The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1949 BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OH, A HEIRLOOM, H6YJ PASSEMT BUST IT OFF. THEN UASELINE WOULD BE BETTER'M BUTTER--I GOT TO 66T TS APPAUlrt*, 1 T»U.y<9O—' A TAlKlXM 60AT »*1WtS WILBtR woerH A j 1 VOO CALL E6«eRT.'-~- V101H.O TAtft ROOT IM THESE WOOOS < MOST rU\J6 A 8CTV(tei>S Trie Ho«fJS.'-~- MY MATOLP ME TH' MOMEV FOR TH' LAUKJPRV WAS IN THIS TEAPOT, BUT 1 FORfiOT THEY DOM'T REACH IM IT-THEY DUMP IT OUT.' SPURSJS ALL OfFE«S—DM.' MIGHT. esiew Te*oe- MV ORE f? LTOr- IHUNK.^ ^. EGBERT WEARS ' WiS CAP Ori RUMBA GOW?O By Mildred Cram and Norwood White FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERKILL BLOSSEB We Hear It. Too SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM (Guaranteed • Von c»i, enjoy the wonderful convenience and economy •( UQfliiK *oft water on your farm If you ;et a modem Water Softener /ram BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So, Highway <1 Phon* 2434 from a C >>m ir M u rf ^ re *i h It h »b r l«-lii*rr» Ix Inijif n.lin>;. In (hr - vtTird her mint-y Into K^rLii. Sk* l<-ll. Mm. M;il"Hr El>:tl [himc who VFftmrr for Murvivnl will r«*l* "nficr I ho t>x|ilosr<m." Mrt*. t:*rr- • cin Jnii n.ts lo hf n dicliiliir b«-- f.]u^(> sh4* kno vrrnllh and iklnK" llini «(ll lit nr<-di-d nricr lh«- bl;i*l. 'I'hr trnllt-r flnollj ren^H^w n den- iilnle ooun trv nnd Ike »vrvanl*' <tn;iriern are- ynrLt-ri on ike hunk of n hirrTtni. tvlille thp latff For the Finest Prescription Service DRUG STORE ZZl We*t Main XIX \J"RS. M ALONE had no idea whether this WE»S Colorado or Montana or what. It didn't seem to matter. She was aware of a feeling of permanence and solidity, like a medieval dweller in a walled town. She busied herself in the kitchen, taking slock of the supplies and planning how to make them last—in case U should be a very long time. Rudy, now dressed like a workman, looked strong and reliable. Mrs. Everson, dressed in levis and a sweater, watched him. It was evident that now she meant to go for him in earnest. What Rudy himself thoughX, Mrs. Maione could not guess. His eyes were hard and impersonal when he looked at Mrs. Everson; he met her new graciousness with an unreadable smile. He still knew his place. But he knew his advantage, too. He couid wait. Her work done, MLS. Maione set out to explore. She crossed the stream on boulders, pushed aside the tangle of undergrowth along the bank and found herself in a small natural amphitheater. Grass grew tall and lush and a new sound o£ water tinkled and gos- FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to inch, plain or reen forced Also Concrete Building Kluck» cheap- cr than lumbct (ot barns chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver Ca II us for Free eat iraat« . . Phone 601 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO siped from a slender fall that Tunneled out of the rock. Mrs. Maione look off her slices and dipped her feet into the basin. She felt the exquisite stringency of icy water along her legs. "I am happy again," she said over and over, as if she must convince herself of the miracle. Here in this qutet forest she wished suddenly that she might stay .forever, cut off from the world. • • * AIRS. MALOiNE dried her feet X *- L on her handkerchief and pat on her shoes. Silting in the moss she stretched, deliciously conscious of feeling cool, hard-fleshed and healthy. Very close, something moved and crashed in the underbrush. She froze, thinking: "It's a deer!" Then she saw a dog, a lean slack retriever, followed by a man who carried a rifle and a pair of dead rabbits. Dog and man stopped when they saw Mrs. Maione. Then both came toward her. 'Who the dickens are you?" the hunter demanded. It's all right!" Mrs. Maione laughed. "Don't shoot!" "I ain't going to shoot," the man said, grinning. "You sure gave me a start. I've been here in the woods three days and ain't seen a soul. How'd yo'u get here?" She explained as they went toward the trailers. When Mrs. Everson saw the hunter and his dog, she looked angry and suspicious, as if they were intruders in her own particular Eden. The hunter nodded in her di- rectton, then squinted at the trailer, his mouth twisted into a grin. "Are those rabbits for sale?" Mrs. Everson asked, pointedly. The hunter's expression hardened. "These here?" He held them up. He had liec Say 11 . THE FLOWER SHOP THH GRMS COMPANY r\t \LTor\s \ Phone 521 Morfaar|r » • fn»ur<in':r- BI>THE\IILF Phone 3075 "Why, it's simple. It only took me a few minutes to get a loan on my car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." In England If's the Chemist Shop In France If's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service TUDEBAKER SPECIAL 1927 BUICK 4 DOOR Has n«i Iwo-lnnc palnl. 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INSTEAD OF SITTING IN THE PARLOR AFTER SUPPER, HE WORKS IN H\-b GARDEN/ YES, BUT DID YOU EVER HOW HOMELY -1R5. W1LL1KIN5 IS? BY MICHAEL O'iMALLKY and RALPH LANE SO T, THO«A5 ANDTHf TER1OU5 SiECY ARE NOW 60OO THflTS RIGHT, VIC. WENT WITH HIM AND LUCV TO THfIR HOUSE, III SAY M3UDID--TILL All HOURS THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD 41 — ESPECIALLY FOR VOU / AND WE TALKED ABOUT 8UY TICKETS WR VCXJ AND HER PAD WAS AU. SWEETNtSS AND LlfiWT LAST NIGHT. BUT SOMEHOW I DON'T (XJITE TRUST HIM. Mf AND IUCY TO THS HOfiNETS NISHTGAVlE . ._, THE DAY WE GET S^y BACK TO TOWN, WASH TUBES Speaking Kinnncliilly HY LESLIE TURNER ITS 5O / WE THOUGHT SOU 7 I SHOULD MCE TO ( UIGHT BRIMG LITTLE/ S»,>< HOTi 3M)\ HMS THIsV HILfkRV WITH VOU. J I'M HEKE FOE VISIT FgQ>A ' BV TUB WM, I'M A. PI\1OCC6E SIHCE I SAW VOU LA.ST1 SO WE HEACD. I'M SORR.V voue LAST MARRIAGE DIDN'T WORK. SAC A'. WHAT DO YOU MEMJ, DIOWT WO2K. OUT? OR *\AVBE VOJ HAVEN'T HEAED THE A>AOUUT Or THE SETTLEKEUTl BUGS BUNNY .Sci/p Thai Insect EMU, WHAT YA DOIM', ELMER? / STUDYING / ENTOMOLOGY. I IDENTIFYING V. RUGS' WHAT KINP O' BUG 'S GOT SIX VELLOW LEGS AN' PURPLE STRIPES ;— ON HIS STOMACH?)*' BUT IT "SOUNPS LIKE AN INTtWESTINO SPECIMEN/ OO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN GET ONE THERE'S ONE OF 'EM CRAWLIN' ON YER \VnU-h It, Kovs! BY V. T. HAMUN A FLY IN 7H(75E THOUGHT FLYHSJ T THOUGHT Y S-MD THEKE NvAS NO l. BY KUGAR MARTIN them lOKcthei' by tlieir hind paws aiu 1 now they revolved at the end of Hie coi-ii, "Well, 1 might (or a couple of dollars each." "Pay him, Anjjelo," Mrs, Evcr- son siiid to the Marche<;c. • • * r pli£ man took the money, un•*• twisted the cord from around his wrist and handed his quarry o ve r to M rs, M a lone. H e th en spoke to the retriever, and with another quick, contemptuous glance at the caravan, disappeared into the forest. "Tell Rudy to skin and dress he ifibbits nl once, Maione." Mrs. Maione turned away and uirried to where Victor and Rudy were working. Rudy straightened, his fingers :iooked into his hell. "Who was that guy with the gun?" Mrs. Maione explained. "And ncre are some rabbits." "For dinner?" "Yes." Mrs. Everson said. She had sli oiled up behind them. 'We'll celebrate in honor of. our safe arrival, A very special dinner. Champagne. We must recognize our good fortune. And register our gratitude." Mrs. Everson smiled. "I want you all to know," she said, "that we are outside the danger zone. These mountain* give us complete immunity." "How long must we stay here?" Mrs. Malorie asked. Several months. 0 'Will we know when—when it happens?" "Yes. Listen to your radios. There'll be an alarm. Then, nothing. That's how you'll know." Mrs. Maione went to her room and surreptitiously switched on the radio; then, just as quickly and secretly, switched it olT again. She did not want to hear th« alarm, when and if it should come. (To.Be Continued)

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