The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1936
Page 4
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'{•AGE FOUR 'THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHKBa a R. BABCOCK, Editor , H. Wi'HAlNES. Advertising Manager Sole National Ad vortlsing , Representative* : , Dallle*, tnc, :tew York, , < Detroit, St Louis, Mlas, Snn&u city, Memphis .Published Et'cry Afternoon Except Sunday < Entered as second class matter at the post office tit Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ct C6o«ress, October 0. 1911. •Served, oy tna United I'rtss SUBSCRIPTION RATES By, carrier Hi liie Clly or alythevine, 158 per WMk, or $0.50 per year. In advance. By mull, iMUilu u radius 01 BO miles, 13.00 pa year, $1.60 for six months, 75o for three months; by moli In postal zones two U> six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year;'In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Machines Man May Turn Against. Him Col. Cliarlus A. I-imlliCTKli's speech on aviation in Berlin WHS a. sobering reminder of the fuel Unit the race acquires Ircmciulous now responsibilities every time it raukcs a conquest over the realm of inanimate matter. •It invents the airphuie nrnl frees itself from the old limitations of lime and space in a way. that people of an earlier 'generation could not have dreamed of. Hut at the same time thir, new invention increases to an appalling degree, the race's power for sheer destruction, it changes the whole character of war and, as Colonel Lindbergh points out, does away with de- 'fense. "As 1 travel over ICnrope," said Colonel Lindbergh, "I 1 am more than ever impressed with the seriousness of the situation which confronts us. When I see that within a duy or two damage can he doiic which no time can ever ropuce, 1 begin to realize that we must look for a new,type of security." Alt of'which is to. say that a new advance in the nits, a de - vice like the .uipUne foi inslincc, is a double-edged tool 11 can bo xuul bolh-ways—to make it easiut IQI the races .of men a) get along togcllici on this troubled planU, ot to make it harder. And ,unless \\o'gct so tint \\c cm " -dinplay ny ninth wisdom in using new (.cols 'of ; JT;'nis'kind as v/o dut u) (lev is irir iheni, we x lie \en apt to me Ihe day that «e C\<.L of them Colonel'Lindbergh's own career is a ease in point. When he (lew alone from Now York to Paris he gave us one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of the century. Tlieic was honiethitif; about that exploit which made eternally visible the triumph of the 'dauntless spirit of man over a hostile environment; as his silvery plane circled over Paris in (lie . dusk, all of us shared in that triumph and were uplifted; Uiil you need only turn that iligllt of his inside out to get a clear.picture of the sort of thing he was talking about in Berlin the other day. Suppose there is a war. Over the sea. come other pliines—wliolo flights and squadrons of them, this time, with swollen egg sacs of bombs in their bellies. Each plane is down with all the skill and individual bravery of Ui;>.t OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS lone (light; but when they circle over 1'iiri.s—or' L'ondo!!, or New York, or Hei'lin—lit (lie- end, they provide no uplift of spirit for anyone. Instead, they rain down death and 'destruction. As Colonel Lindbergh says, in a few inomc/ils they destroy things that win never lie replaced. And the sunlight that |, r lmUi on their wiiius .signalizes the folly of a race which lins'the mechanical skill to commit hari-kari and lacks the sense to refrain from doing it. Roth of these flights come out of Hie same ctfg. The Wright brothers bequeathed them to us when they took _ their si)k-iiii(l-l«unljoo crate into the air at Kitty Hawk. As Colonel Lindbergh says, our only security henceforth lies in intelligence. Unless we can bring to the use of airplanes the same intelligence Hint went into the inventing and perfact- ing ol' them, we face a dark future. —Hrucc Cation. Russia. Taxes Divorce ,Thc early years of the Soviet regime sanctioned easy divorce, and so left a trail of broken homes probably without 'parallel. - Now the Soviet has faced in lh c opposite direction and levied a heavy tax on those who would seek to break thoir marital bonds. As a result, says a Moscow .'-dispatch', '-"divorces have fallen oil' 00 per cent since passage of tho new lax statute." Knssia's experience might cause some serious reflection on the- par!, of socinl-mimled Americans who have seen the ease with which divorces could be obtained in states where the laws arc hix. Aiming at the pocketbook, it seems, sobers up many a loose- thinking couple. Oiie Cotlon Price Factor They Overlooked , 'the Baltimore Stiii—emphatically Jiot n |jro- admlnislratlon ncw»|>rmcr— prcrills the climb of ccllon to the 13-cent level from the six cents of three ycnis ngo to "a number of factora." Uut it names only three. First among, (hem. it says, Is "the eencrnl Improvement/.in Jnisi- • IIMB." The second Is "(li6.iiniJroremeiVtlii.Jor- eldii demand," nnd lhc' third'"the 'giadualCwitli- drnwnl of lhc government from tho market" by Hie llqnldnllon ct Us holdings. The CJiuelle susfcsl:; that there Is a fourth factor that may have had some .slight influence in sllfrciiinj cotton prices. Since .the Roosevelt, program cf controlled production' was in- Ircduccd In 10.13 there have been no H million or 10 million or 18 million bale crops to nu the warehouses with cotton far in excess of tho world's consuming capneity. --Arkansas Gazette. I wish I could go barefoot myself. —Mayor Andrew J. Oillis, Newliuryport, Mass. * * • * Can you get social security from a government H-Jiich cannot keep Itself solvent? —Mrs. George Wyclh, New York. * * * • See everything, hear cvcrythinij. say nothing. —Advice 10 bellboys by y. Douglas, Honolulu hold bellhop. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark FRIDAY, JULY 3], OUR BOARDING HQU3E With Major , I'M BRENON6 MY HA,MD )KJ, TO LEAP THE SECOMD WAKD M/\T3Cl-!lMG AMD CHCWDHR CLUB,OM THEIR AMMUAL "PICNIC AT 'PUPPY'S 6ROVE, EGAP/ WITH A LITTLE PRACTICE, I WLL HE ABLE TO TWIRL. THE I SUPPOSE, •'•ON IT ALMOST AS "FAST AS HE TWIST THE TRUTH / PAST THE K|M6 YOUR HAMDS, YOUR BKTOW •DEFTLY AS ' WHEM T WAS POMP- POM p . ALWAYS DIZZY ABOUT SOMETHING - "Suriirise, folks! We drove all last nijjht' so .Wet here a (lav sooner." Many a Genius Has Been Regarded As c a Little OH',' Despite Talents I1Y DR. MOKIHS FIS11HK1N , . Editor, .Icuinuil of the American originality than In others. .he produces works' -of '-'renter CHURCH EXCUSES rBy G. W. narhi m=== Medical Association, .and of Hyjcia, IHc Health .Magiulnc Sosne people seem to think that a person who is n ijcnlus usu- By Williams \ THERE r THERE'S VOUR IDEAL UTOPIAN ~- HE WAS A LITTLE -LATE GETTIM' HIS MACHINE STARTED THI9 MORN1M, SO HE'S LETTING HIS MACHIME \ RUM TO MAKE UP PER IT v SO HE WONT CHEAT ' \TH' COMPANV. VEAH-BUT HE'S CHEATIN 1 M\S NIGHT PARTNER OUT OF THAT MUCH LOAFIM', RUNNIN' THAT cur-OFFr THERE CANT BE MO HEAVEN ON EARTH TILLTH' HAWK QUITS EATIM' TH' SPARRER, AN' TH' SPARKER QUITS EATIN TH' WORM.' Well, it won't be long now until Sister and Juniir will bs ,'nome. It will be necessary that I give some time to them and renew my efforts to find someone who will see that they get to Sunday school and cluirch. Of course, this .will in a \vay detract my mind from the management of our Club. Some lime ago, our Club decided over ally Is n "little hit off," if not insane. The famous Italian crlmmolo- Blsl, Lombroso, compiled a list of noted men who were In some way ihnormal. His list Includes the icvelist Edgar Allen Poe, lhc omposers Schumann B niul Gounod, I ' he poets Southey and Cowper, I - uid the philosophers Ntctv.sche md Rousseau. In previous articles. I have .minted out that the 'person who ilntters also may hesitate in hLi •htnklng ability and intellect. Yes :ven to this there are exceptionj. The psycholojjlsl, PillEbnry. has Isted the following great men who vere known'to have suffered from speech defects: . Demosthenes, Aesop, Aristotle, Virgil, Erasmus, ihcrles .Lamb, Darwin, -and Dharlcs V.. Thus, the great Goethe passed m V objcetlons to have an executive board lo help me run, or rathar , plan, entertainment and refreshments. Of course, the board voted through periods of excitement at, regular intervals of seven years, and (luring cadi of these intervals- wrolc poetry or dramatic works' j of extraordinary genius. Incident-1_ ally, n new love affair hi each ofj these periods was credited by th3 mine intellectual author for his inspiration. , I menial ability husbands and wives would Ol1 ywlt.>i cart other. This, capacity and as I told them would create an in- animated dance and. if persisted in, would finally eliminate dancing Iran our Club and since there have be&u so many evangelists In our Doctors Offer New, Accurate Test of Dea LONDON. (UP)—A new test I death, discovered by Drs. Salisbu 1 and Melvin, of Queens' Univers Kingston, Out., Is described in t current, issue of the British Medic fs gives satisfaction, yon can 520 t'nat 1 .^ave my worries. It must not be tlroue'it, from what I have just said, that (|ucer- It should be IliiU the child realized, however, with special gitls In the' old days it 'vviis custom- .ry lo list left-handed prople as being distinctly (nicer and abnor- nnl. Yet. as I have already pointed out, left-handedness iimy be distinctly normal for the person concerned. In fact, righthanded- ness. to him may seem an abnormality, and he may have trouble If :oo much emphasis is plncrd ou what he considers, normality. There arc records of geniusei, 01 course, who were-distinctly abnormal as to intellect. The philosopher Schopenhauer Imd pathologic fears nnd delusions of Grandeur, find so did the nussirm novelist Gogol. ' The great French master r,{ the short story, Guy dp Maupassant, became insane. So did the physician Scmmclwcis, who is credited with having been the fh>t lo establish definitely the nature of Infection in childbirth, pointing the \vay toward saving the lives of many women who might have died in this process. It is known thai Ite mentality of the human being passes through various phases. In some of which Spccil Limit Disputed JEWETT CITY, Conn. (UP)— I The city council and the scat'.meter vehicle department • arc v/agin» n P.-jht over the speed limit in the city proper. The meter vehicle department lias placed Ip.rge sisns Smiling thB speed to- 30 miles per licuv, whilo the city council's limit is 20 miles ner hour. . in any sense or the vyprd, chould have every possible oppor- a sure sign ol extraordinary nbil- hmity to develop them because ity. Nowadays It requires a physi- 'ns the poet Horace said, 'Train- clan of special training. .to deter-., ing increases inborn worth." '. The difference in level between Lake Superior .and tidewater is about COO feet. mankind—the chance of prematu •;: bnriul," tl)2 journal declares. l|; Tne Jest involves appearance |j» the eye. All that is necessary is i' ! " ophthalmoscope, an instrument l'' Inspecting the retina: if the cciv limns of blood In the retinal veim are broken the patient is beyoilf resuscitation. This p'hraomsnJji lakes place after the circulation h<j ! been stopped for about ten m " utes. TOLEDO (UP)—A truant nhL sua monkey that oi'twitlcd ToieOf 700 officials for five days fell vi|-j tim to a trap laid by three chili orcn and was captured. ''" CHAPTER; I-A 'r>HE fact that this young man y ' Announcements .'iTic Conner nuw» nas iicen authorized to make foimai nn- nounccment or the lollowlns candidates for public office, subject 10 the Democratic primary iicxl August 11: Fur Ilepresrntnllvc In Congress ZAL B. HARRISON For Prosecuting AUorncy O. T. V/ARD BRUCE IVY DENVER L. DUDLEY MARCUS PIETZ For County .Tmlgn VIRGIL GREENE S. L. GLADISH NEILL DEED For Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON JOE S. DILLAHUNTY For County Treasurer ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG For He-Klcctlon for 2nd Term For County Court Clrrk MISS CAREY WOODBURN Fur re-election !or second term For Stale Senator LUC I EN E. COL.EMAN For County Representative IVY W. CRAWFORD For County Assessor R- L. (BILLY) GAINES t\;r Re-election to a 2nd Term For Constable, Cliickas.nvba Township HARRY TAYLOE FRANK MCGREGOR E. M. EATON ecalled her name, after seven years of planning her summer vn- calious, intrigued Ann instantaneously. Sim felt enormously flattered! "Last summer you went fo the Maine" woods," he went on glibly. "Lei's sec — you stayed at one of the Hangeley Lakes. A dude ranch offarr." Ann's lace was positively radiant. "Yes!" she said. "I enjoyed it very much. And thanks for the special allcntion you gave me.- It was very nice ol you to have them meet my train at lhat hour of the morning! But I.didn't think you'd remember me. All these office girls—" The young man flushed, and then he seemed lo single her out from all tho oilier vacationers whose summer trips ho hod planned. "I've been selling you vacations for a long time, haven't I?" he said. He looked a I her. It was a long, searching look, in the course of which their eyes met and held. Suddenly bolh looked away and blushed. Somclhing had happened in lhat moment. Ami realized. Always before when she had come to Ihe Iravel bureau she had been the customer, a girl capable ot paying her way on a vacation. He had been ths man behind tho counter. It was Bill Ware who first realized that this anonymity couldn't endure any longer. He had to know this girl! *• * * AS he talked lie couldn't keep his eyes from her. His glib travel talk became hesitant and confused. Ills praise of this and that vacation resort seemed pathetically weak. He dropped folders. Suddenly he realized that ho. wasn't "selling her." She wasn't receiving his suggestions in a favorable . light. "Bui I went to a mountain resort three summers ago," Ann said. "I like a new place every Perhaps the seashore. Cape Cod." Ann had always small resort hotels picked where the she Sho liked those hotels wh'.rc the easy camaraderie of games prevailed—swimming, tennis, nnd boating. The amiable hoslcss at Ihe lilllc hotels always inlroduced tier to olher vacationers. The girls in the office thought it difficult to meet Ihc right men in the city. Young men who had to slay on their toes all day long to keep their jobs didn't have the time or energy to make satisfactory suitors. On vacations they seemed more susceptible, so Ann and her friends thought. Actually Ann had frequented resort hotels long enough to sense (he frequent dangers in vacation romances. But she liked (o entertain the ideal of romance i« Hie more glamorous spols endowed by nature, it made her dny-dreams more real and eased the tedium of unvarying months in a business ofllcc. Bill Ware's voice fairly glowed with enthusiasm now. "Why, [ should think Lake Rncine would "/'DC been selling you vacations jar a long lime, haven i I?" he said. thought siie would make the most friends. In Ann's adventurous mind tins meant meeting men, for there was n practical bent to her day-dreaming, she Iricd lo avoid Ihe de luxe holels where a stiff decorum would keep her from Sleeting people easily, be Hie very • place! imming, boating, climbing. The Adiron- s arc always cool—" s cinchs m^: mvxua wui— r "But I have spent one vacation at Lake Racine," Ann said pertly. I think I'll go lo the scnshorc." The young clerk took this rebuff-calmly, and went on planning a trip to Lake fiacine for her. He painted a word picture of the cool mountain lake, his voice mount- nf[ lo a crescendo until it seemed that, he was rhapsodizing the rc- .rt. "Why, 1 just sold Lake Racine to Jaime Lnird, the young sportsman whoso pictures you see in the magazines. Not a minute ago^ And lie's been everywhere" t * * I>!LL WARE become so cn- •^ grossed in talking about the charms of Lake Racine that he look up most ol Ann's luncheon hour. When she mentioned the seashore he seemed almost to hate tho idea of waves rolling in on a lonely shore. Sands were always lonely, he thought. For the first lime in Bill Ware's business career he talked a resort down, thereby perpetrating a breach ot ethics. The manager would have said that something was . wrong with Bill. Perhaps he noudcd a vacation himself. "Why, nobody is' going lo the seashore this summer," he went on. " "They have fogs on every coast. It's been raining since the first of June." His plea for the mountain resort' became almost impassioned; he ran a haird nervously through Ins hair. "You shouldn't think of going anywhere but to Lake Racine. Wlvy, this year I can go to any resort in America, with all my „.,„, paid, anil what do you think licked—Lake Racine!" He added, not quite rcnlizint:' his naivete, ".You said lhc first weeks in August, didn't you? Thai's the best time at Lake Ka- cine. That's when : am going to bo there." When he realized that ho had betrayed his real interest in persuading her fo choose Lake Racine, he blushed. Ann was smiiiii" and she thought his quick blush made him more attractive. She glanced at her wrist-watch, and turned lo go. "I have to run to work," si 10 said. He said, "Oh!" and followed her low.-u-d the door. He was dreadfully her. nfr.-iid lest he should lose "1 could come lo your address tonight, and plan your vacation trip!" ho said, his eVes beaming. "I'll bring my satchel along with all Ihe details. About the holels—the works." He looked so genuinely disturbed that Ann couldn't refuse. She handed him her card and hurried on, thinking, "What a strange young man—to come to life after alt these years. Why, he seemed almost human! But i hope he won't try salesmanship on me. t have a mind of my own I'm going lo the seashore.'' (To Be Continued)

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