Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 31, 1904 · Page 24
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 24

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1904
Page 24
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toil SALE ELL 1VTATE. t ( o n 1 1 o tied ,J MM) AMI At Itl.AGH a1- 4- -v. -v -v.- a -;- -f -X- vv -'r -'v" "T" -if -X .4 . i.lVF. Y"U 4c ( of hole.. m.ii hi'i'l absolutely t. r-i'-n li "NK seen. .1 or imr no. leei la. lie h-.'.d on ;s :; 1 r, sd. at $:.:." to $4 ' ( 0,1 1 K-N 1 jf YKAhK' '1 iME , . . I luce 'er.t per acre K-a. j r th. At' 111' want.. I A.liiess w; fj u-vrn. i vtks & ... f Hotel Bi-.g . Mtniieai-ims. n "A-r ! mile ft""1 Mii-noil-lts ptffi.-, on two laks, I. in. k l-.m "oil. 1r.oo.e1u, inlprio'en. oils. ""' l AORLS I' farm :i w-l of Fjchinson. hoin.lM.'li; ' " ri.-n 'ttn-K soil, ranfliimtin set;, im-ut. $:!.. nr aim sfl A( kl- mil.- from Kimball Prairie, Wrifzhl Co.."$.l ! per a.r-24 A "HO tarm'. J ml).- !"! Jaul. enleiidid improvements, rl-il soil, living eprmg tuns the ugh. fC " per acre. FKKLKV AM- Ki'Kl.t Ni. 60 Loan nn.l Tnin HIJj., No 211 Nicollet Rv. ACKK.S $vv--ll acres south Kohl St Iouis Park. II ;iim acres: parr timber, I-ake Harriet. 4MVi.l acre trad Brooklyn C nt-r. $.'1010 acre tract, Excelsior, mile from sta-tinn- ;o acres. Excelsior timber, nut fin :m acres Excelsior, mile, from Souih Haven. $2 i40 acres Excelsior, might shude. fin, If sold at "lice, (iced here, quick action. M. P. Hobart. Prnnii Bldg. A NEW PLAN. A NEW PLAN. If vou wish to buy ft farm or Invest monev fn land, use can interest sou. Our plnn enables i small tnveatgr to buy on equul tcrma Avuh the uholwale aelr who Imy thou-s-ands of acrm Write for particulars. AKSIMBOINK U & I. CO.. J!2 i-ykfe BK k, Mlnnnaului Mlnn WHEXvoii uro In the market for a farm. nar the Twin Citlen. or a largs furm in Minnenota or Wisconsin, call on us. Wo . have them In large tracts, or small lots, at urtpee that are rieht. (Truck farms), torch-ard lamii'), ittock farms). (Kanehes), (Tlm-l(r and (rraiing lan,1.) What do you want? What are vou willing to pay? Conservative Investment' Company, 6..4 Temple Court, Minneapolis. MTST BK SOI.D l.iMO acres Improved land located between four lare cities. Minntapo-11. tt. Paul, Duluth and West Superior, only UK per acre: should retail from 111) to 116; tine Investment. l-arre Improved farm. 65 mile from Minneapolis, l,M0, or will exchange for Minneapolis Improved property. Guaranty Bldr. T. E. RYAN, 127 Washington av S, carrlei the largest etnek of second-hand atore fixtures in the Northwest; iVd counturs, show caaes, floor and wall cases, shelving of all ktnds. pool tables, office tables, desks and chairs. nlc line of safes, ail kinds of second-hand furniture, steel ranges and heaters, wagons and sleighs at half pne this week. FOR SAI.E Clear view faun, containing 817 acres, J-i per acre; 10 per cent discount to purchaser if taken before June 1, or per cnt after That date until Nov. 1. This farm joins the town of La Moure, which Is the county seat of La Moure county, N. D. Reason for selling, ill health on account of accident. F. J. Tucker, I-aMoura, N. D. 000 ACRK8 hardwood lands in one lot In the cut-over and burned over district of eastern central Minncwrta, w ell located, 3-per acre; excellent lands and an excellent proposition tor colonization purposes; eaay terms. HENRY M. TROY, Hij Oiiaranty Hltlg.. Minneapolis. LANDS FOR--? ALE In Minnt-ixHa. Wisconsin and Dakoia; homestead In liurnett county, Wis., at TdO; lc. acres near town In Hubbard county at $oti; 4U acres in Hehraml at t0 per acie; 8U acres in Crow Wing; SO in Morrison; 21 acres at lke Minnetonka; 40 acres at Excelsior. C. Wilcox, 810 Phoenix. GET READY' FOR HPRINO. We offer l-.iKW acre at $6.W per acre if taken in one punhase; some of the finest lands in weabern Canada, seven to ten miles from railroad. AHSLNIROINE L. . I. CO., .02 Sykes Block, Minneapolis, Mlnn. CHANCE tXiR COLONY I.IViO acres In one blink, all first class lands, excellent soil, fine vegetation, good water, 7 to 10 miles fim railroad, eaaiern AiliiIbola. ASSINIBOINE L. & I. CO., 202 Sykes liiock, Minneapolis. M1nn. LANDS) in Southeastern Assiniboia will double in value this summer. Immigrants sre going in fast now. and thousands more are coming. We bought cheep and can S..1I (-heap. Write us and find out what we have. Asslniboine Land Co., 2v2 Block, Minneapolis, Minn. W E HAVE market for one 40 acres and one 60 acres farm near Minneapolis, also several farms in vicinity of Twin Cities, and hundreds of farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota. What have you to offer? Conservative Investment. Company, w4 Temple Court, Mintieupol.s. OUT THEY GO. In a colony to get on the ground floor with us In purchasing the best tract of North Dakota land for settlers and investors at 16 ;.t per acre. Will you )oln us? Look um up and see us. VI tn. 11. Brown Co., Mandan, North Dakota. B. 40 acres of best land, near Mound, Lake Minnetonka, small house and otter buildings. This property is well worth 13.0uu. Pan cash, balance to suit- Knap this up. JOHN C. MclNTYKE CO., Bank Commerce Uklg. DO YOU WANT-A mCKFARM7 flpuare section, some timber nnd natural nutadow: also your choice of 16,000 acres only sixty miles from Minneapolis. Price and terms to suit t'ne buyer; ma, s and full par-t1cularii1.H 2 Y. Life Bldg. LOOKAT THIS BARGAIN A fine farm-S miles from city, mile to railroad, 120 acres; just what you want for a beginner; will trade for housa and lots or vacant lots. What have you to offer? Write to owner; going west. T iZ. Trlbune; FINE 160-acre tract, only 16 per acre If taken ihls week; 12 cash, balance long time; three miles from station; the land ts worth much more and will sell in the spring at good profit. Addreia O ao4, Tribune. FOR SALE At" COST" Section near Hereon, Man., bought cheap; will sell cheap. ASSIMBOINE L. & I. CO.. 2"2 Sykes Block. Minneapolis, Minn. 0 ACRES, 12 miles south of Minneapolis; all cultivated; only tl.joo. Also flue smooth section North Dakota land, only Jlo per acre; will take part city property. F. 1. UI1..I... -HE YOUR stone and timber claim right be-for law is repealed. No residence required. Can I locate- you on good claims. Next party leave here Feb 2d. Inquire, 6 Washington sv P., J. H . Merrick. FOR SALE-ic acres "two mltea from ChlfSgo Oily, a summer resort. 30 miles from Twin Cities; four. room bouse, barn, chicken coop, well, buildings new; $;0o. Owner, 92 Seventh st S. room i. FOR KALE There is a great deal of valuable land throughout the Northwest that can be purchased for very small sums. Consult thl wJumn frequently. Land owners advertue in The Tribune. HOMESTEADS-Good soli, meadows, creeks, other pro!ets. sawmill in neighborhood; families preferred for s; ring settlement; honest locator p. Palmer, Floodwood. Minn. 0 ACRES close to Minneapolis' for llWper acre. Might sell 40. Good soil, wood, water and greue. Good roads. Adjoining St. Louis Park. R. H. Davis, 114 E Twemy-slxth st. MIETOKA. JUBT ths weather to think of summer cottage at Tonka Bay, eight rooms completely furnished, new; 8 lots shore front, fine shade, pump from lake; sell for 11, soil; rent $laV. Lauderdale r Co.. IJ Tempie Court OR WHATEVER you may want, don't fail to read these columns carefully The Tribune is the recognized want ad medium in the Northwest. ron SALS HEAL ESTAT ( ontiimeri.) 1UMKS rittli'KHTY. SALK-I'lrc business c-n.-r In North Mii-I.e."!!...!.; lle-cnie In reo;- now $::S a . ear; can 1: inr.- .i, t 10 i.y no-King fnnil imi-rovetn. lii.-. ; Ji.' handle this si. Hp. A. tress T ;fi, Tribune. 1 'llil. ittt g. st tract ..f land and si one quarry ".-jit of the y. islsi;li rivet. to .weeni Kif.!ikhn av and KnerstJe p.iik. H.illum A; t-i.-en, 7,v Aaorns io-ib IF YOl' WANT a propTy tor K.i'" Il.t will net ..u .i fer yc-r. an.-w.-r this ad; 1 nc )".:!. my. A 1"7. Trtnurp. FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. l l.VNns-All kmOs. hi snamcfuily low prices an 1 r urpi i.-ii,gl easy terms. Write for list and t rnis. The Exelmnije piano Co. (general delivery). Muin.-a. olis. Minn. In iHS. laundiy machinery, automobile delivery, (tear and Nety, second hand auto-nu.l .ies. engines,, boilers, propellers. Wallof M.uiilne Works, lc. Third av N. Ll'.AKN" to miri-or any kind of glass at home ior Jo a square fool; 6 a (lay easily made; stnd II for facloiy receipt to J. W. Bell, lit ashington av ti, Minneapulls. "oKKICI A 1." seif-lrTklng printing piess, side liver; complet o outiit, twenty -one fonts of t pc; new; cheap for cash. Clinton, Keystone House, Silllwater, Minn. li-VA I hlcHT PIANOS We nave on hand at all limes used upright pianos from S6 up. wards, payable M. Si, M per month. W. W. Kimball to.. "2? Nicollet av. p. iR 65ALB rtetall hat dealers, attention! Flegant nickel -plated wlnipw display hat train e, shows Is' hats, sold at a bargain. Address T ,lributie. FoU S A LL -40-egg Cyphers Incubator, with a brooder; used four time, $-'J; also Orapho-phono with big horn and 60 records, it. Sl Humboldt av 8. CCT PRICES GAS HOVSB CuKE At $6.25 per ton. Youghiogheny Lehigh coal Co., 3-2 First av 8. FOR SALE One 16x48, left-hand Harris Corliss condensing engine. Can lie seen In operation nt The Nelson Taper Company. 402 Main st NB. FoR SAUL One No. 8 and one No. JTowsher feed mill and one No. 5 Spartan corn belt mill. Corcoran Roller Mill, Corcoran, Minn. U.FT FOR f ALE a Fruse & Co., a good 3,0.1) 1 mind work team, $200. and a l.laO fs.und driver, $116; snaps; must be sold, ii Second it BAB'bUGiJY, I3..0, good as new, was ; gaa heater, 13; gas range and oven, 9.; hot water attachment for gas stove, 6. 164S Hennepin. FOR SALE Ten second-hand hot air furnaces, ons small steam plant: also some stationaiy eideboaids. Call at 117 Batik of Commerce Hldg. FOR SALE Tw bedoom suites, hotel range, rockers, china cupboard, carpets and oidier furniture; parlies leaving city. SV17 Ninth av S. FOR SALE-Furnlture of a six-room modera flat (Including piano), cost over 1600, will sell or .;oo. Flat rents for 1.5. 63 Hoag av. BEAU riFl'L ; mahogany parlor cabinet, (:t5; mahogany Roman seat, 13; mahogany parlor suit in silk for 135. 104 Royalslon av. FOR SaLB Three-quarter sirs double bass viol, complete, used but a short time, excel -lent condition. F. Taplln, Milrcy. Minn. WOOD FOR "P ALE Basswood, by the load, sawed, M.'H both 'phones. Minneapolis Bedding Co., Fifth av BE and Division at, ONE CPRIGHT" PIANO, used thres months, walnut case, have no use for It; will rent to good party. Store 2745 Nicollet av. FOR"s ALE Small cook stove and air tight heater, with pipes, all good as new; both go for 16 If taken. Monday. 6 Eleventh st 8. FOR SALE One gas range, 1 hall ventilator, large size, 2 combination bookcases, oil paintings and furniture. 2718 Third av 8. WooD7d7y7rS0 to 13; coal. 15.6a to 4 76. Plymouth Lumber Co., 117 Hennepin ay. Phones Main 364i-U; TwlnClty, 207: ElTECTRlO BELLwork, locksmlthlng and all kinds of expert repairing at Bryant's, S4uj Chicago av, telephone South 47i J-a. FOR SALE One, large art Garland heater and one bterliug range and household furniture. Hanks, 114 University av NE. A FULL SET OF TEETH at Dr. Greer's for r: a filling for 60c. 624 Nicollet av. 10 par cent discount if you bring this ad. FOR SALE Very cheap, a grand piano; it will pay you to look this up; In best condition. Address E DO, JTrlbune. BLACK FROCK coat inT"vee., silk lined, site 40. as good as new, cost 160, will sell for $2i. Address F 01, Tribune. MINNEAPOLIS WRECKING,CO.'S yard, corner Washington sjid Seventh av N, Lumbar, windows, doors, brick. etCj FOR SALEWiio wiants a snap? A good oak folding bed. Hist class condition, 15. w. Call at once. 304 Clinton av. FOR SALE Cheap, good fur overcoat, Russian calf. Call, Monday eve at 8 p. ui., 117 Fourth st N, room i. MIST SELL beautiful upright piano, nearly new; cost S4; IVJb. I need the money. Ad dres L 162. Tribune. VS ALL PA PER New goods; now la the time to get low prices for decorating. A. H Ranney. 608 Hennepin. ON ACCOUNT of the fire ths American Desk company Is giving a liberal discount. Buy now. 2'j2 Nicollet av FIVE horse power electric motor for sale, in good condition. Northwest Parquet Floor Co.. 62 Ninth st 8. FOR SALE Oak roll top desk, good as new; also baby carriage. Inquire X, h. S., Flat 11. 1703 NicolleaV; FOR SALE Three cutters, one M. one 17, one 116; harness, 4, cart, runners, 1160. 2716 Ninth av S. 12.50 PBUMf5NTH for Behning upright piano, fine tone, will tuns It after It is moved. lo47Flrst av K. FOR SALE Good roll top desk, first class condition. A bargain at lit. Call Monday. 10 Temple Courts I CHAMBER COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP for sale. Make offer for Immediate delivery. P 19, Tribune. IMR BALE Part furniture of fiat, almost new, cheap. Call evenings upstairs 2643 Clinton av 8. LAUNCH IE-font canopy launch for sale: live horse power engine. E. J. K-, 24J9 Lnlver- sltysvBE; IOR 6ALE Steel range and hard coal heater, only used two monllia. Apply No. 10, Eleventh st S. riANOTviR HKNT Good upright with scarf $.) .00 per month, 20Vs Nloollet av, 4th floor, room 4uU BEST Kersey, rat lined, otter collar overcoat, site 40, length 64 Inches. Address R 3i, Tribune. GOOD ORGAN for sale cheap, or will ex-change for good range. 117 Thirty-second st W. FOR SALE Fine sllk-liiud dress coat and vest, size 87. nearly new, for 16, at 243 First av S. INDIES IN TROUBLE call or write Dr. Ely, 412 Nicollet sv. third floor. New book. 2f.c. QUICK MEAL steel ranges, gas and gasoline stove. C. Herbert Smith. 424 Hennepin av. FOR SAI.E-Maple wood. 16. a cord delivered. Inquire at Muiket Barn, 76 Holden st. A 540 Sl'Ii'. size 35, for 112.60, at Rush's un- clamed suit sale. 304 First av S. FOR SALE One large walnut flat double desk. Call at 617 Bank uf Commerce Bldg. LARGE STOCK of Portland cutters for sale at cost. K18 Washington av N. BUFFALO overcoat' for sale; pries 160 JJ0 Third st S, up stairs. Call FOR SALE One sprinkler and wagon, cheap 6i Eleventh st S. rOH SALE IJISCELIAITEOUS. KI V, h i'l.i ., or cxoharifte your tin - -ht'UsthliI "O'is at H n h New bar-a:n ?:oro. No. i Vifih S. onu --I.unitM r Kxr)iang-i. J-t us tiure vU you -'n nfjw g fll ail grud- fur cash oniy, 'htptr than any itther :- ptv-n to h ttt:la and lai Ki apartment hoirt. sh-ve you from J to 4'' lr cent. li-.'tii vh nr. fi'hn rrruE at wholesale. Need furniture? Or any furnishing goods? We sell everythlni; in these lines. At vi-h.ile-.iilc prices. In or out of town. Cash buyers save 20 per cent to 40 per cent here. The Town Market have the soods at Low ibices gives satisfaction. Once a customer aluays. ;2-2H S Fifth st, bet. Nicollet ard Hennepin. "GREAT SCOTT." Improved farm, with buildings, on river. 400 acres. 240 fenced, b') cultivate.!, In) meadow, cut S'lO tons of bay, 8.000 cords wood worth 1 cold; town Hl miles; SIS !er acre; long time. Ttngdalo Brut)., 3o7 Bunk of Commerce. Minr.eapoiitr rOR PALE One 16 H. P. Fairbanks Morse gasoline engine. v.3ed but little and rune perfectly. One Smalley Mree-horse power tread, used only a short time. One Deering four-roll shredder, used ten days. Address D. C. Coolidge, Downing. Wis. PIANOS Bargains in used pianos. Terms, cash or S' to Js monthly. Two uprights, JiOo 1110. Hi hiiing piano, J175. Chickerlng piano, -'.. Sterling 2b). Crown piano, J2()3. We carry the new Improved Angelus, the ac-knowleiiged king of all piano players. Foster & Waldo, 36 Fifth st S. corner Nicollet. MUST RE Soi-D Bankrupt grocery stock, consisting of JoOO groceries, two horses, de-llvory wagon, bobs, sheh-tng. counters, show cases, com. uting scales, agate scales, coffee mill, cauih register, ice tox, etc.; will sell cheap. Twin City Fixture Exchange, Zii Third st S. FOR SALE General store m one of the best South Dakota, trading towns; good railroad terminal; largest store in section, doing very profitable business; buyer should be able to command tlO.uuO. Address Wm. Boom, care Wyman, Partride & Co., Minne-apolls. PIANO BA RGAiNS Splendid square. 20; beautiful square, 06; mahogany upright, cost 30D. now 1200. good as new; one slightly used, cost new 1326. now 1180. TJthers 1226, I24U, 1260. Easy paymenia. Segerstrom Piano Co., corner Sixth and Hennepin. NEW and second hand lumber, doors, windows and other building materials; prices way down; buildings bought to be removed, N. W. LUMBER & WRECKING CO., Yards Eighth st and Fourteenth av S, Washington and Tenth av N. SODA WATER pays large profits. Fountains from 166 up, on easy monthly payments, little oash required, catalogue of gtet bar gains free. Do pot delay or you may be too late. Soda Water Tanks repaired. Robt. M. Green 4 Sons. Philadelphia, Pa. A FULL SET of teeth for 13; a twenty-two carat gold crown for 1J; gold and silver fillings from b'tc up; juBt think of how cheap good dentistry Is done now; you used to pay three times that amount; dental materials are cheaper now. D. Greer, dentist, 024 Nicollet av. MILLWOOD, 12.60 to 13; Wis. slabs. 13 60; sawed oak slabs end edgings, 16; hard coal, 111 to 1S.75; Hocking nut, 16.66; pine and oak factory wood, choice maple, birch and tamarack. Plymouth Lumber Co.. 237 Hennepin av, Phones, Main Sfc-Ui L-l; Twin City, 2,07, it POULTRY prues at slate fanciers' show; visit our medern poultry plant: write for fiee 80-page catalogue of incubators, bone cutters, foods, etc.; both 'phones. R. A. Pike & Co., 34.18 University av SE. Minneapolis. I HAVE a pair of half hip Goodyear boots, eighty 30-11') soft nose for Savage, and a 32 hamtnerloss J. I. revolver, to sell cheap. Room 426, 620 Seventh st 8. Call Sunday morning, or evenings, next week. e NICKEL-IN'-SLOT lifting machine, 15 each; slot Gland grapliophone, 122; 160 Giand graphophone, ili; G. records, 16 per doz; 6 loot braes horn, ; all good as new. Al. , lee. Jobber, Ishpeming, Mich. GOL1fTlINOH," silver fillings, full sets of teeth, briuge work, crowns, etc., at reasonable charges; fillings, 6oc up; sets of teeth, 13; 10 per cent discount If you bring this ad. Dr. Grew. 624 Nicollet av. PIANOS roH RENT We make a specialty of renting high grade pianos and allowing rent to apply in event of purchase. Prices, 13, 14 and 15 per month. W. V. Kimball Co., No. 727 Nicollet av. THE STRONGEST, cleanest, cheapest, and best Barley hog and Dairy feed 116 00 per ton. MinneaioJls Cereal Co., successors to Pet-y-phon Mead Milling Co., No, 4 Power Bidg. Nicollet Island. LABOR AT COST. Woolens at half price. Spring suit or overcoat., imule to your meas ure, guaranteed every way, 126 to Ho values. fur 110 to 120. Rush Tailoring Co., 304 First av S. FOR SALE Jog cart, with high wheels and pneiunatlo tired wheels, with speeding runners, $10; also single hume&g, genuine rubber trimmings, 1S. 61 Twenty-sixth av N. FOR SALE Anything that can be sold at all will find a buyer If mentionel in tills column of The Tribune. Thousands are habitually looking here every day for some w-ant ad. TWO NEW HAIR mattresses, pillows, fine French clock and stand; good airtight wood stove; office table and ohaitu, cheap. Inquire In ofhco, 114 E. Twenty-sixth st. FOR SALE Fine banjo, one optician tTlal case: one diamond stud, 1 karat, one pair of diamond earrings, one karat; must be sold Immediately. 235 Temple Court. CARRIAGES AND AVAUOXS. GREAT BBARGAIN Nearly new two seat sleigh with pole and shafts; cost l.O0; 148. (K) takes outiit: alto fine set double driving harness, 124. ("i; Concord buggy, $16.00; Bangor buggy, 170,00; speedy driving horso, $150.00. 829 Guaranty building. FOR SALE A gojd up-to-date two-seated canopy Pop buggy, good as new; also a good mare and a two-year-old Norval King etal-llon colt; must be sold; a snap. Address P 166. Tribune. FOR SALE At almost your own price, Roeller cutler In Al condition, two good robes, whip and blankets. Call at 910 Twenty-third av N E Sunday. $12 A BARGAIN strong sleigh, but little worn, set German belis. attachment for dilvlng In country. 617 Lyndale av N. TO ""EXCHANGE Two-seat Portland cutter H exchange for top or open buggy. Long, 620 Seventh st S. SLEIGH, cheap, upholstered (one or two seats, cost $75; price $15. West Hotel Stables, 21 Fifth st N ONE light delivery bob sled, good aa new; also Concord buggy, cheap. 114 Eighth av NE. A SNAP Good Portland cutter, $10 takes It; worth S'-"'-Oal!a.i Twonty-slxth av N. ONE l.H.'HT two-seat spring wagon with Iron 110. ?..I2 Fourteenth av S. SEWING MACHINES. WILL SELL my $60.00 Singer sewing machine for 115.00; latest style shuttle und attachments. Call Sunday or evenings after seven o'clock st 710 S Eighth st. Flat 3. BIG SNAPS "moNDAY-166 Wilcox" A Gibbs Automatic, only $26; No. Wheeler Wilson, 115; oak White, I. 50; Domestic, 13.60. Warranted. Elmer, 710 First av 8. NEW MACHINES, CHEAP Second hand, 12 to tli. Singer, White, Domestic, etc. All kinds repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed. Lynch, 919 Nicollet sv. LATEST NEW machines cheap, second hand, 12 up; fine seweis; Singer, White, Domestic and otheis; all kinds iepatred. Lynch, 919 Nicollet. ONE WHITE sewing machine good as new for $10..m party leaving the city. Call Sunday or any evening. 1U6 11th av N, secona Moor. Sl.W.EK sewing machine with attachmenta, one Iron bed spring and mattress, bo'.n little ued and elejui, 32oi Harriet av. BICYCLES AMI AITOS. TV ONE 11X13 WINTON TOURING CAR, -X- In fine con.ll.ion, newly painted, ex- 4f Ira tires, $l,Mm. 4c X- One Cadillac runabout, just overhauled, X- first-class In every resect, $'.25. i- One Ca.-liliac with tonneau, bought late -X- buil season, as new. 1. one Auto car with tuniau, usvd very jfc little, new engine, newly pulnted, -Jf a simp a; $l,t.o. 4f One 2-eat.ed touting car, with top, for 4(- delivery pnrrMises, double cylinder en- -;i glue, a bargain at I."). , 4r our guarantee follows ail second hand cars of the Ca Ullac and Auto car makes, so you taae no rhuncus. PENCE AUTOMOBILE CO., 315-17-19 Third SI. U. POtLTllY AND HOUSEHOLD PETS. BEAUTIFUL hardy birds Imported from best (jerman breeders; Knllaii and Waiblers my specialty; tine talking Mexican parrot. Miss Haynes, 2.I25 Washington av !, Full SAI.EBarred Rock Cockerels, choirs siocs. oniy lures i.'ii. jvi inn sell at once to make room. Call or address, U llagler, SyJ7 Slovens av. Y ANTED Dog. medium slsed, medium "aged, trained short haired house natch dog; kind to children. Telephone McCall, Main 701 FULL BLOOD"" barred Plymouth" Rock eok-rds, some pullets, for sale. These are hue. Jii Arthur av SE, Prospect Park. ST. BERNARD 'n i'PIES-Male""nd female, 8 weeks old, beautifully bred, cheap If taken this week. J6 Bloomliigton av. FOR SAl.EVhlis PlymoutlT'Rock cockerel?. E. E. Smith. 4SJ..I Chicago av. MACHINERY. IRON-WORKING snd wood-working machinery; large stock second hand and l ew. Northern Machinery Co., 917 3d st fa, Muiueapulis. ion SALE MISCELLANEOUS (( ontinaed.) HOUSES AND Lit E STOCK. F051 SALBPat M, I 24'. He was clone tip to Joe Intertst 2 ost, ai d Foxy Curd 2. "7 at the Minnesota Slate Fair last September, driven by Frank Loomls of Denver, In 2 1 1 1 2;1P. 2.12-v4. Mr. Loomls sa s of him: "'1 his will make a great rac horse if taken time with." He is young and sound and a r.joJ bl fellow, and up to the raoe in wln-h ir. l.oomis drove him last lull, the man who lias driven him weighed oer iXi pounds. I'at Is for sale hy Patrick Monahan. 2 Hennepin av. Minneapolis, Minn., and he guarantees him a prospect second to non In the Northwuat. HORSES- HORSE ' HORSES. For the season of 1!j4 we beg to announce to the public that we will carry a laiger assortment of horses than ever. Logging hoises, farm mares, drivers and business horses, from 600 to J, W0 heart constantly on band; 1 art time given on your purchases If sr. desired. BARRETT ZIMMERMAN. Great Midway Horse Market, St. Paul. Minn. WANTED Horsemen to know Dr. Eaton has three of the moet wonderful veterinary remedies ever plaoed upon the market. Dr. Eaton's Sure Colio Cure, 3d drops will Btop a pain at once .and Dr. Eaton's Distemper and Cough Cure, with teaspooiiful doses, will cure when all others fall; no drenching with these remedies: also Dr. Eaton s Kemovlne, the greatest of all liniments; cures your horse, and you drive him every day; each 11 per bottle. Removine Chemical Co., 13 a-sota block FOR SALB-Pat M, 2.:12. a large, handsome young bay gelding. You can race him with or without hobbies. Everyons knows what the hobbles mean to get away with over a half-mile ring. His owner has other business to attend to and is also too heavy to drive him, which are the only reasons he has for selling. Pat Is straight and right In every way, no puller, and will be su.d worth the money asked. Enquire 2ul Hennepin av. Pat Monahan FOR SALE Pat" M," a 2:10 gelding, five years old, 16 hands high, weighs I WO pounds; record 2:24' one one-half mils track trial, 212 on mile track. 11(03 first year's training, started thirteen times, rive times first, Mvin times second .unplaced once. Will sell oa a guarantee to pace In 2:10 in 104; he la right in every way. Pat Monahan, 21 Hennepin av. ONE five-year-old horse, weight l.i.'. ti60; one big horse, weight 1,600; eight years old, 1S6; one farm team, weight 2,400, luo; a snap; also one nice bay mare toppy, eight yeans old, weight 1120 lbs. 186, cheap for Sl(); one small driver, $33; one delivery horse t()0, cash or time. 6' Fourth av 8. iTo TAKES black horse, weight 1.100 IBs. years old, good for any purpose; or liO for a 1,000-lb pacer, very fast and gentle; or 1 for a team, weight l.BOO lbs. fast and gentle; or will trade for anything I can use; or let out for two months. Call uitalrs, 1617 Eighth st 6. FOR SALE The best pair bay mares in town, age 8 and , weight 1.700 lbs; plenty of life, In good condition; Just the team for road or delivery use. worth 1126 to the right party, $70 takes them, or exchange for laiger hors 21otf Nineteenth av PAIR of farm mares, weight 2360 lbs; good workers any place, 165.00 takes tlie pair. Black horse, fat, good worker, weight 1100, 145 00: brown horse, good delivery, young, weight 1176, only 1..5.00. 23 Ninth st 8. frost""Tc6. f-argest assortment In this city of all classes of horses always 011 hand; part time It desired. U SECOND BT N. TAKE NOTICE. Five head of horses for sale, all safe and sound, and you can't hook them wrong. Come and look thm over before you buy. Call In real- at 207 Fourth st N. HAVE ons, two or three first-class teams to put In for light and heavy hauling for whole.saia house or transferring, by ths month, at reasonable wages. Address O it, Tribune. FOR SALE Six head of horses, fine drivers and v. 01 kern; must be sold; your price is my price; no use for them. Call Sunday or Monday. 2!4 Garfield av S. FOR SALE Pony, weight about perfectly safe, good saddler, extra good roadster an. sound, cheap, or to iet to responsible party for keeping. 8)4 Eighth av S. COWS are down, buy now, they will be down next week. 20 good ones on hand at Midway Cow Market, Minnesota Transfer. Lytle, 21C1 University. FOR SALE Right out of hesvy work, span of mares, weight 2,360; also good delivery horse, 1,26", chunky, sound, true;, sell reasonable. 730 Ninth st 8. FOR SALE CHEAP-1.2-lb family horse, phaeton, stanhope, Bailey cutler, harnesses, etc. Call Sunday forenoon, 11 E Seventeenth st, flat 6. WANT a few boarders at The Tribune Boarding Stables, old M. P. D. barn, rear 13 Seventh st S. For pries and particulars see John Huset. FOR SALE If you heve a horse or a cow you want to dispose of you'll have no trouble doing so by advertising In The Tribune. FOR SALE Horses of all kinds; weight from 1.100 to 1,600; fat and good workers. Barn on corner of Tenth av S and Fifbaenth st, $175.00 BUYS team blacks, sound, well mated. weighs 2400; also good wide tire wagon and harness. Call mornings. A49 26th av NE. WE HAVE a fine lot; of farm maree that were be light worth the money, and we will sell them accordingly. West Hotel Stables. Fori SALE Fifteen good farm or delivery horses; three fins drivers; five set of double harness; time or cash. 611 Seventh sti B. THREE nice, light delivery horses, harness and wagons, on foreclosed mortgage, cheap If taken at once. 718 Seventeenth av S. bTgoesT-SNAP In city, $100 buys perfect family mare: $76 Bpeedtng cutter, harness, or sell separate. Ji21 Western av. F'OR SALE Good work team, seven and nine years old; weight 2.600 lbs., and sound. Cheap. 106 Glrard av N. $250 BUYS speedy knee acting bay mars, 6 years. 16 hands, sound, kind, standard. O. O. Glbbs. Harlan, la. ONE SOUND, 1,300 pound horse, good single cr double; one cheap mare, 1422 Seventh st S. F. X. DrewJ iTAVNlT-Edrlvlng horse, will let for keep until spring to right party. Call 4o2 University av NE. FORSALE A colt, 1, coming 4, weight 1060; got no use for him. Call 1316 Sixth st NE, FOR SALECheap, a good delivery horse, a fine driver. Call at 720 Vlneland place. FOR SALE Two horses, one 18 and on IS, Please call at once. 1400 Fifth st 8. DEAD animals removed for $1 each. lund, Phon T. C. 16346. Kog- HORSES, buggy and harness for sal at 810 Fifth av f. FOR SALE On beef cow and hsifer at 2722 Colfax av N. FOR BALE Two horses and two cows. 2619 Penn av N. TYPEWHITE1IS. TYPEWRITERS All makes, for sale or rent. nd for Illustrated catalogue. Minneapolis Stationery Co., 406 Hennepin av. $70.00 BUYS a New Century Typewriter. nver bean used; leaving city, must sell. O 444, Tribune. WHOLESALE typewriter exchange, 237 Hennepin. All makes. Agents wanted. HAVE Y'OU a typewriter? Want to sail Uf Try The Tribune. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND That advsrtlsers ee-.i&sally patronlx Tribune want columns to g: anything they want or to dispose of something. The Tribune has ihs largest circulation and contains mora want ads than any other paver in ths Northwest. LOST Lady's gold watch, between th Palaoe clothing house and McMillans fur store; Initials "A. H. R." engraved in front of case. Finder pleas leave at 822 Second av 8 for reward. LOST Gold riding bow spectacle with one steel bow, at Twelfth sv and Hennepin av, or on Lyndato car. Return for reward to 608 Muxonlc Temple. - WILL person who took the $4 from cashier's window at Yerut'a meat markei, Saturday afternoon, pleas leav with cashier and receive reward. LOST A ladles' gray poeketbook on or near Fianklin av bridge. Pleaas notify F. J. Leteard, 909 Kastriver parkway. Reward offered. FOUNDIn front of 2 8 6th st sign reading "Locksmith and General Repairing"; apply Mpis. Central Elec. Co. for good work. LOST Heal mitten on or near Hennepin avenue. Friday evening the 29th Instant. Pleas retuin for lU.eraJ reward to Tribuns orllc. LOST Smali Uxrbout Toot square, "covered wuh gray canvass, leather hand; and lock. Return to 626 Fifth st 8 for reward LOST Ladles silver watch with short g Id chain, Friday. Finder pleat. leturn to 2646 Coifax av Sfor most liberal reward. LOST Small package containing waist; liberal reward paid if returned to Miss Daliay, 210S Girard av S. Como-Harrlet car. 1T Two femals-doaT Llewellyn setter, one year old. Return to 2S31 Blaladell av for reward. REWARD ofTered for return of Edison phono-graph witha wooden roller. 2o7 First av 8. LOST Pair of eye glasses in case. Pleas return to 624 Eighth sv 8. flat 12. LOST or stolen, while bull trrir. to 2610 Lynaal av 8. Return PATENTS. PATENTS SECURED Free report on patent ability and commercial value. Writ for Inventors Hand Book. Shepheui A Parker, 47 Revenue Bldg., Washington, D. C. W'l LL1 AMSON& M FRCHANT.Pii.te7it Law- yers and Solicitors Main office. 920-936 Guaranty Bldg . Minneapolis Minn. Branch of- nce. Mciii.l Jibig,, Washington. D. C. PATENTS Watson E Coleman, registered patent attorney, Columbian Bldg, Washing ton. D. C. AUvlo flu. ix low. Illgiieef reference. ri-.i. !N A 1.- - V yo.m,; In.iy of Now ro-ent;y refto-el to have even one ba;0-hea.i.-d man on a jui y w hich w as to a n-e 1.1 law for her. and if s.stets. v.tes an. I mo: hers were to put their stamp of emphatic .iwappr.AHl e n this Uild-h. ini'd ten-den, y, there w.ui.i be a discontinuance of bnhlutiss In a few yeais. A physician Is only expected to save and preserve life; a ileruist to save and preserve the teeth, hut I save the hair and restore it, after disease has. kilted it. OLIVER KENDALL CHANCE. Hair. Scalp and Skin Si-ciHj'lat, f.S" Syndicate Arcaoe. M lnne polls, Minn. PURSONAL- r.Li'i'ij poison cured hy international SERUM TOXIN COMPANY, Suite 774, ll.'U proadwuy. New Yoik city. Mercurial treatment end Hot Springs never cure syphilis. Write for our freo booklet, 'Hope.'' It telis all about us and our We are the LARGEST MEDICAL INSTITUTE IN THE WOKLD, with branch instiiutes in leading cities. Our million dollar capital guarante. s your cure. NO CURE, NO PAY. Our staff of specialist- give FREE CONSULTATION personally or by mail. Y'ou can take treatment at our institute or at your home. Delays are dangerous. Do it now. PERSONAL Chrisallan bust"" develo; er. a la Vaucaire. contains the true imported extract of gaiega. It Is taken Internally, will enlarge the bust from two to four Inches; ads on the mammary glands and renders the bust firm and graceful In contour; ro dieting, pleasant to take, perfectly harmhss and sure tn r-aults; price $2 a bottle. Call if you can; phone if you prefer, write If out of town. N. W. phone Mam 1918-Li. Emerald To. let Co., 1203 Third avS. PERSONAL If you or your-friend suffer pain NO MATTER HOW VIOLENT or what the cause. Liquid Electricity WILL CURE, and take It away. Make sou happy again. IT NEVER FAILS. I will deliver to any address in Minneapolis or St. Paul. I will oall on you If yuu send me your address, and on the receipt of two dollars will ship express prepaid to any address two one doliar bottles. Address T. C, Moss, 721 14th av N, Minneapolis, Minn. PERSONAL Dr. Vaucalre'e guaranteed genuine remedy for enlarging the bust and e-storing dal-by breasts, Is sold only from his headquarters; recommended by Mis. Symes In beauty page of Sunday's Tribune; $1.60 bottle, 6 for $S, Including jar bust hardener free; express pre, aid; cor-isspondeuce confidential. Dr. Y'aucalte's Headquarters, Box 127, Denver, Col. PERSONAL Musical Education!"" Piano, Organ, Vocal. Special offer for ten pupils, beginners or advanced, 60 private lessona only $10. Call Immediately. Wanted 6.n) eisons to Join mixed chorus; membership and Instruction one year only $2. Call immediately, lhearsals Monday evenings. Minneapolis School of Music, 303 Ceuiral av, third floor. Andreas Rohne, director PEltSoNAL A young man 23 years of age. at present foreman of a printing office in southeastern Minnesota, wishes to correspond with young, good-looking lady aboUi same age; object, immediate marriage; don t answer unless you mean business: no objection to grass widows without children; send full particulars and photo In first leuer. Address P 219, Tribune. PERSONAL Dear Madam: Plumplne Is a new Idea In form development; we give you a 12 days' trial absolutely lite; it will (Is-velop your bust, round your throat, wrists and arms, make the cheeks p ump and rosy, remove wrinkles and blemishes from the face; this Is worth investigating; wills us The Plumplne Co., Kemper Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. PERSONAL If you wsnt to spend some m.sie,y to good advantage, why not have your teeth attended to? Ask your friends about Dr. Greer, and they will tell you I do not hurt very much, and that my work gives satisfaction; fillings, 60c up; gold crowns. 13. Dr. Greer, 624 Nicollet av; 10 per cent discount If you bring this ad. PERSONAL Mrs Bonds monthly regulator Is a never-falling remedy; longest oases successfully treated in two to five days at o files or prepaid tu any address, $2. Wulet Home for ladles befoie and during confinement, advice free, office hours, 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Sundays til! 2 p. m. Mrs. Bond, 311 Sixth si S. Minneapolis. T. C. phons 2632. PF.RSONALExpericnce gives confidence That is why we are so confident of pleasing you In all our dental operations. Corrugated Suction plates, ten dollars per set, are made and owned only by us. Itemember we use Vg--ton for the painless extraction of,teevh. Dr. C. L. Sargent, dentist, 42-43 Syndicate block. PERSONAL Ladles. $1,0.4) reward. I positively guarantee my Never-Falling ERGO-KOLO Compound to safely relieve the longest, mist obstinate case of delayed monthly periods in 1 to 6 days, without harm, psln or Interference with work; mail. U 50; double strength, $2. Dr. Southlngton R. Co., C 13 Main st, Kansas City, Mo. PERSONAL Furs, Persian Lamb Jackets mode to order for 117. 50, regular valus 1100; Krlmmor' Jackets made to order for $3i.j0. regular value 156; Near Seal Jackets to order $17 50. regular price U"- Furs altered and re aired, lowest prices. Hubactirk, Furrier, Bank of Minneapolis Bldg., suite 241, "2 Nicollet av. Card of Thank. We the undersigned desire to xpres our heartfelt ti.anks to the friends and the employes at A. B Farnham A; Co.. and the Milwaukee Bolter shups; for their kindly sympathy and floral offerings during our lato bereavement. Mrs. Anna Gray and family P L R SuNAl Young men addicted to secret habits which destroy manh.d, send for my new patented manhood pimctor, a sur habit breaker, cures lost Vitality: no drugs. Illustrated pamphlet free In plain sea.ej envelope. Alien N. Todd, 4"j8 Sixteenth st, Denver, Colo. PRdONAL EXPECTANT -others: I will send my book, ' Easy Steps to Mothsrhood. ' to every expectant mother, absolutely fiee. It teiis how confinement car. be ma .1 sate and painless. Dr. J. P. Rea!e, pre. New Era Medical Inst., Dept. X, Rochester, N. Y. PERSONAL Widow sr. 36, with sou 5 years old. In good circumstances and of g'sjd ap-earanee, would like to correspond with some Cavhobc lady not over ;to; must not be under 5 foot 6 inches tall and of good family and appeuram.. Address G i6s, Tribuns. PERSON A L The Great Chicago Theater iJle-aJter book of ) mges pioiusely llluetraud with the complete siory loid by the survivors of the great holacaust. in elegant English binding; .'. O. D. 11.50. Address A. M. Jalma, 4Ji Nineteenth av NE, cily. PERSONAL Love secret. How to maks any one love you above all rivals, by the quick sure method of the tropics; how to succeed in business; to influence others, personally or by letter. Sent free. Address Mexico Co., Folio Z. Box 16, Los Angeles, Cal. PERSON AL I dies Hav rosy cheek without pa.nt. I don't care how pale, wean or run down you are, my new discovery will bring you rosy cheeks in four weeks. Write for full particular today. Mrs. Dr. French, Rochester, N. Y. PERSONAL My husDaud was a hard drinker for over 20 years. 1 cured him by a simple home treatment, and 1 will gladly tell ycu how I did It; I hav nothing to sell, so I want no money. Mrs. Margaret Anderson, Box 142, Hillburn, N. Y. PERSONAL Gentleman, stranger In the city, wishes to make the acquaintance of a professional young lady of gisjd character and appearance; give age and detcrii Hon; object, comipanlunship, etc; all letters strlcily oon-tldenttal. R 22", Tribune. PERSONAL Gentleman from Nebraska with means, would like to hear from the follow ing divorced ladies: Ingborg Hanson, izzi Ilageiln, Klla Dahlstrom, Kagnhlld Beig steut, Verda Olson, Annl Norlin, Anna Aman. V 43, Tribune. PERSONAL Would you marry If suited? Send for best matrimonial paper published; each issue contains hundreds of "Personal" ad vertisement of marriageable people who de-sue correspondents; mailed free. C W. Gunnels, Toledo, O. PERSONAL Thousands ar crippled by in grown nails, corn and bunloux. You can obtain relief from a special, st. prof. Loid, famous Australian Indorsed by all aa the leafier. Room 6 and 6, second floor, 2J9 Nicoiiet. PERSONAL Young ladles must see that their teeth are not decaying; I will examine them and make you a price free of cnarge; fillings, 60c up; gold crown, 13; 10 percent discount ir you bring .ui ao. ur. uraer, 624 Nicollet av. PERSONAL Y'our life is influenced, your fu tuie revealed by the stars; I point out dangers and ths way to suecoes; advice on all matters. Send birthdate and two stamps for free reading. Prof. M. T. Raphael, Philadelphia. FERSON'AL -Gentleman aged 43 would Ilk to correspond with attractive young lady or widow with means, between the age of 30 and 40: object, business proposition and mat- rlntony. Address A. B. Anderson, Great Fans, ator.t PERSONAL Your life reading; many type written page concerning business, love, health, etc., free; send date of blrih. sex. Address Astropathlc Institute, Auditorium Bldg., Chicago. Reason your recommendation wanted. PERSONAL T. H. Bly, M D., specialist In all cases of women- all Irregularities corrected; select. Home for ladies before and during conhnement; new book, 26c, all you need to know. OOlc 414 Nicollet av, third floor. PERSONAL Bakers' popular dances. Fourth Ward ball cor 9th st and Western av. Every Weaneeday evening, good music. Instruction In the latest ball-room dances. 7:46 p. m. Boelal danco 8:45 p. m. Private lessons by appointment 50 B 12th St., T. C. Phone 1273. PERSONAL- DR. MARY BARTON Th well known healer and teacher of theosopho-mental science and etc. Will leave this week for St. Louis, Mo. PERSONAL Special rates Guitar, mandolin PERSONAL Veg-e-ton. our new anaesthetic for preventing pain, Indorsed by sum of the best people in the city. , DR. C. L. SARGENT, DENTIST. 42-43 Syndicate block. PERSONAL Middle-aged widow In good health and standing. Would like the acquaintance of a gentleman of same; must be of good character und strictly temperance No other. Address W 1.0, Tribune. PERSONAT Would like to meet a good u&siry cook w!ki would appreciate a steady position with good hontr for self and one child from 6 to 12 years of age. Address with f. articular. A 67, Tribune. . PERSONAL Cell and see tne new bath parlors 7,11 Third av , ivrciain tubs,. ((ontiimeil.) I EltSo.AL Wealthy young farmer wishes to bear f 1 0111 some lady, matrimonially Inclined; must be young and g ...d looking; this is no matrimonial egent; private. Address Box bi, Wolf Lake, Bid. PERS(7nALMONDAMIN HOTEL. Under new management. Have ihe iineet fun.lsod transient rooms In the city for 11 and $2. Also rooms by the week or month, on third floor. L27 Hennepin av. PERSON ALMONDAMIN HOTEL. Under new management. Have the finest furnished transient rooms In the city for 11 and 12. Also K ims by the week or month, on third floor :i27 Hennepin i". PERSONAL- l'edephorous removes old, hardened, calloused tissues: leaves skin smooth, soft and free from odor; makes old feet new: mail. 26c. A. J. Kline A Co., city. Free eampla PERSONAL An old bachelor returning from the mines finds his oid sweetheart married and old acquaintances scattered, desires lady acquaintance; object, marriage. Address C 6s, Tribune. PERSONAL We seek husband for widow In Minneapolis, pretty and refined, age 21; worth $,). Maiden lady In Minn., age 81. worth $6,800. The Mutual Book Exchange, Toledo, Ohio. PERSONAL Send m jour birth date and 10 cents; 1 will send -you a life reading free. Matters of love, family and busineas affairs made plain. Prof. Albert, Box 656, Manka- to, Minn. PERSONAL Wanted, by experienced nurse, a patient to board and care for at home or small baby to care lor; best of references fu.nlshed and salisiactton guaranteed, O L. Tribuns. PERSONAL Man's best friend Dr. Mutter's quick cure for lost manhood; acts Immediately; "It does the business." Sample free. Kralgco, Chemist, Dept. $1, Milwaukee, Wur PERSONAL Mrs. Bentson's dancing academy, A. O. U. W. hall. 17 Seventh st H; class followed by Informal Monday evenings; private lessons by appointment, phone Main S027-J. PERSON A Lr l T. H. BLY, M. D.. SPECIALIST. Diseases of women, all Irregularities corrected; new book, 26c. sll you need to know; private home. Otllce 412 Nicollet av, 1 floor. PERSONAL A strictly temperate snd Industrious gentleman uf 31. with soma m m. y, wishes the acquaintance of a good natured girl or young widow; object, matrimony; strictly confidential. Address A 153, Tribune. pEUSOULWrite "the Owl Drug Co., 2121 Fourth av 8, Minneapolis, for anything you need. They have It. Correspondence confidential. Tnelr Usona Asthma Curs gives Instantaneous relief, c. All druggists. I'B:RSoNAL Our tailors want mora work. We want mora money. That il why wa will make you a spring suit now for V price. See our 1'H to 140 values for 1L2 to 120. Rush Tailoring Co., $04 First av 8. PERSONAL Ths greatest thing of ths century; makes your old silverware look like new: one bottle lasts a lifetime; send 26c for full slxs bottle. Miller Novelty Co., . Biwlon Block, Minneapolis, Minn. PERSONAL-Female diseases cured; Irregular menstruation quickly cured; 40 years' experience; olbce open till 10 at night; good horns for patients. Dr. v heeler, Glob Blag, mui rieapolls. Tel. call T. C. 325. PERSONAL We ssek husbands for widow, $0, wealthy: widow, 39. $26 .000; maiden, K 6.000. and many other honorable ladles and working girls; strictly private. Toledo Cor respondence league, Toledo, o. PERSONAL THIS WEEK SPECIAL: Half dozen $6 phytographs 11.60. Finished, art fo.ders; Ths new perpendicular light enables me to please peopl never before satis, fled. McKny, 810 :". rT.RSONALWs seek wives for srentleman in toloralo, age 36. worth; gentleman In Min ii( age 63, worth $26.()0; mer chant In Minnesota, age 36, worth $11,000. Home A Comfort. Toledo, O. Pi-oNAI--loung w.oow. peifectlv trust- worihy. recently from ths East, desires me acquaintance of a reliable business man of ml. .die age; none others need answer. Ad- d res s Mrs. D .. Box 115. ci t - FEltSoNAI. Widower In fair circumstances, wants wlf between ths age of ) or 46 maiden or widow. $ feet 7 or 1 inches tail. light complexion. Cad or address Mme. Sedenbotg. 62 Slxih st S PERSONAL Female diseases cured at Paris Ma.i-age Parlors; all ladles are Invited to call, free masjage given for every 60c purchase of Paris flesh food. 703 He&nepln av. Flat 2. Dr. N. L. Woolsey. PERSONAL-Minneapolis Cuetums Co., 54 Nicollet av; the oldest and most reliable piofesslonal costumers In ths Northwest, for chius.-ler and masquerade costumes; sena for catalogue. PERSONAL Gentleman of mean, trangrr in the city, would like to ma se th acquaintance of an up-to-dai young lady; object, friendship. Address John Ii. Lawrence, Gneral Delivery. . PERSONALWANTED A Ilv representative In every community for correspondence cluo now being organized. Address enclosing stamp. W. J , 2vA Washington av, St. Louis, Mo. FERsONAL-Bright, h.uest, industrious gen tleman, pleasant, agreeable, would us to meet lady over 80 with means, pleasure and buslnese; confidential; best Teferences. J 64, Tribune. PERS0NAL-T0 advertise-This week. half. dozen $ photographs 11. 0. Posing lighting, and finishing In ar.istlc style by an artist at the cost of prod .tion. McKenney, 810 Nicobet, PERSON A I -Young widower, no children, eduated snd refined desires th acquaintance of a good looking refined snd affectionate young lady not over 26. J 94, Tribune. PERSONA I. -Miss Haney's Hair Dressing Parlors Successor to Miss Moor. Manicuring and facial massage. Competent assistants. N. W. 'Phone 3714-JL 80-S1 Syndlcat Blk. PERSONAL For sal 32 building lo's In Se- attle. al.-o 4,(0 paid up non-asseaeabls shares cf Smith Alaska Dredging and Mining Co. stock. Address L. O. Hiakke. Minnea;ill. PERSONAL American. retired merchant. wealthy, good appearance, sxosnent reputation, nrieiK limbered, seeks auitable w.fe. Address Mrs. Howe. U W 124th t, Nw Yoik. PERSONAL Wrinkles, warts, mole, black- beads, supeifluous hair removed by expert dermatologist, superior facial remedies, ladles only. Mrs. Lilian Clyde, 8201 Nicollet. PEdRONAL Ladles, our her miess remedy re lieve without fall delsyed or abnormally suppressed menstruation. For fre trial ad-dres Paris Chemical Co., Milwaukee, Wis. PERSONAL A maiden, wealthy, alons. w-ants kind husband for companion and to relieve her of business caree. Address Je-sle Woods. Ada, cor. Madison, Cnlcago. PERSONAL Anna M. Grlswold. 417 Medical Block; superfluous hair, moles, warts, per-menently removed by electricity; corns extracted; Inverted nails, bunions treated. PERSONAL Gentleman wants respectable lady with bnslnes ability as partner tn aa vertli-lng business; fin chanc for right par ty. Give particulars. R 120, Tribune. PERSONAL Cure yourself. Send 10c for form of mental treatment that cure worst cases of constipation In from one to nve oays. Science Publishing Co.. Minneapolis. PERSONAL -LIBBIB ERICKSON, HIGH CLASS DANCE MUSIC PIAN lST-Engage- ments made. Special rates to club for series. Address 2611 Stevens av, city. PERSONAL Radium diamonds nd Venetian oearls: none look better; ampl scarf pin or stud 26c; agents wanted. Twentieth Cen tury Jewelry, 4J E 39th at, Chicago PERSONAL Ooen for engagement. C. Mill. triple tongus cornet, soloist and instructor of bands; long experience ana good rir. nce. C. Mills, Shell Lake. Wis. PERSONAL Lady having strictly modern flat nine location: desire to hear from travel lers who desire quiet transient accomoda- tions. Address 1 1, iripun. PERSONAL Married ladles should know my secret; ths right thing at last; send luo postage for ruu lanicuiax. oars. u. Alien, P. O. Box 121. Aberdeen, 8. D. PERSONAL Gentleman of means wlahss to meet congenial. Jolly young lady ur widow not over 26; wouia iiko 10 near irom ou Paul. Addree D 129, Trlbun. PERSONAL You marry strictly rspetabl people through Prof. Morse's prlvat matri monial bureau, seaiea particulars ior stamps. 1212 Mary place, Minneapolis. PkRsi.NAlMoiuhine. upturn. iss-snum. cocaine habit, myself cured; will Inform you of harmless, perm nni our. sara Baldwin, Bog 1212, Chicago. PERSON A 1 .Mrs. Hatch's Sanitorlum for la dles; confinement a specialty; experience, reliable midwife; best attention In city; rates reasonable. 32 Western av. pvn-ii v A 1 U'oniod A young man to join one of th leading fratmal Insurance order as captain of degree team; sxperiencea u .u preferred. W 64, xnouno. PERSONAL itching rectum cured; Instant relief; satisfaction guaranteed; sampls salve sent for two stamps, ur. m.. 1. iukiku, 2036 Diamond, Philadelphia; PERSONAL Wanted, at once. Information as to the whereabouts of Thomas Feehan; notify him or his oromer. j. ca. reman. Blooming Prairie, Mlnn! pirBsnNO Ar vou sick? If you hav dis charge from ear, lameness or any sickness, call on Masnetlo Healer, 111 Fourth av 8. from 2 to 4; no meaicine PF.RSONAL Free, 100 lots to advertls Edge-water Fark, suburb New York; first 100 send ing Btamp glvon zoxuw reel, oeasia uo, 187 Broadway. Nw York. pvipsnNAf A nvone with $66 can get all furnished flat of S room all modern but heat, rent $16, an rew ana aown town. Address S 18i7, Trlbun. pit R PriN A j Sister In despair, speedy relief. abnormal suppression any cause. Writ for remedy; afe, sure. -ur. iuaruia naiaor v-o. KB State lit, Chicago. PERSONAL Marrlag paper, print photo and all addresses; eight pages, 10c, cor respond without further expens. A. Ptover, Box hto, Chicago, III. MEDICAI-Mra. Fulllngton, magnetlo healer; gives treatments dally. Glv her a call. 1 one of the best In the city. 112 Sixth t 8. flat 2, second floor PERSONAL-Home for ladle through confinement; physicians of high character In attendance; Infants adopted. Mn, Llltvr, i --teen- T ft, . X-r- c A VST (( iintldu. lb! Pl:'.it;: iNAL- Handsome Am-iican a , ' b-oin kilb or kin end woiih S 17,, 0 wans sincere, honest husband. Address Lowe, 2'1 (iiriton st, (iibago. PERSONAL Marriage directory free to .!; lay when married, new p. an; send no money. au. lives 11 A. liorton. Dept. 76. Heltons ha, Mich. PERSONAL Mrs. Ida Johnson (gradualei; quiet home for k "Jes h-fore end during eon f.nem.nt. 1622 1 weniy-second et 8. Take Bl.s.mliigton c-ir PERSONAL Bea-w suing cured, regardless of age, package of p.n-lne. direction and booklet mailed free Missouri Remedy Co., Dept. ml st Louis, Mo. PERSONAL Every housewlle who answer this advertisement I will tell hew 10 save many dollars. Chemist, 20O3 W Fourteenth av. Denver, Col. pp. itSoN AL WanTedTh of bids eTT-tertainers; niust I g-ssl: answer what you oan do and what pile expected. V 63, Tribune. pi-.R&oNAL idies, use Mme. Dupont's monthly leguiaior, safe; no pain nor danger; 11. Crown Cbeni. Co., 121 Western av, M.n-neapolis, Minn. PERSONAL Lessons on vlollri, mandolin and piano, violin or mandolin free to each pupil; lessons Uic, class lessons 2,"c, F. L. Tappan, 13 Western av. PERSONAL W 111 lady who met gentleman ou Lyndale av N, between 16th and 17ih av. and waiked up to 16th av, pleas adureas F 51. Tribune. PERSONAL He lined miodie age lady living alona would like to meel out of town business man; reply with stamp. Add roe H lol. Tribune; PERSONAL-Gentleman uf 26. atranger In th city, dsslre tne acquaintance of a young lady for the ak of sociability. Address A 27, Tribune PERSONAL A wonderful French clairvoyant; what he tell comes true. Send 10c and blrthdsry. Prof. E. Garnot, Box 2178, Boston, Ma-. PERSONAL Dancing, private Instruction by appointment: rates to small rlub. Mrs. M. Bailey, A. D. T. Bldg., Fourth and Nicollet. T. C. J24!k PERSONAL-When In need of an undertaker call Rauiville Bros., sn Nicollet Island; licenses! embalmeis; open day and clgut; both, phone. LADlErV work basket companion, none complete, without It, by mall 10 cents. Minneapolis Supply Co., Box 61$, Minneapolis, Minn. pfcKivjN AL Oetectlv work In all tranche xprt shadowing very reasonable, strictly confidential. Edward Murdoch, (J Del., jelty. PERSONAL Young lady in business wishes to meet gentleman friend willing to assist financially. No objection to years. X 66, Tnb- tm. PERSONAL Marrlag paper, new, 18 pages! 10c; sealed; many descriptions woruh $,,uo4 to $100,000. R. L. Love, Box I6u9, Denver, CjL PERSONA L-A full eet of teeth at Dr. Greer's for $.1; a filling for 60c. 624 Nicoliet av; 10 pr cent discount If you bring thin ad. j PERSONAL Reltsbl clock ami watcb 7C pairing at residences throughout th city. Postal brings me. C. IL Gale, 2:4 B 10th st. PERSONAL Young man desires the acquaintance of a good looking, humorous lady under 26; amusement. Address H 169. Tribune. PERSONAL Young farmer would Ilk to meet young lady who would like to many, worth llao.. Address P. O. Box 240. Minneapolis PERSONAL Diseases of women; consul tion free; qu.el Home. Dr. B T. Allen, 41$ Mason 10 Tempi. Open evenings. T. C. 460. PERSONAL South African Cold Cure, th greatest cold cur on earth, only 60 cents a bottle. Utopia Medical Co.. Cincinnati. O. PERSONAL Wili H 129. Trihun. of January 17th please writ again and make another appointment. Got leuer too late. A then. PERSON AU-Want lady to oar for thuugh conllnement ; perfect seclusion; Infant adopted or cared for. Box 137, Anoka, Minn. PERSONAL Do you need a friend Dress up In on of Rush Unclaimed Suit worth $) U $40 for $.0 to $u, l Klrnt av 8. PERSONAL Men, rich or poor, lew .en ex pense; a ur prevtnnve; pena i rorwow, Address P. O. Box alii, Sealti, Wash. PERSONA L--Honrabl, discreet man, willing to marry, can hear of an exoeptior 1 opportunity by addressing F 27, Tnbun: PERSONAL Respect bl horn befor and through conllnement; Di car. ror pr-tlcuiais address Box 84. Anoka, Minn. PERSONALA loneeom lady. ntrtalnlng and refined, wtehe oompanisrtie acquaintance with betehsior. K Trlbun. PERSONAL Refined, middle-aged lady would like to meet gemiaman or mean. Hap.y with stamp. Address 8 81. Tribune. PERSONAL -Gentleman wltn mean, strwnger. wUbes edy acqnainianew; matrimony; imj general delivery. 8 41. Trltwin. I ERboNALl.adiee, when doctor an J other fall 10 relieve jmu, write im rs. o. a. t,-lins. Sta B., Milwaukee, Wi. PERSONAL Stranger In city wish aeqaalrri- aaoe of respectaoi ia-iy or -u. uivo run .articular. A 121. Tribune PERSONAL -A widow of 18 living alone, I auxlous to meet miraire-agea traveling nmiu Addre i H 18. Tribune. PER50NAL--Want someone to buy a Dr. Mo- t-AUg.llin ISO. .r.i.i. Tutiell, A'"m.lA.; PERSONAL Dr. W. Mann, specialist, ha moved his omce to nituuci & uun liiock, f.-urth tonr p"isor pat'-ent renable beginners a specialty. Wrlie; will call, jwll-12 Century Bldg. Carrie W assertleher. PETtSONA L Corn extracted liicts; Inverted nails and bunions treated. It. Collier, 620 Syndicate .Arcade. . PERSONAL Dr.' Van Damme, diseases or Ir. regularities of women. io6 Nicollet av. roam 21. Call or wrlre. fEYtSONAL Mrs. H. Lund, strictly prlvat home for ladle before, through oonflnemviit, 1432 Fifth st NK. P KrWN A'ieYotiBg gentleman, stranger in city, wishes to meet soma nice young lady. H 113. Tribuns. PERSONAL X. Y. Z.-It seem too speedy for comfort; you may writ again and giNO aidres. L. . PF lisON A L--Watch cleaning or new springs. 11 ; guaranteed on yar. J- Allen, lid Guaranty Bidg. PER80NAI--Buits and trousers uncalled for old at half price. Kinsbaw, Tailor. 627 Boston block, PERSONAL Sort water shampoo: reclining chair massage, 417 Medical blocs, N. W. Tel. t'19-J. . PERSONAL Wanted, any kind of copying on typewriter; hav machine. Address R 16. Trlbun: -- JERSONAI-In need of washing or Ironing, call at Marie Istrson. 3218 W ashlngtoi) iv N. pI'RsTjTTaL- Dt Brtha Fhepard, spec jut, dlteases of women, 4()7NI(av, lJol Pn j?ER80NAL-M. A. Btreeier. rerined yme for idles before, during continmeno, 616 9th st . ilRSONTLFor-general "Want" ad Information Th TribuneJhecodrnedJum, p E RS O N A L Lad lea In trouble cell or writ Dr. Bly, 412 Nleav, 3jfi':"?r. New book, 26o. PuONAListeopathy, ail about It, book-, "trner'sC)ld Book Store, 16 Third st3- PFRSON AL Dr Johnson has moved from, 817 Andrus Bldg., to 64 Masonic Tempi. CLAIHV0YANTS. U BARNARD 8. 3. HASWBLU Clairvoyants. Magnetic Healers. Sponge and Alcohol Betr. Magnetic Treatment. Clairvoyant, Trance Medium ana Cart Readings. Prices Kea-onable. Always Consult the Best 108 Seventh st 8, Room 1 N. W. Phone Main 1301-Ji. MME. 8VEDENBORO. after a short and - i vere Illness, can 00 consuueu oi.j. MEMBEH that shs ts the greateet clairvoyant and clentlfio card reader In this city. She Is gifted with that Invisible and u-perhuman power which enable her to ee far into th future. Mme. Bvedenborg teaohee scientlflo card reading by the vtd Egyptian method which never fails. Particular!, for stamp. Reading dally, 2oo and 600. 526 Sixth st B. - MRS. N. M. HARDY. MRS. A. LUND Y. 1026 C.ntral av, hold seances for materialisation Sunday. 3 p. m.. Wednesday, p. m. ; trumpet- seance Friday. 8 p. m.. Monday, 6 p. tn.; slat and letter writing seance In the light; reading and writing dally br appointments, t. c "!! MRB MARY JACOBS, the well known clairvoyant and buslnese medium, tested for t ho past 20 year. In Minneapolis car 1 be consult, ed dally on all affai of life at W0 Third av p. - 0. p""p . MMEv 8CHWEINFURTH. J" medium palmist and magnetlo healer. Sao socials Friday afternoon and evenings. Let ter answered. MME BARBARA clairvoyant, 810Vj 6th at Bl readings 10 to 10 daily, Sunday exceptedl Zm, ! teVi 1 given by mall. 14 questions. $1 BEE the Egypelan Palmist, who guarantees you satisfaction, no matter what you troubles mayJIJilJHejn!iP1nfi: SEE the'Egyptlan almlrt who ,unteeg you eaiisiactiuu, i.s. - trouble may ba.n Hennepin aV; , MADAMffi""BERLEY give 100 te.t Bundar, , Tuesday. Thursday evening cwmn-nclrui j 8 P -1-. 1Jth -8 - - MaTiAM 8OOFIELD give readings dally; M tesu Monday, Wednesday. Friday vnliig. . 12 Sixth st 8. , MME. BATCH, card reader and palmUU . doublradlngs thls week. 60c 620 Fifth ,, MMH." "mURRETTE, clatrvbyanU astrologlrt ,' and palmist; card readings, 26c HO Nlo. afr , DR. CLAYMONT, wonderful clalrv oyant, tog J netlo healer, paimis .u jinim-y-u i, MADAME ANDREWS. (It IU 4 t ; rou,rt gT t-k ' , I. ) 1

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