The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY C, 1<M7 BLYTIIEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN BETTER HOMES Only Structurally Sound Homos Worth £x(-ensive Repairs Wiiii various oan.slruetion mat i 1 '' .-:Ii;i in short supply, in any '.'• f.ii-i. \\-\\it otherwise would build v," n.-m-.'.-; i Ins year art 1 planning !V!i.<;dt'i exist in» dwellings, FYe- >-nti x < ihis is \vcll worth while, tii hr,m an imvstnu-ni and scrv- '-MjiHty ;Uancl;:oinl. A well con- i ;!'•! ; "I h<jii:,r' :M:I often be tratis- r-Lirri into an auraeth'c, modem '!!•'' i <.'»•.'r(i!r i ;s ni" iis ARC. llMi-ijii'; :;j)?cirt lists emphasize .'.' • VJT, {hut (jttly a .slruc'lurally Kcu^t 1 is \vorth remodel inn .•''•;. "(sir t r>nt. is to iTp'.uce worn ft- ^ i:if inn- faults »f -i hrmsi? '<' i in !I|L ;i. Jv-iiu" of HIP common v, •; :LL.- ci ii:'!'.r<J mid sunken :M:<! it:i;:v;. rcilii'd sills and floor i •'- '., lrnr.fl.' d:i!nu:.;i' and cracked lisiiiK y-r, C. 1 ::«' ii\ tfto t)::).:I economical and •i . Jf-'.'il;!i' MKI'.CI ials now bring -; (I in li;i:uf rrniodOiitii'' pvojr/is j'l^ntiiiiiv; l!;iard. a non-lninbor <;-.:;.-! ilini ••eivos both ar> a sirnc Building Slackens Here; Onfy Four Permits Building in Blylheville slackened , last week and only Tour biiildiim permits for an estimated to'i;il uf $5400 worth of construe!ion were issued from tile office of City Ka- eineer Joe Carney. Permits issued follow; To l.eo Swift, for a five and a half-room lianic residence on West I'arl: I street; estimated cost, 52500. To Frank IMiviU. for a cwc-room frame work-shop in ihe rear ol 1017 West Vine; estimated cost, i $200. To M. J. Nichols, for a six-room frame residence on Kast Ash .street; estimated cost, $1700. To Krank Crockett, for a Hire? anil a half-room frame residence at 3(18 South 10th; estimated co;.:. $1000. Helpful rr.i-.o ! More llian 770 TOO ,IUi> lon.'i of 100 per cent niti.i..on feitili/:ir is added to the soil o; UK; earth :.i:- luudly by li^htii 1 :;,; >lar-hrs. :u-- cording to an ?r:»ii 1 c:u ,-xirnlist. lural material and as un insniat- in^ a^ent. Manufactured in several loims, it i:s widely used as an interior finish j'or walls aiul ceilings. THE HOME OF THE MONTH P - Initial Htiij>c "1 ADMIT THAT YOUR 'ROADMAP' OF OUR EXTENSION CORDS WAS A GOOD IDEA — ONLY I STVii CAN'T HMD THE CORD THAT CARRIES OUR ELECTRIC FAN.'" Don't overload your wiring system. When you build or modernize Drcvidn ADEQUATE WIR/NG. o ARK-MO POWEK CO.;can fix your * ../- i »• i Good Lighting of Home Begins At Blueprint Stage of Planning , :lv ,, i),, u IU An oxcrllf-tit concopfiofi of basit 1 planning Is [irrs'-nttMl in (tiis onc- Kloyy cxiiniiilrible hovist 1 tllnt i':i:i ^]'<iw vvit'i llu 1 faitiiiy ::mt iiK'^ifnc. IJopil'iLcd l).v V.'illi;!!!! Arilil Jolni- son, l-!voi'ctt, \V:t^!iii!t;tnn in n»l- l:ibi>r:aiiill with David V>yl;rm:iii, tliin luuiu.' was iho I'Vljnuiry \".i!i- nor of Iho ''I'rrK-lical Miracle 1 licunc Oontrsi," S!>oiisf>n'd by Practical Huildur Mu^azitit', Ciii- cnj;i> 5, II!. Adding j^:ivaKC ami -T bpdrTifinis to oi'ij<in:il plan Khinvs Jini^hcci homo nf atlislic 1 (li!;Lim'iioti. 'I'lio u-\torior is a stui'Jy and attractive romhinatioji of vertical mid lioft- 7.inil:il clapbnanl and brick. Tim inlrvifii- even at HK initial st:ipc has rairh inilstaildinpv fcnturos as closet iti onti'j.'way, kilclien with pt-furato bicakfast ruonj, beatia); roDiu and utility room, plenty ot stumor! K[)acc aiul eiiti'aiiL't^s arranged to any room \villioul bav- iiiij to ])ans tbron^b Hie other rooms in linth Ktaifes. Any or all of llio mldilions iv.ay be complctiul williout distin-bitit- llifi nri;.'inal bouse during con- I strucliun ner'nuls. NOTICE Notice is heir by nivjii I hat. liie uttder.sii;;ie:l will v.iUiiii ilte tune fixed by law imply to ih,> c.'ounni-.- ArkaiiKas for a pcrinil to ;; •] b:;c: at retail at I.cachvillL'. r\!is-i.-.s.ppi Cotmly. Tho iinder:.i!:!li'd slat:'.; lie i; a citi;:c:i of Arkansas, .if f,,i;,(i in-.>jal character, thi't he has i;cv, r b.-'-n convicted of a felony or ethf-r clinic ipvolviiif! in<)'.'al tnrpiuuir.: lha! ?!', license to .Til beer by tie.- n;>.U i•- sii;iiecl has been revoltjrt within live years last past; ami llvit the un.l'jr- si[;ncd lias never been cunvi'-icd of violalini; the laws of ihi-i state, or any other stale, relalin ; to ;ir> ;.aie of aleoliohc liquors. C. L. or Harne.: Subscribecl and sv,n.ii In I eL-.iic me this ti day of M;iy. l'M7. Klixabei:! Mas"n I Sen!) K.,1 u .- iJijjlj.,. My commission expires -l-L'a-ftO. NOTICI: Notice i.s hereby u,\;\'i\ tllilf the underfliitntd will 'witliin tin thne tb:ci! by law apply to HIP Connnls- -',i iiiiri' 1,1 Re\e)ines of the Slate ol Arkansas For a pc t'tnit to sell beer ni retail at Walnut 8t. , l i IHjiv.vay (jl. ri[ylhi.'\-i]le. Mississippi County. Tile imdcrsiKiicd stal^; that he is a citizen r>f Arf.ansas, of ^ood moral character, ihal he has never befit convicted of a felony or othei ciimc involving moi'al inrpilude; timi J-,D licensi- to sell beer by i,ne mnler- srjnod has been revoked wtthin rive- years past; mul llvi', (he imrler- sii;ne(l has lU'ver been convicted of violating the laws of l>i!s state, or nuy other state, relating to trio sale of alcoholic liquors. i<nn:io:>m Siniili Rilbscribed and sworsi to bi-fore me Ibis r- clay of stay 1:117. Eli/abelh Mason (Seali Hotary Public. My commission expires -i-ati-so. Aqucllizing cellar walls are Afltr Aquclliting walls are clean, ' damp and unsightly. , white and room is dry. ^ lie Scientific Miner«l Surface Coating that was used to control iUer seepnge and dampness in the Maginot Line when other niaterials failed! 'Use Aquclln inside or outside . ". . above or belo'v ground on Iporous masonry surfaces, such as BRICK, CONCRETE, LIGHT WEIGHT MASONRY UNITS,\ STUCCO or CEMENT PLASTER /" aj: per bog Mixed with water, according to directions, one bag makes 1 gal. First coat covers 60 to 120 sq. ft. per gal.; second coat, 200 to 250 sq. It. per gal. Get Atiitcll* No. t lor Interiors . . . Aqiiflln No. 1 tor Exteriors AL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" 10! So. 1st Phone 469 " vital |j ; irt O f ijixul livinn. and II beuiiis wuh all the Ibltiiw Ihni nink<- up your life In ihe house. te:uiii|.'. \vv.JIn--, v se\vlin;, dining, IJliiyliii; bruise or pluj'-pong. even luitliniL ; i du'ss or snll In the elasel, C'ood interior lliihltnit defends imon t]!,. , ; ,.|ieriil llKhtlin; of nil '.he objei'l.s in n room, plus .speelnl huluiiii; (or activities such (is re'xd- liiK, names, etc For lhe;;e speel-il acJivitus .sfienilllc re.seareh has os- lau!i::lii'ii enirecl mlnimmn Inti'ii- sllies of h..|n, •!-(„, nvernse shaded readiiij; lii>in demands a 100-lfiO wall bulb, it Is up to yon lo clioi the sonree ,,f this llBlnlim. whe!hi;v il is In be spreiid near the eellln}; or ma, ihe tloov, and whether It Is lo oiii;in;ite in mnny small areas or a few lui'uf ones. l''oi i;eni<r»| linliltnir, your elio .shniild be Indirect Unlit reflected from ;i emieeaied sourer. H mro Oli|;in;ite fi-iini (lie ceillntl, liotll reflector lamps on tables «iv |]oi To be more effective it may reflect from Ihe walls armmd picture:; bookshelves or oilier decoration* There should be Uvo kinds ol llpjit lit the kitchen an<l dtnlui: room. ClclH'l-id ll K lit from the 'JCil- liiB plus specific, shadowles-s llntn- int; for all u-oil: areas. Work eou:i- lers ulili'h Jittve eablnel.s ubiive ^an be lighted by shielded eontlmunis slrips .if liuht ,,i the front' cil^e of the upper cabinets. Hides for llnht- ini;.!he linindry ure .similar. The'v should be a stmntt diffused liuht for wasltinc, ironing and menidlntt Lislit nn the folding ivnnlnt; board can lie shielded by a floine.scenl tube. In Ihe bedroom there should be soft t-cncral ll||h(lnit so that it will noi dislmb anyone who nifty be sleeping, i.'or reiullnu In bed, '[lou- refeenl lumps on Die wall alnvo the bed can be used, closets should be \icll lighted. Vertical slrips ol flonrescent tllbilli; at either entl o! shelves can be used, or where clothes are htiiiK Hghl should be above the door so (hat lull length or dollies will be illuminated. Hal broom llc,hllni> can be yery cleyer. Iluill-in panels or translucent glass, which diffuse Ihe -ioinco of ll^ht across Ihe lop and on both sides ot the minor arc ideal. A shower with trnnsluoent fjlnss wills can be limited from outside 111" Slower slsill. Mistlclnc eabhfcl ls thut lurn on nuloinatlenlly when the door opens may pruvont filial tni.stiikes. Fireproof Roots Reduce Insurance Premiums The addfd safely of a home pro- leclod by llreproof roofing, such a> asbestos .••hliicle.s. Is reconnlwd Ijj Insurance companies in the form o: lower rales. Over a pcarlod of yetir.s Ihe reduced premiums mid up lo : substantial saving for Ihe holm owner. Insurance companies report Ilia ehlmney sparks and wimlblowi embers me nmoni; (he eoinmones .nises of rcsldciillnl fires. Spark ri'cstors ai'e recomineiuletl foi p the chimneys of homes roofed with ^oinbii.sllbic materials. A safer in-tiled Ion Is to coyer the roof with LI llreproof material, sucli as asbestos sliinwles •Kiulialions from chlorine In sea water ueiir lllfclnl will \K (flvc-n olf [or a millUiu years ns rt rer.ull of Lhe atom bomb tests. ilgned has Iwen revoked within five-., rears lust past; and that the"uK<Jer^-- JgiU'd htis never Ixien convicted of*' violating the laws of .his state, or my other stale, relating to the salc.- if alcoholic liquors. . •; — Subscribed and liworn to before me this 5 day of May, 1947 Mrs. Mar.shall Ulackard (Seal) Notary PuUHc. My commission expire.; March 9 1019. NOTKT: Nollci 1 Is hereby [;ivn v i ttutt Ihe iinih'rsl|(iicd will within tin lime Hxt'd by luw apply to the C:>nmils- .sloiK'r of Hevonue.'i ol tne Hint.' <P! Aikunsii-s for n pmntl to sc-j] bcei at retiill nt Main St., l.eaclu'llle, Mi.wisslppl County. '1'ho nnilnsigned slates that he I.-, a cltl/.en of Arhnnsas. of vJOiul inora cbaraeler, tlu>t h( k has n^vcr been convicted of LI ft^lony or ocliei 1 crlmr Involvlnii moral liirpltml..'. Hint n.; license to sell beer by tin- iimbr- On City Property —For Purchasing, Refinancing or Making Improvements 4-JL% Interest 20 Years to Pay FULL Pre-paymenf privileges MONTHLY payments include taxes and insurance Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 21.'! \V. Walnut Abstracts of Titlc- Ti'lcplinne -Farm Loans Pure Linseed Oil Outside White Paint $4.95 Gal. - - - $4.75 Gal. . . . anj they arc rcnlly licnnlirul! The array of new Triinz Hcaily- Pastctl Wnlljiajvcr patterns is rcnlly worlli seeing . - . ami Trtrnz c yon to do yonronvi ilcrorating. All you do is dip Trim* in water onil apj)ty il—at]d il\s f;narniilcctl \va^hahlc ami rarlrproiif. Make your f election now! Gum Turpentine $2.25 Gal. We Are Distributors of Smith-Corwin Marme Paints — A Complete Stock WoJSpapers by world Famous designers, including original hand-loom weaves by Dorothy Liebes . . . Paint and Wallpaper for every Purpose Wall Canvas Wallpaper - - IScperyd. 15c per roll up We are Distributors for Brcncmon Venetian Blinds, Wood, Metal or Aluminum. Arkansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. Phone 2272 105 E. Main St. KlyLhcville, Avk. ;il 7:00 p.m.; Slm-ls 7:30 p.m. ' f.ast Time Today "MOM and DAD" Tin; Hygienic I'riidncliou wllb /M,l, S'l'AH CAST Woclut'siljiy anil Thursday "Tfio Walls Came Tumbling Down" with UoMinnn, Mm son lie Cliapinn I-'TI\ Movlelnim N'ews Also Shurts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ^tst Time Today WilTON TUFTS { i.j, -v v -'V.,,,-... ,V,.. .^A^*,,^ >.^^,.> I!KO N'cw^ anil Musieal Sliort Wednesday & Thursday "VACATION DAYS" Will! Fri'iUlic Stewart, June FrelssEr News A- CnnnMlv New Theater Manila's Finest Shows F.VrRY NIGHT Mntinec Snturdny A Snnday Koi^ Opens Week Days 7:M p.m. Blt,-'Son. 1 p.m. Cont. Showtnf Tuesday "Magnificent Rogue" with ' I.ymic Knbcrts, William Also Short Subjects .Wednesday and Thursday . That Way with Women" with Dane Clark, Martha Viclitn Selected Short Snbjreti

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