The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1945
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY,- JANUARY 17,-1945 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Hand To Speak More Council Mississippi Editor And Author Will Be Heard In Memphis Clayton Raiul, owner and pub- Usher of the Dixie Press of Gulf- Poit, Miss., be guest speaker at the annual dinner of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas which will be held at the Hole! Pcaboriy, Memphis, Monday, Jan. 29. R. 6. Branch of Pecan Point, is prcsl-l lent of Ihe council which is com-' posed of about 500 production type fanners of Ihe Delia section of Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, A product of pioneering fore- lathers, Clayton Rand worked his way through Mississippi A & M and Harvard University and has 'raveled much over the world. He practiced law, edited a syndicated "ially column entitled "Crossroads Scribe" and is the author of three books and numerous pamphlets on insurance, banking and business. Or In 1935. In 1940 he finished two books. "Men of Spine in Mississippi" and "Ink On My Hands." He is also a past president of Ihe National Editorial Association. Due to his wit, satire and homespun philosophy, Rand has been much 'in demand as a public speaker, having appeared before the press associations in nearly every stale. • i 1* He published "Abracadabra, One Democrat to Another," 726 Petitions For Increased Rent More than 807 petitions for rent I increases l;a\'e been received and f726 of them granted in the Bly- Itheville Defense Rental Area since I OPA put control on residential i rents into effect here, Area Rent I Director today. Cunningham announced Of this total, some 85 or 90 have I been granted under Die provisions 1 affording a landlord relief when he I has made a major capital improve- I Jneut to his property. To expedite the processing of Loco/ Officials Act To Prevent Sale Of Milk From (/nopproved Sources (Continued from t*c« 1) ernl months but It Is our opinion that these examinations would be of little value in view of the numerous deficiencies in proper equipment and cleanliness that were observed on the producer farms and in the pasteurising planl. Regardless of the results of any bac- leriologlcal examinations, the milk would not be acceptable because of Ihe many Insanitary conditions under which It Is produced or processed. This survey was made to determine the acceptability of this milk under the provisions of the milk frdinnncc of the City of Blythevlltc and we have found It dcflcienl In many ways. We believe that Its sale In Blytheville Is a violation of the provisions of thu ordinance and that It can not be considered a safe milk for human consumption Your responsibility for Die protection of the health of (he citizens of Blytheville requires that every effort be made to permit only a safe and clean milk to be sold In that city and the sale of any milk not considered safe should be immediately discontinued by appropriate measures. We transmit tliesc data and opinions lo you for your consideration and recommend lhat its sale, to the cltizcas of Blytheville lie discontinued because we believe that the condition of the milk warrants this action. Representatives of this office will be pleased to visit Blytheville for the pur|»se of explaining in greater detail the re- sulls of our survey and the rcasol for our opinions if this should prove necessary In nny action that is Instigated, and we desire to be informed of any action that is taken Yours very truly, T. T. Ross State Health Officer AFFIDAVIT Slate of Arkansas County of Mississippi I, Edward c. Budd, passed as Eistant surgeon, United State Public Health Service, medical di rector of the Mississippi County Ifealth Department and acting-cit health officer of the City of Ely thcville, 'being duly sworn upo oath, state that information re Mr. Walter A: Retnman, chief en-' einecr, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering, State Board of Health, Little Hock, Ark., and Mr. H. L. Woodward, state milk inspector, indicates that the snle of milk by the Frozen Food Store, Blytheville, under this adjustment Mr. Cunningham asked luestion Loss )f Road Money Senators Seek Facts On Report Resulting In Loss Of U.S. Fund LITTLE ROCK : Jan. n (Ul>) — A committee appointed by the Ar- tansas Senate lias begun an invcs- Igalion of Arkansas' recent loss or Federal highway mulching 'imds. i The committee, appointed under n. resolution adopted by the stale scuatc yeslcrday, Is empowered to determine who was responsible for a statement sent lo Congress declaring Hint Arkansas wns able to neet approximately 22 million dql- 'ars In federal postwar highway 'iinris and did not need an outright road grant. The report resulted In withdrawal of nn amendment to the 300 million dollar federal postwar highway construction bill which would have permitted Arkansas to get Its share of the appropriation without putting'up slate ''matching funds It was later learned that Arkansas could match only, part of the federal funds and probably woulf lose about 11 million dollars because of a Jack of state board money for matching purposes. c resolution ordering the In-i jation was Introduced oy; Senator Clyde Byrd of El Donulo. Stitt Is Among Officials Named By Hotel Group ' LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 17 (UP.) — Sam J. Peck, manager of the Freiderlca Hotel nt Little Rock, has been elected president of the Arkansas Hotel Association. Peck wns elected nt the closing session of the association at Litllc Rock last night. Also elected were At Reynolds ol C. Ernmett Karslon of Hot Springs, second vlije president, and Jesse Stilt of " Blytheville, sccrctary- Search Continues For Five Missing Airmen GULFTOHT, Miss,,, 17. (UP) —Five crew members of n Flying Fortress from ihc Clulfport Army Air Hasc who bulled out of their lislicssed ship east of Qalveston, Texas, Monday night, still were nlsslng loday. They arc the object of n widespread se;i, Imid mid «lr search conducted by planes nnd personnel' fr.'jin Lake Charles Army Aiv Field, Ellington Field nt lions- Ion, and Gnlve.sloii Air llase. Aid if being -given In (he- search by swift sea rescue boats from ports In CnlVL-slon, and tliesc ore sweeping coastal waters since It is believed the missing men might have |:arachuled into the gulf. . Six iimi originally balled out of the plane, but of. 1311-intiiglinm, >fc. J. Ala.. C. Thacker was found safe near I'ort Arlhur, Texas, The pilot, co-pilot and engineer i.layed with the, burning- plane and landed it at Houston lifter an engine had binned out of the wing and dropped off. They were Llciil. Hobert S. MacDonald of Rochester, N. Y.. Lieut. W, P. Keeimn nclroil. Mich., and Corp. B. 'nicker of SI. Louts. * PAGE>THREE Keeping Up With The Men 1 In Service Scout Leader To Visit Cub Pock Meeting Here Vermin Jinnes of Osccolu, mi'tnbci of the Norlheustcrn Arkansas Do> L Scout Council, will attend the Cub Scout pack meeting to be held tomorrow night, 7:30 o'clock, at Lake. Street Meliiodlst Church for members of the Luke Street pack. All boys in the- pack an ( | their parents, arc invited to attend the meeting, according to the Rev. Bales Sturdy, pastor of the church which sponsors the group. Pvt. Eugene Powell of Hlythe- vlllc hns been tniusferred from the Percy Jmio.s General Hain't nl, Unt- ile Creek. Mich., to Hilly Mllchell Slnllon Hospital in Milwaukee, Wis. » • • 'George.\V. Moore, seaman 2-c In the Nnvy, who recently returned to Famigut, irtnho, aflcr snouting Ills five-day lenvo here with hk mother, Mrs, c. W. Moore, hns been transferred lo (he United Slates Naval Advanced Uusc, Personni'1 Department, San nnino, Calif., where he will be permanently sln- lloncd In (he ship's company, lie will be employed us lyplst mid file clerk. • • .' ; .After'one .more advancement, ho yvlll strike for the rank of yeoman 3-c. ..'Another of Mrs. Moore's sons Olto w. Schneffer, who hns bfc'ii In, Iho Soulliwesl Pacific for the past 22 monllis, hns been promoted lo (lie rank of private first el an ( | for the third line lias .been nwnixlcd llic Good Conduct Medal having received Ihls award In eaeli of the three service.'; In which In, hns been stationed. At present he is attached to Ihc Medical Depiirt- nicnt of Ihe Army. Flames Damage Army Air Field Two Hangars Destroyed And Equipment Ruined At Barksdalc Field SHHBVKl'ORT. La., Jan. 17 (U.i'.l— Fire of imdolermliicd origin caused is»Mit dainam' ut Harks- dlo Field yesterday when two haniinrs nnd at least one twin- emjlned plane worn destroyed and other ct|Ul)>nK'nl badly <inin:i|jc<!. No one was injured. Three piimjii't's from tint air base lire department battled the blaze, wllh I wo imno trom Klireve)im-t Ceiilral Slaliim Ktiindlni; by, Water from five lines :)f two mul cnc-hnlf Imili hose confined the firo (o the liiniBiiiB. ulllioiijjh for n (tine nearby buildings were tiv itkiwcd by flyhiR .sparks, whip ped by n moderate wind, Despite loss nf Urn lmn(jii|-s, liolnlnit continued on sclicclulf IlirbiiBh.iut the day. Tiic n nroimd tho burneil lini'iiius was vuucd off, but If did ,ucl Interfere with normal activities on the apron nnd runways. B-17 Pilot Missing Went. Alfred H. Mulllns, formerly of Wllron, Is missing In action' over Germany since Dec. 20. Ihe Wnr Department lias Informed hts wife who now lives hi Memphis. I Pilot of n H-17, Lieutenant Mullins enlisted In 1911. Training nt Maxwell Field, Aln,, he received' his wings and .commission nl Columbus, Miss., and Inter wns rlatloned at Dycrsbury. , , • Son of Mrs. Helen Mulllns now of Cleveland, Miss., Lieutenant Mnllins nlso was employed by a' construction company In Memphis prior to entering the service. Oscco/on Promoted •Richard Alphoiiso Wilson of Os- 'ccola lias been promoted (o rnnk of 'first lieutenant lit the Army, the War Department has announced, One pound of fuel oil produces as much hbut as two pounds of coal. Arkansas Canneries Named (n Suit By OPA TOUT .SMITH, Ark., Jan, 17 (U.I'.)—The OI'A has filed suit In U. S. District Court at Fort Snill.l QKiiitisl six Northwest Aikimsiu cannerle.s us a 1 result of !n\Tstlnii- tidii of prices charged by processors of toiiuiloes alii! i{i'een beans. Upgrading of ciumcd toiimtoc and sales nl prices nbovo OPA ceilings, are allied In ll)C suits And the aueliey Is seekltiB liijmiC' linns to .prevent'future violations. I petitions I provision, 1 that landlords in preparing their I petitions give full and complete | details of the improvement made. As one'examplc of what might I constitute a major capital Improve- lineiit, Mr. .Cunnlnglmm cited the I complete rehabilitation nf dwell- |ing unit or an apartment house. "Where this has been done." Mr. I Cunningham I should state said, "the landlord in ills petition the I amount of money he spent in the 1 rehabilitation. He should give-de- I tails of how iiie money was spent, I such as'New Reef.' 'He-built Cellar I Walls,' 'Re-wiring,' 'New plumbing,' I 'Complete Re-decoration.' "Complete details will enable the [Rent Office to process the petition I quickly eliminating unnecessary de] lay which would be occasioned if I the Rent Office has to request additional information.'' By themselves the Items, cnumer- [ tiled-by Mr. Cunningham would not constitute a major capital im- I provenicnt, but would be consid- I cred ordinary maintenance and rc- Ipair. It is where the character of j the structure is changed by the I rehabilitation, placing the slnic- 1 ture inlo a higher renlal range I that qualifies n landlord to pctl- I tion for a rent increase. Mr. Cunningham also reminded j landlords that there are two provisions in the rent regulations covering cases where a major I capital improvement has been I made. One of • these applies when j the improvement lias been made I after the effective date of the rent I ^implications which was October 1, 1942, for lllis Area. The other applies where Ihe improvement was I made before the maximum rent date, March 1, 1942, but a lease or I other rental 'agreement was in force at the time the improvement kwas completed, continuing in force Jon the maximum rent date, preventing the landlord from in| creasing the rent. Other examples of a major cap- I ital improvement, as against ordinary repair, replacement and maintenance would be the addition of one or more rooms by fin- I ishing the attic of a house, or the installat.'on of a second bathroom. Arkansas, (owned and operated by Mr. Robert E. Blaylock and Mr. J. Mell Brooks) as pasteurized Grade A milk; is a violation of the Standard Milk Ordnance (1939) and/or Act No. 114 of the Acts of Arkansas for the year 1941. Therefore! a warrant is requested u|»n this affidavit to be issued out of the Municipal Court of the City of Blytheville charging said Robert E. Blaylock and J. Mell Brooks with the violation of the Standard Milk Ordnance as adopted by the City of Blytheville and/or the State Dairy Law of the state uf Arkansas, said law^'being ; Act No. 114 of the Acts of Arkansas. With a population'only 2 per"cent of that of the United States, Norway has had twice as many cases of diphtheria as this country since 1940. • • . •.. 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Tli.< lulling I- nil HmljiT limil,' Tin M>|| U.rlrli iiHuvIn] ItiliHii Int'l, <-iln|i|t'*l lit ^mulii): rnllDii, ,>oni, anylk^ni*, nlliiUil 'niul nlii'r ri'-i .<. ^ii'.k nl-i, KU|L«'I| [in- livii*n>i<ti nuil h'l'iiLT^l litrni' illy. 'I-ninlis lui-tilt'il hi 1|'>- grille i>ji..r contrnl |M||| ill Slmtdiinl (Inlllily,- nnritiu-i'tl nf I'lkr.lnii, >:h>m'rl. .\n ii|i|iinliiiiili' In (nirrlinv nuil ilcvi'lup u lauil, nl j imr I v.n iMISSISSlI'l'I-Ni:\V S . \rrrs lopjin^l r,| l-l'ts'nni.'flv I, Drill l,rfiTi>l ti, -.'I litu-i-. niki Irncls linv,. x<i .Hi' il,-].r.i-.-l lil,'i Irncli ir,> |inrllv i'li-ni-,,1 Tin' tilhivjil iKillnni Linil. ]-nrllriil.i> iui.1 llifnlf-i. CODNTIKS, MlSSOIIItl mill'* .soull, i,l K^*-l J'nilrlr. A)l*«'iurl, liit: In *\u- frinji 'U> in LH() i\sti'f.. Klvvt'M s [mil nl'i' |iiirlly rl.Mri',1, A Jvw of 11i. r vlnnin.liT ,il lurnl i- ml nvrr lilillii-r. lll.'li v KIIIII! l,ir K'^^'lni: i-nuou. ciirn, ^n>9jviin-4 NEW MADltm COUNTY, - L-IKII,, :: 1-1 i i'.i ,v,l HI,, I Imp irtnllry Il(-U!.fs I' anil a!l«Un liinil, An i I'ii I'.lrllj ivllll flv y l«> |niiTli:iM' )'imr own lui I'EMISCOT COUNTY, MISSOURI l. K»rm is. '.innl' , »oyljk'ii i BO Afr.' .li-uri<... .1 :\ r- vri'Ulli- liijjii-r utt nil Ih hnil ivli.-, ,11,11,-,I l.,,,n illlrlu'i [ln.< n.-ifl-. On. iii'rlliivi' II 1 nil Kl'nvol nuiil. niK-li'jiroil 1(10 ;.,i, in,!' nlfnlfii in tKi> nron. ItUKiimnl llusi- Sealeil bids on approved forms will lie received liy this Ui' ncss. Mannijcr, Farm Security Ailtnlnlslnill<>n, 1112 niassnchiisells Avenue, Indianapolis 7, Inilliiiiii, until 2:00, CWT, Kchruiiry 10, 1945 and then opeiicil. To .secure, bid forms", details df sale, etc,, write or see: Italjih M. rattcnKlH, f'SA Hiijicrvlsor, Armory lluilil- | ' in([,-Charleslon,- Missouri;: Jewell J. Itlrhardsim; I'SA Kiipcrvlsur, . Post Office Building, Canilhcrsvillo, Allssourl; 1'iuil II. Jlcyer, i'SA " ^upcr\-lsflr, Post. Office Illiildlnj;, Dc.vler, Missouri; I'iiul McWlllhnn, | FSA-Suiicrvisor,- Courthouse, •Ivciincll, Missouri II. Hills, I'SA 'Snpct-visor, ;Sli[iiiilMrfc' nuilillnR, 'New Miulrlil,. Sllssoiiri; ': .Ciiiill ' . Thorn,. FSA Supcr\lsAr, .101 fa. Main SI reel, I'oJiIarTllulT, Mfssmirl. / . Kenneth C. Ciillawiiy, J In linger, Suciirily l''arniH, Inc. Post Office I{\iililin(j Sikeslini, Read Courier News Want Ads. Millions Switching To Mutton Suet And Medication "Old Reliable" For Relieving Chest Muscle Tightness-Coughing, Rheumatic Pain, Simple Bruises and Many Other Home Uses. Grandma liked to "rub" miseiies of chest colds and other simple pain. She medicated her rnh but insisted it contain mutton suet. She liked the way mutton suet disappeared as it helped carry medication to nerve ends in skin to relievo pain. Today science has modernized Grandma's old-time pain relief principle to bririK you Penctro, the salve that contains mutton suet plus B active ingredients. Mothers now thank Grandma for her old idea • that created this newer relief. In this colds' season, Penetro is especially helpful in casing chest muscle tightness, chest rawness, loosening phlegm, relieving coughs. That's because Penetro melts instantly, quickly vanishes to act 3 ways (1) To relieve pain at nerve ends in skin. (2) To case chest muscle lightness by counter-irritation. (3) To sootlie irritated breath passages through inhaled aromatic vapors. Ponetro is so helpful, too, in casing rheumatic and neuralgic pain, taking sting from cliapped lips sml nostrils, and as n soothing dressing for bruises, minor cuts. Today get clean, wliitc, casy-to-uso Fonclro, Is Your (leaner Giving MODERN SERVICE! Cleaning Methods Change, Too! We are proud of the fact that our cleaning service is as modern as the times . . . Whenever a new process or new equipment has been proven superior, we've adopted it... Whenever a hew service seems in line with the demands of our customers, we've put it into effect. . . Consequently, we are offering the most complete dry cleaning service available anywhere ... This is our means of proving our slogan— "Better Dry Cleaning Need Cost No More." Expert Alterations and Repair HUPS Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier Krblo Orllf Kli Is reported Improved flcr being 111 nt his home hero the msl few days. ' Illness has ii(feclcd other homes icrc lately, .Inmes Moore has v becn eonllni'd to his homo Hie past three lays while Ills daughter, Hrbndn Cnthryn Is rapidly recovering from in iiUiick of llu. .Inn Moblcy, son of Mr. and Mrs. [j. I'!. Moblcy Sr., lias been absent rroin school this week because ol illness. I'vt. Allen Dinibow, on fiirloiigl trom several months of overseas duty, was iidnilUcd this week tn (ho A (i- J'nsii Hospital In lllythcvlllo. Ho la .wl<l lo bo .iiilfei'lng from tropical fever. Mrs. Tom Buriicss, who uiuferwonl major opcrallDii In Memphis recently hiis returned home and greatly Improved. Mrs, Cllircird While lm« relurnct from .Sprlnnllelit, Mo., where sin hns tarn vlsllliii; her husband, I'vt Clt'ford While. Semi. Nelson Urannum, u'flcr 'urlouuli homo wllli hi nothci, Mrs Mollle Laye'and his wife, Ihc former Miss -' Kathryn , •"Iceman, left (his week for'Santa Barbara, Calif, for. re-assignment u,the Air Forces. ' '"> • \ J. 11. Brown has gone. (o^Port Mende, Md. He has completed basic training In Ihe Army and spent 10 days with ini mother, Mrs. Myrtlo Drown 'of Manila. ' ' Mrs. Pnul Below has returned to her home In San Diego, Calif. Mrs. Dele*, the former M!s.s Sybil Shedd, was called to Manila because of the death of hci father,' George Shcild.'< , ' Mrs, Hall Young has returned to Manila after tcvcial days visit with her ImslMjiil, Pvt. I'mil Young, who Is slatloned In El Paso, Texas. Atmorel News •iM !;.;• • MTU.- J. C. Ellis Sr, nnd Mis W, W, Watson, newly elected presl-r dent and vice "resident respectively of the Arworol Parent Teacher Association, were Installed Friday afternoon at a reorganization meeting held at the school. Plans were made for n.. combined Fathers' night and Founder's J3ay program to be given come lin\c In February. In cookery language, n. Bigot menus a lejj of veal, lamb, or venison that's ready for Uio table. 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