The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
Page 8
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'AG1-; EIGHT Society Girls Judge Healthy Baby Contest (Conttnfd fmm n*°? iivi Republican nominee for governor, ys. Milton K. Young, Democrat- Elevn congressmen to t; elected: 10 of the uresent ones Republican COLORADO—Qeo. H. Shaw, Republican vs. Edw. P. Costlgan, Democrat, for senate. Gov. William H. Adams. Republican, ts op- vwiHl bv Rob'. F. Rockwell, Democrat- Pour congressmen to be elected' trree ivtv are Democrats. CONNECTICUT—Ernest E. Kox- rtrs, Republican, vs. Dr. W. L. Cross. Democrat, for governor. Five congressmen to bo elected; now all Republicans. DELAWARE— Sen. Daniel O. Hastings, Republican, oujjoscd by irs-S»n. Tho_L P. Bayard. Dem"- rrat, whose father nnd granff.lher were also senators from Delaware 'Die state will also c:ec: iu- sole congressman; seat now ir.-ld by :i •'^publican. Bryan's Daughter Ts Unoppr.sfd in Florida FLORIDA—No senate of gubernatorial elections. " Four Demo- crfljlo representatives in Coniress s«ic-re-election, ono of whom is MJs.. Ruth Bryan Owen, unopposed .. '-.' •"" GEORGIA—Stn. Will. J. Harris, Democrat, vs. M. O. DunnliiK. Republican. Richard B. Russell, cd, eight oj \vi'.oi!i now nre Dcmo- TI1UUSOAY. (KTUMKU "in. is opposed by C. •I'm Arthur ««n T , , , ' P">ran. Ttn cyngreiv NORTH DAKOlA-Oov. Goo. F. men to be elected; eight HOT a™ .Shafer, Repi.bhciiii. unopjwsid for Democrats. re-election, "riirn- congressmen to Fatter' of Prohibition be elected, fill <>! whom now live Seeks Rf-Klection i^' 1 ""-'- . j TEXAS-Sen. Morris Sl.nppard, «u^ ls '" S "'' Democrat and author of the |.ro- In Ohio (.atnjKi.Kn hihltioii iimendmcnt opposed bv OHIO— Sen. Itowoc McCulUtth. C. O. Harris, Republican Ross Ster- Heiiubllcati dry. is opposed for re- ling. Democrat and millionaire election by Robt. J. Hulkley, IX-ino- Houston publLsher, vs Dr Gco C crat wet. Gov. Myers Y. Cooper, Hutto, Republican', for governor. Republican, is opposed by tiea. Riglnecn congressmen to 1» elect- White. ^Ucmoi-rat. Twenty-two con- ed; all arc now Djinocrat-s gressmen to fcc clecU'd; 19 now Re- UTAH— No senatorial or eulMr- publlcans. natorial elections. Two congress- OKLAItOMA— Son. W. B. I'inc, men to be elected; at present one Republican, millionaire oil man, Republican and ono vacancy. opposed by Thos. P. Gore, Dwr.o- • VERMONT— Stanley C. ' Wilson, crat, blind'-scjiator. Alfalfa Republican, vs. Park II Pollard' Hill" Murray, Democrat, opiwsed Democrat, for governor. Two confer governor by Ira A. Hill. Repub- gressmr-n to be elected; both now lican, and Jolm Funning unit B. C. Republicans. . Bliigliani, Indepcndeitts. Eight con- | VIRGINIA — Si-n. Carter Glass. • Itressmen: five now Democrats. Democrat, opposed by J. Cloyci I OREGON— Sc-n. Chas. L. Mr- Byars, Independeiu. and Joe C. Nary, Republican, op;KKed by El- Morrow, Socialist. Ten co;i;;rc3S- ton Watklns, Ueinocrut, Piill- men to be elected; seven nov: are -\U-tschan, Republican, and E. p.. '.Democrats. '. Bailey, Democrat, anct Julius. L. j'. WASHINGTON — No seuatoria! Meier, Independent Republican. Idr.gubeniaujrial'electlons. PJVC con- arc candidates for ifovcrnor. Three -| gressmen to be elected, four of congressmen to be- elected, all cf iwhom. now are Republicans. ' "LADV" UKES HER MUSIC wlaycd the pony llslens None off. CORTLAND. N. Y. (UP)—Uicly. i tho ollwrs ponies is Intcres-wl Mav l»lo pony at the Cortland Polo nnd said. nidlng club, Is so fond of music —___ the stops eating to listen, accord- The, rst successful parachute Ing to George May. In charge of jump of which there is record was the swbles. A radio has been set made in 1787. in Strassburg bv a up- In his quarters and when it Is man named Bbnch.ird. ' whom now are Republicans. 1'iiirhot Is Nominee Of Two Parties Kx-Stiu(or Tiles a Comeback in West Va. WEST VIRGINIA James E The babies nro very well, thank yuu. So well, Ui fact, that amonj Hie four pk-tured here are the win- ,,,„..,,,,,„, „ ,, , o ncr and runners.up in a "Wei, B ab y " coafc* conduct* by a Now Vork h^uU. Society 0* too k ^^^^^^f^^g*^ In noinlnee. is opixwd for senate by i Six congressmen to b? ;lecuxl, Av< Charlotte Enrlcos Sctlgwlck Klsller, Democrat: S. i cf whom now arc Republicans. . Kaner. ' I w> Blerer ' Prohibitionist; Wrn. J. ] WISCONSIN — Phiilp P. LaFol- . — —-_.__ I Van Essen, Socialist, and Emmett 'stte, Progressive Republican, op_. . . , , , , ... . ... i P. Cush, Communist. GifTord Pin- posed for governor by C. E. Eight, tongi-K-uncn to be rlrcled. congressmen to be' elected, ig of .Monw is Kepubliom - candidate chot,: Republican and Prohibition- Hammersley Democrat' Frank B nil TIlWll t Oil/--; lU>[mr nrilliv^rnf C ivtirmi 11/111- r,r~a rinmiKt lr.«i>» * i._.i, *!,,. I. ' . _. . • _. . .. .... , -* * -*n .„_.._ • •_' .... '. ... . „ part In the preliminary judging, weixhlnu and ineu-suriju; iscorch- of younpu-js who were entered the ; show. The..socially prominent, judges aro, left to rijht: the Gladys Freeman, 1'ejyy Le Uoullllltr, Altene Jones) anil Ullliin nil present ones MAINE Held cliif Democrats, whom now are FU-publlcuis. IU; election' on 'Wet and Dry Kijbt l ' £c?t. 8. electing the following: Wai- 'Strthes In. Montana Jor bo:h the regular term and. an Lit. candidate for governor, Is op- MetcalTe, ' Socialist, imd Alfred B uiiexulrcd icrui for senate, as*' arc posec) by Jolm M. Hemplilll, Demo- Taynton, Prohibitionist. Eicvctt J^cr, Socialist, and D. 'W. crat; Jas. H, Manrer, Socialist, mid congressmen to be named; all . ™_ . ,„ ^ r *™ i, \m,it«"i3r^ KII Jr., Democrat. 32-year-old- so.i of , -aco H. Wlutc, Republican, as scna- - en. omas J. Graham. communist. Alex Simp- Frank Mo7»r Communist Tl irtv now are RCDUblicans the chief -justice of Georgia's su- -or; Governor Wllllom T. Gardiner. Walsh, Democrat and extreme dry, son. Democrat, who was pros?- six ccJrSmen o te "t ecS 35 ^^MWO - Rotal B prerne court, unopposed for gov-j Rcp.iM.can for -another term; also • .. oppuril for reflection' by Xl-.cutor in the UJ1-MUU case; tea ° enwr.:..Twc^:: Democratic con- ftra KW*Hn« conpreamen • • bert J. Galen, Republican and pro- candidate Jor the long tern,, a., RHODE ISLAND - Sen grcssmen seek re-c'ection. .MARYLAND — Gov. Albert C. r.ounced wet, Two congressmen to; are EsLlier H. Elfrelh, Prohlbl- H Metcalf IDAHO-Sen. Wm. E. Borali. \ «'«>'*. Uoinocrat. opposed for re- be elected; ono now Is Republican, ticnlst. Republican, vs. Jolm M. Tyler. - 1 " °» by Win. F. Urocnlng, ne- oSiocrat. John McMurrny. Republican, vs. G. B:n Rcos. Domo- crat, fcr governor. Two oonsress- m"n to be elected; boUl now Re- the UJ1-MUU case; tea now Repun a d one vuncy RepubUcn vs Harrv H ™ DeSoSS foT "na e. Gov. Frank C Fmnr^nn nAmibllcau vs Les' ,ind A. Kudllk, Socialist- Rpuubllein ' ILLINOIS—RuIh Harjia McCor. mfck, Republican, Mrs. Lottie H. O'Neill, Independent Republican, and Jas. Hamilton Lewis, Demo- Tral, are candidates for sciuttR. Tu -r hty-seven caiiTressincn to be elected, 19 of whom now arc Re-1 publicans, six Dsmocrals and U-o «»»'< meant. INDIANA — No senatorial or gvbematcrlal election. 1 ;. Thirteen corrrcs.tmcn to be elected, of wh"m. 10 now arc Republicans. IOWA—Sen. Daniel F. Sleek. Democrat. Is opposed by Congressman L. J, Dlckimon. Republican. n>". W. Turner, Republican, and F^e" P. ra--e"-ann. Democrat, ar ran-'lt'ates for '-overnor. Eleven crrpfefOTcn to b" r!»cted; all f r s?nf. ones Rn n nblicnns. to the c.x-presldent), candl- ' clla;1 - ' w - Bryan, Democratic vice, dates for sraatc, Coolldge being a. rrc;J<lentt ' l l n.:inlneo in 1024 »nd ivcnounccrt wet. Qov. Frank O brother of ^ l«tc Wm. Jennings , M . m Gerry, S. Case. Re- Theodore P. Three congres.s- *'o now are .R«'- A Dem6cr:it. One con- .bc elected, the tri- a Republican. '- Republican. C. M. BotlF. SOUTH CAROLINA'— Jas. F. .«. Ar|our ,6«Ugman, Byrnos and' Olin D. Johnston- for governor. T!ie Democratic candidates for senator congressman, now a nn( i governor, respectively, arc.uri- T E Democrat Atty -den Wilber M. Bruckcr, R«publ[can "nd .William A. Comstocli, Dejiio-' '.rat. ' candidates for governor MIOII1GAN—Sen ' Jas Couzcns Rt 'P ubIlciin . opposed for re-elec-i NEW YORK—Qov. Franklin D H. McMflster,. Bepubllcan,' L^ op'-', ne-publlran, exposed by T E' """ ^y-Cl'Jts. L. Richard 1 ;,.Demo-' R °9 6evel1 is °Pi»s<\t foi- re-elef- posed by Wm. J..Bulow, Democrat.)' Weadcck. Democrat. Attv - Qen crflt - Onc comressrrian, at; pros- tio '? ^ Chas. H. Tultle. nepubV Warren E.'.Green.'republican, vs. Tt « PcruMlcah, to txi elHjtal: j can nn(l former federal district at- D. A. McCullough, Democrat, -for' NEW HAMPSHIRE — ;-•; Sen. torney, and Lewis Waldinan, £o- governor. Three' congressmen 'to b?. llcnry w. Keyes, Republican, Is clallst. Fortv-tliree rintre^smen f elected; all now are -Republicans. hlrtcen con-r;ssnien "to be "Pl»sed by Albert • W. Noone, bs elected. 20 seals now beim h?ld TENNESSEE—T\vo senators to lected; nil present ones Repub- D^oo-at. John D. Wlnant, Re- by Republicans. 22 by DemocratF be elected. Cordell Hull; forme' publican, vs. Frederick E. Small, anil »n« va«-.nrv. Pf:-rocrat. for governor. NORTH CAROL1MA—Jostah \V state's two Republican congrcss : Bailey, pro-Smith Democrat. iv h - EFOTA — Sen. Th-r. D. '•-'nd nolin. Is opposed by ?• R ^,rn^«ars5 s. ?•. ni^-fs*"- Lundei'ii. Fanner-Labor, Rtiy P. C'liaw, Rrrvhllcci!, «nd Fin d Ol- »-c- J.V- «ra,, ra | 0] , ,-„,,,, r . r .., tor] n ,. c ta , ;tlidnu , 5 I- .•-.K.-V-—TWO senators ;o b?. or pover-ri-. Ten cor-iiw-mrn to r'---'--'. ! . ^--i. tho rc-uhr tcnn. : be elortefl, nine of wliom now nre Fer. ^rllr-r rc-irr "s o--vos-(l b' Republicans and one Farnur- Jorri''"»r M. Prvls. DeiiHU'rnt: for: ->lvr 8." 1'jvM'ert t-rai, Sen. Heivy J I MISSISSIPPI — Sen. Pnt Hnrri- >llen. .Rrr-ublicnn, is o^joscd b'-'j^c-n. L'einorral. unorposi<u (or re- Geo.'McGlll. Democrat, aivl H. M election. Eight, Democratic - con- P.rkins, Socialist. Candidates for rcFsirr-n till se:k rc-elettlon. ..' tiro -Fr?n'< TTaiicke. Re- MTSSOUP.I — No senatprlnl or •Hnrry H. Wondrbjr. iibernatorlal elections! 'Sixteen '.' tr.d JO'T B. Shield^, cocjai'st. . Ei"ht con'ncssmen to h"' rl'rtff ;^v:n of whom now are RsrubHr-jms. KENTUCKY—Two senate lerms t" be flllrd. M. M. Loran, Demo- 'rat, '< chr.didate for loiY! t rni. Pen ^WilllamErn. Democrat, Is raridldot'e for short teiiu, while Cohgrefsman J. KJ. Robi?on, Republican. . Is candidate for ' both terms:, Eleven congressmen to be elected," seven of whom now are RepunHcaris,' three Dtmocrats and pno seat vacant. LOUISIANA — Hucy P. Long, present Democratic sovernor, unopposed for election to senate. "T-W folds the In Jersey JEnscv - chairman of the Democratic: na-- tional committee, opposes-Paul F Divine, Republican, for-long "term Sen. Wm. E. Brock, Democrat,'; I opposed for re-elect Ion to sti'i- ' defeated the veteran Sen. F. V Simmons in Oie recent urimv-v. opposed by 0. M. pilchard. Rc-ni^- lenn by P. Todd Mencham. Repub- licai:. Cov. Henry H. Hortbn, Dem- _ Dwlght W. Hcan.'Ten coiigres.'jniFii to-be I. I . >., .. „.-. | M |t ___ LMJLUtl" IM^MBMlll-lllllllll^ WANT The \ SHORTEST \ LINE \BETWEEN USE PHONE RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday SanufcTrail a ROMANCE ACTION DRAMA FIGHTS and FUN! Com-;dy and Novelty. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 and 35c. COMING All Next Week Smith-Willis Stock Co. be sure YOU attend COOKING SCHOOL- If yp^ ):avc a.linicky husband who'll only t«t things wjien tliey'rc fixed just so v ; . if you have; a dickens of a time getting Junior to cat what's good for him ... if you're faced with any of the hundred and on> problems of preparing healthful, tasty meals that have variety . . . then you'll enjoy and profit by this FREE course in cookery conducted by Mra. Dougan at the City Hall Auditorium. . * \;V '. .<" . " Economical shopping, cutting db\vn waste motion and foodstuffs, scientific cooking procedure, variety in your rnrals . , . all these nnd more nr6 cov- ertkl by Mrs. Dougmi in her clas=. The Courier News, s(x>nforing this course, urges your attendance. • Mrs. Myra Doug an Well-known authority on culln- nry arts, donustio ixjlence. and lecturer. l:as been engaged by the Courier News especially to conduct this course. CITY HALL AUDITORIUM NOD. 18, 19, £0, 21 The COURIER NEWS Dragging Feet // your VITALITY is slipping aiaiy from you try S.S.S. J UST one complaint—those dragging feet—yet they tel! a ME story. Back at the fountain-head the red-blood-cells are not up to standard. When your ml-blood- tells are only 807o you are NOT yourself— GO'/c ia dangerous. You haven't the vitality to fi^ht infection and disease. S.S.S.— the great Mood Tonic — stimulates the blood-building or- Kflns to supply the necessary red- fells. Your appetite picks up. Your body is strengthened, invigorated—you feel like yourself again! And DRAGGING FEET become STEPPING FEET. Take S.S.S. before each meal, Millions of people have found it tho easiest and surest way to keep themselves "lit." Its successful record of over 100 years in building red-cells in the blood is a guarantee ot satisfaction. Get the large size bottle. At ail drug stores. 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C PENNEY COMPANY, Inc.

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