The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY C, 1947 I Weather Holds Sports Spotlight Players, Fans, Club Owners, Too, Moan Over Postponements NEW YORK, May 0. (UP)—Everybody in the major leagues was talking about the weather today but nobody was doing anything about it—except lo sit and frot. It has been the worst Spring season in modern times with an 1 amazing total of 53 games post- ixmcd, 29 in the national and 24 in the- American. Those figures stand out In contrast with recent years which like all others had their rainy s|iclls in the Spring. In 194B at this corresponding date there had been only 20 postponements in both leagues. 13 in.the National ami seven In the American. In 1945 the total on May 6, 38; 17 in the National and 21 ill the American. In 1944 at this tiir.o there had been only 27 postponements, 15 in the American an^ 13 in the National and. in 1943 the total wag a mere 17 with 11 in the American ami six in the National. Players were crumping about It as were the managers, the club owners, and the fans. The rains were costing club owners thousands of dollars in Kale receipts at a time when the fans would be pouring in because of the number of surprising developments in play to date. It also ts taking : away the fine physical edge of the players which they got in weeks , of Spring training Jn sunnier j climes. * The 'pitchers complain of sore arms, the iniiclders over slippery condition of the diamonds in which they risk injuries, and the hitters insist they can't get their batting eyes sharpened up sitting around in hotel lobbies. Although they can't blame it entirely on the weather, it .undoubtedly has a. lot to do with the poor Knowing of a number of last year's stars. Among the more notable disappointments are the fallowing: Stan Musial or the Cards, the 1946 major league batting champ with a .365 mark who is no'.v hitting a feeble .174. Mickey Vcrnon of Washington, who led the American League with a .353 mark is now hitting .275. Hank Orcenberg of 'the Pirates, the major league homer king with 44 in '46 who has only two along with a--.222 average thus far. Hal Newhouser of Detroit, the top winner in the major leagues a year ago with 26 wins, who has only one victory and three-defeats. Howie 1'ollet of the Cards, the National League's big 1940 winner with 21 victories who had a record of no wins and three losses Other "busts" among the hitteri include Bill Nicholson of the Cubs whose mark of .191 isn't loo considering that he has hit three homers and batted in 11 runs, A Schoendjenst of the Cards with .176 mark, Pcewce Reese of the Dodgers, .171; Joe Dimaggio of the Yankees. .143; Rudy York of the Bed Sox, .170; Tommv Henrich p the Yankees, .182; and Charles 'Keller of the Yankees, .204. Other pitching failures among last year's stars to date induct liurry Dickson of . the Cardinals 0-3; Dave Ferriss and Ted Hughsot of the Rcri Sox, each at 1-2; an Spud Chandler of the Yankees 1-2. ' The pitchers and the manaccrs are worried about the tremendous accumulation of double headers in the offing. The postponements by parks through yesterday include Boston seven, Brooklin and Philadelphia six, New York five, SI- Louis three, and PittsburRh and Chicago one each In the National. In' the American Cleveland an'd Chicago rave five each, Detriot lias four, St. Louis three, New York. Washington and Boston two. and Philadelphia one. Cincinnati i.s the only club in either league without a home game rained out. Jet Pilot Wins Kentucky Derby By a'Hdad • r** f j *-.' >els Strengthen Southern Lead Memphis Defeats Barons, and Pebs Lose to Crackers ®m^^ -1-.-%, , \r . •«_ - -,1> . ^i-'-\:\ •VA." ••::•*;:••. Jet Pilot Given Slim Chance To Win Preakness at Pimlico 'BALTIMORE, Pilot wasn't in swer back— yet, Miiy 5. <UP>—JH|r-" tlir- dorhv but who is position to an- : expected to i;ct solid backini: In but the turf ex- the Preakness is Kins Bay, a good , ____ perts around old Piuilico toduy said he had no real claim so far to lasting fame and that he won't unless he surprises them by •win- nini; Saturday's Preakness. lAnd the early belting was Uiat the supercharged speedster stretch runner, \vlio arrived with: Jut Piiot, Phalanx. Cosmic Bomb; ant: Bullet Proof, all Derby horses! from Louisville yesterday. (By United Tress) The New Orleans Pelicans.' apparently basing their philosophy of the Main Chance farms would not life on Betting the mostcst the rcp?a t his Kentucky Derby winner! the netting's hoid on the Fig/it Scene Shitted quickest while the setting's good, extended their hoid on the Southern Association top S)»t Monday by tenting Nashville 1 to 3. I The Pels now have 18 victories :>giiinst only four losses, putting CHICAGO. May li. "."• ~ i prnrnotrrs Irvine Schoenvvald and- in the second of the nation's llls -!'l^ """wirtz ook a direct cut nt> toric JICO.OOO stakes for three-year 'ftf^t'^iTV Middleweight; OKlS, f,, : rr»^.».. In In (Otlrt V Wll'Jli IGlli rematch Graziano , ,. „ they say around Uic | (nc y shifted his July 16tl ball parks, had two strikes on him. I ^..^ Cn . lllcn(>P1 . Rocky Jirst, llicy emphasized he was a them a full "four games out, in front nuul-ninnor and Hint Mien 1 WHS r,f the second plate ClmUanooga no advance arrangement with Uin Lookouts. ; weather man for the turf to look *~t —f.> Oliver Eric Ouertn drives Jet Pilot ucioss the finish line to win trie Faultless. In group in front at left. Phalanx who was sccmut is nl Iclt, .s at right. A crowd of over 103.000 were incrowd nl Churchill 73rd Kentucky Derby by a head in photo finish r.uillless who placed third, is in center, and the Downs for running of tile classic.(NEA Telc[ilioto.) 'r-'** , •.vi/h Phalanx and winner Jet Pilot. The heavy hittniK Louisiana bats- . men bundled their runs in the sixth inning and then coasted llnourii tl-e rest of the name. Tom Sinike! nave up only three hits, but Nashville made them uood lor a run in the first and two in the seventh. | • Chaitunoopa kept the pressure on to lock Mobile fl to 2 with Bill i Kennedy noiiii! the route. He al-l lowed Iho'Alabama club seven hi'-sl on which they scored tu'o runs| in the sixth. like a nice mess of fresh chocolate cnkp frostinc as it did in Churchill Downs. Second, he is supposed to be a sprinter and even through Die Preakness distance of a mile and three-sixteenths is a sixteenth of a mile shorter than the Derby route, they doubted whether he would be able to hold off against a challenging Phalanx this week as he did iiisl. Home of the horses that Jel Pilot will have to face in the Preakness which he did not meet at from Wrislcy Field to the Chicago Stadium. Zale's manager. Sam Plan, already had agreed with Wirlz and Scho'cmvatd that lie would fi«iit; for a <n per cent of the net pa'.i, and both Plan and the promoters, ficurcd liio. Lola! would run well' over $5CCCOS. Then the shift occurred, and it ; meant a probable 20 per cent cut in the net. to $100.000 at most. ; Today's Games SOUTIIKKN LEAGUE Memphis at Birmingham. Little Rock at Atlanta. Nashville at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Mobile. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at netroil. B:ston at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Chicago. O;ily g.'.nies scheduled. Alexander-Bell Combination Wins Legion Arena Mat Melee NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at New York. Chicago at Philadelphia. •Pittsburgh at oslon. City Softball Play Starts in The curtain will r;?.e on- tlic 19^ City Softball Lonp,nc tonight :•four teams batilc it out on tin Walker Paik diamond. The lid-pcrpinp game will h between the Loy Eich and Owen Drus; Slore nines »l 8:tO. The sec oud game oi the new season wi ue between Sam Johns' nine an the Charley's Electric Co. team. Each of the eight teams in the ague will plav 14 (tames with each team meeting the other members of the leauuc in two contests. Game.i will be played on Tcesday and Thursday niRht-s of each week with two games to b= played each After windin;; up on the short nd of a Ions ilrst fall, Al Alcxan- ler and Tc:l Hell turned Ihe tide if victory in a brief .second (all in<! then rumpc'd through a final rout intersr.erscd with frce-lor-alls triumph over Jack Welch and Prince Omar in Die weekly lag racas last night on the Legion Arena mat. I The Prince, houever, pulled a Of the two relatively new faces ' quickie and snagged Bell in a. re- 1 Thc V cvcn s " ook llfllKls wlien ll WRS on last night's cmd. Al Alexander verse crab for the first pin. ousted the last of their ppponents. After a lengthy and reasonably and ncll. Lhe Prince entered with Hell's demise foremost In mind. But Bell snapped back with n qou- ple of well-placed kangaroo-kicks I followed by a succession of punches nnd body slams which almost led to the blue-blood's downfall. free-for-alls separated 'by periods of confusion. It was a fast 20-min- utc brawl Dial iillcd the ring with flying analon.y. Prince Omar was the first lo reach Ihc end of Ihe road as FJell pinned him after several monkey-flips Welch and Alexander traded holds briefly until Alexander caught his remaining opponent in a trick octopus hold and force a concession. Welch downed Bell with nn arm- lock and anatomical twist after 15 minutes in the first pre-lim bout. Both men staged an exceplionally scientific and .sptji'i-sman like bout. l!i AUanla, renter ficTKcr Charlie] Louisville were overnight nominee.-, •nipple-Mr. Football of the fall I for today's running of the $7,rt)J months, was credited with pullin'.; Survivor Stakes over a mile and the Crackers into third place by i njx'.centh distance. The favorite attlini; nne off the sifmbnards to break a 4 to 4 ninth inning tie. Trippi walked up to bat with the winning run sitting on third base, lie had passed three halls wherH one came alonK to his liking nnd he took a hefty crack at same. The hit went rlown in Trippi's record as a single, but it was dead certain lo RO down in manager Ki Ki Cuyicr's record as Trinni'Sj most important hit in some time stood head and shoulder above , Prince Omar both literally mul] filitirativi'ly. Alexander is a large spcciman of trappier, tall and tilt- I iu> Toledo.! well over Ihe MO- pound mark. A lithe symnasl. lie sports nn array of muscles like physical ctillurc ad. Prince Omar"' the prattling Persian, has a barrel-like torso, a Florida tan and a wagging jaw. Koi -tempered, Ihis royal wrestler is quick to voice a dissenting opinion and likes to stand around with his (cot on a man's '.\ind-pipe while- aryuing with the referee on the le- gaiily of Ihc situation. The Prince sirent considerable time charging into the ring untai;- gcd and also save his partner much help fro moutsidc the ropes whenever a hapless opponent wandered into the waiting Persian's corner. Jack Welch replaced Stocky Kneilsen on the card lust night because, it was announced, the Norwegian ha<] injured a hand.. Mnsclcs Alexander was no easy mul] victory for Welch and the pudgey Persian and it was a long time before they finally wore him down. hut Welch at last got the pin after 30 minutes had elapsed '" tlie opening fall. The second fall went a short five minutes and, set up the wiii- niiiB operations ol Alexander ! anil Bell It got off to a fiery' start with an extended slu?(est between Alexander and the Prince. A free-for- all broke loose after one of Die Princf's untagged entrances. Ano- all over, Alexander gave the Prince an un- princely beating in the other |rrc- lim and copped the bout in 10 minutes with an octopus hold. and ju^t what (he Crackers needed msot right at the moment. The win was Atlanta's third strpip.hl in the series with- Little Rork and the fifth in a victory chain that was making up somewhat for a slow start this season. Fnrrest Thompson went the route J fw the Crackers and Linquist was J the losing hurlcr. It MMiiphi;: bounced back into the winning column last night by bcatinr: Birmingham M to 3. The Chirk-; shewed definite improvement at Ihe plalc. where they've been was Mrs. Ethel Duport Weir's Roy.u Governor at 2 lo 1 with the entry of Wide Wing and Tailspin from the Green tree Stables next choice at 3 to 1. The other Preakness | cli»ibles are Cedar Farms Mitymc anci Walter M. Jeffords Loyal La- gion and Uncle Remus. None of the others in the race arc exiiected to go in the Preakness. They are 'Pilaster, Golden Bull. PebalonK. Jobstown, Ri-pand and Tide Ri]is., •Another thoroughbred who did Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN JJiAOUE 'Memphis 11. nirmiuKliain 3. N<nv Orleans 7, Nashville 3. Chattanooga tV Mobile '!.. Atlanta 5. Little Rock 4. AMERICAN' I.EAGUR 'New York at Detroit, rain. Washington at Cleveland, rain. Only games scheduled. weak, and pounded out 20 hits off three Baron pitchers. NATIONAL LEAGUE SI. Louis at Fioston, postponed] rain. Cincinnati at Philadelphia, rain. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, rain. Only games scheduled. Four elements neodyminrn. •kcr- ium, zirconium, moly'odcniuft^ac- count for nearly hnli the (Plight of the uranium split in atomic energy experiments. ther fast 'exchange of punches look i place minutes later with His Hoy- | al Highness getting his royal cars j beat down around his royal ankles j uy Hell, nell pasted Omar to the canvas with a crab hold preceded . by kanparoo-kicks. : Periods of Confusion . I It was Alexander who put the finishing touches on Welch with a scries of tricky flip maneuvers. The (inal fall consisted of three Yesterday's Ktar —- The wcalhcr- man. who "blanked" all of Ihc clubs in both leagues with i\ complete slate of games rained out Under the new rule adopted by, Many Natalities Inv,, vcd the IcaRur. the first same must '.ic Tlie conglomeration of nationali- compl-ted by S:3t) on the night tics in Ihe ring last night was sutfi- i played. Regardless of the score ov cieiit to mnke the Immigration He- : the inning the first game will be partment raise its collective cyc- hnltcd at 3:30. (brows. Welch is an Oklahoma In-' C. G. r.edmnn. president of the dian, prince Omar a Persian, Bell sottball loop, st-.tcd ycstcrrtav that n Greek and Alexander a Litliii- n!ny in the Ic.'ujue will run through aiiian from Canada. Ami. .of course, the first week in .August. Ka?h there was the fifth man in Ihc learn will represent the ,>„,, .._ p r | C r rr , j,jiUe "Erin-Ooin seven conUsts and the visiting^ urnvigli" Mcroncy. learn in seven. In tonight's tilts.. The first fall lasted a t,"H half-j C-vcns Drus an t \ Charley's Electric llolll . - Oc r 01 . c welch and the Prince tennis will act as host clubs. Two umrircs and :m officinl sccrcr have been appointed to reign aver the contests. Mr. Redman staled. The decision of these offi- v.ill be final, he iwinted out. ick Ehivley and one oihor nniV-ir-''. •hcse nanic was not available this have b n en ai:p:nnted by he league committee and George Clark. Courier News sports writer, vas appointed as official srorcr. All:-'Mo Power will meet the Phillips Motor Co. ira:n and Sa!i'.),i Co.. will play Hays Stove n Thursday night's contests. BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. NCT,- Orleans ...ID 4 Chattanooga 14 8 Atlanta. 11 10 Alobile 11 11 Birmingham 1013 Nashville 7 12 Little Rock 8 15 Memphis 6 13 Foot Itch-Toe Itch A",on!rlns Llclil^s toilurc from Font Itch (ALliU'lc's FcoU, Crotcb Itch iPrurSlusl. Fpcioty llcb. llntber's Itcli. 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NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL —We Have Several Good Used Cars For Sale — CHAMBLIN SALES II. U. & Ash Sis. LKX CHASMIU.IN 1JH.I GATEWOOD Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch Phone 975 t> '/• Pt. IH. 3th f 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 J Kinsey 1.35 2.65 4.15 £ Schenlcy 1.35 2.65 4.15 S Philadelphia 1.35 2.65 4.15 ;! Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 x Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 >: Old Taylor 4.35 6 90 $ Four Roses 2.85 4.50 X Beer per Case $3.35 GAS, reg. . . ! ..... 17.9c; Erhyl 19.9c x Cigarettes ................ per Carton $1.55 ;fx>':*::*^>i>^»^»iX:<:>!X>;>;>:>iX> ; !»:y>:X^x^^^^^'^ Today's Water For Tomorrow's Pep . . . . C'all or Write Today for Free Rooklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Bljthtvllle. Atk.

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