The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, KERHUARY 23, 1931 RI.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREt. How Workers In Germany Are Insured Against Poverty Reich's System Working More Satisfactorily Than British Dole. EDITOR'S 'NOTE: This is (he second of lv-o slorlcs by Milton Hronner, European manaicr for NTA Service and The Courier Nms ilc'cribing the workings of (li- I'.illish dole system unit Germany's tuvcriimenl. insurance asainsl unemployment BY MILTON HRONNE'R j European Manager, NEA Service BEUMN. — I" Germany, as in Great Britain, the continued Irada', dcpiesslon and ihe mounting annyr cf several million unemployed has; proved ft big drain rn lh? treasury.! However, the Germans havrij worked oiu their unemployment | scheme so scbntifically that it is • cfistlng the country less than Brent | 7 Britain- This is, perhaps.' partly i mcnt i usuv ance fund proper aio' 4 due to the fact that Gennnnr has t nnt(c gc<x j i,y the Bclcli partially I , had a longer experience with un- by lmns pj, v tlally by outright 1 RED RE1U1N (Continued from Pnge One) content were balanced by collective achievements ngolnsl heavy odds. In a word, ihe lust three years were crowded wish significant aitf drnmalic episodes. For anyone obliged to observe ami report these events from day 10 <luy there li danger of loss oi perspective. My natural desire M the end o (his lime Is to look back and to ,o sec It whole. I have attended umiberless congresses, mass-meet- Every Corker pays lluce and one-half per cent of his wages into ihe fund. When jobless, lie withdraws up to 60 per cent of his former salary. \Vlien woikttf' (units are (leuleleJ, fte Reich contributes foe a cabin time. A» a Usl reswt, i ox>le by the cky aJ county helps buy food Mid ckthing. record of speeches, reso- ullons, decrers and communist ser- noiis. 1 have visited other elites, towns aixl villages, fnctorlcs, com- minal kitchens, workers' clubs, collectivized farms, political trials, grain factories, "pep" meetings, soviet election 1 ;, schools, theatres, ofllci's, even private homes which for the foreigner ore the most difficult of all to penetrate, f have foiiiul friends and enemies ot the soviet icglrne. sometimes In the most unlikely places, and have talked to them. In the followhiK articles I wnnt tu draw a line under nil of it, to .we what II udds up to not merely | in economic but In human terms. TOM Oft ROW: Soviet RUK! krtks to build from ruins of Czar- doni ivhcrc Ijnorance ami frar held milllun\ like srrfs. lid! Ing and demonstrations, n n u | vcnrs. plowed through the clay-to-day A man's Ijinln ntulns Its ina.xl mum weight at the age of twenty employment English. insurance than the i , ncnev gra nts. On March 1. I930.the i fund ' was thus indebted to - the In fact, Germany is the pioneer; Rc j t | t (r> ttle extent of moK than in the matter, Years before the I u 0 mllion dollars, war, in the endeavor to steal as I Foi . [) lc present year, it was esti- much of the thunder frcm the', ,,, nfrrt tl)l . (nsuranle scheme would much feared Socialists ns he could, brlng ln thc j ol . m cf payrrants by r; J the ex-kaiser put through imcm- „„&„ an<l employers the grand fina FtTBEIHER o { RobbcrV Of .t\ouuLry Fined for Larceny McKlnlcy Vlrmon was fined $10 on a charge of petit larceny by Judse W. 13. Oravettc In police court this morning. A jail sentence of OIK hour was also meted out to Vlrmon who pleaded guilty j to the charge. Two men were fined $15 each on Helium, the wonder ens, was so named from the Orcck word moaning the sun element. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY You Have Less Thnn n Month's Time- in Which to File Your Income Tax Return W. J. PECK AUDITING COMPANY J. T. I'atmor Theme 52 . Accountants and Tax Experts J. Glencoe Hotel ployment Insurance schemes. The! , 0 t a i~ 0 f i.OBO.MO.OOO marks, whtdh methods have :bM?n frequently i ivculd enable the plan to pay changed since the war, in the en- benefits to 1.150.000 persons with- deavor to make the plan less of a, out an) . contributions from the burden rn the state. | Reich One radical difference between' Attempt at .'A. B, Jones j cllixre ? s ° [ " ub " c drunkenness. Company Plant. An attempt to force an opening . The tax on incomes in Germany i nto the office vault of the A. 13. the plans ns worked out, In Oer- ls ntloll t 20 per cent of what a man j j onra company, n-hotesal: groctry many and England is thai in Eng-j carMS> as compared to. abuut 22 : o r m. at 209 West Vine street, was land the slate planks down a cer-i p cr cen i_ m Qreat Britain, tain sum for each contribution tte' workers, and the employers put down. In Germany the state cnly contributes when there is a deficit in the fund. The first endeavor is to try to make the fund solely cm- i:.:udent en contributions by cm-, ployers and employes. However, this has failed in recent'years. owing to the increasing unemployment Pay Percentage of Wape Another radical difference is tliat in Great Britain every worker, j no matt;r what the wage, pays the| same certain fixed amount. Ini Germany, the worker SHELP ILL STOP IRE NEXT thwarted over the week-end. Whether the burglars w;ra frightened away or found the wall cf the vault toa difficult to penetrate could not be determined, but employes of thc firm found a crow bar and pick ax? lying by one wall of the vault Weather May Put State in Resort Class KANSAS CITY. (UP)—Thc state of Missouri will soon rival California. Florida or thc Bahamas as a winter resort, weather officials predicted today if the unsrasonal warm weather continues. The average maximum turc for Kans'as City during Jan- (Cmlimi'd trom page onel federal feed and seed loans, i uary, usually a cokt month, was 41 this morning. One brick had been | degrees and the average minimum removed from the wall. ; 27 degrees. Although a -complete check-up _ I had not been made this morning A new machine cuts green hoy 'employes ot the company were of Into inch lengths and blows 1 the opinion that the stock of sup- i through pipes heated to a tem]>er- plies in the warehouse and office aturc of 100 degrees, delivering i equipment, were not disturbed. The | into bags thoroughly dried in 40 only object ot the attempted rob- | seconds. i.•*.»». j LOG ICULi;!! lUL'U UilU iCtrvi lUiiiia, I . ., ,, ,, pays a flx«l| have Memi making application '»£!''"»«"^ ^"« ™jf"' m , percentage of his weekly wagas.L ntn scmc denn)!e information re- Thcrc . v '. a5 "° c ^?"' e 10hf ."£ ,M~ Thus, the better paid employe pays rdi thc recenl S 2o,000.000 ap- ! rance ™ n * lar ^. lnt .° ^\ bu " hd " I more than the poorer paid one and,I ° ro [° Uon fo , Jooi was available. ! n * f nd P° llce bel ev f* '|>. at thc ' dsr^^s^K;^^*-^ there is much livestock suffering | b "" [iin g Saturday, because of the delay tn (he Mom- when he draws benefits, gets a correspondingly higher amount. . In Germany every insured per-. ton pays an amount equ5l to 3'i cent of nis \vai?es each week. y The employer also pays in an am'•• mint! to 3% per cent of the '•' wages of each insured worker. When It comes to drawing tyme- .flts for unemployment, the workers arc divided Into 11 classes. Class I is composed of thc poorest est Colds Rub well over ViSJIS phis office i napproving. applications. Of applications filed for loans totaling. 123,281. reports from tha j Memphis office, according to the j central committee here, have been leceived on applications totalm;; only $2100: Read Courier Nsu-s \rant nils | OVER 1? MILLION JARS USED YEARLY paid workers. Class 2 of thn ones in the next scale above and so on to Class 11. which comprises the highest paid workers. What Sinjrle Men Get Tl:e benefits drawn by unmarried workers are as follows: Class 1— 75 per cent of thc Class 2—«5 per cent. . Class 3—55 per cent. Class 4^7 per cent. Classes 5 and 5—40 p=r cent. Class 7—31.5 per cent. Classes 8 to 11-35 per cent. What married Men Get For married men or lor married women, who are the sole support of their family: Classes 1 and 2- -80 per cent. Class 3—15 P-r cent." Ci ass 4—72 per cent. Classes 5 and 6—63 per cent. Class 7—62.5 per cent. Classes 8 to 11—GO per cent. Ordinarily these benefits arc paid | cans for 26 weeks. But if the insured! . ion persons live in an industrially de-| pressed area where conditions for i a work ar? very poor, the benefits | may be extended for 39 wcfks. \ Slate Aids Fund ; . When this period has been ex-1 ccedfid and thc insured person is' » , still out of work, he falls out of, * the category of those drawing un-1 Negro Fined $35 for Chasing Woman with Ax Northern Arhistrong, nearo, was fined a total of $35 on charges of assault and battery and disturbing | the peace by Justice Ed Walker this morning. Armstrong entered pleas of guilty. The negro is said to have lost patience with a negress who force;! her attentions upon him and chased her with an axe. Ascd Hicr Buys Third I'lane KANSAS CITY, (UP) — The Middle West's oldest airplane pilot is Dr. Frederick M. Planck, 65, j of Kansas City, who recently pur- I chased his third ship. Dr. Planck, ; who learned to fly three years ago, uses his plane to make professional throughout the entire sec- Married Life" Not Worth While B!ame»WiYei"'Nenre»" ____ ..... „_.. . "\Vcaknervcs,"saida New York doc- emplnymenl insurance and comes i tor recently, "in my estimation wreck within thc emergency category.' more happily married lives than any There is also a radical method of i other cause." financing this. As stated the funds i Besides nukin_g the sweetest disposi- for the unemployment insurance | tio^ sour an<l irritable, nervousness isa are secured from the workers and: terrible drain on your vital forces — it the employers, the slate making up| KIDS your youth and your strength and any deficit. But, for the emerge".- Ji!*J your beauty. What a difference cy category tVc Reich contributes from the bright-eyed, vibrant girl he four-fifths of the money anrt the j married. No wonder married Me scons city or county contributes one- unbearable! fifth The financing, therefore, Bat you can get rid ol your nervous- falls upon the taxpayers | ness— speedily too— and become tire Workers draw benefits under thej steady-nerved, radiant wonian you once emergency catcsory for 32 wo?ks.i ««. Try _ the effect _ of lanlac alter as T scheme would get 63 per cent his wages. But under the f n ' gency scheme he gets thc benefits! of Class 7— 62.5 per cent of his wages. rtrally: if the worker ts still unemployed and has exhausted thc benefits he m»y draw under the emergency cntogory. he at last falls on what is a real dole. This is. paid wholly out of thc treasury o! the city or the county. Notliing Is. paid into Ill's fund by tW Reich.' nor by the individual states such' -as Prussia or Bavarb- It thus bc-j conies a burden on the taxpayers "' the city or county and there is ' nihch complaint aboht thess! '"ountlns costs. - The deficits tn tho uncmp'.oy-1 GAS161/2C Phillips "66" Save 30c to 45c on a Tank of Gas. Open nay .t Niglil Harry Bailey Arch, Hermondale, Mo. Harry Bailey, Prop. COURTEOUS SERVICE more conveniently because of the Alakromc Thcrmo-Piatc — an exclusive Maytag feature. The Maytrg Ironcr is a separate, complete unit — can be in eny room in the house. PHONE for a Maying wcsher, n Mnytag Ironcr or both. If thc Maytag doesn't sell itself, don't keep it. Divided payments you'll never miss. THE MAYTAG COMPANY NEWION :, IOWA 189i lYy nay kaw t*< HtyU* I»'uWr tq*iffel nti ix^ui't r^Vi*/ ^-**- Ifcicr. TUNE In—E^jovtb* MaytM Radio Hour over N.B.C. Coa»t to Cc*tt Blue Nclwak— Every UoixUy 9 SM P.U.. E.S.T.v-130 C.S.T.—7*0 M.T.— 6:00 P.C.T. Northeast Arkansas Maytag Co. Jonesboro, Ark. W. M. VANWINKLE 213 >'. Firsl St., Blj-dicvllle, Ark. Announcing the Consolidation of East Arkansas Lumber Co. and the The Grimes Lumber Co. Believing there were too many lumber yards in Blytlieville and that through a consolidation it would enable us to render a more perfect building service we have merged our Blylhe- ville interests with the Grimes Lumber Company. In the future all business of both companies will be transacted at the office of the East Arkansas Lumber Company, with Mr. Sam Grimes in charge. . . We are prepared to render a most complete building and decorating service and extend to all a most cordial invitation to bring your building problems to us. The East Arkansas Lumber Co. SAM GRIMES, MANAGER BUILDING MATERIALS PAINTS & VARNISHES WALL PAPER A Word of Thanks Permit me to take this means of thanking the people of this community for the patronage given the Grimes Lumber Company during the past years and to ask for a continuance of yqur business at the East Arkansas Lumber Co. My interest in the East Arkansas Lumber Co. is the same as it was in the Grimes Lumber Co. and I will continue to give you the same conscientous and helpful service as always. Sam Grimes. Note: Those of you who owe accounts to the Grimes Lumber Co. kindly make settlement with me at the East Arkansas Lumber Co.

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