The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 31, 1930
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Served by the United Press THEVILLE COURIER NEWS Tll^* Y"\rt»IYU A MT« Mt?1tf Cn A T>T^D /^t* WrMDTIlCT * O m ADrrtun.n . .._ __»«»« . _ - __ . ' ^^fc^r THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL, .XXVil—NO. 105 Blytheville Courier, Blythevllle Dally News, Ulythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. > T,,M,T.I;II i ,. , ,,,, ...,™ ,, i l^ I IlkVlU.K, ARKANSAS. I'HIDAV, OCTOHKU :!1, HW(J SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS S OKLAHOMA CITY GUI MS, LIFT PElTltS pi17 Receiver Announces Program lo Lncoui'auc Delinquent Land Redemptions. Belter prelection .v,Minst nosd water and lower taxes are in immediate prcspcc! for owners ot land in Diainatje District n. Clifton H. Scott, receiver fcr the district, here today to inspect levet work now in progress at Big !.->kf made announcement of 't!>o remission of penalty ai:d iuterest on delinquent (ax payments made prio: to December 20 of this year, ai::' stated that he could definitelv promise a reduction in the .-ln!n" age tax rate for next year frcm '. per cent to 5 per cent, and po-Fibl- to 4 jter cent. Mr. ScoM said that he had obtained from representatives of t>^ bondholders assurance of their willingness to cocirerate fully with t'rc receiver and the property ov:ncr< in a program to rescue the ais'.yic" from its present difficulties, and expressed hope (hat the land holder; would do even-thing within (heir power lo hasten the district's physical and finar.eb! rehabilitation. Hopeful of r.lpiiii Hill Tl-.e receiver expressed ccnfidenrr that the Glenn bill, providing for sovc-rnment ai-J in the refl:nn::tr of drainage districts, would b- passed at the approaching sessio« of'congress, but pointed out thai before the district and its taxpav ers could enjoy ils benefits the district would have to be nut hi an-"' physical condition, and that this would require the cooperation cl land owners and bond holders Piikr TTiia morning .Mr. Scolt visile.' Big Lake, where the Ot'.o Koch- litzky dredging company is recapping -fifteen miles of levee, frorr : highway 18 to the Missouri slat; line. Two drag lines are at wor) on the job and over a ml!e of th: new levee has been completed. While not- regarded p.s a perma nenl solution of the Bi» Lake floor problem, the new levee, three feet higher and substantially stronge: than before, will provide the he- protection the Big lake and Little River regions have ever had, and is, regarded as proof against anj but the most extraordinary floja conditions. Will iClcan Outlet Other projects for which the re ceivcr has obtained authorizatioi and which will improve Ihe dip. Iricl's physical condition iuciuci the removal of drift a', the district' outlet at Riverd:i!c. with the cc operation of District 7, Poinye' county, and construction of a dan at the Missouri state line to halo the water coming down frcm Mis souri in the main channel of Bi Lake, thus protecting the berm o the dislricfs Big Lake levee fron the swift cm-rent which result when most of thc water is permit ted to flo wthrough thc clianne along th elevee. Besides thc improved flood pro Motion which these improvement will provide, taxpayers of the dis ted to flow through the chain-.. along the levee. On all delinquent tax payment made prior to December 20 of thi year the 25 per cent penalty ",n To Congress Mrs. Otis T. Wingo. widow ol the a-.e congressman from Arkansas soon succeed her husband in lie House of Representatives. Representative Wingo. in his las: llness, expressed a wish that she do so, and both Republican and Democratic parties in his 'district lave agreed to carry out his wish Earl Yocum Freed (or a Bundle of Sticks Captured Abductor Admits. -lodge Denied Plea for Continuance; Case Still Set for Monday. The machinery of the law mov- iU.3lct.-Iy- onward in the fifili day f the fall term oday with the most important eases of tl-.c term still awaiting trial in the final week of court starting Monday. Judge W. W. Bandy- refused the plea of counsel for Er- r.est Fletcher Hodge ai:ef.?d wife murderer, for a continuance of his trial, which has been definitely set for Monday, but his counsel appeared extremely doubtful if his dcfens? would be ready by Monday. Albert Newton, negro janilor of an Osceola bank, who is charged \vi:h the murder ov a negro chauffeur, flanked by a batlery of coun- KEWAKEE, 111., Ocl. 31. (UP) — A blonde youny bandit whose smile belied his reputation as a lesper- ado loday lold officials how he and three companions kidnapped Earl L. Yocum, a millionaire Galva banker, held him for ransom, and were outwitted by the banker's wife into releasing him without collecting a cent. With Vernon Algren, 30, under arrest here, and Orville Whiskers, another of the kidnapers, in jail at Cambridge, more than 200 state county and clly police continued their hunt for Lloyd Winslow. said to be the leader, and Harry Whiskers. Orville's brother, and I h c fourth member of the gang. Heavy guard was niaintait-.e-: over Yccum's home in Oalva as the kidnappers had threatened to bomb the house if any member of the ;ane? was arrested. Abductors Outwitted Algren, who was captured trous- erless, was bitter over the manner in which he and his companions liad been outwitted into releasing Yocum in exchange for a package filled only with sticks. 'We planned the kidnaping for days." said Algren, "and we decided that a Saturday evenitr. would be Ihe best time to do it We waited in the shadows r.ear his home. When he came b?ct from taking his children to a thea tre we drove up and asked him tin way to Craig's house. He's a lilt!' fellow and he was easy to handle "When he oilered to show us the way to Craig's, a neighbor, w pulled him inlo our car, pr.t a hood over his head, and held a chloro form-soaked handkerchief • to hi: nose. "We, drove to a hunting ledge near Lagon and put a guard over him." Two ransom letters were scut to Mrs. Yocum, Algren said. Orville Whiskers drove alone to a town west of Galva to mail one. Another was given to a Pullman porter tc mail. The first, he said, explained the banker was safe and ordered Mrs Yocum to follow directions given in the second. Relieved Wife's Story "We were suckers," said Algren =el appeared before Judge Bandy ,. We rcad ,„ the Mrs. Yo- tlns af.el-noon in an effort to se-| cum was , 0 u 0 ., v ing our orders ana •••» '- '-c-cdom on bond. Tne j refllsing lo fm]Knic wkh alllh;ri alleged ta have been tics _ Wc ngllrcd thc moncy m ,,, r Hire In:, freedom mutdrr is committed about two months ago ' me ea5V- ° Wc fc i t . snrc shc wils 5D ..... ...... - and Newton was by the recent grand jury at Osceola. J. T. Lytle was convicted on a charge ol robbery by a jury this morning and a term of three years in tlr? state prison recommended by the Jury. His mother, Mrs. Myrtle Lytle, also charged with roo- not dare doubli cress us. Then we let Yocum go without first making sure t h i package contained money. 1 ' Mrs. Yocum's announcements an parently were a ruse. She had call ed in Inspector J. A. Newell of th Illinois Bankers association and bery, entered a plea of guilty and| arlfl , lg ed with him to trick thc kid received a with sentence, sus- n-.'nde'J. Zuia Gaines is thc last of the trio to face trial for the alleged tr.of! o! more than $1CO Irom Gaines' father, Zach Gaines. A hung jury was the result of the trial of Roy Hawkins 0:1 a charge of grand larceny. Hawkins . . the 6 per cent interest charge will i ' v f s .accused 01 the theft ^of be re::iittcd, Mr. Scott announced.'"' 1 ""' "'' " ..... "~ ........ ""'' and In addition attorney's fees in the Oiceola district have been reduced from 23 per cent to 10 p"r cent, the rate already in effect in the Chickasawta district. Will Cut Ta\ Hate For 1931, on taxes that become payable next January, Mr. Scott has obtained the agreement of the bondholders to a reduction of th? tax rate from 7 per cent to 5 yx cent, and is hopeful that he may be ab'« to obtain a 4 per cent. rate. Bandits Get Big Loot from Jewelry Salesman TOLEDO, 0., Oct. 31. (UP) -Tw men held up Juies S. May. jewelr salesman, on the Toledo-Colum bus highway near Bowling Gree today and forced him to acconi paliy them to an abandoned sihc v,hi\:: off an ice cream truck. He was represented by Nelson and Crawford. C. C. Shultz, through his attorney, E. K. Alexander, appointed i>y'. nearby where he was bound an Hie court, entered a plsa of guilty: robbed of between S25.000 and S5Q to a charge of forgery and was-../ in gems, given a two year term, which the[ May said he was liberated b court dated back to the time he ! two farmers who heard his shouts entered jail in May. Another for- j for rrfp and brought him to To- sery charged against Shullz wasljedo. irl pressed. j ' C. Jackson, negro, entered a plea! Elections Packed With Odd People and Curious Politics My KODNKV IHJTC'HKK NEA Service \Vrllcr WASHINGTON. — Probably no tlier American election has ever reduced su many unusual silua- ons and unusual candidates as !iat of 1930. Old-lime political bosses such as 3oles I'emose and Murray Crane robably are turning over in their raves not only at wholesale descr- ions from one party to another but Iso at untriue political phenomena vhlch can only lead the older gen- ration to wonder what the nation s coming to. in Illinois a woman actually re- cived a major party senatorial nomination this year and her opponent was a man with pink whls- Broadna are cclcb iimnisf and humorist. ve in »l;o recently made his pretty con- lulemial secretary Louisiana's sec- ivtary of slate, will not lake a seal In Hie Senate until his term as BOV- niiK- expires. The lleiilcnant sov- crnor who would succeed him would fire all Long's friends and brcnk up liis political machine. For various reasons, including those outlined. Long probably Is the most extraordinary contribution any state 1m "i.Kle tills year to national politics. Broadway Itself, which never i'sr«i who was elected to anything until Al Smith attracted It, Is dls pl.iyiiig considerable interest this year in (he candidacy for Congress of Heywood Broun, newspaper columnist and humorist. Broun, viin- »ing on Ihe Socialist ticket against Congrcsswoman Ruth Pratt and a Democrat, lias had some of the most famous authors, playwrights, actors and actresses working actively in his campaign I MKS. GKKKV CAMPAIGNED JKOK HKR I1USHANM) | Senator William H. McMaster i of South Dakota has been bother| ed by ttie Democratic candidacy of Governor W. J. Billow, whom Will Rogers said was "funnier than I am." Billow says: "I guess there ain't any great Issues. Mac's go! n Job and I want It." Mrs. Peter G. Gerry, the former Mrs. George K. Vanderbilt. has been making speeches In French lo French voters of Rhode Island In aid of her Democratic husband's campaign against Senator Bulgarian Royal Couple Arrive Safely After Murder Attempt. SOFIA, lluluarla, Oct. 31. (UT>>- Klng Boris ill nnd his bride were widely acclaimed by the capital today after an escape from n voile} of bullets fired at the royal train neiir the nnclcnl Macedonian city of Phlltpopolis. Thc train made a brief Imlt one" proceeded to the capital where (he kins; and queen were married ngnln according lo the Eastern orthodox rite. kers. As if that wasn't enough to leave anyone gasping along came another woman the bitter political enemy of the first woman, and announced her own candidacy with the admitted intention of revenge for previous political slights. And' i; is quite likely that the first woman. Mrs. Ruth Hanna McCormick, will be defeated through the efforts of the second woman, Mr^ I/oftie Holman O'Nc!!,' while the gent with the pink whiskers, J. Ham Lewis, runs 'off with the prize. The Lu Follcttcs of Wisconsin are Tbout to put on the most success- ill "brother act" ever seen on the political stage. Robert M. LaFollette succeeded lis father in the Senate-and is likely to stny there the rest of his life. Philip La Fot- ette won the Republican nomination for governor, which was equivalent lo election, and probably will je governor for many years unless he, desires to join brother Bob in the Senate. DISTINGUIS HTIUEMSELVES ' AS WISE-CRACKERS Two blind men who may sit In the Senate next year have distin- cuishcd themselves at wise-cracking. Senator Thomas D. Schall. Republican candidate in Minneso- ry didn't have the require;! French Canadian patois. Ihe youngest governors on record. Richard B. Russell, Jr., 32, won the ITS A «orn» TRICK IV 1 | DO IT I O, LONDON'. Oct. 31. (UP)—An Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Sofia today said an unideiulllc.-i person fired shots at the royal train of King Boris and Ills bride the former Princess Gicvannn ol Italy, on Its way through Bulgarln 'lo the capluil. The shots were fired at the slo- tlon of Manole near Phlllpopoll; and one of the royal guards was wounded In the fool. The scene ot the attack on the royal train was on the way lo llif Macedonia region where an outlaw and rebel band has long .sought autonomous government for Macedonia. Many acts of terrorism have occurred in the region In recent years. Ilcach Sofia Safely Phlllpopolls is about 85 miles casl Chief Warns Ghosts and Goblins io Observe Law Cfhcsls that walk, abroad tonight In the true .spirit of celebrating linlluwc'cn, llu 1 tmdilloAl night of s|KX>ks and .supernatural spirits, ft'lll not be moisted, says M. G. Goodwin, chief of police, but the •ghc.s(.s" who roam about spreading destruction are likely to find thc )nll bars barriers to tlielr freedom. "We wiint every body to have a •jood time but we rton't Intend to .el any hoodlums endanger the properly of oilier people," declares the chief. ''Police will patrol the Ircels and will be on the lookout .or any nbnse of tbe Hallowe'en :elebnHlon. Itowdies will be treated like all other law offenders." OFFICER KILLS Pine Bluff Motorcycle Cop Uses Gun When Trio Resist Arrest. Georgia Is going to hnve one of and' slightly south of Sofia. The royal train reached Sofia from Huron the Black Sea where the bridal couple landed from their yacht after a trip from Italy. Thc Bulgarian king's slsler and brother and high government officials were on the train. Thc dispatch said thc shots were fired just before the train reached the station. In addition- to wounding the guard a bullet splintered the stock of another guard's rifle. . Most of the shots were ineffective and there were no other casualties. PINE BLUFF, Ark., Oct. 31. (UP) —Louis Hawkins, allns Jones, ne- rn ht-Jacker who last night wit!Is brother and Sam Johnson rob- xxt a filling station, was shol am' nstantly killed n few minutes af- er thc holdup by Clevc Hulfstut- er, a motorcycle officer. The officer encountered Ihe ne ?ro a short distance from the scenr if the robbery. The trio, after rob- liny the station, jumped In a car and drove toward the eastern out klrts of the city. They attracted Inffstutler's attention when they ailed to observe a stop signal. When Hnirstutlcr ordered them o stop Louis Jiimixxl from Uie car rind commanded the officer to hold up his hands. Huffstutler fired several shols, killing the negro. O'.ls Hawkins was captured later but Johnson escaped. • Hiiffstutler was unaware at-'ihe Ime of the shooting that a robbery had been commlttced. of BUi'r.y to a charge of grand lar- j Tragedy from Hallowe'en ceny and was given a year sen-1 _ , ., , . Frank narrowly Averted ceny and was given a year HT.I.» in thc state prison. Roy Smith entlercd a pica Of to grand larceny and was will reduce very substantial!! (be >.ru burden of property holders "i '.--.(- district. It will not produce sulli'.-ir>nt revenue to meet the district's obligations, but was a<?reiS . . . . .. - - . i-oove to <»y the bondholders in view of i Police court convictions on <vn-er- the Ca '> ito1 I-'mltcd. the Baltimore] •"".;: "!t particularly difficult situation al cases were affirmed by JudPei amI Ohio railroad's fast train be-' J. Ham Lewis is watching thc cf- .forts of his two women opponents, Mrs. Ruth ITanna McCormick and Mrs. I.oltic Holman O'Ncil. Democratic nomination in a runoff primary early last month. Political freaks have been popping Into the news almost ever since politics began to warm up last spring. There was the grocei named George W. Norris who file against Senator George W. Norris In Nebraska's Republican senator- la! primary and almost forced the senator to run as an independent. Upton Sinclair. Socialist nominee for governor of California, received through error a formal certificate from the Secretary of State assuring him that he was the Republican nominee. And when certain wicked Cornell youths invited distinguished Republican leaders to a banquet in honor of a mytht- . CB! pioneer Republican named "Hu :go N. Fryc" they reaped eulogistic i letters from such personages as Vice-Presidcnt Curtis and Secretary ,of Labor Jim Davis. About the only thing that could "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, Democratic have happened • and didn't happen candidate for governor of Okla- was the nomination of a candidate homa, boasts lliat he drinks bis | n Texas who promised a cow for coffee from a saucer . .every farmer in the slate In cas: la. is reported to have told what j° f hh elcclion ' some persons considered a risque i story from a M losing himself ma probably not enough to defeat him Communists Blamed BERLIN. Oct. 31. (UP)—The Tageblalt's correspondent reported today the Bulgarian police had been informed In advance that communists from Warsaw planned an attempt, to assassinate the king upon his return from Italy. The correspondent said the royal Irain and the entire raiSroa'J route to the capital was clos?lv guarded and the train did nolslor when fired on. Charles Lemons Talks at Joint Rotary Meet Music and nn address by Charlei S. Lemons on "Principles of Rotary" entertained the 15 Caiutli ersvillc, Mo., Rotarlans and mem bers of the local club fcr tbe din ner meeting at th? Hotel Noble Thursday evening. Willie Trotter sang. Mrs. Rtvcs Allen played the violin ar.d Bar nurd Gooch presided at thc plant for .wcral entertaining numbers There was. also a "b-,;ck and wing' dance by a negro lad. Harold Jones, president of tin Missouri city club, intrcduccd hi. members and these introduction were acknowledged by Dr. H S Davis, local president. j Former Senator Thomas' P. Oorr jlias been chasing Senator W. B. Negri Authorized to Bring Divorce Suit McKEESPOFlT. Pa, Oct. 31 (OP) i given a year suspended sentence, i -£'CCIJG cf sleeping passengers r,n -irnnnrt " C "" d Rad'o Stations Ordered Off Air by Commission WASHINGTON. Oct. 31 'UP) — Six radfo stations were nrdered of TUPS US OIL IMPERILS. LIFE.WfJPf inflammable Mist Spreads Over Blocks of Homes and Business Houses. OKLAHOMA CITY. Oct. 31 (UP) —A wild gusher spraying petroleum mid gas ever a metropolitan area Iwo miles square within the municipal limits rf Oklahoma City isjed completely from control today making It nercrsary lo summer troops to the menaced district. Soldiers patroied nn area of fifty i-iiy blocks, The Oklahoma national guard rushed to thc SCGIIU of the Morgan Oil Company's well when Its output o[ lOO.COO barrels of oil n day became so unruly lives and properly were in danger. The estimated loss tcday was ilaccd at $1'25,000. The wild gusher, spouting mtsls if inflammable oil 'and gas, hrc-atcned "the city's iT FREE EH \Iercury at 31 Here Last Night: Lower Elsewhere in Arkansas. The mercury in the official thermometer al Ihe Chicago Mill and Uinber cor|»rat:t>n plant fell tc 31 ilegrees, one point below thc 'rccztng murk, last night, as Blytheville and Mississippi county received their first taste of thc approaching winter. The freeze, sufficient to kill all but the hardiest vegetation, marked the end of thc 1930 growing 23 at Cornins LITTLE ROCK,' Oct. 31. (UP) — IHarshaling its forces for the firs' fall invasion of Arkansas. Kin; Winler swept across the state las* night, bringing sub-freezing tern pcraliircs and killing frosls. Corning, Ark., retried a tcm •peraturc of 23 degrees and Wash burn, Malvcrn, Stuttgart, Pine Bluff, Little Rock and Mammoth Springs all reglslercd under the 30 mark. biisintss district, stopped traffic, •xrd Imperiled lives. All available city firemen and expert cil well workers were, mustered in Ihe battle to control he well which emitlcd thousands of barrels of oil and millions ol ruble feet of gas. The- wild well is known as the Number 1 c. E. Stout gusher and is located not far from valuable, wholesale and manufacturing planls and railroad property adjacent, to the heart of the city Authorities and • II well bosses again faced |; \-"'g ordeals •!hr. •- ih~ v pii , j a y battle c: - ' '••' Ud Mary. 1 gusher ran wiin m, >.._Jclty limits. ' Their task was increasingly precarious today, however, as the unl controlled -well brought a fire men- .tea unapproached before. . . • Under Surgeon's Knife CHICAGO. Oct. 31. (UP)-Mavor William Hale Thompson underwent an operation for appendicitis cday nt the hour he was to have led a Loop political rally. Announcement Hint Thompson had been stricken suddenly and was In Passavant hospital was made from Die platform of the Appoio theatre, where he was scheduled to speak. Hold Services Today for Little Frankie Lee Stiles Funeral services are being held this afternoon for Frankie Lee Stiles, six monllis old son • of HEr. and Mrs. L. C. Stiles, who died at the family home at 103 Rose street last night. The Rev, W. J. LeRoy will officiate at the services. Interment will be made at Maple Grove. Pu- r.cral plans are in charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. Thc deceased is survived by three sisters and two brothers. Fayetteville Girl Chosen Arkansas Freshman Queen FAYETTEV1LLE, Ark., Oct. 31. (UP)—Winning over six other girl candidates from as many campus organization, Milly Jane Dickenson, Fayctteville, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority pledge", was chos- cn freshman queen by the Oniver- Co!d Again /Tonight sky of Arkansas students, accord- MEMPHIS, Oct. 31. (UP)—Kill-'ing to an announcement made here Ing frosts in the tri-state area last j today. night was winter's Initial appearance. Another attack of winter's I Hnmo RrnnAm/-ic Win outriders was forecast for !his area t" 01 " 6 «OI10mC!S Win Ihc air by thc federal r.idio com- 'who estimated last nights' damage j Over Cocktail Shaker mission today fo'.lowuic their fail- tonight by Forecaster F. W. Urist, « faced by taxpayers because cf do- PARIS, Oct. 31. (UP)—Pola Ne''.. T 'i, n :6 rl . screen star, was authorized by 'nut nf tne French courts today to proceed I Company. Inc., cf Mct!o:a:;. ana n,T r-Trir, i with ner «"t 'or divorce, from ! WMAY. Kings Highway Presbyter-' prom";;",',';! Prince Serge Mdivani. Miss N'cgri appeared „, court pre- B ?»5'£? ™ "", Handy when the defendants failed! evcr madc _ cal . r | crt t i, em Cllt O n a i ure to" apply for renewal of license upward of many thousands of dol- SALT LAKE CITY Utah (UP) within specified time. | lars. Tender vegetation was killed ; —Debutantes are developing into \\CCO, Mlssirsippi B-oanraslins, by sub-normal temperatures. sensible housewives, experienced in domestic economy. Word of tto transition was 1 brought here by Jane Hinkley, WMAY, Kings Highway Presbyter- 1 ian church of St. I.ouls. M". were Memphis-Little Rock - • air| Later the radio COIIIIIIK^::I announced that WCCO, Meridian. Miss., station had been cn:-.t Air Servicp Unnrnfirarilp - Wosllln ston. D. c., who addressed Mir oervice unprontaoic j tne rccent convention of the Utah Irlcts do'.inqucnt tax situation. , which ho ropards as fundamental ! - . In tne rehabilitation of Ihe district. '" The extent ;o which a prcaram c; I physical improvements can be car- i ried. and t.-.e rnnnn,--,!.™ /-r +•..„ ! reduci 01 f; district. Ihe cwnci: I HE WANTS TO LIVE .nd" Daughter | William Marcus Dies IN i,f oChonu also there is »AI- at Home at Calumet t[ » ta Blir Murr ">' 1 "« m <*™"<; «"- .dldale for governor. Murray boasts in Boston Hospital i William Marcus. 34, died at his I that lie drinks coffee from a snuccr, Ediicati'nal Association. lUPt— Dl-1 Hcme economics in public schools change, Robert and Oscar Elliott Proud Dads on Same Day MEMPHIS, OcS. 31. .._ ....... .. .......... ,,„_, renewal of Its license. Ifaviv.j only • rectors of thc Arrow Airways. Inc.. • are bringing' about" "thj nve stations ordered of! ;!-.-: air. jwill vote today whether or no; they ; jowly but surely Mu=s Hinkley sa fd." The eirl's are also being taught that ability to shake a slck- ffllX must Answer twecn here and Little Rock. I The service, started a month ago. '• cd cocktail Is not everything. has been losing money, according; to Bert Hassell, manager. j The in the . NATCHEZ, Mi;< —Tom Mix. cowboy ar.f! (UP) Elliotts have twins but not' cxpMted to arrho hf ' ;v ' same family. Mr. and Mrs.!"? 011 to Appear ::i a S!'.•:. ;-.^ r «s; McKellar, Painfully Hurt, Abandons Speaking Tour »« v ,. lnkllll «? WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair and not EO

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