The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1938 JBLYTOEVILLE (ARK.) COUIUEU NEWS (Continued Prom Page 1) praised undci the court order uiitl v.ill be inskte tlic levee 10 D't con- f.lraclcd. However (veil Ihuuxh inside tho projxwd levee, crops tiui he til-own on the land four years o'.U of five, J. W. .Meyer, district neer predicts. Following the cild meander Owner Of !> Club Is S<> ConlomplSo ft ght rving iiK'we CARUTllERSVlUjE Mo., Mny 27.—Jim sklmicr, co-owner of Die Skinner's dance hall on Migliwny 84, four' miles WCM of llayli, yes- lerday oilered Ihe comity j.-iil here Will Hoia Jarboe Rites Here Saturday Morning PAGE THREE lU'(|iilem liitjh imiss will bo snlil • Saturday morning ill tin 1 tlmrch ofi Hie Immaculate Conci-pilon for! f/ola Jartoot', 45-ytw-util grocery I'luployt', ivlio dk'il yi'Mcnliiy mom- 1 lug following un uiitoinoblti! acci-' dent. The Key. J. J. Thompson 11 ml the HOT. P. J. Mmpliy will rend i the rites nl nine o'clock. j . . . „„ , ,, Active pnlllxMii'iTs will lie: llcr- olx-uin serving a 30-day sentence! ^ i =Weekly Personal Devoliou to Christ for contempt of court, growing out n'mi of violation of a permanent In- iunclion etvcn <H;iitiist the place on ,,„,,,„,., ltllll w c c . lU ,, ul . „ May 1, 1831. Tile lint day alternuon was given by Circuit L'uml of Big Lake the levee will be sul>- ! Jiiiltje L. II. Bcluilt. after Skinner. Hujiojiiiy jiallbeai'ffi will Ije: Jot Isaacs, Chester Nahers, Jotlle Na- Seis, Arthur Nabci's, I.oulc Isaacs, Marvin Nmm, J. ,1. Daly. »r, Fred stantially bigger lliui) Die prea'iil none lii-re ans\ entered :i voluntary | {oy y (( | t . Lawn-ncc i'ose'v Pntsv' Drainage District Nu. n tc-vee. U plea of guilty. Wednc.'-xlay, Prose- ] jston ami J I) clime ' will be built iu expense ol ihe tilling Attorney R. W. Hawkins federal governim-jit. the di.sliki.ii^d filed :i petition lo have Rkiu- wilh Di-alnaye District No. H par-lm-r, his wife, Mrs. Jim Skinner, tlcipiUiig. supplying the N'i'hi uf'imd Jodie Skinner haled into court way, Nu estimate ol lhe number of'to answer lhe contempt biiiiing. men ihal will be employed on Ihe'At, that lime, Judge Schull set lhe Jimail will Ije made a! Elniwund minutes Jaiboe- died rcnciilng the lie was lakei crashed Into an n few Walls IIY W.M. K. (UI.IIOY, 1). I). l-.'llllur uf Advance The New Ti'.stjiincnl Is n book of moving stories of human life. In which deep Inlerest and prolouml human iiuil social valtu'.s me com- !:te.sse:l Into amazingly little space. Hire is this story ol the woman who anointed Jesus \vl!)i pnrloiis ointment as He was lielni; eiilei- tahied at (lie house ol Hlmou the li'Jiev, In Bethany. What deep, mid in a measure dilllcuU, tincstlons It raises, mid yet how closely related ll;ey arc lo all ol life in every ai'e! Tlie alatia.sler cruse of uhilment of pure Hard, which the woman bronchi, was very easily, ami of (here was gn>M Indignation among tliora wlio mnrmuri'd about the waste of such precious slujf. "H mi;;ht Imvc l),, ( , n SO U1." (hey «ii<l, "lor iiiMu'e :m shillings and Kivi'u to the poo,-," Instead of complaint!),, lo Jesus, '"" ' vlilcillly aillhfssca mid abused Ihe iic.or woman. Hut Jesus heard . mallei's, that is often .Surely i lie Master who had tau-li lint In a hiulici mid In tier sense. • ••"• •••",-•" i »"" '""i .Mi'ii nut in a liinliei • imd hi tier sense (•oiifern lor the !,,„,,• would I'.-bnki' Hiei,' is an allilude life and' hei and would tell her that ,,he „ vlnv ,,i „,,. ,| m( ^ Ull lll)()Vl> ,, K> could l, (1 ,v iimdf liett.T ,,«(. of Ihe ls ii,,, ; ,i, <„ , hm ,, s ,„ mmlo , nm , ol Hmuii. mil, m>> ,K,.SHS commend- Humes. If one were ;»,mm, Ihe pom'. I'd her lor w ha I she had done. He id,.,,,,,,,!!,,, U ,r help, he would have looked beyond Ihe m.iUrlal ,,s|,er|,,- „ ,.„. h , u ,,,. ,,, m , eoi.sfderallon of the ihliii; to the ;.i>li-H ol what ,t,,<l kln,lne w | u „ society of people Ihe unman had done and t:i her Hike ihis woniuii whit poured hn-lh l "" f '" : ' 1 '- llh<- iirecluiis ointment, thnn In n It : i . doubtful whether Inese dis- ' wti'lely of pcimy-pluchini; and <-i])U.-, wtio murimned were n-idly i Ui'V-vi--iuiied dJM'lfjles. The wiftld lucks linlay In larue Keneroiis impulse, Far bellt-r Hull. Is )»eac!icil D))-oiiBli6iil. the world, wliitt this woman did Is spoken of us ii memorial of her. Clod Mess lht> precious ointment bearer, and God uinnt (hut we may have n portion of her .'-pliltl AS soon ns brakes start to squeal, it is a good Idea to have a met clianlc look at them. It may be n case of metal ruWjIng against metnl, In which case, new drums i.wonld lie necessary before iong. were makhi'i u meat deal more of iimti'rliil (lilnus thiin (hey Inia'jlni'd. Aiimii;. !(«• iiiu'.l spiritually mind-1 \v,. luivr here not only lhe lon- <•<). tin-re is a lii». disregard of (HIM bHweiii Individual:), hill ivir ill's. KiiHicliMii'fi (his ;,hcnv.s ll'.cll III ruihcr ri'fri'lliiltli' wuvs in un Inno- the UilJit- v.ork. Ihrjoii contlnui'd until A group thai went lo Little Rock O f circuit court, to confer with Clov. Utility and high-; Tin- contempt procee<liin;s were way department ollisluls said that ni cc | as an aftermath of the brutal the chief executive and the depart- i beatini; ailmiiiislered to Nathan ollic-ials promplly agreed not , T eioy, 2-1, I'ascola youth who died to hold District No. 17 or the fed- ,„ tl ; e n|yti, cv j|i e ) losl) iial Monday eral government liable for road lls ,, t . f .^ uf „ } , m (m K K lven hint (lamase when (lie levee program by foli| . men _ Amicl ni|1 a]lcl Roh . was explained ,,,,. Pl . |veu |K)(|| of th| , ( , Eventually the new levee .system cl( . vc c , owe alu , Aniol(l ,f wk> .^ bolh of near West Ridge. Ark. The four are beiiiu held in tlic county jail, on charges of murder, and July term believed that Mr. Juri^ie was stricken with a liejiit .-iiiack as he WHS pntllni! Ills leel on the lirukes of will he extended to the western side of Big 1/ike, along Drainage, District No. IG's area and the lower Ui'aitmge District No. 17 sector on the side and will, with the revamped and improved St. Francis system remote forever the flood danger from Mississippi county » \ands outside the levees, H is claim' rd. B. A. Lynch, V. G. Holland nml i T. ft. Grain are District 17 com missioner.s. will be given their hearing June 1st. prclimintiry H. L. Chambers Home Damaged By Fire Deleg; ales To State Club Meeting Return c 6 rl Mrs. S. S. Sternberg, president of lhe Forrest City District Federation of Women's club, and Mrs, George M. Lee, Ijoth delegates la lhe state convention, have returned from the meeting which convene:! at Little Rock Tuesday. Weilncs- rtay and Tmireilny when Mrs, K. McCain, of Cotton Plant, was elected president. Other officers elected were Mrs. Shinn of Batesville, second president, and Mrs, Wi Little Rock, treasurer. Mrs. Elwoocl Buker,:of fiermott, outgoing prcs- irtcnt, rb'eciiine federation: i director ana^uis Velvin,-foviner Fed-1 erfttwit-director, was' eiidorsSI-' Minn office in (he general federation. Mississippi County was singularly honored on the program by having ptesenlect u skit written l>y Mrs. F. P. Jacobs, of Oriclcr, with Mrs. Dwiglit Bhickwood, ol' Osceola, and Mrs. Ix?e hi its cast and by having Mrs. S. S. Slcnihcrg appointed chairman of the courtesy-committee. The suburban residence of Mr. niKl Mrs. H. L. Chambers, two miles south of town on Highway til. was damaged by lire yesterday afternoon. Whether the flames were aused by lightning lias not been determined. The fire started in the (rails of (he tath room and spread to the kitchen but was extinguished before extensive damage was done. The fire was discovered about five o'clock by Ross Stevens, who noticed the smoke as he was pass- in*; on the highway. An examination of the wiring showed no defects and the assumption is that lightning either .struck that :-e y might have left _ lighted ciijarctte tossed aside and which was not noticed. his truck lo hint for the. "slop" .siyn ut (he Main sireei and Ilinii- way lil inierseciion, C'olJb Funeral home is in charne of anaiigemciH.s. Half Moon News Mrs. T«n Atcxnnder led the devotional nl lhe meeting of n members of the Woman's Missionary Union of lhe liwjiwnue! Baptist church Thursday allemoon at the thurcli when Mrs. U'land Hod»c presented the JM-OJIMIH on "Africa of Today." Prayer was offered by Mrs. \V. W Wallers following which a Iclli'i from the Haptist hospital at Monticello ivns ready Ijy Mrs, J. w. Pen 1- lo;k. Gills tor lhe hospital and finals for the w. M. u. treasury were discussed. The closing pniye'r was led by Mrs. Alva Jan-.Ul, Kcad Courier News Want Ails. were Mrs """• "s'"-""iB eimer .sirucK >coml vice that . ' wrt 0[ llle ht »' se or that 'oilman of wo) '™ien «'l!o were working he« rs Elwnoil «"•"«• i" the (lay might have lefl Mrs. Gallic C. Lyons Dies At Family Home •j Marriage Licenses Five couples have applied for licenses lo wed at the Blylheville ollice of Ihe county court clerk during the past week. Names of the couples and (he minister or officer performing the eercmmw, if listed, follow: Albeit M. Harper, of F^iton Tenn.. and Miss Willie Dradshaw, of Blythei'ille. by Mngislrali; T. L. Cassidy; Mclviu Pntterson, of Stecle. anil Miss Eunice Dye. ot Braggadocio, by Mngislrate Cassi<iy; Melbern N. Crow, of Blylhc- ville. anil Mrs. Audrey Howard, of Holland, by Magistrate Cassidv: Mrs. Cfiiiie C. Lyons, wife of W. J. Lyons of near Annorel, died at , the family home yesterday after- C:l1 '' Varbro and Miss Mary Priday. noon followim; a brief Illness. She bolil of Kennett. by the Rev. P. H. imd been ill and was n patient nl : J ermgan: C. o. Gates, of Dell, and the Blythcvlllc hospital for several Mr - s - M-n'saret Parks, ol Trumann. days this week but had returned borne and seemed apparently improved until a few minutes before her death. Funeral services were held nt the Bethel Methodist church of Ponlo- • toe. Miss.. Ibis afternoon. Besides her Jnisbaml, she is survived by four sons, John, of Pon- toloc. and Bill, Tom and Archer, of Armorel, nuri one daughter, Ml.s. John Poster, of Earlc, Ark. Holt Funeral home was in charge of funeral arrangements. Any blue feather, if pounded to powder, changes to black. T-niij TIIW- Accidental KINGSTON. N. Y. (UP)— Accidentally hooking the front of James Abbott's parked automobile with her car, Mrs. Emily Hansen drove 22 miles without realizing she was towing the other machine. Police searchin!; for the missing Abbott car found it along (he road where Mrs. Hansen hud uncoupled it. NOTICE Mil. FORD OWtNKR:— Are you Jiirhy??? f.iwk at your 11)118 Arkansas License Tat;—ir ii's FiitST NUM°«I-:K is i-otiit H), you receive imr "Siicchil Jiuini; Car Tune-Up", ri-gularly piircil at S1.00. fur ONLY V1.M, ll.aliur iinly), SAVING SJ.M. (.link anil src wlull you gel: 1. Sand hlasl dean ami adjust spark jilnss. 1. Clean and ailjusl illslriliiilnr points. ."J. Clean earlmretnr, sediment linwl and gas line. 1. Sfl liming; liiiii; and adjust nioior. 5. Ailjusl & lii-liloii fan lirli, hose clamps and w-.ller pump, li. <:icun ge.nerafor annaliirc Asel for spring driving. 7. Test and fill liallery—clean ami lighten terminals. 8. (.'lean heaillijtlil reflectors, focus- n-ifh Dleclric. Eye. n. Remove anil clean thermostats; ,-heclt nil filler. 10. Clean and flush radiator; (lean ami refill air (-trailer. ITh I; IMS jim.) oiTi-r expires .lun« 10, . . Bring tiiis ail with PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mil & Walnut I'liono RIO Beautyvest Sales Contest Hotter As Closing Dale Nears Joe Alexander, one of the Hubbard Ftirniliire Company sales- j men competing in the Heautyrest sales contest, today had a lead of | two mattresses over his closest i rivals, James Edwards and Newell j Brighain. who are in a lie for sec- | ond place. As thr contest uears the ' end. June 1st. a close finish is anticipated. The. race, wliicli storied some lime ago, has , been unusually hoi j during the past week with lhe list or Beaulyrests being sold getting larger and larger. Alexander's lead Is not regarded as enough to assure him of winning anrl apparently it is anybody's race yet. "Get your order in and help your J favorite win the money." sponsors of the contest urged today. "Remember, May 31 is the last day." Hubbard's has Just received notice from the railroad of Hie arrival of another carload of Beautyrest' and Simmons springs for late cus- j lomers who will buy before the contest closes. Be Trim When You Sivim! BATHING SUITS IMS Slyles for %T> Men & Women Including the popular Angel Hide Siiils. SRB THEM IN OUU WINDOW $1.95, $2,95 $5.95 HUDSON CI.BANER—CLOTHIER—TAILOR Plionc 53 iivi- also lhe conlru. 1 1 U iintiK.1 anil :,c::inl nliiliide . The \\i>ni ihai J<\sU', spa! and carelessiu.v; about ninny him lumili'd. Wherever lhe Prices Reduced ON FIRST CLASS BARBER WORK 35c Main £/ AM. \VOK« KY MASTKR BARKKKS BROADWAY BARBER SHOP NI'.'XT I)0()H TO 1>'AIMIKK,S HANK OPEN SUNDAY, MAY 29th 1 P. M. Enjoy Ihe best swimming pool in Northeast Arkansas, filled with filtered water as clear as a crystal and absolutely pure and clean. The pool has been freshly painted and al! equipment is in first class condition. Water running into the pool is subject to constant filtration and chemical treatment assuring the utmost in sanitation. Come and enjoy a few hours of fun and relaxation. Pure water, chemically treated to insure safety, and Inspected by the State Board of Health OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 9 A.M. TO 10 P.M. AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT Life guards on duty constantly POOL OPERATED BY MISSISSIPPI COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION Admission '—- lOc & 25c

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