The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1949
Page 17
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THURSDAY, MAY 19, 194» OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ^ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DON'T I TAKE rr MORE AflMrrr WELL IW AFRAID 1 MIGHT NOT GIT SOME Of IK WZTS MEADlW IN TH' RI&MT DIRECTION.' OH. I THOU&K HAD TH 1 (DEA THAT BECAUSE TH 1 TRUCK WRECKED IT JM ONE OPERATION, COULD FIX IT NONE.' Ml KIT I wlrr -^< ^V^!?*?*' 660 AT V**-* MOST I WIT- -«®jl (GflORrVICejMMDR^DOW -* A i|\ NOO KrJOVJ THAT 1M Td£<y; - - - DOtMG HER NN6EKLY V> MOD6CM TIMPC.TT ToSS VMASH M »\V HOME, rAV CASTLE f if ASOFT flUARTeT t&^»f AMD WUM SAIL — PLNVIMG ^i VIKJCfe <Sj TCHA.KOV^Y'S 'WALTZ ^ TME^ ^£ FOR ATA8« 3 ^^-1 «i L ^«?'»?*»* A MgroesPIAMSSfzS Modern ants fc cabins by week or nonin Ual« »«r«lc« Lrwi Boy Caurta, "" vil 5]10-pk-7|10 baiuekeeping room, phane W.rehoUM xr i W on railroad tld- ax tal<lwi«t Dalrj Producta Ph «M7 K 419-ck-U Fltsh cameru for OBTKEH'S STUDIO all oecujonn 413-ck-tf for Rent, Houses 3-room hotis* and bath. Unfurnished or parti; furnUhed. Ph. 597 or 2030. Business Opportunity my «ux* In filling nUtl uie poMwlon. Call 29M Horn Hobby H Is estimated that there are 100,000 model railroad hobbyists In the United States. These model railroaders collectively own and operate enough trackage to reach from New York City to San Antonio, Tex. Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices 133 Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! IIH GIF IS All Work Guaranteed You Art Cordially InvHtd to Visit * The Accessory Shop Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srite Hotel Noble BIdg. Blytheville, Ark. eor>BO.r IT «ugi Mma mam tanmm rr mi xmicr. MC. Nelson TM* STOBT, H.rtl.a. -™l« • H*el • feri«« lr«« f«« r i* Hr |y ***••*•. Bea C«««r*vr. •••«] j»». A K »« nnk .M, w u . r*«. wh« ar« hi* armfral*. n«**r. —1» appear » <ar l»»x ««na»«I"K water whleh Har«l»B b»a »«:«'< «• «1»« t«»«, k«f H>M(. K n , Tkr. H l.|c .keep. "T'M * patient man," Harding A «aid irritably, "but I detwt hysterics. You women are all old enough to think for a moment be- lor* you Indulge jrourselve* that way." "But the graves," Agnes repealed. "I told you there w«re large building opera'.-ont here. There was much blasting necessary. Four workmen were killed, and buried." "But the flowers? There are Iresh flowers on one grave." "Flowers? Oh. The fishermen of course. They're ignorant and superstitious. 1 even had * little trouble with them after the premature blast killed the men. Something about wanting a priest and hallowed ground. But it doesn't pay to pamper. . . . But we're getting away from the point. There is no room or reason for fear here. There must be a mu- tuai trust. One of you may join with me in beginning the Speare Islam! dynasty." Agnes Firth drew herself up stiffly. "You've pointed out how old we are. Have you thought it might be a trifle late for us to help you in that project?" Harding looked blank. "Speak for yourself, honey," Lilly Warrtn said. "Just apeak tor yourself." Agnes wilted. "I'd best get back to the theep. I— I'm sorry I was so silly." "Very well," Harding said. "And don't worry too much about the sheep. They know their way around." Slranj Instinct Brooding instinct In some penguin.? is so strong that they may try to hatch lumps of Ice. The little Arielie penguin may continue to brood though completely covered With Allow. I Have At All Times For Sale wverai tracton ana tnuipmem hotb new and o»4 I have John Dear., rarm.ll K.rtl .«) .1,^, makem. I no* HaTr new ftra tractors and equipment ready for deltTelf at dealers price I will trade lor most aitrthlnt yn hare- Terms can be arranged See F. C. CROWE Is •« roam .r reason lot fear here." Maritime said. Tbere miut be a mutual trust." "I'll do the best 1 can," Miss Firth mumbled. Sl>e stumbled away. Lillj Warren laughed. "What a gal. Can't make up her mind whether lo be glad, sad or mad." • • « J) WRING the next d'ays, life on Speare Island began to assume form without as yet attaining a routine. There were some jolts in the shaking down process. Lilly Warren, in the course of her duties, found underwear, night clothes, shoes and stockings among the nippliei and handed them out according to her own ideas. Bea had no reason (or complaint Agnes accepted hers without question. Mabel Jones looked af ^hen and took them to Harding. "Mr». Warren's a poor judge of size," the said. "Couldn't I have some that fit?" Of course," he said. "There's I -Save ,• Time* Money* • • ! Plant Sinkers i ACID-DEL1NTED I Cotton Seed | L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. I Cherrj i Rallrnarf Phnne 4*93 "/Ve fravefed the wor/d OYf , r mofe . /or quicfc automobile loom go to GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." a wide choloe In trie sloreruom. "Mrs. Warren's choice isn't mine." Mnbel snid. "Perhnps I'd boiler give tier a mile more personal supervision " Harding said. That'll be wonderful," Lilly said. She smllott sweetly at him and Icl Hie _srnilc curdle at the edges when she looked at Mabel Jones. Bea noticed Harding did snend more and more lime wilh Lilly, bhe noticed, too, her roommate talked less and less at light. Agnes Firth tended her sheep with an attention and grim deier- mlnation which left her exhausted .'it the end of each day. At dinner one night she said, "1 can't understand. I and the sheep the best Krass. I drive them there. Then they won't eat, but wander away and start eating somewhere else " She was so serious about it Bea Cosgrove tried to inject levity You should be used to that sort nf thing from your former work." ' What do you mean?" "Well." Bea said lightly, -a social service worker should be nc- cnstorned to the lack of interest her flock finds in the greener pas- lures she picks out (or them." • • • j:jENRY HARDING Uiouglil that funny, bul one glance at Miss firth's stricken (ace made l)c» sorry for her words. Agnes left Ihe table abruptly, rushed from the room. Mabel Jones worked hard in the garden, proved Ihe truth of her statement about her green thumb. Under her interest end cars the vegetables appeared to grow and fatten overnight. Every morning Harding went to a small stone outbuilding, unlocked it, and turned Ihe valve which sent the strenm of water Bowing through the pipe to the fishermen's camp. That accomplished to accurate timing, a further adjustment ot .valves sent water flowing through the intricate system of irrigation ditches in the flelds. Mabel Jones volunteered to take over the duty of .tending the valves. "No," Harding snapped. "I will lell you your duties. The water is mine to give is I see IH!" (To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to inch, plain or recnforced. Also Concrete Building Block, cheap. «r thin lumlier Jor barns, chicken houw», pump houses, tenant hnilMS, tanl shtix. We drliver Call ui for fre« estimate . . Thone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Renl a Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal way to remember upcclaj occasions. Also other types of cam- was for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3«47 .STUDEBAKERi Phone 888 Phone 888 C O rn SEEING IS BELIEVING! 1918 Studebaker Land Cruiser 1»'IO Chtvroltl Turlor 1S3S Chevrolet Kordor Serfan 1938 Chevrolet Tudor 1948 Studebaker One-Ton Pickup 1916 Sludtbaker One-Half Ton t'itkur. 1941 Chevrolel One-Half Ton Pickup 1!)39 Dodge One-Half Tern Pickup. in Sales Co. "Yout Friendly Studehaker Dealer" R»ilroad & Ash ,. none 888 •5 T U D E g A K E R« THJAAJKS, l-VC(?AHOftC / 1IJAT*! IAKIN& ,r LikcA WAN•' How AWKWARD. I APPEAR. Tb HAVE PCkceo up -me WRONG eonue/ COK.'1M» » «» If Ivuf. WC. I. u. ICO V 1 ( "Look Mr. Miller! Won't your wif« be tickled when she tee* this? She ma<i« Page One for knocking th« top off •KIHCII.I.A'S COP BY AL VKRMKKR '" THANK YOU FOR CALLING, MISS PRIMRO5E! SHE'LL CERTAINLY HEAR ABOUT THIS' ENOUGH THAT MOU WGRE TARDV pCHOOL THIS MORNING /. ..BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE 10 CUT CLASS AND COME HOME EARLY" sjsa DIDN'T WANT TO BE LATE TWICE. IN ONE DAY.' Tlmt Argument? 15V MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE TMf STORV WAS THAT FOfi ANNEt AND JIGGER JACKSON GOT RID OF JAKE DOLL WHEN THEY TOOK OVER THE SYNDICATE. BUT No- BODY CO(J[0 PROVE IT W»AT KIND OF AGREEMENT? AGREEMENT THAT IVCXXO > EITHER Of THEMHI6HER THAN A kITE If ANYONE vou SHOULD KNOW: TOO BROKE IN H£Rf THEOTHES DAY AND SEARCHED THE PIACE / VEAH. THE gl WAS A STORY THAT JIG6E8 AND fOG MADE, TOO. WASH TUBBS BY LKSUE TURNER V6P...IN A GUNFIGHI THRU THESE 6T«6rs AFTER mY'O ROBBED W DftD'S BUNK OF »57,00f! If WAS THE IAST* ON6 THEY EYER HELD tip,,. BUT 1HEV LEF-T A MVSirev IHM 6 fimitO BUGS'/WHIP WTORK7US OUTLAWS IN THE SOUTHWEST \ HLCHER WERE MET THEIR WATEKLCxX CftPILREP ? IM THIS TOWW, EASY . 1 - WI1JI " =B * THE PH.CHER BOYS I!U(JS BUNNY >y Sylvester, To,,, IM PWOUD Of \T l OOM'T SET? ' MY NEW TWOPHY/ N rj RNRBIT SKINS.., VA</ THIS FISH WAS ~\ HE SURE HUNSWV I U»KS MV BWT/ HY V. T.'HAMLIN WELU.KID5. ] <5UESS WE GET ON OUR. WAY.' y£tj SAID IT OOP SOCKS'. I COLH.P EAT A WHOLE GREAT.' JOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN Ht COME. ? MO-00 '. WO ,\T rV

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