The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1936
Page 5
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H{ibAV,-.ji)LV Siri BESTS LIEIBftLLBK Key Man of Yanks Takes Place Among the Great Shortstops . liy HARKY GKAYSON E[>orls Editor, NEA Service Murderers' -row Isn't the only thing 'holding up ths New York Yankees. The nuppert nines Siave the finest fielding Infield In baseball, and Its key man Is Frank Peter Joseph Crosettl, the $75,000 beauty of 1932. Crosetti this season, has taken his place, among liie great sliort- stoi>s of the game. Croseiti jnay not have quttc the arm that was stony Jackson's when the Giant luminary so nonchalantly threw out runners aflcr fleldin* balls back of third base. The San Francisco Italian may not bo able to hanffle bad hops with quite the easy grace or Roger Peckinpiiugh, or toss the ball as light, as a feather and c'nest high In starting double plays as did the old star of the Yanks and Senators. He may lack 1 some of Hie fieldhi" flash of Leo Duiocher. But Frankie Crosettl combines enough of everything to be a standout. In these days of the lively ball, infieldcrs seldom get their hands on one hit,'more ffiian two or three steps to either side of them. But CroseUi beais the jack-rabbit pellet with uncSnny anticipation. No i'nortstop ever turned in a better job of calling the batters" shots. Where there's a ball there's Pran. kie. Yankee Shortstop Outsmarts Base Hits Hitters generally hit different pitchers ana deliveries in different directions. Crosctti has made a close study of file possibilities with the result that 'he has put a dent in the old axiom that you can't outsmart a base hit. Ciossttl throws out runners from deep short, getting trie ball away fast enough to beat out even the sprinters, when he first broke into the American League in 1932. he went much farther to 'his left than * to Ms right, but now goes both ways equally well. Crosctti, a right-handed hitter swats a long ball and does it often His average right now is .305,.and he drives in a surprising number of runs for a leadoft man. He seldom swings at a bad ball, consequently draws a high number^ of jpasses. . ...!••• 7 "Young Joe DiMaggib may' be*W inspirational force behind the Yankees who continue to show unmistakable signs that they have shaken their second-place complex, but .Crosetti is the balance ivlieel of the (machine. The Yanks would struggle along much more successfully without DiMaggio than san s cither Crosctti or his capable second basing partner, Tony Lazzsri. Kuppcrts Tumble as C'roseili Goes Out *">' aoubUn this regard was dispelled last season when the array fell completely out of the race for the pennant after Crosettl slipped Lgnst M m ™ S knEC in »"Peculiarly enough, the knee injuries of both Crosetti and DiMag- nmT*- "? CU ? TC < 1 off the ball field. DiMaggio hurt W s while sitting in a cramped position ,„ a crol ? d d Jitney bus in San Francisco: Crosetti s went on the blink while he was untying'a s'noelacc In a Pullman berth. Happily, operations returned both satellites to the wars ™" c »; 1S a time in the spring ™,»rt r! " ° nly one ™ rd nre »en led Crosctti from going to the' Boston Red so,,. j£ itc - c „ e said no when the price was named, and Tom Yawkcy wound un paying S25.COO for Lyn riry P The Yankees last winter 'offered the Washington club $100,000 and -Lazzeri for Buddy Myer who has been ill. since June 5 The New York club kept'DiMag- Bio on th= pacific coast for an extra season to make certain that his knee had mended Tne uncertainty of 'ba.wball once more Is demonstraled by Sail Fra ,; Cisco's North Beach triumvirate now mdisp=ns,iWe after two of them' were on the point of being shinned and the third was a crippled mi nor leaguer. Male Cooks Vie NAMPA, Idaho (UP)—Men rc-- cently competed here in a cookln* contest Including a close-fought tattle over wliich cotild bake the best cake in-town. • . , , A Complete Line of Old Mr. Boston GINS WHISKYS LIQUEURS The Little Shop Hotel Noble Afttt.)" CoUftiBR The Standings Southern Uiliif W. L. Pet. Atlanta ;..." 68 39 .635 Nashville 63 44 .588 Birmingham 54 50 .510 Chattanooga' 53 50 .515 New Orleans 49 54 .476 Little Rock •« 55 .455 Knoxviltc 41 61 .403 Memphis 41 62 .395 National League W. L. Pet. Chicago 57 36 .613 St. Louis 57 38 .600 New York 53 44 .546 Pittsburgh 50 4G .521 Cincinnati 40 47 .495 Boston 45 51 .468 Philadelphia 37 57 .394 Brooklyn 35 61 .365 American league W. L. Pet, New York 64 34 '.653 Cleveland 56 43 .566 Boston 53 46 .535 Chicago 51 43 .531 Detroit 51 «j .520 50/48 .510 St. Louis 33 03 .344 Philadelphia 32 65 .330 IVEK IS TDMEEI Dallas Wrestler Will .Tackle Claimant to Southern Title Here BV.J. 1-. FRIEND Lee Myers, Dallas, TcxtiB, form- :r middleweight champion, has ,,,,,i^ V '"',' r" been selected to oppose J oh unvl " r " ,f T, 8 T° if"* IMBITS, Mobile, Alabama, claimant'r rosllllc<i »' Hie-dethronement. I to the snnlhnm wi-rutu'i,. „,.„..„. i rrom nr61 ' place: In the Northeast Bingham ancl Lutes Winning Pitchers in Two Games Yesterday BY J. P. FRIEND OSCEOLA, July .31..—;smarllnK , . to the south em . Northeast Arkansas League W. Newport 15 Osceola 15 Caruthersvllle 10 Jonesboro B atesville 3 Parajjould : 1 Pet. .714 .714 .455 .428 .400 '.304 1" the main event of I? ^ 1-*™* ^ m - lhe °^' n '«' "'« f«™iccl a, U»(cY o Mbry can Leelon grappling pro a rn' ^dT V V^'M ° f , th ° , lt>!>t Hll!1 *««««» and w nt « n tM,ti Monday night, Clarence Holder' r?, •' B thc Jotlt '' slxlro matchmaker has announced. ' ?.'"" 3 «''=?• here yesterday, by matchmaker has announced. The mythical title will -in, .,„ stake in the 90 minute tlmo limit two best falls out of three, promoters claim. Mike Meroney, veteran promoter, and referee, who sillier wrestles or boxes on his birthday, will celebrate his 41st milestone with " 10 round boxlns bout with Charles "Titanic" SLnkey, Corinth, | scores of 5-2, and 4 : 3. ' ' Ernest Blnglmm hung \i|> hts sixteenth victory' of the Mnson with n sterling nve hit ; performance *•• " " ' "Bud bestci In the first game, Waller Lutes, the Blythevllie boy, Lester Griffin In thf night- Miss. A special show at 8:30. In cup that required an extra Inning to decide the winner. Hauini Watts a dlmhmtlvc ilght- Imndcr, started for the plants In tbe first gaum but : wns wild and i7» "7i"T""m ""' "^ colll<l 8Ct bill one 1 out. 'Alter walk*™ ' wm '°P™ tl!ci1 »5 Oene Williams; M 8taal B o. preliminary be 1 " lmkln S Tom back • two run fell to Williamson. The Giant rlgliltiand- cr gave up two less hits, 8 to li han (he redhead, but was n vlc-| lim of his own wlltlness and some daring strategy by Williams Jonesboro's Hist mn cnme In ?,',m sccond VV11S ""oarncd. "Skip" Williams fumbled nine's tlnow on nn iiltcmptcd double stcul [illow- mu Hall (o .score. Al Slgnatgo's (list double followed by nine's --- - r ..u.,L*, uj 1LI1EU4 knotted tho count In thu third, The Indians took HID lead ii the ntlh when sigiwleo doubled m Mills, who luul walked,' nates mil the Cllunts back Into tho game with a powerfully hit Homo ''mi an liming later. Clolng Into Iho extra frame after scoreless seventh, Thud camp. when I'oKer singled. Griffin lined one to center, ' »MUng !f,,|| m. wmtli Campbell tailed for Gro- havlc but popped to short. ..i?.'"!??? 01 ! 1 ' '""""Ber Played to "Joe-Less" 'Baumoi's See Action; Pastimers Meet Motorists ' Fnmous Store versus McM'illlu's Cash Grocery. tliat tnm ,,L,,,, ll'lllnnl Parlor vi-rsiis Phillips Motor Company. Thai's the softbnll dish ts to be served ui> to the at Haley Field, (oiitglit liiB "t H I'. M. Mnnocs Store will be making Its nut stint under the mini- Hgement of Harold ".Trlgaor" U'o>l ,,nl».. n .. ..-,_. _ ft* 1 -* suddenly cnmc to life mul Imiir- inercd out elijlit runs In the sixth lining. Hut Dan Warrlngton qiicllcrt the uprising, and Pastime scorei! another. .10.- win easily WHirEFISH, Mont. (\TP)~J/m Huiil, rancher, went to the trot We of pulling .up „.! entire M of sunflowers, lie told nelghto he was taking no chances on te • Ing inuiaten for a Undon mai The Osceola mannger played to Wnt1 ' vclcrn » catcher. He re- »'ln and his tactics bora divlileiuh cc ""5' wns ap|iolnte<l Held mai'- jlliie was hit by a batted ball'I 5 ' 1 " 1 h > r svonsoi- Joe Applebniim, Batlnrd worked a pass. Royco call-1 " l!(l wl " ) mvc f»H charge through- e(j ICpllcv fni. n ..n.~r.*..~. • .... I OIlL (}![» T'niiinltt.ln,. «r ,i.. — i< "uirkL-it u pass. uoycG call- e«t Kelley for a conference. Tlicy oia were sure lie would bunt and put'" 011 ' both ruhnera In n position to ! !»'• H'o two score, Inslcail Uic Purkln Kid I'mnoua mid Picked on the nm ball and drov. ' ' lll ° icjimlnder of Iho v > K l 1 ^' 0 ' , flll " lB tho blls(ls -' llrst JCC Jill n hard one on Hie """«' etmind and nine scored us Oallard enccuntor, was forced at Uilrd. Mill's rous- both even. llil'i year, McMi'llln's hiivc KJHIIOIIS look Hie i tables In their next 7-4. Holland worked tlie Texan Is ono of the best conditioned, and. scientific, wrestlers ever to appear here.' He Is tough can take It. and at the same time dish it out. Then, lie has had ager Al Williamson {succeeded him Kclley welcomed the skipper will ••..>." ....iv». we 01 a siuele on his 'first, pitch, .scoring States Lcasuc. relieved National League St. Louis 7, Brooklyn 0. Pittsburgh 5. • Boston 3 (n innings). New York 3, Chicago I. Cincinnati 5-4, Philadelphia 0-5. American League Chicago 7, Philadelphia 4. Detroit 5, New York 4. (10 innings). Cleveland n, Washington 8. St. Louis 4, Boston 3.' Northeast Arkansas League Osceola 5-4, Jonesboro 2-3. Newjxirt 5, Paragould 4.- • Batcsvllle 4, Caruthcrsvillc 2. matches, and is tlie logical man In territory to tackle he clever Marrs. ' Marrs laid definite claims, to the so-called southern" light-heavy- ...... M W ,*ig., ni^na.- fviiii my ^^,,n;iv,iv; ^i: ball. The only 'two Joncsboro nnii impressive. came in the first and v/ern un- cariied. The Indian Infield camo Ihrough with three timely don- Joncsboro 200 ble plays, two started by :Kelley Csccola -4M ' ' " '"'" ' Walts, weight crown followyg his victory i who' neld'cd well .SVflllamson tile Mi,mi U! ny ^ CSSl J"5 l i JllllB S ' "• e °° A io]> ° l chunking himself, « mlEimi. Fin. Rn^i; hurl lionn hlll^.t u..* i.j_ ... , ° ..._ ' I.»«I r. A—. ~ -•••"- ", "•;" BWU JOD 01 cnu iami, Pia. Ross had been billed but his good work t.hl» Itficl hnlmi, f\*n ^T«^_.. i >... ,, . . . . . . nullllied Rtickcr tower- Jonesboro affatr. , ( , l . Paul "'" ' l ch nlntc " ™s Biant catcher,- smacked a ower- neso as a championship" ing- home run In. the fifth for Ojccola (he only score .chargcil to, him. I.utes Wins Duel Southern league Chattanooga 12. Atlanta 2. Nashville 8, Knoxvllle 3. •Birmingham at Memphis, oil day. Little Heck 0, New Orl leans 1. The second gniria' was," a hurling ---- „....„., u &(llll[ , , %(l .^ (l IIUILI]]^ tin: iiiLiutns pay in Joncsbo duel between Lutesi and Griffin, tonight but have n two game so recently- .ccmed from. Pa ___ A Tip on Doubling The Pleasure of Long TaU Brinks YOU* FAVORITE LONG TAIL DRINK WILL ALSO IE A FAVORITE MADE WITH MY SLOE.CIN spurfclmg wntcr. Tonighl or rigl.l n ow J,,,,- „ l H)ll lc of OI.I V iT"",', , <>C Gi " V "' ' m ' kl: J "" r rcc! "« doulll >' "'Joy nblc. Ikii lli.rk, Inc., IJoslun, iMuiis. • IE-MOTIONS TO, MAKE A TOM COLLINS — _— j ... —,^ u i.^ui. i (> i«iiuuni, '^> »im i>HLt.iviiLc tiaiurdav and I iiin-c and a battle of. wits between llu Sunday.'The Saturday gainc stalls I Be I respective managers, Williams an-1 "' "•" ! 3£™ 4S;^,^ -s-ra-ssa Tn« «rif rjB rfm t M cit. _ _ . 1WICT CO ° U NC AND REF™ESKIMO Crosstowii \Vhiskey Shop ^ ' • '. : - . Main and Division. Carries A Complete Stock of the Above Products . s ous- .. o "is single to center sent Kcljcy In Marcus Oalncs Biiiiiofl for p.unous, wlillis ,,.is the loser In -.... ... u n.,,.,,,^ run. . | the llrst. imd Everett Kubnnks 11 was Lutes' third win, with 'ho winner. A victory for it,e 10' detents and he earned It. i Grccers will BU'ciigllien their fivinT lalc of tlln Cotton j foi'vlh placo position. V almost i;et a on third .with a hasn't mndc pub- j choice, but bc- oauso of Calvin 'Moody's fine re- n „ T , |" of , wcl ' k a » llnst J'nstlmo last R. II t |vcok. he likely will get (he. n .s•-25 IjslKnmrnt. Eiibanks. in nil i,™),. OOx - 5 10 3 ability,'will get another crack ai. - O--M rv vui l.ltVUll VU complete Barnes, Mines' work was First Game lic his pitching choice, ooo 400 010 "Williams inglium and Ruokcr anl Purler; Second Game 010 oor 001 ni 010 P2 - 4 n. n. E. Griffin and Porter; Lutes and Hliies. * Tlie p;ay In Jonesboro them on the Grocer minx line. The- league lending Pnsttmeni have experienced little clliriciil- ly In benllng Phillips, uiulcr the they till! bnnnen of tlie Lions cli°L> were tlioraiiuhly nrst time they ,„..„„„. ouvu ., weeks ftilcr the'• Glorertncn tuin- boatcn, n-l collided. ed 1 it 2:45. llie trick after P iscd the However lime again, this lips Moto tub- from .limmy the V-S's threw for LIEUTENftMHOVEiH Bob Bailey OF RUSSELLVILLE- POPE COUNTV Member Stale'.Senate, Sessions 1923—1925 Voluntarily 1 Rotired .«, /»-•„,v$- ! '" Member Stafe Senate, Session; I93|_L|933 Voluntarily Rotired Acting Governor 1925 ^ Ask your representative who cowed in ihd Legislature with Bob Bailey about his (ourcquare stand on all public questions. • >. - • A tested record of performance deserving I , , , your active support. Author of,Bill' Creating Siate Facr-Rnciing Tribunal '•-ed fight for Refunding Bill Active in Securing Passage of Highway Audit Bill As President of Senate, presided over that body in 1925 without a single appeal being taken from--any decision made while in the chair. scare when, tralHnj,' 13-0. tlicv Beginning Today! All Men's Wash Suits Linens, Seersuckers and Somali Weaves Offered At Half Price! * Also All Straw Hats At Half Price Tropical Suits All new slyles and patterns in both single JUKI double breaslcd models. Strictly fresh, seasonable merchandise. 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