The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1946
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JUNE 4, JBLYTHE7ILLB (ARE.); COURIEB NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION il C. l)nvl» lor nil lypes i'f "Tiik.'ll' [ rat. par Ua, for MtseeitUe l»- ""aia'lT'j'ri! .inii.t nnil ri'l i-li's Grocery. lulmun Cfce,rra . BO. S] jTo.V lil.ANI). irlnn. Cnll ai-ijk'017, yi«i per Uai per •'ay , !• , t ,uj«l par line tier Jay le rtiuiea per Hue pet day . Be V>nnt live average word! 14 tfe* line. ada orderfld for lhr«e or atx tluiea and topped before eiplration will ha eaarnod Jr the number of tlmea the ad appeared ,nd tdjuilraent of bill made. J All ClaaBifleil AdveL«sin|f «opy anh- pflted tty perimiia reuiiliiiK collide t)f taa Illy uiust be accompanied by caak Kalei bay be eeiily coiu],uted from the* above AdvertUlnif order for Irreirular Interior,! Uaea Hie one time rate. I No reaponilbllitr »'ill be laken for more Jhao oca Incorrect iueertlon of any elaa- •ifleii ad. I'lumlj.'r. M8 W. 881'J. Hlyllu-vlll,., 30 iik-o;o for Salt to buy a home, see MAX I.OOAN, LYNCH HUH,. Phone 2031 or r>02. 'oncrele block luyinii, carpenter work, liou^u pahiliiig. I'biiiio ^li^'J. 5-27 uk 0-10 llaby-silllii);, any nigbt. Jloforoncea H.^c per hour. Call a«9 or 40a. at'dli-K \Vhea you oil atove need* cli'aniiiK o repairing eall at>9«. All work 1,'iia ninced. 17-|>k J 1'ifih, •ed and foundation* * 1 HJII >vill han 0111 ill siralli par! nii-ol. I'rii.- M.V n .\nh. :l I,,.,I, :., l:,rs,. I,,!. ,v,.l| ilon-n. l,:,lnn,->- n.. ii- C;ill ^'J2 or bMU Frunk Crockett. IKLh »"d Vino, il-pk-Uill .Vrtshint; and ironing, flnltihed or ruuyU dry, ulsii .mills and blaukets. Wlllio Hell Green. UeiiinJ uily Jee I'lant N. Highway Ul. l).pk-ll|'> I House-moving, leveling, re,»„ ju , '.T, i pair of foundations, la ,,- : 'ii'-i, inoV'r j yrs experience. Necessary ..riii'ilnni'i')-. | eciuipment. Virgil 'Foley, nr7 'r.Vk'-'i I'hone 3917 or :(292. 5-7-pk-(5-7 i.lina.Ic h.ic.kt-,1. r.ifs. Mrs. !.-«. till H.-arji. 3 nli li •era sharpened and rc-paua. un,l kinJi. Wo E|i,-ciali2o in o,ver ^ bijariieniin; and motor lilythevillo Mui-hliie tjuop. . ;—— Tractor repairs and service. music iind all kinds- ot Electric and acetylene musical mslnmientK and] welding. Blacksmith work. -suDplies. We havel Delta Implement Co. Phone liecn appoinled dealers Tori 8(>4. 3-15-ck-tf the famous weil known ™ ~~—"~~ ~~—•—~" linc of Century. Retails Help Wanted ir>c copy. Over i«00 selections to choose from. Now in stock. I'arktHirsl Comi Winy. (i-<l-ck-(i-l7 1 nrnl piano in iro'xl rondil <'. *'. -X.tain^ A,laifis l)n|.. ^ Ian,I, .\1,, F.:,.l, iV:l I-:. .Maniifarlnror— Kslnl, KliViilnf. fur IiKk'n-ssivo « L.iiil '..' i"i'cliij"'"irV.r"i'; ty|,,-s o( l.ns'im-ss li'i-n ti-.ri:,,rv lull ,-,., it ,„ Api,lie:, n.,| I,,. r ... <v,.rk at oiuc anil : ?:lClii per m.inil'i ii al.ilily. Write W»i t'h.'jiiiral Co. ;{l)8 Ki land M, (II, io. ily In K.irniiii-s [r<n di-]i<-riillm; o en H.-finiji,; li.i Ave., -Clev :{ ]>k-. |\Vliitc Aticroj-a HaMiits. C';ill Larry liynim, phone 22~7T). , „ ,, ,, ,, . r Gooil home and piy for elderly lady to O-.-j-CK-f I keep house for Biuall family. G.1G I,ah- jlJrand new 5 piece porcelain ami chrome dineile suHe. I'ractii-iilly new Sin_uji'r vacuum sweeper. Call H255. .. J-plt-6 |l5uy yrtiir Gould's Electric Pump now before they become Scarce ' a'Kiilh; Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf mo Allen Motor Tune up machine factory recniiililiooer. J*»-e ilolor Kales. Main. P],onn 60Q. 4|20-ck-tf |50 »u. Whippoorwill Peas. JJlytheville Curb Market. y 'ISO E; Alain 5-7-ck-tf U'nn1«-.l i full "r iia I lr»|i imlizn vvril,- A1l;i l'.r..\ 201, Insurance Co., I'. O. I,or,,. Ark. yy-ck-ljlli 1'lnsterc-rs ur wire HT., Ja ivanlnl. -»1. •}•:, per hour, f.: 0. A. 1'nrlinru, ^11) llr-lfi nurc bred ynnng dairy bulls 1 i ,).»rscy, 1 Holslcin. J. E. Krecli, Olcsr ' - Road, 1-tjk-tj • 7-roorn house from owner. fj^O MndSsou. Pliono 3339. l-rifc-U rootu house with Lath completely fur. \vc-ll locale. I. clays. . room hfunc ?:):-,u«. .v,..«-]y IVo l.iivL- soul,- yinj,' .?1T.O p . ]1O linth. SI2()0. I garden. sinn 30 ,,.,. , nd incoine Iiionlli prit- ,'iee fi mom home ft 1,,-ilh. llardii-oo.l floors. (;.,,,,1 tc.iHlitjnn. $f,r,00 J 07 W. Main. (I 5 ear Alexander. Vlmno 1 Instate & Insurance. niitmnatic sliol Illylirid seed corn, early ma- 1 turiiiK. S7.50 per bushel. f v !•. K. Ash era ft Comnanv. i'hone -I!):,. 5-28-ck-tE |0ne 1012 1'/ 2 ton dual wheel Ford (ruck with good bed. IVlptor & (ires A-1 shape. Phone 2088 daytime; (i. r >5 after <> ]). m. 5-2!)-ck-(i-5 |For Fine I'orlraHs It's O'HTKKN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-ti' ICxpcrienccd housekeeper am cook for small family Must he honest, reliable and come highly recommended. Good home and salary. Write or call R. L Wade, Hlytheville, Ark. 2t-ck-C]5 Wonderful opiiorf unity in a rapidly expanding old cs tahlishcd company f o i men desirinjj Io make re tailing- their life's work A-l character references required. Ages 25 to 35 Experience desirable bul not essential. Willing tf move. Rapid advancemeni for those who qualify. Gooi pay and paid vacations Call at Utythcville .Jin Itrown Store. 105 W. Main and ask for Mr. Loschky or Mr. I>riimri<;hl and as! for appointment. 5-31-ck-f) Salcswork in (he new l!Iv thcvillc Jim liniwn Store Good pay, vacations with pay. Pleasant working con (lit ions. Permanent posi (inn. A-l character refer enccs required. Ages 18-35 Experience desirable, hit not essential. Ask for Mr DriimriRht or Mr. F.oschk Jim lirown Store 105 V Main. I'hone 581. 5-31-ckfi- For Rent lilnl.j- 'liucBr. -NVw. |Ncw Phonographs, au(omattc record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 11 makes (o select from. Parkhm-st Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 |Just arrived large shipment. Traveling bags and accessories. Pnrlihurst Co. i5-17-ck-6-17 /ooil .Ior5i>j- niilcli , n;ir>'iik-o;ifj |Pichirc frames made io order O'Sleen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf r ry Bloro with living «tiart«r^. to- Imalely 2 arro.< of lan.L' Fronts' ti Hwy. Gl. lior'lrrs on Cotton Holt H.ll., idrftl location for industry. Seo Itiichanan's Gorcery, N T . Hwy. 61. Lost |)ne ondcale from Carter trailer I 1 ', [mi Irnek li.-l li.-hv.^n I'.lv I licvill,." all.I Miilwav Cin. .VHnila etil.iK Vind.T call Taiil llvruii] lni|.Ti Mienl ' On. jilion.' •Kll. ll-vk-T |lro»n irnvr-lin? hac on t:nn p.m. Air«•»>•« lni« Saliuilay .Iniio 1st. Will finilor pliotie 3220. This liac lie- lonir^ To -lunior lT>i;lv Sc7ionl cirl v'pilini: in Hlylhi-vilre and ronlain^ all <if hi-r rlorh.?. It,'«.in1. H-|.k-rl The STRIKES ARE OVER Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck will take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR ot PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Hlytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Don't Miss the Big Parade Saturday at 3 p.m. Political Announcements •uUjort»ed to muoono* tb* tat tmnOMtttf. MtiXcA to Domocrttlo frlauff: •HFJirPT AND OOUaOTfM JACK PTHIXT ROBtNBOM WILLIAM BKRRYMAN COUNTY JODOX QErTK K. BRADUCT ROLAND QREXN FOR TAX A88K88Om DOYLK KKNDEKOON ' W. W. "WINK" WATSOK O1KCUIT CURK HAHVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CUEBK. H,T7,ABETH' Ul.YT.HB COUNTY TBatABGaUB DELiA PURTIJI •TATE REPBESENTATrVB AIJTNE WORD K. O. FLEEMAN "DtTKlE" U H. AUTRT W. J. WUNDEBIJCH (•••or re-rlM(loB) STATii SENATOR J. MX BEARDEN JEPPKRJ3ON W. SPECK ClltOUIT JI)I><;K U. Q. WAHD I. M. CirVKRK Tlx'ro nn> n|>|ivoxlinntp|y a-l,r>00 iiicinlh'i-s nf (lie Ciininuinlstli; piirly. In Ilii' UnllM Slnlfi;. Don't have your vacation ruined by car troubles on the road! Have repairs taken care of now for smooth, carefree driving. Thf wtirld'K nlilrst iejinl)Ilc nidiiTii, In Ilin vyreiioi's. la Wanted To Buy us.-,I ,-iir, 'Illl l., '.in i'iH>c[,.|. Coin,,, l>rcT..rr,-,l. N 1 ,, i!,,- r « I'linno -UNI !.._.!._<Hv,ns. . J-i.l-n indel rar io K oo.l <-nn,li. lrr<. I.|,,, M ,. un:r_'. :i. r ,l. i. )ON'f TAKE A LOSS, fiet the lop iiriet! for your car or truck from I'JULI.II'S MOTOH CO. Today. . G-3-ck-tf M koilnkB anil cameras for pails. C^Hluen's Klmlio. -l|7-ck-l( r e pay cash fnr nm-.T. ftirnllttrft one piero or a liounr full. Call 2302. Al- vm Hardy Furniture Co. 4110-ck-tf Won fed fo Trade Will trade -11-12 model car;; for :,K or .'I!) models, (iooil deals. Phillips Motor Co., nth and Wiilmil. (-:)-ck-tf S«n,, ,vl,at ymi ond ,1 for wlial \v,. li;,v.. jim ,li. i*r«rli,,n unaranl, oil Kllirr S<v:, L i Sln>|i, 11,1 |,; !)S | M Wanted to Rent l'i<riii:iiienl ri'si.lrnl nei'ils ri-rnnnt liimm in iniiKl r,>sii!,-mi»l s,-,-li.,n. Call Y. M. 0. .\. .170. .1 pk-7 * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glftncon Hotel KMj? V. M. (^ A. Kecn-Iarv Ivnuls Io rent fir I lions,- in t | r i.*M,,ri1iiil sec'. Cnll .1. I'. (i;,rr,,H. -170. :i pk 7 EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center ; of Blytheville" rhoiioRraphs — Records and Accessories. Ilattery nnd . i Rlcctric Itndioa 219 W Main Phone 3443 Have a motor "tunc^up" now ... Be- rorc vacation drivin 9 . A complete lubrication job, tires checked ... or any other necessary repairs made. Loy Eich Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Texaco Gas and Off- 578 1 We Specialize In Fresh Fruits i and Vegetables | Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail 3!ytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 Lwal A I.ftnp lHi(nnce Moving Com|iolout llelj) tiul (*<.ul|inL»nt. Ad«- quntoly Itiiurait. Ouiitrmcft Jlaulltii: «tiil Miac, Services. Home genrke A H(<irajt« Co. riioiiB -HOI f>rfcct repnfrhjp for today's «T- quLsltc foolwenr us^uir-f) whm rebuilt in «ur mndfra flhon. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAI,, SMITH, COKONA l-.ltl RKMINfiTON I'ORTAIil.r; 110 N. SECOND ST. PFIONK 3'Mff. (Every Tninsrictioil MUST I!F: SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Ciiiitnintcei'l itest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rots Roaches BiddU Exttrminaton Member Tm MS B. Third M. «W u> «erv- Coiil<l It lie? wo fnrnisl,,-il rnonu <vilh kitHi.-n lieges if dc^irOiT. (Joe I.U.rV fr Sirt-.-l. TFi.inr 30110. Ill K ,Vfi ' .1-iooin fnrnishi'd apar fi'rroil. I'lmni- 2IS11. Urilrnom. mil.siili. ronvoniont 1n hnth Altranivo lirilronrn. Tlionr 2739. :).|,V.10 Hooins. corner Ash and Ljn y .- 101 K. TZcdocorated berlrooin, private entrance, kitchen privllcgo If desired. 218 K. Bedroom with hllchen privileges, monc Re-lroonia close in. Attic, fnn. ^10 W. Iledroom. ronvenirnl la lialh I'lmno 3:1^.. fill W. Main. 18-j.k-tilM Knrnifiliril «|iarimen[ with liilehen privi- li-c^.«. 1501 West Hearn St. I'hmin 2 0lf>. 9 |ik 6 9 Rcdroom. 3H N. Xinlli. J' ^ ^-x-.^^^^^,^^ ^o^pV Situation Wanted Tiinrienccil younc nun .losires joli .IK lionkV(p[»er. \Vrilc I!ox It. .T Courier x « w «. 30 |il-(i|1 I'.iir ql.-is«e^ in llr. .r. 1,. Cinr.l c.l^e. l.o^t KriiT^y ni^liI in nplown rlistricl. l!e\ rhoiie sji or i;r,;<c. 3-ck-c Rend Courier News Want Ails. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIF.S ViOTfs ! tftVP HE WING, fl DIDVi'T Ot(\R 1 KNOW \T! YiPPttl RKHl 000 CHORES 1 CISN OO TO HELP ? FRECKLES AND JUS FRIENDS AMD WHAT'S MORE,! KNEW IT/so I PLAYED HARD TO GET / 1 CMJOYCO MY ROLE SO MUCH I OIDWT REALIZE WHAT I WAS OOIMS I HERE i \ Gee, MISS AM IM 192O, CARSON.YOU HILDA J WERE TFRRIBL PRETTY/- AMD, POPULAR, TOO / Hcfore you start out on that summer vacation trip... let onr mechanics check and double check your car. Test Hatlcries! Change Oil! Kc.sct engine liminsjl Tune-up motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assured of smooth traveling with our final "ok." >EP, THAT AIN'T I HE'S Bt& ENOUGH HAY! I HEAS V.TO L1C< A HORSE, POSCOE feOOPLYS^ PUT THS TA<lSJ' A CKACK 1 KILLER'S AT |T TOSJ'GHT.' \ A PRO,' Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS SValnul & Broadway Service Mobil Gas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone fliili mouth. Tune-ups and lubrication :makesV your car function properly and more economkaHy. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication deportment. | We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stock* of Paris For Chry*ler Frodncia r,. Main PhmfM 919* BY EDGAR MARTltf WEU.,HERt VJt GO FO\-VC6,,,TOR Thai lie a !,e.«snn THE D.WS PASSED, AMD THE VEAKS PASSED.' ---AMD TMflM OWE DAY THERE WAS NO ONE WHO CARED ABOUT THEGlRL WHO WAS HARD TO GEF I ) N r -BY V. T. HAMH.TON HUH?? GOSH, POR FIVE UNP13.6C> I COULP BE A SWELL MAWAGER; V'KWOVV. SUP, TO Ti,K£ CM THIS PICKLE-PUSS JUST FOR TK HECVL OF IT, IF I COULD HIRE A 6OOD MANAfeER FOR SAY P|V6- , ' HUNPRSD.' . r'

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