The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1938
Page 5
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'FRIDAY, MAY 27, Here's a Day In the Life of the Diomics At Present e Age second of This jloiics in whlrli Dr. Allan l):i(t!(-, llii- Quintuplets' i.-h (litre I<. discusses his five, fs on (he m( . or i liirthrtay. May 28. little their UM"mnV!l,Ll4 (AKK.) COUH1M NfcWS Height Chart On Quini Hy 1)11. ALLAN K. DAI'OK 1'b.wician In Ihc Iliomie <>uillf!l|)l( Is CAI LANDER. Out., May 27.-.How would you iikr lo s|:onri a I chiy with the Dionnc Quintuplets? 1 din ;;<-ini; lo take their friends <j|) a v.oKl-journcy into Qiiinlland, :iii(l you run join us if you liVc. Ami hero's what we sec: Happy and jolly aflci- a ills-lit of n-frrshiiiK strep, the Quints ; camper out of their cribs with a chcc-iy "Good Morning. Little Jrstis," lr;vard (lie Jitlfc atlar m their l;i.'(Jrooni. If tlicii- m:( yd arisen from her cot In I he t:"drr)(:ni, one nr two Quints snuggle in betide her. Jf the nur.'c pretends .she Is si ill asleep, they wait quietly until she opens her eyes, then ..... surprise! "Cicod morning:, nurse," they call Ji-om beneath the tlanJtet.?. 'The girls help the nurse misc. the Venetian blinds ami move Ihe rrilis back against (he wall. Clad in pajamas and fccftroon) slippers, they scamper into the bathroom •,'iirt v.asli at two lillle basin;. 'I here's lots of splashing, ami iiu'ch laughter as one imp toss?,s a wash-cloth scpping with water MAY a8,1938 38 INCHES 1, with cliiii-l slinninF; hcijlils 01 nj_anolhrr. Biitjill injilM.hcy a,e "Men i while the teacher plays them' IT,,ls on "Men A-iinst Wcrncn" "^ n • . , n ~^ a I "" sh =i'- T , llc " " lc >' '"">• '!•'"«, Both tc.;-'L-s were well' B iven and illC Quints KOUtfne | a ". lhc ^^>'^ plW a wnlla <if vcn niiirli enjoyc:!. •\. M. 7:00— Up, individual routine, dressing, teeth care, or- '••tige juice, cod liver oil, prayer. 8:t:— Drcaklast. 8:30— Free |:!ay. .supervised. 9:CO— Dj-esscd to go out; oral exercises. 0:K Observation. lOiCO-Superviscd play; ucicto- phi!oiis milk. l(;:45-Miisic. ilLlO-Book or story. 11:25 -Washing routine. ll:3C— Rest. I l:4fv— Dinner f. M. :2:15-SIdc'i>. 2:15— Vp', outside play. 3:15 -Oral exercises; aridophi- lous milk. 3:-iC— Second music period. 4:00— Balls; other children in f|uict play (supervised). 5::-C— Rest. 5:40— Supper. B.-IC— Trelli routine; oral exercises; prayer. 6:30— IScd. well-behaved nhildren. They even wash behind their cars and brush their teeth the correct, way— up and flcwn. Clothes a Weighty I'rahlrm Then pajiiinns arc removed and .hung in Ihc Quinls' individual clcfcls, after which comes the daily debate over (lie clothes problem. Kadi i:irl is alleged to wear any dress she desires unless the nurse feels .she .should put on soniclhini; cooler or warmer. Eoiuclinirs tlicy take a loin; (hue lo make their drcision for the flay. I-ivcn if file nurse disagrees .she • ilnrs not simply order another rirrs-.-;. flu- discusses tiie matter . with the child, for the nurses always treat the girls as adults— Miiall ones, but adulte nevertheless. 'llien comes breakWsl. in • Hip runny litllc ifiuins: room. The nurses sit with Ihs Quints, nnd one fistfi- hands the fctxi to the i Iliers. If n child pnssir.s up (jny dish, there is no attempt lo force lier lo cat. No one worries. Mo one .'.creams. A Quint is her own bcsl judRc of whflher shr w.inl", to rat somelhini;. fihe understands. of course, that once a disli is parsed she won't gel it ayain. The llrs-.rrl f;:u»c Each Quint caicfully Iioafds bread-crumbs from Iho tab!?. Thrso arc wrapped in little paper napkins lo be fed to birds later in the day. finer, the Quints-like all ehil- drrn— Icve extra dfs;,ert,s. we have made a game out of it. Fnr cut' inp cue main coinso. a Qninl- receives one rtcfsrrl: for two main courses [ AO desserts. No, they tlon'l cat three main courses or three rtrsscrt.-,. Next comes the first indoor play Period at !>:'",. tlurinq which Qi -inttt learn lo ]ilav coMcclivcly. Tliis is (ollo«Til liy Mie pr.rieid dmii'i; which thry play oiilsido. I'lider f.bservaiirin. Then they return indoors for another pcriO'l f.f si.'jjrrvfscci p'.ny, (his time wifha view to teachin? them lo jilry individually. Hut theoiics mean little to the Quints. They may cr may not piny i fcllcclh rly 'duiini; the nr;l i-,i- Cicci psriod. and they may or may not play individually during (he second. Individual games of • "house" have a habit of turning iiito collective "tea parties" with I heir dolls. ' MHMC, Dancing. Siorics An hour before their dinner,' the Quints arc fii'Wfl and sooth- rd by the music period. Sealed hi their I'itire rocking chairs, they mlnucl each being allowed to interpret tlio music as she wishes. 'Ihe !:M|C-.',J tervcd icecream and After the music period, Uic Tlu.ii- next mcctini' will b" v illi Irncber sounds a low. middle cud'.Mis. Gerald Brooks, high chord which has come lo! • » mcnn ••ajsni-ycz-vous- .sit rtownll jn-s. SmUhmi i:,,tc,-lai,, s for the book 01' st"r nS Sr B1 " n! Ml ' Sl 1 ?" XlCr SUllhCm * as " ostc ' w LEU eon IN COM BELT Cdlilimii-d Iron, v:\(i\ \ .)• 1 have morijiac payments If meet. .M»)'l::.> I'vo xJt .vlc-kncss lulls Hi nii'et. 1 need more eoru In o'ne , utiriilir lint they say I can't plant it. 'If I'le DiT'ir.iii) li:id sliiycil on 11 voUnilary line this would never luive ciuii. tint farniers iton'l Ilko i- (old «lnt they inihl. ]iUuH In ,v mud). \Mnsf don'l {jowllli : is pyins no he-c;l to Ids <|ii<'la iiiul L> imtling in oiMi ni liijh-priced .•.pedal -oin. H'unts li> Keep (In- I r.l«»e lli-l'.nlls.ul J \^'j in oirnrsl. he denies linhl'-. il a-vir-.l of his (iri;ani?.a- i whirl) I-. read into it by tlic il I;;'IIICT.I| ; .C wc?klv. "Our bend in this coinny is throe Deni- i.-i.ils and three Ucpulilieans." he out. " Is what we want all county organization.; lo do. Of ' r n ( cm? i , llu n mil, not. uo it. but we '.-nn't lii>l]> that." - r«.-rii'cs iia f:il;uv. Ho I1 i h it rumors that Hie U. .i. . II.IM n r.[ Ur.nnicrn- or Ihe Cl\i- ;ci Hc..,i.l of 'irad:- are :;ubsldl/.-. ins Hi*- 1 nrKitnlxaliuii. Ill i IK .L'rl:iiiily not tin- slinht- t t (\uli lie-? in the- simple setup ' the Corn Holt Lib?rtv l,e.i;iic that cuts-:!f- InlliifiK.-!-:;. rilher fntunci.-i! cr ]:clitlcul, nee (akin- a h:uul in ils afT.iiis. On I lie other hand, (here is ni; dcubt at alt (lint local and stih? imlltlclaiiK lire Irybij lo get •itaard it to help return the Corn Ucll to it-; traditional Republicanism. The future of the oigiUiitltioiii pc.Hlii.-iil or as a siuion-]>i!rc protest n-im^t I urn dicta'.n'ship." lie- out- in Close )jro-i:l b!,ich lie-Ids, where licnvy spring rains arc iiin the corn crop so fast Iliat ye:i can iiliucist hear it llirust- inji upwar:L- II it shculd l:e another bumper ••i.»|). t|iat wc-.ikl he one story. U I lie Corn Hell should burn out ,nx in I93ti. IhiU would b? nnuUioi- tlcry. It is written in the sun. and t!ic wind, and tiie clouds, and no ODD can I'cr.d it yet. Canulicrsvillc Society — Personal , lo-.v cnses, Mis. John MB r tin wns tt-conrt flnd iviu; 1,-lvcn linen Inind- kcrc-htefs. Th.c guest ))il/,c went 10 Mrs. Wntson, who also received i dainty liandkeithtcfs. PACE fnccs. rest for a few minutes, have when she- h.ul 12 members which heir dinners, and sn to bed lor 1 included the two new members Ibcir naps. iJy 2:15 p.m. they are, Mrs. B-jwcn Travis anil Mrs KnnVi;' up again, ready for another hour B.Hcllc;iun who were voted in It'-t. •:f outride play. V vee!t. She also had n guest, Mrs. In the afternoon there is an-1 ! "' e: ' Malt'.ic\vs of fflythcville. older pciiod i'f music, this lime Chinese i-hcL-kers ami other ga:uc:; in tbc room where there is a Inigcl wr '-' c c njoyc:l aller which (lie nulio-phonograph. The first time 1 c: - s sc "'vc:l ice, cookies and they listened to the radio they, '"monadc. all «-crc astounded when the mu'-j They will meet next week witli sic slopped broke in. "Oh!" they cried. "The music is talking." I I:ikc Their Own Voices j Occasionally the teacher plays for the Quints one of their own recordings. The girls recognize on? another instantly when their voices come ot;t of the machine. "Oil. there's Marie" or "71ir.Cs Cccile," tlicy any. Untiling follows the second music period, and here's where the Quints have fun with new nurses. Told thai she is next in line for her balh. one of (he Quints is apt. lo HIS-: "Oh. no! I'm Yvonne, and I've had my balh." Everybody )ia; heard about the twins, ime of whcm always got two baths and the other pot unnc. I flare-say lint has happened to our Quints occ.i- Aflcr .-.upper comes prayri and fced. 'Ihe children climb into(her cribs, each of which is mnrlvd with Ihe cccupanl's name. Screens stand bclwccn the cribs tc keep 'ittlr tongues I mm Kajsitii:. In a lew moments (hey arc asleep. And that's liic end of another day in Ilic life of five famous lit- lle giils. SteeloCooler Society—Personal Mrs. Conrad Frame IMr.s. Woniack Guest of lliuior Mrs,. C. M. IVonucfc D( Lawi-cnce- biiiij. T'cnn., wlm K UK Rii?:a of her chu-jhler, Mrs. T. A. lla;g.nd. was guest of honor at a one o'clock I rl luncheon siyc n:il the liomc of Mrs. " Pete Colcnuii Tuc:;da.y afternoon. A two course Uiiu-lieon was served in (he be Kitiftilly decorate:! hame. 'Die :;iic.-;l'; be/ides the truest of honor were .Mi" :t.r.nes R, (j. Steelc .-... Grva'.d ai!:l T. 1. J'ronks, 1). H. Smith, Ncwlirnv Jcimst.i, Ci. W. Co:::, a:i:l 'I. A.'lla.;<;nr<i. siwnt tlic p.iKl three weeks here wilh her dan^lilcr, Mrs. T. A. Hax-- giird, ami family, will return home Fdriny. Mr. and Mrs. Jlasoiird mul little daughtfr, Woumck, will accompany her home and Ije. her quests over the weekend. Mis.' H. 'A. S|>enue will :ih:j yo ivilli ilii'in and will remain in L-jwrcnctSur,!; for r-evcr-Al days' visit \villi inlallvpn. M:-. ,-iiKl Mi.s. ISaxlt-t ."itilhcrn, r..:cmi):iiilc;l l:y Mr. and Mis. Frrd M.iltlir:*.s o! U!ytl:?v!lle spent- Snn- c'-.iv i:i Muscle Kii: its. Mr. 3i»l M'.-.s. T. I. ilrroks. Mr. ami Mrs. Ucral:! lirnak-> and Un-.-l-.' Bill'^ Breves were dinner of Hi. ai.'cl Mrs. Kaymund Crouka ycs- Mrs. SpMrll Hostess Mrs. 'I 1 . M. Sptdell was hostess lo Ki'vm members ol Ilic Kiniilc E. S. Heck Missionary Circle of the Dini- lisl Church ami one guest, Mrs. Kdiih Tlmrston, at her homo on C.n-lrUm Avoniu- Wednesday nlkT- IIO.MI. MI*. H. n. mown, co-chairman, in Iho nbsi'iid' of Mr.s, ». 1C. I r '.oliT, had clr.n-Ec ot the meelluij an,l [irrsenlcd an interesting IO.SKOII en tin. III? and works of Miss fleck, for win,m i|,o ,.i,.,,j,. j s named. The cnltMiincnt i-halnuan. Mrs. Ray Kliuhim-il, outlined work for each inriiilx'i- to do uniii die naxl clrcto mi'i-ling Juiu' if>, at Ihe hume of Mrs. Clin-i. Dorroh. AIc'\\ l il, l i:inis Circle Ali-l 'llu. McWilllam.s Circle of Ibc llaptisl W. M. U. was ciitcrt:ilnc<l at (he lunnc of Mrs. Cia'jc Knight \VcJm-xday afld'iio:>[i. There were nine iHi'inbi'i); jivesent. Mrs. 1). Ii. I'.njlaml, (liainniin, led Ihe devo- iKn-.i! i.ikon Iroin Ihc Vth chapter of Al.iiilu -:\: Mrs. (;ag(> Knl>{ht ivad an iuti'i-eslinj; and Instructive letter Iran Mi-y. (.icoritc Cirecn. mls- nt.-n-y in Afrl-.'ii. Mis. Creun told of liic wrik Dial vhi.. and her 1ms- iwud hud li.-nc in Of,r;oiiiO'io, Nt- i.'ii'i, Ahic-a. diiiin;; the past ir> jc-.irs. Air.,-. It, M. l-u-rci! also ica;l a li-ltrr Iro-.n Mr.». (iuorRC McWil- lianv;. M-.t- irri'sldcnl ol Woman's Miwiiimry Union, lor whom the tln-lr i.s na.'iied. A short business s--f.--'.:i-.i wa-: lu-ld aficr which [lie Ricup enjc/cd n nmnb:r of clever I,. :n.-s dlrt:l: J by Mrs. Abe- (.lalthcr. U. * V. W. f:jijlj Meeting .\it;i Dollyc Itoblnson. newly c!(.-|r:l l':.-sldent of the and 1'iofreriloiial Women's Club, piesldcd at n nice-tins of the club 'lavsdiy evening. Tlu'i'e were i) ic'-niliers and one guest. Miss IhiKel MrA(!i;:iis of Ctotcr, present. A latlr.-r Icnylhy business scs.slc.iwa> tir.::! diiihii wlucli time the president appointed (lie following com- miltcc (iiiihinen: Mcmbi'r.shlp, Mrs. Tt.lVO Fll'fllll'l- T>ln<,ll),t1 M|L,: IA!,,/*I Riye Klrotid; Pi OKI inn, Mlsii ,I6ivcl Wllli.uu:; liduenllon, Miss Nolle IJorroh; LcRl.slallon. Mis:! Nellie MoOanahan; Ilrnllh, MLss Lorcnc .Di.Vilcn; Piiblio Allairs. Miss L-iuvti nolle Sbcpard; MhancL'. Mlns 'M.:ynii) llci-ndon; Publldty. Miss •Deinice Chillon, and I'ublU-jilons, Mis. 1 ; I'ranccn Cilllam.- • .Mrs. C, D. Mnvtln of Stoelc hid drarjcc! the proji-ain im:l read ait IntcrralhiK |ra)ifr, riimmari/.lm Die 'past year's prosrains. (he Ihciiic o( which, "Our 'I own'..; IJu i "'nC;«." . <'r»K>i>in.'i for Ihi.s year will Ir; ba-cil on Ihe natioiiiil Ihcme, 'Your Hu.sincss and Mine". I-'ollowlu^ the t:ir;;rnni Mif", fto^inson prcs?n(rd i ^115;-; -lru-<>l will'-uii^ ,i,ill, ., ,,iri i The marriage of Miss Kara Unlh ' Acorn and CHcnn Pctei-son was quietly .solpmiiiiicd here Wednesday In llu< study of (he ROV. Wayne W. Clrny, rrerbylcrlaii mhii:itcr, who read the single ring er-remony In llii' iuc.seni'e of Mr. and Mr.s. O. )!. Avcm nnd j. p. Peterson, iwents ct Ihc \out»3 pcojilo. 'Ihc lii-lde is (Jic dniiiihtcr of Mr. and Mis. o. II, Acorn of Wiirdell, Mo., and Is a rimming and nttrac- llvo young woman. She was firadu- « led from the Warded hlgli school In 103i and allondcd school at Central colic jo, ViiyctUv Mo., ami Ar- kiisas Mate CollcBi', Joncsboro, Ark. fpr two JVIH-..J. for Hie pnst Ihrec years Mie has Iwen a member of I lie Wai-dell Oriulo .'cuool fnculty. 'l lie Bi-omn Is (lie son of J. 1'. rclci-soii, IOJIK a i-e;ildcnl of Ihl.s city. Hi- atlcndixl Celine high s:hool In ('ape (llr.ndrau, Mo,, and was gnul- ii.'ili-d .'roin (luil. fcliool In 10:11. ito was t'inplo.,cd at CHvln's service Gallon at Iluyli lor sevcrnl years nn:l lias recently been appointed iii.irinscr of (lie 'Standard service vlallon In tills city. ' Immcdliitely lollowlii!> thu cere- ine/iiy Die yc,un a cr.nple left for u .••-lim-f li-lj) to New Orlean.s. l,a., and 1'fir cola. Fla. 'Ilicy will l« at homo lo Ilictr friends alter June 5, a» the lioinc tlicy recently pur- cliaM'd Jtetc. • « » Mrs. 11. ci. Thomaii. Mrs. I. T. Mi. Cue. Mrs. Lloyd Hojcrs, Mrs. Cln,t::i GcliiiKx. Mrs, O«orft« CrwkMt and Mr.s. Mavijarct. Minor tpcnl Tuesday altcrnoon In Blylhc- vlllc Kho|>plng nn:l vhlliiiu with fi'iends. Mrs. .Sims Mlchlc of stccle silent 'I'liesdny afternoon In this city vls- Ithvi u-fth Mrs. llalph llulchlnson nnd Mrs. 'loin Mnrkey. •Sims Mlehlc of 5tceli! atlcndcd (:-. huslncs-3 here 'luesdny oiternoon, Mis. l.aiini Askew left annday I". 1 hi -:'.iso. '1'e.vas. .where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. Sadie Durham an-.l ciiiidrcn for several weeks Us mcinbei-s. Airs, virxll Uiivls, Wi ;'.'i'.sda> aHeriioon, Garden Iloiv- sr.'i wer,- usc;l In baskets in Hit- livlni; and dlntni; rooms. A Her the . lub KcL-eivf ISiidi! ilunoreil Mi.-;, llarbcrl. Hu;|-;ein was tin; hc;lC5s tc .1 iiii.'icelliiiirinis liridal hc.if.r ci Mrs. iia.ven r lia\:-. \vlui before her recent marriage Mi::-. Christine IIolloiii.ui, yesterday alternonn at (icv h-imc en Walnut avenue. About Vj Iricn-ls Hostess lo Ilmik Cluli Mrs. Ncvvbcrry .loliiirian w,r> Ilic hor;te~s lo 15 members cf the liook i ehib .it her home on Walniil avenue ycs-trrchy afternoon. During the program Mrs. U W. Weaver javc a <lisc'.issinn c-i "Women |) la t Work" nnri Mrs. Leon Alexander gaw a win-' and tlin:- i.-.'mlici. <-::iy Stewart 'I'rau; : in:; a sons, tlicn Glora M.i= Yarbroirjli ;ar^ a->ain. l,\c hn:;l---, nerve:! opeji Jw:c cheeie frinrtivlclies, finif.\i jcllc v. ilh nhippcd cream, cup cake:; nut i:<_l tc. i. Sfr. r' I Alr.i. C,.,.iM Hn ,:•(:;-, \<ill :)^c:iil Ilic vvci-k'ji-:! ;n iMarblr Ilill a 1 ; tin-its -A Ilio ]':i parent;:. Mrs. lister i\I-:Hrid«: unM little ::'.:i, Bol-hie. <.'. Liincl, Mi:s;., arc Ihe ruesls ol ir.r pa-.c ils !!<••/ and Mr.-.. M. A. Mwcy. Mrs. C. M. Wcni;-;i;, win Ins DR. WKRT "HI-; BIAICICS 'KM SKIv" Ovrr ,!:>(• Isa.-ics' Klorc I'lldllC f)H) 1935 Plymouth Sedan _ $195 (iooil Shape No Tr.iilt 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 Huns Gnod <Jnnd Tires 1936 Chevrolet % Ton Pick-Up $275 Clean I,nw Mileage 1935 Chevrolet 1/0 Ton Truck $165 A Bargain 1936 G, M, C. li/ 2 Ton Truck $375 '•ong W. B., Sfakc Body, Ktiy. LEE MOTOE! SALES, inc. C. M. C, TRUCKS OLDSMOUILES 30 / E. Main Sales & Service Phone 329 Mr. anil Mr:>. Ho.,l. Curler P'licn an:l -Mr. and Mrs. I.cou Kills and cl.-urjlitt't. Iw.Uu. r,]icn( Ihi- wrekend willi relatives In llimt- hvjton -iti:i Circenncld, Tcnn. Mir; Oder, i Carter left Ihi:; week Iri-,1 vi.'it with lior imcle ;ni!l aunt. Mr. n!;:! Mrs. Raymond llo!:ncs in tt. L' ..ils. Little !!:!)bie Jones is aeaiu .seri- c-.isly ill with colitis. It is reported thai more drivers inn tvt. f." t .incline diirinR ||«: .'•.niiinci- than during Ihc winter. Din-in;; the cold nvinlhs motnrtts me m::-f r.^rrfnl in llirir <|rivin ; :<ti<l the i-;)!cce|) of (lie car. t:ir;;rnni Mif", fto^inson p 'Mte Jewel Williams with bicni-e book ciuls willi tin.' cmblrm in relief, for tile nnrvlcn i ."lie liad t-f-ndriTfl III!' club since i its oi-yanixation two .jcars 1130. | Jolly iSIalrcni-i ^Icrt j 'Ihc two l-jbli; root eiub wai en- i lerlalnrrl at tlip ln/ne of o'lc o[ f'lhrt ntt lor eonsnlnllo'.i and was awarded bath towels. ; Mrs. U'bcl-lrr | The ineinfccrs of the Weduralay j Club and three ,v.ic:ils, Mrs. Cvrwn neyiinlds. Mi-;. :,. W. Hood und ) Mrs. Cln.-. Walscn. werft present nl i the home :• f Mrs. 1'. K. Wheeler, [East t.i-^hlli aircct. Wednesday af- jlMiKKin when she was to j Hie =lvb. j MIT,, j. <-. w.ihl licld liish s:ofc :-nd rcfivcd lovely haridnntlc pll- The McCormick-Deering New 4 Is Easy to Operate and IT DOES THE JOB! * This McCormick-Dccring New 4 Single-Row Cultivator docs a ctcan and thorough job with its correctly spaced, evenly aligned shovels. What's more, it is easy to guide and control and comfortable lo ride. What this cultivator wilt do in a single-row job, the McCormick-Dccring Two-Row Cultivator will do In a doubled capacity. We recommend it for the man who wants lo save time and cut !iis cultivating costs. We also have McCormick-Dccring Cultivators in types for use wilh Farmall tractors. Phone us or come in and sec us for full details. HELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Disfrilnilors for tlic McCormick-Dccring Full Line of Farming Equipment ,112 SottUi Second JJIylhcvillc, Ark. - number of progressions hljjh scoic was held by Mrs. Cecil Hud- spcth, *nd she received handmade pillow cases. Mrs. Btiford fliweatt was eecond hljfh and was glvon a limclieon clolli and Mrs. Noel Earn- Mrs. Jolm Onrrell and daughter Kuto, and Mrs. Edwin Huffman and Iho baby's mirso left Wednesday morning for San AnloiUo, Texas.' Their rtmiglilcr and sblcr, Miss Helly Huffman, who lias been a student at fj«ly of the Lake Academy will return home with them and spend Ihe summer vawilloii here. They will visit In Chickasha, Oklu., for several days with Mr ami MI.S. Wlstor Green. Al Knndcr of Jclfcisou Clly, Mo., Informational representative of the unemployment compensation In that city, sjwiit Iho weekend licrc with Mr. and Mis. c. 11. SrmuUtlng left early Wednesday moriilntr lor an extended vacation. They will visit with relatives of Mrs. Spauldliiu lit New Fmnlclln and from there will HO to Kansas City and spend some lime ivlth a brother of Air. jSp-.uild- Mrs. J. o. mil nnd so n, j 0 c. ns- coniimnlcd by liobble McCoy and Clark Heed, spent Wednesday «f- ternocn in lllylhevlllc. While thwo they vlslltrt with Mrs. Hill's aunt, Mrs. E .liosclton. Mr. and Mr.s. Cluy Ilusledde left curly Thursday inornlim (or si, IJCuls. Mo., where they spent Ihe <lay !tUomllii;< to business. MIR. I.klon Ilaxel and Mis. I'nill- Ine Ilaydcn drove to Memphis Wednesday for a two day visit and shopping trip. N<l«s Marjorle Ashcrall nnd Mrs. liiila cai-tdi- of Maiden spent Tuesday In lhf» city with friends of Mls» Aihcraft, Mtss Mary Shade and Mifi. Leonard Shade and daughter, Patricia, will leave for-quln'cy, III, (lie latter part of the ivfteX ivhcr* Uicy ivlll vlsll with relallvcs and friends until Monday. Mrs. K, c. fierce unit dmighter, Harriett, and Mr.s. Chas. Rklglcy aiid Mrs. 1'atil Homer will leave tho last, ol thfe week for Flora and Olncy, III., where they will visit, with relatives nnd friends- several days next week. 'Mrs. f?o?toc Cokpr . nnd two daughter:;, nnd Mrs. S. C;. Nell and children, elilrley nnd' I'Al'rlcla, left early Wednesday morning for a several weeks visit with relatives. Mrs. Coicer will visit with het parents In Kansas City and Mrs. Neft will go to her o!d home In Kohfes not far from Kansas City. Mra. Paul Horntr and Miss MaVvi EJlen Homer and H, L, Bales aiid children drovs to Memphis Tuesday and spent the day with Mrs, Bates nnd little daughter. • J. W. Shradcr of Uie Ingrain Kldgc community was n visitor hero. Thursday. Snpt. W. A, Hudson of rJccritiB attended lo business here Thursday. , Mr. nnd Mrs. Byriim French aikl daughter, Susnn Lee, of lloUy.*'oc<l Cnlit,, arrived Wednesday and will vLsll here for several weeks n« BUCsUs of relatives. Head Courier News Want Adk BUY MOW ADD SAVE! U.S. Oifertf You Three Great Tires i. THK noYAty MASTKH" A (MuKe Pfemliirn Tiro 2. THK t). S, IlOYAt/ More Now Cars come equipped with this WmoiK Tire tlian with any other kind. •" 3. A NBW 1J. S, 1-i'ttB • (Quart! Stniicinrd). You will have to sec this new ttrc to nppieclalo the rugged construction, the beauty, the ex-' tin mileasic . . . nnd the: pi-Ice b so low you will W' Mtonlslicd. ALL T15RE3E AUE BACKED BY THE NEW U. S. LIFETIME OUARANTEEi (without limit ns lo time or mileage).' Ask us about it. •Jills is National Tire Safely Month ... Special prices on' complete sets. Station Never Closes TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I am an , ,111, . . . . '-: - ; : : • advertising'man. For over thirty years I have been writing advertisements for national advertisers —shoes, soap, cereals, automobiles, radios, tobacco, blankets, tooth-powder. To me it is the most fascinating work in the world —learning about the merits of merchandise and then telling people about them— bringing greater comfort, and enjoyment, into people's lives—introducing people to new pleasures, helping them to get the most for their money. Besides being fascinating, it is satisfying. My intimate experience with advertisers has shown me that, except for rare exceptions, the manufacturers and merchants of this nation lean over backwards to be sincere and honest. The law of advertising is simple once one understands its working—the more people know about the merit of a product, the more people buy it. The greater the volume of sales, the less the cost to manufacture. Savings in making mean either lower prices to the consumer or greater value put back into the merchandise. As an advertising man I can sincerely affirm that it pays to read the advertisements in the newspapers— for news of new things, for news of bargains and savings. There are thousands of other men -- and women- devoting their lives to advertising writing, who will tell you the same thing. They know!

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