The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
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Be. Sura.To Attend Mississippi County Fair Sept. 26-Oct, I LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NPAVRI'APPI? AW vnnnijinnnm .«.,..,. _ -^±*& f T f*^S VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 1(5.1. niythcvlHc Courier iMytlieville Herald Blylhcyllle Dully News Mississippi Valley Mnilcr Fighting In Poland All But Over With Surrender Of Warsaw I1RUL1N, Sept, 28. (UP)-Tho nrmy liigli command announced today Unit the Poles had offered lo .stiiTondw' Mndltn, ancieiiL foi-tilicrt oily commatnliii"- (lie norlli nn- Iraiice lo Warsaw. The "Afodlin foilross, Iniilt at the lime of Napoleon's invasion, is 10 milos norlhwnsl of Wai-saw at tlio confluence nl Uie Biif and Visltila i-ivors. it find conliiljiitcd much to the. , defense of Warsaw and had held' out 24 hours longer. Nazi newspapers, meanwhile, discussed calmly and without elation the fall of Warsaw, fifth inr-esl capital of Europe, which had teen reduced in a 10-day .siege to a city THBDOMINANT NRWSPAm^OP^QIlTilEAOT ABKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AHKANSAS. THUHSIMY London Denies Reports Of Attack On Cruiser, Carrier's Destruction of death, ruin, hunger and disease From (he German military viewpoint thc fall of Warsaw' wns [he end of Poland and Field Marshal Hermann Ooering. in his or( j er () f the clay lo the air force, j-ald ->f the campaign: "The Polish army which, stirred »1> by British megalomania, thought it had been ordered to march to Berlin, has been smashed in a few days. The Polish air force went the same way even be- Russian Navy Steaming Along Coasi. fty llnllril I' 'Hie Nazi high command In Bi'r nn today reported u "succ i-ssfiii acral attack on ,1 Hiitlsh hcav cruiser olt Scotland bill u, f Lou' 'ion admiralty drilled (jmt sum an alliiek had been made Itepitc British .rentals that yesterday's Nazi win- plane attack on the North s,.., /,„(, ,,„,, ,,,,„,, c.-ssfiil D.« Gmnan lu(!(o Kait | ; lBn '" »""• "'P new llrltlsh alr- -i(rail carrier AIC Koyal wiili -i nnr HELSINGFORS. Finland, Sept. i'""I complement of icoo men ii d 28. (UP)-The Soviet, navy was re-iCO planes had Dec-n Srov-i ported cruising in battle formation I °" tlu> western n-on't ineVn»i>s off the Estonian coast Cday as the "' oln Luxembourg reported n sham Russian radio opened up with u French attack had dislodged'cer- vigoroiis camnalgn of broadcasts " lan lro °l« near I'carl in the Mo- against the Estonian government, i scile rallc l' sector and raid heavy Usually reliable sources previous-1 arliI!ei 'V dueling was in progress ly had said that Estonia accented A[ID!J: Killer, considerir•> some of Ihe Soviet demands' •"""••' ' cllsh conquest r lt tf ,. J ~.^.. ~i, — .... .j~.n.i, ui.iiiuijus Jur .- l '-" t.iiui:il fore It effectively went into ac- "aval and economic c:-operallon i fnl1 of Warsaw, vlsllcd lion. The German sword has against the advice oi'"Eilonlnii'miil" struck swift QS lightning, I am tavy leaders, proud llial Hie. German air force! For the present it W ns believed cooperated decisively in the sue-' generally (he Soviets would be i(- Ce.W Mn Pnllcll l-Onlm^.1^,1 !~n n .) ...:*.. .. •' v UlB Will) till) Wilhelm.s- cess. In flying . . , --- .......... .s- Jiavcn to inspect submarines which ' "afi,l" attacks foreign mi,,. nn ,r , on nlhed forces. At Moscow the Polish plane succecdod isficd with occupation of several' ! ster Von Hlbbcntrop was engaged over German territory. EsUrnlan Islands which are. strate-1'" tnlks w «>' Josef Stalin that «nJl«,n r n l lf c . aattlMgn , wuho "i ? lcall >' "nporlanl to Russia. It was " ray(b ? " 10I ' C "lomeritotis than any comparison Ihe air force destroyed feared in sonic quarters the foe who challenged create;- (hat Russia mWil Germany In light hcartedness. ti c action against faced wllh, whatever orders ouri Whatever task we now may lie! fuehrer gives us: forward for our eternal Germany." howcve mo re 0 Hope for Split PARIS, Sept. 28 .(UP)-Belief %vas expressed today thai Russia and Germany might be approaching thc first difference in their new Irlendshlp. Naturally, in an allied country, the wish tor such a development might be father to the thought However, it was suggested that (he visit of German Foreign Minister Joachim von Hibebiilrop to Moscow was made partly because Adolf Hitler wanted to discuss Russia's aims in the Baltic. D:ubt was expressed that Germany so far had given its consent to any R\issiam moves in/thai .lirca'.. '•'' Frcnch'-bbscrv'ers'Vitlined 'to''(lie"- bcliei that Russia intended to use Esthoma to strengthen its p:sition in the Inner Baltic, and as part of that, move to acquire thc Es- thonlan Islands of Dagoe and Oesc). Oesel is 280 miles from Danzig and 200 miles frcm East Prussia. Soviet Vessel Su.ik MOSCOW, Sept. 28. (UP) _ Th radio recited today that a secon submarine attack on a S:viet VPS sel was made at 2 a.m. when Ih steamer pioneer was wrecked nea the Estonian coast. The Pioneer was beached, th announcement said, but Russlai warships rescued her crew. IE PUBLEf Allies" belief here was that so far Jci-mnny and Russia had agreed! Derma: on uothingr but (lie partition of'po- land. and that broader problems of Baltic. Dfiniiblan ' and Bniknn problems still had lo be discussed. in view of Russia's revived inter.' cst in Europe. ; Wan ( ts Poland T,o Continue ..:-A£ -At. Least'--A- Smal Nation VATICAN CITY, Sept. 28. (UP)— Pope Pius has sent a message lo belligerent and neutral nations recommending a general European peace crnfcrcnce, an authoritative agreed j source said today. It was said that the pope liar. sent a message asserting that i( Germany would make honorable proposals for peace. Guaranteeing the creati:n of a free and independent Poland, which although re- New York Cotton NEW VORK. Sept, 28 (UPJ — Cotton closed steady. open high low close i^c would he capable of 916 Dec 880 Jan 8G Mar 857 May 835 Jut 817 824 891 815 8GG 8'la 82C 86 G 857 835 815 916 886 8G9n 850 837 818 9. Spols closed nominal at 927, up duced in si: carrying out' its historic role Catholic bulwark, then the Holj Sec wculd advise the belligerents to think well of Ihe uncertainties and consequences of war on n vast scale before refusing to cooperate. it was understood thai the message recommended that neutral nations support a peaceful solution. Furilier the reported message was believed to intimate that Italy and American nations any p^ace move. would welcome Mew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept, 23 (UP) —Cotton futures gained a few points today, closing steady unchanged to up fcin- open high Embargo Needed on Embargo Mail Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Jfay Jul. 929 891 880 86T 8SG 828 033 903 887 876 85-1 835 Spots closed steady at, 918, up Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 28 (UP) — Profit Inking reduced prices fractions to more than two points in all sections of the slock market today. A. T. & T. ..Anaconda cop Assoc. D. G Beth. Steel '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Boeing Air Chrysler ' _ Coca Cola Gen. Elec Gen. Mot Int. Harvest Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet '...'.'.'.'. 45 i Radio Schenly Dist '. Simmons Socony Vac SW. Oil N. j .'' Texas Ccrp. U. .S. Smelt U. S. Slcel of today's battlefield. Wilh Bulsni-lan. Turkish and Estonian representatives also In the Russian capital j|. was believed the nest Soviet move might Indicate whether Stalin and Hillc*- will agree or disagree on Europe's future. f Sl.un.Uug* Aviators Escape Wall Minor )////•/* /// Crash Tlie two men who miraculously escaped denlh yesterday ixilemcon when their airpunif crushed at the Mississippi County fairgrounds (Hiring a [Odro portotnmncf-, were i'C' leased by county officers lasl night after questioning. Th P piano struck a guide ,\vlre of mi llD-fcot slpd pole, erected for an aerial net, lo rnuse Die crash. The pilot .vilil his nnme wns J. R. Thornton, that ho wns J2fi UIKI thnt, lie lived at I'aragotild. His companlcn suld his name \^IIB Alfred K. Onrdner, :n, of Meiiipllis. Thornton, who* client ami mce wns badly bruised and cut, wns illc lo leave Ihe lllythevtllo hos])l(iil nftci 1 receiving emergency treatment nml Ciardncr eseapfd with minor Ijnibics and <:nts, ' The men said they were sluiitlni; nbovc the falrgrcunds to gain nl- cnlion In hope or securing adver- Du contnicls with locnf mer- ohnnts durlnv ihe ri'iiinlnder of the fnir. : An iidverttscmcnt of the Cnnovn Cclfce Co. was carried on (he Cttb ilane but the G'nnovn office nlMcm- ilils said the contract had exolred >nd nothing was known of the] dcntlly of the plane. i Mrs. Gardner said In Memp)il.< "M night, thai her luisbiind hud MMIH-Ilines ui> w , Intwslwi l» s i..,, mi-iiiiejis but Hint .she did net ktww '»' -AIM doing any kind of biislnes wllh .in nli-|))niii>. lie notltlod lir/i laif yoslprdity of t)i<> nectdenl. The plane wns so completely do inollslK'ti that die propeller wai. tiU:,t«l Into splinters mm u, c ), Cl | y "' the plane taiki'd like klndlinij A skull lieud, uooil hicii picei* on Jin- throltlfi was quickly torn from "s liluco by one of the sonvcnh hunters. i»> did not sii'lho Iho rodeo pviTormi'r.s cr .slublp.-; v.'d n mlrueli'. Afler .slrHfliig the guld, wire it bi-iishwl past (| lfi ciinnoi, tnirk of Ihe noath's Holiday C'lr- More It crushed uii llm wesl of thc race (ruck bctweer. show and Hie slables. een the was rciiovted today ..hut a lalnl had been tiled wllli the fulcml bureau which licenses and 'liites nlrplniies nml pilots be c of (he stunting antics of tlin ""lot of the plnne which crashed hi'ie. It \vi\:; nntlclpntcd tnat an invi-btigator would arrive here today to mako an Inquiry inlo I ho matter. Kiwanians Nominate Candidates For Office .1. W. Meyer and George D Pollock Jr. were nominated as candidates [cr president of the Bly- thcville Kiwanis club at the weekly dinner meeting of the club at the Hotel Noble last' night. J. Nick Thomas and J. Graham hutiumy were nominated for the vice presidency and L. s. Kenish and Hcrmon Cnrlton for treasurer. Tirelve ncniiuces were selected for seven, posts In the club's directorate'' in the preliminary ballolin" They are: Koy N-clson, c. M.,Buck, John Dcen, iioscoe Crafton, E. M. Terry L:iiL«j Applebaum, the Rev Matthew Curry. Jessee Still, Mr pol- lock, Mr. Benisli, Mr. Thomas ami Mr. Sudbury. Tlie club election will probably be held next week but officials chosen will not enter upon their duties until 1940. The club last- night discussed plans fcr sending delegates to the convention ot (he Mo-Knn-Ark dis- Inct of Kiwanis at Hot Springs the, second «cek in October. James Nebhul was the only i at the meeting. Three Midshipmen Die In Auto Wreck MEMPHIS, fenn.. Sept. 28. (UP) —Three u. s. Naval Academy midshipmen enroutc (o Annnp:lis were killed early today when their car struck n truck at Draden. Tenn 35 miles west of here. . ' The dead: Brilton Cole, oi Bryan, Texas Philip Seawnld. Amarlllo, Texas A youth named McCcnncll, Clo- Yarbro Is First And Dell Is Second In Community Exhibits The Yin-bvo exhibit won first pvi/.o in the community exhibits or the Mississippi County K;ijr, it \vjis iinnoiniceil tlii.s aflci-iioon. Doll won second lionors and phovlly nl'ler noon il, had not hcen decided as to the positions of filowah find Dogwood wlticli will bo; Kivon ji I io for third or third Rankiii Inlroclucwl Bill I House For $20,000,00^ Approprialion <ui $20,000,000 f( , , III drouth slrlckcn soiilher K> |,nusi> to m on It M 1 ,'?', 1 ! 0 '", 1 ir ' s l>BVkiniiii ( A In.) Joined wm , H]u , kl| , ||V n tto' promnt uc(| im . Uu ne at In iiiiuiv sodions of Alnbnin nop was only 25 t( , a "'"'" ml '" lcl COI » " ineasm-e >ip ( 0 tlinl. (he coiton ( sec He suld 1 crops hud similar extent In somo"oYfi<>r tons c.f il, c s , mtMi llnl)kll) S(I( Iho HBiinihural ile])(i,-tm(,,,t j m declared in,, droulh .'ilrlcken sec lion lo bi- "oinci'KPiicy "H seems lo me," I •that while, we me waiting on th ^•nalc lo act on dm nimlralllv bl 'ilch the house passed :noit(lis HBO, we should this cmei-Kciicy matter nnd d iomclhhig about the sltunllon. llcurcscnlftllvp William A. I'll icngor (Hep. Mlmi.), uruitl th louse lo lake up Die miilter mi issertcd Hint It should constde nil imnnlsluxl leglslullon, lie crll cixcd Ihe house leadership fo seeking to hold lc K lslutlvi! matlci 11 nbcyiince iictullni; senate t.clloi on Hie ncutralttv bin SIVW , nnd foui-th. 33,175 Bales Ginned Prior To Sept. 16 There have been 33,175 tonics of cotton, counting rounds as one-half bales, ginned from the 1039 cotton crop of Mississippi County prior to Sept. 16, it was fUHjounccd - -today by Chests;}' Daneliower • cf Luxoni, county census bureau representative. Up lo the same date, last year, there had been 50,07-1 hales Binned from the ifaa crop. '«'» lusiied Sites .WASHINGTON, Sent. 28. (U. -Representatives J. uucll Snytlc (fJcin., i'a,i, and ,ioe Slums (Dem.. Ala,), of the house mill lary approprlnlloiis sub-commllle left by nlrplnni! today (o Insiiec proposed ullcs tor Ihe new air bas In Alaska, They will stop „(, scoil Field 111.. Denver nnd Hamilton M Calif. .- Negro Fugitive Is Arrested At Wilson ^ .ludecs were still counlhiK their figures, so close was Ihc judging on the community uoclhs wh|ch arc Ihe most coveted prizes ot all given at the fair. Wllh thc honor (joes $75 fcr first prize, $50 for second mid $25 for Ibhd with duplicate amounts in rase of a tic. All other cf the 12 exlilblLs declared by the judges' (o : be creditable will be 'given prlv.cs of S15 each. U^to-'w''^''^-^^^ - E '° l!i •='«"" -;««"m»i«.. ncero 'contests being judged Ihls aflei/- nsswU l v'J|i| t> "| <:0 '' <i °" "' t ' l ""'8' ! ° |' l ™«iBhig of other contests con-' i'"',^' w11 " thc ««'°™ «"«l»B°o linued tndny mil \\ili net. be com- ! vn . f ° pleled tomorrow as the Inir wii-i in ' " y< full swing. Recognlzeil by Deputy aherill Tonight's enlerlalnment program Jess a rccr, of Osccoln, ns Ihe nc will include n program by the Pino yln ™ ul ' tlcl1 « bus at Osccoln, ihe Ridge Follies, iierformnnccs by Da- ° mccr )l(1(1 ll! "i removed nl Wilson vld Dudlnh, liileninlknnl cling-shot , nl ! (1 u( ', w » s I'eliirncd lo jnll hern chnmplon and u dress style show following the iiflernoon pcrform- nnce of (he noctpj, balloon ascension and the s iin K K | 10 t champion. Last, night's siiow was a bond i-1/. -iac is. ^f. M. Three oilier midshipmen njurcd In Ihe collision nnd brought o Baptist hospital here for Ircal- neiH. They were Prank Thomas « T Tl ' C011CCI ' ( - by the 203th coasl artlllcrv cams rrom 1 his band and the opening program o'l Ai>/-l P»m;../.r.( ""' V{[IK R "' a Be Follies. AlKl I emiSCOt Mday Is .School Day wllh nl Counly Enlcfecl Tiie first horse and mule pulling contest staged In Mississippi County, which Is to be a teature of the fair, will be held Saturday at thc fairgrounds with n large number cl entries, according to Roy E. Nelson, who is in charge of the event. With the contest open to any team of horses or mules eiuicd by a resident of Mississippi Comity, Art., or Pcmiscot County, Mo,, the contest is creating much attention because of the iuvarcls. Cash prizes of $75. $50 and $25 will be given for first, second and third honors and in addition there arc siibslan- O:liege Station. Texas; Charles : tial prizes offered winners bv mer- /ito-iK .^ ...^-in., _ i m _ _ t . , " Hi*.* chants and other business men cf Amarillo; and T. B, Orr Ardmore, Okla. ci-ious condition. None was this section, , It wag pointed out today thai thc size onihe animals did not make them the best pullers and that the best drivers were not always Ihe largest men. One of the entries C. H. Whistle Jr., is only 12 ycnrs of age. John C. 'Mcllancy will act as 11 Tax Receipts Close To_4,GOO Mark The number of poll tax receipts . - ,..„ •sued at thc Chickasawba district SCK|C J' l(i S e - Jamcs'L. Guard Jr. ignited and her chest and stomach ffice of Hale Jack-sen, sheriff and j wi " |JC "nrcr, and other judges will te dly burned before (he names were ollector, approached the 4,000 mark I lje George Ray of Leachvllle and ' extinguished. II students having tickets from teachers admitted Irce with children under H admitted to Ihc fairgrounds free at all times. The day entertainment tomorrow- Includes ii prongrnm by -1-ir clubs, performances by the sling shot nrtist nnd balloon ascension which will lie free. A raleo and sling shot artist show will make up the Friday night entertainment with « dance to follow thc Pine Blnfr- Ulythevllle football game. This will be al Ihe armory. lull' yesterday. •Count}' olllcerc had previously hunted the neiiro at Porlnyevillc, Mo., whore lie went tollowlni; Ihc assault which occurred Saturday nUjht in thc business section of Ash street. Severely Burned When Candle Ignites Dress Nfellia Joan Fisher, four-ycar-cld daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fisher, was severely burned while playin-j with some candles laic yesterday afternoon nl her home 2215 Lilly street. Finding Die candles which had been used for a birthday celebration recently; the child lighted them. The fi-cnt of her dres Traffic Problem To Be Acnlo Here On Frida oday as thc drive- to secure representative payment of poll taxes ncareci its climax. With Saturday midnight the Dr. J. V. Morre of Hayti. The contest,- k start at She is confined (o her bed and while the burns arc serious, she is o'clock in Ivont of Ihe grand stand. > expected to recover. probably continue throughout I "deadline" fcr payment il'was an-! ttic mcrning. licipatcd that the total number ofj | receipts issued here as one of thel Family's Nine in Hospital Embrace in Traffic Costly FRESNO, Cal, (UP) — Even .. they were newlyweds. Police Judge I requircmGiils (or voting in the 1940 SWOYERSVILLE. Pa. (Ur) — Melvin K. Olbbs sentenced the j primary might (xxssibly be near the Ninc children of Dr. nnd Mrs. John groom to 30 days In jnll and the J5,fj00 mark. ( L. Lnvln were all in the hospital bride to five days In Jail for stop- J As Osceoln it was reported that al l! 'o same time for removal f l >in e their automobile In a down- i p:ll tax receiiit.s issued there had " 1C "' tonsils. A like operation on a i to «'n Intersection and causing a exceeded -1,030 though a more dcf- 1()l!l c| i' 1(i was postponed because I'''•'"He jam while they embraced. - " o fa c:ld. , mite figure was not available. ^r restock Too Many Prunes SAN JOSE, Cal, (UP) Wilh Sept. 28. Cfvcaffo Wheat open Dec. 8*1-2 May 851-2 high 841-2 851-2 low close 821-2 831-8 83 8.1 5-8 Mail bombardment on Washington continues ns public participates in arms embargo (hjlit. Reportedly, SO per cent of llio.w letters, received by Senator Guy Gillette of Iowa, isolationist, are anli-repeal. EAST ST. LOUIS. Ill (UP>—Hogs: 0,009 Top. 7.-IO 170-230 lus., 7.15-7.25 140-160 Ibs., 6.25-C.75 Bulk sows, 6.15-6.75 Cattle: 3,750 Sleers. 8.10-10.50 Slaughter Meers. G.25-11.25 Mixed yearlings, hellers, 8.0D-1000 Slaughter hellers, 0,25-1100 Beef cows, 5.00-0.2; California producing a prune crop that leaves a vast surplus over Pennsylvania Tanneries First HAnniSDURG, Pa. (UP)—Pennsylvania leads the nation in the value of tanned hides, Its tanneries finishing a fifth oi all leather in what the ptpulation ot Ihe Untied lllc United States. The' state pass- States will eat, prune growers ore' td Massachusetts by employing 10.- havlng thc University of Callfor- ] 000 persons in the S70.088.900 lii- nlo experiment wllh prunes as n dustry in 1037. food for hogs, cattle, dairy herds and sheep. Corn Dec. Cutters and lo.v cutlers, 3.75--I.Y5 May' open high _52 53 541-2 541-2 low 50 SI close 505-8 Drivers Advised on Crickets RENO. Ncv. (UP)—Hint to the Nevada motorist who Is unaccustomed to Mormon crickets on thc highway: Don'l pay nny attention lo the crickets when you run over them and Ihey srjueal; Just People of Uiythevllle cnn help relieve the congested tralllc situation exuded here tomorrow for the Pine liliiif-Blylhcvllle foctball 1,'ame, according to Mayor Marlon Williams, who today Issued n .«Inle- mcnt asking Blylhcville people lo walk whenever possible tomorrow Instead of riding. "If the people will leave their cars in (heir garages and walk to work and to the football game, unless (hey live too far nway, it will help us a 1:1," he said. Six state policemen will be on •July in this clly with their duties divided between the Mlssissppl County Fair at Walker Park and thc football gntne. In addition to llie-so. city and county officers wi ie used, II Is planned to route all through traffic on Highway 01 away from Chickasawba avenue so as'to decrease ihe Iraltlc In the vicinity o( Haley Field which Is ordinarily heavy at this lime of the year Through traffic will be routed around the sladitim zone at the corner of sixth and Chlcfcasauba when coming; In from the north nnd at Main and Divlsitn streets Klien coming from the south and west. Mayor Williams also said traffic In the clown lown section would be easier t: handle If trucks would make iheir deliveries In the alleys) Instead of on Main street. The alleys acre paved so Dial Ihls could be done but It has been Impossible to enforce (lie rule, (he mayor said. In appealing tc everyone (o cooperate .tomorrow. Do Not Forget Tft Paw Your Poll Tax Kefore October 1 : —~v SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS " —— —: :— Senate Committee Sends Neutrality Measure To Floor to nioii it!, Monday Kelly Is To Head Legion CHICAGO, Kf.ftl. 21). mi")_j; mond ,). Kelly, iM-roll. Jlldi , poratlon counsel, today was ch<i-i« the 2lst niillcnni coiimiiincler of tin f WHS a world War nrtllicry- iind served almost a year h '<•'• H« was u I'lculnunil h commune! of a const artillery buttery at the lime of ilcmoulllMllo liid new serves na a. major In tin reserve, corps. S C II I May Be l-lclcl Mere On Ocl. 24 A financial r or u , 0 ,, nst two months ivns given mid or ihi) eiHcrlalinucnl of the regional district meeting here mndo nl he meeting of Iho kcnl chapter of ' ho Amcrlcnn l?cd C'ross «f (ho 'hlcknsnwba district at the C | (A iiulltoi'liini hull this morning Ail Invitation has been extended o district olllclalu to held the dls- -I'lct, meeting here Oct. 2-1 at Ihc lotol Noble. A luncheon mccliiiir viil be arranged. The Ruv. J, w Splcer of Wynne Is district c))nll .: Tom Bi'ndfiher, cxccilllvo corclary, uave the llnanclnl report A tcial of • $J20.l7,-wns pxpcndoti during thn pnsl hvo! liipntii* Porty wo dolJnri nnd [ e n cento- wont for lospllnltalloii. $25.77 for trachoma llnlc nnd prescriptions, $10.50 for hrcc pair of ijtnsses, $in ror milk or tmclornourlflicd babies, and $10 cr Iransporlntlon of an tmforlti- «c Klrl to rest camp In Toxns hero she will be cared for lem- orarily. Plan.s for Ihc annual roll cull •ere discussed. .1. Moll i )root!S hn- , ecu named chalrmaii of the mil or this year, Health Employe's 'Resignation* Given MTTI.F, ROCK, Sept. 28. <UP>. W. li, Orayson, stale health at- 1 cci 1 , tcdny aniiounccd Jlic rcslr- ation of Mks Ethel IJramlctt de- nrtinciitnl clerk, but denied (hat had any connection with ihe nle re|lort lhe hl11 wns 'J'jiR bill provides for elimination of llio present neutrality embargo '»i slil|imiml of arms, ainmunltloji nnd Iniplenicnts ot war to Ijelllger- on .' s - '", I'lnw of. the embargo js nubs Ituled ft tltlo and carry cliuwe Drovldlng thai any goods, Incliid- niK linns, may bo sold to belllKer- cnls mil thai Illln must be tiwis- feri-Ml In Ihb country nwl shin- ments may not be mrcdc oil u s vessels. Ordinary UQ-day comiiier- c ill credits W otild be allowed umier clo.w superi'lslons. - . .' Oytmnlttei! mcmbci-s said that jlic prliictpui channc mnrtn In the uill (oday was an exemption of u. 8. air transport companies from provisions which would prohibit American air travel to bellteercnt territory In (ho western hemisphere and the I'actllc, Senator Bennett Chump Clark (Dom., Mo.), a lender of the on- lioneiiu of the- administration, said thai the permission to allow U. S nlrllnea (o conlliuie operation hi Hie western liemtsphcrc and the Pacific wns bused on a commlUec view that "the Pacific ocean is an American lake." 'Hie Isolation group expressed itlsfacllon Hint the committee had agreed to report Hie bill. They snld they were anxious to gel the measure out In Ihc opeif so tlint they could carry on Ihclr light It on the senate floor. They planned to lire Iho opening round, of Ihe formnl debate Monday after ; Olialrinnii Key Plttman starts discussion by presenting Ihc bill oii ' behalf of the administration. The corridor ovilslcjo Ihe committee room was Jammed wllh spectators, representatives,of peace organization!;, news men ami photographers as the committee concluded Us work..' Uebate in committee this morning,centered lareejy around charges by American shipping Interests that the .stringent provisions of the ad- mlnlstriitloit ulll against currying' nny 'cargoes for' belllBCVcnts would cause ,11. a mcrclmrit niN-lrio. large losses. ' I • •'•• - - '•'-'- ;' Fleet owners have pointed out that, the bill would oul olf ocean trade wllh possessions of belligerent nations, even Ihcse In the western hemisphere. Waiils I'roiiapimla rrobc WASHINGTON, Sept, 28 (UP)_ Scmilor Dennett Champ Clark tOein., Mo,) Introduced a resolii-' Ion (oday calling for a senate in- vc-sttenttou to determine whether orelgii iiovern.inenls are behind my propaganda efforts In conucc- ton wllh the neutralilv revision lebale. ' '. Thompson To Deliver Address Here Monday , , The prc-orientatlon program for administration's "poll t nx " (he October CCC enrollment period will be held in Blylhcville en Monday,. Ocl. 2, by the County Welfare Department-, Marvin C. Crlttcn- dcn, county director,-announced lo-' MKs nramlctt, former personnel Ircclor fcr the stale welfare de- arlmcnt, will leave the healll> do- artment od. i. Fr | cnds snk , l|)nl olltical pressure from Lonoke ounty on thc slate iidmlnistrnllon as resTXnislblc fcr her resignation, hlch Orayson udmlllcd was listed flercury Climbs To 97 On Wednesday day. Camp life nnd camp routine will be explained to-the prospective en- rollces. it is alsj plnnncd to have ench given a preliminary physical examination, tnformatlon from the. State Department of Public Welfare' j hns been received that John B. Thompson, commissioner of public welfare, will be a visitor on that day and will make the 'principal , address. i. , -- - „ Lglstcring n inaxlniiim. of o for several days. uslice Butler Is Little Weaker Today WASHINGTON, Sept. 28. (UP)— ssrciate Justice Pierce Butler. Ill ith a bladder ailment, is a "little eaker" today, hlj physician re- orted. * .mur oi me court h:\ise. Thc program above , will begin al one o'clck. I This county will send approximately 50 boys during this enrollment iwrlod and a few mere good prospects, who desire to enroll, will have a chance f being selected. Sociasnir(ii RENO , i ' Mr. Crittemien said. Leachville Man Dies At Hospital Tuesday • The remains of W. M. Basingcr, who died late Tuesday night at the <w,chan In .fr.irM /".VValls hcspltal. were removed early. »• to L - ci »' iiie verstty of Nevada. Six university men are taking courses in home economics, and one co-ed. Miss Janet Holccmb. is studying agronomy, n field heretofore tread only by men. allowed Artist minis ship PAWTUCKET, it. I. < . . ,, - pitting three-year's art on b:th sides of Chleka- Paris, J. Noel Qulnn -M-ycar-oW °" c s ' d ,°.. of Pawt «<*«l resident, booked' pas- nerlqm freighter thereupon got a 53S-8 slow down and watch Ihe road mere p: lor use. The football game is dras thousands of spcctalors. i Is given job. The vessel's inasicr "commissioned" him to paint American lo flags on the freighter's lull as a -of-l:\vn safeguard against warrinq marines. Afr. Basinger, who was 57. died a few hours after he underwent nn operation. He had lived at Leachville tor a number of years. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. Memphis and vicinity — Mostly cloudy and continue warmer tonight and Friday, local showers Friday, lowest temperature lonisht. 10 to 74. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 97, minimum fi5, sub- clear, according? to Samuel K Nor- rls, official weather observer.

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