The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS3 Buresh and Knox Win Tag Hatch New Wrestling Team v' Displays Superiority " Over Canny/ Wolfe > Stanley (Bushy) Duresli and Buddy Knox are looking tar new wrestling worlds to conquer Exploding a ixwerful t»o-ltst£d. attack, the new tug team sensa- ilo'nDisposed ot "Wild Bill' Caniij andVoe Wolfs In convincing fash- Ion Monday night at the American Legion arena in' the 01 feature of / Promoter roney's »eekly ring'show 'f) t --,. Buresh and • Knox all but made » complete rout of the fast, exciting nnd uTHisunllj- rough, brutal card They s»ept through the "tn.0 single fall preliminai les, and toolc the first and third falls of main event tag match * Buresh Kajos Cannj the WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1945 DOPE BUCKET IX HIGH ESTEEM That Capt.; Calvin •i j. r. Moody and Tech. Scrgt. James (Babs) Roberts, Vho lost, their; lives in freak accl- denls just n lew. days apart, were held in high esteem by their many frlehcts is reflected In the several letters I have rccelycd since their deaths Almost without excep- Buresh, slov, moving, mcth6dlcal workman, continued liis fine all tound performance by tossing Bill Cariny in near record lime Coming out of his corner for the initial fall, the bushj headed Polish "grap pier '•- suddenly 1 ashed out with a_,Mcious, well timed kangaroo kick His aim was perfect Both feet landed flash in .Cannj's fnee and floored him Stan quickly climbed aboard for the fall which consumed only 14 seconds, just a few seconds short of the quickest on record here. ' tion the boys have commented on the fact that Moody : wenl through those hellish days In China when a half dozen airplanes were considered a good Sized air force, came oiit alive, and In good shape, only to die trying to avoid a collision with . another plane, which was cutting I across his path . . . One of the saddest came from Lieut. Joe'Dlldy, Vh'o'had both of them on his undefeated and untied '1037 niytl vllle High: School 'Chlcknsnw eleven "Thanks so much for sending me the 'papers with the accounts of our losses . I was in Arkansas Tile Infantile Paralysis ,fund was swelled by $7946, 05 th*e wrestling fans, contributed to an appeal V "IT F. (Doc) Dean on behalf, of the Junior 'Charnber*-of.' commerce which' iSponsored the drive • ' Doc" acted as master • of ^ceremonies during the intermission programs «hlch featured music of Ray Duke and 'Dottle Brown Eyes during the Christmas holidays and saw in the papers there of the deaths of Calvin and Babs, and the reported missing' of 'LcRby '(Ross) '.Tnever; hated, anything. so much in my whole life . . ... 1 saw the account of Calvin's death first and I just broke down and •It got next, he honestly cried being-the first who pluycd for me to give his'life. . . . Then the report of BabS'ar.d (he report of Le- Rpy^struck'me just as hard. . . T can truthfully say I couldn't enjoy my Chrlstmas : vacatl6n . ... ' dieaded the: first report of a los c (lie.-'among my boys. pitting the lead may,be my buddy rom home ... I have seen the odds gainst them,, but yet they'more han held their own . . . Let's not ive up on Ross. . , He still has a h'ance and a good one. . '. He cer- alnly is a nice'fellow . . ." BUDDIES DIDN'T FORGET ' "Bab's" buddies at Camp Camp- jcll, Ky., where he was stationed when fatally wounded in the'hcad, didn't forget hint during Christmas, They bought $200 In War Joneis and sent them, to his 10- iioiiths-old (laughter, Anne as a special remembrance ... AN ACTOR—Our friend, Staff Sergt. Louie Smotherman, former grid great at Armorel and an- outstanding softball star, has gone in" for actlng-- on Ixiytc '.-'.''. 'Louie writes that his 00th division v has gone. Hollywood. They are making a movip with Lcyte as the'set : -."'. . GET SCATTERED—Former .outstanding \ ath- etcs at the Blythevllle Army Air Field are scattered all over the world, according to Lieut. BID Adams, who jets letters regularly from them; Mel ParncH, the crack left handed star who was Voted the-' outstanding athlete rit BAAF, Is in gunnery at Keesler-: Field,,-.-. . Bill Yare- wick, 'another 'le'[ty,on the'same team', has completed ills training al Lowery Field, Col., ^qualified as a oil n B-29 with nexl '. I loved Welfe Shoes'. Fans "Though on the losing end of the first preliminary and the feature event, this youngster, Wolfe.-riearly stole the show. A former fullback at Ohio State, Wolfe gave the packed enthusiastic house a good Mea why he was selected for the first string job for the Buckeyes several jears back he let himself go with a volley of flying tackles that not onlj blasted Buresh nnd Knox to pave the ftay for the second foil, but'ensnareri Referee Meronej Ifor a^'fev? seconds> Wolfe gave the fans one'of ftie most dynamic and spectacular demonstrations of power ever, shown,here. Mlk.e was a constant target throughout the bitter, hard fought match As expected, Canny was the chief Instigator of the attacks And his keen delight in attacking the referee led to Canny's aisquallflctf- tlon in the 'second curtain 1 raiser when he appeared to be in the winning groove Cinny had things go- tag his way when he cracked Mike on' th,e side of the head several times ^hen the veteran could recover ffom the effects of the stinging blows he quickly raised Knoxs hand and ordered Bill from the ring 'Winners Score Quickly Buresh and Knox broke away to them all and sincerely pray that tin rest .will be'spared their lives to car ry on as 6rmmplons in life as they did on the .football field . . ." DIDN'T LOSE FAITH •The faith which Corp. Jimrn> liunsford and the rest of us had h I4eut. LeRoy, Ross, who showed u; alter,being-.missing for more tha a inonth, was justifiable . . . Yo Tyill recall thai LeRoy, a forme Chick end, caino upon Big Jimmy, the. promising young boxer, in the jungles of .New'Guinea . . ..The gold bars cm the shoulders of LeRoy. didn't keep him from recog- rilzlng and Chewing the fat with Jimmy, who then boasted only a Pfc. stop Tokyo GUARDS TOGETHER—The two guards pn the Filers'.' basketball' team, Lleuts., Bll Kclso and A'mnnciq Buccl are In Ih- dln nnd stationed at,the s rime place . . . Gordon Donqhuc, the lioxing .wizard, is attached to the Normandy Hospital, San Antonio; and hopes to land n Job. as the assistant boxing Instructor at the S.A.A.A.F. . • SENDS PAPER—Lieut. L. G. (Little Pete) Thompson, somewhere will Pillion's arniy, has scnt.n copy o Ihc Continental Edition-of-the Eve nlng Mail collection . . . Pole's address is": 893rd T. D Bn., APO 230, % P.M., New York City. ..-..-• stripe LeRoy slopped his jeep when ho sighted the huge giant and could hardly get: over quick enough to. pump his hand \ln supreme joy. Stationed now on the Phlllp- plnc v lslaiids,'(Co.'B, 230th Eng. C Bn., APO APO 72, % PM, San Francisco,' Calif.) where Lieut,. Ross now Is too, Jimmy had this to say in his Jan 2 V-mail letter that wasn't processed: ialento Charges Da Bum Ran Out' Sharkey Not Anxious To Fulfill Date With Tony In Boston Ring ORANGE, N. J,, Jan. 17. (UP)— ony Gnlenlo, the bccr-bajrcl slug- r, Is red with rage. He's hotter than a glowing pot- llletl stove. He'd like to take the r out of his tavern ami use it to mstlse former heavyweight chahi- on Jack Sharkey. Two-ton Tony claims that Shnr- ay "ran out" on a Boston fight be- veen the two strong, silent men. lie furious Galento snys: "I don't low da bum Is takln 1 a powder HII I gets home to Orange, ether- ise I'd have moldcral 'im right'ir pston, censor or no censor"." , The bout was scheduled for Jan. !. Here's how the controversy be- ween those two quiet character: •ose. •' ' • '' • • .' ••,, Galento was rcferceing .wreslllii'n atehes | In -New England. Tony's ubllclty'brought a statement troni hnrkcy.-Jack told the world,thai e was retired, nil right, but he oukl go on fighting until he hue hlskers as long as there are heavy- eights like Galenlo and the anclciy im Maloney. V| " • : ," Tony's manager, Willie Gilzen- «rg, roare<l a loud and public pro- csl. Boston writers happily s'pur- cil Promoter Eip Valentl Into latching Galento ami Sharkoy.- It ras to l» a three-round exhibition vllli big 12-ouncc gloves and rounds f one-and-a-half minutes instead f the usual three. -';•;" When Galento returned to Or iige. he found that Sharkey had rithdrciwh from the contest, ''jack nalntains that he Is loo old, at ,42, o, come'out of-, retirement .to. flgliL ' 35-year r old youngster like Two- on.Tony. The great Galento .has the last wd, as usual. ."Retiring?" he snorts, "that guy s'alwnys retiring. We wuz signed to Ight in Newark way hack in 1933, )a bum knows I'll knock him out so he .retires." . Win, lose, or draw, they're 'bums" to the great Galento. Who Wouldn't: Want To'Own Such An Auto? How would you ilk e a'car whic runs 4G miles to the gallon o gasoline? But ,it isn't, . for sale Harry Atkins, wl;.o owhs'an Austin could sell 'his "midget: fiutomobll 100 times weekly but he. Isn't in tcrestecl. . . t . , • - ; Purchased six months 'i ago fo "Just received. your clipping telling $178, hi s latest ; offer was twlc of Lieut LeHoy Ross. I am sorry to . that amount. '•- ',- hear of his bad., luck, Cor It is fcU|. pi-tec, for the 1934 model car wa lows like LeRoy who are winning this war .•.-,•, I have watched those fighters zoom through the air on the ibri,Canny. sndijvoife got blis'y 6pened '-up^wtth^a battering" wti of Nips and often told $480 when new.' A.L-— -,-,... A/L., /*.:>*_ J.. Arkansas Asks Custody the bovs In my outfit that the one Of Negro In Murder Cos I LITTLE ROCK, Jan.-IT (UP) — a.half crab on Canny that put n Governor. Ben Laney. has aske crimp In the big boy's back and led Governor Davis-'of .Louisiana .for From Blythevllle Airport State Senator John Moore of Helena has > practically every amateur flier In Arkansas up In the air, figuratively speaking.- He certainly stirred up 'a hornet's nest when lie Introduced a resolution in Die Senate which, if adopted, would hike the state tax on aviation gasoline. Two Blythevilic pilots were among the group of 05 who have organized , the Arkansas Private Fliers'Association as result of Senator Moore's threat. They are C. V. •' Sebaugh, one of Mississippi County's hottest enthusiasts, and Johnny Fields, flying instructor at the Blythevllle municipal airport. Scliaugh and Fields attended the meeting at Little Rock Monday at which time the sportsmen fliers laid plans for spiking Moore's resolution before it has a chance to |iut a damper on civilian avia- llon in this stated The present price of 30 cents a gallon is a -ijcGli-nvrn;; --plenty to |iay .for gas for,' the 1 ' pleasure planes, say Sebaugli, Fields and lie others. But If Moore's scheme iocs over tills price would be boost- id accordingly. this later. ; ... .' ; El Dorado is Just a hop, skip and jump' for Cecil Wrotcn'sspeedy Jittle Culver Cadet. That's why he and J. P. Friend could buzz over for the Arkansas-Oklahoma A. and M. basketball game Saturday night. They returned Sunday. "Boy, this Wroten fellow sure fly," enthused J. P. • • • » Wonder It there aren't quite a few former pilots now on the Inactive list In Ihls neck of the woods? We know one who usecf to hold a commercial license, but who doesn't fly now. He is W. R.. "Bill" Crawford, manager of Well Brothers cotton agency here and a first lieutenant in the Arkansas Guard. Bill used to be a sort of "flying salesman" over In North Carolina tor the Luscombe people. Bill allows he may take up flying again some day. • • • A Ryan three-placer sat down at the local port the other day. The ship. was piloted by Norman Orleff and . carried two other passengers. Orleff signed In from SIkeston, en route to Memphis. As air travel increases, especially after the war, more and more visitors .will stop off at Blj'lhcvillc provided of course, .proper facilities are made available for accommodating visiting ships and their occupants. Something to think ibout. nil Men In Service -. Leonard Mullliis, 17-year-blil son of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Mullins of Blylheville, Is receiving his initia Vaval indoctrination at the U. S Naval Training Center, Great ,akes, III. •When his recruit trainings-is completed, the seaman will receive a' period of leave.'. - , Those enthusiasU he present tax is who believe high enough vere reminded that now Is the •line to be heard. Letters or tele- ji-nms to Little Rock would let heir sentiment be known. • • » C. B. Wood Jr. is toying with a lew Luscomhe which;. he brought iiomc Saturday from •. West Memphis where lie .purchased it from Joe Bowen of Bowen .Flying Service. This gives the Blythevllle airport n nice little fleet of live A .certain Aircrew .Trainee who loves to fly so much lie thinks nothing of hiking down Highway 01 to the airport is counting the days. You see, n very important person lives in Charleston, W. Va., nnd when his next furlough comes lie's going lo fly there. More on Veteran Commended ,'. Master Sergt.'. Thomas M. Stanle of Caruthersvlllc.MUo.,. has been commended by Gen. H. H. Arnold for his part in a recent three-day period of intensified operation.', against'Germany. Veteran of 27 months overseas he also has serviced B-17's in England and North Africa. He Is son of O. C. Stanley of Ca ruthersvlllc. . - Terms Still ^ Unconditional Surrender LONDON, Jan. 17 (UP)- In the louse of Commons Winston Church- II told the world once more that he Allies will never accept any erms except unconditional surren- Icr for the Axis. Laboritc members asked him if ic didn't think the unconditional .urrender policy was stiffening German resistance and prolonging the war. The man who offered England only blood, toll, sweat and tears, replied with emphasis: "No, sir, 1 don't. We don't take that view at all. I think the House would be overwhelmingly against our attempting to make peace by negotiation." Navy Flier Back After Downing Two Jap Planes Lieut. Frederick P. Jacobs, Jr., U. S. N., of Grider Route, Osceola. Ark, has returned from a tour o: combat duty In the Pacific, where he flew with the Navy's Air Groui H, based aboard a large carrier o Hie ESSEX class, .^ Lieutenant Jacobs, ,v who is 2G years old, completed" 15 combat missions.. Piloting a Grumman Hellcat fighter (FfiF), he twice caught Jap planes in his gunsights and sent them crashing into the sea.' : . . . \javy Man Back After 3 Years -oreign Service Harmon E. Terrell, 20, home af- cr three years foreign service In .he Navy, was guest, of his father, J. L. Terrell, and family, during lie past week, ., The storekeeper third class, who entered the Navy four years ago with his dad's consent, has just returned to the Stales after hav- ng been/ in action at Guadalcanal and Saipan. He left Sunday for San Francisco where he Is to be reassigned. • It Is expected he will ho given shore duty because of an illness while on sea .duty. Stricken with a , tropical fever, an operation was performed on his face to remove a portion of the tissue affected by the fever. He already Is much improved and there is only a slight scar. There are enough eggs in one codfish to produce more than a billion pounds of fish,' if each egg hatched and matured. Chest Colds WICKS VVAPORUP To Relieve Misery Rub on Tested to ,av subsequent free-for-all that lasted 'for several, minutes before Rcieree Meroney and a< member! of Lt-l*A>-ji L- .. .1 _•-• 'Vl .-i .• , •'•'•".;'-:•'.' 'aisault' that -completely buried Bur- ijsh and Knox Canny had the honor of making both falls official, though it *as the Hying tackles ol WolJo that played a prominent part fOxcd'Wolie to win the opener. He caught Joe cpmlng off the ropes and let go »llh n liaynmkcr Hint ancjed on the button. : ,Meroney's disqualification of Cnn- ny.'cndcd tlie second, n rough and /But finnlc Buresh' and Knox proved too tough as they concentrated on the ae(Ie, strong Wolfe to eliminate him then ponder Canny Buresh completed the rout with PoorOigestion?S5 Headachy? DP Sour or Upset? a a Tired-Listless? a a s Do you feel headachy and upset due to . poorly digested food? To feel cheerful «nd happy again jour food must ba digested propcrl> Eachday.Naiuremustproduccabout two pint* of a vital digestive juiec to help digest your food It Nature failj, your food may remain undigejted— . leaving you headachy and irritable. Therefore, you must increase the flow of this digestive juice Carter's Little Liver Pills increase this flow quickly— often in as little a> 30 minutes And, you're on the road to fcelmz better. Dont depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion—when Carter's Little Liver Pills aid digestion after Na- 'ire's OTO order. Take Carter's Littlo Liver Pills as directed Get them at any drugstore. Only 25(. extradition' of Henry 'Kelly. Negro, 1:0 the. .Negro. nmy ; b.c returned .jlo (Arkansas', to :fa.c,e,c!ia/ge.V\ot'';murf tiering \a ..Negr'p' ,111;. -Uhion •. County ,'23 years i-ago...Kelly •,isVtieinKi''heia In the Now Orleans;'city'Jail. ' !'" Assistant Prosecuting '. 'Attorney P. T. Oliver of El -Dorado lias filed an information •charging ' Kelly with the first degree murder of Pete Davis at Wesson,. Ark., in 1922. And extradition proceedings ,Umble battering show that kept were Instituted -by" •iiiincy' at the the customer-! on the edge of their .-_.... *"ats throughout. ; | request of Prosecuting : -Attorney Lamar Smcad of Carridcn. \ • REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED 324 EAST MAIN City Radio Repair '. ';'.- ACROSS FROM LILLY STREET Full Stocks of DODGE 8,, PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGED TRUCK PARTS- ••We !inve ii completely equipped service department and efficient mechanics. :Wc"scrvicc any make car or ,truck. BLYTHEILLE MOTOR CO. 119 W. Ash Earl Stone, Service Mar. Flume 422 You re my kind.. .Have a Coca-Cola DA N C E Thar day — Friday"— And Saturday ^ 9:30 to 1 O'clock In the Beautiful Blie Room of the HOTEL NOBLE ;-,*,* \ * " Ad»Wion 60t IncL Tu 1 - * "- ...or allies enjoy a friendly pause There's a friendly phrase that speaks the allied language. It's Hare a Coke. Friendliness enters the picture when ice-cold Coca-Cola appears. Over frosty bottles of ice-cold Coke, minds meet and hearts ace closer together. It's a happy custom that's spreading 'round the globe. Coca-Cola stands for the paust that «/«i/jer,-has become an everyday high-sign of friendliness among people of good will. IOIUEO UNDEK AUIHOUIV Of THE COCA-COU COStANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE It's for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you hear I Cbca-Cola called Coke. -01»<5 Tk» OC Co.- NEW ALBANY, Hid. (UP) — A ; painter working on a house next to Cciilrul fire station encountered a :' sparrow's nest under liie eaves and set fire to it rather than take chalices with lice. Proximity of the fire .station held the resulting loss on iho house to only $200. . Lemon JuiceRecipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly.. It you suflcr from rheumatic, arthritis or emit Is palo, Iry Ma simple IneipertaU'o borne cdjHJ (hat Ihoua^cda arc uslDg. Get a pack- co or KU-KX CoujpouTKi. a two-week lupplr. CMlay. Mix It with a quart ol water. ftJld the ilce ol 4 Icmooa. It's easy. No trouble at I nntl plcaaan!. You need on]y 3 tablefltx>ofi- ul3 ttro times a day. Gftea wKhCn 4S hours — Bonietimea ovcrniglit — BpIcadLd rraulta are btalncil. It the pains tlo cot qul^Xlv leave n<] II you do not reel better, return the mpty package and Ru-Ex win coat >"ou nolti- • to try aa H Is sold by your druggist under nbacjlute moaO'-back guarantee. Ru-^ Compound la for aale and recomoieDded t^ \\tby It/otliers and dmg stores crcrjMtiere. , SEE... CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTONSEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L. TERRELL 111 S. Bdwy. Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2631 J. LOUIS CHERRY - . , • NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE GO. Kjthertlle, Ark. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Oon't rely on makeshift methods of termite control. Let the world's largest termite control organiza- lion protect you against costly damage. Free inspections on request. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co. MEMPHIS SINCE 1927 New Theater! Manila's Finest ; What have you dont today that; some mother's son should, die for I- you tomorrow? "-: : { —BUY BONDS— [ EMERGENCY! TM Navy Dept. his called upon Arkansas people to construct the mo»t | important United States.. }. i NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT Wednesday & Thursday "MARRIAGE IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR" with I,ana Turner* Fox News & Shott AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and very essential ', weapon of World War 2 ... CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Son. "ROCKETS" TO SAVE OUR BOYS'LIVES! LABORERS Enroll NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on tlie job for workers at $1.00 ,;] ; p«r day. Excellent working conditions ... ' j : Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forcet. Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every - UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO" with Franchot Tone & Anne Baxter and "HI YA, SAILOR" Donald Woods & Kay Eberla and His Orchestra RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIQHT8 . Box Office Opens 7:IS—Show SUrt*4| »t 1:3fc • pi SATURDAYS A 8TJNDAY§ Box Office Onto* 1 . ,. Show Start* 1:11 • IT* B«K ecf aged In u itUl fttUylty »t joor hlfhett «• Mi »ppty. Men under 21 must have mlnor't relei5« form signed by p»rent» which can be obtained nl Employment Office. 1 ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! Last Time Today 'PACIFIC BLACKOUT" willi Robert Prcsion, Mariha , O'Driscoll UKO NEAVS and COMEDY Thursday and Friday "ALASKA" with Kent Taylor, Mnrgarcl Lindsay, John Carridinc and Dean Jaggcr Paramount News Comedy

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