The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1951
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1951 Truman Uses Statistics Like a Candidate, Says GOP in Attack on Speech BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. (if, — Senator Ferguson (R-Mich) said today President Truman "is using statistics like a Presidential eandi- -dat«, and I'm certain he Is one." m. The Michigan senator was one of " number of lawmakers who rushed forward to challenge Mr. Truman's designation as "just a pack of lies" rtiarges that the government Ls riddled u-ith waste and extravagance. The President said "butterfly statistics'' were behind such charges, and that the country was in better economic shape than it ever halt been. In a speech yesterday at the dedication of a big new government building for the general accounting office, Mr. Truman said that over the last five years, the government has operated at a surplus of nearly M.000.000,000, and he added: "That may be a surprise to most people, but it's true, that's something to be proud of." Senator Byrd CD-Va), tong-thne critic of increasing government spending, countered Mr. Truman's "butterfly statistics" remark by saying "the President used chameleon figures." Comparison "Deceptive" Byrd also said Mr. Truman ''resorted to a deceptive comparison" on government costs, and he added: "There probably could not be a more misleading method of reporting the present desperate fiscal sit- uation to the American people." Rep. Joe Martin of Massachusetts, tiie House Republican leader, said Mr. Truman's "discouraging attack upcn budget critics" makes it obvious that the people can "expect no help from the President" in the matter ol saving money. "It can only come through Congress ittsisting upon the elimination of waste, extravagance and corruption." he said. Article Criticized Mr. Truman's reference to "butterfly statistics" was made in criticism of a magazine article on federal spending — an obvious reference to a piece by Stanley High til the Reader's Digest. High told newsmen he based all his statements on remarks and reports of senators, including Byrd and Senator Douglas ID-Ill). "If these are butterfly figures, as Mr. Truman says, they are Democratic butterflies," High added. "There is nothing the Republicans can say against the present administration that Isn't being said better by Democrats." Senator Taft (R-Ohio), a possible GOP presidential candidate, told the senate he thought "President Truman* is talking nonsense if he thinks the program we shall get into two years from now can be balanced by taxes without doing infinite harm to the United States.' *UMW Finds New Weapon, Files $2 Million Suit Against Firms LEXINGTON, Ky., Sept, 12. f/p>— Speculation arose today over whether John L. Lewis and his United Mine Workers have chosen a new weapon to force employes to deal with them without benefit of Taft- SCOOTER Continued from page I only one rear wheel as there Is no differential. "That helps me whip her around comers without turning sideways," he says. Bridge railings were used for the chasls and the alarm clock Mr. Cteed built Into the dashboard is part of the distributor. His "Scooter" also has a Model A distributor, fenders made from a Jeep and ft wind cowel made from the hood of ft smashed Kaiser. Cotton Gin Include* ..From a joint of discarded alumin- Wtti cotton gin seed pipe. Mr. Steed ^lilt a hood and the leather-upholstered seat was taken from a junked Memphis streetcar. A luggage carrier in the rear was made from the screen of a combine. The machine weighs 840 pounds • nd has a friction-type handbrake. Mr. Steed also remembered the farm wagon and took a couple of Its seat springs to make hU "Scooter" ride easier. Two bright yellow hubcaps on the rear wheels are the remain* of Ford V-8 water pump pulleys.- The gas tank holds two gallons and one quart of gas and the "choke" if located near the crank. It Is * hook-shaped piece of wire running to the carburetor. It took Mr. Steed about two and one-half years to build his "Scooter," which he describes "as a lot of fun, but also a lot of work" He ha» been driving it for about si! months. Hartley help. It stemmed from a 12.000,000 damage suit the union filed yesterday in U.S. District Court against group of Kentucky coal companies and county officials. The suit charged a reign of terror has been waged against the union and named as defendants the sheriff and county judge of Leslie and Clay Counties In southeastern Kentucky and more than 140 others. The list includes sheriffs deputies, deputy coroners and coal company officials. The UMW charged the defendants conspired to bar organization of non-union coal mines in Clay and Leslie Counties. The suit was filed by 23 UMW organizers, special organizers and coa; company employes or former em- ploye*. Among other things, the petitioners said their efforts to bargain for and to organize the non-union dlg- ger« were interfered with by the operators. Normally, this would b« pressed before th« National Labor Relations Board afi an unfair labor practice But Lewis and his men have no recourse to that agency because they have not complied with its eligibility requirements under the Taft-Hartley law. Lewis and his fellow officeri have refused to comply with these requirements, which include submli- sion of afftdavlti declaring they are not Communists. The sulclds rate in Denmark far higher than In Holland, or in Finland DR. W. A. TAYLOR Veterinarian Office* Now In ST. FRANCIS DRUO Phom 3507—MU, UU for a limited time TUSSYDry Skin Treatment Cream H25 t2f*> iiie new *O25 TUSSY Dry Skin Freshener • The freshener lhat's made especially for dry skin] Always use it tfcer J^ cleansing... ^^yf rc^. 16 o*. • Conditions » It cleanse* with.its rare blend of special ingredients. • Makc« skin feel silky-smooth the very first time you use ill • Flakiness, tenseness, fine dry skin linei lecrn to melt away. • Contains exclusive Tussy ingredient that helps maintain the beauty balance of your >kin. «/l pricti plui tax WOODS DRUG L INSIDE AN ATOMIC FLAME . . . (HOW IT MIGHT LOOK) - This phantom sketch shou-s how Hie worlds flrst atomic-powered plane might be built. II would be a sliy giant Mm would u I? u 6 Wide ' thin win B s tna * permit great speeds will piobably require the flying-boat hull. Huge size Is necessary to accommodate the very hoavv engine Tlie world's firs! atnmio pmvered plane, ordered by the U. S. Air Force, is now taking shape on the drawing boards at Consolidated Vullee Aii-craft, Fort Worth, Tex Flight-testing is not expected until 1955-56 (Sketch copyright, 1951, by Popular Science Monthly, from NEA-Acme) 'Pleas Hurry My Achers,' Says 'Lec/y' WASHINGTON. Sept. 12. IIPi- The Interior Department's bureau of land management received tills letter, pencilled on a single sheet of paper: "The United states Land Man "Dear Mr. Man "I am vcrry pour old ledy an wood llkke to got a peace of the guvcrnmlnt free nchers. My mule Is ded too munlhs an t caln't plow the Kite cow as she dew not no how Pleas give nchc» what sumbody is got in corn so my wlte cow ran git fat agin. I must hurry the mailman is waiting. Pleas hurry my achcrs. Mrs. tname withhold by bureau) "My name aint really Mrs. as I aint bin maired. I have three big children by too or three men. Will that mnke any difference? P.S. Pleas do not let my neibors Ixvs Aiiacles Advcrti.sing Club Luncheon at wlticli Unuglas Fairbanks. Jr.. iialloiml clmlrman of the American Relief for Korea Campaign, appcuier) for funds. Korean Amli:ssndoi Yen Chan Yaw was in attendance. Douglas Aircraft Hit by Strike LONO BEACH, Call!,, Sept. 12. 'I— Douglas AircraH Company, already crippled by a strike of 10,000 ClO-United «Auto Workers at iu Long Beach plant Sept. 5, was hit today by a 269-man strike of the Independent United Aircrait. Welders Union. All three of iu southern California plants were affected. Approximately 30 welders led work at Ismg Beach, and others walked out of the Santa Monica and El Segundo plants at midnight, said Jerry D. Honck, union executive secretary. The welders union voted 172 to to reject a company wage hike ol 10 per cent plus six cents an hour. The welders ask a wage increase of 10 per cent plius 10 cents an hour. Tiie current scale is $1.80 an hour. Navy Teitf Ri NEW YOBX fyT>-N»vx U»Un« <* materials has to b« rigorous to avoid failures under battle conditions This has been applied at tin Navy yard here to thermostat* which must continue to function In ships which are under attack and which are firing their own gun». Thrrmt>stats from th« Minneapolis-Honeywell Co. are attached to steel plates three feet smiar* and a half inch thick. A 400-pound weight lj then dropped on th» plates to simulate battle condltloni. The delicate Instruments mu»t function after the tcsU. i YAH MAY MVE 1 f 1UU PIN-WORMS I " AND HOT KNOW IT! ' The stratosphere Is the layer of the fltniospbere where the temperature, around 75 degrees below zero. F.. docs not decrease with Altitude. no I aint blti married." A bureau spokesman said today this letter would have been answered in Hie same manner n.s any oilier request for public laud Information — except tlmt the writer failed to give her address. tale S LosAngelesSpy Link Related Witness Tells How WW II Ring Worked HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 13. (J-j — A witness hi« told of a Los Angeles link to World War II Communist spy ring in Asia, says Rep. Donald L. Jackson (R-Calif.) of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Jackson Is conducting a preliminary screening of persons who may be aubpenaed to testify next week before the full committee when It conducts open hearings on communism in the film colony. The congressman said one of three witnesses questioned yesterday reported he was asked in 1944 to Join n ring which relayed American secreLs to Russia via the Sodet embassy in Japan. Jackson declined to Identify the witness. The trio who testified in secret in a Hollywood Roosevell Hotel room are: Morton Krieger Identified as a student at the University of Southern California; Michael Gordon, movie director and Robert Shayne, actor. One of the three told him. Jackson said, that he was contacted bj a friend who was to be an agenl of the spy ring. About 3.S million ton» of grapes rill be produced commercially in the United States this year. Blytheville, Ark. OPENING TONIGHT * * * North Star Supper Club 1 Mile North of Blytheville on Highway 61 *' * * Have Dinner and DANCE to the Music of TED FISHER and his Dixieland Quintet TONIGHT & FRIDAY Admission $1.50 per couple 500 Men, T Woman Shed Shirts for Korean Aid; Femo/e Wore a Blouse donated them as part of their con- u-ibution for the relief of Korea. The woman was wearing a blouse underneath, hew ever. Some of the men made the most of the situation. They had slogans inscribed on their Ir.u-ks and chests, such a.s "Eat LOS ANGELES, Sept, 12. (ff) — A r e hundred advertising men and j at Joe's.' one woman took, off their shirts and- This occurred yesterday at, the SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Custom work for pins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to V, inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2«51 Mfnc, nnftp-pkktnff anda tor- 8 ing rectal i«h are often tell- • liKtis of Pin-Wormi. ..ugl/ T parasites that medical ejcperts^ay 1 Infect on* out oj tverv thref per- • <oni «»(nln«d. KnlJre f. mi lie. 1 "icy be vlclims ntiJ not know it- v To g*t HJ of Pin-Wormi, IhHW ^ post* inuat not only be killed, but / kilkii in the lar^e IntesUne whfr« V they live anil multiply. That'* <x- A • ctly what Jayn«'n P-W t«W«U do \ .. .and he^e'a how they do U: 1 /"M(-» nefentific coalfnr car- • nes the Ublcta into the bow«!i b«- • fure they dissolve. IVion » Jtna'i * inoJern, mcd! rally -approved in- \ Krcdient jroca ritfht to work-JciU* i I'in-SVorm* quickly *nd e»ij]y. 1 Don't Uke chance* with thi« * dariKeroui. highly conUjlous con- \ Hilton. At the ftr*t s! >n of Pin- J Worm* ask ^your drugxiit for C } I he a rn» U, eniy-to- lake Ubl eU per- ? f fected by famous Dr. D Jaynt A 1 V Bun, ipKJalUU in worm r«medlM * ^ for aver 100 yc*r». ft JAYMir^ f/^r E9i^^ US What are the Dollar Signs Saying ? M AYBE you've noticed that dollars don't seem to talk as loud as they used to in a lot of places. But you ought to hear wliat they say about this Buick. They say —here's the big thrill—big mileage- big power of a valve-in-head Fireball Engine— eight-cylinder performance at the price you'll pay for most sixes. They say—here are size and room and comfort that are hard to match at anywhere near the price tag tin's Buick SPECIAL is wearing. They say — here arc such things as an oil filter, air cleaner, vacuum booster, built-in summer ventilation—not as "extras" but yours at no extra charge. They say that "smart buy's Buick"-by a wide measure. But a smart buyer will also let this dashing darling speak for itself. He'll take the wheel and feel how it snugs to tho road on turns—holds its course on the highway with big-car assurance. He'll touch off the power of its Fireball Engine and get firsthand the lift of its nimble response. And he'll find out how coil springs on every wheel level out what he thought, were bumpy roads. . Want to know more? How about coming in first thing tomorrow? LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Broadway Dial 4555

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