The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT RI/VTIIBVIUR, (ARK.) SHI'S POWER SEEN IN SPIRIT OF HER PEOPLE Russia Is Invincible Declares Karl Radek, Bolshevist Publicist BV WILLIAM PHILIP SIMMS Copyright. 193-t, NBA Service, Lnc. MOSCOW. May 24.—Soviet Russia, Karl Radek, famed Russian publicist, told me, lias become in- \inclble. Russia, lie said, us he paced tlie floor of his penthouse study overlooking the Moskva river, and the site on tlie opposite bnnk where the world's tallest structure, the! monument to U-nln, Is to rise, dc« not want war. Sfw tloee not need more tsrri- lor)-. What she iloos need Is 20 more years of peace in which to provide higher living standards and better conditions (jem-rally for the people of the Soviet Union. KaJek has OSH- of the keenest minds In UK.- country. He is OIK- of Communism's out-stinuliii'j philosophers. He looks like tlu- piclUR. ol Horace Grceley. lareo mid rather prominent bh:e eyes, .--omewhat sparse brown Imlr. and-chin whis- kers—tlie kind that pass mali-i- the chin like n hairy .strap untl look as If they were lli-il to Hie ears. Have Conqucrlnjf Spirit Soviet Russia, he contended, l.s Invincible because the masses art- pollllcal inlndetl. Not only dues llit.s make Russian soltlK'i.s Ix'lter lliun oiiii-r soldiers, man lor man, but It mean* that the entire |>opa- lallon of the roiuitry, men nnil women, and even the boy.s and Bills, arc ID a soldleis. too. He clle<l the work on Hie Mos- cow Moiro, or stiijwny, as nn ex- fleers, nnrt (hroe nro wn captains ample. j commanding vessels of the Soviet On Nov 1 will foil the win!- merchant marine on regular runs, versnry of the lied ix-volutlon. lly i °» ll «> rear end of a train In lliat date, less tlian .six months jSiwrla I was surprised to dis- (Ilslailt. thr> eiinln.-.-is li.ivi- pruni- ,«>I'IT n IHM! Hun tin- HIM (rain will iam'1 11 " luisri'iii'i'i'.'i nluni! tin- l:r:l mile .section to Ik- ln-M <ler the heart nl thr city Hut much work innalns in l;t- llotll.. iillll the lif. <I'M workers :n<' racing a< J alu'.t liir:i-. At •.<ijfl.n:'l\'. ll "Mibulnlk." u: unpaid labor i-oi p.. hns Iji-i-ii foirni-d. ID:H|- u;i nl mm. women, i-.lrls. :ml buy;, wlm voluntarily nlve nil llu-lr wi-i-kh JVM- .day to wu-ld pick and :!:'.' I tlie .-ubway. woman brakemnn. Along ,, i-iL'hl-of-wuy, despite the rig- M'vi-u-""" of I'"-' climate and the notoii- •i! un-]" llsl >' '""''I work It entails. I .saw •iiiiuiy ijroups of women section hands loilinu on the railroads They were even helping doiibU.- linek Hie line. I I went into the Moscow sub- wuy. 'I'liousujids of women ' arc THURSDAY, MAY 24, 193$' Fruit Must Be "In the Pink" lor Good Results in 0 IT/1111 All • | SATURDAY ONLY, MAY 26th MAT1NKK AND NIOH'l' On The Stuf/e In Person Till) I'm fur Cniiiitiy BfClelarv KaAiucr, Hell. Mn«:n\v (!.iiiiiinilil-.l ]j;iH . . . I Nation, calrulat'-d thai, bv Nov. '!. :it 2.0MI.MHI volunli i-i:. will li'ivr- put In thai muny d;ivs 1m- jlimf, corrcs|:oudin;; U) u IOK-I- ni 1U.WX) liiintl.-. n-ulaiiv emiil'.vrl. Housewives, .shop rills, rlrnti..- riinlicrs. fat-tory InniK -il.n'ji liovs and tJliLs. uflii ials. eV:-|: . doeto-s. nii-rhaiilr-;. -mil! ip]wul to the ".v,il>.j:iilk:." and. (Iriw-d Ilk- dfrklKiiids on a .-hip In yloun. shovel c!'i: m Hi.- v. au-r- lo"-"-d luil'lel lllld-j Mfj.'-co'.v. Where ebe. liadek wi'HIed In know, will vi;!i M" a :i Ii' lih- In other cminuii". <-d. the Dflk-liik :il.i . ID tthnl i-. but Ihe nnd: ami K-lliiliii-ly emjiloyeil down ,.,.,,_ miller conditions which would ., JM break the buck of many a mini, .'llu-y .sling picks, use .shovels, push i cars along the imrrow-yaiiK'' "tracks mid kliuri; up tin- tunnels with the men. Not tlie .slli'htest distinction is inaili- liLltt-ei-n women and men I'.m-kers. Ol the M.IJIJU uii I',;- job, ul least 'Xi ;HT cent are wmucu and ulr,.s I'l'illaps more. Ami they nre. an L-itii-k'iil. jolly. i;i<xl-lookliig tin •'• M'll though Ihey are like, eud- If jrouM have your canning bear]enough boiling water to cover the fruit, Airs, Housewife, read today's. tops of the jars by at least two 1 '" l>y Mary E. n* KU e — tin- Inches. If canning i n OV eii, preheat to necessary temperature. After processing for the rec|iiireil period of lime, remove from oven, completely seal and cool as quickly as possible, without letting a direct . — tcniiul of six written for lliis nens 1KI|MT. BY MARY K. flMiVK NKA Service Staff Writer Tin- condition of all fruit for can- tin- banks of f^ew- li: Mermei ti.-inullaiicl (;ini:ksand ami «IA- arc the <-li>t' characleiiMics <jf the Mn-;- "j'.v job anil Hi... tuunel.s keep up :i ini)li])ii'i:i.s duwiiiiinir. - ulnv is ol t-:c utmost. lni|iortance. It .sl:oiild be jwrtmly ri|K, bin not (hi. leail lilt ovcrrlpi'. Brulsixl an-j bU'iiilslicd places must, be carefully cut away and only (lie sound part of tlie .f_rult ussd. i-tor this ivnson it's a good Idea to nort the fruit, using the fine, perfect fruit fur canning and the less jx/rfrct fin- preserves nnd butters. On account of Itc acidity, most fnilri are very i-a-sy lo can in Hie home kitchen. To be sure, they v.ill keep If canned bv tlic otil- "open-Kelt].'" inetlind liul tin 1 llavor mid iiuajlty me finer. i Hip foccl value t-: limits and r<- work is not heavier if the "pack" mi-Hied is used. Sterilize TlinrouRlily , current, of air strike the . Fruits are canned In thin. inedlu mand heavy or thick syrups. Fruits are wns.'.ed, pjelod or p:t- ted or hulled as the cas-? may be. preparing it Just us you would for Immedlnte table use. Then it is . pre-ccokul for thj-ee minutes in syrup aiKl |iacke<l hot in hot .sterilized Jars. Half .seal, process, finish seal and coo! quickly. To fan llfrrn-s Wnsli ami hull. Was. 1 ] bcrrU-s in culunikT, dipping it up and do'.in in a large p:in of water to prevent crushing. Drain. I'ut terries into iiriucrring kettle without wa ler. lleut over a low fire for live minutes. ThLs prevcni.s- shrink-i'.',., ., „ ""Ssr^-iSBx?££•&?•= \ii!iii:in Ituli-s Tinim'livuy \V\KU jiacked wil>i anv nroduct To .1,, i ."„„'. , \. . • sle ""' ! " l ars At u nani,\v plate In the "mi- • f.cill!a>: Wxsh firs Imished tiirnul \\v e ol in ih L . w;i y ' luner. Then place »f a ijiuig of itn.-ii and women'in a !>!',' ]>.in ( i-nrryiii'.! :i luiw timber. ' the hnl-iv.tter ball S led ('-Cooler Society -- Personal ars Mrs. Saul Hamra ciitertiilned last week for lier lujUhe^uists. Mrs. T. A. lltimra of Ktildler. OkU.. ami MAS 1'Vcda llauira ol J-'uUon, Ky. Clnc-.sts nc-rc- prc-scnt [rum Canit,.:- ersi'illL-, lilytheville, l.unoia a:ul Sc- nalh. Ctmrles Yu'k. Miss Imojc-ii'.- Man- i)ln;j mid Diiro'.iiy SHU. of H'.eele, Miss Joscphlni' Holly, of COJUT. ll:i!-o:<i Martin, ol Caiijimda'.c, ill.. Miss Marilyn llas.s. of Illytlu'vilk-. and liolj Cr,:«s. of Ktisc-r, attended tile Cotton Carnival at Memphis Friday. Tlu°y were Joined Ut-rc by Jerry Holly, who rnurtie-1 homv •.vilh thfni am! .s|ji-iil t):e \vi : L'k-eu:l with hi:; ]).uenls, Mr. and Mr* D Bi-n llolly. Mrs. Tid Norlliuul, s'uis, Ray- IIK.IUI Mud llarncy. and ilau^ .tei. C-;:r:n-:. M;i. Ji-<s aii'.l Mrs. Kyis are vhiling relatives aii'l lilt-lids at S.iiunnah, T..-II.I. Mis. Uex Ilujlies jr. ol Helena. Ark., spent las: -.i-c-rk end hure nit'i her JXIN.-IIIS. Mr. anj Mrs. McAdums and MI. anil Mr.s. Ilii^lnu- at 275 visit, with friends In fore return.,,- pound son, Vli-gll Rubelj, to M nnd Mrs. I«on Settle, of Slkesto; l v%ho fo:merly Jived here. f Mr. and Mrs. Carl Williams hav'J returned from Flint, Mich., uteri'I they were called by the serious in-I ness of the former's father, who f: now much Improved. : It. C. Steele sr. spent, last s\ee ' in l.lilie Hock. Ark., where re at :; tended tin- E^:t Arkansas LtimM | Mrs. Hai]in H.ill and son 1m] ivim-iied w thc-lr home in Mem* p!iis al'.e ra visit with Mrs Hall ]::.reliU, Mr. a nd Mrs. W. ^! Cooper. She Lost Faf High Blood Pressure Here's Today's Live News 'in- Fal Winneii—and Mm, Ton llr.-iil II—rii-ase. till vr 111" Mi:;hti ;:'. iiboui. Idea wllat it i-i und ihi; wuiiinn foreman { th il we had not !n-:ll on their side., lettin, ' A.Tow 3-4 c" p" ,,,ir for rest on the lids. This lifLs quart can of fruit, and be s, •mil H we Had not, i,i-:ll W ,u rest on the lids. This lifLs quart cin of fr,,ir nlK-yed. the chief engineer the v\w from the direct heat at make enoii°h syr, „ Dro eel. :1 llnili.rl s,fn,.,c I!.. lmlt/i.., ^t (!,„ _.. ,..,,. """": t-iioi, = ji sjrup. Slr-KBll, In M' unvo the atxnil tin. Is III Unity , project, a United «»l Bc'nrr:,]. this com.'•.- v.ou,,l have suffered in <" •"'"• mi „ „ D • buiies . IU- bottom of the pan or boiler can hp kp n, in* ' i , - u-d revent, - 'NORTHWEST MOUNTED POLICE Ls why K,,rl ^adek thinks -, now invincible Compuny, in Their Interesting Arctic Vaudeville ITS DIFFERENT AND A IIAI'I'Y COMBINATION ()!• MIRTH, MELODY, MUSIC AM) INTRICATK HARMONY SlN(;iN(; On the Screen —"Half a Sinner" with Sally Jilane and Joel McCrea • • • ADMISSION—10c - 25c .smalle..i elilliln-n knows subway. Tln-v kno-.v w'cit I "Vim It Is lor. Trial il is Ilii'lrs. Thiii. . !Li '"' ' H \vill be ii nuljlie nnivr-nieni-i-. | ft " ll:i ' liS ' Anil whal II -.vitl nisi And s<> on. |!|C ''''''' With n ix-rfirl imil.-i-.stniulin'; ol i ! "•'' "•" Hie .sliiMilun. iiicv -.i-anl w ]in...h ! WI 'lcli 111" project nloiu;. iliuisa I Would biOiavi- evil, llv the soini- i c . way. says Hadek. I], inu noUlir-al IJiOVICt Workmen GlV6 inhulcd. nnil iiulivliluallv Intel.-M•d and coum-ined in tin- culledive fall-, liiissln's 17i>.l)0!).(iwi would , pilch In ;md lu'lp win Die con- i diet. ' Eviiii armies are hiulilv mechaniwil. as is tho case, wllli Coming—Ritz, Sunday, May 27 Joan Crawford in "Sadie McKee" . j u-d prevent, 1,,-eakn „ cn . ee te un 1 m o top Jars , are used the metal of the Sch o ' niu ng ' rl; ""P !)(ls "'<-'« liirs find the lids i I'M.'III-S | imr water as tlwy are needed for filling. j lest cans for perfect sealing To I di thl.i nil can wit!) boillnt wator j nfier ncljuslinw a np\v rubber on U, l " , l> " S!U A. J. Overlurf and son. Junior, vent to Cape Uiraid'.'au Monday wio: XI.«s- Mii-jrcd will visit here two '.v;cks tefor? returniug for the summer term at stale Teachers cul- in^on and son Kxtra syrup Overlurl, who can .1 w , A|J , . ™n and .completely .seal, 'ni nCW VCfSlon 01 Uld JOKC| H|is!rtc-down and while cco!in« ex- ainine for air bubbles. If there aro r ^ l!e lt 'e can may be used with lite Red Aimy. he ob.scivi-d. im- le<:.s a war were won .quickly, li would develop into a sirtiiv.'te MOSCOW, i UP) — The ancleiu :;ke ubiHit liie .surgeon wi:o sewed IP hi.s initrimn-nis in Ihe patient's f'.-:r^d in reverse hi Soviet ron.siriictlun . necessity of' hli;':.- n-urkin?]) o fie n coiiipk-t-j ! In-fore the public power discipline would lie- vital. Women, saici Hadek. are par- 'iitilitk-s aic in-:i:i!li:l. Tnus Hi llenlnilv n-mmkable in Russia. I v/alls are ":-e'-.ieil up" before the bcarhij; H:elr full share of heavy | necessary Instruments are put hue work alnns wild Ihe men: Ills Uli.'n. former si-i-r(-iary, a ynuns woman, i It is not imii.«ua] t/) find work- had gone ltiiou'-:h a miltlaiy Html- mi-n leariu; u]i walls and Moors ol ' ' new apartment ihousss to install Use New Rubbers It is not economy to try to use bsl year's ruhhcrs Buy [lie best on (he market and plan to have i new rubber for each jar of fmii or veijc-tahls to be canned. Good .synip oven nt 21y li'jgrcos P SO mi and in pressure cooker at 10 p pressure- for !0 mimitt-s. Apricois are treated the sanii ' «=in |om|ianl«l by Miss Matt!,, Sue Our- as peaches. ie way I'ears Pare and cook. Cock In medium syrup 3 minutes. Process 20 minutes in oven at 275 tlesreL-, P ami 10 minuses at 10 |»umls pressure in pressure ccofcer. Plums \. X. Ji-nes o; liy^alia. Miss. _ue:;i or her parents, Mr. anil -Mrs. J. F. Vick. lor several weeks Jiidire and Mrs. C. D. Travis and children, of Cariuhersi-ilie. spent last week end in Cooler as ync.sts of Mr. and Mrs. velmsr CamplKll . Mr. ad Mrs. Liilhi-r Polk of Col- I linsville. 111., were i:e:e Sunday for I the funeral ol Mrs. Polk's lather I J. B. Hastings ... | Up lt ._ 1 JiiailliiJA. Wasn and prick surface of skin.! Mr. and Mrs Ceor™ W Co-k air Bring to the boilinj u-aint in heavy daughters are visiting relatives' h pack at oner- into hoi Tiiscaloosa, Ma. ciny and now commands n regiment ol her own—of men. not <>t women. Hadek denied Uu're are "women's battalions," as such, hi .. T.'ls condition became so notorious that the Cuiinc-ll of People's Ihe fiusslan army. C'omm-ssar.s rr«-ntly took note of " P-. 'Ilipy :~-in-d a decree that, in Women In Air Forces | t!ic future all ulilitjcs must be In- Hmidrcds arc in the aviation |.snlled Lefcie dwellings arc coin- corps, many are regular ai-niy of- \ jileteci. Theowl $ays: "I've been quite confused By recent gas claims I've perused, Which have about as much convict inn As a piece of lurid myst'ry fiction!" MOTOB TRAVEL INFORMATION FREE OF COST Ycvi be Ik. MUM « •» We h«ve confined ourselves strictlylto straightforward statements of fact regarding Eisolene. >Vc say it guarantees smoother performance, and the world's leading oil company stands squarely behind this guarantee. All we ask is that you compare Hssolcne with any other motor fuels and then draw your own conclusions. [Etnlube Motor Oil in tlie crankcasc enables F.ssolcnc to ilo its best] AT REGULAR • GASOLINE PRICE ., t* -"j'p I»UL. iu,i 1'iiu u. in r nj me w bail over cover but do not press Pack hot ami process lit mn rlnu'ii mifn n .>., • .. ,. ^'nj^t^a " -in;' lo the boiling lamp clown onto can. Put can into canner containing jxiint. i "A"j l ,.^ 1 !i E ™j 11lr 5:,.. —^, „, ull ^,.^,^ iHjriiii.x k.KM, iinrn , • i , * '- 1 ---' <" JIIIUIJIVA [•iuinplvx.r>i.n J jr,.nifeft Nr> nntf t nr>nn» I .-IT | m hot-water bath and 30 minutes *'." '•'•"'•'". ">".- i-""i'.i ».nh"f,™ f«{ ^ i" oven at 2"5 decrees p. £[''"•; ....... li"-..ri. Ha»l.r, k-id*, lirirp ' .lei .. A'i ilrr.nla"i',j i',j"'j ']"||. Monty liktt KUUUJU«. OUJU SWIM! It Costs So Lit lie to Suit Everyone Smartly in SWIMAWAYS Stock Up! Pcnney's Has Terry TOWELS Big, Man-Site, Absorbent Ones -• to pay for a towel ... in double t«ry with fast-color striped borders of blue rose, gold or g rwn ! Get plenty of tlium while they're 15c' Cute styles for children! Bathing SUI1TS »r» iun liackil JiC ' n ->'-" r.-t ;, maximum of slln .,, ., -H,;:'';;::;;!,^:";"^:, 11 ^^ ra,.s. , n |!ljn n l.-n.-.v stilcl, fal.rn.-a! Sizes a to 81 Brassiere tops, opera backs! Bathing SUITS in nrv. faltering tl)lei! $2*98 Knijiirc tops, hallt-r nei-ks. ailjust- iil'li- Lurk simp*. |, m .,| i irj , ssl ,. r ,. l"ps. pin lurking, )unvs! Of th" foriahlc! :tr>-4-l. :(.|-4(i. "ESSOTOUHSANDDE. TOURS." FrafMrir ilhi- irMrd. N«w cvtrr »o*ll. l. AIM (r«t rttmt- Misses' imitation 2-piece Bathiag SUITS O<W »a.«/ip(, novelty Irinttniiif Smoother Performance Tln'ri- nre- rut-rvitt lir.-iseieri* tiui^ \ haili-r n-rks. trii-d a|i()li,|n, <! ,',.. ip^ro nr ti^p-mt s,m l>,,rks in (hi! im- quality wmil. in ji 7 ,. s s In uii Terry TCWELS Fast-colored borders in pink, green, blue, gold. A face- towel in liath- *-o\vel texture! Boys' SWiM SUITS AH fujf wool! $1.98 Trim, comfortable,easy-fit- ting! Solid colors,sires 8 to 161 A buy! Boys' Wool TRUNKS Sites 8-161 98° A "buy" In pure Worsted, ribbed stitch, with hiph waist bandl Buy . viMirs' ntiw] High- Wall! TRUNKS far Men! All-wool, rib • tilth, solid colors! Won't pull nrbind.'Sizes2S- 361 A value! Men's Wool TRUNKS $1.98 High-waist, »o It won't pull when you sill Fine quality, wool, 28-S8 ! • TUM M WSM • UCH WtOH150»T • I : JO P. M. C S. T. ; 'IA5SIS WHIU All-STAH M1NSTMLS T~O 11 J. C. PENNED I 220-222 \V. Main Hlylhcville, Ark. "I )iave been taking Krustlie: ills lor i!L-aily a year lor m; •ailh. and foi liifh Wood pies lire and rheuiualibrn and il help il 1.0th. My blixMl picssme wa •-s hiijh as MO when 1 .started i ke Kriisclien. 1 weiglud M5 ain JW 1 weiKh UH that, is losinj Ibs., in about nini: months an< feel fine. Wouldn't BO wilhoul ri.sehtn Salts in the house." Mi: V. K'ckoir. Saeinaw, Mich. lltsidcs uieltiiiK away u^ly, ex :L-SS im Kruscht-n constajitly kcej he Ixiwpls regular and free ful' vaste that Ls always apt lo JXJILO: he system. I-at lolks diould giv; ICruschei i month's trial—U never dtsap joints—you'll leel so much belt 1 , ifler taking cue Inexpi-usivi Ja .hic-h yuu can at any dru ? in tlie woiiii—keeps you in hot weather. —Adv.: M/l Thursday & Fridaji Mat. 2*30, 10-25c '?' Nile 7:15. in-SSc |l Thursday Nite 8:l| -ON THE STAGE REVIEW! of Colonial Gowns f Dating Rack to 185(1 20-Live Models-*! SPECIALTY \ DANCE \ NUMBERS \ In Kt'i'ping with the Colonial i Spirit }| ON THE SCREEN r • ^"-fiim^^m THAT GIRL Jame» i DUNN \ CUlrt S '*** TREVOR Novelty Itccl "Air Maniars 1 Our (Janir Corned v

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