The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1931
Page 2
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• •'.r •lit (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23'i 1031 Luxora Society—Personal BRIDGE >,viMy. ./;.;»- ,- s -. ^-.' ••'*?-'• ' t "; lirej- ^pm Hcato'n. is 1 'cn'tf r tn In In .the Enlre Nous',Bridge clnb.:. .,• Mrs. W. H. Mlnyard Is hostess to a talk by Mrs. Robert E. a voice number 4v Mis;. Lillian Brlscoe, acconij>anlcd by Nfis. R, A.. Moare nnd prayers by Mrs. : yirglnla Keck and Mrs. Lcsljc Hooper. •>•*.•- lias lilrilid.iy I'arty. ^ Tlic Matinee Bridge club is meeting- jvitbAMr*. Francis Oarpqnler.r V Pj.Thurfcjy;^ , j > j- Mrs. C. ,W. Afllick is cntcrt^n- S.ingithe t ''niursBay i CunCheon • club/ 1 ff The Yomig r ^tcons. Bridge ^club Sis meeting jhft 1 Mrs.' Mai 'BC HeW *•. Mrs. W. L. -Hbrhe'r fs' hostess 'to rfthe Mid-Week club. j - - ' • Friday .; The Woman's club Is inceliiii! at ".- t: S ' SV ^- J " • - • ! ' t- is*'-'6.Vst Bits of News Mostly Personal Clyde ..Gcroine"Perry his seventh birthday"'Salurda'y 'nf- ., irriioon with a 'party al : llit'Aniiif "> yl - Lcms lo ^?">' tlock ' of his grandpai'tnts, Mr. and Mrs. Nl - v Kcwiomy Shop. n R Pffi-v ' ' • Mi's- Charles E. Brown am Mr. ami Mrs. C. J. Cos lia'v; gone Louis to buy tlock for the G. B. Perry. nd elill- "' Belles an J Beaux '' UTI - Fifteen of his cli-w mates '•'r.j'r-d <'-'™. who spent the week-end here yctl tl.u musicN/ith vl.r.ii:; relatives returned to their limns in Helena Sunday. They were awyiiiiuuiccl-Uy Mrs. fielder. Perry v,i» uill vl«H' there. Mr. niid Mr;, Braxloii Brass, 'of Rimes :uid uijoyc June Wcrkinnn and Louise An- Blimde Perry slnghiK "My Secret" wiyvHtien Hi-Qivrvnl ,lhf piano? In il.word biiikiiii conWil Ann Buchanan won ,hlgh among the i;irls fof'\vlilcltf she : wns'Given ptrfume. A ; .Ue, went to .Jack Reed for the boys',! hi.^li.', i i ' i ' , . ; The refreshment' table was beautifully riecorntecl with a lari;e white caka tapped with seven pink candles and each guest' was 'fnirkod-fvltir a-souveiilr.'Frult .sul- pd.;Wii.s. s<y;ytd vi|ll[ .the, cak,e. ' j The hotoed. host- received a niiiii' Uslte , yes- Miss Dick Harwell Weds Hillman Robbins Thts^rriageif, Mjss Dick llnr-. well, dpu'pfiter of'W. >nil Mrs D. A. H ; ' A. Harwell, Jlo Mr! . )}ob'- brnrj-'for chlldrelVbctteli the'ages'l btr °' •interesting gifts. of six and ten years. ! Included in the guest en and Don Brown, of Helena. Entertains fnr Gucsls. .Mrs. Willie M. Cox wtis hostess to six guests for a luncheon at the Golf Ulotcl Sunday complimenting'nd Mrs. J. .W, Mnddox Jr., Mr. nndj.Mrg.-D. P.'nyler, ol Memphis.' Besides (fie KUOIIS ol -honor Mrs' Myrtle M. Bourlatid nnd C. W. Toslcvln were also presen. A delicious menu was served nl an attractively appointed table. Klecli-d Fraternity Officers. Elbert•' Hullmaii, sou of Mr. ant) _ Mrs. E. M.'• Huffman,., has •been taii'^wbol 'sport suit mn'de with' a,\ elected, treasurer of the .TIieliL-Nu cut away coat and her Agnes mot!- i Epsiton fraternity nt Southwestern el hat was in tan and brown felt i University, Memphis. UamicJlph Patton, - of , Newport. Mas In the. city for the week-end, decree Divine. Of.New York Oily, who was employed - «l the Hotel Noble .wveia! years, ago, v:as .the I iltiittl ol Mr. and Mrs. .flainucl: p. Nuirls fur a brief visit' Saturday i-iiroulc lo New-.York • uftqr^u iy.v ciitlon i:i the south." Mrs. Johii-'.-Ilob^iks^n,. 01 -IiakiL City, Is in Armorel ib? u. two wc.eks_ incVudcd'tn" the gucsi's were Hcl-j visit with her daughter, Mrs. Jes- - blns, of, .Memphis, was solemnized Saturday cvcntns; nt the First Methodist church. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie said tlw ring service at eight. o'clcck In a .small gathering of relatives and "most intimate friends of the family. ;jhere were no cards, o - «:> -• • -. ; Tl:«; brids wa$.' attractive in sie Kidenour. nicluird Jiedel has returned from Tulsn. Okla., where lie attended the marriage of Miss Pearl Sherman to Mr. William Uorowsky, of Manila. He was best. man. iiii'd Mrs. Medliu Mesdames Alyln Wtmdci'llck and J. N. Hunt were Mempliis visitors Wednesday. Mrs. R. S. ABhniore nnd daughter, Mary Louise, spent a few hours • In Luxora Friday. They were accompanied home by Mrs. D. M. Nicholson who has been visiting Mrs. Dave Richards and children for several days. William Wood and Fino Wood were business visitors ut Osceola I-'ilday. Misses Mable and Eva Cooks were Blytheville visitors Friday. MeKdames Joe Powell, IJave Hlch- lards and D. M. Nicholson were visitors at Osccola Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ballew spant Wednesday in Blytheville. Miss Mable' Cook returned homo Wednesday from poinls in Missouri where she has been visiting. Mesdames Bartie Bonds and E. R. Bogan spent Thursday at Osccola. Mr. and 'Mrs. Lapidcs and 1,011 Melvin. ot Osceoln. wt-rc Luxora visitors Thursday. Mrs. R. C. Ubiigston ami daugh- i ier were Osc-col.i visitors Thursday. -Mr. and Mrs. Joe Powell spent Sunday in Memphis. I!V WM. E. McKENNEY ; Secretary American Hridee J^agua The average player docs not like to have, his .contract doubled and defeated two- or. three tricks',-, but still one of the greatest .assets -to the e.xpe'rt bridge player is a (rue knowledge' of sacrifice' bidding. There is no greater thrill iir tournament play than to correctly put In a sacrifice bid. The following hand was played In the. national championship test. contract team-of-four con- WEST S-A-O-J- 7-3 H-l-108-5-3 D—K 0-^-7-6 KCRTM S-5-2 H-9-6 0-9.8-6-5-3 C-K-lO-3-8 " tAST S-K-109-34 H-K-17.," C—A-Q- SOUTH—DEALER J.3. S—G H-A-4-2 D—A-fl-J-10 -i-2 C—5-4-2 The llidiiiii.T J SKCM spades by West, and a spade was continued -which' South trumped wllh.ll'.c 10 of diamonds, preserving the,four and.deuce for re-entries in thO'duinniy.'The ace of diamonds was.led, which • pjcked up the two outstanding diamonds of the opponents.'.- > .Declarer can see where he must lose one iieart and possibly three clubs: He' must endeavor to get an end play so • as lo go down only three tricks-. The deuce" of diamonds is ,'ted to dummy and won with the nine spot, East "and West discarding spades. The nine of hearts Is -returned from dummy, East plays the queen, .-if the declarer wins the trlcic'with the ace, all of his good bidding'will be for nothiri'g.'-'lie.must return a heart which. \ycs£ .cau. win; West will lead a club which East will win mid Hturn a henrl. 'Die declarer In (his manner would be''forced to lose his three club tricks. If he allows East's queen of hearts, East Is In the lead. If East rctuins a small heart, declarer will win with the ace and lead a heart. South opened the bidding with, trumping in the dummy. A dia- onc diamond,- West cvercallcd wlilij mond will be returned from, dummy cue spade. East, who had an orlgi-; and won by the declarer, with the nal spade bid himself, jumped to [ Jack, nr.d n small club led, the eight Gosnell News Mr. Joe Roads of Blythe 1 spent Monday night as Gcsi with friends. Mrs. Mattle Byrnes was the guest of Mrs. Myrtle Bevill, Sunday. ' Miss June Plnkerton called on Mrs. Reeves. Friday afternoon. Miss Gladys Grimes spent Sunday, night with Aflss Eddie \Vil- lla}ns of Lone Oak. Miss Connie Finkprlon and 'daughter, Ruth, visited Mrs, Clara Divls of Lone Oak, Friday. Miss Eddie Williams vlsite? Miss Gladys, Saturday aim Sunday. Mrs. Lannle Grimes 'and M;- s . I.lllie. Crawford visited their mother at Gasncll. Wednesday. Mr. .and Mrs. Edgar Crawford have returned home after n. two weeks visit at Hot Springs, Arkansas-.. i Mrs. Charlie Willie nnd s-.n, Russelt are spending a fev: days at Parasould- with- Mrs. \Vi!lie's ir.c- Iher. Mrs. Lannie Grimes visiiea Mr. and • Mrs. Bearl Grimes, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bearl Orlmc's entertained a few of their fr:ends with a card party Thursday night. four spades. South and -llcll. Evelyn Jean Pigg, 15 months S. W. Thwcat of Memphis was|' 1ESEeci ', al) a visitor in Luxora for several days ioma Ulllt ', !ats «-eck. Llis l' arlner ' s original West sim finessed which East will win with the jack. But all East can do | bi<l showed at least two and one- half high card tricks, they might ij, •>' I Ohle and straw. She carried a loose i Harold Ohlendrof, of Osceola, was bouquet of yellow tea rores nnd:e-!c-i;d prudent, of the-licta Sii'i lilies of the valley. 'jinn fraternity. ' • ; .. Mr. Henry Robbins. of Memphis, I "... was his brother's best man j Compliment (iosncll Tc:iclira>. Miss Vivian Dljjjahunly served as! Members of the Gosucll .school maid of honor. rHer poudre blue faeiijty were complimented >with a wool crepe suit >"as self HrlmniciJ fried ci'lckeii jillnnerVgiven'a-'rlday with athat-pf the ; same sliitdf. Pln< (iy ft group cjille^ ''the Thursday Jcnathanhill', rofes formed 'lief eiirbV'- A delicious' iuemr wns served arm bouquet. to lnc nine present. Before the ceremony Miss Mnry • • • Ellen Stevens sans "At Dawning" Son Born. sr, at the piano.. Included in Brag|J ci(V| &IO-> ,„-,, i ormci -i y O f program of nuptial music \yerej. M1 H i no - up?( , .|, c . birth of (n son, two wedding marches ' with- F C V ruary ' 18 . xT he baby, who with Miss Eve Harwell, Ilia bride's sister, at the the Lohengrin's for the processional and Mendellsohn's- jas.i the recessional while "I Love You Truly" wtis heard with the exchanging of the marrlag? vows. ; • ' Miss Stevens wore a' black niid Sreen frock of flat crepe with n green hat and a model of navy blue princess crepe was worn by Miss Harwell, with n green hat. Immediately after the ceremony the brido and brldcgroojn.went to Memphis wher they arc" to live at' 1804 Glenview avenue. The brid j- eroom, who is tho'son .of l^r,.an,rt Mrs. William J. Robbins, of Mem'-? phis, has lived in that city fcr n served. number of years. He Is connected with the R. B. Hurl Wholesale Grocery company. Mrs. Robins, who has lived in the city for a number of y^ars be- foie moving to Memphis and later to Marianna, recently returned here to mak; her home. She. attended the Stale Teachers College of Memphis. A msmbcr of n wel known family in this section she is the grand daughter of the late Dr John F. Sanders. Out of town guests who attended thj wedding were: Dr. aiKl Mrs C M. Harwell ar.d daughter, Miss Catherine, Miss Ncl\ Rhodes, Miss Frances Warren and J. W. Beavers all of Osccola; Mrs. J-!nii\ngs_ nob r bins. Miss Lelma Kob.bWs Bud Miss Catherine Lindsay, ill. o'f iMnn-. phis; Miss Catherine Thompson and Isham Harwell, of Friendship, Tenn. ' , i j S1 Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Simmons, ol 'veil' from'the home of-Mrs, Me:l- '•eiii, when slic. g»;ts "crown. She lin's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hob ^ n :.; Ar ? ll:sl1 ^ *$? ,^ 1 . a ! i , n = i:et ^ old daughter of M, and M^ J I »T. and Mrs. Blls s Yaueey and > al( "Mlh card tricks, they migh A. Pigs of Osccola and a llifri; !tosliter, Mary, of Tlu 3 h: 3 . Ark.. ">ss onlj'one spade, one heart am ,n«I Greene Client Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. » dlam< J nd ' °i *° 'fi" 5 a " d , ll ° B Ii.depu.d- LoubSpnim. . dl ^ 10 " J r"" d '™,P "?!'," I 1 ! 111 of Mr. and Mrs. Roland of here, Is going lo b« liulcj: _ _ Mrs. 'L."fc. McDearman shopped ! wer<; lruc - nlltl as .. ~ ----- ... i ' Ba:ncs, to Madison street. 'born Nov. 1920. ill Osceola Monday. IJesidcs! Mlss Vivian Lynch cntcrlaincd a . . . . Independent she'll be popular tuo— ! crowd of young people at her lion ! If that smile and those eyes mean O. P. Mess is attending to business In Carutlicrsvllle 'today. Clarence Vollmcr is a business visitor hi Parma, Mo., for two days,. I Miss Alice Hesscdoll,-Noel Stew-JKIrby and went to Memphis from weighed eight and a half pounds, -named RbyLeori. . , . Clul) Has I'ariy. • 'F)K '32 mcihiwi's of the 'Auspicious Booster 4-H club of Ytirbro en- pyed. iy partj- ijt.lhc {.choal Frlduy iigiiV;* pliiiilcroiicci '-by '-Ilie'lv spon- EOIS, Miss Hilda Holland. Miss Wiley and Mrs. Ncal. The amusements were hi charge, ofi the' eu'tcrlauinicllt* committee, Miss Pauline Ncal and Miss Trcvn. After (games and contests, chocolate'-cake nhil'-'cskimo" pies 'were Miss Cora Lee Coleuian and J. E. Crltz, county agents, were present. * * • Harmon Kills. . A marriage Ii9eiife was issued So-Curday to Miss Hazel Harmon and Mr. Travis Ellis, both of this city, Miss Lois Motley and Mr. Jesse Young, both of Steclc, were married Saturday by Justice Oscar Alexander. ait and Roy McAllister, of Paragould; spent '. Sunday with Miss Virginia Uourland. ' -' Mrs. Willie M. Cox' and Mrs. Myrtle M. Bain-land had as their cuests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mndclox jr., Mr. nnd Mrs. n. F. Bylcr and baby, of Memphis. Mrs. Lticilc Adams, of Promts? Land, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Myrtle M. Uourland. .- v W. W. 1'rcwlll. of Osceo!a, ! is a. business, visitor in.-the. city today. W. B. -Tanner Is'transacting bus-' incss in Pine Bluff for two days, Sol Steinberg, of Cardwell, Mo., is in the city today. J. T. Coston, of Osccola, attended to business hero today. Mrs. H. N. Ware jr., Mrs. A. Conway and her houeeguest, Mrs. Ficd W. Scliatz, of Helena, 'are in Memphis today. Paul' Hosenthal is. in iSI:| ,L,3hls. for Iwo days. He was accompanied Has Informal Dance. Harold Stemlerg, I. student, that city. Miss'Nettle Gray.and.Mrs. Muy Thursday night in honor of her 13lh birthday. Games ami dancing were enjoyed until a late hour when the hcitcfs assisted by her mother, served delicious refreshments. The guest list included Elizabeth Davis, Mercdit hand Olivia Graham, Mar- Spann -spent Sunday hv : Mcmp.:i S carct aiu , Mildred' Richards Viable Miss Mtiry Catherine Martin, wno aml At! ,n c Gco c Marga ° Vtos attends Lindenwcod college at ds. Charles, Mo., spent the wert-.-irf ' ' Mr " lnftrbmen and Mr. Memphis were ' Ma ™' ™ J " f °' Lloyd Carlson of Memphis were |f'"•"•„,•"'"""" ™'««lcrUck, John Eiiesis ct Miss, Louise Tasch::er, \l ,"" k '" "' t P t rslllns Tl "' nor ' Sunday •' '-' cn K:I BDt] - nlld Pauline Heverie. Johnnie Cockran, William side were vulnerable.'it would be a good sacrifice bid, therefore North bid fivo diamonds. East and South passed, and West went to five spades. South now decided he would go to six diamonds for the sacrifice, which was doubled. now Is to lay down his ace of clubs, j If he plays a spade, declarer will discard a club from his own hand and ruff in the dummy. South, by cleverly playing the hand, only goes down three tricks doubled, and ns neither side were vulnerable, he is minus 400 less 100 for honors, which leaves him minus SCO. East and West could easily have made five spades which would score them 150 for tricks, and as the game bonus in duplicate is 300 points, would give them a total of Tlic Play | 450 points on the hand. The opening lead was the ace of | (Copyright. 1931, NEA Service, Inc.) yourself BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Motor to Paducah George and Edward Tillman. for Uncle's Funeral; Cardwell Store Moves J. L, Gardener. 83-year-old umv, of E. D. Gillcn, died at his home, He CARDWEL-iJ, M/>._Tils Model Grocery and ileat Market hero moved last week into its new stand >y Mrs. riosentiial and son. Paul [ YafbrO 4-H Club Has Pad,ucaji, Ky., Saturday. known-here where he had vls:::JJIn the Miller building. The "store Mr. and Mrs. Olllcn. who mote: eJ ' has been since its establishment to-'Pad.ucah today for the funeral. I here in a huilrtini; on the oppo- •tsita-side' of the street, but- the ^ l T\i,n^«««——•- . • . -*-.»..— ir., who will spend; the week-will! relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clifton Watson, of Carulheriville,-were-visitors ,n the cit-y Sunday. They formerly lived here. MJ-. and Mrs. J. W. Rickey, of Cooler, Mo., shopped 'liere Siitur- ty. ftliss Hazel Hout, of Alnnlla, spent Saturday in the city. Mrs. O. M. 'Morgan, Miss Era Wright .and Miss, rvfary- : <putl;iw spent Sunday ui Memphis 'with Mrs. E. A. stanficld. Miss Georgia Lee Stuart, of Manila, shopped, in the city Saturday. somewhat dainaBe3-n - ago in a fire that "de- Well" Attended Meeting f' 1 ' 0 *" 1 « ie a . d J° ini "E °" c - , T1 \ c 0 new- Jocalion has oeen re-painted. Tr.c'Tfa'rbi-o boys and gills 4-H club, which won several prizes in state extension activities last year. is. beginning the new with much, interest. At a mectins lust Wednesday there was a pc-rfcct attendance. •J. E. Critz, agricultural asent. SF.VC Instructions to the crop ami .pig;club ^members and Mits Cora 'Cce Coltrmih, home demonstration agent, told of beginning tile gardens. Other parts of the program included a talk by J. W. Widner on Mrs. Harry Tnylor and brother, corn. Painelia Noblin reUucJ her at Southwestern tlntvuviity '«t' -Mcm- Vhls, whcTwas home..for thei'wcei;- ;cnd,' had ''a "drop in' 1 darn-c S,.\tui-- day nlglif at his honie. World Day of rraycr Is Obstn-cd Friday. The Annual World Day of Prayer i was observed by women of the city- Friday afternoon Methodist Church Will Hold Study Course for Baptists at Osceola Sam Hill, spent Sunday in Lake .City .with their mother. 'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wan-en iin:l daughter, Marjcrie, speir. the week-end in Memphis with Mr. mil Mrs. Ivan P. Wysc, who formerly lived here. Misses Cora Lee Baldri^c, Alberta Ross. KeU:r:ih Ncely and Mrs. Marie Hlchman motored to Memphis Saturday. Miss Jane Buck, who attends St. Mary's at Memphis, .'pent the «ck-cml with her parent.:. .Mr.- and Airs. C. M. Bui*. Harold Sleriibrr^. who is a student at Southwe>U-ni Uiiiurvily Memphis, vLsUi-d his S. S. Slcrnterg. Saturday ar.d Sunday. OSCEOLA. Ark.—A study course with Ihe First!'or B. Y. P. U. leaders and Sini\Vo:nan's Mis-1 rta y fchool- teachers and pupils will sionary society menitcrs hostesses he conductcrt -at the First Baptist at that church. The 75 present. • church here this week, besi heard the.theme, "Witfisssiag Fo: a ' 7 o'clock Monday evening. Chrisi" discussed in five programs. • RCT -' I'-' B- Ljingley, missionary Mrs. W. I. Dnnton was leader o! j far the Mount Zion and the Mis- thc First Methodist church's part ' sis -''Ppi County Baptist associations. in i-Hfcfi'T.Irs'."j:"E: 1 'Crlfi-Ssns"a-t lW *H'-n>ntl«<:t-B--cliis3 -in "The" i'co- EOltf, JITS. A. C. Haley gave the i nlc Called Baptljls." and Rev. K. H calli to worship, Ernest Jones KIIVI ; Manwnrritig. pastor of Ihe \Viis._ a sblo, accompanied by Mrs. Gco. i En l>list church, vull leach the In- M. ; Lce. and. prayers were oftcr;,-l! '"mediate B. Y. P. U. manual. by "Mesdames A. O. Hudson, \V. j — t. "Hollipetcr. and ,\Y.. ?/. Ta cxprrience in gardcninj. Uiinan Noblin gnve a report of cotton club work, Clyde Gaincs jr.. ilisciisscii dairy club, Treva Jones lalk.-d on clotliiin; anrl Bnryl lioyd to!;! his experience in pig club activitus. Red Cross at Osceola • , Gets Flour, Potatoes ! OSCrOLA. Ark—A carload of -'iloiir Irani Wauneta. Nebraska, and ^1 of Irish potatcrs from the Harris American Lc-^kKi pest of Harris. Minnesota, arrived here Mr. 1 -, i Friday for rlisiribiition lo families ici-civing aid from the Re;1 Cross. The llniir and potatoes are be- Huffman News Mrs. L. Acikisson was the _Coughs from cotds may lead lo EC-' rioiis Iroullf. You can stop tliem" now with Crt'oniulsion, an eiuuhified crcuwtc tliat t» pleasant lo Like. Creoimilsion is a medical discovery wiili tu-o-folil action; it soolhcs and heal5 tiic inflamed membranes and in- Libiis grrni growth. Of fill known drugs creosote is recognized by high medical authorities as one of llic greatest healing agencies for cuuglis from colds and bronchial j nit at ions. Crcomulslon contains, in, addition t<r creosote, other healing elements ivh<ch "soolhe -and .heal ilia inflanied membranes and stop', the ir- riiaiion, ivhile tho crcosotn goers on lo the stomach, is absorbed into tlio LlooJ, attacks the scat of'ihe trouble and checks ihe growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed p.nisfsc- tory in tin; trestcscnt of couglis from. coldj, broneliilis and minor• forma of bronchial iiritaiioiis, and is excellent for building up the system nfler coldd or On. Money refunded, if not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your-druggist, (adf,); FOR THE COUGHfRQM^OLDS THATNANGON WANTED : Regular Boarders / $S Per *^ Week Green Beetle Cafe Now under ne\v m;in- Mr, nnd Mrs. Roscce Crafnr.! i"S distributed with . ratio until and son spent the week-end at He- i Hie supply. Is exhausted. Garden red shipptd by cx^rc^ iri;:i'. Lawrence. Kansas, are in trail*!!, lied Cioss officials were advisi-il hero ford Silent S.itmriay in Memphis ! Saturri.iy. and should re^ira here Whit Goodman and' Osc;ir H.-.:- f'rly next week. The fhipment daway were visiicrs in Memphis lor ' comprises 3.250 puckagss ur bud-. ber Springs. Ark. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ward. M.>.' Ley Welch and Mrs. Dixie Cr.iw-: week-end jjucst of her sister. Miss Marguerite Perry of TBlytheville. .; Miss Ollic Casslday, Irma' Cole- fri.a'n, Ouy Vv'iljon -and Leon Pruitt. caie<iiaii.iJr.o. Willie Cassiday Sat uraa>->,.£vei>tn(i.-.- Ella Cassictay je- turiie^. 'to Steele with her sister for- Saturday-'night, and Sunday. 'Mrs. Osea; .JarbD was the guest cf her Eist3r,.' Mrs. W. E.' Hagan Tuesday afternoon. 'George Pciiy and daughter Ne'eley spent Thursday night will his sister. Mrs. R. L. Adkisson. Mrs. R. ill. Daivcs of Chennl, La.. Mrs.. M. E. Wilson of Caruthcrs- ville and Agnes McKay of Osce- j ola wore called home on account,| cf the serious illness cf their brothers, Phillip snd Ui'.iic McKay. Mr! and Mrs. Harold Pompham and daughter. Clara Ellen, of Haytl called nt the McKay home, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ts.iac McKay of Cobtcr spent Thursday at the McKay home. Billie Hiij-hes who is a patient at the Blytheville linspital is improving.. Louise Chandler spent Monday nhd Tuesday at hor bedside. -. Otis Clark and Ed I.awlcr of No. 8,1 called at the- Cassiday licmio Saturday. . • » . .LIV.M|*Ett-l . C»1W II .. *; AtlJIUI. • ^ ? . _ , j •• ••• — • ••Consecrating thi 'Witness 'was]' O«/{«H lilUfie A CWS' of Mcm P nls - ' ' • """ '""•»<" the-, subject ofteredf by- the I jke ' Street Metliodlst .church with 'Mrs. i Hirrtm Hardy visited his *ter O. A. Eltrank as lsader.--Mrs. Ivcr- j litre last woe's. • son : Morris read \he scrlpuirc mid: little Harpiii Evcrharl r:\s bx after appropriate, songs Mrs. W. J. :iii lV it n nii for several day • Quails. y,a 3 th; gtiesl^-cf 'riitle Vcss Sunday alter- the week-end. Nfrs. l-'.innic Hay. who been Eerioufly ill, is- n^w con\-alr*rinn. Mrs. J. L. Thompson anrl son. Carrol, of Memphis, spent 5:jiu:r here'cnroutc. Vo'Dcxter. Mo. v fsr short. visit .with Mr. and Mr.-. HIIJ N'cl;on Thonin-iOn aiul faii-.ily. T. W. Davis ar.rt M. A. P.irtis.! iVLiiiiactiiiy bus:- j l^ <if seed, sufficient to pinut a v.dl bal.iuccd garden for many families,. . , .... ness here today. Mrs. 'John 11. 1.0:1,: is r.l:?:-.iiuc '.o business in O.-Ci-ob u-d:\y. SherrcKl Baructt on'ivrd tl:o il^;j- lisl hospital at Memphis to;l,iy. He was accompanied 10 I':i:-a'-.;3iiH Sunday by Mr. ami .Mrs. Kiim W. as their program subject with Mrs. John Buchanan as leader. Mrs. E.',,. E. 'Alexander read the scripture-'' 15S and'Mrs. J. W. Bishop said a pray- '• nc p." cr. •'•--. • ; : i '-' s - McLsod and -daiigliltr cull- Mrs. George Carney was leader _ cj on Mrs/ J3akcr ' 'Sunday, kltcr- of the theme "Witnessing Through I 0 ?"' i the : Ages" for the First Christian i 0 .. 55 Vcra Scra11 cf "Jswocia church program in which Mrs. ,l.'"'° se silcnt Mo '-<iay night with the C. McIIaiiey jr., and "Mrs. J. V :.' Mlss . cs whl «'<!- Wlnford played a duet, Mrs. Oor-! M'ss Fay Baker was tile euest cf don Evrard lead in a rcspons'.ve : Mlss Sua -c Whittle Wednesday, reading and Mrs. W. J. Knox ol- j Misses Bcrnice Voss. Ellribcth fered prayer. _ ^ iand Marguerite Kirby were dinner 11 Years (ionsii|ia- lion, Glycerin Ends ll "Fcr 11 years I tried to gn rid of co!v>tipat!cn." sa\s Clias. E. Blair.! •Tlieu at laft the simple miraurc. Aulerlka, made u-.c rfcu'.ar." The simple mixture o! i;'vccri:i. buekthorn bark. :-;.li:;f\ etc. (Adlor:ka) acts ,011 BOTH i;p,xr ai-.d lower bowel, relieving cor.s'.-,i.jt:o:i in J hcursj Brhigs cut poisons yoa never; llS^neclfHl "\Uilr\necI«fr ^•n ^..i *».i_,i . . . . . D * *• "•'-'"•.•v. • t ' -T <IU. ing In j _ Autrey' White nnd Aubrey Hcn- a New Aje," Tith Mrs. B. R. Ailen iden of Hinl Mich arc as leader. These numbtrs Included I reiativca here. visltuig towels a REAL c! a:x! n-o Store. good you fee!! Ci'.y Drug! --Adv. 8J You save in using KC. Use LESS priced brands, fDorit Risk Neglect/ ,55 Deal Promptly Willi Kiilne; Irrcgularilics. A constant backache, wish kidney iri'cfulaiilics and a stiff achy, worn-out fcelmi; all too often warn of disordered kid ricys. Don't take crur.ces! Use Doan's IMIs. Successful fo more than 50 years. Kndorsc; by hundreds of thousands c Rratcful users. Get /Axm's to day. Sold by dealers everywhere. ig to-.flie arrest .and .conviction of any person or persons guilty of placing or having placed ropes, wires, chains or any articles causing interference with the operation of our transmission lines.

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