The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY'25, 1934 f«u oouini KIWI FXBB THBXM Follows Outlaw to Death TF "' Looking On In Missouri o insiiU- sionts on the News Originating In the Heel Country of the Show-Me State. -^ BV MAX STURM fns-iparahle in tlu-ir v. iicl career ot murder and banditry. Clyde Harrow and L'onnic Parker povcd for this p;c'.nre bi'iore the laiv ha'l chased tl:cm 10 ilicir 1,-st hid?out. Living by the gun, Bonnie went to a violent death by the .sni route with her hand-picked partner in murder iir.d tandi'.ry. Like Clyde, bhe grabbed ior a gun; like Ciyds she went dov:n \viili linlf hundred bullet wounds. Atove .-.hi' is l;e::ig tr.licn fiom i!)e cur which she took her last ride. I1AYTI, Mo.—Pemlscovlans •I'lirvpd Uil.s sprlna did P"t iv a .-itiiiiiicn develop i" Hits .•mnily like Hint of last year, when i In i so ntiiiiber of destlttic faini- lamilbs ol other stnu's Hoop-; • .•cl into tills section in .search of I :and to tinm. and. finding lion?', uiiuri-itpird. remiiiiicd 10 to fed! .ml slii'licrixl uy n-!li-f 0:3:111:™-' HUMS. I Last spiiim Ir.mdr'ds of sh"! 1 "- nopp r fninllit'.s fioin other states in lived In l'cm;sail cuiiiily lu . •e.nch ol the ••Soi; Missuml, Gi.iden of Helen". Ijcniiiltul myths! o! which they had luTiiii In llii'ir | lar-ol! abodes. 1 hitting the sec-' lion alieady practically ovor-popu-, laud, they look . i:p dsvcllinj in! '.vlinu'vcr tliey could find—cinuly ON: rai.s. sluicks, bains, tents, etc.: (elirf oi^ani/ations '.\\-re liurd pin o keen tlicin .shelU'icd, cloilud nd fed. \Vi(!i- publicity was given the •Hiiatiun—n de-solute but line pic- .niv bi'liiB iKiinird of ill? Ininl- •hips i-xjivriMlrtd by Ilie "(h-plt'S- rit.n refugees". This ]>nblicliy in tile pre.-is in lllis leirltory ar.c! lironglioui the Souili is believed to have kept liiifct 1 . 1 additional ninii- froni coining here this spring, ou^h thousar.cls of .shaivcrjp- ]ii-r faniiliea in cjlht-r .st.itfs lost .heir lioincs Ilironyli the itianyura- lion of the cotton reduction plan. A timc-honoreu rule ol the negro me:- \sas broken one day jasl week when "Scobey". fan:il- ;:u- ni-n-o ilveifioin chni'acter at Carctnersville, jumped into the Miss;ssip])i rivci at a point n,ar .he loot of Waul avenue and aiowneU hinrelf. "Scoljuy's" boily •vas rccoveitd late Saturday nfter- jicoji by ri^hrrni'jn nntler the dirce- .irn of Dr. J. \V. Khodrs, 1'eniivcot mourn! 80 years uM, according •o bc^t rstltnntes. He was one of the few remaining former laves in this section. "Scobey" hnd lived at Canithers- ville many years. His frequent appeals for "a nickle to gettn cuppa ijuvfct" were h:nrd by liundreds ainnj: Caruiliei-svilie's streets in recent years. But the aycd negro had one consuming weakn:^s. He '^as a canned heat addict and bis is believed lu have led lo his :elf-innicitd demise -an ct;iirr- .nee very rar- amnnj negroes. arc wns Issued us n part of the O/.nrk Mnidl C.ras lo be held nt Poplnr Bliill May •>:>. 'Id and '27. Has a License To Look Pretty 4JLO S It HJ 0 ^^O M O) V .. . /t)-/'DAN THOMAS —- 'GEORGE SCARED Anil; 1 l j a^«' t winsome, ciiu nu ncin-ss, iTis; a license to Mrikr tlSs fi-lr;:i;i- pnso. If any Inird- ]i'.-:»rt<:4l ininirm of iho hnv ilonl>is ii. he'll fiml It ailixctl lc ihf. ifcat. of her bike, as Aniiu was tli»; first of th» filnifr:!k in buy n licrnso ns k^^nireil hy u new Lns Anceles oulinuncc a(- Kninheast Missouri sixirtsnieii ate r.oking forward to the opening f ttie fisliinti senron in AIisioi;rl! i'rciiiiK rvi-rtLa. May 30. Reports ficm the Ozsrks . ire that the streams are well, . locked with choice lisii just i" BIllC Star ElluS -liuting to l,e tnken iron, the: ECZCma IttWrtg To relieve eczema itchinK, I'iiiB- h'orni, tctter.rnsh or foot-itch,cover oilh sfxilliine l>luc Star Ointment. vater.s and plnced in fryir.-.j pans. In Pemiscot county, fishing en- .hnsiasts repoit that most of iht intnral streams—Wolf Bnyoi:. Ttsleil meilidnts melt and ...... . Pemiseot Bayou, the Mississippi; in killing germs. Itching ends :ivtr and c!nu?.=. and some ol | Skin heals. No buniiug —no blis; larger drainnge ditches ap- ! to te harborim; quite a (jnan- tily of game fish usual 10 ihLs ; L'Clion. ' > * Wednesday sa\v the appearance il the brgcsl fm'tion ever issued by the Daily American Republic. •.ev,.s;:arer at Poplar Hlnlf. This •riiticn included liO pa^rs in lour- teen -lections :i:~,d \\^s i^;J'.ele witli news and advertising on the .lieme ol "progrers'. The paper DOCTORS ADMIRE THiS LAXATIVE (ur-. n-f:ii1ar!y •tliful u-fil in . tering. Safe and reliable.(adv.) SPECIAL SATURDAY ONI.Y 2 51- chorolalr rr tutli-fruiti layer c.~ki- 1 d»7, hot rt]ls 1 i\tiz Frrm'li dtiught ills 30c otln-r r(iii.-.|ij>nlinii ills di pn^rnfx' lliv Ki\:itivo iii 11^ j,'iiui la\;ilivf. 1-Vcij-a-iniiit ^U [.niinjUlv llh.p.iiflily .mid .sr.lit. •ily fur it is iv-nlK r.-l.-:i>«-.l inh- Ihe itu'.=i Ly (-)iiiwiii<;. dm-; uivtiiij rv " nit»roimlural .11-1 MIL Kci'[i-;i-;n:r.L i a.^nit In takv. hut <mit;iiii l\va- -nl fr» RLL:- -j S'.utx;;- APPtAiVcs, .vi>rr SPU2\D,DLY. iiid^. ixmrl-nKtHiEi;! |.i\,ilive5. inlt-rf.-rc \villi i]nli.-i "Di'la ivrnn-.--[-li,.iv I-Vcii-ii-iuinl fur .iliiiu. ]>• nin] i^c ,il dru^^i-i U prrfi-rrrd n cherry or I'ino:ij:plf pii: ni:iy In- Mtli^li- (utid .fur tlir \My?r C'aki-. HOME BAKERY .And l>c!icalesscn 1!) S. ESrnadmay II Veteran Drivers Akl N*ovir n ,s | ^xdiyn^.^ cf f:-:pnri"i > .r' x " f^r tl' BOSTON (UP) — Massachusetts' benefit of less Fensoncd drivcrsJI motorLsUs who cirivc 25000 mil-\s for the general pioinotiuii of Isi^li-! or more n yonr Imvc joined in nti way .snfety. I Opening Announcement Saturday-Sunday-May 21-27 Everything You Need In Feed and Seed They're here at our storr— thos<- gnoil Viirina' Chows for chicks, pullrls:. !.iyrrs, mules. IIOI-MNS. co«-s ;ind Im;s. All are Ihor- oufhly farm tested and dollar Iralcd feeds built to (in the most profil.ihle feeding job for you, at lowest rest. Arrt tod»y's Purina prices are nay down to give you the erealest baying values since »ny tack when. See us for .inylhinj you need in f«d: ' CASH FEED STORE Earl Slriin Street OppOMtc Old ro\to(Tice n:d^. GAS 7 Plus ^Tax MARTIN'S PREMIUM ANTI-KNOCK PIIARANTFF UUnnnlliLL " 1 ' s sasoline does not please yon as well as the .gasoline you have lieen using we will gladly refund your money. "i Gals. Dual Oil $2.00 12i-ic Q( Tax 1M. Premium Marco 0 ls $2.69 20c Qt. Tax Pd. 21 Hmtr Service MARTIN OIL CO. The New Station N. Stop Light Stefle, Mo. PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Prices for Fri(f<?y and Saturday Dressing Fryers Fancy Milk Fed Full Dressed pound 39c Shoulders I'il'llH- Styk- I'miml Weiners And I'ound VealPatties 20c Salt Butts Ib. 5 ; c Steaks 1'illH'V lU'l'f Pound Neckbones Fresh I'ound Roast THICK Hilt, l'<.'Und - - - ItmSKKT, Pniintl - - Bacon I''uncy Slia><) I'onnd Cheese Wisconsin Pound PorkRoast STEAKS, IU)AST, Pound - - 1|' Roast, Lb 12V 2 c Chops, Lb 12V 2 c Butts liacon ^sir Curtil Pound M«l Si/.c ORANGES °" ir ' BANANAS (i CHIPSO IOC for 10 GRAPE JUICE w a W \ GINGER. ALE 2 a.,.10 c AFPLhS CELERY ui;it 2 for NAVY BEANS ...... 19 C JEWEL COFFEE ViSS New Crop TC J I TIV Flakes, Small, 2 for - 19c. LLJA riakca, Large, pk^ - 22c . TOMATOES No - 2 3 c f a o" 25° MOTOR OIL a Can 30c Can $1.33 CC'FFEE French MATCHED Finest :i HONCS For ICc I^MHMBHBBMH Peanut Butter Knihassy 2-lb. Jar 22c NewPotatoes Hr'irht ]{ftl I'ound Green Beans Strin^liss Pineapple Fresh iinre Si 2 for Strawberries IIOMK (JKOWN Meifc-Stee Qt. .. FANCY % MILK Conntry Club'.' 3 Tall or « Small Cans'. For..'- 19c Fancy Red. Country Club No. 1 Tall Can 17c GRAPE FRUIT C. C. Nn. 2 Can gC'DA WATER BRAN nM f CATSUP yr ... 25 C STARCH Atuinn litix I Fruit Slit-ks BREAD C. C. 20 Ihs'),- s !><lc; <1Q - 5 Ihs Lit AI'I'I,K Avonilalc. Sli. i , l.'inrn f';m PICKLtS Choc. Creams Lb. CRACKERS TEA "Til 24-Lh. Sack 85 Kir 10 I'ciinils Coffee Cnnn'ry Cluli" 1 •!,'>. Tin Mustard (}uarl .far Kadi Country Club Extra'Sifted No. 2 Can WescoTea '., l.h. Carton Butter SPRING BROOK, Pound COUNTRY CLUB, Roll or %'?>. l,b. - - ntC LA Hcsl Cream 24-I,b. Sack Crackers We; co 2-Lb. Kox P. & G. Gianl Bars 4 for Prunes In Heavy Syrup Large 2Vi Can 2 for

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