The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1930 i rr- — — BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ABS Two ceuw a wora for Hist In- wrtlon and one ctnt a wort lor each »ub«<jutnt Insertion. No ndvertUeiaent liken lor less than 60c. Count the words sad tend the t»*U. Phone 30» FOIl SALE FISHER'S FROSTY -Fresh Dally. DO- tf. Eat NUTE- API'LES-Just arrived. GooU orchard run. For sale cheap Fisher's, across from city hall. U5ck3J. PAGE SEVEN 1 A,, / J y LAURA LOU BROOK MAN, AUTHOR OF "RA8M ROMANCE „ 1Q5O ME A INC., in:iii> m:m: TODAY fi:u.v ji ITCH 1:1,1., IT. u-:i<r» HiiKEiiinr? iibert- tfcr hn^ llvk-d i*llh htr Kmnmlrf H« mullu'r, Jl.Mid A HET HOOEIIS, In Jnln lirr U'rilllliy fJllhrr, JOH\ Ml't'Clli:!.!., I" Xi'» Vlirh. Thv |i|irrin> nrc niitl Mr*. IIOKPrM l» a ulihnv tti\\a\\lnK a •rrnntl miir- rlHRi>. MAII.NKV SHIi:i.l)5, /none ncn.- pniirr ikliotoKrnjihrr, Itt In n>ic wllh Ihr- clrl. .< nik» i;VK- I.V.\ !<AHSI}.\!i. liiaullful ulj.nv. —have some clmlm." Tho ilHs cat down, I.lsl mur- USED CARS 1929 CHHYSI.ER "75" UOAD- STL'R, Sport Model, C wire wheels, rumble seat, Robins Ese Blue Colur. Excellent condition throughout $575. 1020 LATE FOIID SPORT COUPE, has S jood tires, rumble scat, bumpers, license, runs perfect anil locks fine §335. iS'io LATE FOKU 154 TON Ims ' closed cab, ly, -l-iijccil IraXis- : copd'.tlcrt (.•>?''•' • -$ 3 ^ -CALL 811 TOBAT.- Phillips ftfor )any Authorized Ford Dealers. FOR SALE OR TRADE — Good established business. Paying $35 per month net. Price 51000. J C. Chapln. Manila, Ark. 28P-K31 FOR SALE — Good Hhonc 733. coal range. 28C-K31 muring thanks. tears back, but Cella forced the her lips, tightly inhrr yuunz prnnfe. iltpi. |>nr- «IINH nKrrtH, c-untldrrlai: Olln a S!u- *nnn lirnmiCK JfnlniM n| ilit Chi m:il Ki-Iiciiirji in Kr \ n,| ,,f |,,. t Ity i-in-»iLjr:itEnp n riiinnrt.'r ln'- Iwi-fn Cfllil in:.I TOO JllllllA.V. i:i»|.|ii.iiln£ liui uf daljlfiit* rlmr- Aliliuuuli Mllcbrll Inrl.lil, ruin tv see Jurilnn *<lir Rat* mlnta\ wlili Ilir ynun^ 111:111- frc'lin nil i-. MSI nii.M:A\. M Kin c.: c r ii : ,i, nr .e. liiTiutivf. Iii-r loynl frlrnj. STiIi-Mx vyiur* I,, SViY Vnrk lo -.,„,!( tar n I'HnlDgrnnmf nr-rvlrp tinj mrcIN Crlln. Xli* ttll. hlu, ,Kr hn't lo.l be.- h?:irl lo Jarrfuit. Cellu !• a Blie«t nt Mr«. I'nr,,.,,' uplnirn npnrliucnf. OHn, .1,1*1 n:id Mr*. PtirKOD* nri- (nicctlitrr inn- rvruinc M'btn tliej- Jii-nr n rtiiHn report uf n \\hi-rc ShlcidH U uorkln?. Ci-lln ln«Kl>; UN Ktili-.K In Ihr «rrnr nn.l Ilic- ollirrn fi.Ilim. Later frlla nnd I.ljil i;n lo thr ikllofnRraphlc utr- vli-o hr.idcjkKirlrra. They arc un- nljk- lo CM n<-\v» of Slilrld«. •XOXtf'CO 0.1 WITH Till: STOHY CHAPTER XL1I rjOWN In the streets' newsboys •^ were shouting extras. Tiie man who had spoken to Celia iietil a rumpled newspaper In his band. It bore In huge black type the glaring banner "33 Perish In Flames." "We'ra expecting to .hear from Kliields any minute." the man told Celia. "Waiting for the call now!" "Then you don't know It lie's pressed together, were tremulous. 3ho twlsicil nnd untwisted a-corner of her coat, "Let's see what the rsipers Bay," Llsl suggested. There wcro newspapers—all with bold headlines— on a chair nearby. She arose and picked up tbe ono on top. "Thirty-ilvc Lose Lives In Fire." was the line across the front pago if tills one. There was a list ot names headed, "Dead In Fire Tragedy.' 1 The list was Incomplete. Celia tvsced Ihrougli the names with an unsteady linger. Most of (he- men *;ere foreign, Impossible (or her 10 pronounce. CellV;.foit a tremendous wave of sympathy for the loved ones of those unknown men and women who muEt bo suf. tetint; as she was. iK telephone rang again, and the man with the green eyc- sha<Ie reached for the receiver. "What's tbat?" lii> demanded excitedly. There was a noise At the door, but Cella did not hear It. She, was watching tho man, at (lie desk. Then slie saw the olbera start, and une of tlie nio'n came forward. She dressed as Jerry was riiEhliig toward a door with thu camera. "I'll havo them out In a liurryl" 18 shouted over his ^houldcr. Immediately there was a great ileal of lolk of pictures In technical which neither Cclla or hurt? Ob. Isn't there some way to . find out what's happened to blm? FOH SALE—Sacks for cotton sec-d. Junk Dealers, opposite Frisco Station. 2DP-K3 GOOD IMPROVED FAR For Sale Cheap. 40 acres near Half Moon. High state of cultivation. Easy Tonr.s. 10-acre favni, improved, 3 miles south of Blytheville, Highway CI. Very desirable.. Easy Terms. J. A. Skinner, Rome 2, Box 10S, Blytlievlllc. V. 30P-K31 FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 137 and 511. ISt-l. FOR RENT — Light hoiisekeepln: rooms, furnished. 7CO West Walnut. Phone 678. ISCr FOR RENT: Four room apartment completely fiirnishc-ci. Call C-50. or OG8. L. L. Ward. 21ctf- ROOM and Board, for two young men in furnace liea-eu home. W. Main St. Call 226. 2ic-k31 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 10S Kentucky. Phone 083. Sopkl FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. 1020 Hearn St. Phone 818. 28P-K1 FOR RENT Pretty little furnished cotlngc. Rent ;-25 month Therms Land Co. 29C-K3 FOR RENT—Two modern stucco buildings, corner Franklin and Missouri, and 512 N. First. Dr J. A. Saliba. Phone -HO. 29P-K5 FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment, garage COS North Fifth St. if desired. 27C-K32 LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. tf. Pavinjr and. Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now Dn o G. G, CAUDJLL, .Collector. Upstairs in Farmers' Bank Bldg. -Maybe he's—" Sl'.e could not finish the sentence, but turned away. hiding her face In her hands. Thtro sv?re two other men In the office bcsiihs the one who had spoken. They had been leanln, over the dcsli. At sight of two girls they straightened and moved back respectfully. -"We've yot four men down there," the man with the grceu oyesbade swung around.,. "Oh!" she cried. "Barney!" Laughing and -crying at once, she was on her feet and beside him. "Barney!" she repeated over ind over again. "O'j. I'm so glad! I'm so glad!" . • Uarncy Shields, hatless, clothes torn and soiled, stood In.tlio open continued, "and nne at Ihe hospital. Half of the injured aren't Identified yet. No use to worry, ma'am." The telephone on tb'e desk jangled shrilly. One of the other men reached for it.. "Apex Picture Service," he said curtly. Instantly .the room was sound. le£5. All eyes were turned on the man at the telephone. "Yes." he was saying slowly. "Yes. 1 get you." ; There was another pause and .then. ,"0. K., : ';Beii." He nut down': th'e instrument. ... .. "That WDS Shi-auger," he said. "Tie's sending some plates up. Says he hasn't seen anything of Shields." The man who had spoken lirst pushed a chair forward. "If you're friends of Darncy Shields maybe you'll like to sit. down and wait." he iiid. "Here door. He grinned weakly. "Hello, everybody!" he said 'Gosh, I hod a time getting here!' They all crowded' about. The man with the green eyeshade threw down the telephone receiver and the | hurried to join them. "Good boy!" he exclaimed. "Some fire, wasn't it?" Darney looked pale and worn. There were black marks on his face and bands, and the straggling locks of his dark hair were tossedl "Sit down, Shields," one of the men spoke up. "You're all In!" "Am tired." Darncy admitted. "Here, take this camera, will you, Jerry?" He handed the leather case to one of the younger men. "If they aren't spoiled I think there's some pretty good stuff there." Tue young man dropped Into the chair that had been shoved toward him. "You mean you got pictures of tho lire—from inside the building;? It was tho raan with tlic eyesbaile who asked this. Shields nodiled affirmatively. "I shot as long as 1 could," lie said. "Used all luy plates. Tbere was one of a little girl being rescued that ought to be a peach. Smoke may have blurred it." . The youth who bad been »d- L,lil could understand. Shields was nslstent and finally won lilt point, [houfih the other two argued. Cclla hovered near Barney. Slio wished they would leave him alone. It was ulaln ihnt be was exhausted. *• Suddenly a 'door on the right opened nud a slim, gray-balrcil man stepped Into Ihe room. Ho bad an ilr of authority. As ho came forward the others stopped speaking. "Well, Shields." tho man tnld. "you must luivo had a close call." Barney tried lo smile. "Yes, sir, Mr. Wagner," be enld, "It was—rather hot." "(let any pictures?" I hope so. Tried somo Rood »bols—Unit is, If they turn out all Ight." KKH asked more iiucstlous. Suibleiily bo looked down al Barnej's left nrrsi. Tlicra was something unusual about the way tbe arm was hanging. "Hurt yourself?" ho asked iborlly, "\Yliy—I guess thcro Is something the matter. Turned my ankle when 1 jumped. Arm went down under me. It doess't hurt much." Wagner touched the Itihp arm and liarney winced. "H'm! Broken!" said the older man. "I thought BO. You've got lo gel to a doctor!" "I'd like to ree how these- shots come out first." Barney uegnu, but ^Yagner silenced him. "Don't be a fool nnd take chances!" lie said crisply. "Moore, can you lake Shields to a doctor lo have his arm set?" There was no doubt that Wagner was tbe executive of Apei Picture Service. Things happened quickly wlieii lio spoke. It was arranged tl'.at Moore, another em- ploye, was to take Uarncy to physician's office. "And go home and go to bed after the doctor gets through with you!" was Wagner's parting worrl as lie turned to re-enter his private oruce. There docs ji"ir nun hurt bnilly!" He i-li,>o!< his head, but an In- stnr.i i.ncr a twinge of pain crossed lllS (.',,'. "Ci-I!a. i|,,||'l you Illllll! Wu'd llCl- r no?" Lid Duncan asked. Slio had bun dandln,". In the Iciclt- ner since Shields had en- tcn."l tl-.c room. "}"•" Cella ncrccil. "1 suppose so." T.'ICII she leaned nearer nud spoke in a voice so that Darncy alone could hear. "I'romlsc you'll call i;.c In the inoinlnn. I've not l; '-l'!ni! t« ii'll you. Daruey. H'3 OUR BOARDING HOUSE .ire. I'll call, come lirnvn | 1crP- you were worried." Mco of ynu 0 ,,]y i' in Eorry r rilKV 5nhl t o 0 i| nlglit and t'-'o girls left. "V.'orj'.er what time It 1st" List vcnt-.ircil when they had readied flic n-uiiil door. Cclla ailmlllnl slid ' IVe mlsscil No use to cry "Well— I know dale wlili Dicky, r UsouEh lii-j stepped cut on Hie street. little w;iy 10 tin. left was Ilic ;rccu coupe. Tlicy hunlcil townril t. "I.ooki" Cella cried. "Evelyn's gone!" The rnniio was certainly cm lily. l.Ifl yawneil. "Well. I'm nol snriirlscil." shu bald. "licmcmbcr. slie wasn't cxaclly In tho best ol WANTED was no opportunity for Celia to talk to Barney privately Now that sbe knew he was safe nothing else seemed to matter. Al any other time slie would have been embarrassed before so - mans strangers. : While Ilic young man eallci Moore w.ia rlngi]-.;; for a taxicab Cclfa drew her chair close to Bar ncy's. "I had to find out about you" EUL whispered. "Ob, it's liecn Euch terrible night." "Shouldn't have -worried." "But I couldn't help It! Barney minor. anil tail I'rctably slylitcd li long ogo." Tlicr t;ol Into the car and set out lor tlio apartment. Dolli ol Ilicm were beginning to feel ex- haunted. For tlio firel time Cclla noticed llu'lr ruined dresses. Slic was apologetic. You did It all [or me. Llsl," slie Balii. "I'll never be nblo (o thank you. If you hadn't gone wllli mo I don't know what I'll havo done!" Llsl Glole a quick glance at bcr companion. You're pretty crazy about that Jnd, aren't vou?" Blio said. More lo herself tban to the other girl, Cella answered. "Yes, I didn't know hew much until tonlBbt!" tliey returned to Mrs. Parenns' apartment. Tlie hands of the living room clock i»lnteil lo 20 minutes past 11 when they entered the room. Celln tapped on tho door ol Evelyn's boudoir. "It's Cella," she said. "Are. you all right?" "Ob, coma In!" Evelyn called. "Did you find the young man?" Celia told llio story. Mrs. Far- sc.«:r, r rs reclining oti a chaiso longuo. When the girl hail finislicil she said: "You must have him call, dear. I'd lovo to meet him!" At 10 o'clock next morning liar- ney Shields telephoned. He promised to come to tho apartment that afternoon. (To lie Continued) ,MR5. ^ VOL! OU6r(-f "TO ClfeC«-UP MEUi WOULD HAWS BEEM TERRIBLE IF- FELLA ,wHo UIAS /(UD PdLLEP A o,M -Tri 1 COPS WAS ' COPS CQM& TOR seuL -TlCKE-TS A voLfce PAMCE• /-( EGAP -A Bi<3!Y/i/e J7ROM ZTd5-TiC& f SAWC-fUARV fM -Trie I HOUSE OF BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES CAUGHT !N Till-: ACT! By Martiiv Eat FISHER'S CAKES PIES—Fresh Dally. AND • tf. WARNING ORDER WANTED — Family - Washings. Washed and ironed by tent white woman. Mrs 704 S. Lake St. compe- Brown, 17ck-tf AT O.N'CE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent positions; labor, cleiical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience im- Reccssars'. Salaries S25.-SIOO. weekly, transportation furnished BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. ; i NOTICE •' With our recent partnership with Mr. Gco. Carney, we now have the best equipped inde- pNirtcnt shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building ''\Vc know we know how" PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S riVl:...\M>_TE\ CENT STORE NOT SO GOOD "W hat's that extraordinary noise?" asked the farmer. "That," replied his wife, -is Jane cultivating her voice." "That- ain't cultivatlnV said the farmer. -"That's harrowin'."—Tit- Bits. National Savings & i-oan Association, Plaintiff, / No 4840 vs. Charles' B. Brasher, et al., Defendant. The ilefer.dnnUs, Charles B. Brasher and Hattie Brasher, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court r.amed in the caption hereof and answe r the complaint, of the plaintiff, National Savings & Loan Association. Dated Oct. B, 1530. W. W. IIOLLlr-ETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D_ C. Owens & Ehrman, Attys. for plaintiff. STOPPED FATHER: I hear you are always at the ooltoni of th'e class. Can't you get another place? 1 TOMMY: No. all the ot'.-ers arc taken.—Answers. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 30 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec 1128 1140 1123 1125 Jan 1144 1157 M 1138 Mar ;iOO 1180 1161 11(32 May New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 30 (UP)—Cot ton closed easy. ! Open High Low Close .Dec (old) 1130 1131 1120 1120 Dec (nc*0 112G 1140 1184 1205 1183 1185 Jul 1205 1223 1201 1204 Spats closed steady at 11CO, olf -May 10. Jul j Jan (old) ! Jan (new) Mar ..... 1141 1H3 1101 1185 1205 1144 1152 1171 1203 1219 i Spots ,?asy at 1125. 1124 1141 1133 I;M 1181 1200 1125 1144 1140 1158 1181 1200 The term "bisque," In golf, means a handicap, with n stipulated num ; Aside from a few African tpe- her of strokes to be taken at the^cics, Iho 100 known forms of cac- cption of the recipient. tus ai.? restricted lo America. ,AMO SUPPOSED 10 BE iKS STOvCT WWW ~ ~~Auto Parts- Why Pay. More? JACKSOX AUTO PARTS Ham at 2i 5t Call es Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tai, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 53 'am ! Blag. BlytJievillo, Art WERT He Hakes 'Em Setl V. K. WAS1IAM—Transfer . Daily tripi to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and j.ick-ugra anywhere. Special 'lie:- on carlu»d lets. Local E'hocs 8M iMnnpliib Phone 3-3;i. SPECIAL Mct'clianls Lunoli 35o TOM'S OCR 1'ltKJIIUM is goods lo suit your laste and Ihe hcsl workmanship. We tlcliver promptly. Vou pay.for what you set and ,;et nhat you pay for. Dlythcvillc L'pholstery jfc licpalr Shop J. H. Jenkins, M«r Thnlle 469 117 S. 'ijt, St FRECKLICS AND HIS FRIENDS \NCLL. us is, MOMI '.'. I SOTTA BE EEADY JOWP 1U FOR COH&S BY—"THAT'S COV-D CO FOR \'1HAT W6 DID ME!.' SOT To VNOBH FAST-- I'LL &O OKIE WAY AK10 YOU 6O AKIOTUER.....VJE JOST HAVE TO By A SiiiFT copaeur... ;'-v\VVjtA',':, •• lilvfe>\^Sil6ii IH'TlT POURS HE.CK 1 . VT UZ/VH . E&VPT. JV1E.r4 THIS PWNO RP..CHE." UlKr- M4 (VPSXJE. PIE. I d-o ooe Met GE.TS AV1O BOOTS nx

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