The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1949
Page 16
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FACE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS THURSDAY, MAT 19,194f CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION a*Uf tmu ft* HM foe ou<*cuti?« •"-"*•"•* tm v*r ant per un* jw day.. ...... ... fte pM UIM p«t day. ., ...... 7o per lin» pw d»T ...... 5e per Utw ... .............. «0e Oouat tin anno word* to tht lln« Ad ontnA ler tbn* or tu tlm« and tMfor* exptrftUoD will b« cbarg- lor tIM BUmbw. of ILmw the Ml ifld ftdjustm«at of bill mad« All cmalflart AdTtnlun* copy autt- BKMd bf ptnooa reading outftlde of tli* eity Batut b« accompanied by c»*b atMw mm? «uUy b* coopuwd from th« »kov* Ubl* Aa1v«rll«lnc ordM for xrrearulaj lna«r- Uwu taKM th« oni ttm* tabl*. Ko rwponilbtuty will bi taken foi Boor* thmn one Incorrect Insertion of toy ciaiauied Ad- All Ida are reftlrlcted to thelt proper eluurieatlon style and type. The Courier reeerrw tna rt«hi to Mil 01 r»j«ct a\ny «d. for ftonf "1. 2 or J-room apt*., furnished or un- rurnlihed, newly decorated Conveniently located. Ph. int. 5J19-plt-2« 1-room furnished garage Apt. Couple preferred. 106 E. Missouri. 3119-pk-22 3 room unfurnished house. } room apartment, Phone 3102. 119 Lake Si AUTO AMD PUUfTTDU LOAM* ftompt Ptnaul tterrtc* Ucttenl (.'ontricl Pure&M* Corp 1M Haul* MA rtxxw K3 Services nmanin* BTUUIO your PLUUBWQ modern. SaitJi down payme *"£ C. ROLL1SON lUTe your old mlrrore re-all»*red at uele lUrror Sbop Phone 8R Sleela, MO S]10-pk-«]UI We repair walehea and Jewelry ot HI kind. UOORT'B 30»-30« KAST MAIN BT PH 2*«U UurtaJai ttundned. etrelched' Pb 4129-pH-JlX* PLASTERING r BOB MALONE Call 4169 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk-6-2 urxTS HUrKLXS covered outiona oution nolen Mite .l>ei Miua Bu*w fclnin umwdei Hhnae :&iu U Qf> »D- iwer. 4&U not H itb Bl 4:ii-p»-4ili Z room furnished ojjljr. PHone az«7. ipartcnenl. Couple 5H7-pk-2U 2 room furnished fcpurtment. Couple only. 101 Ea»t Cherry. Phone 353S 5;n-pk-20 Furnished »partmenl. Utlltttea. Bedroom. Icltcaen prlTllegen optional PBone KHJt. 5|17-pk-JO 2-unfuml«tled rooms tnd bath Rea- •DDibK rent. Elderly couple preferred 70S CUrk Bt. 511«-plt.2J a-room furnished apt Private bath Adulu only. 51« Lake Phone 2406 3 room unfurntkhed apartment No •mall children 400 Broadway Phone **» SUJ-ck-tt Apartment. 4 rooms and bath. Mrs. B. ft. Lloyd. Ysrbco. 5|18-pk'2t Modern 4 room and bath (urnlBhea apartmen^ Window Ian Oood JjlQ-pk-24 location. Pb J483 Unfurnished 3 room apartment Prt «t« batb Phone 3483 or 404 East Dnils 313-ck-db 3-rooms ana oath furnlnhed •quipmenl ano elecerto refrlKem fn. jm ^ Simon 4|20-ck-ti Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available a POOLE MOTOR CO. W»'e»n till a>ll jour needa. <Je* renuln* part* trom our com plet« line •LL18 POOiJt. OWNER & OPEKATOl Boutb Highway 41 at Steele Mn -Pnone 8t*«!e 49 '. ll|12-c*-t aravioi STATIOH M * otTMon Phon. ao, Don't endanger your family wit timer nnM—BUT LZ* TUUS Loom Money to Loan Do you need * loan to repair or fcodel? No dom payment, no mort ta». no red tape *HA APPROVED RATE 51-4 ASK FOB DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor P»°n. -3UM Lyncl- Bulldln BIjtntTilUs Ark UjU-ck- Male« your nom* pretty tm xpert rtu» Clefknlni tiervic* if your* PKERI.KSS CLEANKRS pnnn* 2Wa Bijtne»in« Rent sanrt«r h Refinish your wn flows Kent an electric under fr<m> Wards Ecnnom al! t v ee instructions, Mont- ornery Ward 4-7 cjt ti Lawnmovyers Sharpened "ienry Westbrook's Shop UacnlnKta. Welders Bl»rknmltn» 225 «ortn l»t Street u«r fn<in« <i«i Ntgnt 41JJ 4123-ck-ti Typewrifer TYPEWRITERS loyal. Smith Cftmn» and Remii i Hnrtabt* DON EDWARDS The i'ypewrilei aecnnd Bt Man Phmie 'Ji 9iie-ck-t for Safe, Misc. B»hy Buggy h Ul. Minnow O Haw Good condition 308 5]14-dh-t (J SID CARS See Them Drive Them Compare Them 1948 Ford DeLuxe Tudor, has radio & heater. 1948 Chevrolet Kite (master Sport Sedan, equipped with radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. 1947 Ford Super DeLuxe Fordor, has good heater. 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Town Sedan, both radio & heater. 1946 Chevrolet Stylemaster heater. Sport Sedan, radio & USED TRUCKS 1947 Ford I'/i-Ton Truck 1948 Ford I'ickup 1946 Chevrolet I'ickup 1940 Ford tf-Ton Truck 1910 Ford 1-Ton Truck for Sato, KM/ tttut* * million fMi Umbw 40% erprw*. nca oak, Me. AUo lood M sen cotton ;«rro, hljhly d»relop«d J. C. CHAP1N MANILA, ARK. 1-room nous*. Call 4*11. 5;i»-pk-M BLYTHEVILLE REALTY - SPECIALS X atory brick store bulld.nB. Modern ivinif roora-Buailn/cs or office, ground floor, ci nter bus.aeu *ecttoa. Priced only weoo. new home* with b*th. 13000 to I7JOO. Ttrznj, .t 'J-bed room homt* near Central Hence i W.5QO and ri.OOO. *'or Aom«4, Jot* or builntM PHONE FULD 2394 For Salt. Can A Truck* 1M7 Tudor n*etllae Chevrolet, wllh all accessories snd new alrride Ures. me* HW5.00. Pb. Mfl. 5|19-pi-J2 •40 oldsmoMls. Oood eondUlm Re4 aodjr ohop Phone 4»1» i|13-pk-20 Used car 1M1 Oharrolet. J pasaenier coups, radio * heater Hew tires Pb Brick House. I rooms, bath and Uetlruble location. Phon« 111*. Mice 4 room house t year old. lUa- »on»bly priced. 1341 Carolyn Street. J lotji on Korth 'J'entb street Ooa* tact ciroTCi Perklna. Kuttows. KT 513 Pk 51JO Urocery and garage with living quarters. Lot 110 x 210. Abstract on properly r2.UOU.OU and Invoice stock. D D. Cannon, Rlvei. Mo Jjl>-pk-U Real Estate Farms — City Property LOAN: Li Lnterefltea m Buying or ««liing «c« Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls Glencoe Bldg. F. B. Joyner Phone 819 •'20-ek-ti 5th at Walnut ompany Phone 4453 Modern [l-t>c<lrtx>ni horn*. Xetf scftcwl «nd bus line, excellent neigh| borhood. Can b« financed by Q. I U>an [or S17D ruh. 8» or ca-U MAX Logan, Lynch Bulld.nff Blytheville. Ark Phone 20JV 5|17-ck-M O1VE the old I.Tlng room nuit« * new lease on (.re, «le»n with Pin* Foam DEAL'S PAINT STORE. Lxits on Hlwfty Rl North. Acrou from Oftmr MoultrlB. 50 Dy 150 deep tlQM, Ph. 2957. iil6-Ck-ir LUMBER II you DkT« a int ana ptrt money we lurmtai ynu eTerj-tning Co build wun Holllw>n Lumtwi Co North-10- mp MnuiUI* OrtT« Ae» Ph £#& 4|26-ck-tl For Sale. Misc. pfc I h»Tft HUrYB RELIABLE HTBBID6 n stock Evenly gradtd »e» treatM* na gernunftilnn ot 91% O»U ft wrtu me tor yoni »e«i corn need* Raymond nner, Rt 2 Bo* 518 .! ml Onutb Bl Highway Phone i886 4!29-pk-51» Two 150x16 8 ply tlre.i with tub«i and pxir* Jiea»y d.ity wheels tot 41 thru 41 Ford pickup Ph 3172 MARS ALLS Alr-contlitUMier unit, Used two mom no «cid good ** new. CAD be aeen at Hubbacd Hdw. Co,, Bargain Ed {JooJt, l 5;i8-pk-Ul W-rtlk-in cooler. UJ.8x8 wllh comprca- sor. Uoinpleie lo Ireeze. Prauttcally new Witite porcelain ou nil four Bides, btftiii- Kas steej mt.lde. with two reach-In (loors Ph, 2011. Luiora, Ar)c. Hostile « Meadows Uln. &[17-p.i-24 KiirnHnre for lour room hcni»e BAR- 'l^e oedroo^nlulte. one dinette suite i UA1N Practically new Phone 3159. none S»7 or 2030. 3|17-pk-20 • »tl7-plt-24 1 Cat. and 1 H. r>. 14 Dofcer. CaP after ^ p.m. J. E. flowers. Phone 2182. *|lf-pk.-tt Klectrlc washer lor sale, good condition Ph 8523. »]14-pk-21 5 Horse-power outboard motor 10 loot plj-wood host rh 43ua S|lo-ck-tr Soybeans For Sale, Keal Estate Dortchsoy No 2 Seed Soybeans The higliest yielding bean n the Bounty -ontest last fall. Reclined and sacked. Only £2 75 Per Bu 61 Implement Co. North Highway 61 Phone 2142 , 4-15-ck-tf All White Fnnmel Morence Cook blove. UOO4 condition. Phone 3319. 5118-pk-ll State-certified, Grade A (Blue Tag) Ogden suj'bcans, $3.50 per bu. State-certified, Commercial Grade (Red tag) Ogden soybeans, 13 25 p«t bu. Non certified (from certified seed) Oaden soybeans, $3 per DU State-certified, Commercial (irade '.Red tng) Doi'tclisoy No. 2 soybeans, $3.'25 per bu Phone 702 HALE SEED FARMS BuHette, Ark. •l-13-ck-tt Lovcle Gift Utioppe In downtown Cape UlrsrdeRu will sacrifice for quick le. Write Box 3M. Cape Glmrdnu. Isaoutl. SllS-pk-25 lUdlMcllve carbon-14 loses halt ru i" radintlng power In 5,000 years. One dark blue hard twist Mohawk 31. If Interested Ph 31S7. 3ll6-pk-32 TAKE A LOOK AT THESE GOOD USED CARS Befcre You Buy 1947 Chrysler 4-door Sedan, driven only 19,000 actual miles, fully equipped, a one owner tar. Now offered at a very low price. 1940 Buick 4-door Rupei Sedan, motor, lires, and body in top condition. Has radio, heater, and scat covers. Mule Black Cocker Spaniel pvipplrs 41U.UU. i'hone 21M. Sjll-pk-M a room modern house vrllh rental House on l*rge loc Priced lo Kell Will Uarry Ol LOAM K room nous* nn pnvement Prlcr reauceo 10 Mil. 4 room ana 2 room nou&e on large lot Clo«« m PrtcB reduced 10 $3230 Hesidenc* »ltn barn and oilier ou tm I 111 Ings on 1 Acre n! land THIS IS A HKAUTY 1'Ue aboT* homt* can be traugCil on terms \Ve n&Te UBtin^R on anllei noinr^ 01 LAK« Street It mier«tea m oujrins or itlluii see »s ittTt We glTC complete RKAL tSTA'l'l KUVlCK LUTHER GRAY RBJALTY fdon* 31J ISO EflSt Sycamore St KaRt ot Armory ARTHUR BOOK M Ph 348S 309 North 1st S 5;\3-ck-2i 1940 Nash 4-dw»r priced low. Scd<<n t cxccpliotially clean and 1936 Buick Coupe with good lirvs and good motor. Equipped with radio and heater. 1939 LaSalle 4-door Sedan, clean throughout and priced for exceptional value. 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, in extraordinarily good condition, and priced low. 1940 Chevrolet Special DcLu.xe Fordor Sedan, a one- owner car, very clean, has radio, heater, good tires. Priced tow. 1947 Chevrolet 4-door Fleetline Sedan, has radio, heater, sunshade, white sidewall tires, a one- owner car in really excellent condition. 1937 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, practically new motor «nd tires, body in good condition. OTHO STANF1ELD W. J. -BILL" WUNDERL1CH Salesmen «Whei BeHer Car* Are Built, Buick Witt Build Them." Larxjston-Wroten Co. D»l 6S5 for tevte* 2-bedroom home in North ast part of town in excellent ondition. Can be financed. Vacant home on Ash St. wo bedroom 100'/'o G. I. ,OAN. 2-bedroom home on nice orner lot on Hearn St. All modern conveniences. We make 100% G. I. Loans. >AVID REAL ESTATE CO. Sam Godwin, Salesman Phones 3633—2486 4-17-ck-20 5 room and bath, and 4 oom in rear. Close in. Priced 5500. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 5-9-ck-tf 100% G. I. LOAN MR. G. 1. YOU CAN OWN Ti-HS NICE LITTLE HOME R CLOSING COST. $161. S4. Modern 6-room home i )ath, 3 bedrooms, I'/a story nice kitchen & bath. Extra arge closets & storage space This house is well built an ess than 2 years old. Nort! West part of city 1 block of bus line. Price $15800. Sec 01- call JOHNNY MARR Piujiu 4111 or 2596 11-i Sooth Second St. 5-4-ek-t Six-foot Warren D1a,>1sy Meat Casi vccllcnt coi.rtUlon A bargRli. prlc all ^668. 5;iE>-pJc-22 i tttrma. Dells Komccnill 8 Itir-h tablr ?AW nil «\ In. Joiner. Both new mac .tines. 6ia \ Main St. Bly.hcvlllr. Ark. 5,I9-plc-2Z DWELLING HOUSKS TOR SALE well K\i\\i Rouses— 1010 Chlckasawb Avctuie ana 6U9 West Wilnut Stree with bnttiroimis, closcis. electric w lug, plumbing, etc. Cost of . lovt approx.nmtely 5450.W) each to oth locdtlnns in Hlythnvlllc or near' Telephone 4181, Russell Ph: T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. USED CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Seriun, has clean fin- iah, good tires. A bargain price. 1946 Mack Truck 2-ton 'Long Wlieelbase model In excellent shape all around Amazingly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet 1'/2-Ton Truck with Army body. Priced to sell. 1948 CHRYSLER Windsor 4-door Sedan with Hylander trim, light grey color, has radio and air-conditioning system. A demonstrator with very low mileage. 1947 Chrysler .Coupe equipped with radio, heater, and good tires, black color. A bargain at the price. 1941 Plymouth Special DeLuxe 4-door Sedan, blue color . . . new paint job, motor completely reconditioned, good tires. Guaranteed. xou'l] DC glad you a«w u>eH c&i* oefor* jrou oou£ht 7. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Ul Kast Main St Phone 2122 Save Money on These USED CARS « & e Starm. Private Kooms uedroom, convenient to bath Pb ?J oil W Main 5.9-pli-S.9 Bed -room print* batb Ph 4643 Comfortabl* room Call 2575 Slll-pk-24 SPECIAL RATES b> the week For Permanent Guests NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Air conditioned toi Sumtnei Phone 4464 fi[7th«vlll« Hotel Ph 952 Cninrortabl*. cool bedrooioa Olos* in Men only 310 W Walnut 4'r7-pk-5iX7 4tt fTazei deom— Wic* Olean cu 41 K.vuei 3*tlni— Priced Hlgiit 4i tr»r«i sedan— Radio, tieater 4VUuaaon aedavn— Kettnonab't Frlc* 41 fora ITJdor — Hudtn uid Heater 41 fcbra i'udor— tmir -Priced Kis bt 4U torn rudor— kmcec «» Mil '41 Uhevmtei PlcJtup— Very LOW Pnce 'Si PlyamutD ticaan— U'c ft Bars am 3t> Hudson tie<i»n- tes. it runt 4U Detintn Coup* — Price' 1 L-nw 61 MOTOR CO. One 1948 Dodge I'/o ton truck stake body. Has been used about 3 months. I have no further use for it. Complete with 1949 license. $1650.00. See Charles Stemac, 14 mile east of R. R. Crossing, Clear Lake Road. 5-18-pk-25 Bedroom wVtn kitchen prUUegea. 2 Bins or couple. Phone 2U3. i|18-ck-«,l» Female Help Wanted "Wanted • good salwlady to work n dry goods store Must have exper- ,et.(* Uood pay and steady Job. Wrtle i;ox r3«, Osceola. Art. 5|l7-ck-20 Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection Notice Concession IraUer. 7iM. roulppcrt with popcorn, peflmil. cocn-cola box. onttle gas stove ftnd han^bnrKcr prUl. built In window l;m. SViltc Clur- cncc R \Viniatns. EASI Prairie. Mo. 3 IS-pk-22 m w AXU OLXNOOE KOTEI m 8OIUIUIO ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe- iville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 4-21-ck-B-21 RENEW OLD SCKKENS with Shcrwin-William? Screen Enamel, they'll last, year? longer! Only $1.05 qt. BiiiM- evs Supply, Inc., P. 0. Box 797, Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2J34. . 5-17-ck-tf Floor sami)!e living-room suites. One rose mohair frie/.e, formerly $269 now $189. Two 2 piece tapestry suites were ?119.95 now 580.88. One green two piece frieze was $209.95 now ?MO. Montgomery Ward. 5-17-ck-22 Solid maple «tRht piece dining room lull*. Kuffet, table and six chntre r!T« pl«e« white dinette avtlle. L«*lh. erette- sent*. Modern \Vnlnnt bedroom suite complete. Living room sofa T\ o occasional cnaln. CocVtaU table nnd two end t*bl«. Pour nijts. Two lloor lamps and m two burner notplAle. 1512 Hearn Ph. tx». i^S-ck-Ji Blectnc 8in|cer Sfwln l»rion« 4«1 after S p.m. Machine> Thorou4Thh«4 Great wni. 1 we*l« Ota. I,. I t, Pfi. JJ7. Dane pups . Webber. O»- Wonted to Kent USED CARS AND TRUCKS AT Wholesale Prices cars and trucks are In A-l condition nnd ja* c«t a t'.MB Kord -l-door, blue ... a good car. li'lG Ford 4-door, black color . . . very clean. l!)tl Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, a good looker, has new seat covers. 1910 Kord 1 i/i -Ton Stake Truck . . . ready to go. 19.S7 Chevrolet, new paint, new seat covers. 1935 DcSolo 2-door ... in very good condition. 1917 Dodge -i-Door Sedan. It's clean, it's good, it'« priced to sell. 1947 Ford '/i-Ton I>icknp in A-l condition. 19-18 International '/j-Ton I'ickup . . . ready lo go, the price is low. 1941 Dodge "Si -Ton Pickup 1941 Dodge W-Ton Pickup 19H Ford Sedan Delivery 1946 Chevrolet 1 '.4-Ton Long Wheelbas* 1948 Inlcrnauonal IVi-lon Long Wheelbase Stak* PAY ON EASY TERMS Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway & Chickasawha Phon* 4422 Unfura.sbcti or .wntfurnlthed 3-room »p*rtnaent wanted by working couplt Occupancy not needed until Jun« 1 Call A A Fredrtckaon it 4401 from C to A p.m.; S75 mftft i p.m 3tf dfi tf Persono/ uiute paota*t*uc •rrnoe b'tULJlO l|*-Ck-«l Wonted to Buy Modern Duplex. Write P. O. Box 15i northwe&t »1<5«. CUr- 5;18-plc-25 On* used pl»n.o not too old . P>ione rot Bighect pncn bring your cdlck- m w Purc«U'" Ococcry 125 Lilly st W* buy used rumuur* 26*0 NEED A USED CAR or TRUCK?, SEE SULLIVAN-NELSON'S RECONDITIONED CARS AND TRUCKS BEFORE YOU BUY. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Town Sedan, original maroon finish; has radio, heater, and seat coven ... driven only 11,000 miles. 1917 Ford DeLuxe Tudor Sedan, has radio, heater, sun visor, 1919 Arkansas license . . . very tow mileage. 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a beauty. 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has 1949 Arkansas license 1911 Chevrolet Town Sedan, equipped with radio, fog lights, 1919 Arkansas license ... a real family tar 1931 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, a fishint ear for only $95 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a good on*. 1937 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a nice car. Trucks, larjre and small, I'/j-Ton, '/i-Ton, '/j-Ton, Stake Body, and Boxes. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN ^ Remember, You Can Always Ltlake a Good DeaJ at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company Second hand dlntn? table. 42x52 or arjtr.W to »»• P". »M. »il».pk tort Brawn leather billfold. Finder may Keep money. Return to Courier New* for Sale or Trade 1 filler or will swap lor 3 Iron yard cnaln. Fti. 2490. S^e-pk — Salesman Wanted 301 West Walnut First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GH1, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-tf Phone 578 THE BEST VALUES IN USED CARS! HERE ARE JUST A FEW: .1948 Pontiac Silver Streak . . . radio, heater, white sidewall tires, 1949 license . . . $1595. 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe . . . radio, heater, white sidtft wall tires. 1949 license . . . 1949 license . . . $1495. 1947 Pontiac Streamliner "8" with radio and heater, good condition . . . $1395. 1947 Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan "78" . . . radio, heater, and spotlight, driven only 11,000 miles . . . like new . . . only .$1395. 1947 Chevrolet 2 door Stylemaster ... a real bargain at SI295. REAL TRUCK BARGAINS 1947 Chevrolet Long Wheelhase ... a real farm truck .... 750x20 10-ply tires, new paint, guaranteed motor . . . only §895. v 1947 Chevrolet Short Wheelbase, 2-speed axle, 825x20 10-ply tires . . . looks like new . . . only $895. 1946 Chevrolet Short Wheelbase, 2-speed axle with 900x21) tires on rear, 825x20 on front . . . bargain . . . S795. 1947 CMC 3-4-Ton'Pickup with stock rack, tow mileage, has 1949 license . -. . $895. Above we've listed just s few of the many desirable cars »nfl (rucks which yon can choose from at Lee Motor Sales. AH hive been reconditioned and are in guaranteed condition. Use our Easy GMAC Payment Plan. LEE MOTOR SALES, me OLDSMOBILE — CMC TRACKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville, Ark {Continued on Noxt Pog«) NEED A BETTER USED CAR? • Small Down Payment • • Easy Terms • 19-1S Mercury 4-door Sedan, has radio & heater. 191!) Chevrolet Sedan Coupe, has radio & heater. 1917 Ford 2-door Sedan, radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. 1916 Oldsmobile 4-door. 1949 Pontiac 4-door Sedan, radio & heater. 1949 Mercury Sedan Coupe, fully equipped. 1947 CMC '/2-Ton Truck 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan 1947 Mercury 4-door 1947 Dodge 4-door 1936 Chevrolet 2-door 1936 Pontiac 2-door £ 1942 Dodge 1-Ton Truck, has new motor. OTHERS TO SELECT FROM STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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