guarantee of his sincerity Hon. J. B. Wakefield, of Faribault, received the nomination for Lieutenant Governor. Mr. Wakefield is i lawyer of high standing in the pro fession, who has been in public life for a number of years, and enjoys the confidence of all with whom he has been brought in contact. Early in the season he was prominently men tioned as a candidate from the south ern part of the State for Governor, and had he consented to the use of his name for that position, would have made a formidable candidate. His name is a tower of strength to the ticket. For Secretary of State, John S. Ir-gens, of Mower county, was nominated, as we intimated yesterday he probably would be. Mr. lrgens is a Scandinavian by birth, but has been a resident of Minnesota for twenty years or more. He served in the army with distinction all through the war, and in the Legislature for several terras, and is an honest, competent, straightforward, upright man. His nomination was received with delight not only by the Scandinavians, but by the entire Convention. O. P. Whitcorab, the present Auditor, was re-nominated for that office, a tribute to the zeal and worth of that officer which was entirely de-Served, and which will give universal satisfaction. He has been a faithful, painstaking officer, whose course has inspired the ntmost confidence in his integrit?- Col. Wm. Pfacnder, of Xew I'lm, received the nomination for Treasurer. Mr. Pfaender was the founder of Nw Vim, and is regarded as one of the foremost citizens of that vicinity. He is a German by birth, but has become thoroughly Americanized so much so that he served faithfully all through the war in the artillery and cavalry arms of the. service. He has served in the Legislature also with credit to himself and his district, and at home is deservedly very popular. Sam. H. Siehols, of Fergus Falls, deceived the nomination for Clerk of the Supreme Court. Everybody knows "Sam," the efficient and courteous Clerk of the House of Representatives for several Winters past. In addition to being thoroughly competent lor the place, Sam. is a splendid worker in the Republican cause, and is exceedingly popular. His election as Clerk of the Court will be a deserved recompense for faithful and laborious service already rendered. ; For Railroad Commissioner, C. A. Gtlman, Esq-, of St. Cloud, was nominated- Mr. Giluan is an old resident f his section of country, where be has been an exceedingly active, enterprising, and public spirited citizen. He is a hard working Republican, steadfast and true to his party, a man who has opinions of his own and the manhood to maintain them. Being positive in his nature, he makes many warm friends and a few enemies, as sack men usually do. In his own lection he is very popular, and will help the ticket very considerably. With these nominations the duties of the Convention were ended. It is not too much to say that no Republican Convention ever held in this State did more earnest, zealous work in the interests of the State, or did it in a better spirit, than did the Convention of yesterday. H was composed of the representative men of the State, who came together prepared to yield personal preferences" and individual opin- ioBg, if necessary, to secure the general wnoi. They have presented a ticket and a platform to whicV not the slight est objection can be raiseo. Hy anyone. On the contrary ,the candidate laced in nomination are among the moat honored and highly respected citixena of the State, who are not professional office seekers, but are put forward by their friends and neighbors as men worthy and deserving of the confi dence of the people of the whole State. With this ticket, led by oar own honored totnaiin, lion. John S. Pillsbury or, as he was introduced to the Convention, "Honest John" the republicans of this State can be relied upon for a good square 10,000 majority this Fall. THAT CHOnPZXXISG CLAIM. Like Banquo s ghost, that claim of the. irrepressible Chorpenning will not "down." With a persistency that would be highly commendable in more disinterested cause, he is ever pushing himself and his claim to the fore-front. Chorpenning, a score of yeaas ago or more, received a very good contract for carrying mails over a certain rather extended route in California and the Territories, which was subsequently changed at his re quest, and he substituted other ser vice for that which he had contracted for, as part of the original route was blocked during the snows of winter. Later these contracts were all can celed, throngh failure on his part to fulfill the requirements. He made a demand upon the government for extra compensation for the amended route, which was paid. Again he makes an additional demand for services upon the .P. O. Department which ws also allowed. lie then ap pears before Congress, and for a third time he received full settlement of his claims for extra compensation. Xot yet satisfiad, he makes a demand under Congressional authority, to settle with the then Postmaster Gen eral, who protested against any fur ther payment to the insatiable Chor penning. But yet Congress votes hint about $100,000, and still he is not sat isfied. He goes on, year after year, renewing his application,, but Presi dent Lincoln, and, later, Johnson refuses to consider his demands, arguing that enough final settlements had already been made to satisfy any reasonable contractor. But again he appeals to Congress, and that body directs the matter to be again referred to the Post Office Department. The Assistant Postmaster General, seeing more money in Chorpenning" claim than in the department, resigns his office, and becomes attorney for that gentleman. And now we find the Chorpenning claim, swelled to gigantic proportions, nearly half million dollars, lindmg its way through the Treasury Department. Mr. Dawes, that watch dog of the na tional finances, became acquainted with the facts and succeeded in get ting a resolution through the House repealing the resolution allowing the Postmaster-General to settle the claim. The Senate took a like step, and Chorpenning was again out in the old. And now Chorpenning, after persis tent endeavors, again comes forward armed with a decision of the Attorney General that previous proceedings do not bar him from the prosecution of his case before the Court of Claims. But alas for Chorpenning! The Court of Claims says it cannot entertain th matter, as the statute of limitation excludes it. And now, unless Con gress by special legislation gives au thority, this gigantic fraud will fade from before the face of the people. TIMELY TOPICS. The latest journalistic enterprise in London i. death list. The Obituary, weekly Mr. J. Murray, while pitching hay at Rising Sun, Indiana, pitrlied out 5,520 that some oue had concealed. The citizens of Fayette county, Ohio will vote this Fall on the question of building a 9100,000 court huse The Indianapolis Herald mildly, but firmly, protests against the extrava gance of putting " ?2 worth of collars on 25 cents worth of dog. The professorship of natural history in Wellesley College, Mass., with a sal ary of 81,800 per annum, has been'giv en to Miss Susan Hallowell. The thieves in Montgomery , county, 111., are so plentiful and bold that th papers advise the farmers to chain thel wells down or else take them in doors at night. An Illinois iatersavs of a thunder bolt: "It first struck the lightning rod slid down to the roof, ran np the cellar, tore shingles off the weather boarding, and went away without hurting anything." Two railroad workmen in South Carolina have invented a rear light for trains, which, by a change ot color, shows whether the train is moving or standing still. There is a hole at Warwick, Mass., four inches in diameter, and running so deep into the ground that it has never been fathomed. Hot air constantly comes out of it. George R. Pean of Sacramento, has a vigorous coffee plant growing in nis door yard. It is from Central American seed, three years old, and will bear this year, as it is full of blossoms. The Brandon (Miss.) Republican is authority for the statement that Jefferson Davis Jwill, s soon as he is settled in his new Texan home, begin a history of the war between the States. Gen. Garfield, who has been sick at his home in Washington for several weeks, has just submitted to a very severe surgical operation,which will con fine him to his bed for two or three weeks longer. Ex-Speaker Blaine and the Hon. J. W. Bradbury have subscribed 81,500 and 82,000 respectively toward the 810,000 needed to secure the 60,000 pledged to the general endowment fund of Bowdoiu College. The jury in the case of ex-Treasurer Parker, at Charleston, S. C, has rendered a verdict for the State in the sum of 875,000. "this is the first substantial result of the; efforts iu this State to bring official plunderers to justice. Both branches of the Connecticut Legislature have agreedto the appropriation of 82,000 to contest the suit in the United States Circuit Court involving the claim of New York to certain islands on the north shore of Long Island Sonnd. It is believed there is an underhanded scheme cn foot to force active Protestants to leave Spain, and that the government itself is concerned in it. The recent detention of Pretestant books by the customs authorities at Santander is believed to be a part of it. The fate of Donaldson is similar to that of Timothy Winchester, who ascended from Norwalk, Ohio, in the Summer of was last seen passing over Vermillion, Krie county, in the direction of Canada, and is supposed to have been lost in Lake Erie, as no further tidings of him were ever recived. John Worth, a Philadelphia actor, while bathing the other day, sank, and was taken out of the water apparently dead. His friends worked for an horr to resucitate him, hut, failing, aban doned him. An English man named Dr. Michrlson, happening along, ap plied the Sylvester process of artificial respiration, and restored Worth to life. ACCOESTS AT'BIAGABA. Vary Crest Danger, but Few Casualties The Car Exercised by Visitors Ineideflts of Years Cone By. CorrmrtnttM f TD Ana Ytrk Time. Niagara Fauls, July 3. Considering the situation, and the danger that is in reaching distance at almost every step about Niagara, it is one of the most remarkable things of the place mat so lew casualties occur. I he feet of the tourist to say nothing of loose oi tne norses tbat draw him, n he will ride are environed with peril, and there are scores of places, the or- oinary resorts or those who wish to see the sublimity of the scenes to the best advantage, where there is literal ly but a single step between life and death. At Prospect Park, it is true, neat and substantial stone wall, hip high, has been erected along the ngle formed by the shore above and the I shore below the American Fall, and a person could not dash him self over the precipice at this point without considerable exertion being put forth to surmount the wall. But walk thence along the shore of the American rapids to the Bath Island bridge, and make the long circuit of uoat island, as other hundreds do, and on some days thousands, and the points are numerous where a little de viation to the right or left will pitch you into the grasp of the rapids, or more than a hundred feet upon the rocks below. I believe, from my own observations, that the people who come here are habitually carelul barfing, of course, the small class of rattle-brained fellows who are ! bound to venture unnecessarily into danger, to make an exhibition of themselves. Two young gentlemen of this kind I saw out on one of those slippery rocks almost at the verge ol the abyss, just below where the old Terrapin Tower used to stand. Their box-toed shoes dangled carelessly oxer the edge of the fall, and the smoke of their cigars mingled with its spray, while their faces turned complacently up to us who stood on the bank above, as who should say. "Now, don t we and Ni agara together make rather a fine sight !" But, saving the few of th kind, and admitting the caution gen e rally exercised hereabout, it is still wonderful to me with such abundan opportunity for accidents to sigh seers so very lew occur, tven 10 one familiar with the falls for thirty years past, it would be dimcult to count otf a dozen of them. My recol leqtion goes back hardly as far as the death of a man, whose name I have for gotten, by the falling of a fragment on his head from the overhanging cliffs ot Goat Island as he was walking be neath. Another one of precisely this kind I think has never occurred. Then there was the sad fate of the youn lad v, who in stooping for a llower nea Table Rock became dizzy at the sight of the yawning chasm at her feet an nitched over to her death. The sub ject was mournful enough, and should have been spared by the people wh delight in writing dogerel apropos o the falls, and everything else that comes into their heads : but abou the time of this accident some travel ing. idiot recorded in the album of vis itors kept at the Museum, near by that Miss "At the early of twenty-three. Waa pitched iutoe-ter-ni-ty. Perhaps the most tragic and dis tressing of these occurrences happen ed about the year ls-t'J ; and well do remember the excitement and sympa thy which it widely called forth. was very romantic indeed, dramatic in its details. A small party had tome down from Buffalo for an after noon's pleasure at theFalls, among them a young gentleman, the lady to Whom he was engaged, and her littl sister. The party were standing on the northern side of Luna Island few rods above the American Kali watching the waters as they swept by when the young man playfully caujili up the child and swang her toward th water, saying, " now, Lizzie, 1 11 throi you over the falls." She screamed i real terror, and sprang from his arm right into the rapids. He instantly followed her, and in his vain attemii to save her both were swept over to gether. 1 heir bodies were found the rocks below, a portion of her dres remaining wrapped round his arm. It is not a rare occurrence for peo ple to be carried over the falls; three or four such casualties, on the avc age, are reported every year, but tl victims are rarely of the visitin class. They result from the use of row-boats on the river above the fall and rapids. Such use is commo enough, and ordinarily safe enou It must be remembered that the d clivity of the river-bed over wbic the rapids tumble, begins much less than two miles above the tall : larg steamboats descend to Chippewa on the Canadian side, and Buffalo, a dik tance of twenty miles, the only pediment to navigation is the stron steady current, which only steam ca make head against. Steamboat and tugs frequently pass and down, daily in th warm season, and it is quite within the limits of possibility tba an accident to the machinery mi; leave one of them to drift helplessly down into the clutch of the rapids. and on to the fearful leap. bitch accident Las never happened yet, an I hope it never may ; but it u entirely possible. email boats are chit-Uy used in lishing and passing to an from Chippewa. The loss or breakin of an oar renders them helpless, an dozens of them have in this way bee swept over the falls with their livm contents. sometimes they are seen on their terrible journey and reported; often it happens in the night and the fact is unknown until the finding of the body or bodies. It may be weeks afterward, somewhere in the river below, and sometimes in Lake Ontario. Suicides at Niagara are rare indeed; with the exception of the crazy gentleman who walked into the rapids above Table Rock last Summer, I do not remember any. SR. BEECHElt. It is Not Probable that He will Lecture at the West. Mrs. Beecher has written the fol lowing letter to a gentleman at Pes Moines, Iowa: Dear Sir : In reply to yours of the 12th, Mr. Beecher desires me to say that there seems to be a general misapprehension about his going West this Fall, in September. Mr. Beecher cannot travel or lecture in September on account of the "hay cold." Early in August he is compelled every . year to leave our home and go to the N lute .Mountains, where he is obliged to remain till the last week of September, and then escapes his enemy. Arrangements were partially made last Fall for Mr. Beecher to lecture in some part of the West, under the direction of a lecture bureau; but, as you are aware, all such plans were broken up the trial, which, for six months, kept him daily in the court room. It is quite uncertain if Mr. Beecher will lecture at all this season, at any great distance from his home duties. If ho docs, the places will be left entirely to the direction of the Bureau, and relieve him from that care. It will, therefore, be wise for you to secure his services through some such medium in case he is able to go West at all. Thanks for your kind congratulations. An unanimous verdict would have been gratifying and only small justice, in view of the most vile and wicked slanders against the purest, cleanest-hearted man that the sun shines on. and after the tortures of six months in that court room. But i against 3, and that three being such as they were, together with the disclosures of the perjtiry of the Loader and Price wretches, is considered here equal to what the full vindication would have been had the jury given their verdict without leaving their seats. 1 have no fears but that, even in this life, my husband will stand acquitted before all men save such characters as those who have plotted against him. and even they know that he is guiltless. Yours respectfully, . iims. II. W. BtEt iiRit. For and About the Ladies, I Man appoints, but woman disap points. This is the season of the year when industrious housewives can all the fruit they can can. A Milwaukee girl can turn a hand pring with such velocity as to snap er shoes on. She s the belle of the lty in consequence. Miss Edmonia Lewis, the colored American sculptress is about to be married. Her intended's complexion is in keeping with her own. Mrs. Annie Besant, of London, Eng land, the coming woman of that coun try is making a great reputation as a radical writer and speaker. Tucked way down in the corner of the Christian woman s heart lorever lurks that sentiment, dear to all the sex, "A new bonnet, or no church. "I must marry that g.'rl," said a disconsolate young man. "she whis tles, and it 11 never do to trine with the affections of a girl that whistles. Kate Field says the man who has held her hand in his more than two or three seconds does not live. Who would have, thought it could have been so suddenly fatal ? A woman does not always notice that there is a button off her hus band's shirt, but if he goes home with a strange hair on his coat sleeve she sees it in a second, and if that were all. "lhats right; die hard. 1 enjoy this, I do, was the encouraging ex- clamatiou or an Indianapolis woman as she patted her smoking pistol and ki.kcd her prostrate rival in the Stomach. It was a pretty conceit of a father whose name was Rose, and who named his daughter " lid. But the romance of the thing was badly spoiled when she grew up and married a man by the name of Bull. In a recent scandal case in Smith county, Kansas, a lady witness de clined to answer a question, and the attorney demanded her reason. "Be cause, it is not fit to tell decent peo ple, "(i, well, said the lawyer, lust walk up here and whisper it to the judge. A gentleman said to an old lady who had brought up a family ot clul dren near a river: "I should think you would have lived in constant fea that sonic of them would have got drowned."' "Oh, no, responded the old lady, "we onlv lost three or fou in that way. A lady who had on her upper lip something approaching a mustache lately called on an officer and his wife whose laughing, merry little boy hap pencd to be present at the time. In the course of conversation the littl fellow inquired what he must do to get hair on Ins lip. " by, f ub l against papa's," was the reply "Oh, mamma, said he, "is that tli way Miss has got hers?" She tried to sit down in the stree car, but was pinned back so tight sh couldn't. Old lady peeped over he specs and asked her: "How Ion have you been altiicted that way! The young lady blushed, and "made break, silting down sideways, an holding her knees toeether so tigh that she looked as if she had on a one legged pair of breeches. Old lady noticed her sitting in sidewise.crampc position, and whispered : "Uile, I s'posc; I've bad "em myself." A friend of tnino and 1 came acros a "spooning" couple the other nigh and a remark we chanced to overhear inspired him to relate this little story Not long ago, at a mansion on Alurra Hill, a sentimental young lndy strolled with a gentleman, on whom she had her eye, into the conservato ry. Looking up pensively into hi face, she said, with tears in her voice "Ah. no one loves nie, Mr. Barnes "Someone does!" "Yes !" said th lady dropping her head, and pressing his arm ever so little. "Yes, Miss Nellie, said the wretch, "God love you." Baltimore Bulletin. Science Outdone. Mark Ttin in th Augun All!- Therefore: the Mississippi betwec Cairo and New Orlcnns was 1,215 miles long 176 years ago. It was 1.1 SO afte the cut-off of 1722. It was 1,040 aftc the American Bend cut-off (some si teen or seventeen years ago). It has lost 67 miles since. Consequently its length is only 'Jio miles at present. Now, if 1 wanted to be one of those ponderous scientific pcoplcatid "le on" to prove what had occurred in the remote past by hat had occurred in a given time in the recent past, or what will occur in the far future by what has occurred in late years, what an opportunity is here ! Geology never had such a chance, nor such exact data to argue from ! Nor "development" of species, cither! Glacial epochs arc great things, but they are vague vague. Please observe : In the space of 176 year the Lower Mississippi has shortened itself 242 miles. That is an average of a trille over one mile and a third per year. Therefore, any calm person, who is not blind or idiotic, can see that in the old Oolitic Silurian period, just a million years ago next November, the Lower Mississippi Uiver was upwards of 1,3m ),0K) miles long, and stuck out over the Gulf of Mexico like a fishing-rod. Anil by the same token any person can see that 742 years from now the Lower Mississippi will be only a mile and three-quarters long, and Cairo and New Orleans will have joined their stieets together, and will be plodding comlortaoly along under a single Mayor and a mutual Board of Aldermen. There is something fas cinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact. Winking Oien. Of course wo can drive the oxen home, wo told the farmer. The idea of doubting our ability when we have seen them bandied every day for the past month. He handed over the long whip and started them, we taking the proper position just in front. It was easy enough, though rather monotonous, till we met a team coming the other way; then we "geed" those oxen into a ditch, and running into a tree was at a standstill. We received a smile from the teamster, as we had given himt the whole road. But there we were." We hollered "gee," "haw," and '-back," and swore till our throat felt rough. We couldn't get ahead unless we borrowed an axe and cut the tree down, and when we tried to back them they spread out from the pole, and stood face to face, nearly choking themselves. Then our patience gave out; we kicked the near one in the ribs; he playfully retorted by switching us across the face with his fly disperser. We lit a pipe and puffed smoke into their nostrils. This was a happy thought; they sneezed over us, and backed, but forgat to stop till they got a stone wall betwkeu them. We went home to borrow a steam derrick, but before the arrangements were made, the oxen came in view, and calmly stopped in front of the barn. You may think there is nothing human in an ox, but we are ready to swear that both winked when they saw us, and one had a positire grin on his face. We refrain from expressing our opinion of qxen. A Suffering Capitalist. "Yes, these are awfully hard times," said a La -Salle .street lirokcr, as he stood on his steps talking to a friend, last evening. - "Mighty "tough, I expect," was the reply. "Why," said the broker, "lve been investing and inventing for a" year hack a pile of money i assure you and I find I've been losing like fury." "Indeed !" "True's I'm living. If I've lost a cent, I've lost more than 3r30O,00O-" "No!" "Certain," continued the broker, "and what cramps me most and makes me feel the worst, is that fully Slot) of it was my own !" Then the friends retired to a secluded place and "smiled." Chicago Journal. Stat Newc Harvest has commenced in Jackson county. , The population of Red Wood county Barlev harvest has commenced about Mank'ato and wheat is ripening fast. In Blue Karth county in 1S75, there were in cultivation, 111,200 acres of land. j Sportsmen will find prairie chickens plenty in Jackson eouuly after the 15th of August. The Minnesota Falls Sentinel is selec ted as the official paper of Yellow Medicine county. I Mr. Ludlow, in Jackson county, had stack containing fifteen tons of hay burned last week. The priee of No. 1 wheat at Winona on Tuesday was 1.07, a decline of 20 cents since last Thursday. The reaper men have got out into ackson Connty cutting the farmers' grain to show what they can do. At Marshall, Lyon county, on the 23d. wheat was selling at K5 to 67 cents; but ter, o to 10 cents, and eggs, 10 cents. The Agricultural Association, of Red Wood County, will hold their eonnty lair on the vtu ana iota oi September Mr. Paul Seeger, of Mountain Lakes. reports that 100 families of IMennonitea are on their way Irom interna to cotton wood county. ! The Mankato papers report the old crop of wheat in that vicinity as nearly all marketed, during the "bull" move ment. The tarmers were fortunate. The Jackson Republican reports that alter a personal inspection, the pros pect lor a tine crop ol grain was never as good in Jackson county as now many fields of wheat and oil is stand fire feet high. At Winona a little boy, three or four years of age, was struck by the wheel of a wagon, attached to a running team. and a frightful gash cat on the front of his bead an his scull iractured. it is feared that the injury will prove fatal DEATH TO PAIS. Head the Follawlna- Proposition Which will be adhered to positively to any person who uses Death to Pain in the following cases and does not re ceive the benefit desired he will receive back his money on i return of empty bottle: It cures rheumatism, neuralgia, head ache.toothache, sore throat, diphtheria, burns, bruises, sprains, cqiio pains, in carnation ot the bowels in man or beast Use it according to directions and do not hesitate to use a preparation that the proprietor is willing to lake all the risa Te him who nses it will be given to know its merits. For reference as to its curative properties I refer you to any one wt; ho has used it. j It is Bold by all druggists. L. Hilar, Prop, j Owatouna, Minn Mothers, if unable to nurse you babe, do not, as a substitute, feed it on Corn Starch, Arrowroot, and all su thin, flatulent slops, but feed it ol Kidge's Food. wLich contains all the elements essential to its development ireen Augul 'lauer. It is natural for tieoiile'snlTering with dyspepsia and liver complaint, or any derangements ol the digestive organs such as sonr stomach, sick headache habitual costiveness, palpitation ol the heart, heart burn, water-lirasli, gnaw ing and burmug pains at the pit of th stomach, yellow nkin, coated tongue and disagreeable taste in the mouth coming up of food after eating, low spirits, &c, to pnt off frjom day to da buying an article t hat they know lias cured their neighbor, triend, or rela tive, yet they have no faith in it uut it is tiip late. But If you will go toyou druguistaud get a bottle of llreen's Au gust r lower your lamiediate cure is as certain as you live! Sample bottles oi thin medicine can tie obtained lor cents to try its superior! virtue. Uegular size, 75 cents. Try it; tw doses will relieve any das. lie it are f 1 oota oi.ona Vended under the name of Dentriflccs. Adopt and adhere to the only prep; ation that really preserves the teeth and hardens the gumn, fragrant ftozo- dont. Its effects on decaying teeth are marvelous. MKD1CAU Probably there Is no complaint that afflicts the human MeX4?m which ia eo little undendood at the prerni tiiue, a some of the varied forma hviduer Cofnulajiil. There la no ditteajie which eatwa ituch a cot pain or t more aiaronnjc In its result Umn when I tie kidney fail to Mrrete from the bloud and uric acid, and ot.Mr potMonotta umt..iiec, which tlie blood accumulates iu its circulation through the svhu m. If irom any eaoe the kidneys to perform tne la nction uevomiiK upon litem, inecuoiui. tions are taken np hy the absorbents and the whole intern thrown into a stale of di-eaie, cauMnff rreat pain and utlcriii, and ery often Immediate death. Hence tte imirortanre keeping tl e kidneys -nd blood in a liealthy condition, through w hich all the impurities, of the Diuod most pass. Fain in the Back. There Is no remedy koowu U medical science which ban proved iUeif wore valuable in cae of Kidnev Comithiitit than the VmuKVinm- U ac directly upon ttie secretions, cleamea and purities tite biooii, ana restores tne wooie system aIrhv Mr I ion. a The followi or extraordinary cure of treat suf ferers, who have been pnven up by the text phy. sicians as hoiM-bnui CRfe. will speak fur them. selves, and nhould challenge the moat profound attMt4Uin of the meotcal fttcnitv. as wen as tboaew ho ajrj;Vrine from kidney ComplaiuU The Best Mediom., East MAkuiri:i.D, Aug. 20th, 1h?0. Mr. Stkvv.kb: Dear Sir I am seventy-one years of ae ; have suifemed many year with Kidney Complaint, weakneMa in my bark and Mton.ach. i was induced by frw-n-W to nc your VjcomrriNK, and I think it the ient medicine for weakites of the Kidneys I ever uned. I have tried many remedies forthiscomplaint. and never found so much relief as from tlie Vkuktimk. It strengthens and invigorates the whole wyntem. Many of my acqa intances have taken It, and I believe it to be good for all the complaints for which it in recouiutended. Yours truly, JOSIAU H. SHKRMAS. Pronounced Incurable. Borrow, March 30th, 1H7J. II. R. Ptevicns, Esq.: Ienr Kr I have been badly afflicted with Kidney Complaint iuT leu years, have suffered preat pain In my back, hi ps and side, with great difficulty in passim? urine, which wtis often andln very smail quantities, frequently accompanied with blood and excruciating pain. I have faithfully tried most of tlie popular remedies recommended for my complaint; I have been nnder tlie treatment of some of the most skillful physicians in Boston, all of whom pro. con need my case IrruranJe. This was my condition w heu I was advised by a friend to try the Vefretine, and 1 co'ild nee tlte pood effects from the first dose I took and from that moment I kept on improving until I was entirely cured, taking in h1, J should tiiink, about six bottles. It s indeed 4 valuable medicine, and if I thou Id be aitMcted afala la the same way, I should pive a dollar for a doe. if 1 coU not et it without. KespwtfQll. J W- till-K, &1 Third Street, South Boston. Nearly Blind. H- R- SrrvKNs : Dear Sir In oxprenslng ray thanks to yon for benefits derived from tlie use of Yeeetine, and to benefit others, I will state: When elpht or nine years old 1 was afflicted with Scrofula, which made its appearance In my eyes, face and head, and I was very near blind fur two years. All kinds of operations were performed on my eyes, and all to no ood result. PinaZJy the diCTe principally settled in my body, liniOi feet, and at times in in afgra- rated way. ' " Ijtst Summer I was, from aoniA cause, weak In my r pine and kidneys, and it was at times very hard to retain the urine. Seeing your aJvertb-maut in The Commercial 1 bought a bottle of Veg-etine, and eommeneed using according to directions. In two or inntt djii'8 I obtained great relief. After using four or live bmies 1 m4iced it had a wonderful effect on the ronm, scaly blotches on my body and Wits. I still usd Yejc-etine, and tlie hnmorous sores one after another di!appeard until they were rone, and I attribute the care of the two diseases to Vegetine, and nothing else. If I am ever affected with anything of the kind aeain, I shall try Vegetine as the only reliable remedy. Once more accept my thank, and be-leve me to be. Very respectfully, AUSTIN PAKROTT, Dec. jfco. 25 fano st-, Cincinnati, O. Diseases of the Kidneys Bladder, ec., are .-way s unpleasant, and at times they become the motif distressing and dangerous diseases that can affect the human system. Most diseases of the Kiuneys arise from impurities lu the blood, causing humors which settle on these parts. Vegetine excels any ki own remedy in tlie whole world for cleansinc and purifying the blood, tliereby causing a healthy action to all the organs of the body. Yepetine i Sold by all Pnurgistft. n.tHOOO RESTORED. A victim of youthful Imprudence, causing pre mature decay, nervous debility, etc.. having tried in vain every known remedy, has ionnd a simple sejf-cure which be will send free to his fellow sunVreM. Add rem J li. RKKYKf, 78 Nassu street. New Vrk daw-nct7 OhtacloM to JVIsir rijitr Happy Relief for Ya.n Men from tlie enects of ICrrors and Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. Impediments to Marriage removed. New method of treatment. New and rwuuirkabae remedies. Books and Circnlars sent free, iu seaied cnvglpnew. Address HOWARD ASSOCIATION", 413 jrNiiuiJ S;.T Philadelphia, Pm. an intii utkm having a high reputation Jlir honorable conduct and professional skill. d.sn4,d.W.4 . AOTICK. ASSIGHEE'S KOTICE. All per&iaui itartug claim. aealBtft Bedford, Buyea a Baker an acquealaHl to pre"t tae-HHH.ta .a Uat name to W.C. HAKf.lI, w-b & A-ipuee of Bedford, Byce a Baaar. WANTS, LOST, FOUND. ETC. I m AMeeel taVBeama Chatrmeter Ianeifeai la thin CaalaaM ait FIVE CENTS a LINK. PERSONAL. MtRSONAL Nnmber "379" wW pleam i-nlt at the Tribune Counting Hoom ntiu get 1 pair lean s.k and 1 do. handkerchief. COLLECES. OH.I.KUIATK and Commercial Institute t;en. Knftelrft SchtMtl, New Haven, Ct. Vorty-firnt year. Preparatory to ColleKe, the Srlentilie School or buxtiiesM, with py!telntic And thorough phyidcal (mining by military drilling, ftyaw nastica, rowing, etc. laiaiugnes vent on application. aaay? FINANCIAL. $40,000) To Loan Sams of fr..000 to S15.0UO each. Security. St. Paul or Minneapolis Improved real estate. Samnan-der $1,000 to Ion a un Btua. D. 8. B. Juhnnton, ire and Marine Block, 8t. ram. jyi-t riV LOAN -f,00t to Loan on property within X city limit, In noma not less than fAOOO. W. C. Patterson, fence Opera Hoase- ju-i-ii MISCELLANEOUS. UTANTED Information of one Mfm M. K II Boitum. St.e can hear aumethine to her arlvnntxce hy ratline at tlie Tnhwne ntfl-e. jvlTtf OCKMM1TH BH! Hnn&ng and RpairtriK, and J City Numbers fa mi tied, at Brackett't Block. WAREHOUSING. ROPKKTY Stored at reawonaMe rates by the untierHiKDed. H- L. Bire, i& Second fttroet oath. aeciu-u LOST. T (ST Strayed from A. GtmdersoiiV, corner of I J 10th a veil lie North and M Htneet, a tin rk-red Cow, with a mail hell on hr ne k and Mre on both aide. The finder will be suitably rewarded hy returning ner to tne owner. ju 1 OST Saturday forenoon, July 24, 175, n mA turning from lake Calhoun to 10th tttreet and lt Ave.'South via. Park Avenue, a pocket-book contain, iti; a aum of money toeettwr with receipt. vnlnntile to lite owner only. The finder will tie liberally rewarded by leaving the name at thin omce. jya-u. FOUND." .Ifrt ND on th street, a Carruiere Umbrella Biwbee, li.irtlwell It Co , foot of l&hatenae fu.uth. :t WANTED SITUATIONS. "XlAVTED Si taction, by a joanr, wteady man, If to take care of hordes, and drive, in a pri- ate family. I A. K. Kie;onf P- O., Mlnne- apoiin. ANTED A Sanation, by a younjr man who in an eiwrinct?d bookkpejer; ha held the highet position of truft in far?e houaee at the kut; can furniiah liest of referenen, anil would accept a moderate salary. Addim U- W (1. Box I I, Wewt 8a mt Paul, Minn- Ul rANTKD Serrant Cirh People who want I (.iirlft for homework will find that a 10 rent advertiHCinent in the Tribune will brine them number to wlect from. Many are otit of em ployment aixl will Meek it If tltey know where to nnuii. ".. tr "rANTK.n A jrnnnr; mnn tit .wperlnr In a ,? fani-y ttore; ft ulinx A'Mrena Yale H" M j(lll6-lf BOARD, H'ANTKII To ernr pleasant naioii ilh , T tMtra.l. In a ftriwite family, for Un Indira. Ad.llCf "S" TriUuti t)rti.-e. a jy -iaU. OAHIJ Single nrloUfff rtooms i1f rent, witn nrnl-rlri-M bourd, at ;-- llrnnenin avenm corner 6th tr-t, l:iy BirdrH tak-n. jy-il-tf rio kfcNT Two lJrge. Pleasant Hooms, with board ; alo, unfurrUKlitl front romt gjoumi fl. rfT, at No. 10 1 I-t ave. north. ju-tf or two rirtgls tieotieroen can find rood bonrd and large, pletutant front room hy app!yng at VI r tri avenue aouin. janr-ii 1 OAKI Well-fumMwd rooms. with Board; 1 1po. Tatde Board, bate HoU, No V7 cor. ner Koiirtb street and Fimt avenue iHrth oct4tf 1 OARlNii Women des-ring transient or per 1 niaiHMil board will und pleasant accommo dations at reasonable irires, at Ine Woman'i Home, n Sixth hlr:t. c-oud duor helow Fosrth Aveune annth. nsVft-tf TO EXCHANGE- rio fcXCHANtiK The Snhnrban liwi'U-Bce 1 K B. Plre. Will exchange lr farm a etty roperty, r, will rent furiihed or nnfur- iiib-d fur a term trf ytur- IlAxNTKlX To Trade Heal jn a dt sira- If hl locality. Will take a Kiod hore and bugry in pan pay, with a-y tmo for h.-i:nce of payment. Addr Oeo. W. Knettle, with Jan- ney. Moles, bnirk m. to 4 rp HXCHANOK A Oood Hnnw. in a dcslra-X hie .oration on a fashionable street, expen sively built, with all modern convenience, for suburban ttrotterly. or a eood farm near the city. W.C. Patlerw-n. Pem-e Opera Hon, jul-tf 1A)K SALE or Kxchsnee A Fine Hoas and X two Ioi ou Nicollet b4m. Inquire of J, oiuck- Jya-tr " lANTKI To Trade a Good In nart p: for a job of Plastering. 8. C. Oaly. Ju4tf "1 r ANTKD To Kir nance Minneapolis prop- f erty for a Ktoek of Urorerus in the city, or in some thriving town- Apidy to Hemenwwy I Small, 10 Wafchinfton avenue sonth. mylii-lf IOK 8AI.KOH KXCHA.NUK lor Oty Pi- -riy, 3J0 A'es Meadow Land, nine milr-c from etiy. Will cut tons of hay. Inquire of K. I.- Allen, No. '1 Hennepin avenue. fehiS FOR SALE. 1oK SAI.K Call at Tinsley's ami buy : A. mounted Henry Hi tli-, chep. Jy-W-tf FOR SALE An K.nt:!ih month old. Address K. Setter Pnp, tltrm it- St., Tribute o 30 OjK 8 AI.K A good Dm ine Hore. Ownes 1 fthorily to lenvt Address Box k'lf , P ran "TTOH KALEA sixty dollar JT Mld fi lei-j. than hajf price. "City Mm sir Store' titular Will he Can 'e sren at - JO TJ'VR SAlV A prnUtubl fancy bnsines; 1 factory reasons for nfcliing- Addrcs bin4- ness, this office. my2i-tf 4"YiR SAL!-; A good well-estn hi ihhed btiflne, which Viil pay Capital required, .tviO. Addrens K. S.. tin office. jy?-" IK SA1.K Store and Saloon, with building, at a Miuuetonka MtlU. St. AlianbiaUon,onSt k P. K. R.. Hennepin County, Minn. aug IIOR 9AI.K Wasfcborn Paper f 1.150 for i by W. C. Patterson, Pence opera House- jy I.JR 8AIE-At a discount -500-mile ticket on the Central U. U- of Iowa. Inquire at CounU tnr Room. marJ7-tf IjV'Ji AI.' f ..miiy hor as -T bv snd Hnrress. cheap. I Piano Box fciig- Addre-s Box 7 p.o. tnyw-ii I4R SALE WH1TK PINK tAH& millions of good quality and 1 million of c holes W. P. hi per M . now coming Into tl: Anoka and Coon Creek Boom. For sale b yU f-tf Patterson, Pence Opera House. my If lofi SVI,E Rosewood Piano, nearly new, cheap for C4n or hutip- Addrtsts T.. Box Jiy. s; FOR RLNT. TITi. UF.NT- Store No. 30H Waslineton avenue -i north( good bcaliou fr any kind of him Inquire at store or of W. p. Burnett. iy rI KF.NT A Fnnii-hed Hot.- Tlie rent w ii 1 lie takeu in board. Apply ou the pr.uiie IT. JO 1 10 sooth Jt Mreet, U4XV8 TO KF.NT Some very ilef ruble rooms in Warner'! 4-story hru-k Mock, corner of Fourth and NirolltH Ave lines. The nx-in are isrim, well ventilated, and have water and water. rlo--etK attarh d. Al-o tlte larire. 3-story hrick tenements in rear of tlie block. Tliese tenements are well suited and conveniently located for ei-ttter a hotel or private boarding house. Apply to CJ. F. Warner. j?'--r tf. TLOH KK.NT A house with ten rooms, includ--I? Ir.g bath room, on corner of 8th street and ftth Avenue South. F.nquire of Chas. RuHsell, cor. Washington Ave. and 2nd Avg. North. 31 fllo RF.NT Pk-ant Furnished Room, cheap, 1 at 7 1H sonth 3d t nut- Un rilO KKNT Targr Furnished Hou-w on Laurel J.- avenue, 1604. for bouril of self ami wife Wtn. B. Ki-ke. fllO RKNT Kurnislied honse to rent. The X Brick House, No. Second Avenue South, with the furniture, for one year, to a gotwl party, without small children' will take board for part of rent. Apply to John H. Spear, No. i4v '2d avenue south. tf a"V) I.KT A Photographic Uallery. - J. B. Lygo, 71 F-ast 3,1 st.. St. Paul. Apply to octl-ltf rty l&X, Ktstms and Basement in Nos. A 8 r.nd 10 Washington av:u south, opposite NieolJet House. luguire st Fu! Nationt.1 Bank. fjJtNT on No7rH south 7ti7Rtn-ei, with A or wlthool tufuifjitB. Apply on the premise. jui7-tf a V) fir-NT A Large House, corner h street - south and 4th avenne, with or without Burn Apply to J. Harrison, 3,n 5ih street Bfuth. myiiltf flTOlSiNt-ByIJ." ReynolcbA"wen farni-hed A Hone to careful family, until November, at No. 1016 1st avenne south. Alo, house No. 1001 1st avenue sonth- Also, honse on 3d avenue south, between 10th and 11th street. All in good localities. ap'25-tf Ti7K MKNT Near tlie University. Honsewith JU seven rooms and barn; good garden ; fine shade trees ; excellent spring water. Apply to A-F- Ioemnns, K. on the river road, or H- H. WiUson, 601 NicoUet avenue. apiig-tf MHO BKNT fciticle and Double Rooms well A lighted, with ail neeaary conveniences, in Allen's new block, 2 Hennepin aveuue. F- L. Allan. p3tf KXPIiESS LIXE. BUSSING FOR 17 YKVBS. PRATT'S St Paul and Minneapolis Express. OLDEST LDSX Hf THE CITY. Three to Five Teams each -way dally. Speeial attention to the Safe Delivery of Packages. Only reliable man in tlte business. Orders may be! e t at J. . P1l.lisBrRVS. Nicollet avenue. may-JH STALLlOJi, The Trotting Stallion Will Make the Season of 1375 at the Minneapolis Fair Grounds TEIIJIS, 85.00. He Is the aire of Hint, Ned Gates, Mack Jr., M. M. Cruiksnaiik1! M:;ck, Ned Buntljne, Seymour fTult, anl many other fast ooes. His suckling colts a. tl-e puhlc sale of Col. Kine1. last year, aoll at fnad $;76j to )0(a) each. Mack's public racor.1 is 2U Bkbvuta, Mack is a dark bay.l 5.3 bands, and a sure foal geuer. Apply o T. M. KU8TIS, No. 5 Board of Trade Rooms. HENRY SKELET or M. M. CRUTKSHANK, eHy4daw Minneapolis Fair Groands BUSINESS DIB ECTORY. ABSTRAC i OF TITLE. NTRoom . Johnstoni ap8-76 Vy Block, opposite J ricollet House. ARCHITECTS. XJ I'SSKY fc VKRHIrJ. Bnora 7. Warner's Block, a X- corner Washington a Hfnnenin ave. anll-?S T Ofjtl ft HAULIX, Architects. Office, City -raii Buuuing, Minneapolis, Ij. S. BUFFINGTO . office, Johnston. Blo-k. inarJi- 4 I.DKN It HAIJCll, ArchlKx-ta, corner Wash. iDlTlon aveiio. aad 1 oi.tiiu aimth f.m-tt'a Block. M. 8. Airaa. J. Halit. mrOU BELL) HANCINC. TANTKD-Orde, for Bell HanriiiK and Re. M-Ialtv- Imim nnlm at V V pnliiliff. A HPecialtv. Iave onlera at Janney Broa,.,glCe.terBli-k, Nlrollet ave. jy'-Hi "OKI.L HANKING and Repairing. lav or. dera at Sua lfannni u i. n a, Kingaley. I BAG FACTORY. Tl W. BUIXAHdI Cotton and Paper Floor - Sacka, Urucera'; Baga, fcc, No. 106 Washington avenue aonth. marZl-tf BLACkS'nlTHIMC II HI'SKINg. P, rth avenne Sonth, between -II. Washington a it'll ue and Third atreet: nre- an nd entaand curea contracted fret In borsea. BROWN. No. 255 First Are- a nu DueBonth; light or fa ner bora. hoeing . specialty! all work war ranted to give satisfaction. Give aim a ealL myll-tf GRAY ft CO., Blacksmiths, corner Third street and Fourth Avenue Booth; none but first class men employed t horse shoeing a specialty and H work warranted. myll-tf BOOK-CASES AND DESKS. W. RIIKYOCkl manufacturer of all kinds of a m notrkcases in ul desks; stores fitted up, fee.; repsiring attended Corner Second avenue South and Second street. BOOT MAKERS. JAM Fir K8 DONNI-J.I XV Practical Root-maker ine Work a siseialtv. AH work warranted. Orders soticiteo. store fto. JlH fltnneptn ave nue. mafJl-tf BUILDERS. KO. W. I.IHRKV. Contra.tor and Builder. All II kinds of Job Work promptly executed. Second avenue stnih. CARRIAGE MAKERS. MROMJ.KR-l-NoreHy Carri.ire Works. 24 . Second aveiltie South, manufacturer of car. itag-ea and sleiglaf. Reimltliig promptly at. teuled to. T VKHHrN KJKICKSfiaf, Mannfarturera of 1 Bu BuKKtea, Kxi'ia-as Waeons, 81'ritii; Waffona, gleUfbs aud Ctittara. Bepairluc VtU. Corner 1.1 -tree! and yd ivenne north. mar'ia-lf CARR ACE PAINTING. T" .1 s ill.N 1. IXiN tVAN. No. 216 Scond avenue South, over S ih-.ty t-arnare Worksloe a kinds ff carriage nd sleigh :tintiug. mnra-ir CABINET MAKER AND JOINER. E. In Whinrton avenne north. opiwite C'fmtBr'i..l Hotel, Jol.tMi.r, and furniture Reoairei UtHSJ felOCK IH Kil Kin'ISU rorntture. np;t.76 1 A. WAHrjnRt)M 213 8eond av. sonth. mnnofucttirrr of Counters, f-tirlvliir. Show Ciis. Signs, Boxi, fcc. tuftring Done manftr CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES. I A IN RAKKIl, Uftf Henneidn svenur; full line 9M of carnages, trotittet sets, mru cagrs, wniow CISTERNS AND WELLS. t 1 K. WHKtl :V, MannfartmT of I'rive V .'m Weil an nd I t .trits, diler in Fumi, Viv Strainers. Drove, DrtHed and Dug rtmt. nut in and renair-d- All work war ranted. Atceut f-r Whitewater Wagtms, and all kinJsof Mwhinjrry. Ni- A'l Kirst aveu tie south, b-t wi-en W hHiM or.a enne aridThirtt r. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Ta B WKHT. irtrarkett's Block, brker in flonr 1J and hra a and dealer in grain, hneel oil, meal and ftd. mn;4-tf IV; Mere CO.. No. 9 W'.,hinirton avenne north, Mirfrreaidts, Minneert?, CmmHton Mwhanl., o.fers in lirair., s toor, rronuce, r ruits, Ijoi. fititco, lmeut, !-: annair Butter and K1- a j-ctity. DENTISTS. K. E IHMOND.wtll inMrt a full net of It beautiful cum trth tins Bow-Minir Rubber m for f Yi.M. Ollice on Nirollt, cor- of Ttur-l. wettM U BAl'sM AN, Denttft, Nicollet street, neit a door id S. J. Austin's lnr Oottda Store. Twelve yattrs constant practice in Misn. a polls. G M. BAT? TV, P M Denial Rooms In Wen- smrer b!i k. tntral avenne. Jr.. D- DRUGGISTS. tfky. Hl'HS k CO., DrugKits, lirugs. Paints n sndOil. Fine W ine and Ijouorn (or meu- einal n. Nd. 123 Nit-dirt avenue, ontxte City Hall. Presrrijtijwi carefully eoronoumaed- mrtJltf A I.FKKD BiA CiC T A H 1 PmgSist and Apotbe-j V scary. F'lil line of pure times. Wines and liquors, sc-, No. 1113 Wau-iamrton avenue south. marJ7-tf "1 1 TtfHARI k. HIM., Presrrtntion Drurtrists, 1 t and d :ilers in Paints, tills. srm-,jes, Brushes, filtii and Toilet Articles. Corner ih iiiirtn enu4 nd 2p avenue south. mnr'fl-tf DRY MILL WOOD. W. VOlJ&ttM, No. 305 2nd avenne sonth dealer in Dry Mill Wood. Ais is nrenrej to fill cisterns iu any part of the eity. Orders k-ft at hh office, or at the Post Office, will re-eiv prompt attention. mar--u ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS. riltANKUN COOIf, Ovil Knginerr and Bridee a Buti-i'-r. room isj, ioiinsion m fiunnespoiif). Uiarlf 1 KER k (.T.MwKK. Civil Knelneers. Survey- J ors and lnioghtsme n, Itf Ceutml av E- D- oc4 T H. rtJIXPR, Civil F-ngineer. No-fi Wiener II Block- Kurwys, maps, pius, reKrts and etimtes furnished, snd eagineertng eotuttruction iRpentilenlel. my flW), W awH.EY, Civil Knelneer and Sur- VI veyor. Oftb-e, No- 13 Johnston's Block, Mi nneanolls. Mlnrieita. FLOUR AND FEED. JK OSBfrRNe,8f Hennepin avenue. Baled Hay aud .Straw Wholfrijg and Retitil. ajtH-76 f M. WlA..H--Umr, corn, eats and all ! kttxbi at (Wi. whole-vale and retail. No. 1 lt Washington aveau South, Old Tribune Buftd- ine mur-i-ii FRESCO PAINTERS. (H-ArSKN k Mff'AhK, Drsieners and Painters J in Fn-sr. ffire in Wnj-ner'H B!ick, ctn-ir lienncpin und Wsl.inton avenues. aplS-'.b HARNESS MAKERS. HH. FKINK, No 304 Nicr-lb tr venue Orders sfdirlud and satisfaction guaranteed, ml-Ing and Repairing: a specially. uirl-tf STAJR JBUILDER. JF, HARRIS iN, First avenue fhstth, between First and Second l recti, Stnir BuibUr, Newell Postn, ke- innrt4-tf H0MCZ0PATHIST. T R. C W PUTNAM, HomorpaUac Physician. XJ Office and residence, 256 Hennepin avenue TISKASE J M. D-, Homtropathic Physician, : 07 Nicollet avenne, MinneJipolis. t.11 FURNITURE. A li. f:OSTK.N. MannfActnrer and Denier in Fine Furniture. Also m;ike and sell tlte Kiliptic Spriutf Bed. Store, No :i03 Wsshinston 'avenne south. roar-lf JIN DM AN k STROM BF.KU make to order all J kinds of rich and plidn furniture. A specialty made of office luruiture, oil Uirsh, wax snd ebony, piano flnitihlnz, French polishing, gilding.and everything in the way of furniture and bou? dnishing done to order- Pckine and Repairing farniture neiitly done. 47 Third Street, Minneapolis. jyll-tf. Jobbing and repairing. T F- SNYDKB, mannfartnrer of all kinds of II Desks, Book-Citses, Wardrobes, fcc- No. 257 First avenne south, between Washington ave-ao0 and Third street, Minneapolis, Minn. JEWELERS AND WATCHMAKERS. AXfcL UND9UEST Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Planed and Silver Ware, 325 Washington avenne south. Repairing done. Also, Gold and Silver Plating done. mar6-tf 1 P. THOMPSON Jewelry Store, No. 315 -i Washington avenue south. "Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Plated Ware, kc.,kc. Watch Repairing a specialty. mar6-tf MOULDING MANUFACTORY. 4 Picture Frames, Cornice and Room Moulding. Ebony, Rosewood or Gilt Room Moulding made to order- Gold Gilding specialty. No. 306 1st avenue south. Chambers' new building, apll-tf MINNESOTA VIEWS. f INNKH AH A G A LLKRV No 115 Washing- U.IX ton avenue north. First-elass work. Mni- neHOta. Views wholesale and retail. M. Now-ack. msr56-tf MEAT MARKETS. TLJl-rrCHK.R k SCHULZE, Wholesale and Re--T tail dealers in Fresh and Packed Meats, Lard, Poultry, ke., No. 31i) Nicolhu avcace- mdi-20-tf MACHINERY DEPOT. JOHN BATCH FXDKK, Brackett's Block. 1st ave. south. Wood and Irn Working Machinery of every description, Steam Knginesand Boilers. al7tX MARBLE AND CRANITE WORKS. IjlLAKIOAN b CO., 1st avenne south and 4th street. Monuments, gravesiuiujd, and arcbi. tectnral carving. oeil PATRONS OF HUSBANDRY. MtCNK. State Agent, handles all hinds of Fannin z Machinery and Tools- Cheap for cawh. Also receives and sella all kinds of farm produce on commission. an7-76 MERCHANT TAILORS. J m;ide to orAei Merchant Tailor. Clothing, r- Also, strict attention civ- en to Cleaning a.d Repairing, at a low is cure, in every respect trying to please customers. - No. 121 Nicollet avenue, up stairs, opposite Post Office entrance. mar9fl-tf PHOTOGRAPHS. ER. ABBOTT Photograph Gallery, No. 529 Washington avenne, corner 6th avenue south, op stairs ; 16 Pictures for f 1.00, or 6 for 60c. Over Callagha a k O'Conner's Store. ju6 BUSINESS DIRECTORY, NOVELTY WORKS. TKRNON BKLL, A BRO., 213 First Avenue South, solicitors and manufacturer of special and experimental machinery. martf SAFES-FIRE ANO BURGLAR PROOF. 31 ARVIX SAFK Ct)., N. V. City. . H. Heisser, tenerni A (tent. KraeKtlt'i. Block. JultS-tl .-?JCTURJi? j0 MOULDINGS. IVAR HA NSKN. Practical Picture Frame Maker, formertv foreman in HarirreHven Jk. Son's mould- ng mauut'actory. Kieii of (ioliiea Frame. Cur. 14 ave. south and 4th street. mar'tO-tf AC. PKTFJtS, denier to pictures, frames, brackets, mirrors, lie. Frames snd window cornice made to order. Ku. lZi Waliington ave one South. mari4-tf KANDA1X k KINOSI.KV Dwilers In Pietnree Monidlngs, Wimlow Cornices, Brackets, Mirrors, Chromos Steel Kngra-tngs, Paintings, Trim, mingv, fcc , No. iJ6 Hennet. avenoe. msr23-tf PAINTERS, T- WYMAN Hrise Paintfnc. Grafntne and H tilazing work done satisfactorily and cheap, er than any shop in the city. No. 607 3d street south apKt-tf DAVIS, Practical Painters Sien f and Ornamental Work a Sjtectnity. All work warm uted. No. 13 l street north. ap'JtHf CI P. KNSTA D, Honse and Sign Paintinr, ;la-e-J ine, (iruinitig, Kiilsomlniiig nndp;ir Hanging. Sjitifaction 'guaranteed. Southeast eorner L-.1 venue south and M utreet. aps-& T. JOHN SOX, No. 'i7 lt avenue snath. Paintine. einziiie, kniondiiing, etc Orders solicited, and all work warranUid to give satis- factioa. mar 30-tf IKtHJ k TANNKR Hons and Sign Painters, i Gin Tins. GraiuitiK and Kalsomiuiitg, 2d venae south. mar3-tf -iKORtJK ORAV, No. WW Wsthington avenne south. Painting Kalomiuing. pnper-h;.niring, GtnxinK. kc. marO-tf J PATENTS. fcjoiJfTrKD bv Chamberbdn k Countryman, H Aitorneys at l-aw. No. 8. Hrri-ona Block- . mH.? PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. DH J, W. murk AY Physician and Surgeon, No. '2 hvmtin Bhs-k. l.-t avenue south. Office at residence, and open at all hours. augle SPRING BEDSr 1LWKLL. BROS Manufacturer M Minnear J A olif and Zephyr Spring Bedt, wholensle at., retail. 2(M WaAhiuirtoa avenue south. Best Bed II the market. mar26-tf SIGN PAINTING. JM. BAL'SM AN, Challenge Sign Painter, Nt 317. lut avenue south. Anythinc from number to a tine cold sien. Guildiue on -m specialty. mar JO-tf STEAM DYEING, J. D. MKYKR, near Sn?.penion Bridee. Dyes every color and every de'ripfion of Gorjtts. Cleaning and iS-onrJng of Cients' Gools. a p 17-7 STENUL CUTTING. flHK MIVNKAPOI.IS RTtlNCH. WOUKS, 214 a Hennepin a venire, will not xm oeit, on work or price", lids side of Chicago. Rubber stamps a specialty. martS-tf WASHERS AND SPRING BEDS. "I CPTO.V BKOI IIKKS, 220 Second avenne sonth, J A Proprietor of Itm Miunthba Spring Bed. Alo manufactnrers of Practical Washer snd WrinrT- Urlmvr rer'nirfnif n "tw-rriltv. :at.hhu kkmkdv. LAFOURCIIES CATARRH REMEDY Cures the Worst Casea of Catarrii, KQ TTER F K3W LCKS. STAHQIHl Tlis melcifie Is tlie di-cmery of Dr. Pierre Lafourclte. formerly piy!'iun to If; Majesty, the late Kmperor of France, and from its lirrt introduction hss with ti.e mot unexampled sue. The Remedy is Offered for the CORE OFisD OTHER DISEASE THAU CATARRH. Havtns i.roved Un nii in mt own as tiiat of many otin-rs, I unl-t:iitiiiuly recommend it to ail jHiuVrittL frmn this niot annoying and Usithx4rmedireMe, pr-a.nnlly cu:irHt)Ueisg t reranUfc mowy in ca- ot tai.ure-A l.SO 1 can. nine times out of len. ith Nichols American Krmedy cure Khnntat-j.rn, Neuralgia, Heart Ln-ae, Laver Complaint ami Dyrpega no cure no p.ty call uud wilt up yur t with me- f-I O. U. I-V 51 AW, Druinrist and Prifpnetor, lto Wathinirtm Ave-aue South, one doti tehw First Avenue, Minne- Mxlts. Mmn. fehl4-tf (tAKIX; ItlWDKK. THE MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 (JT r rff rer t mmm in (juanlity by their pcrfw-t purity and (Treat strensrth ; the onlv kinds nuul'e li, a practical Cfaeni!t ancf I'livsirian, wilh scrientificcire to insure imiforniity, iienlth. fulnaas, delicacy and freedom frrtin ail in-jurioua sultanoea. They are fitr siiierior tothecoramoi) adultenilcd kinds. Ohiain tii eenulne. Olserve otir Trade Marks a., alaive, "Cream" linking I'owdcr, "Hand and Cornucopia." Miiy the IJakinj; Powder only in cans securely labelled. Many have been deceived in loope or bulk Iow-der sold as Dr. Price's. Manufactured onlv bv STKICLK & riCICK, ta-'i, Ol. Louis and CVncmnai. F I' KMT I' It K. GEO. GILBERT, 4 blcnico, 111., Manufacturer and Dealer In FINE AND MEDIUM ZEr,iairi.i tLire Do not fail to examine our stock and prices before parclUMiiig We are prepared to stmw our friend snd tlie pnb lie tlte Largest, AKK-T Fashions ile and Complete Stock of RICH and MEDIUM FURNITURE To e fonnd wet of New York, and are determined to sell at such low prices that will command tlie attention of every buyer Unit wants (;od He I .able floods. GEO. GILBERT, nt-l B !ST and 2nd Wabuh limn CHICAGO. FENCE WOKKS. DAY & ROLLINS, Cor. Second street snd Fiftlt avenue sonth. Opposite Milwaukee Depot, MAITtrr AQT17 RXRI OF WOOD AND IRON FENCE. pj Prices Lower than Eyaf. 29 IIIGI1 SCHOOL. ST. MARY'S HALL, f ifribafilf, Minn. BT. 1EV. H. B. WHIPPLE, D. D., BKCTOB. MISS S. P. DARLINGTON, Principal. Assisted hy a full Corps of Experienced Teaohers. The Tenth School Year will commence on Thnrsrtay, Septemfarr 16th, 1S75. For Registers, wilh full details, address the Rectnr. ?J":'2 MONEY TO LOAN On Good Real Estate Security, By E. S. JONES, Wagner's Block, Cor. flennepin and Wash Al RAILWAYS. UAlEHCAY.GUllIrl Explanation of Referernm Maries: t flatorda. excepted. Sunday exeepkeirf Monday siuiiuays oiify. MUfMEATOUS. BT. PAUL, MILWAUKEE CEI- GA00 RA1XW Ticket OCca, Hieollrt Esaaa, f Uira, aaa at tkt Paaaeagw Drpst, earner Ortgoti ni Seatai atreefc, Kuweapolii. I.KAV. Throort l-jo-tern audi Southern Kxprena i 9.00 a. m. t 7 JS5 a. m, p. m p. sa. t :15 p. m. 5:C0 a. n. 7:2S 6:45 Prairie du Clifen, Mil- wauKee Ctucaeo fcx . Auttn and St. Ixjuih KzorefW ! 5:00 a. to.' :4 p. m. p. m AQHtin Accommoi!ation 2:66 p. B.-iI20 St- Panl and Mmneapo-! iia itiuiu .....I" v.w .n.; It 6:16 p. m.; 7:2T. a. m. p. m. UflfEAPOUS 4 BT. LOUIS RAILWAY Ikpet at 8t Paul A Pacifia Depet, ttratr WiakingUa avaaa aaa Frartk aveau aorta. A RHI VK. To and from Chakft, cnrver, enaitopee, st. Peter, nlunkato. Mrt, Si on City, and; all point on St. Panl! At Si-mix City R- R-, and Hatinea tt Da kota Kailw;.y ....! llrM a m a m ! 7:00 p mj U p To and from miium and all pint on S. M. R. K., N P- H-i K , Red River, Kurt Garry, Ice., kc 6:15 a m t 7A0 p To and from Dululh,? MO p nJ and all poiidHOu the' L.S. ft M. R. R ' 7:o a m To aud from Stillwater, i ltlo a m 7:J0 a m 5:10 p ni . p in I H 7:10 p m A. If WDK.Sunerinteniieiil. D:ilv. Simd:iy etcented. t laily, Saturdny excepted. 1 Unity, Monday excepted. I Dtily, Sunday Ine. tided. -. FOBTHESK PACIFIC RAHEOAD. Btuaaier AfTtJigesawt. Threneh Eipreia. TKA1NB. V fcjrrWAKO. KAbTWAHl). MlMKKAPOt-18 ' le- 7:10 p. in.iAr. 7-.'.i0 p. m. Ar. 7:15 a. m. Ar. 8:45 a.m. Ie. 1KKI p. m. I. 6:r6 p. m. Ie. 7K p. m. IjO. 7:20 a. m.; Ar. 8:00 p. m. Ij. 6:15 a. m 6:40 a. tn 6:.0 p. tn S:01 p. in 1 :'2f p. m 7:06 a m 7:00 a. tn p. m 7:15 a. m St- Paul. Dniiith , N. P. Junction Bral nerd. .. -Lft. Moorhead ' le. Karjfo i Ar. Fareo Butnarr-k i Ar. Itraiuertf Acrammadatlan Dnlntb I-e. 6;;la. m- Ar. a:-fip. m Br ai nerd s Ar. 4:-' p. m. 6:00 a. m fert ween Fargo and Bismarck trains Will run westward Monday, WedneMtaya and Fridays. tjjtt'urd, Tuefdaya, Thnradayx and Saturdays. All other train daily except Sunday. - Connect at Fartvo with Red River StCHmera and daily line of for Fort Garry. At Bismarck with weekly line of itteamers for Carroll and Montana, and at N. P. Junction with L. S. fc M-R. R. train to and from St. Paul and Minneupolm, ant all points Ha-t and Smth. ConiM-ction at lnluth with lake line for all point Kt. Mar I", I'75- C. W. MF.AU, tienerat Manrer. W. S. Af.KX AN'IjKR. General P:i-. Aeent. St-Paul. 8T. PAUL k PACIFIC RAILEOAD TEAIKS. hliAM.II UNK. lave. Arrive. Melrose and ft. ChMid. . ... Sauk H;U'l'l and Ht.Cioud 9:4ia m. 4'ir . m. 4:Jt'p ni. 1 !-.-' -0 a m For Brerkeniid(e : MSs.m l & Mtchtlcld., 4:3Sp. m. :!2a. TU, KT PALL TRAINS- MineHpo2.. 7:'.t0 m. m. :St, Paul.. 9:42 a. m.t " ., it p. m " 10:25 a. m. dzl'.t p. tn. M :W0 p.m. Minneipo!u . 43 a. m. 12:1 p. m. 4:'lf' p. n. 6:4r; p. ni . bz -fa- p. m SI. Panl..... 7:iJtj a. m 11:30 a. m 3:4-rt p. m S-.50 p- m J H- RANDALL. Oners! Pneneer Acent. WEST WlSC0!SrH RAILW AY Depet, WashiEfftoo avcaac and Dakota atreet Ticket Oie. K. $ Hut- Uf Urate Bteck. and at St. P. A P. DcpC TIA1KI. IKAVK. ARUIVK. Ctdcao Iay Kiprer.7 I 9:42 a-M. S:4:( a. ml : IStiflit " ... J 5:-'J5 p.m. :4'.i p. m Cnnection maile at Camp Douglas r Mil. waakee and puinte east. GF. K. BAR.VKS, " General Ticket Agent- CHICAGO AND HCRTHWESTXRH. rtlAINS AT FJ.ROY. OOTMU KOKTff. tny Hiprene i tgld. Kxprew.... ,A Ana. WCPAET Si-im . mT . p- m- fe20 a. m p. I7t- H:f5 a. m. H:bQ p. m- rVon a. m-fi:: p. m. Day fcxpnwe.. Throorh traina run from St. Panl to Chicane via the Ut U'iftconmn and C. IV. W. Railways, without change of cars. Tirketa for Knie at No. B JTirollet Hoone Block, and at the depot, corner of Washington avenue and Dakota street. M. HUGHirTT, General Superintendent. W. H. STKNltKTT Cen'l Pus. Atfent- decJl POSTAL GUIDE, At the Minneapolis Port Office. A. M-M-lA. af. P. af. I Ar. I Ar. I larp. . Dp. I.. S.kM.1.1 , Stii!w;ttr i N. P. R. It Smoi City K. K. via: Ch-ka t S P.kP..Bran.lil.iiie t St. P. k P.. Main J St. Pau)4; M:aiiapoti. it 6:-t"l 5: 1 6:4i 7:00; 6:i 5I Z E: 15 IStOO t 7:l I 7:10 J 2:10 10:.V. 1 4:.- t 9:00 t 3:4". 9:50 1 B:10 J :10 t 4:00 8:45; feSO; 7:00 I i li: 10 ' 6:00 Wet Wi:ti"in R. R. J CM.. St. P. t M. R.I 8:45 1 6:00 t 9:10 R , River DiT 'j 7:50 I 7X t fi:W 6: 15 Mciiiwor i ) 7HI0; 7i Drwjaiyn center, aao, nafan, St. Wi. chael and Maiili throve, arrive Monday., Wedneaday and t ndavs 7:- I I 7. AO j ! 12:00 1:00 io-.oo! :t"rept Sunday. fcjcept Dbpart Ttoesdyya, Tharadaya and Sau arnay, Klfhfleld and Bimm Inrton arrive Monday.. WedneiHlaya and noays Departs same day at Brouklya arrivea Fridays Depart aame day,. Except Monday. Saturday. KKCRKT tSOCIKTIKS. 1. O. O. K. North St a a Ixhok jfeSf day eveniite of esch week, at Odd "ksr- fellows' Hall, eorner Nicollet ave-nue and Third street. Wm. C'hkkkt, N. t J. P. Aekott, R. s. "TW". "fry Friday evening in ;i& Andrew-' Block, nxner Centra! ave-""''- mie Hnd (rtman Ktreet- J. W Sarrrn, K. G. W. W. Hic3ai neojr, R. S: I O. O. P L'htov EKCAMrstKirr No. M. ReeulHr meetineH on second and fourth Monday evening of each month, at (Kid Fellow' Hal), corner Nicollet avenne and Third street. P Abkoit. C P. J. K. Arnold, Scribe. Grand Amit ot thk REPrni-ic Geo. N. Mors a if Por No. 3. Ketpilar Meeting second Monday evenings of every month, at MendenhnlPe Hall. P. CooeKR, P. C. S. H. Jtmpca, Aljt. K WIGHT or Pythias. Minneapolis Wjf'& i, r-t regular mreui'g 1 every Friday evening, al "eorner Wash- inpion sou r irfi tniw buulu, ovwr North western National Bank. K. AlcDcRUOTT. C. C. D. RoTAt, K- U. 8. V. A. O. D. MlNKKHAItA GBOVF a1. No. 8, Regular meeting every fj it 1 Thurady evening, at Good Tem- dVac plar'sHall, MendenliaU'i building. IZ E. W. Mortimkx, N- A. B"I J. A. GlLMAK. R. S. EXCELSIOR LAWN 3IOWEIC POINTS OF SUPERIORITY OF THK EXCEL.SIOB Howe It runm "Liht. Holla the (trouad. Cuts Bonier. Neia U tir Itepalrs. Cut lilh Graris. Send forCircuIar. TF. jET. BAXKS CO., AND HADVMrtE CPCCiALT:E3, Cardie Engines, IlyJraat lawn Spr.nUsra; Horticu!lura! Tools, etc 34 fc 30 SOUTH CAMAS. STREET, CHTCAOO. eod-atigG STOCKS, SEXT I'KCE! For one year, weekly, financial reports containing price, atock, at N$w York Stoek Exchange, and valuable Statistical inajtmarlon, explaining how IdO, lUO ,00 or l,OOt) invented In Wall Street, pays thousands of dollars profit. Thofte desiiing to speculate, addrese ALEX. FR0THIN0HAM 4 CO., Bankers and brokera, 12 Watt street, N. V. Op. posite New York Stock Kxchange. rpHP STATE Of MlN'ratTA, To all perpons Interested in th CBtate of WiJUam H- Connelly, deceaed, greeting t Whereas, Maria Jrierchrtnt, of the city of Minneapolis, Minn-, has filed her petition In the Probate Court of tlie county of Hennepin, for letters of administration to iKne to Darwin He wins npon the estate of William H. Connelly, late of the Connty of Hennepin, deceased. 1 hereto re yon and each of you are cited and required to appear at the office of tlie Judge of Probate, in the city of Minneapolis in said eomity, on the 23d day of August, 1875, at 10 o'clock in tlte forenoon of that dy, and whow cnu.e v-'hf let-ierii of administration upon aft td estate shun Id not Iroue to the said Darwin Hew 1 us, an prayed for in said petition. In testiiuony whereof 1 liave hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Probate Court, hi 24th day of July, A- ! 1375- il. i. t nr,r.uii, ftuglO-tues Judge of Probate. mm 77" LKGA1. NOTICES. r ' Under and; by vlHoe of an execution fuMwd ont of and Qadrrtltetl of t!ie li-trict Court .f llw Kcnrth Jutikiil District in -;d tr tle eoanty of Hennepin, lp the Slate of MiMmIn, on t Jsih day of May), liS7&, n pon a ju1l ;n-i.t rem! id in tie Juntieepourt in tt.e st;iit- .,f Wiine.,tri in and for the temnly t4 Hennepin, en tU ;ih dnv tf OctnlMr, hetwe.-n Wilirm, Sn.iih .mlcbi U n tMnith, parti ik ix g s,n,Iu t nniter, pi .ontifr, aiMtiohn A(I. lefen hint, hi favor of waul plnin. tiff aud aHiiirt maid derendant. for (he otun 4 ninety-nineamlKkloO d- ilarw.ji npii nrs l.y t hev tranwnpt fr ndetnent Hied mid Jn.lim nt iUn-k. ete M, tlte m.e tl.e Clerk of wild c.-nt.r.vr KUi llenniii county, on tire Jth d:v of (H-t l-r. 1x6.. Tlteuma of ninety-nine and iij-luo -I..II.T-. in now Ktvally due theretin, with Interot tli. re,.n from date uf judgment, wiih oi c and :atvi(4idol. lars Increawd .-ati which wid execnlion h to me, an ttt:tin of mtid Memietin oimty in duly direct! add drHrereM, I bve kvied upon and will aell alt. pnhlie auction. t ttie hitalmt cah bidder, at the front doi.r of tlie C,urt Honne, in tlie city of Minneapolis in wid cootity of Hennepin, on the 121 h day of AtiKnM, 175 at 1 o'clix k In the forenoon ditj , nil the rtaht, title and inltcret which eid J'lui Al-l wan aed of fh or nflcr tlie 7th dy of n -toher, I'?, in and to tie follrminK dewhUtl profcrtyt to-tt: Comutenrfn at tlte wuttteaw-r Jy corner nf lot alx (6),ln Ihlock forty. four -4). tn St. Anthony FsMm; tlinre rauniu iu a ort!r.-alf rly direction, on tte line dividinr "aid ht t and 7 on hnndrvd sid tiixtj-tive 1"T ft t to the nr-ar of aatd UA. G ;i thence in a northwesterly direction aloufr the rear end of :tid ht 6, tw-iity-fi,ur J1) feet, iheix- in a fionth westerly i!irefiin parttlk-1 with tlte dilvidine line tit lots 6 nvM 7, one hundred and (lfc') fttt to Mhin ntrt't j thence Motttlwaxterly tenty-fot:r (4 fe-t to tlie place of j ht-einntnsr, beinir the Mf.ntheaitrr)y twenty-fotlr (24) f:t of mi id lot fix (ti), accord-Ihk to tlie ht;u 4 mh addition on tile in tlte ofhn of the KevlMer of leed4 iu Ht.-iinepin county. State of MloneHota. Dated Mlnneapolijt. Minn.. Jure 2!dh. 17 !i. i t.KO. H- JOHNSON. JSheriff' of Hennepin Ctrunly. H. II. Witar.w, Atttirney f.r Juilment Cretli-tora. auKi-Mhur STATE ity MlNNI-aiTA. County of Henneiln Court jf Common Walter C. Mtr:iir,( n. in. hi. SL'.MMO.NS'. Tle Rtitteir of Minnesota to tiie alcove ti.iiicd defendant i Yon Jire Iterehy wmtnioiH'd r.nd required to nn-awer tlie complaint of the i )wii:tirt in tlie atove entitled action, which coim.lniM is filwl in the if- tlee of tlieelerk of tid court, and toMrve a copy of your answer totlre-uiiil coi"i.i:iitit on I lie -ittn-i rtf - erit, at tfteir oltice in the c.tafe t .Minneapolis, in tlm county of lh'niM-fifi, in & SDtf$, within twenty day stftcit- the wrvice ' litis t-umnn iih on vou. exclnsive nf the day of !u:h crice ; and if you tail to aiiHKer tlte k;iki con)ltnt within tlM; time aforesaid,:! Hie plaiiititf in tint, action will take judgment ' against you for the um of one thoiiftaiMl tloljHn, and :titert t ou t Iff name fi om the day of August, K4. loi;eitrfr with costn and diRltircicntM of thiK anion. y.y.UHH H fc Mf;RRISON, Pl uiitift Att.rt-m-yti. D:itt-d Jnne t-th, A. T. l-7r. jyi.tiien N'tmCa OK MOhTU ACK K Hi VX ; tSL'M;. I 0 Namr! of M'rt jfacort I-.iHaid Miirfly ar.d Harrk Sjlurpliy Name if M.rtg tg. P. (er Wolf.-rd. iite of M'-rtiige 1 ll day f Au-gn-t, A. i) 1-71. When .td here l,c-c rd- Ti e day of Se(ite;ntH r, A- li. 174, at 4 oVloc f M . in lh otlice ot the H tzS-r of lJedn of Htnnej-fh county. State ot Miitiw-vota, in nik "Jb" of nu rt-i-gt on pne "iW7." lec.ition of Mrtrtenred PremifTi All the follow i JS ieiM.rilei ;eci or ''f'eU ot land, lytirg t;;ttg m t c,.i;ii1y of HcniC-n. Hil l St;i.e .f1' Mtniteiw.tji, t(.,Mit: Ia.h one, twe, thn e, finrt live, mi. . n, ii.t, nine, ten. eleven, tiivfchc and thirteen. (I, J, 4, fi, 6, 7, , t. IU, 11. 1 J .oh! i-i,) ih hlwk thirty-tt ree (Si), and Jul c eiirtit , nine, t-p. eleven, t wtsle, 1 liiru en and f.pnrletrti1 (--, y, 10,11, li, U mi l 14), in hlcck tlnity f'iiir '!)). in Murphy's a(!)Liou to JViirnue-aiM.ii-. i t!re city of aiiitneavj.l,-, ccoroiipg to the l;.t ilir-of tiied and i,f re,-.r in tlie ortce . the H-c:nrr of ( mit) Hernu j'iii c.-un'y. l ira-f'-talrl, JUtjd l(Ort gil tTj W 'it JC1'C1I lt Ml' II M? TiiutTit of the .um of tite tl.oiiciiiid hui:Ji-e'j;ind seventy -o-ne ljll:ort ami a.xly.ciglit ctn ',."' 1 t-) and iiitfctv-t tlar on accordif ... y . I'll ,,,- therein p.-rri'ied ; and Where:!!', default l.:i ljen nis-'t in 1 tif.fti a wiiil biortg;.ge, wl.eif hy tl-e to the iifiit:iiiii of a certain i-runtixi y mf wer 1 tii fein coiitained hif ' oinc oi-eiativc, sini I lie re ls'iH.-w claimeft to ie lue :m 1 i lu snd uit)ii'i ltrett, Ht tlie date of thix n,4i e. tlw Mini if thtw Ihou-mtil ami firty.wveu d.rlt.irt and iitl.ty-fle cti;t. And no action or (mn-ced-ing h-injheen iiit-tit uted Jit l;tw to recover .-tiu Kiiin or any jpart tU.'reof j Nowjtiierelore, ftolicc is. Ix.rv hy eiven that U.i'Sir and hyi virtue of cuaer of i-lt- omained in a;d n-orifd wilh mii'i niort-te, and urviiiit to tli.1 ttatiiltin cut I, ni-i'le and provided, Ue DiortcijL'e will Ijc forech-il hy a Kale of ie;id ntertKUgtd f-rcmiwrs at j-ul-lic nu tiH, mi Wednd.iy- the if.'-lh dy f At.ust. A. I. l- f, l IU o'clock in t he forenoon of mid !ny , itt lite front dor of tl Court lf'.nw.-. in t!e city o, Min. neaiM(U. in futid Hent.etui eonnty. hy the Ma-hlT tf f-oiinty, to the h j;lie-t cio-li hiddt-r, to ij,t. if.fy af" fur a( may he tl said tnortt':ire ileht, together with iillcosti and -hf ise-, iiicluding one hun1re'l dt.ilarti attortej . fe-, a- -eeilU-d ni naid nrtg;me. U-to-1 July Wth. l-7'y. i: r:ir.U WOI.FORD, Morttfli-ce. F. C Ct.k3.i4-L, Attorney Iirf Mortfc.;t;.t. OlICE OF MORTGAGE Wlierea", nWanlt has It en made In the entrdl- tiflHttf a eertam ch;ttel m rf c-re tret uteit nivl flelivwre-i hy Sti, Parker Co., mort p:ig'.i-v, to William A. Wiiite and Chat I- S- Plutimrer, imrt-giiree', dated t,rt ily of January. l-7". nd filed Mieh ehatte niortiice, in theoti-eof the City ;)Clcrk fif the city of M -tihtM .'.h, in t!to county of flenitepin, in the State of fimieota, on the W7th tiy of Kehrn;try. l-75, nt 4 o'rlu k p. on w hich mortgage tiiere i 3ue at tin1 d.ite t f thi njtiee tl aniotint f two Ifn.Han ! ore hun. dred and (hirry-rhn-e and.')-'-I'M) dollar l.C ...'! tO'tl aaht WiHiati. . W hite, and cii hundred :iiid twemy-einht and 9,liH dolhirx l&'-jh cj), to t tie til Char leu fi. Phimmer. h ing in tt,e iigarv. gate twenty-seven hnndied and :sti-two and lV-lhfl dollar.74U.l) ; and WhfJMs, no action or iroccediftg h:: cen instil nted at law or equity to recover ti.e deht ms. ctm-d hy s:iid morion m-r any tlcreof; Noiw tl-refore, notice i la-re -y given that hy virtue of a power of i;ilc rout Mined in said mortgage and purn:nt to tle a.attite in Mich cn- mm Iff and provided, tlie hu'uI innrtgaee will l.-e foic:iM4-d hy a wile of tlie irojrtrty t Ik-re in !e-B:rilNi-d, which Kale wilt te ur.uU- on tlte premier w hett miid property i Mtuated, and whirh weie laieljy tMTiipied hy said mortgagors, (,n the corner of Kjrn-t treet and Second Avenue Kouth, in tlte Ut lvi.i(,ti of tlie city of Miuneaj-oliv, in tlie cunty of Hennepin and Stwte of MinneM4, t puhlie auction, on Tue-d;ty. the Tenth iny .f Augnst, at ten o'rtoefc in tlie forenoon, to Huuiy tlie amount which shall tlcn te iue on n-iid mortgage with tlie interest tlrcon. and cot and expenCriof sale Tlie proerty dei-rrihed in said mortga'.-e and fo to he nohl, consist of t) e hallowing, izi On- (1) Frame Buildi.i;, Used for fact-.ry anij count ing i(M,in, - Our. (i) bn.-K tifKr jion tJit (1 Luuiocr Houe. fornwrly uicd as dry hu.i!e. ne (1) Barn and f.nniVr Sited, All flandii-g on leaed gr..uii'l. And alo the following mathiuct;-, Ui:tm1 in. imi h.ii)d.i.s-t vU f tine I) Planer and Connter h ft. One (1) Sh .pii.g M.cLit e. One (1) Kip-aw. One (1) Cnt.ofl Saw. One (1) Scroll Saw. One (1 Kifi.fnw and Borer. One (J) W-irtiwine Mar!i:i:p A M "f S(( Uit!f tnd lot ,i 't;v t;!.. ft U'lf-MAM A WU.YK, CMAS. S. Pi.rM.MKli. Morigagees. rfcited Mtnnejipoli, Minn., July Imh, 1-7,V. Uwms It Mkhili.. Atti.rnej f for Mortgagee. . UllglO-tUt-B fJMlE STATE JF MI.NM-SirTA. " " To Harriet C. TIowp. Allcrt I.. Ivi, Guaidian ad litem .f i;ef.ige H. Howe, A da hue L. Htm e and W illie C. Howe, mumr, and to all perMttm intercut etl in the estMe of H. Howe. deeeaH'd, gitvtiug ; ' WheTOii, Chtir lt A. Eaton, of the city of Mm, nraimli h:i Itteiy dtiivt red to tlte Proltate Court ol tin? county of Ht'iim-piu an inurnment in wri-tiiig puriMTtlng to le an antlrenticated copy of tlw last will and tegument of William B. Howe, late ol Worcester, Mas-achuM-ttH, decea-il, and lias applied to said Prolate Court hr ttut alhiWance of wiid will. Theralore you undetich of ycu are elted and re. o.iIred to a)Kar at tlie office of the Judge of Pro-.Irtte, in the city of Minm-upnlK, tn wiid count v, on the ICth day of Auirtist, l at 10 oV lock-in tlie forenoon of that day, and at lend the prohate of Raid will. In testimony wlicrpcf, I Iimvc hcrrniito et my hnnd and nttixed tlie aenl of tlte Prohate Court, thtsyoth day of July, A. . 175. - s-3 F. UKKHF-, aug4.wtd Judge of Probate. nuer and ny virtue of an execution r-Mie-t out ofi and under the gel of tlie Court Of! Common pleas, of the St:tc of Mtn. pesota. in and for tlie County t f Hennepin, on the 5th day of June, lrC!, n',n a Jiidgiuent ri'ii- fiered sml iiM k-tel in said court and county. In Vn action therein, w herein Thomas link- nndVtn. Dr. Bowen, partner-, u Jjaly & Bowen, piaintitr- : and Albert H. Branch, Jol B. BaM:tf, Jennie Hanncum, C.eorge F- Shaw, and Jerry Citcliell, partners, ut Shaw & tiitclvell, defendait H, in fa vol of Biid plaint itt's and against wtid th feni;tnt, Albert H.Branrh.for the Him ofotrehnndred und v-enty-peven and 5-100 dnllurp, and ilie .n.e was made lien npon the real etate herein descrilfd which said execution has tome, as Sheriff of aid Hennepin County, been duly directed and delivered, f have levied upon, and will sell at public auction to the highest ensh bidder, ut the m-tit door of the Conrt llon.te. la the ,-iiy of a1inneapv fdis. in paid County of tb-unepiu, on Satnrday, the 7th day of Augost, 175. at ten o'clock in tlie forenoon of that day, all right, title and interest itt Albert li. Branch, tiie bove named judgment debtor, lu and to tlie followingdcscribed pmiterly. to w it i 1 1 " Lot two (2), in Mock two In Bradford A Basse tr s ad.litlon to Minneapolw, according to the plat of said addition on file In the office of the Register of Deeds of Hennepin County, Minnesota. Dated, Minneapolis, Minn., June lHth, 1-T5. OKO. H.JOHNSON, Slierifl'of Hennepin Connty. H. A. Pahtruxir, Attorney for Judgment Creditors. j31-jat JHKUIFf 'S prXUTlON 8-I: L'tider and hy virtue of an execution issued out of and under the seal of tlte District Court of the State of Minnesota, in and for the Fourth Judicial District and county of Hennepin, on tlte tilth day of July. 175, up. u a judgment rendered and docketed in said court and county, in an action therein, wtiereln James A. Lovejoy is plaintiff and Francis B. O'Brien defendant, iu favor of said plaintiff ami agninst said defendnnt. for the um of two hundred and fifty-one and 40-luo dollars w hich said execution has to me, as sheritl of said Hennepin county, been duly directed nnd t'e-Hvered, I have levied upon and will sell at public auction, to the highest cat-h bidder, at the front door of tlie Court House, in tlie city of Minnean. olis,in said county of Hennepin, on Sat arrta the lllli day of September st at id o!clo k 11 tlte fitrenoou of that day, ail riL'ht, title aud interest of Francis B- O'Brien, ti RlMe nsnud judgment debtor, in and to iIm following do-acrilied property, :tuate, lying and lieing in the county f Hennepin and State of MiuueMiia to-wit : Lot seven (7), In block twenty-three tzt m the MiJICumpuuVa Addition to the town of St Anthony Falls, according to the aurrey and recorded plat thereof. Dated Mlmtcapoli!, Minn., July 26th, 1R75. , tJKO. H JOHNSON, Sheriff of Hennepin County, Minn. Loch :jr, McN'air k. n -n i w sepi-thur NOTICE POUND MASTER'S SALE, I will II to the histiet bidder, for cash, at the niniu warn pouna,un Thiirmloy July '.lh, t" " viwt., . wi , wu amau enwtt aront lour years ..Ki, niif rM. uh lnt. belly. uara nru n MH 11 UTJ. A. SO, OJlt' rt'J urtmu mirna. iwo or inree year, i 3 I

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