The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1949
Page 8
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PA«B EIGHT K1.YTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST 15. 1049 THt HA7ION TODAY— Appendix of Congressional Record Choked with Lengthy Afterthoughts of Lawmakers By James Mar low WASHINGTON, Aug. 15. MS— Tiie R()j]pjidix in tniiu is looked upon »* • nuisance that sometimes \tv\s very stirred up. But the Rpjjendix in the back of the Congressional ftrcotd is where a lot o/ Congressmen get si inert m>. And they don't look on thai ap-+ ----- penciix as a nuisance, than Congress- \vlio r<pi);M en! ly thinks .somebody c-lher man mijrht. For a Congressmen, ihe appendix is a good place to let off .steam. 'Ihe recoid itself, published every day. !.«; the word by word account of everything that 'happens on the Panmem'.s "white paper" on Ch floors of Congress, hlyhly / [^c secretary Loui.s r oJ]m.son i p.. 1 - cried n t'Au-cohmin editorial which aarecd with Boy kin tli fit -Johiusoii i.s a z*»a'. man. ! Folloivon a uiaM ni the Sta'c HP- n:i a Cony res n i K ri w ho didn't like But the suff in the appendix i.s'»; Sen-tor P« pper appear^ amim wi'h a speech he made on world , ectt'iHU'-n on Aug. 8: Another blasl at ',}}(' S'al" Depiirnnrnt (or i'.s pol- icv oil CJur.a; and .so u wem, for .something a Congressman wants to get into print and not something he .said on Ihe floor. There he can insert a newspaper; IL 'editorial that's plngini something ,-^ he's plugging himself, and he likes • the support Or. he may slick in a speech by some fripnri of his O]. maybe it's a ; .speech the Congressman made nt a or.uiuauon and he Jike. 6 -. it - c o m.u'li he want- td embalm it in punt ; And when a Cnnorp.S5inan can't ! ^et enough lime on (lie f]cx>r lo ini- the sper-ch. IIP finishes by f,c\~ line it in the appendix. : Since iii j v.'hole record : i printed s by the government every d^y Con- | v:rpjy; is in .-e-P.S ion, what ^e' .=; into the I'.pperdix costfl the taxpayers ' money. A ronsrP-.-man ciui't j'l.^t send somelhi'ij? down to the printer and s-et H into the appendix First, he has in a.-k for the imous consent of all the ConaiT-^.s- men or Senators present on the floor. Unanimau,* consent IJT alwavs given, since sooner or later everybody present will want to get =omrthing Intr- the appendix himself. For example, in the most recent record—it camp out Saturday and cor.tains Friday's doinns—here are A few liMnasr It opens with a statement by Senator Humphrey, Minnesota Democrat, who said: Mr. President. I unanimous consent lo have printed in the appendix of the record a commencement address delivered- by me at Bennington College. Bennington. Vt.. on July 1, 1949." No explanation was aiven for why Uie Senator waited so Ion? to gel a Juiy 1 speech printed tn mid-august He may have thought it \vas quite ii pice* and ought to be preserved for prosperity, or maybe he Just, remembered it because the Senator m?kes tniite a. few speeches- Anyway, there followed four col- limns or. education, democracy, loyalty, and other things. Then Senator Pepper. Florida Democrat, got a colmnn-and-a-half piece into the appendix. .This was a job by a columnist who recalled what it was like in the .depression days tinder the Republi- 1 cans. Rep. Boy kin, Alabama Democrat -Army Wo/ves Tests /or Recent High School Graduates NOT WHAT TIIKV SRKAIKD- "Joiinny and Scotty." Jailed at, Chnrlotlr. N'_ C. un a t-ar theft charge .embarrassed a highway patrolman who oiderrd tbeni lo strip for .searching, The officer said they turned out lo DP 19-year-old girls. Shirley Mae Wills, <lclti LajR-a.slcr, Pa., ajid Antic Stelmcde. Providence. R. I. (AP Wircpnoto. The Arn:\ is muv aivr-pur.Ji ;'.p- iili 'aji'.s for oiiiLsimeat \vnhcut'ir-i'.ion :p.-'.s if evidence of .irfduition Irom lusih school \vitjiin i he i '.vr> yen rs :mni' 1 cil.t'''l'i' prncrtl- tny t*j!lL-*'.n:e!it <Jnte i.- a 1 .r\liable, it vva.s announced tcid.iy. AppJicpnt.- who ajv exempted in rii:s niainicr will be ;Mven jneni al oXrUiun^iion? out iheir .^n^-e.s \vi]] not be considered for en lust me til. Next September 1 Higher Freioht Rates Effective ! bin fO!' record purixx.-,e.s. MacKenzie Contintieil from I'age 6 ni East Asia si rite V-J Day b(*c^iisn rhf US- ha.s supix>rLeci. directly or N)ri:re:'tly, siu-h European colonial powers a.s FYancp, Britain, and MIR Netherlands in then- colonial position so M.S not to weaken the iuiii- Coinnuinls', rront in Europe . This ha.s been pv>ient material Tor the Commit!ti.sL* who have been r)rt'init]« that America .stands for colonial *.sm anci continued imper- iali^in over A.sia. At the .vme lime. [ : ie one common denominator in A.sia lie poll- iir.s i.s the tinlimirtliMn through which her people? seek to get rid ol anything that .smacks of ont.sido control. The of the-ce natiotialUticr movements has Ix^en tliat ' -1 China. The while puper is>;i -d last wpfjk is, in one sense, a fully rinr- nmente.*! account of how Communism \VP.S allowed to <ake over in the ahsrnce of any real conietiuon for populhir .snpjM>rt. The United Sifttes must now make a rhoice in Inrio-China. for Th;it i-s the next .stop .south, from China for Communism. WASHINGTON*. Aug. 15 (APl — . I'iu N t inn's railroads have an- • nijfii.ed th;it thr Jiew 'tun 1 pea- cent yetieial height t^io will be! effective Sept 1. ! Hie A ^jciatiun of American Rait- ! ror.ti.s .said notice's have, been prc- i paiprl for ijlinc \vitli the interstate r Comir.eice Comtni^ion aud at f 'rfi^hi ions tbrouyhouL Uie! cocutry loday. Thi.s will fulfill The ' ICC requirement ol 15-day publica- j fion before ilie increase aulhori7^d ' by t*ie commission Thursday can br pffrctive. j The UK-reuse is expected to add ! about $?!>3 000.030 a year to railroad I 'reigh 1 billings. Ii will °o into cf- feet oi! ihr >ame day that the rail mdii.strv cxienris a 40-hour work wcc-k to us jioji-operatins employes, J The [CO >aitl the additional co.'it of the 40-houi' week was a majnr conslrieivticn in granting the rale ! , i Auto Accidents, Knife Up State's Weekend Deaths By Tlic Associated 1'rrss Traffic accidents and a knife look four live.s in Arkansas over the week-end. Edgar Gipsoii. 27. Baton liongp. La., was killed when a car left the road and struck a telephone pole near El Dorado Sunday. Three other men were ''tjurcd. l.oimie Pearson. Marion, La.. Negro, died on a log truck near Huttig. Ark.. Saturday nigH. The coroner said he bled to death from n knife wound which severed an artery in his lep Sheriff O E. Bishop, who field a minder charge against Ted Andrews. 30. also of Marion, said Pearson was cut in a knife fighl aboard the lo« truck. Satindav. two young hoys. Jerry Edward Mt lor of Rownian. Craie- head Comity, and Warren D'-ran. four, of n--1- DCS Arc. were struck bv cars near their homes and fatally Injured. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN New Army Chief of Staff Has Impressive Combat Record NEW YORK. </1>>—Gen, J. Law- , crack the Siegfried Linn and cap- Ion Collins, the new Army chief of | turc a major German city—Aachen. .staff, earned his nickname—"Lisht- j It look Colo^/n-. too, expanded ihe ning Joe"—on mrmy battlefields. I first bridgehead across the Rhine The graying, 53-year-old soldier I al lirtnagen. ami at war's end linked — one of the handsomest men in the up with the Russians aloiiK the Elbe. . Army— was one of the most color- nut "Llgliuiing Joe." who never fill and energetic field commanders dodged a scrap, once sot into a fight of the Second World War. i he wtisji'l looking for. He was loueli and cool and won | It happened j,, ti, c "Battle of his battles firsl hand. He ran his ; the Buli;e" in Bcl-inm in Dcecin- famous Seventh Corps iis efficiently i |jp, ; 13.14 •[-]„, German break- as any top business executive. An UivoiiKh imperiled (he American all around soldier, he could plan ]j nc nl coimnunicaiions, and Oen a baltle. flijln it through-ami en- : Ei scl .,| 10OT ,. temporarily put his First couraue his own frontline troops ; anri Ninlh Annies under the field with his presence. ; leadershii) of Field Marshal Mont- This was his battle formula: reached It and took Dinant Ihel American armies would be split In" half. I Harmon Immediately relayed this information to Collins, who asked: i "What do you want to do. Ernie?"! "I want to attack, but we're under! orders not lo," said Harmon. "And' there isn't lime lo get the orders changed " "Go ahead, Ernie." said Collins. "I'll take Ihe responsibility." In a great grinding battle, fought in .snow and fog. Harmon's division annihilated the German armor— and halted Ihe German thrust. Field Marshal Montgomery, ali- eerert at first because he thought ' his orders had been disregarded, sent a rebuke throueh channels. But when he learned the full story he seal his compliments to Collins and Harmon. The baltle had turned out to lie one of "Lightning Joe's" best blitzes. A hicuer television pirlure tube has been developed for use in low- con receivers. It will provide 50 per cent more viewing area than the seven-inch tubes 11 will replace and will handle a 39-stinare-inch picture. ' oomery n "Outguess ihe enemy, keen him Mnntv immediately numed "Lt»ht- ofT balance and never stop driving." t n j ns t j oc » t<) licad a rcscrvc ^-^ Some, generals are boxers, and '•" * ... some are punchers. "Lightning Joe" is a puncher, It was his [acuity of sustained drive ihal led Gen Omar Bradley lo «ive him the critical battle assigtunctits thru Iniilt his fame. And few generals In American history can match his combat record. His victories si retch from Guadalcanal to the Kibe. Collins came to Kurope after success fully completing the mopun ol on mai' h Guadalcanal and New Guinea. j 'htir a. Hi.s Seventh Corps seized Utah < Belgium Beach in Normandy It treed Cher- boure, the first French metropolis This corps was to be used as a < terblow at ihe right time—when the German drive tiad been contained. But in the meantime it was under strict ordei LO refrain from attack. One of the outfits in the reserve corps was the "Hell on Wheels" Second Armored Division, led by Maj Gen Krnie 'Old Gravel Votce r Harmon. After a »i>i't iacnlar 100-mile night ' liberated fro the tnnkers :nbly area near G'elles. riicn ihc> were- -i ..... ( to run inln German outposts. Mov- ng more swiftly than expected. were only a few miles' n Ihey ASPHALT BOTTOAV COTTON PICK SACKS THE LONGEST WEARING COTTOK PICK SACK Otl THE MARKET. OUTLASTS TWO OR. THREE DUCK BAGS - BY ACTUAL TEST. THE ASPHALT BOTTOM HEARS LIKEIRON: *,..„!«,«.- .„ BEMIS BRO. BAG CO. MEMPHIS J. TINN. For Sale By ALL LEADING JOBBERS SHRUBBERY We offer a complete line of Sinrk Landscaping phtnts und trees. . Order now for Pall plantinc. stark's 131 vmrs ex])erience in Diis field assures your eetlmg the most for your money. Allow us to give you a free estimate.. Telephone 55-1 today. BIATHKVll.UC \\II.I.YS SAl.KS COMPANY To keep Ihe iotei-ior. 1 ; of hi? tie- livery trucks conl. one Berlin butter merchant grew renl lawns atup the trucks. Envoy's Son Works With the Russians MOSCOW i/Ti—Roftr Kirk. 1!)year-old 5on of U.S. Ambassador Kirk is really nut to lean; the Rll5,sifln lan^raRC. Havinc ;;i'fdied the liinctiase in the United States before rnniinc here \v'th Siis father. yomiK Kirk discovered he couldn't speak it at all. Once here he bepan .studving with a piofessionat teacher. Till?: slill didn't satisfv him. "I want." he saitl. "to learn the people's language." His father put him to work in the ariministi stive .section of the embassy, a.ssigned to an embassy work erol'p. His work consisls of movinc things, repairivg ilieni. maintenance and si]pply. "He ;i learn the people's languaoe. all light." -said an embassy official. I Soviet Group Grows | MOSCOW i API TI,P All Union Sociely (01 the Disseminaiion of Political and Scientific knowledge is di^erninating a lot of jwlitical and Jcientilic knowledsr Membership hr.s reschert 40.000—ulmost i ireblin? since IG48. ' In 1<H7 the Society had organized | about l.OM lectures a mnnth in - tov-ns p.nd villase.s. In 1943. 7000 ilec'iues were Riven in a month, hut .in 1549 :he total had si-own to about 20.000 lectures a month. ; Read Courier News Want Ads. ! ; xvntchin? young Kirk laboring with! I a group of Russian workers. j Listen to DuPont's Caviilcadc oi America every Monday evening WMC-7:00 JOHN MILES MILLER CO. Distributors of Dul'ont I'nxlucts PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our' years of experience assure you that, when you present a prescription order (o us, it will be expertly compounded from fresh, pure drugs. You can be sure at ftothrock'S. ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE Beautiful Floors i'rmr home cun be mini ft so much mure lovclv with beautiful flnnrs. Churlcs U' y£- fcrs you expert \vurkm;inshiii at Ireily rcasnn:iblc [iriccs . . . in rc'finishins vour present floors or in hiying new hiird- u-oenl. asphalt or rubber tile, or inlaid Ittiiilrmii. Cull 'Z'lVl. Fiec Estimates Charles Wood Arkansas PJI in I Co, Phone 2272 lamous mce anawnat a lj)-lir !>.,> t.,rJ Kighl Club Snl.n (Wtilt liJfu-jlli, fll r\tr*) PACKARD PRICES BEGIN AT >2,31il' (u * DELIVERED HERE ml J(n,tt t, jffjrtirriirf; Here's <i i s t i \\ c t i v c n c \\ h L a u i y — anil distinctive crcr\{bing clucJ For example^ Dislinctive, 135-HP performance. S-m-o-o-t-h-c-r, quieter than c\cr. With 5[KCi:iciitnr "safety-sprint" reserve po\vcr . . . and stnsntinnal j»as economy! Distinctive, "Limousine Ride"— triple-cushioned by Packard's costly "sel f-co ti [ rolling" si] sjx: us ion .svstem. Distinctive, preciston-built quality— inlc^kiartted by i,287 major in •T,\, rv/rir. I'rlcc* may rary xHgbtfy i bd'jJHtf o/ transfinrlation charges. tions per car. Quality noic: Of ah the Packard* built— in the last 50 years— oier 50^c ave still in serried And all this distinction is yours in a prjcc's less than for many lighier-lniili, lower-powered eights ... less, even than for some of today's ji/.vr.*. r The moral, of course, is: Nou you're so close to the (trice of a Packard—why not otctt one! ASK THE Aii AN WHO OWNS ONI Packard MOTOR SALES CO., INC. 217 W. Walnut Phone 3524 NOTICE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION Mississippi County, Arkansas BLYTHEVILLE COURTHOUSE: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17 Anyone having any business to be taken up with this board relative to assessments, please contact them at the above time and place. ELIZABETH BLYTHE County Court Clerk We Hare a Complete Stock of Gin and Mill Supplies • Goodrich Helling • Clipper Fielt Hooks • Woods Gin Saw Files • Steam Packing • i'yrene K.\tinguishcrs and Recharges. HUBBARD HARDWARE Co,, Inc. 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