The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 5
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\ TUESDAY, MAY 0, 1947 (ARK.) COURIKH NEWS Senators Pare '4 Appropriations $8,000,000 Slashed From Measure Senr Over from the House WASHINGTON. May (1 (UP) — Senate proved more eco- minded ( U,c House in passing US fiivt appropriation lor fiscal IB'18. Acting after i clay-Inn/ debute, vile Semite Insl Jiislit approved Sl.G7(i,COO,000 for Die La'wr Department aiul Sreurlly Agency fur the iiiivv tjovci 1 .intent year beginning Inlv 1. Tliis was $!!,OeXM)QO loss than llic House voted, and slCKi.OfJO.CCO less than ITesUhni Truman requested. The Senate tiiil. )io\urv"r provide more fu.iris for the NalionnI l,abor Relations L>m:l nuil voted to pay the :;a]iivi' .',', of conciliation Cliiel' Kds'.ar L. v,':ir:-on :uid 100 of Ills top aides. I'D!::!:; for there .saktricr; were doni-'d by cho The Senate Trliii-vvd i;rc:»lor overall economy tr.stn Uic House by making a s!>:ni>. $14,000.000 cut in federal <4";t<!:s tc: ; i:>te- cfinlroHed emplovrienl nfliccs. It also knocked fl.d) ).0';0 "if nmds for tlic National Cation 1 Itecsrcli Institute Senate Democrat: n-icd pcrfist- enlly to restore finii.? u:>-;id by (lie President bu'. wcve defeated at every turn. A sample wa-s rejection 57 to 2'i, cf ii:i attempt by Scu. Pat MtCa'-rno, 13. Ncv , to provide the rctiiicfUl s 1.10 0,000 .O&O Fashions on Wheels Here arc fashions for you UK Americans who Im'yde for fun and who more willingly «<.'lconu' ci rniuls that can bo nolishcil off on wheels. Doris Viumim designs now functional fiibhions to keep pi'tlaler'a knees free, slfoulilcrs unhampered. 4 FINDS RELIEF "TER MANY YEARS Woman Ends Constipation Eating Famous Cereal Daily Is yoi?r life being spoiled by constipation trouble? Then read this sincere, unsolicited letter: 29 yra lipaliip nn.I h-ivc BU(Tpro<) ce cfiiliEhoocl. Onn dnv, «fi- u! . , nfl.T 5 |,,M,,ii,, K ,,,, a rly i.ll ,,,y raonoy tor m«fi- ni.r^ nn.I liills. I hali]i"ii«l In rriu! »l>nul KKl.l.IKJG'S AI.I.-Hll.lX. I Iriivl i! —EPS1E KINARD, NEA Fashion Editor. PAGE 'l KOt nurh 1 la du - ilh C.. nron 1'aik, Kla 'inaflf'l,:, m"" S. Orlando c too liij;]]ly «. Clinton c., Wiatcr All huilt for action, three units combine to m;ikc the pedal pusher otilfil of rayon flannel (nlmvc). While pedal- ling pants are knee-len^lh. LonR-slccved navy shirt l>in-striped while Mazer antee handlebar swinjc. ','' At right, a gingham shirttail jacket makes a feature of • easy shirtsleeves with double: cuffs. This tops a pair of •"' free-action shorts of beij>e-; colored linen, a background;* color which is repeated in the ; j;rcen-plaided jacket. *.. Training Allowances Discussed WASHINGTON, MU V c. an"— >'"• (linnr BradUv. velcrniis nd- •rrcctiy dear" that vclcnins' sulisiM, IHT allowi-nces for cdnca- l""al i raining fun ( O cover llv- I "H COMS. 11,1| | U , |,, 0 |; ,,„ pDjIt,,,,, I >n a score of pnvj-.i :.ii s to libenil- ' ''•(• benefits. Uiudlcy (old a senate I,:ilx>i- .Siibcoimulliee Ih-ii COHBICM, not be veterans administrator, (.bonlil establish 1K) || c:y , m | Uynu < n ;s |<> i velcriMis under ihu C1I 1)111 a'. ( KM*. He wiinu'd a K ainsl innk-! i: Hie payinenls too nt'.rncllvc. j llnullcy defended IcKlslnlKin em- i powering the iidn^n'.slrulov to pay! than Hie sta'.'tlr.rv limits lor 1 piiynicnls (o vcUvims in,(ici going ' 1'iiit-tltno lialnlni. I^'iliSiatlon granting federal uld to S(ir> a month to single veterans and $!«i monthly to cx-Cll'r, willi de]icndenl,s provides les'isi,' .'iilns sluniM lie puid when (he veteran receives private couii'cnMillon fro! employers wi:h imrt-ilmc pixi- giaius. Hiudley Rftid t;ml if the full iniiomits were paid lo all Irnlrces veterans would be encOLiriged tti rcgartl the iillowur.':es us a "bonus." Home wonlfl (jint full ihni' collegce program> for Ihe hiuher return permitted on-I he-job In'in- ce.s, be said. At the sumo lime Bradley said there hiivc been some violations on Congress' Int'lit In establishing training couruer.. He ;jhed extended courses for gaa slinUm ut- teiulanls and s.i'osmen i's "ru- thcr <|iicslkmnblc." und siild that, the payments luici been usctl "us a bonus for Job., 1 don't Lcllevo many of us considered nrcles- slons." Says He's 'Broke' )I. Cnilif, Jr.; Rlcluird Cral|»; Mar- Ktuel !). Masscy; noliert D. Mns- sey; Nell I). Mns-sey; Ncllcl Musscy; Mamie D. Odlcy; Elaine 1) Odlcy; Hnrrlell Ann Odley; IJr. T. B. Allison; Mnihn A. llelts; 1*0 Ilctts; Lynn IJetls; Tommy Allison: Lillian A. Burke; Mliian liiirkc; llulli H. Huulien^; Oloiln llnghcus; Thctiu A. Ficelwood; .Slimline I 1 '. Fowler; Allls in Fleetwood; IJr. J, p. Allison and AI leu Allison arc warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chlckajaw- ba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 days after the date hereof and answer n complaint against them by Tom A. Little. Dated this 2nd clay of May, 1047. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Ily lictty Smith, deputy. Marcus Evrard, Attorney for Plaintiff, • . . (Seal) 518-13-20-27 Declarltijt Hint he's "broke" and iieekii^K a job, 31-yenr-ohl Vit- torlo Mussolini, son of the one- lime Italian dictator, j;ol Into Ar^eiiLina by mysterious mentis ti few \vceks 11^0 ,mul hopes ho will not lie deported ns mi Immigrant, ills wife, now In Milan with their two children, was horn In Dnenos Aires. ALirllRAN has brouglit lasting relief to thousandR suffering from constipation duo to lack of liuik in the diet. If you have ttiis trouble, you, voo, may find lasting relief by eating KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN every clay anil drinking plenty of v>-;itnr. Try it! If after 10 days you urn not compMd?; satisfied with the results, send tlie empty carton back to the Kellogg Company. Battle Creek, Michigan—sn.J yii double j/owro(m»ci/ back! AW&-BRAN i3 a tasty breakfast food made from the vital outer layers of whole wheat. lOat daily as H coreal, or in muffins. Ask your grocer for KKLLOGG'S AI.L-RRAN. Drowning Victim Buried MONTICELLO. Ar/:.. May G. (UPI Final rites will be held tomorrow for Edward H. Tilhnan, 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mis. David Tilhnan. who nrowned in a pond 3 miles south of here Sunday. Two young companions fold officers Hml tlie la-i swr.m to the center of the. OOP], strup,«lcd a moment an| sank before they could- reach him. Besides his parents, youn l; Tillman 'iis survived by two brothers a'nd A sister. \vns by In salaries for the office of secretary of labor. Final action on tin: voice vote. Tlie measure nnv. 1 goe p ; to conference with the House for r.gree- mcnt on conflicting; features. Justices Split Over Ruling on Civil Liberties WASHINGTON. M.iy u'. 'Ill" — The Supreme Court ruled ycslcr- day that law office'.'; lirally searching for ev : ''en-je of < ]:;• crime may scix.e any ir.atcerlal they uncover bbe\r::ig on :iiiollH:r violation of law. Chief Justice r. <-d M. Vinr.on read the court's 5 in •! decision in a case growing o*;t .if Lhe ccm- viction of George Harris: Oklahoma City. Harris was icnrenccd to five years in jp.v. for violalirg the Selective Service Act Sharp dissents were rr.';:s1ercd by Jusiices Hugo \,. lilaek l(o!>- nflictiny features. i ert II. Jackson, l-'e!ix Friv.ikfut tcr intl Wilecy B. R'.ulc;!i;n. '11105'! aid the decision threiteiK'd. ba:ic ivil liberties. Flt&fir Show The natU'rinjf lines of a wearable casual are accepted )iy the lioauty of this lively floral print jmtl pouch pocket. Unconditionally washable, in Oo\vn Soap 'n Water* pititic. I 1 redo mi nun I colors . . , aqua, lilac or rose on while. Sizes" 12-20. The New York Store \V. T. Grant Co. V/iM Try Newburyport Plan < HOUSTON. Tex, May (i. (UP) — The W. T. Grant Co announced here yesterday it would follow the Nesvburypm I I' by reduciiif; prl- cis from "10 to no per cent on thousands lit items." The llouslon store und one In N r e\v Orleans w.'ie .selecled to put the plail into elfeel. said Manager W. II. Avery. "We will have to determine llic customers' ie.;tjnn:ir." said Aveiy. "If Hie resivmsf \v:irr,uits. Up.- reductions v;ill probably be company-' wiftu b.\' June 1.'' Avery Fflid Hie reduction emphasis Viould be tjuiclp on "those cost o[ living t ommodilie.s whtxse prlce.s h:ivc inflated so much in the pust few years" Nmirishiri.-v JV-ods Disabled War Veterans Elect at Spa Mooting HOT SPRINGS Ark. May (i. (UP)— William H. Williams of Hot Springs todav \\iis new slhte couuuiindcr of the Arkan'i.vs Department of D'sabl'jJ Vctcrm.s. following bis election ye.stciduy at the conclusion of a two-clay convention here. j Other office's mimed lo teivo with Wllllums were Kucky unini of (Jonwiiy, senior vlce-commnn- der; A. J. 1'fil.emm ol FaycHc- ville, junior vie: conimindcr; Ewhlg Mays of LUlle Htu*, treasurer; Widtcr Cornell of Hot Springs, chaplain; Uonald 1'. Ownby of Little Kock. hlstnilrni; and Jack Krcpnlck of Harrison, judge advocate. The ncv; commander cliosc William s. Ifoslril of LUtle l£f><-k | as Ills adjutant, and liaymond Shcllcr of Hot Sp.-'ngs us the clilef of staff. Atomic Program Now Stabilized, Lilientha! Says WASHINGTON, Mliy 0. (Ul'l Cbiilrmun ll.iviil r:. LtliCnllial of Ihe Federal Atomic Knergy C'oml.sslon yesterday told u Congressional committee Ihe U. K iiloinlc program bus been stiiblU/.ed tind Its uncer- tiitnly ended. LUicnlhal and other commission members met for three hours bc- lilml closed doors ulth the Joint Confjrcssionnl Alotnli- Coinmltlcc. Committee Chiikriniin Iltnirki: H Illckenlooper. H., In.. Inter told rc- porlcrs that members were Im- presiwl by Inforinullon furnished Iliem lhat em]iloyment of scientists and oilier skilled workers Is now He Varlcil Sen UT P'orly-two dlffcrcn'. kinds of servants nrc suppllrl to the limdlni; houseliolds of England by one laryc Ixindon djmeslic cmploy- nicnt n[jency. pointed out Ihnl durlnn the lengthy ticniilc battle oi'er l.tHen- 1 bill's confirmation ninny strlen llst.s hud left government nlomie projects because of nncerllllnly re- Kiirdlni; Ihe iirogrrim's status. Hint n<iw', llltikenlooper sulcl '"Hie pcrlotl of uncertainty appears ended." He revealed thut UlleiHlni] slres.'i- ed that secnrlly .safeniiiirds in handling atomic Information and nrlmln- Islration of facilities were bclni 1 strictly enforced. Rliruklni; Inr himself. Hlckenloop- er siild that "I um convinced thai Ihe security matter Is bi'lnu wel cured for und that the highly clns stfied malter Is being well cii.rct for anil Hint the highly i:las.s'4». es.senlljil >'llul secrets ai'c bclni safeguurilett." WAKNIN'C OKDKtt Kd Hardin. Jr.; t!il !lmdln. Ill liilllil Ci. lleiirn: 1'ulsy Hearn John Ilnirn; '/elina Ci. Criilg; Jot fn pruporlujn to ils price, tread When ram-jet air transport is'is llic moi.l noiiii.iV.iii!- <if cf.ds ml on a practical busis. fliglits of statistics show. II i s followed in :CKO miles will take .six or .seven order by pens, pcialoc.s. buUcrl lours instead of tlie current 12 to cheese, milt:, aypxii ea!;>. cod- H. fish, inul beef. ' FOR THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE , HERR'CK'S 202 W. Main ). KEBUClUEHCr Q' Jewelry Store Phone 2452 10.95 Pennies from Heaven QUBKN MAKK sprinkles pretty penny polka dots on sun-loving rayon shantung, in timeless classic, lloloved shirtwaist style, opens down tlic front, open-throated —for tlic maximum of summer comfort and chic. In luggage, grey, aqua and blue. Sixes 12—10. The New York Store The L-o-n-g Look Kt> wonderful—lioth IMmlcinoisollu iinil (;<iod llonsekeopinrr cinisc It I'm- their I'dihirinls! Tailoring to the proverbiid '"I"' . . . this trim whim QUKKN MAKH titilleur. Tlic "covcvcd-Up" look, striped for action. Of Dun River's Danlone Hant'or- i'/.ed* cotton in black and lime, black und atitia, black nnd pink. Si'/.eK 12-20. The New York Store 8.95 Swagger Stripe Sec it in Glamour's editorial pages— Thoroughbred spectator by QUKEN MAKE . . . whipped up in ice cream coot Dan Hiver's Dantone sanforixcd* cotton.'Sec the young hiyh collar, the wide shortie .sleeves, Hie unusual button treatment— you'll love them all In blue, green, rose and grey. Sizes 10-18. The New York Store

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