The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1949
Page 15
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^THURSDAY, MAY 19,1949 Accessed Rice Cuts Food Costs New Methods Retain > Per Cent More utritive Value Processed rice which lias just iiade ils »ppe»r»nce In (he jooA <neup, is a welcome addition U> he family menu, especially. In hese days of high food costs and shortages. The new rice contains more than ifl per cent more nutritive value han ordinary white rice and possesses a versatility which makes It » wonderful foot! stretcher, tests •eveal. For example, (he new Malchlzed •Ice makes an excellent breakfast lish. Its fine storage qualities make t possible to cook the rice In the evening, put It away in the refrig erator overnight R nd (lien serve It either hot or cold in the morning. Processed vice Is the result of ex- lauslive research by the General American Transportation Corpnra- ino, of Chicago following Us Int- la! discovery by an ex-army nips* sergeant. M. Yonaii-Mnlck. By virile of the process, ordinary htqh- gradc white rice i.-; Imbued with the .'itniniiis :iticl minerals prcM-nt In he rice grain husk The visk is discarded eventually and tlie i-lce Is finally milled bv stnndartl methods The proccr rjrc-gelatfniiws the 'Mi so "' al " 1(1 danger of "gnni- r^.'-np" while cooking in the lome kilt-hen Is eliminated. The rice may be stored, after cooking, for long period- without losing Its fine texture and flavor. The ne\v i-ice lends itself to bc- ng prepared in a great variety of ways—as a breakfast food, main dish at luncheon or dinner, a side dish or as a tempting dessert. A breakfast of dell-kms rice maxe.s a welcome departure from the reg- ulur bill of fare for the jini.ll fry. Topped with rings of sliced oranf-es and sweetened with golden honey, a breakfast bow, of Malekizcd rice is as pleasing to th eye as it is to the palate. Other enriched rices have innde their appearance on the food market in recent months but Malekized rice, the most recent, has the benefit of additional research and testing, it Is said. BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Frozen Fillets Made Handier For Housewife The late spring xuon I* tending many housewives flthln* it their food dealers. There Is * trend toward the one-pound picktfe ol quick-frozen fillet*. There are many *dv»ntages to the one-pound packages. They h«ve a uniform weight to correspond with recipes. Because they «re In heavy waxed fiber board, tcUiml handling of the fish Is ti'olded. One of the complaints of the cellophane-wrapped packets was tl «t when a recipe called lor t partially defrosted fillet, handllnir. became distasteful to some women. Now one can simply turn the contents of the package onto broiler, frying pan, baking pan or casserole. New Instructions for a variety of ways of proportion «re Included 0:1 (he outside of the package. Fan-Fried Perch With Spinlth Saucft (4 servings) One-pound box quick-frozen ocean perch fillets, thawed, flour, salt, pepper, paprika, 4 tablespoons Iiuiler or oilier fat, >; cup chopped onion, i teaspoon flour. \'i cup catsup, '-.- cup water. Separate fillets, roll In flour seasoned with salt nntt pepper, sprinkle with paprika. Fry In butter or other fat In heavy skillet 10 minutes, or until done, turning to brown both sides. Remove fish from skillet. Keep hoi. Saute onion In fat rcinnlnlng In skillet until lightly browned. Add flour and blend. Then add catsup JIRRELL'S ". TODAY Afl» YOU'LL WANT 5f ' TO USE IT Flood Stricken Fort Worth Puts Controls in Force K>RT WORTH, Tex., nfty 1|. (f, —Thli flood stricken city nl«pped control* Into forc« ye«(*rd»y to fecutrd It* health. The nut Worth Health Department closed drug stores and food est«t>li»hmetit« In the Hooded areas. City health director W. V. Bradshaw ordered that no food be sold until ,11 facilities h»ve Hen checked and approved by health and sanitary Inspectors. Or. Bradshaw warned residents to boll I heir drinking w»lcr. The health department Indicated big stocks of food, contaminated by flnodwaters, will be condemned. Typhoid Innucnlnttoii stations were operating throughout Fort Worth ycsterd»y--the penally for a crippled .vater supply. « Residents of (loot areas and citizens who had drunk questionable water were ur&,ed to report for typhoid lmmuiil?r>ttcn. Already, 1,500 persons Inive liari thflr shois. Ho (Chicken Salad A Western Specialty Go West, young appetite I Try recipe* and foods flavored In California and. Ailr.o:ia (or the droop- nig »|>p«tlte these first- warm days. Hat Chirked Salad (SrriH SI Two clips cooked chicken, cut into cube*, 2 cups thinly sliced I'as- t»J celery. H cup .chopped walnuts '.» tesspoon salt. 2 leasimons ginted onion, 1 clip 1 tablespoons lemon Juice, H cup gr»ted American cheese, t cup finely crushed poUto chips. Combine the chicken, celery ami mils with mayonnaise nud season- lugs (salts, onion ami lemon Juice) "eat thoroughly, I'llc lightly Into f individual casseroles. Sprinkle cheese and potato chips liaite hi a hot oven U50 degrees F.) .bout S or 18 minute*, or until llghtlv browned. When (he »prlug appelll* craves lots of fresh vegetables, turn West again, Saver; Celery Add an eqiinl amount ef diced Pascal celery to diced fresh cur- iota. Season with minced green onion cut Into bits Conk In a small •mount of salted water. Serve hot »lth cheese sauce. Makes a good luncheon or supper when served with an omlcl, piping liot bread, tossed green saliul, dessert and beverage. *AGE Firivnc Riik Hot Too Big IX3WBON, May !»-(/»•)_. of London U now prepared to .,„,.,„ » lOJfer «K«III»I a hole In one. He |)«y» 11 .ihllHng* tlx|>ence ($^M) « yen «»« (he ctiaiice of »n ami wnlcr gradually and simmer mttil sliqhtly thickened, stirring oc- casslnnally. ArrniiKe fish ou hot platter and cover with suncc. Serve with new potatoes, buttered nnd sprinkled with chopped parsley. The thrust of an architectural arch is the pressure it exerts from side to side; the weight is the pressure it exerts downward. NONFAT DRY MIIK iOUDS LIQUID CHEMICAL BLEACH Doet a grtat job of "••*- ing" up tht fiitK dirt <ixl griut out o( your Garbig*. Can or Dn'm Prp* ... but don't put trill itrong chemical in your wAihing machin* or lub la "••!" up your tlp«n- livt clotbts, Clothat *r« advancing in pnca avery day . . . MAKE YOURS IAST by uitng a Safa Ntturat Blxch lika— YOU CAN SAVE I5( THE "TEA FOR THE SOUTHERN TASTE" Tall, frosty glas«sofclear,rragT«ntMazwell House Tea—what a symbol of fine Southern living! You'll bu drinking lots of it this season— go get a large package today and save ISif with this coupon offer! In order to introduce this lea that's sure to please your very discriminating taste-wc make this gpecial 15j- coupon offer. We believe you'll find Maxwell Houae Tea more flavorful, more delightfully fragrant, more refreshing ... in fact, an ideal combination of choice Ceylon and India teas. So do tak« advantage of this offer and this big introductory saving. But don't delay! Clip this coupon now! HURRY! OFFIR tXPIRIS JUKI SO. 194«! t COUPOM WORTH 15* T«k. thi. coupon to your grocer today. Tt I* worth 15, », wa rd MAXWELL HOUSE TEA *rtnto a* MM A SUiSTITUH FO* MEAT MACARONI-SPAGHETTI runt tea NOODLCS ' _,J*.J"- •>--!«.' "j^--^" Fresh Ooz. COUNTRY EGGS 53c Famous Soap LIFEBUOY - - 3 bars 21 1 SUGAR - - - 5lb.bag47c Charmin \ TOILET TISSUE-4 rolls 35c Snowdrift or CRISCO - - 3 Ib. can 89c Maxwtll Houie or Folgera COFFEE - - - Ib. can 55c Firm white PURE LARD - - Ib. 17c Chocolate covered MINT CANDY—ib box 39c For a deliciout dessert FRUIT CAKES - - - Ib. 39c Morrell's SLICED BACON Streak-o-Lean SALT MEAT - - Fresh River CAT FISH - - Lean, meaty NECK BONES - American CHEESE - - U. S. Graded LOIN STEAK - - - Ib. 39< - 4lbs,98c - - Ib. 590 - - Ib. 2 Ib. box 650 - lb.690 Liberty Cash Grocery's MEAL OF THE WEEK Onionj in R*rl>«cu« Sane* FIti(fy NTathcil Pi>t«to*l .ttliirt 5<Ud Fruil Si.,,..! in ,J Fruit icebox i Milk MH mc« Mil fruit cockrtil, m*ririrH*)Iowj, lemnn jute* nnd uiU. Chill I hour, Jlirrinj now ctxl rh<n- Kub hotcom »nij ii<l ii of ref rigernror ireiy with bulipr or m«rK*r(nr. Spr»,iJ IiJilf of crumbi in boiiom of irfl^. Whip cMJUd Jnilk >fl'iK coM romrf br*(*r, or tltctric b«*t«r nr high ip»ed, until »iiff. Fold inlrf chi]f*d fruit mixture. Pur into tr«y. SprintE* with r«m«in ing crumh», Frxzc, wirhont »t firing, in i ray of «u torn a etc rtfrigrraior •( coldeur lempfratur* unlil l"mn Fresh White EAR CORN eo. Iceberg LEnUCE *Crii»J>«d or diced pJn«appl«, cut-up p««chei or jpricoti, *ith«r , *)*o c«n b* und, cmcktr erumbt can v«nitl« W V,m Fill l\M<<l Pet Milk, con Canned Fruit Cocktail, can . 23c Marshmallows 20c GREEN BEANS 17V2 Fresh California CARROTS 2 bchs. 25c TAMALES The I'nuse That Refreshen COCA-COLA-C89

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